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the brotherhood of allah ?

July 18, 2017





the hour husbands? 



and what of its followers?


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  1. opheliart permalink

    “Of course, the BDS campaign directly impinges on Israeli security. So do the calls by numerous Christian leaders to tear down the security barrier that divides Israel from the West Bank. On his trip to the Holy Land a year ago, Pope Francis allowed himself to be photographed in prayer at a section of the wall where a large graffiti message compared Bethlehem to the Warsaw Ghetto. In a naïve gesture of solidarity with Palestinians, the pope was unwittingly lending credence to the idea that the Israelis could be compared to the Nazi occupiers of Poland.”

    naive gesture? unwittingly? dear kilpatrick, this has all been s-t-a-g-e-d. don’t be so naive yourselves …

    • opheliart permalink

      THE vatican, the papal office, does NOTHING unless it serves vatican-ROMAN catholic agenda. even priests will tell those thinking about the priesthood: beware of the bishops, the roman curia … the church. it’s not what it seems.

      so … who-what do YOU trust in them their treaties … trades? and obviously it keeps all FEMALE out!

      are you people without the facts about these institutions?any person following these and their heads are either flat out of misogynistic intent or … seriously in the dark.

      • opheliart permalink

        would you trust a man walking blindfolded through a valley of snakes, kill patrick?

  2. opheliart permalink

    a natural Q …

    who is hiding the truth about what the pope of rome is doing? and what are they doing? it’s been as clear to us as the clergy/staff CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE in the RCC. and your lawmakers don’t do anything about that abuse! this in itself is a crime! it’s bad, bad enough that our nation allows females-(demonstrating to girls at a young age!) that they are not FIT of form and face to be a priest or an imam or a rabbi or … a bishop or … another of those vocational religious titles because …she does not have a penis dangling between her legs (and using it to … you know what like a lot of those priests in the RCC)…but the abuse of children to the point of many committing suicide? going on to alcoholism and drugs … broken relationships … broken people. what is injected into society from the terror of those abuses? it is the fault of the system of that diseased religion and its the RESPONSIBILITY of the lawmakers to do the RIGHT THING!

    what the f- is your problem? oh, you are incapable of doing the right thing because you wallow in the dark or …

    you are doing satan’s work?

    my-my … it’s not lions and tigers and bears that are off it’s the whole damned establishment! the wicked witch of the WEST!

    • opheliart permalink

      “burn the bitch down” like step daddy of michael brown? hmm … that is not our way.

      • opheliart permalink

        but those having praised and promoted the disease? will be blamed for the death and destruction. know this. those USING it to get-get itself in seats of power and influence? will be charged with … the worst.

        you are sitting ducks with a rifle aimed at your heads. wow. and the RCC thinks gnostics are evil? they are about to discover they are … dead wrong.

  3. opheliart permalink

    Can I see what goes on behind those closed doors, those councils?

    hmm … 😮

    you better run and run fast!

    • opheliart permalink

      a war approaches and your children will be its … prey.

      • opheliart permalink

        comment@rns regarding … the usual flotilla.

        FD • 43 minutes ago
        “Indeed though Israel was built by human hands it is impossible not to sense that just beneath its history lies the hand of heaven,” Pence told the annual summit…

        Giving speeches to seek applause is far easier than replacing healthcare. One would think the VP (and President Kardashian) has actual work to do.

        And what did President Obama invest, something like $800 million for Iron Dome? And $38 billion in September 2016? If the last administration was so terrible I guess Israel is happy to return our money.


        and there’s gushee ad merritt using the LGBTQandgrowing as their meal ticket. when things are dull …

        and sales are slow …

        and people are thinking twice about donating to … you know, religion and politics. what happens? one of two things. but the one that concerns ME is the war.

  4. opheliart permalink

    one question for all psychologists, and those interested in the human case. or would that be the human cause? in a time of war … where hundreds of thousands of able-bodied youth die and are seriously hurt by the experience of war … how does one deny bioethics in the effort to regenerate?

    • opheliart permalink

      I can’t believe you, of all people, just posted that! you shout. gender typical roles?

      🙂 … what caught my eye was number 4:

      4. Evidence on parenting by same-sex couples is inadequate.

      A number of leading professional associations have asserted that there are “no differences” between children raised by homosexuals and those raised by heterosexuals. But the research in this area is quite preliminary; most of the studies are done by advocates and most suffer from serious methodological problems. Sociologist Steven Nock of the University of Virginia, who is agnostic on the issue of same-sex civil marriage, offered this review of the literature on gay parenting as an expert witness for a Canadian court considering legalization of same-sex civil marriage:

      Through this analysis I draw my conclusions that 1) all of the articles I reviewed contained at least one fatal flaw of design or execution; and 2) not a single one of those studies was conducted according to general accepted standards of scientific research.
      This is not exactly the kind of social scientific evidence you would want to launch a major family experiment.

      Steven Nock, affidavit to the Ontario Superior Court of Justice regarding Hedy Halpern et al. University of Virginia Sociology Department (2001).

      • opheliart permalink

        people who have stock in something, a means of making money, gaining credential, influence … power … a way to make sales, sales and more sales sell you …

        like drug companies will pander to their biggest buyers and users, yes? politicians will say what needs to be said to get the votes … yes? often in cahoots with those selling drugs, an idea … a foothold in something big, something that will gain them some form of … position.

        wh0-what is true? I don’t know steven nock from joe block … but what would he have to gain from stating these findings regarding what was out there to read or what was given him to read by parties supporting SSM adoptions? unless he was being paid a lot of money by those against SSM, but all you need to do is google what’s out there on the topic, and look to where these ‘authors’ stand to gain, even their political positions and …

        you discover some things you really ought to know before you sell your kid to the flight salesman.

  5. opheliart permalink

    wow, speaking of bioethics … :D, and I did not even know charles was going to post this when I posted the above but maybe something did 😉

    anyhow, cheers or jeers … I thought it well written.

    • opheliart permalink

      but I can’t understand for the life of him WHY he will not address these horrors?

      one of the big reasons why many do not take RC pro-lifers seriously is their lack of decency when it comes to these abuses … these awful, life-altering and in some cases … many cases … LIFE DESTROYING incidents…

      and their view on female. they have missed the message of Christ in the biggest and most alarming way and in this day continue to remain ignorant … and arrogant… while worshipping the god of islam (no, jim johnson … theirs is not a CHRISTIAN GOD … as their pope—their authority on their god worships the prophet of islam, which is absolutely NOT christian … and of course, from our PLACE, not of the Christ … get your facts straight, sir. we thought you understood that JESUS of the Christ Story NEVER had sex with children … seems you too missed something alarmingly obvious)

      and so many catholics stay and pay, support the hierarchy, the orders, the legion of illicit prod actors … that were are directly connected to these crimes. even their messiah pope, the man calling himself francis, has a bad record when it comes to these crimes. but charles and his members … seem to plug their ears and look away. what do they think happens in that institution that would cause such a vast number of sick and destructive behavior … on wee ones? any person in their RIGHT mind of the HEART would get the heck out of that institution as fast as the legs would allow … but they continue to believe in the sorcery … the perfect lie- of these prelates. huh, it’s hard to take one seriously that lives that lie …

      so many have died at the hands of roman catholicism, its orders, its laws .. its miserable interpretation of Christ … why do people still oppress themselves and their children and put the lives of their children and grandchildren in danger? this isn’t a yesterday problem … it’s an ongoing problem and it is up to a NEW GOVERNMENT in CIVIL nations to make change addressing these as they should be addressed.

      • opheliart permalink

        Monday, January 2, 2017
        No Mercy for Sex Abuse Victims
        Written by Elizabeth Yore
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        No Mercy for Sex Abuse Victims
        “And peace to the children, on this special day on which God became a child, above all those deprived of the joys of childhood because of hunger, wars or the selfishness of adults.” – Pope Francis’ Christmas Urbi et Orbi Message 2016

        Indeed, Pope Francis. The joys of childhood are deprived to the victims of clergy sexual abuse by the selfishness of adults. Despite his global popularity, the reality is that Francis is all talk, and no action when dealing with clerical child sex abuse. Not surprisingly, as the novelist, V.S. Naipaul observed about Argentines, “it is the Argentine attitude to suppress and ignore.”

        Notwithstanding his incessant chatter about mercy and human trafficking, this Argentine Pope continues to suppress and ignore the ongoing clerical child sexual abuse. The latest case of papal inertia and deafness is especially heinous since it involves the sexual abuse of hundreds of disabled deaf and mute children in Italy and Argentina by several priests, giving tragic magnification to the oft used term, voiceless victims. This coverup lies squarely on Bergoglio’s watch.

        During the 3 1/2 years of the Francis Papacy, the self-appointed Merciful One is not so merciful when it comes to the victims of clergy sex abuse. As Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Bergoglio left a record of abysmal apathy and inaction to root out clergy sex abuse. This pattern lives on behind the Vatican walls.

        Who could forget the now familiar Francis fury raging at the faithful Catholics of Osorno Chile who pleaded with the Pope not to elevate a bishop who had allegedly protected a serial child predator? Francis ignored and suppressed their concerns as “stupid.” Who could forget the Pope’s personal appointment to the Synod on the Family of Cardinal Danneels, the renowned Belgian prelate who protected predator clerics? Don’t forget child abuse victim Peter Saunders, who served on the papal child protection commission and was forced to take a leave of absence for criticizing the Pope’s decisions on clerical sex abusers.

        Wake up, Francis fawners, his mercy meme rings as hollow and empty, as hope and change.

        It’s difficult to imagine a worse scenario for victim children then the latest case to cross Francis’ desk involving Fr. Nicholas Corradi. Fr. Corradi worked in the famous Provolo Institute for deaf and mute children in Italy for many years. Fr. Corradi was one of several priests who allegedly abused disabled children at the Provolo Institute.

        The victims’ families argue that the Vatican knew about Fr. Corradi since at least 2009, when he was publicly accused of abusing deaf and mute students at the Provolo Institute in Verona, Italy. The Italian Provolo students went public with tales of shocking abuse against the most vulnerable of children and named several priest perps. While the Vatican sanctioned four accused priests, Corradi apparently was not punished for his alleged crimes in Italy and shockingly, Corradi left Italy and relocated to the South America at an Argentine school for deaf and mute students in Mendoza Argentina.

        Despite allegations of sexual abuse by Corradi from Italian students, the Vatican apparently made no effort to immediately notify the Argentines, and recall Corradi to Italy. Additionally, the Argentine Conference of Bishops, then headed by Cardinal Bergoglio made no inquiries into the sudden arrival of Fr. Corradi at the school for deaf children in Mendoza Argentina. They should have been on high alert since modern Church history are full of predatory priests relocating to other countries and continents to avoid prosecution for child predation. Vetting Fr. Corradi for the sake of vulnerable deaf children would have been a simple precaution for their protection. Try Google for starters.

