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the brotherhood of allah ?

July 18, 2017





the hour husbands? 



and what of its followers?


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  1. opheliart permalink

    you see, it’s almost always the same:

    look how wonderful we are, HE says … look at how righteous and peaceful our roman existence is, HE says …

    aren’t we grand! look at all that we have accomplished under our rule of law in all our days … let’s go back to man of rome, NUMA existence, where women were our slaves! EE-HAH!

    uh, huh … uh, huh … um … does HE ever consider the way it REALLY WAS for women in his righteousness, HIS peaceful existence? is she even a footnote in his roman god of …

    like the ROMAn CATHOLIC MARY … a supreme deity—IMMACULATE? no woman, no female can come near HIS mirage.

    ah, silk, you – your clique – spend an awful lot of time on the trojan horse.

    • opheliart permalink

      and check out salkin’s article on the heels of silk’s. @ rns. they use trump to bash christianity …thinking themselves free of … hypocrisy.

      those of the western mindset WHO THINK they are of the EAST or at least want you to think they are not like trump when these CREATED TRUMP by way of their religious cycles. 😀 😦

      salkin wants you to believe he hasn’t profited from that bone thrown his way, he and his harvey weinsteins (btw, how many jews in hollywood exploited-exploit female in their industries? made them do unspeakables … shhh … not allowed to say anything? might be called anti-Semitic and all, you know how that goes) and all those orthodox-ultra orthodox jews … that get that big pay out from HOMELAND SECURITY while profiting from secular patriarchal dynasty. gee, how quaint … YOUs 2 while living in your DENIAL of the facts about WHAT you are and …

      where you have taken advantage of tax payer dollars … religiously? or would that be secularly? you see, he can’t make up his mind so he swears oaths both ways.

      oh … to be so full of himself …

      what is that even like, jew? or is that roman jew?

      • opheliart permalink

        if jew had any REAL SENSE in his political narrative he would go after what has degraded FEMALE—

        the source of this indecency … but he is indentured servant to it, its god(s) …

        btw, silk and salkin … there is a cliff just ahead … think you might be able to READ the signs for it?

  2. opheliart permalink

    consider this, folks … under roman god numa …

    what silk and his colleagues believe, council, as a peaceful existence … WHO WAS SLAVE? female. who was still raped and used … inappropriately? women. and likely girls, wee ones … sort of like the muslim-islamist who thinks his prophet mo’s likeness is perfect—THE PERFECT MAN … while doing what he did.

    they NEVER consider it an obscenity … in ‘hallowed’ space. you never hear them scream out about the rapes …

    both silk and salkin are going to find out what it is to lose FACE. they dig a hole deep and wide and when they come circling around? down they go, and their followers with them?

    there’s your cliff, boys … you did it to you,

    and other?

    they aren’t going to be happy about what you did, what you are doing.

    we warn but … the hole just keeps getting bigger. who will be the next jew in the news that everyone attacks? oh, you don’t know?

    we do

  3. opheliart permalink

    as you can see from the atheistic crowd, folks, the JEW … gay> atheistic crowd? the attack is an attack on christianity, not judaism …

    which is EXACTLY way of salkin, his intent. skirting his own hypocrisy? hmmm … his own jewish mote?

    dude, you are going to wish you had been freeborn … shame on you, salkin, shame … feeding lies.

    salkin, you have now crossed a line that should NEVER —never—have been crossed … and so, you and your cronies will REAP what it has SOWN.

    a comment:

    YoikesAndAway • 2 hours ago
    I was always under the impression that Judeo-Christian was a recognition of the fact that Christians and Jewish worshiped the same God, the 10 Commandments, that the Talmud (OT) was precious to both. The only difference is Jesus, who btw is also Jewish. That through the divinity of Jesus and his Jewish heritage and birth, we who believe in Jesus have “come into the fold” to receive God’s salvation.


    why … or should we ask, WHERE in theWRitings is JESUS NOT a jew?
    btw, catholic, your roman gods are ignorant so … you have been misled.

    okay, TIME’ s up … where?

    1 … CORINTHIANS 6 … 10, 11 and 12.

    oh, my …

    • opheliart permalink

      should I step out, jew, and speak the Mind of Christ … what do you think will happen to you? and your judaism?

      Time is Up … I am …

      stepping out.

      • opheliart permalink

        consider this …

        seriously, and we are not playing with you or trying to be funny, because it is NOT funny! how did trump get voted into office? the dems BLAME christians. it has become a christ thing. the JEW made it about christ … as he did before? before WHERE … the Christ was moving to free female from the clutches of abusive, misogynistic, arrogant, ignorant religious—political minds …

        but the jew made it about what?

        WE will prove to civil mind not only the atheist but the christian of christianity… that PAUL was not only NOT misogynistic … he was not a jew …

        he was …


        oh, boy … the wind is going howl …

        is it ever.

  4. opheliart permalink

    catholic …

    are you of ROMAN attribute or …

    are you with Christ, a nonviolent Essence … born of a VIRGIN …

    moving OUT of western mind for the EAST of …


    • opheliart permalink

      not jew … not rome …

      made the connection of WHat PAUL was saying … where and how the Christ had been born, or should we clarify …

      resurrected (to make the point more strident, Spiritually Speaking). WHat had Paul Become? when {this} says …

      All things are lawful for ME … but not all things are helpful. All things are lawful for ME, but I will not be brought UNDER the …

      power of any.

      and {this} goes on to say … regarding the stomach, and devouring …

      those who UNDERMINED {this} will be undermined, to know what it is.

      What is Paul?

      a Prophet on Truth … speaking the Language of the Spirit as ONE in and of Truth. which means, quite literally, that PAUL IS …

      where JESUS was …

      are you getting{this} yet?

      likely not but that’s okay … TIME will Tell.