        Tragically, and not surprisingly, the same clerical sex abuse scandal unfolded at the Argentine Provolo Institute for hearing impaired children. Like the dozens of children similarly abused in Italy, victims stepped forward to allege rape and sexual abuse by Fr. Corradi and another priest and staff members. And the Vatican knew about the Rev. Nicola Corradi since at least 2009.

        Papal Deafness

        In 2014, the Italian victims wrote directly to Pope Francis branding Corradi as a paedophile and flagged that he was living in Francis’ native Argentina. Where is the infamous Francis mercy and sense of urgency for disabled Argentine children? Pope Francis did nothing and would not open an independent investigation into Fr. Corradi’s alleged sexual abuse of these high risk children in Argentina. One would think that Argentine deaf and mute children at risk of sexual abuse by a Catholic priest would garner top priority from the Argentine pontiff!

        The letter to Pope Francis details the heartbreakingly brutal and painful journey and treatment of abuse victims by the Vatican:

        We are a group of former students of the Antonio Provolo Institute for the Deaf and Dumb of Verona (Italy) who told the press about the abuses committed by paedophile priests at the Institute. This was done only after three years of fruitless contacts with the Curia of Verona and in order to prevent what happened to us from happening to other children.The Bishop of Verona, who had been aware of what was going on, immediately accused us of being slanderers.

        On May 9, 2014, the Provolo victims of Italy sent the Pope Francis a video message (knowing his preference for videos) on May 9, 2014. The eight deaf mutes pleaded for justice and asked the Pope for safety measure for the protection of children. Still no action by the Pope Francis while Fr. Corradi was teaching deaf and mute children in Argentina.

        Since the Congregation for the Defense of the Faith had determined in 2012 (during Benedict’s papacy) that Corradi had sexually abused deaf and mute children in Italy, the Vatican was on notice that this priest had relocated to an Argentine school for deaf and mute children. Hasn’t the Vatican learned that predators relocate and pick up where they left off, by abusing children? Wasn’t the Vatican concerned that disabled Argentine children were at high risk with Fr. Corradi? How many Agentine children were abused because of the Vatican inaction and silence?

        Finally, after ongoing publicity and personal pleas, in 2015 Provolo Victims’ Association met with Francis and personally asked him for an independent investigation of the clerical abuse of deaf and mute children. They waited and waited for a response from the loquacious pontiff to their urgent request for an independent investigation. Nothing, but silence.

        PayPal – The safer, easier way to pay online!

        Finally, after repeated requests to the Vatican press office. An answer came dated February 2016 in which the Vatican press office stated that the Pope forwarded the victims’ request to the Italian Bishop’s Conference, saying it was up to the Italian Bishop’s Conference to investigate the allegations. What happened to the much touted Papal Commission on the Protection of Minors? After a massive clerical sex abuse scandal involving the most vulnerable children on two continents, the Vatican passively and callously pitches the problem to the Italian Bishop’s Conference?

        That, folks, is nothing more than a dodge, a pontifical punt into oblivion from this Pope who incessantly prattles on about zero tolerance for clergy sex abuse and poses as the champion of human trafficking victims, while his own Argentine disabled children were allegedly sexually abused by his indifference and inaction. Some mercy!

        Yet, Swift Papal Action for Ecclesial Rivals

        Contrast Francis’ inaction over the rape of innocent children, with his recent sudden action to appoint an independent commission to investigate the Knights of Malta, whose Cardinal Patronus happens to be Francis’ arch rival, Cardinal Raymond Burke. Within a week of learning that the Grand Chancellor of the Knights of Malta was suspended for continuing to distribute condoms, Francis quickly assembled a high powered commission to investigate that suspension, and presumably Burke, and to report back promptly to the Pope.

        When Francis wants to wield political and ecclesial power, he does so with dispatch and authority. Papal politics, not child sexual abuse victims, garner his speedy attention. If Pope Francis has an opportunity to take a political shot at his clerical political rivals, he seemingly moves with all deliberate speed. Yet when mute and deaf child victims of clergy abuse beg for an independent investigation, Francis drags his feet, slow walking his answer, and does nothing for years, causing more children to be raped and sexually abused.

        Police Arrest Predator Priest Ignored by Francis

        In late November 2016, Argentine Police arrested 82-year old priest Rev. Nicola Corradi, 55-year-old priest Horacio Corbacho, and three other men. They are accused of sexual and physical child abuse at the Antonio Provolo Institute in northwestern Mendoza province.One of the priests Nicolás Corradi, who had been given a previous conviction for child abuse in Italy before being transferred to Argentina, gave orders that none of the children’s relatives were allowed to enter the school. Parents now believe this was part of the cover up.When the police raided the school in Argentina’s Mendoza province and they found pornography and about $34,000 in Rev. Corradi’s room.

        Now at least

        . “Do you suppose, O man—you who judge those who practice such things and yet do them yourself—that you will escape the judgment of God?”

  6. opheliart permalink

    deaf children? hmm … pope george … you are going to get an ass-whipping … soon enough.

    • opheliart permalink

      and please take note of how RNS writers take special care to word their stories to … EXCUSE AND …

      PROTECT their god, the man calling himself … francis.

      • opheliart permalink

        RNS IS GUILTY OF WHAT? covering for these crimes and criminals?


  7. opheliart permalink

    during the democratic PUBLIC outcry in america (and elsewhere) regarding candy’s (trump’s) OLD comments about women (yes, ugly, and should be questioned)… we said here in SPIR that he would do something FOR women. we did not say which women, where or how … but I was hearing that he would do something beneficial. first it was the open discussion about the HORROR (honor:( ) KILLINGS … which I never heard obama once talk about. it would have been better if they had continued in that vein … and rooted it out … in america, but at least it was not completely ignored. second … more publicly … if not counting the outcry about “boy talk” and bragging at the expense of women … is this: melania did NOT wear cover all of most of the body to satisfy man’s tribal religious-political customs and traditions as she is not of this religion nor is she being policed in her attire. she did not HONOR something she does not agree with, is not a parent to, and is not a child of islam or saudi arabia. this is being honest. this sent a modest message … not extreme, modest … and beneficial to not just women but ALL peoples. it matters not what you think of mini skirts and crop tops … it matters that oppressed treatment in islamic nations and elsewhere be addressed. including the US. it’s a start at something … modeling the rights of women, honoring and respecting their dignity … without being extreme, and certainly not to behave in a fascist manner about WHAT YOU BELIEVE, expecting all to obey your party platform.

    so there. no big parades or lavish and loud, destructive, bashing … behavior. a simple dress … without all the fanfare.

    • opheliart permalink

      america is no longer of this tribal tradition of women covering most of her body. even catholic nuns for the most part are not stuck in that model (at least we hope not) … there is no point to it, unless out in the cold or covering self from the sun. do you think GOD, Spirit of the Living, loves you more because you hide yourself under cloth? no … this is not of Spirit, not of God of the Living. dead get covered up from head to toe, not living, breathing … people.

      now, if only melania and her husband (and clan) would address the clergy-staff sexual abuse of children, not modestly but vigorously. and the priestly madness.

      • opheliart permalink

        but she wore a veil in meeting the pope of rome, you say (or something having to do with that establishment … I was not really attentive to that meeting or what it says .. likely very little as I am hearing very little about it) anyhow … that is her belief< i guess. I saw a pic and it looked silly. was it a black veil? was there a funeral? sorry, I do not recall the details, but if she wore the veil to satisfy him she is of a custom and practice that believes popes and other of this same relic is somehow special or worthy of different dress? what does donning a lace scarf covering the top of the head signify? is this a SCRIPTURAL MANDATE? if so, why did the franciscans shave the head (top)? SCRIPTURE, according to the male interpretation says don't shave the head so …

        why do roman catholics shave the head, go to church with shaved head. meet with hierarchy with shaved heads? what is necessary for one is not necessary for the other? well, we know the franciscans no longer shave the tops of their heads, yes? so … why would a woman need to put on a head scarf to cover her head? or a tissue 🙂

        bowing to the a lesser god does what for the soul 😉

        anyhow, it looked silly and for melania it looked out of character, but what do I know … I am not roman catholic. but answering the call for much needed change is very, very important. for melania in a different public eye … not wearing a robe or a scarf sent a big message to that community … and it was a first step.

  8. opheliart permalink

    officers are shot and killed and the islamists are in an uproar over gun-knife control?

    hey, liberal-leftists … what have you to say about that? a sensible procedure like metal detectors is anti-islam … anti-muslim?

    • opheliart permalink

      me thinks the liberal jew is getting a close look at something … something he needs to see … he REALLY needs to see.

      • opheliart permalink

        I have been honest … I don’t like roman catholicism or islam, or even judaism, in its original form (the rest is not really judaism in name). for starters, it’s degrading to female. and it’s inception was born out of greed and misdeeds so …

        but I do not dislike a muslim – catholic- jewish peoples. as we have shared over and over … it’s the system, the creeds, the dogma and those awful abuses … that offend. same could be said of liberalism and leftism or even that liberal-leftist ideology. it’s full of contradictions. the hypocrisy is stunningly obvious however … people live in denial, using something that has already been shown does not work … together. cannot sew new patches to old wear … it BREAKS. I do not want to support or pay into it. I have also shared repeatedly that I am not of religion, not even christianity. so it’s not a case where I am using one religion to attack another. not happening.

        so what is israel to do in this situation if the muslim population (islamic?) cannot—will not address the safety issues CLEARLY—OBVIOUSLY apparent? and what of those of us who know things are not safe for children and others … in america, and elsewhere .. but the liberal-leftists using certain groups-parties-institutions-RELIGIONS squash the voice of caution, or the attempt at trying to instill protection procedures …

        who will be charged with the death and destruction? and how does bibi try to control a dead, diseased prophet? he can’t … because where those worshipping illicit creeds refuse to acknowledge their arrogance … and the obvious ignorance … with a continued support from leftist liberal ideals … where is their safety and protection? how can he and his headship keep people from getting killed by those worshipping in an extreme prophecy.

  9. opheliart permalink

    thewar. a startling wake up call. a moronic … deadly … diseased … system of abuse … that brings entire societies to their senses? conserving and conservatism (of a somewhat different fit) WILL BE coming as a result of this chaos. even young people will step down off their high horses (more likely be thrown from them) in this … that comes upon the people. more death and destruction … oh, yes … much worse before it gets better, and the rome can’t save you, right? the pope of rome can’t save a single soul from what’s out there. never did never will. same with all those profiteers.

    did we not say that the face of christianity will change as will the landscape of religion.

    I left christianity, or what one might say was-is christianity. as a youth I knew I would not return to orthodox presbyterianism. as an adult I spent a little time in places, but saw that it was not good, not going to help me mature … Spiritually. and later, I saw that I was different, and that people in those worship houses , those religions … let me know it … and not in a very kind way. as a matter of fact, I just learned this morning the reason why the uproar (besides my Spiritual Gifts) in the GR OC…. is that my assigned spiritual advisor (assigned to me by the priest as I was a newbie) was secretly trying to convert me to catholicism. wow. I knew he had an attachment still to catholicism and … a well-read person about 20+ yrs older than me … had experienced some things there but … why give me books on catholicism while studying gr orthodoxy and esp the mystical theology-philosophy, some of which I had already reviewed before going in to the cathedral to research for book two of my Ophelia Trilogy and … because I was seriously interested in metanioa?

    a wolf in sheep’s clothing or a sheep playing the fox in the hen house? 😉 I am no hen … and that is the best of it however, he was pretending to be something he was not. somewhere early in his game, while communing, I had heard the word thief connected to him> thought it might be a case where he was a thief prior to chrismation. hmm …

    the priest while yelling at me after a class … yes, he was yelling at me and I was sooo quiet … I did not know why he was so angry with me … me? what had I done? he said to me: you know what [spiritual advisor] was after. this was like a punch at my abdomen. I really had no idea but thought at that moment he was talking about sex. it was creepy … to say the least. if I appeared gifted -with insight- spiritually, good and evil, this I did not see. I was YOUNG. did the priest have no understanding of the Spiritually Young? now, do you see how SPIRITUAL ABUSE besides sexual abuse it going to hit the fan, a very BIG fan? he was after me to convert me to catholicism.

    atheists have no clue on any of this. you will not be able to count on secular culture as they are converted to the events-trends of its day. and religionists? well, does my experience teach-show you anything about what goes on the mystical traditions of ripe …


    most professors are … without knowledge and understanding in these affairs. they are political .com.casts.

    life will change … as YOU know it.

    and my reasons for sharing is to warn, and to let you know rings aren’t all what they seem.

    • opheliart permalink

      was reading … comments to marty’s RAND article@rns and asked if I am to post about those comments. heard: no, let them enamor themselves.

      but isn’t orthodoxy and catholicism alike? you ask. no. first, the word orthodox as used in the news-media is incorrect usage when studying the original orthodox theology, which is more a philosophy, esp the greek … no surprise here? whereas roman catholicism is loaded, brimming… with theological yada-yada. orthodoxy in its original is a LIFESTYLE, and a moving, an inner movement. RC is a class of people engaging in a set theology, which OC does also, but in ORTHODOX appeal .. it is-was not FOR theological intent, and this is-was closer to the gnostic of the early Writings. those posting on marty’s article don’t have a clue about any of this. they are a kind of missed messaging, a mish-mash of anti-belief and catholic reaction, without the philosopher’s experience. this is not saying they are not smart, but under whose authority? do they HEAR what the other LANGUAGE reveals? not happening. this grows old and wearing and … ends up lost.

      now …referring to the vatican as orthodox is kind of like saying a cat is a dog. not happening. forget that the people feed in the priest’s house. and it is a priest’s house not God’s or CHRIST’s vista. because CHRIST lives within .. or not. don’t need the religion to know God. to understand and come into the Love of Truth. the vocational priesthood and the royal priesthood are not the same thing, either. so orthodox christianity is not orthodox? you ask. no. christianity is the adding of something that makes something more a religion than a … TRuth, but this is not saying there is no truth in orthodox christianity.

      judaism is closer to catholicism — theology-based, class of people … etc. whereas zionism is more a movement … but an outer movement, and expresses its philosophy without the need for religion, but it may use religion. it experiences and it shares what this experience produces (fruit).

      zionism and orthodoxy are of a good, sound material.

      • opheliart permalink

        we are sure most of you are aware of this incident by now. the government of australia wants to know how a woman out in the street in her pajamas can get shot and killed.

        the US. america … have you listened to the news on a daily basis? so far this week two children, one 10 the other 6 … overdosed on opioids. the older is now gone. the younger is in the hospital. and this just being near the stuff. that’s how potent some of it is. in MA, a stolen car full of what someone reported as juveniles … with one saying he saw a boy, a little kid with the group that fled the crash … plowed into two adults off the road (a sidewalk?). drove right up over the curb or … into pedestrians plowing down the two standing there. it was with such force it severed the woman’s leg… who was standing talking with a man. imagine yourself talking to your neighbor or waiting for your child’s school bus … and bam!

        every day in america children are reported beaten, tortured, murdered. women and children are assaulted … raped, tortured, murdered. gang violence is so immense it has a presence in likely every town in the country. drugs are at a tipping point. the opioid crisis is really too much for law and the government, where government is even paying attention.

        every single day loads and loads of murders. and recklessness. driving while under the influence … road rage … robberies where the youth beat up neighbors and there are those truly gruesome incidents. beyond the imagination except that the entertainment has already made money off of the movies and shows. americans depicting life or americans feeding strife?

        guns, knives … prostitution, sex trafficking, pornography … seedy, cultish … drug-infested outfits, predators at every house … pushing, pushing, pushing its lot. now add TERRORISM to the list. extremists haunting the schools and churches and communities, employment houses …until entire societies are of a meltdown. where are you safe? where can you go that isn’t tinting red?

        who is responsible for this?

  10. opheliart permalink

    in genesis … LOT pleads. and ugh, he was willing to give his two daughters for the men to have sex with? to do with what they wanted? sick! but those outside wanted to have sex with the angels. male angels? hmmm …

    did GOD, Spirit of the Living destroy entire villages, women and children and …? NO! no-no-no-no-NO! it is Man acting as god who does the bidding. Spirit of the Living is not death and destruction … it is LIFE! so how, where … at what point did Man get it so wrong? and why … do large groups seed so …

    devilishly? and why are religious leaders pushing their idols on you? their idiocy and their industry for you to … swallow? why do they align with prophets having enslaved many, raped children, made its bed with terrorism … murder?

    are YOU not coherent … that you would take and eat of it?

    • opheliart permalink

      I am asked to love you when I do not like YOU!

      • opheliart permalink

        but … maybe you are nOT my neighbor.

  11. opheliart permalink

    why do you think WE see tho woman as a walking contradiction? read the islamist’s post then please share, not as roberts pasted … but as an intellectual who has some VISION of the future of HUMANITY?

    • opheliart permalink

      don’t know whether to laugh or cry! heading out to work in the yard. hot-hot-real HOT! but somebody has got to do it …

      • opheliart permalink

        “Almost 250 years ago a group of dreamers came together and sketched out a revolutionary vision. No longer would they be shackled to the whims of a distant government, nor bound to the religion of an idiosyncratic king. They set out to forge their own futures, determine their own destinies, and follow their own faith. In their infinite wisdom, the Founding Fathers decreed that this nation would separate church and state, and in doing so protect both institutions. Government would be free from religious overreach, and religion would be free from government interference.”

        the post:

        and you thought we were referring to her shroud? I mean her … head wrap? no, this is why we say we see her as a walking contradiction:

        “sketched out a revolutionary vision.”

        whose vision? her prophet mo? who demanded all follow his goodness?

        okay, “no longer would they be shackled to a distant government”

        um, distant … as in the middle east? islamic nation land? where some of the worst human rights violations appear on a daily basis? ahh, but america … home of the free … yahhhh.

        “bound to a religion …” gotta stop there, the contradiction is so boisterous I cannot control its tempest.

        “follow their own faith” … individually or as a crux?

        now, ask, do we believe in freedom of every religion, all religious beliefs and practices and … every whim of a prophet or mystic or money-grubbing whatever … in nations?

        do we even need to answer?

        but okay, she wants to practice her religion separate from government. mmm … how does that work if you are bound to a prophet’s mission that states:

        do you know what it states? have any clear idea what getting into seats of government does to … a nation if … if you and your constituents favor a certain mission?

        gee, let’s go to distant lands where revolutions are happening WITHIN islam on a daily basis and … where theirs are shackles to …

        you know the rest. a few seeds in certain places produce what my friends?

        hey, don’t count me in … on that deal. and really? it was SENSATIONALISM on their part to draw in the rude and the crass comments, maybe even to get a few arrested … USING the worst of these rather than the best. typical politics. the democrats are big on running campaigns by using the poorest of the poor, in all shades.

  12. opheliart permalink

    how does one separate self from its prophet who demands a mission of complete control? whose ideology IS … to come into power and make the world muslim, and islamic?

    again, laugh or cry? do these people think us idiots? unaware of the tactic … the theft …

  13. opheliart permalink

    your america, liberal-left?

    this is horrid? alarming! … what are they feeding on they would create such a diseased mental state? laughing at the man while smoking weed.

    your youth, liberal-left? YOU will be blamed for the death and destruction … and all the ignorance, the deaths because of the weed-eaters and … a lot of other sad stuff.


    • opheliart permalink

      if I had a child that was a part of this I would ask that I be charged and locked up. someone-somewhere needs to take RESPONSIBILITY!

      • opheliart permalink

        it reminds me of people watching a lynching and saying-doing nothing to stop it. just laughing, and saying … oh it wasn’t my doing. “he just died”

        the really scary thing is that … they have NO CONSCIENCE or … they are completely drugged on something that keeps them … in that state. what of children growing up in this culture? what does your world look like liberal, progressive? left? or right …

        if nothing is being done to BAN what is creating such a deficient and diseased … culture? who are these kids, where do they come from? who is paying into and supporting such sickness?

  14. opheliart permalink

    ugh, every other day something bad happens in FLA … turning into a swamp? a cesspool?

    • opheliart permalink

      I don’t know these kids. I don’t want to know them. I don’t want to have anything to do with them or their instructors. who are their role models? what teachings have them videoing a dying man and laughing about it?! disabled or not disabled …

      what if a child was drowning? ha-ha! look, he can’t even …

      wow, reminds of very much of that group that tortured the disabled young man, or was that another teen, and videoed it … for their entertainment … and those like them.

      you know what? I DO NOT LIKE THOSE TEENS. what can you do to help me love them? I am not in their neighborhood. they are NOT my NEIGHBORS. they are not of my faith and belief. I have a clear idea what they are of but it ain’t ME.


      so … has it ever occurred to anyone that LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF might have to do with the actual “neighbor”? someone who is of a COMMUNITY mindset that is of … coherence, relevance … some form of striving for … something better? a neighbor that is … of some character or presence that you can be a part of?

      has no one understood what is meant by NEIGHBOR in that passage? I can tell you in all SAFETY and fairness … it is not those teens.

      living in AMERICA, they seem to have money, yes? money for pot and money for phones … and time on their hands, so what is their problem? what created this indecency among them? who is their father? what is their mother? do they know? do you know? what are their teachers? are they just a band of loose cannons? a drug gang in the making? a growing mafia? do they rape young girls? young boys? where do they go to school? I vote they get sent to a school for indecent youth, what say you? I certainly don’t want them around my kids-grandkids -elderly parents … those I love and hold dear … do you? who is giving them what they need to continue in this … acridity? not my family … how about yours?