      • opheliart permalink

        wait, wait! you say. you are wrong! Paul himself says …

        “I am a Jew from Tarsus in Cilicia, a citizen of no ordinary city. Now I beg you to allow me to speak to the people.”…

        so why would Paul say he is a jew from Tarsus? what is Tarsus to the Jew?

  5. opheliart permalink

    First, in theWritings … there is no mention of judaism. no mention of roman catholicism either …
    no mention of judaism. is judaism the church on which JESUS says “I will build my church” ? is it? why isn’t judaism mentioned and why isn’t judaism the church? Hebrew is mentioned but it is referred to why? Greek … jew, gentile … but no judaism.

    Paul says, I am a Jew from Tarsus in Cilicia, a CITIZEN of no ordinary city. would this be like saying, I am a Virgin from Boston in Ma, a citizen of no ordinary city …? would it be …

    I am a theologian from Boston in Ma, a citizen of no ordinary city? my city is not ordinary but I am? judaism did not exist in Paul’s day or it would have been written. Paul would have said, I am a jew of judaism, from ___. why do christians think JESUS was a jew of judaism? a jew of the religion called judaism? why do religionists, roman catholics, catholics, and others … think JESUS was a jew? does Jesus say, I am a Jew … from Tarsus in …

    confused on the Jesus not a jew, Paul a jew but not a jew?

    • opheliart permalink

      a number of yrs ago I said to a greek orthodox priest: I am a jew … but not the late jew (referring to a woman who came late to the event held in the chapel, saying she was of judaism). did he know what I was talking about? not likely …

      Man of religion has not thought this through. he is of ordinary intelligence? why would he declare Jesus a jew … of judaism? Jesus would not be the Christ if {this} had been of judaism, yes?

      but Jesus came out of judaism for … roman … catholicism, you say? … ? neither is WRITTEN so why would Christ be … jewish? or roman catholic? or … of judaism? it NEVER was so it NEVER will Be. because JESUS is-was never about judaism. or roman catholicism …

      it has been and always will be about TRUTH.

      • opheliart permalink


        people … when they HEAR this as Truth … will not be pleased with the plagiarists, the religious obstructionists … the hang-over political piggy pots, demanding all the dough … all the attention, war-mongering the entire way. gimme-gimme-gimme! when they LEARN that CHRIST is … and NEVER was jewish, judaism, islam or roman catholic … or even male-stacked christianity … they will turn … ever so perceptively and stare into the eyes of those who …

        deceive, and those in denial … and those taking from both sides, swearing oaths for profit, power and those luxurious resorts they call … home.

        trump is as much a product of secularist principles and values as the jew in his, and for salkin or any other to deny this as FACT … is

        a crime on the health and wellbeing of community. it’s hiding, obscuring the facts about his position, and the position of his brothers. blame christ all you want, jew … wipe out the entire generation of those claiming to be off Christ, jew …

        but you and your constituents will STILL have US to contend with! and we are Coming!!!@

    • opheliart permalink

      the hole will keep getting bigger.

      • opheliart permalink

        you see, it is like this …

        Paul was to ‘jew’ as I am to christian … and Paul is to Egypt as I am to America. as my Spiritual Father, I can and I will say… this …

        but you can only say, from where you are, I am jewish. I am iranian. I am irish. I am polish. I am italian …
        with several generations in america … he is still … jewish? because he is partial? showing favoritism to his ethnicity? why … yes! and what of catholic, black, muslim, atheist, jew of judaism? and even that of the christian, although christian is not a race of people; it is a house of PERSON. some houses not so fine … in very bad shape, some even claiming itself authority on God while abusing, raping children and denying the crimes, including those on female. I cannot be in and of those houses, and I can and will speak out against the abuses and those in high seats … allowing the abuses, covering up, hiding …

        the obscene acts. the crimes.

        liberal wants america … for itself, its house of fascist ideology, which tempts in illustrious ways … but WHAT is sacrificed in the process of gaining big, so-called western civilization? what has been harmed over and over and over to the point of collapse, implosion? death and destruction of … ? who-what suffers under its global ideal? its CONVERSION? it has not taken care of the filth and diseases in its own, within its own institution, communities … homes, but it wants MORE! and more harm is done and the disease escalates.

        and the nationalist grazes in overly tilled farm … wasting away in …

        CHRISTIAN isn’t Privatizing. it is Partnering. IT IS NOT—SHOULD NOT—BE … pandering to political obtuseness. or religious ego. it is a Person, a Place of well …

        Being, as instrument within Truth. it has no color ID or religious-ethnic rah-rah. it does not drag its historical element all over the world. it is NOT Property … it is PARTNERING.

        Man has misused theWriting and understands not in this Person.

  6. opheliart permalink

    we ask, why do you expect american to pay for your jewism? or your judaism … your islam or your roman catholicism … or your irish or italian or … iranian or … ?

    why should any of these receive special perks, something another does not get? why should government be spending taxpayer dollars on parading the religion of others? ethnic or religious, and certainly not political, as islamist desires, and even roman catholicism, even now, under islam’s god?

    but isn’t it good to have festivals with ethnic flavor? st patrick’s day parade honors a religious icon. get rid of the saint, and all that roman catholic rah-rah … and you have an event that all can appreciate, if the food, service and … process … is not in any way harming another, or the environment, and is not cutting into money needed for other concerns, serious concerns … like the opioid epidemic that is ravaging the nation,

    and the continued abuses, rapes … violence. and the much needed understanding on the root of these evils. irish catholic politicians want st patrick, we do not … irish food is one thing, which you can get at any number of local bars in boston, and other irish culled neighborhoods … do you need a parade to drink and eat catholic… irish catholic?

    some things must change or you must do for ALL! and there is not enough time, service and money to provide for ALL. america must begin to choose. if ireland wants its st patrick then go to ireland for this spectacle. personally, WE have no use for a patrick day where college students have an excuse to get sloshed and impose unprincipled acts on neighborhood. we would rather the police be used for the …

    ongoing crimes tucked in every city, town … village … institution.

    • opheliart permalink

      Ben in Oakland • 19 hours ago
      The judaeo part of judaeo Christian is needed, because without throwing a bone of legitimacy to the Old Testament, Christianity is worthless. Of course, they have managed to take all of the inconvenient parts of the OT and magick them away. Don’t like the dietary laws? here’s the Scripture which allows that bacon sandwich or shrimp cocktail. Notice that the same words apply to that bacon sandwich or shrimp cocktail as apply to the super duper extra horrible sin of doing the wrong thing with your dangly bits? Oh, those are moral laws that must be enforced. Point out the must-be-immoral sin of not believing the in the god of the Bible, with the prescribed death penalty? Oh, it doesn’t say that at all, because whenever the Bible says something inconvenient, it’s clear it means something else entirely.

      The fact that only fundamentalists believe in a literal Adam and Eve is highly revealing, because without them, Christianity is just another religion. The fundamentalists know this.

      and that is why hey can whatever they want to do.


      without the judaeo … Christianity is worthless, ben? the atheist, gay … JEW of ethnic ideal AND western … speaks? what does ben know about CHRIST? in that affect, what does he KNOW about Christian?



      he is without KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING on Truth. he has buried himself in HIS cult-culture, never once engaging {this} for … Understanding. judaeo is not Christ, never was … NEVER will be, or Become. judaism is a

      RELIGION. Christ is NOT a religion. Christianity in Light of Christ is … NOT judaic. you can carry that religion on your back for the rest of your short-lived life, and even christianity AS religion, but where will you end up? what changes within the life? your life—his life—theirs? is there an upward movement FOR … civility within light of Love?

      what has been represented thus far? roman catholic AS the LAW, claiming Christ, christian, christianity … and …

      but Paul clearly and emphatically STATES:

      All things are lawful for ME … but not all things are helpful. All things are lawful for ME, but I will not be brought UNDER the …

      power of any.

      duh, ben? good grief … the insolence … and the arrogance coming from dull, atheistic, gay men … gads. maybe because he lacks FEMININE attribute?

      hmmm 😉

      • opheliart permalink

        the OT will be banned in AMERICA, along with ALL PATRIARCHAL RELIGION…. with no money going to build these institutions.

        not a prediction.

  7. opheliart permalink‘nazi.html

    horrible things happened during that time, unspeakable and serious.

    but wow, fascism at its best. a person cannot hold a differing view without being jailed? gee, I wonder what they have in store for the gnostic … won’t be going to that nation any time …soon.

    inciting hatred … hmmm. going to have research this more.

    • opheliart permalink

      asked google the question:
      why in germany is holocaust denial considered INCITING hatred, and hate speech, an offense that lands a person in jail, but not what atheists write about believers in SPIRIT?

      what did I find?

      this has puzzled me about the generations of liberals, leftists and others, like secularists, although secularists generally fall …

      in line with those of wordily endeavor where political agenda is heaviest.

      and what is considered mocking or … offensive, or even inciting hatred if telling the truth about an institution, a prophet … a politician, religious or … an event, even what happens or did not happen in war (vietnam for instance, and how the presidents LIED to the taxpayers, families … of soldiers. sounds critical to us, like a HUGE offense, worthy of prison … given the position of the president, and his party)? if someone stated fact about something based on historical data, EVIDENCE … would it be wrong to state this evidence … use it as fact? esp if it helped CLEAR the air on a number of matters?

      why lie in ruins on the matter of TRUTH where TRUTH can be found? why hurt/harm the moving for an improved society because … of religious/political … deniers, and liars?

      deceivers? who-what keeps holding back … HUMANITY from reaching Truth?

  8. opheliart permalink

    @rns there is what we call a nonsense article. I did not read it but I know what it is saying. it is ignorance on a tray, serving the people … as authority. well, WE KNOW it does not speak for ME. it is pee-eww … get that thing away from me? it stinks? who in his RIGHT mind feeds on that stuff?


    what is me? I AM … the way … me. Love the LORD your God with … and neighbor as … self. how did it become the authority?

    what? you ask.

    religion as God. God is NOT a religion in the Realm of Truth. God (Truth) remains or … man dies. man dies at the hands of … terrorism, in all faces. his strong-armed religions, including the gods of media … entertainment … houses of insolence and deception …

    ABUSE, RAPE … denial …

    take wall street and health care industries, presidents and their entire admins …

    betraying the people? withholding important—CRITICAL—information for their own IMAGE, while injuring the safety, protection … health, wellbeing of civilians? man is mortal as religion is an icon … God is Supreme and does not die. only man dies. if Christ LIVES … allow us to repeat this critical part—LIVES—within, Spirit remains. flesh weakens … sometimes caught in his lies, diseases, religions of abuse and deception, confusion … ignorance and arrogance, politics, the same … government in ruins …

    go ahead deny God, RNS … pee-eeww … I still exist. I am not a mirage … not an illusion … I am quite here, and reasonably intact.

    you are God? asks you.

    no, I am not God … I AM ONE in the Marriage (union) of Truth, but if you are buried in the Dark, caught up in religious-political intent, ignoring that WE exist …

    how can you possibly see or hear that I am … Alive?

    allow us to ask you: what are you doing about the peter brats, the diseased minds of the harvey weinsteins, terrorism on a platter? along with all that ignorance coming from stinky media? or not informing media appropriately, because theirs isn’t Partnering with …

    theTruth, LOVING {this} … instead feeding piggy cults and money-grubbing, image-parading aristo-bureaubrats?