      • opheliart permalink

        and one should NOT have to pay into and support their system-religion-cult-culture-traditions … politics … of belief. and one need not die for such … indecency. what JESUS was-is speaking ON … that church? A COMMUNITY OF FAITH WITHIN …

        do you know?

  15. opheliart permalink

    we have an idea … why don’t you ask NANCY ISENBERG what to do with the trash.

    • opheliart permalink

      oh hey,

      anyone surprised? how about you, isenberg?

      if those men and boys can’t follow SAFETY measures in israel … what do you think will happen here if the gov tries to install protective devices? the liberal-left has been allowing the islamists to pretty much have their way … in america. now if we go by the numbers on the increase in islamic population … the fastest growing religion … what makes YOU think this institution won’t turn on you and get nasty … if certain laws and protective measures are put forth?

      don’t be stupid. don’t be a sitting duck. and most importantly, do not subject huge numbers of children and … to the violence. we want security measures … I WANT TO KNOW THE GOVE IS MAKING EFFORTS TO PROTECT THESE!

      now you see what can happen? but the left wants to make israel that sitting duck … while they take aim. I do not stand with judaism but I will stand with zionists if they stop pandering to the …

      carelessness. if your left hand does harm cut it off? not literally, of course, the hand is referring to those … most ungrateful, and …


      • opheliart permalink

        as of 1:20 AM NE TIME … still only 2 comments. if the usual posters can’t find some way to blame the conservative christians they have nothing to say?

  16. opheliart permalink

    ISRAEL … jerusalem’s old city

    what many should be asking…

    friday prayers and the islamists (muslims?) are shown to engage in violence? public danger and destruction? is this what their prophet tells-teaches them to do? OUR Communing takes one AWAY from violence …

  17. opheliart permalink–abc-news-topstories.html

    cold and heartless?

    yes, do charge them with something and … while you are at it:

    child sex abuse in the clergy? those who knew and DID NOTHING! are not even required to REPORT it? what mind does nothing? a nothing mind or a nothing heart? how about shuffling clergy? and remember how many die as a result of these early indecencies? these crimes …

    what else can be rebooked?

    those with a sexually transmitted disease … AIDS, but continue to have dangerous sex? those who have sex knowing it could lead to danger to others? even death? who is RESPONSIBLE?

    judges …doctors … psychologists … psychiatrists … scientists, inventors? pastors, priests, bishops, rabbis, imams and politicians …who fail to do the right thing and … who engage in political maneuvers over the health and safety of …

    human beings.

    • opheliart permalink

      it’s not just genital mutilation, folks, the list of misdemeanors, crimes is … long. get firm, get serious, start holding people accountable for their behavior not praising them and putting them on a stage to win votes from a certain voting group. what michael brown did was wrong. what his step daddy did was wrong and your presidential candidate … is wrong. using and ABUSING her position which … leads to more death and … destruction. look around you … who are your teachers? what really are they telling the youth …

      to do? or is it saying one thing but doing another? the host in these circles is far from Christ.

      • opheliart permalink

        I cannot be a party to candy (trump). I said this before, but there is absolutely no way I will vote democrat under these conditions. to us … it’s a death sentence. republican is full of flaws for sure but it just may be that a few keep the boat afloat. if theliberal left had its way all the way? human would be a dying breed. as it is … there are so few. you can reboot REPUBLICAN or … start anew with a whole nother party but … it will take some time getting it to be heard. so what’s to be done? first, you must get candy off the stage. we said not to take him seriously at the start but you gave him the starch that he needed to blow up into a big, fat problem. he is not a well man, but please find a way where he makes that decision himself or for the safety of his children and grandchildren … to remove himself. he can even choose another that his party will agree to more. candy is like … many personalities inconsistent, without saying it aloud. and he has the capability to destroy a person’s reputation in his antics, much like what was done to peterson, by both starched right and left. so …

  18. opheliart permalink

    hmm …

    been a rough week. was removing the chair (among other things) … from the room … where an elderly man, suffering physically … chose to end his fleshly place … to save his wife from the daily struggle of caring for him, and the money it would have taken to see to his needs … he didn’t want their entire savings, house and all … to get sucked into the vacuum of … the ailing body …

    what did he decide? he shot himself in the heart. held the gun close to minimize the mess.

    the chair. I know that chair …

    splintered like nothing I have ever seen.

    what was I told in asking if he took his life? No, P, he GAVE his life … for another …

    it wasn’t the civil way, what Spirit would have donated … but it was all he had … at that moment. he did the best he could with what he had.

    the chair … what a sad and heart rendering … mess.

  19. opheliart permalink

    comments section: someone asks, if they know where the ‘schools’ are why not destroy them.

    who is ‘they’? and who-what allows religious rights for islamists throughout the world (including america and europe)? do you think the advancement of islam in your neighborhood, school … community … doesn’t include extreme beliefs and practices?

    it’s like watching people pull the trigger on their own generation … and… the future of their youth.

    insane? does one even need to ask?

    and who in his RIGHT MIND allows ANY institution/school to disavow female? you allow it, it breeds … it flourishes, and it grows ever so …


    • opheliart permalink

      WED Aug 2

      how much longer will US politics be about donald trump? the country is imploding and both right and left lick the crumbs to destruction.

      grow up! get both of these miscreants off the stage and get down to business! when you sloth in the cesspool … you do not see your own fatal … outcome.

      ask trump to STEP DOWN … and to take his “family” with him!

      let the republicans choose a new candidate … and the left-whatever … and do a short election as anything extensive wastes TIME and MONEY. neither can the country afford.

      clinton is out … keep it that way, and begin anew.

      • opheliart permalink

        the country, its people … is suffering and the big hats … are oblivious to the strain.

  20. opheliart permalink

    truth is… man.unkind is finding other ways to religionize his ideas—make them proof-worthy. but what is true to GOD, Spirit of the Living, is not “manmade” ideal. it is God-inspired. Spirit of the Living does not seek individuals for replicated means … as each is unique. look at the world of man .. where and how does he deny that this is? through religion? religion as policy? politics as a religion … dogma, incarcerated streams? take, for example, a man giving birth to a child. we are looking around on this … fact or fiction? man believes, teaches the youth, makes its product … man gives birth to a child. what does he teach your preschooler? truth or lies? why teach lies to your kids. the world loves the drama, even where it isn’t fact, where it lacks credibility … but is quick to point fingers on the aliens of others, such as the ANGELs.

    go smoke your joints and play pretend in your egos. you’ve got everything to lose …

    • opheliart permalink

      but he is a transgender man, you say. is that like saying the pope is the vicar of christ? within his station—his perceived arbitration—he is something ONLY through his religion … childish narrative and illusory medals? in the field … one leaves and one stays. it doesn’t say anything about medals, or macabre. Spirit of the Living does not NEED stilted metaphor. It needs TRUTH! the Drink gives to the Prophet, and anyone who KNOWS God knows God IS Prophet … is FEMALE, the Feminine Divine (have you not read ISAIAH 8?). man giving birth to child does not/cannot exist in Prophet … just as a pope playing a vicar of christ is barren.

      are you getting it yet? pretending at something … for whatever reason … is still pretending, even where confusion doubts.

      • opheliart permalink

        2:08 AM … we will take a sip (if you could only see my face right now, but you don’t—you won’t … because you are being CALLED to Hear)

        looks. a man is attracted to another man because he looks like something of himself?

        looks. a man is attracted to another man and desires sex with him because he … wants something >go himself> … to satisfy self?

        what does man, gay or straight know of the reeds that part to discover the ART … Spirit Art … on the Love within the Divine? if he relies on looks he deceives himself and … AND, he denies the Fruits of the Spirit … found within She. THE Feminine Divine. and it is ONLY through She that Man finds Thee. what is Thee? Three.

        a riddle? a Ripe …

        that sip was sour which brought WE to disagree within Man’s Hour … and what some call that Gay Agenda … but what is really Man’s Agenda, gay or straight.

        who found the child in the basket on the river … within those reeds? a man did not. he cannot.

        let’s present this another way. a man has to share office space and … responsibility … with a woman. he disagrees with her on how things should be done. he can never imagine himself married to her … even her outfits he finds unattractive. she does not wear clothes that show she is … secularly right … and her figure? not what the magazines and the entertainment industry preaches … is … right. she is different, unlike the other women in the office. he tries to find ways to get her fired … out of his way that HE might satisfy his ideal. what he THINKS (seeing not hearing) is … right. what all should follow. his portfolio … is pen and ink drawings, yes? his vision is stilted by his inability to part those reeds for something …

        that will help him grow. TBH, sexual immaturity is found in sameness. looks. likes. not in the love of … something that WILL CHALLENGE AND HELP ONE GROW …

  21. opheliart permalink

    honestly, MOSES is more real to Me than those manmade marriages.

    • opheliart permalink

      the RCC is all about gay agenda, or should we just say man agenda? it created the mess. it contracted this strain. it’s a homosexual mission, having sex within its …sameness. the ONLY way the RCC can survive is to cut of what … denies She. it MUST remove roman from catholic for catholic to Be. or to Become anything of Truth … within Christ. it is NOT a Christ-centered religion. it is a Roman arbitration. under catholic bylaws. neither fulfill the advocacy of Truth but … however,

      it is a step in the right direction. put away the things of a child: papal office, magisterial arrogance, celibacy (the homosexual initiative), nunneries (good grief! but we do understand that back in the day women were desperate to live a life apart from becoming baby breeders and denied choice by male dominion) … and many other tablets bleeding …black ink.

  22. opheliart permalink

    ah, the yellow jacket sting on my hand from a few days ago is still really swollen, and it itches … and itches. textbook science didn’t say anything about how that sting would cause the arthritis in my knees to act up, to the point of barely being able to walk. hmm …

    knees are doing better but the medical science on this is quite lame.

    while the pandoras spend billions working in these fields … MENTAL ILLNESS is having a field day … mutating. religionists of all stripes can battle the party … of this or that, but evil has its way in every way it … finds a place to graze. mental illness has many faces, and many more will erupt. science, medicine, religion … politics still don’t have a name on most of these because they look elsewhere for their degrees. their pocket change. their high society … economics.

    you ain’t seen nothing yet. so … imagine how deaf you really are.

    • opheliart permalink


      • opheliart permalink

        King James 2000 Bible
        Moreover the LORD said unto me, Take a large scroll, and write on it with a man’s pen concerning Mahershalalhashbaz.

        with a MAN’s pen. so WHAT is it that writes? have you not heard the Wisdom of the Ages?

  23. opheliart permalink

    14 And God hath both raised up the Lord, and will also raise up us by his own power.

    15 Know ye not that your bodies are the members of Christ? shall I then take the members of Christ, and make them the members of an harlot? God forbid.

    16 What? know ye not that he which is joined to an harlot is one body? for two, saith he, shall be one flesh.

    17 But he that is joined unto the Lord is one spirit.

    18 Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body.

    but, wait! you say. what of the prophet of the OT instructed by GOD to marry the harlot? the Writings, as you name them … is full of contradiction!

    Time is Money and Money is Time; waste One you lose the Other.

    wait, what? heroes fall by the wayside, a cautioned sentinel heeds the voice of reason.

    • opheliart permalink

      ARGUS, My Pet, stays with Willem … in the Land of Cain …

      Ophelia In the Beyond, Book One

      • opheliart permalink

        what does JESUS say of John …

        Jesus said unto him, “If I will that he tarry till I come, what is that to thee? Follow thou Me.”

        the ONLY Way man can be heard by GOD, Spirit of the Living is through the remaining …

        “the grace/mercy … of the Lord”

        and WHERE might you find {this}?

        and if this is silenced, what comes to restore order? and has She come? WHERE might She Be … in His Name?

  24. opheliart permalink


    Wisdom is nothing if stapled to a check.

    • opheliart permalink

      if “the bible” is the Word of God why do these religious-political establishments SELL it. why not make it free? what did JESUS say to THE CHRIST Disciples? “take nothing with you?” this is not saying you cannot make a living, pay bills, feed your kids, pets, yard … good things … buy clothes, fix house … by selling things you create that you belief to be gifted by God. but the WORD is a vessel of impartial Truth … and should never have become an industry of sales for … religious, political … industry … dynasty … of greed and reigning patriarchs. call them out of this insidious design! I have not the strength at this time …

      deeply, deeply … engaging elsewhere. your policies are worn sacraments, abusive, endangering lives.

      • opheliart permalink

        was privy to a legal situation recently, one that involved a Will. a person not in the Will spoke outside the legality of the Will, or what should be the ethical stand regarding the Will. two parties in that Will were not present to speak for themselves … another, somewhat compromised, spoke for them, not in good faith but in lesser degrees. how does this then compromise the initial Will? where does it go from there?

        if not IMPARTIAL …how and where does man mired in his madness … make for health and wellbeing in a society on the verge of collapse? take care what you introduce into the ring! playing step ten in a first step arbitration sells the ticket holders a marriage of inconsistent means. woe to those who play god and devil in the same breath!

        and those playing BIBLE STUDY in court need to be told they speak unjustly and through a limited lens. get them OUT of those seats … before that house gets torn down!

        they know not what they do … Lord, they know not what they do … as is any government pandering to religion, any religion, judaism islam … christianity and …

        end it or you WILL know what it is to … bur…

  25. opheliart permalink

    and one cannot USE the words of a patriarchal bishop to tempt the crowd … into ratification … while criticizing the patronage of another. it’s heavy-laden and breaks the backs of the poor. shame on YOUs … shame. you are lesser beings!

    • opheliart permalink

      • opheliart permalink–politics.html

        the liberal left?

        utterly inane. they dug that grave … let them die in i!

        WE kick the dust from our sandals… no use for such recklessness. not our Place.


        read the exchange SPUDDIE has with the one he accuses of trolling. SPUDDIE is an atheist, and a slanderer. this much is clear … spitting out what he tries to create … as fact. no, not fact. this is one of RNS’s BIGGEST problems if looking to receive donations … to keep the ball rolling, successfully … informatively, intelligently. relying on half truths and sensationalist innuendo is … poor reporting. slander … well, that is a matter in itself. a big matter. people going on a site to correct commenters … only to be accused of trolling? it’s not worth their time much of the time because RNS has no credibility when it comes to CHECKING FACTS. for a very long time they allowed the real troll, atheist max, to attack any and all believers, even me, a nonreligious … gnostic. even giving ‘the troll’ his own article, to make sure his crap did stick. nope, not on me because I left … as was necessary where … voice is not permitted to be heard … ethically, intelligently … care-filled and … with understanding. using commentary to twist the truth to make us appear … bad … was-is atheist max’s job. and SPUDDIE? what can we say? he lives in a garage. a slick slandering method we see far too much. it’s the secularists’ —political—tactic. a dull, devilish … domain. to rely on these types is to look suspect, losing the attention of the more … viable, the more … ethical. RNs too often plays a game of thrones that preaches pandering rather than actual truth.

        maybe WE create something to rival RNS? to show how … truth can render the thoughts of others? how real stories reach people and change lives… to the depth of the souls?

        as for silk’s commentary? meh.

        example: article on a bombing of a mosque leaves one to believe it’s anti-islamists on the move, targeting muslims. there is alarming evidence that demonstrates a rival islamic group. in-depth research and factual reporting seem not to be the place of the liberal dominionist. they throw the baby out with the bathwater. no surprise that they will be blamed for the death and destruction. fueling false truths that create a mountain of lies soon produces an imbalance… a heavy existence of mental- psychological, even physical instability …that causes a backlash, and try, try, try as they do to cover their tracks, their hypocrisy and carelessness … the cover wears thin, revealing the …


        *and read the comment about the dogs and the dog musher. did anyone challenge this commenter? no, because they can’t. what goes on between musher and dog is of EXPERIENCE. has to do with experience …as SPIRIT is. good or bad, Spirit exists … something atheist can’t see, men can’t explain … but we all see the musher and his dogs, yes? to BULLdoze the idea that female is and cannot be SPIRIT, good or evil is like saying no female dogs exist. no female dogs? you ask, but how can new dogs be born without her?


        aside: how do islam-ists view dogs? 😉

        commentary: theoath12 hours ago
        At 5am when no one there..not terrorism its insurance fraud.

        hmm… let’s see … would the real crime please show itself

        oh, islamic terrorist? but why? why terrorize your own sex? or would that be … your own sexist ideology? what? allowed a woman something more than a second class seat so the terrorist act was sending a message but no problem, the liberal-left establishment will make sure the publicity is fake and the RELIGION COVERED BY TAXPAYER DOLLARS.

        lovely how religion rules in the end … but which religion will come out on top? seems WE may have to step in and put a damper on the money pit.

    • opheliart permalink

      the problem here, alice, is the wonderland of the liberal elite is that THEY exploit the poor, using them for their own audacious greed. whether cutting their pesticide filled lawns or cleaning their toilets … while spinning tales the size of the heart queen’s head … about how hate filled and anti-refugee you are if you dare to question their ethics …

      they need them to garner votes, even if they have to cheat to do it …

      • opheliart permalink

        and the bishops, along with their political puppet the pope? when did they ever CARE about anyone but their own judicial system?
        look at the clergy/staff sexual abuse. these men and women ought to be barred from the country! for being the sickness that drives the poverty …

  26. opheliart permalink

    logging out … for Good.

    • opheliart permalink

      because of the OBVIOUS
      one of …

      did it ever occur to the “white of denial” along with the black and … brown and …

      that YOUR OWN RACIST — BIASED— ideology (liberal left? democrat?) will be the very position that destroys you, your credibility? if that’s predominantly jew then what happens to the jew? in reading the comments … it is again demonstrated that those pretending to be something they are not WHILE Identifying the guilty, those to blame … those damn white “evangelicals” … the black and white and … OF denial within his own color categories, the system of digress, that SCHOOL of theology … shows his hypocrisy. his double standards. his … own racist, biased … prejudiced agenda. he does not see it now nor can he hear his own words … because of his delirium. AND in these scenarios, this ideology? anti-Semitism does not exist … think about that. think about what you advocate.

      whites, or blacks … ignoring their autonomy while using autonomy to determine right from wrong FOR/ABOUT others … is what?

      • opheliart permalink

        but these are EVANGELICAL whites, says you.

        did you hear us laughing? what a pathetic cake YOU bake!

  27. opheliart permalink

    and who in america is getting a hideous sum in grant money for … being a jew under pressure to change? the jew writes wads of notices about getting ready for anti-semitism on college campuses but ya barely hear a beep from him about turning over them thar tables to keep the females from being raped on college campuses by …

    push the snooze button, salkin … you are already too late. the youth are realizing that torah did not come out of zion..

    everything around them speaks rib-eye and talisman optics. but, WE are probably one of the few who do NOT believe the ZION of the Writings is religion … or ethnicity … or expensive religious, ethnic and or political schools of …ancient feed. still mopping the brow of the jew, folks? he hasn’t found his messiah yet?

    we joke too … ya know.

    and btw, when was the last time YOU went into a k-mart? or walmart? I hear a lot of hispanic/latino conversation *probably jokes about the hopeless … situation on the poverty of love OR … how he/she desperately wants his daughter to get a good education … . wonder if the pay at k-mart will cover that … desire? if america stopped throwing money out to the lesser gods … it might be possible. one can only hope.

    • opheliart permalink

      so a follow up question that BEGS to be heard … really begs …

      how is the jew any different from the evangelical?

      • opheliart permalink

        for that matter, how is the jew, the evangelical … any different from the LGBTQand growing? what is happening in the world is that LGBTQand growing , along with islam … (neck in neck?) is broadening its specter. like those who use a minority for a free pass, votes, systems of political belief … even religious sovereignty … the LGBTQand growing, AND the islamist, replaced the minority of prior history … in repeat mode, of course … that will again take out the existing bodies of ___.
        so in REALITY … they do it to themselves … over and over. tis a shame, really. think about it though. rid the states of the (white) evangelical and who does the jew attack? who does the LGBTQand growing attack? I guess it depends on which hub is expanding its power platform the fastest, yes? not a ‘good’ thing but … hey, it is what it IS.