    • opheliart permalink

      Pew REsearch and so many others are just repeating same error, over and over … spiraling down, not up. not reaching for …

      that movement we so often share. why make IT your authority? for that matter, why make RNS your yoke?

      as it stands, they are in violation of a very serious —what they would call moral—code, should this exist for them as they insist it exists for those they disparage. what might this be? they are in violation of THE TRUTH.

      first, morality is a man thing, set up by religions like roman catholic dogma, which RNS and others like it are so very happy to appease, and pander to, including its misogynistic pope …

      ETHICAL BALANCE, a relevant economizer, is for Truth as Truth is against Lies. or misinformation. ignorance, arrogance and the like. RNS is an imbalanced negotiator trying hard to appeal to the lethargy of ignorance while partying with this same … in arrogance. which looks, smells … seals itself within a bubble of … neglect. they ignore the problem child, themselves.

      “oh, we’re so european—so american … so european—so american sow … ” then why do they incite hatred against one like me? why do they insult and demean and degrade me? how is it they they are permitted to … in a JUST and CIVIL … society … allowed to create hate boards about what I am?

      WE will write to ALL who will listen, having the ability to DO SOMETHING ABOUT … IT …

      that I have been … hurt. abused. lied about. religion is one thing in man’s agendas … politics also but God? why is it that RNS and so many like it, of this agenda, are permitted to engage so rapturously in …

      Me denial? it hurts, it cuts deep … it feels like lashings on my back …esp … as each day I come out to say … that’s not true about what I am! Spirit of the Living is not what you … say. you do not know of me or what I am … but why are you permitted to create hate venues in my Father’s Name???

      you won’t see or hear of ME acting in violence against you … but you will KNOW I exist … before it … is all … over.

      • opheliart permalink

        FACT: judaism, roman catholicism and other RELIGIONS are NEVER mentioned IN THEWRITINGS as substitute for Lord God in the Highest. how did religion in society grow into an enormous hand out … demanding itself receive power and money, tax payer dollars … while claiming itself authority on God … and worse, speaking FOR G-d? Truth … justice, Life, Love … Spirit? also while … murdering, torturing, maiming … FORCING conversion, using-abusing female womb to build ITSELF big? big, fat establishments loaded with abuses and corruption … how did homeland security in a nation overflowing with sickness and terror, and a myriad of abuse … decide the jew gets the lion’s share? how did the catholic bishops become so powerful having sworn oaths to a foreign empire … become authority over the rights of female in … western democracy?

        evil? religion? evil religion? religion and government in bed with each other—the homosexual affair of the CENTURIES?!

        and rns in its pee-eww ads invests its and your time and $$$ on … nonsense. God <Spirit, if going by way of Truth in the Christ … within … is not these homosexual affairs. these are of the same sexual context, without key to the Kingdom … living in denial about itself.

        fascism? any form of communism? oh my!

        and the gnostic such as me … is denigrated in society because western democracy allows it!! even strives on its for … your gods. they march in protest in the streets while their obama god says that the future will not slander the prophet of islam ( prophet muhammad? THAT prophet? the abuser of women and child? the murderer? oh—-my…) … demanding THOSE religious-politicval rights …

        on my dime? I am to pay for this nonsense, the nonsensical western democracy … saturated with hypocrisy? while it denies me? writes lies about me?

        huh. implosion. seems you lust after nothingness. no future … no vision … no light.

  9. opheliart permalink

    why will people be moving toward a more republican platform rather than a politically correct ideology of the liberal-left democrat?

    served two yrs of a 25 year sentence and was a violator of the law multiple times in recent yrs. and those workers killed and injured by radee had-have NO CONTROL over who-what their employer-manager … hires?

    why does “burn the bitch down” michael brown’s stepdad hillary0barack ethics look like danger more than … protection of communities, and safe neighborhoods for their children? more and more and more will get fed up with the killing. anger and fear will take over … and the democrat will look like a weasel in the bunny hutch.

    • opheliart permalink

      the liberal-left want to make it about racism … they created a lawless, dangerous climate by pushing their creed …

      now who is starting to look like the terrorist on american soil? and there is plenty more of this and more death and destruction … headed your way.

      • opheliart permalink

        while liberal left media furiously tries to cover up the truth about their neglect and poor reporting … misinforming the public … a dark cloud is engulfing them. they don’t know it for all their … insolence. like peter bart keeping the lid on the truth about weinstein AND OTHERS of this same sickness and power … like the RCC having hidden the secrets of the vatican and their clergy abuses … from the laity … the families, while hundreds of thousands are placed in danger … there is a pendulum swing in motion … that will come back to knock them clean off their podiums …

        the shadow approaches, along with its might.

  10. opheliart permalink


    while the jew, the muslim, the catholic with their pope, the man calling himself francis, and others … certainly the liberal-left new nationality … marches on washington…

    onefamily, they shout … protesting “no human is illegal”

    we say what is WRITTEN of the One, God … Spirit of the Living Christ …

    we are not one with misogynistic … families, cults, crudes and dudes … fighting to defend patriarchal deities that demean and abuse female, gnostic …

    treating female as second class citizen … denying her her rights in what should be a civil and just society but is led by hypocrites and deniers … and liars.

    how can any person in just Conscience protest to have MORE patriarchal religion in society? to push for more rights of prophet muhammad … a child rapist, a murderer and … a man who set up a system that treats women as second class. and look at the roman catholic church, and others …

    and this is what YOU defend? is FEMALE NOT HUMAN also? how can you defend, pay into and promote this type of … indecency, calling it just?

    are you daft? unable to think clearly? have you, jew, not thought this through? or is it that you desire to keep female in a certain … dementia? ruled by a democracy of hypocrites?

    feckless … … ridiculous teaching. rude and incoherent: political ideology … abrahamic religious?

    what did JESUS do?

    • opheliart permalink

      Someone told Him, “Look, Your mother and brothers are standing outside, wanting to speak to You.” But Jesus replied, “Who is My mother, and who are My brothers?” Pointing to His disciples, He said, “Here are My mother and My brothers.…

      • opheliart permalink

        JESUS and the Disciples of the Christ … not jews.

  11. opheliart permalink

    All things are lawful for ME … but not all things are helpful. All things are lawful for ME, but I will not be brought UNDER the …

    power of any.

    • opheliart permalink

      you see, it happens again and again … what is Prophesied in Truth… Spirit of Living trying to reach Man. the pharisees and sadducees of the Day of Paul, but in the Days of All … ruling masses, under the influence of archaic and derelict insignia … reaping, sowing, reaping … within patriarchal and diseased archetypes … thinking itself TRUTH, bearing false witness within oppressive and fascist ideologies …

      along comes a point of change and man takes the easy, capricious route. he, an advocate of illegal enterprise within his own derelict ways while thinking himself/ITSELF RIGHTEOUS … marrying into (going into) something of same likeness (hypocritical ideal, lawless attribute)… like what happened with those claiming authority on Christ, claiming TO BE the Church (the rCC) climbing into bed with the politicians of that Day, both unjust, both male dominated … and the domino process begins.

      we see it happening again, repeating … under those claiming to be LIBERATORS … while using oppressive insignia. the pope of rome, the man calling himself francis, is exact example of this repeat, along with his henchpins … tacking up new cloth to his/ITS old wear. all been done before, folks … a running headlong into a widening pit, with ‘jew’ at the helm … racing like the hare only to lose the race of all races.

      why bring in even worse oppressive religion, that is also political? and why pay into and support, give millions, to religious that are unjust to female? self-centered in interest and ideology? self-serving interests?

      WHO—-WHAT are YOUs trying to fool?

      america (and other nations) finds itself under sharia law or some other islamic catholicism? or islamic judaism? what in hell is that???

      what is OFF in your thinking – teaching? EVEn if you give every tom, dick and harry his religious beliefs and practices … you endanger FEMALE …

      and Child!

      Have you learned NOTHING in all of these generations of unjust religious-political regimes? IT sells ITSELF in nothing, it seems. where is Truth in that ID?

      WE can certainly understand the Lord of the Most High saying: DEPART FROM ME, LAWLESS … I NEVER KNEW YOU!

      • opheliart permalink

        and the truly DANGEROUS part in all of this repetition? those who profess to be good are as fool’s gold. having infused the communities with false adversary leading entire nations to a false … hope.

  12. opheliart permalink

    the hope in this? for US?

    people will begin to wake and realize … oh no!!! no-no-no-no-NO! why are we pushing for more male abuse?!!!! male-dominated institutions??? pretending to allow female power while controlling … her. look at what has happened to women and girls all over the world, but esp in america … under so-called liberal/liberated … p-r-o-g-r-e-s-s … ABUSE! RAPE! MOLESTATIONS! SEXUAL HARASSMENT! controlling …

    and should they be at all wise? abuse and death of Child, all the Death and Destruction. should they be so wise as to see IT for what IT is …

    will they wake? they will if WE have anything to do … about IT.

    • opheliart permalink

      and the jew, the muslim, the catholic and others … will begin to look like not LIGHT but …

      dull and … dictated.

      • opheliart permalink

        so … will your imams and priests and rabbis and headship, politicians …attack ME with stones, and guns and knives and … lies. use lies about ME … US … to try to silence Us?

        ha-ha … do not even THINK about IT … not this Time! this is the last and final Chapter of the old … WHERE WE TAKE AIM …

        ah, but you were not listening … not aware … where were-are you when the ax fell? REVELATION states clearly to the church of SARDIS, a NEW CHAPTER BEGINS.

        yes, it begins here.

  13. opheliart permalink

    sadly, for me … you are not ready to hear and understand what any of this means. I am shown the Word of the Lord as ONe in gnosis, but, man in his TWO PLAGUES … politics and religion, fornicating in unjust feed …

    denies … lives in a deadened state.

    • opheliart permalink

      it is a seamless garment, my dears … that of Christ …

      not patchwork … orange.

      • opheliart permalink

        Givethedogabone Ben in Oakland • 4 hours ago
        Not that he ever was jesus or even Jesus; as I suspect you know full well.

        As I understand it (scholars who know better are welcome to correct me) the man who probably was the focus of the stories in the gospels was likely called the equivalent of joshua or yeshua. Jesus is a hellenised version which originated when the gospels were written down – (in Greek).

        And you’re right – any deity whose petty enough to worry about what it’s called would not be worthy of respect. Just like any deity who worried about what people get up to in private, or with whom. Gods do seem to have the same anti-social character flaws as their believers don’t they?


        from jonathan merritt’s most recent article …@rns, having to do with forcing worship houses to state their position on LGBTQ beliefs and practices, and … SSM?

        big difference in the two? yes and no. depends on where in and on … are you .. your understanding of MARRIAGE, Spiritually, Worldly …. ON EARTH.

        don’t have a lot of time … addressing several points, briefly.

        first, bone in the above comment is not in and of the understanding on what is Christ Jesus. he contradicts himself in his atheistic person, from our vantage point. IOW, he is against himself in his lack of understanding ON what he is. is he a male or a female? does it matter? only in TRuth does this matter. one is either confused on what he/she is … or not confused. IN Spirit of theLiving Christ it matters a great deal … let’s say, it’s everything … in that you are as a BELIEVER IN CHRIST what you do in private, as well as in public. this is not saying that everything done in private can be done in public … PAUL is clear in {this} … eating at home … silence in Church … all having to do with gnosis. Man does not understand—DOES NOT KNOW … what he does not understand, does not know … and Man, religious or political can and will attack as is his way … to get his way, what he wants, to get back at, what he dislikes, even about himself … and out of fear, he behaves immaturely and abstractly. in this, God is not petty, nor is GD (masculine and feminine) arbitrary. to know GOD, Spirit of the Living Christ … there must be an INDICATOR of Truth. if Man, man must have his Master, Spiritually Speaking … a REALITY in Spirit you must come to know. Man (which includes woman) must have a Spirit Master to know Christ. to know God, Spirit of the Living Christ. to truly know Christ … this is NECESSARY. without {this} … you are shooting in the dark. and … if you want for us to be a bit playful here? you are shooting blanks … in the dark.