  28. opheliart permalink

    I use my experiences and the experiences of others to paint a picture … often with words … to bring forth a reality in life …
    and in the world.

    an individual waited on me the other day. he, and it was/is a he, was dressed in jeans and a woman’s shirt (woman’s shirt because it was a style one would find in the women’s section of almost all shops selling clothes). it was cut and styled for women, and frilly … not something I would choose to wear but it was clearly a woman’s shirt. he also wore a woman’s wig. maybe a little make-up. blonde eyebrows … plucked and smoothed. I did not notice the footwear under the jeans. at first I wasn’t sure … as he approached me to wait on me, and I do take note … it’s part of what I am, as a writer, a painter … to see, study … know, even if for just a moment … if not engaged elsewhere. something looks questionable, says I. did I care? only my mind wanted to know, man or woman? it became a mini quest … can I tell the difference if I really needed to? it was when he began to write that I received my answer. he wrote a woman’s name using man’s hands, hands that were/are big, beefy … and full of knuckle hair.

    yes, it became clear once I visually removed the wig and the woman’s shirt.

    now, says I … what if an individual was robbing a shop and I happened to be standing outside as individual rushed out, items, money … in hand, hopped into the getaway car … and the police interviewed me. “what did the robber look like?” what picture would I paint?

    let’s see, he was wearing a woman’s wig and a woman’s shirt …

    so he was a man dressed as a woman to try to fool law enforcement? asks the police investigating the crime. that could be, says I, but …

    • opheliart permalink

      will it become a situation …

      one cannot say a man dressed as a woman? will that appear to the liberal-left, an anti-__, a reason to attack … and destroy the reputation of ___.

      your world … not ours.jew.

      • opheliart permalink

        a convoluted mess … that you wallow in … a drug of the masses, penetrated by political-religious novelty.

  29. opheliart permalink

    the democrat, the liberal-left, and others … must be hiding a lot of theft, crimes … under those dress robes to …

    make it so darn difficult for the truth to come about its specter. why? what’s it guilty of?

    • opheliart permalink

      a man positioned himself on the steps of city hall. he blocked the entrance. he refused to allow a woman to enter the front door. go to the back, writes he. police are called in and they nicely ask him to move. he refused. they try to remove his hands from the step rails but he resisted by trying to hit officers. things got forceful …

      the news reporter stated that he is homeless and that he was angry with child safety agencies for taking his daughter from him. did you note that he is homeless? the question of the use of force is the issue now. not that the man is homeless or that he resisted forcefully or that child needed to be in home not streets. and certainly not in the hands of a man using his fists to get HIS way. is the jew addressing the real problems? the greater concerns? or is he making a name and making $$$ off of the poverty and illness of others? in his high tower schools … expensive education (at the expense of the poor?) … is he giving back to those truly in need? check out his living exposition… his attire and …

      what he is carrying.

      • opheliart permalink

        ANTI-SEMITISM! scream the prophet wanna-bees. stick a diaper in it, loudmouth. ‘jew’ in theWritings is THEOLOGIAN. a label/title, entity … not yet … coined. receiving the Truth does shed a different light on … judaism, roman catholicism, islam … christianity and numerous other religious-POLITICAL sects … yes? knowing the TRuth does CHANGE things … yes?

        who-what is keeping change from happening? who-hat is a BIG stumbling block to the real News? to Hearing the voice of … God? who-what claims to be, has always claimed to be the authority on God? God’s mouthpiece?

        so sad that man missed the Message.

  30. opheliart permalink

    first, stop giving religion … anything… but the opportunity to show itself as … a civil perspective, without abuse. why should anyone legally listed in the US be paying for and supporting religious beliefs and practices they find … in disagreement with his own Faith? which brings us right smack face to face with politicians selling their policies, also … religion. his beliefs and practices. and can anyone get them out of those star seats? year after year we watch the pit grow deeper, and wider. with many more … drugged, destitute … dying under the influence of …


    democracy is a bust.

    and man is in a tizzy about climate change? what man has done to make this so … desert? he does not understand his own ignorance.

    • opheliart permalink

      another article … where protesters were marching through U of V campus … as nationalist believers … were told (forced?) to disperse because police said “white lives matter” protesting is unlawful … an UNLAWFUL assembly? but BLM FORCING sanders off a stage, not once but twice was/is LAWFUL?

      the liberal-left WILL BE blamed for the death and destruction. they are most ostentatiously of a fascist ideal, and … as has been shared on many articles already … by a few democrat affiliated … cost time and money. and … the cause of the rise of the trump era. if one can call it that. you get back pretty much WHAT you … put out. and if those recognizing the hypocrisy and the fascist ideal for it is and … IS NOT … cannot-willnot speak INTELLIGENTLY on these disconcerting matters? so long baby! you will be lumped in with the bad … just like your constituents and those you paid into and supported had lumped others all as one bad.

      the sooner your idiocy is the removed the better for us. not that we are in any way of the nationalist belief … just not of a confederacy of dunces.

      • opheliart permalink

        something is OFF from one of the news magnates. something was said … that isn’t the case. can you figure out what it is?

        sad news but not surprised. and the article we read and posted about earlier said nothing about a statue and nothing about KKK … as the group having formed for this protest. now, if we go by the current LIBERAL-LEFT agenda of removing ALL statues/articles (flags, insignias, rituals, gestures, motions … idols … AND … THE tax payer is forced to support) that offend, should they at least consider the removal of statues that indicate an all male hierarchy? how about an all male G-D, on public platforms? and was it the smartest idea to bring in a pope of a patriarchal political institution … at the expense of taxpayers … to parade himself, HIS RCC AGENDA, and speak to congress?

        didn’t the politicians and the PRESS … the liberal, the left, as well as those claiming to be about justice, impartiality and truth … SEE THE OBVIOUS INDECENCY?the double standard? the OFFENSE to FEMALE? … that there are numerous instances, including their religious product, islam, and its OBVIOUSLY offensive character …?

        that must be addressed if any of this CON-FED-ER-ATE … situation… is to be taking with any state of seriousness. or shall we make a stink so big you ALL lose … ?

  31. opheliart permalink

    what? only black lives matter? only jews lives matter? what of the gnostic? there has not been an apology coming from those having tortured and murdered the gnostic. as a matter of fact the pope of rome (the one calling himself francis) even WARNED about a certain sect of gnosis. we didn’t hear the liberal-left press go ballistic over this. why? and they haven’t insisted that FEMALE be treated fairly, justly in religions that receive GOVERNMENT FUNDING … that practice on american soil. why?

    because you are partial and live in denial, LORD GOD cannot hear your … whatever you call it in your self-centered agendas. why-how can Spirit of the LIVING use you, or even protect … you, something {this} does not know? remember Lord says: depart from me … I never knew you.

    maybe it is time you learned right from wrong.

    • opheliart permalink

      from this day forward, any person, place … institution, or government … aiding the ignorance, the arrogance … the injustice, and the Evil …

      will be seen as lesser.

      • opheliart permalink

        and those making money off of hating the evangelical … and others, ABUSING their positions … talents …

        comedy skits, commentary and …

        is good in the eyes of …? but to do the same to the jew, or the black or … the muslim is …? hmm … and so you shall reap what you have sown.

        you are not my neighbor. as a matter of fact … the sooner you leave … the better. and this is not one word of agreement and or approval of the evangelical belief and practice. how is that for being a cut above the WEst?

        good riddance … hypocrite … you brought it on yourself.



  32. opheliart permalink

    DAVID GUSHEE’s commentary of today says … from his BAPTIST pulpit … regarding charlotteville’s incident?

    he quotes what he believes GENESIS 1 is saying: all people are made in the image of God.

    oh? wow, where do we begin in that theology? first, THEWRITINGS do not say all people are made in the image of God. THE WRITINGS ARE CLEAR IN THAT…

    God said, LET US MAKE MAN (note the “Us?) make man in Our Image, according to Our likeness.

    where was baptist gushee or any other man of religion or politics in that move? but the real kicker is why be of any cult, culture, sect, sectarian __, religion, institution, school of theory … if ALL people are made in the image of God? why stand at any pulpit preaching on a distinction: the haves and the have nots. those like God and those not like God … if all peoples are made in the image of God? it is a contradiction of terms! all people would be-are-in God’s image, made according to gushee’s god. and there would be no need to call out anyone because each peoples would be doing his thing according to gushee’s god of all people.

    the Writings then go on to specify : in the Image of God He made him; MALE AND FEMALE He made them.

    oh boy, the patriarchal religious are looking quite suspect as well as ALL its offspring. Man of course understood as what? MALE AND FEMALE, in God’s likeness could only mean …

    a male and a female, one OF Spirit of the Living God. it can’t BE any other Way … and still BE in God’s (Us, Our) Image. where is the term “people” in that passage?

    • opheliart permalink

      where is metanoia? where can there be any transformation in david gushee’s god? people would and do … anything they want according to their peoples.

      😮 … ! and aint it so? so why criticize or even call out the horrors of abuse if peoples believe they ARE made … ALREADY MADE … in god’s image?

      Truth is … that Man is a loooooong way from Home.

      • opheliart permalink

        you see, peeps? this is WHY and WHERE the patriarchal religions will fall by the wayside but ORTHODOXY of the Christ will begin its place as Doctor …

  33. opheliart permalink

    and do take note of something we said earlier …

    pair it up with the FACT that both SIDES engaging militantly in the charlottesville aggression… criticized law enforcement. why? because they BOTH knew they were involved in things they should not have been involved in, and BOTH are guilty (yes, SPUDDIE, GUILTY … going to point your atheist finger at us and say we are neo-nazi apologists? pathetic, SPUD … you are going to regret every untruth you spoke … right about Now) … and BOTH sides needed a scapegoat. now, when law enforcement realizes (which they already have to some degree) they can’t win for losing because no matter what they do or don’t do with either side, but PARTICULARLY the liberal-left … they stand to look like the bad guy, and cannot … do their job of keeping order or …stopping the death and destruction (note how ramming a car into a crowd becomes the new bad? can you think of another? where did this idea come from? oh, yes … the MISCREANTS laughing right because THEY knew it would only be a matter of time before their hit serial took off! became a big hit …) … they will move toward the one that has a measured step …of respect. which side has the greater disrespect for police … for law?

    uh, yep … getting closer to what we shared numerous times:

    the liberal left will be blamed for the death and destruction. and … this just might be…

    ta-da! the jew?

    • opheliart permalink

      many of which have an association with judaism, a patriarchal religion, along with that state in question … israel …

      an area where many true ANTI ___ (you fill in the blank) are waiting … to take control. see how they worked you so cunningly, jew? liberal? left? new nationalist?

      you played right … into their hand … that plan, where your savior, the man calling himself francis, has made his bed.

      tsk-tsk … you were warned …

      • opheliart permalink

        and silk suddenly has eyes for the evangelical? LOL!!!

        silk and the rest love to play martyr in the US so long as they can keep their … JEW-centric state of israel.

        riiiiight …. all been done before.

        can you just see it? the world needs a scapegoat … again, and again … and again. the gnostic? not this time because …the pots calling the kettles black … are not allowed to do as they once did.

        what goes up … must come down …

  34. opheliart permalink

    we are coming to the final chapter of that Man. when the youth realize that SPIRIT does exist … within HUman BEING, and not so human …
    alien … yes, that aliens do exist! you know the part where it says to take care … you may be entertaining angels? they will ‘me’ (I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life? no one comes to WHAT but through/by Me?) enthralled and say, why did the ‘jew’ lie to us? they fed themselves and grew fat. look at their theology … they built themselves mansions on earth … on the backs of the poor. the widow, the destitute … they enslaved many with their ink blots … their reckless ways. they will begin to see signs and know that Spirit exists … within the chosen by God, Spirit of the Living … and it won’t be about these polarizing cults, and religious quarrels and … political pandering. CHRIST LIVES WITHIN …where TRuth …

    can be told. who-what denies {this}?

    now …the big deal will be Spirit of the Living battling Evil of the Dead … and Man will be like tombstones scattered along its …gate. you see, Spirit of the Living God ENVELOPES one for Truth. you see the prophets out there down through the ages, mystics and more … playing at … Life …

    but they are nothing in the Wisdom of She. as they fused arrogance and ignorance as their destiny.

    • opheliart permalink

      and please trust me when I say …

      I see much hear even more but … it means nothing if my HEART is not where it needs to be for Truth.

      • opheliart permalink

        which is TELLING those of this appeal where … and now … is Time. those of you listening? NOW … is Time.

  35. opheliart permalink

    oh … and WE never take the The Writings of the OT lightly.

    • opheliart permalink

      and you pope worshippers? how is it okay for pope to canonize a terrorist … hating the way the native peoples lived, FORCING CHANGE ON THEM—FORCING THESE TRIBES TO CONVERT TO ROMAN CATHOLICISM … and you allow him to initiate the teaching that junipero serra should be honored, as a follower of CHRIST? that is utterly insane! he-it is NOT CHRIST-LIKE! YOU, america, YOU, LIBERAL-LEFT, ignored the few remaining … a MINORITY for sure … PROTESTING this canonization on american soil! … you silenced their voice and placed your fat institution, your roman catholic ideology above them … and allowed on american soil a “statue” in theory and remembrance of … VIOLENCE, FORCED RELIGION and

      SLAVERY. because it is the pope of rome, a big, fat, indifferent institution … and you f-ing bow to it …
      and in your hypocrisy you play self-righteous to others, acting the fascist … the hypocrite in full pride and prose.

      we say, you will pay for this hypocrisy … it will be your hide that will feel the sting! oh, those lashings … how they will hurt …

      pope of rome? your obama admin made it so … what was the trade? what deal was made that allowed this humiliation and indecency to happen?

      lies? evil ties?

      how uncivil and arrogant YOUs really are … keep your fat pope institution and watch your theology be shown for what it is … theft, and unholy ignorance!

      you cannot see past your arrogance that these acts, that canonization, that misogynistic institution … that CHILD ABUSING, sick … unhealthy, deceptive institution … should receive the same as you do to others. but you favor your piggy cults, don’t you?

  36. opheliart permalink

    watch them all tumble down that fairy tale flight of …

  37. opheliart permalink

    and then there is the likes of jeffress. his annoying Babble. shall we TEACH YOU the meaning of Romans 13? it is the misinterpretation of PAUL’s Words that allowed the RCC to form and indulge in things like what serra, the newly canonized saint of the RCC did to the native peoples of the CA region, and the … attack on the gnostic, and others not in agreement with the MILITANCY of rome, its curia, the magistrate of … catholicism.

    first, the RCC changed the wording to suit ITSELF. know this! and that’s not the only place where it added and took away to build itself the helmet of roman catholicism.

    shall we show WHERE this militancy and theology is CONTRADICTED< indicating a rise in govt as god rather than GOD as Authority?

    • opheliart permalink


      For this reason we also thank God without ceasing … WITHOUT CEASING … because when you received the word of God …RECEIVED THE WORD OF GOD … which you heard from US, you welcomed it nOT as the word of men, but AS IT IS TRUTH …

      the Word of God, which also effectively works in you who believe.

      • opheliart permalink

        as several have already noted … donald trump is not-was not a conservative. we shared that he is more of the generation of the secularist, a more liberal lifestyle … gaming in the industries of secularism. he used the evangelical as his base to garner votes, but let’s be clear here … the gaming evangelical is really NOT of a true conservative nature. gaming is what you see in how these groups marry into industry for big pay out, or bail out … depending on the rig …

        the gaming evangelical is really no different from the worldly … just as religion, esp political religion is very much a worldly endeavor. and a wordy one, too 😉 theologically speaking … to fulfill its own agendas. it creates for itself a god of the masses to keep itself … level, or of a plane of party. what it can appease to gain power and remain in power. look at the RCC … good grief! who doesn’t see this as a master in these cards?

        aligning with islam? seriously? prophet mo?— a child rapist and abuser, slave owner … murderer? but hey, so too is the RCC … apple doesn’t fall far from that tree.

        who in his RIGHT mind aligns with a prophet that did what the prophet of islam did? when the youth realize their history is tainted … that they have been fed … BULL for the umpteenth time? look out …

        trying to make islam’s prophet look Christlike is sickening to One like Me. and saying the pope of rome is like Christ is a gaming strategy to work the cards against the jews of israel, the zionists of this same. how anyone cannot see this is somewhat mind boggling until you UNDERSTANd where they feed. where and WHAT they are taught. and trying to fuse two different yarns for one cloth is as confusing as HEll … creating chaotic society in time.

        now, what don’t you get about yeast in the Day of PAUL? haven’t you ever learned that the white stuff on the skin of grapes is yeast? how do you think these folks started their dough?

  38. opheliart permalink

    oh, hey … just heard on the news that ‘they’ (who is they? law enforcement?) are tracking down those who expressed hate in that charlotteville incident. hmm … didn’t WE say some time ago that the militant atheist might be arrested for … his attack and slander of believers? (and those having allowed, aided promoted this might be … removed, shut down … silenced … sued?) gee, how the shoe pinches, yes? and isn’t PROPHESY a bitch? only for those who militarize their belief and practice, speaking not from TRUTh, but from an unknowing … place.

    charlotte’s web? you betcha! getting back … exactly what you put out?

    • opheliart permalink

      speaking of tainted drink … resorts in mexico risking lives… were caught. at least some hotels. why taint drink? ask the evildoer why his religion has added stuff …

      to get them stoned. easier to manipulate that way, yes?

      • opheliart permalink

        —IF indeed you have heard of the dispensation of the grace of God which was given to me for you, how that by revelation He made me for you, how that by revelation He made known to me the mystery … which in other ages was not known to the sons of men, as it has now been revealed by the Spirit to …His holy apostles and prophets…

        EPHESIANS 3

  39. opheliart permalink

    do you know the parent that smothers a child and the child ends up a walking wreck?

    how about those who misplace hate? they use the word hate instead of the word anger … without UNDERSTANDING either within …

    the houses of others.

    the democrat, the liberal, the left … now trying to resurrect both clinton and obama are of a misplaced intent. raise your hand if you think clinton or obama read ‘scripture’ every day? 😀

    people TRULY OF THE WORD are within this as ID and not catering to selfish ideologies. not caging in dishonesty. obama and clinton have not been honest with you … it will come out and how poor you all will look.

    the word hate used by the INDUSTRY of politics is … duh. it says almost nothing about intent. the reasons for why people do what they do…

    why they stand as a liberal-leftist (new nationalist?) or why they stand as a white nationalist, or of a supremacy nation. look around you. are YOU capable of doing this while seated in your box with your computer and phone and pics of the latest debris flying out that sell YOU to the nearest dust bin. trash. yes, we are speaking about what you are not …

    while catering to what you … should not.

    but hey, your choice … we can only warn. your time is coming to an end. religion? changing. big changing. think about it …

    how can you topple southern statues while keeping the northern statues of patriarchs … in place? while allowing the BUILDING AND RISE of a murderer, abuser, slave owner … child rapist? and even allowing bishops more power after their horrid behavior regarding child abuse? this sounds a loud alarm that something in your mindset, your process of democracy? is OFF. it’s not stable, not right … not good. you focus on a couple that you believe will get you your world while failing the greatest test of all time. IMPARTIALITY> these are just a few examples. how about a pope … seriously? vicar of christ? hardly … within an institution that canonizes terrorists? abusers? while denying female seats of religious-speciality? while denying priests a common law marriage? while the sexual abuse of children within those frames … has not even come out in a way that it will.

    and it will. that you CAN count on. but the numbers you deem important right now in your raging attacks on nationalists, evangelicals and various that sound similar but that you really and truly don’t understand because of your own biases … your own prejudices … your own hate … will not be something you can count on because it will betray you. you in your ignorance and in your hypocrisy.

    anger. not necessarily hate … but it is what YOU made it. you TURNED it into hate, democratic liberal-left … YOU. some were angry and you refused to listen for all your elite arrogance, thinking you know all and that you are so right and so … aware. now what if some intelligent people of color begin to see how rank you are? begin to realize through proper studies that things aren’t as they seem–as you made them, while creating your religions, political ineptitude? they just might toss your entire fortune into the trash bin. good luck in that house.

    • opheliart permalink

      look closely at this nonsense. it is nonsense! WHO spearheaded the civil rights movements for blacks? duh. so, you see who-what thinks for you? trump is actually giving YOU a free pass! you in all your secular agendas done liberal-left INDUSTRY-wise … way. you make a gay police force a pulpit sermon, for man’s sakes! everything man does is of a religious article born out of trust in male dominated treaties!

      how can you trust these religionists? they are as politically motivated as the motivator of the political movement, sometimes the headstone for it!

      and THEY treat all of YOUs as if you haven’t got a brain.

      now look at what was shared by a president … back in one of the SPIR essays. about blacks (the negro?) voting democrat for the next 200 hundred years… the welfare state. did you hear what it said? are any of you democrats, liberal-leftist, new nationals aware in what happened from the point forward? what was pushed into poverty?

      gee, what do they teach in school these days? the way of the liberal?

      • opheliart permalink

        oh and the comment about the catholic church? ha-ha … how many bishops signed that letter?

        to be clear, we are for a separation of church and state, a CLEAR separation, but the lines are blurred so badly one cannot tell one from the other. the ONLY way to keep the money out of the hands of those of religion, specified, glorified … r e l i g i o n… and keep their political puppets OUT of government? let the voting citizens decide who they can trust, without all the fanfare. none of your affiliates have explained WHY the pope of rome was preaching to congress so it goes to show YOU cannot be trusted, right or left …

        dizzying as this may be for you to comprehend.

        anything can be a pulpit, folks, if using … a person… of a clearly ESTABLISHED, hugely established … religion, known for being the governing LAW in nations throughout the world. what has changed but people who said, no more! so … say, NO MORE!

        the RCC is playing cool dad, the hip set and the environmentalist … meanwhile EVERYONE should be looking at their financial reports … and how they really live and treat not only the Good Earth but the people living here.