        MALE is to FEMALE as FEMALE is to MALE. He is She. in [this} JESUS as the Christ is perfectly clear.

        if you don’t care about you, your Being, what you are … in the PURPOSE of Truth (God), Spirit of the Living Christ (and I must add this to clarify Spirit … make the distinction–religious, political gods and US) and how you USE … how you are used … that you are a male … a female, you will not understand Spirit and how Spirit (Living Christ) operates, and how evil spirit operates.

        heterosexual and homosexual are male-dominant archetypes. this is not God ordained. marriage involving the state, a government operation … is a worldly operation. even religions acting as LAW … operate in a wordily-WORDLY realm. WHAT GOD BRINGS TOGETHER LET NO MAN … separate. tablets on ink verses tablets of the heart.

        continuing …

  14. opheliart permalink

    I am both male in Family as I am female in operation.

    sound strange? any person truly believing in Spirit of the Living Christ, EXPERIENCING within this Truth, this Light … this as Love, KNOWS he-she is of an undetermined character. but, I don’t languish in confusion on my body as a female, because I KNOW WHAT I AM SPIRITUALLY, sexually … and know in what manner I CAN be used. for WHAT … in Light of that Love. children—yes! how will I continue my vein without {this} in Truth? but what of the partnering in this? ahhh … this is where it gets mysterious … and not so black and white. we understand the fact of male and female coming together naturally to produce what both desire equally — a shared and honest — desire, both evenly placed for this Work, but … man and woman still choose, are able to choose without chains, derelict, obsessive obligations.

    • opheliart permalink

      let’s face the facts about religions … these are a design by men, primarily, for power … governance, the ability to control, rule, establish laws … based on its (religion/prophet) god, whatever form this took-takes. a gnostic in Christ does not go to these men, this religion for Truth about what is God. experiences test in Light on Love and Time … advances one through the farmer, athlete … warrior … of {this} Work. this does not mean I am anti religion and anti government; it’s saying I-WE are not man ordained on the matter of Love, but we will-are against what does not respect us, what abuses, misuses, attacks and lies about what is—BELONGS to-within Truth. if a Child of the One … that Child needs protection, and GUARDIAN, guardianship.

      this Guardian comes in the form of male-female, as Spirit of the Living, making up the Godhood is … both in One, masculine and feminine: the ENERGY AND THE ESSENCE … and ‘I’ could begin making up all kinds of fancy, erotic words like vladimir lossky to convince the scholar, the theologian, the atheists turned belier … and maybe WE will …

      but the important part here is the stream, the vein of and within, the connectedness of Truth Everlasting … working together in one Mind as Heart enlightens and drives the gifts of this Spirit. man to man combat or woman to woman combat is missing … Christ-centeredness.

      • opheliart permalink

        now, regarding merritt’s article … I confess I did not read it, and it is the case that I need not read it … I know what it says, IN ESSENCE … or through Essence …

        LGBTQ or the gay marriage-gay premier … is a religion, like any religion it has its beliefs and practices, and its USE of government entity to GET what it wants … for how else does any religion grow, get bigger? become power or of a peer to force its beliefs and practices on the people, any people? it relies on State to mandate … law.

        now ask yourselves would you want to be forced to obey, bow to, accept, pay into and support … every religion in the world? every religion in the news making waves, every protest … how about creepy, ill-laden religions? I don’t want to pay for prophet mo wannabes, do you? and who gets to decide what is or isn’t wise? just? safe? political parties are visionless arbitraitors going after votes. look at their records! the evidence is all over the place in communities and the world. so what do you turn to for …

        SENSE AND REASON to help decide what is best for … community? safety and protection of these and more?

  15. opheliart permalink

    hmm … the people of greece seem to be ignoring what brought them to the table from the cart.

    ha-ha! 😉

  16. opheliart permalink


    sick men … from the bottom straight to the top, which incorporates their tEACHings.

    church of THE Christ? no, a man made-man-held institution to govern (the world) by force, secrecy, corruption and lies …

    all through claiming ITSELF God, the “heresy” of all heresies? the RCC will NEVER be forgiven—never. betty clermont is correct in her comment. I heard it through the Grapevine of the Holy at the start of his election …

    it should have been ‘his’ number one job. instead he plays political puppet, conning the world, pretending at Peace, while aligning itself with ISLAM, another PATRIARCHAL and ABUSIVE institution … to try to cover for the thousands and thousands of sins. distracting from THE number one crime: abuse, rape, corruption of child.

    your god, catholic? … which places you …?


    the catholics will be fleeing from the RCC in droves.

    not a prediction.

    • opheliart permalink

      all those aligned with the RCC, its hierarchy, including its pontiff … will be viewed as knowing of the crimes on children, and WOMEN … but doing nothing. just like the harvey weinstein incident, and others like it … and there are others … in MAN’s lawless, indecent life.

      • opheliart permalink

        holy, rich men? sick men.

  17. opheliart permalink

    I find it interesting that atheists, believing no supreme being exists, nothing higher than himself, saying believers in supreme being (a God) are delusional, sky fairy fanatics … while whole-heartedly believing what the transgender says he is experiencing, and fully supporting his/her rights. 😉

    atheist, typically the more militant, outspoken atheists, the trollers on religious and spiritual forums, have no issue with people EXPERIENCING something not accurate to their body, their bodily appearance. according to Man. but are often flat out indignant toward the experiences of SPIRITUALISTS or what religionists say they experience.

    we said the atheist would have his Day, and we also shared that he would be proven incorrect on the Matter and the Manner of SPIRIT, good and evil.

    addressing the article’s findings, not as a medical-scientist-doctor but as a Spiritual Educator, an educator on Matter and Manner of SPIRIT … (remember: instructed by God, the Supreme Being, Creator)

    the EXPERIENCES of these patients is, of course, NOT purgatory … because no such thing exists … not in the Spiritual SENSE, anyway … only in the mind of religionists does it exist, like so much else.


    imagine the Mind coerced into a formation of belief then practice. like a body trained for farming, athletic excellence or war … it’s not a one size fits all like the sisterhood of the traveling bluejeans … but a MODELING. some may call it a brainwashing … but it is more of a modeling, maybe a type of sculpting of the inner “guide”. evil can be quite clever in how this is accomplished and is why GUARDIAN is important. evil will tell “you”, which isn’t really … you … but a portal of some form of intelligence mingling with SPIRIT, good and evil (or not so good) … being “wired” for some form of … behavior through …

    teachings, experience … somewhere, somehow … things, contrary to Reality.

    the death in the article at the dictation of the doctors is not a death of the spirit of a person. it may be the halting of certain organs but other “organs” continue …

    it’s too soon to tell in these experiences, but death is arbitrary. sure, the person as a body departs from you, your company, but his spirit moves … somewhere. no man knows where {it} goes. in these cases of the heart stopping and the brain ceasing its activity and doc saying, he’s gone … is arbitrary. the medical doctor is not you, does not dictate what connects you to … anything else. just as the atheist is not you, cannot dictate you, your experience with … other, alien or … (alien as in Living Spirit not seen by Man).

    what I hear on these patients is nostalgia. I realize this does not say a whole lot, but Arkimnel also says … man lives in Memory. how one finds where spirit moves in Memory is … a quest for Tomorrow 😉

    • opheliart permalink

      in these cases, where a patient leaves then comes back, and a doctor declares the person dead, we are inclined to say … no, not dead, because spirit does not die. body of the flesh dies and minds can be in a deadened state while body habituates, and everyone around it thinks ‘him’ alive … we are inclined to say, asleep or … in a deadened state.

      all of this leading to helping man/local-federal authorities better understand the grim reaper, the man who has within him that ticking time bomb that no man sees …

      to stop it before it acts on its “memory”, which is a REPEATING within the world of mankind.

      • opheliart permalink

        what of those psychic readers? you ask.

        WE would not go to a psychic reader for all the tea in china, or anything else.

  18. opheliart permalink

    obama is out and politicking again … have you asked him, harassed him, attacking him … about his affirmation of louis farakhan the way you dis-do with donald trump’s supposed affiliation with white supremacy? please SHOW THE EXACT EVIDENCE AND NOT FABRICATED, TWISTED CONGRESS reporting, or/and …

    misleading the public, HARMING the people, injuring the climate … off decency … with your lies and misinformation! taking advantage of young minds with … your political agendas. bring obi right here and I will tell him to his face what I SEE! I have no fear of him, or his henchies. write to him? been there down that … regarding his pope coming to town, bringing gifts for all the little boys and girls … oh, wait, wrong chubby man … pope allows children to be abused and raped and HIDES the crimes under that big, fat, white robe of his, and that white beanie cap, trying to look like the angel in white? no response. and no investigating into these institutions of crimes, rapes, attacks on women and children. WHERE and how did obi and his staff deal with these atrocities???

    he passed on it. like he has on so many serious problems that came to him under his charge. why have a president if he is partial to ….
    ignoring the most serious of diseases?! but the politicians and their followers live in DENIAL, selective denial … selective reasoning. what suits their PARTY agendas.

    and where is the democrat, literally, on harvey weinstein ethics right now? hunkering down? is the jew hiding behind social justice, the demagoguery mirage of political pandering, pretending this has nothing to do with him? wonder how many did NOT speak out about weinstein because they FEARED being labeled antisemitic. and those not criticizing that big-mouth congresswoman … coercing a family having lost a member … because she is a black woman, a BLACK woman.

    I hold no such fear. I am neither white nor black. I am neither hebrew nor greek. I am neither jew nor gentile. I am what I am … for this Day!

    you step in your poop and trek it all around for the world to see, and smell … but when the SENSES are dull … what do they notice of what you did and where you are?

    • opheliart permalink

      was listening to what women-young women have been writing about their experiences … having to do with the male, his attractions. I know it all too well … growing up, and even now …

      there has been an attitude, having formed into general mindset, what we call ‘catholic’ mindset, given its seditious parenting … in how a man views a female. how he has treated her, and how she has responded throughout the generations, often times in a desperate state. and getting her pregnant seals the power he has over her… where not in LOVE of the higher Being. she becomes vulnerable not sacred.

      we can tell by what men writing, focusing on out there… that they do not believe it to be true, their own diseased, or malnourished mind … self, living in a state of poverty. a poverty of love, which is what one antioch priest put it …

      he is not SERIOUS about his diseased mind, and does not desire that it be removed while HE be transformed … he does not desire change while protesting that more patriarchal mindset be brought in and allowed to continue the … beliefs and practices that continue the depraved mind, the spiritually poor …

      he does not see it for all his DARKNESS? even while pretending he is … good?