  40. opheliart permalink

    so you are saying no more prayer breakfasts? you ask. what is prayer to one is not to another and who-what are these politicians praying to? hmm … not something I want ruling my life. looking at most of the religious gods, we say, um, keep your dogma out of our way; we have little use for it. I have concerns about what is invoked, as one believing in SPIRIT, good and evil. you do not know of what you …


    pray at home. don’t waste the taxpayer’s time and money with these performances, and please stop placing your idols on pedestals like messiahs, prophets and … . like your pope JP2 and others. or your imam buddies. and those scholars of religious theology. they work and breed through a limited lens.

    female as second class? YOU WILL ALL PAY FOR THAT OFFENSE!

    • opheliart permalink

      wow, the shame game is in full force

      like a wild fire on the loose

      torching … everything and EVERYONE in its path

      so liberal … you see what you have done? what YOU HAVE CREATED?

      young people with failed parroting, f- up … teaching, secular, to be sure …

      and YOU condemn him. judge him … he loses his job.

      I know from my own experiences how long it takes to grow and to come into … civil and sound understanding

      but you? you haters! you have killed more than you will ever know or understand.

      I don;t like YOUs!!!

      did you ever make a misstep in who-what you followed? did you ever join a club you found out was … meh, or … ice? or dangerous?

      did you ever … lose … someone to the hypocrisy of this democracy the politicians think is so … wow, their god of … deliverance?


      the same is on you, JEW!!!!

      • opheliart permalink


  41. opheliart permalink

    the ONE (body?) who steps out and speaks impartially … who is willing to give up everything for his .. brother is …

    UNDERSTANDING how and where things are so convoluted and so … confusing to the young ..
    is the ONe who will

    BE the future of Life.

    • opheliart permalink

      jew … the chosen? that could easily change!

  42. opheliart permalink

    thurs. already? time does fly …

    the article, a rarity in this climate. I do not agree fully with trump’s supporters interviewed but clinton would have been pasting bandages on infected wounds.

    clinton and obama (even tho I have hope for him being of greater use down the road as I see him getting out of that religious AND polity pandering … finding gnosis, what it is to be outside the populist plane. and it’s not that one is never popular here, it’s an earning of a reception based on truth rather than lies …. and not too many out there right now want to know/hear the Truth … about many things. Example: if a man works for a co that sells poison to kill carpenter ants … his little rat terrier who is close the the ground, and oh so curious … ends up with cancer, but is he, the dog’s owner … willing to find out the facts about the damage being done to our Good Earth and our Good Creatures, great and small? btw, hot spicy chipotle red peer flakes, I mean PEPPER works wonders 😉 )

    what trump said about statues and what he said about both sides (militancy in behavior/rhetoric) is actual very true. the democrats/liberal/leftists and … are in denial. and do ask how many of them care about … TRULY, SINCERELY … care about the toxins, dangerous chemicals that the soil/house receives … infecting—injecting … death and destruction? if you hired a team to inspect everyone’s lifestyle and what they use in their living …

    what hypocrisy … what denial. what ignorance and …

    wo-what is making money off of these dangerous … products? if it appears to you that climate is changing, people are acting dangerously strange … children suffering cancers, pets biting people … the stuff in the air … soil, households … schools … worship centers, political spheres, streets, dumps, playgrounds, parks …

    you get the image?

  43. opheliart permalink

    so … let’s get this straitened out … how dare anyone challenge islamic oppression of women! but the extremism of the neo-nazi is … WHAT in civil society?

    we do not even know where to go with this idiocy … it is so … there isn’t a word to describe it.

    liberal-left—ATHEIST defending burka? you look like something out of the D rated movie. seriously!!!

    • opheliart permalink

      the truly SAD bit about the liberal, the politically correct? they haven’t got a brain.

      the heart? the CONSCIENCE? still up for debate …

      • opheliart permalink

        what SPUD and so many like him refuse to acknowledge is that most of these women are afraid! they are forced into this culture and should they deviate from it or show any flight … they are tracked down, tortured and killed. any person not recognizing THIS as TERRORIST activity within religious superiority is …

        not capable of decision making. they are without SENSE. SPUD is like ISIS’s number one advocate without officiating its death practice. he, and these nationals, acting all offended by supporting this awful, derelict, diseased oppression of women by calling it “their faith” is like … raping children and saying, but its their faith, their culture .. their beliefs. we can’t and should not help these children …

        by BANNING this horrid practice, along with the religious cults that practice it!

  44. opheliart permalink

    is there any hope at all for manking under a growing disease? I heard at least four years ago BY WAY OF TRUTH that female would be pushed back to the dark ages. I was a bit puzzled. how is it that female would be pushed back to the dark ages if there is a growing interest in allowing female more …

    as you can plainly see … look at the idiocy of the political left. the liberal … who hasn’t got a brain.

    • opheliart permalink

      so … spain …

      at least 12 dead and 80 wounded. um, a christian committed those acts? in this day, SPUD? silk, salkin, rudin and the rest? is this the culture and FAITH of a sound mind, a HEALTHY mind? and you want to allow it its freedom … ISLAM … its cultural faith and practice? no matter how oppressive? ignorant or dangerous? to female … and child? you do not care what MESSAGE it sends to the youth?

      what is being ALLOWED to occur under LIBERAL ASSET? the left ideology? whether this or … that, right or left … it’s being permitted its allegory. because the democrat of insignia does not understand the VALUE of freedom

      that’s IT in a nutshell. they do not understand the VALUE … of … Freedom. and so they shall experience, yes … experience a HELL … like they have never known. many, many MANY more attacks like what happened in spain and elsewhere … will occur, because …

      YOU made it so.

      • opheliart permalink

        yrs from now, like with slavery, people will be saying, “what were we thinking?” but that’s just it, you are so busy trying to find fault with your opposition that you really are not THINKING where and how it matters the most.

  45. opheliart permalink

    so here it is … going to show you something that may blow your mind. then again, as an unbeliever, you will continue in your denial … your fear, your whatever. today, I briefly caught sight of an article that stated … one or a group (did not read the article so I cannot say exactly)of these antagonists from the VA rally … said he/they are glad that it was a woman that was killed (heather). did you read that? I thought … oh, hey, this will be ALL OVER THE NEWS … ALL people NOT misogynistic, not using female to exploit, to push agenda in some way, will be screaming over this. it never came out. I never saw any more on it and … nothing was said on TV news about this. but look what did happen. like we shared several times …

    a diversion. the terrorist attack in spain. islamist can’t have people angered over the idea that man was glad it was a woman that died because why? women are second class citizens … expendable … disposable … not worth the same VALUE as a man? evil operates in patterns. yes, but man does not know about it because he is too busy in his partisan politicks. THE DIVERSION to keep his hatred of female … right where he needs it, for his own use. he needs to keep female something he can manipulate and he absolutely cannot have a vast majority of people calling him out on this … impropriety and the indecency and …

    his culture of abuse.

    but what happens instead? exactly what evil wants to happen. the terrorism overshadows the need to HELP female … it takes center stage and … liberal continues his religious —HYPO-critical ___
    support of the very illness that divides the nation …

    causing the death and destruction. he does not believe evil exists therefore evil can use him, his system of belief and practice to push female back to the dark ages? certainly to keep the majority from calling out, being outraged on this the indecency of what this man/group had said about being glad it was a woman that died.

    look at the patterns … it’s out there for all to see but you can’t where you are …
    but once you do see it? you will be astounded … the patterns are there … clearly and … when you call out the evil for WHAT it is … you can actually see it scramble to find a place to hide, to cover up … its disease, itself.

    • opheliart permalink

      did it scramble when we called it out?

      liberal news … lester holt … a few seconds on OMG look what happened in spain then wham … right onto trump and what he did or didn’t do/say. big noises about … statues and … debunked —myths … that offend the muslim. distraction … diversion, again, the left can’t allow information to be explored as it needs to be explored regarding what happened in spain or anything else IMPORTANT TOTHE SAFETY OF ITS PEOPLE. about islam because why? greed, votes … desperation of a party that looks pretty darn dismal right now. THEY HAVEN’T GOT A BRAIN? that’s right … they have no one to lead them … that is IMPARTIAL, INTELLIGENTLY ADDRESSING THE GREATER ISSUES … no Mind that melds with a Heart for their … guide. they are without … a prophet? a suitable leader? so they harken back to JFK and others as if these men were of … impartiality. men having misused and abused women. yep. this is the house of the democrat. billy boy clinton and his laughing wife …

      theirbedfellows. their … leadership, along with whiny pelosi and other reckless religionists.

      do we care if muslims-islamists are offended? nope. why? it is time for them to GROW!!!@


      • opheliart permalink

        FRI Day

        was obama shamed for his participation in the farrakhan march? who else participated in that march that is currently serving in public office?

        do you see the hypocrisy of the democrat? many years later both condemn it but hey, who-what still allowed it to continue? giving it everything it needed to grow and thrive? the confederacy of dunces …

        preaching from the streets, a misogynistic group is permitted its hate, dereliction … induction and recruitment on american soil because why? blacks? can’t hamper a black man, esp a muslim black man … not even a CRIMINAL black man?

        the democrat has twisted any source of law and turned it into … destruction.

  46. opheliart permalink

    twisting and destroying the value of

    FREEDOM. as you will see … what comes will FORCE a clamp down, a banishment …

    and atheist? how misogynistic has he shown himself during his tenure?

    • opheliart permalink

      and now, what of the Gay Man?

      • opheliart permalink

        just as america was beginning to try to come into some understanding of poor treatment of female the LGBTQand growing takes center stage demanding … demanding … demanding, which included their defense of ISLAM, a very large and growing establishment using women to breed themselves into … a very large political party. hey, one of their spokesmen said it … why deny it recall we posted it? using the WOMBS of muslim women.

        the RCC did it, the ultra orthodox jew did and does it … so, come on … where have you been hiding?

  47. opheliart permalink

    don’t you find it without SENSE to blame christianity for death of millions throughout the centuries but you refuse to blame islam for the death of millions? it’s NOT islam! you shout. it’s not all muslims. huh, do you think us daft? but who-what continues to pay into the secret brotherhood of islam? just as the roman catholics, catholics continue to pay into the secret brotherhoods that sexually abuse, abuse children …

    and women! so … where is THEIR Mind? captured? enslaved? or just self-satisfying in a one man breed?

    • opheliart permalink

      those of you claiming to follow Christ while of this hypocrisy? this plagiarism, the untruths? the twisted social sets?

      TIME for you to be revealed for who-what YOU are. lechers? hmm …

      where can we show how this has been?

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