      • opheliart permalink

        as a child I used to wonder how a man or a woman could allow his/her significant other, his lover, his wife … to be exploited. on the screen … exposed … so crudely, so … unhealthy, and the violence that often goes along with it. I wondered how their children dealt with their mom or dad so … exposed, so exploited, used so …

        with so many diseased craving the violence and the sexual exploitation. what must these kids feel like? their own peers having seen their moms and dads on the screen in such … a state. do they walk around feeling on edge, somehow EXPOSED THEMSELVES??? their private “family” out in the open for all to see? mom with her vagina which he thought was private … for all to see, used in some strange dramatization of how man and woman interact , and the breast, the breast he suckled as a babe … used by other men, big producers … money people … and the fame … all that glorified fame.

        then there are the multitude of hollowed divorces … like stones tumbling down a hillside in an avalanche. and the psychiatrists and psychologists go … duh? duh-duh-DUH?

        look what you have done to the children … and your wonder why there are so many abused, hurting, confused …

        with a license to harm?

  19. opheliart permalink

    average man is comfortable with himself … as he is … he THINKS himself free of the demons that plague the harvey weinsteins and the stephen paddocks as he prides himself on never having bought a playgirl mag or never having owned a gun … never having made an inappropriate comment to a woman … but he has no issue with strolling into the movie theatre and feeding on the female nudity and violence. he is safe in that venue? that pretend venue where he thanks himself above such …

    never would he want his own wife or daughter in those scenes but … he pays into it, supports it, even expects it with every fiber of his being …

    because he is ignorant? or because he is in DENIAL about who and what he is?

    a hypocrite?

    • opheliart permalink

      the movie industry KNOWS how to use the mind of the weak. they know how to sell their products … and look “good” while doing it.

      • opheliart permalink

        here’s a Reality for you:

        at the worship house:

        congregant: what did you do last night? why weren’t you at ___prayers?

        congregant: went to see a movie. it was awesome … shoulda seen ___; boy was she stacked. the one playing mona …

        congregant: not that movie! did you know that mona is ___ wetzel’s daughter?

        congregant: no! really?

        congregant: can’t believe you said that about ___ wetzel’s daughter. I hear she was naked in much of the movie. he is horrified! and it was that stupid rabbi who put her up to it!

        congregant: now, wait … I didn’t know it was wetzel’s kid …

        congregant: does it matter? it is always somebody’s kid.

        congregant: you say the rabbi put her up to it? what do you mean?

        congregant: at summer camp … she was good in the skits the kids did. for years he told her she could be in hollywood … a famous actress. after high school … she did what she felt she had to do, and guess what?

        congregant: what?

        congregant: that bastard weinstein got a hold of her! you know … where have you been? sheesh … some teacher … stupid rabbi.

  20. opheliart permalink

    oh, yesssss … the MILITARY HEADSTONES …?

    and what of any “religious” symbol of any sort in any … place deemed PUBLIC. but wait, hold on there … I use SPIRITUAL SYMBOLOGY from TheWritings and I belong to no religion. I am of NO religion … so why must EVERYTHING Spiritual be removed from public places? or be associated with a specific religion? hmm …
    in the case of the cross in MD, it is a depiction of a LATIN cross, and we know of the latin roots in roman catholicism, clearly a religion …

    and what of the headgear on temples and mosques and churches clouding the skyline from your expensive high rise … the horizon does not belong to anyone, does it? not anyone in particular … but it clouds your view, and may offend you so …

    where is this headed? do YOU know?


    added sat.

    the military crosses have all been removed-changed to posts? huh …

    • opheliart permalink

      many, many, MANY religions out there in the public sphere, how will these judges remove them all? or would this be only certain religions?

      and how do these judges determine what is religion and what is … what you are? will they remove you on public property :0

      • opheliart permalink

        or will they realize this as an impossible task and decide … through much consternation … that only one religion speaks for …

        gee, what might that religion be? I hope to heck it is not a PATRIARCHAL RELIGION! or anything that demeans, exploits … degrades … she, child …

        religious, you aren’t WISDOM enough to take this on. what say you? need a bit of help? how about a lot of help? actually, you brought this on yourselves …

  21. opheliart permalink

    Tyler Ward Spuddie • 37 minutes ago
    Perhaps- but it seems you’re being a bit too individualistic. At the core of your argument seems to be that the most loving thing we can do for an individual is to affirm them in their search for fulfillment and self-actualization. I do not know that this holds up all the way down, however. I would actively condemn anything disguised as “love” which is at it’s core malicious prejudice and discrimination. However if justice is more than the acquisition of individual rights such that we can live equitably (this is definition has been, at least in my opinion, left wanting), and is actually found in the person of Jesus, such that mercy is offered to sinners and we are all invited into a relationship with God and with one another, we can talk about justice and love in a more communal fashion. We can begin to see love as something much more robust than a respect for one’s ability to choose how they will live (this is tolerance, which is fine in a pluralistic society, but will not do for the Church). I can understand, however, that if we simply have differing starting points philosophically, of course our definitions for love will differ.—comment to spud @rns/merritt’s article

    ” but it will not do for the Church ”

    Church? the roman catholic church? but it’s roman … and it’s catholic! so how can it possibly be the CHURCH Christ speaks on? if God is impartial, shows no favoritism, outside his own CHILD-likeness, Truth sends for {this} Work…

    how can a dogmatic institution be the Church ON Christ? and besides, Christ lives within … not in a chalice that misogynists carry around to try to appear … like Christ. RCC is dogma not God. not Christ. IT IS A RELIGION … not where Truth builds Church. so … can we START by agreeing on one very simple point of understanding?

    the CHURCH in TheWritings is INNER ROOM. not religion. can we at least agree to that TO START THE CONVERSATION … because these dogmatics of the roman empire in catholic mindset are … denying WE exist. they took and they plastered all type of religious stuff to Church when the RCC was NEVER mentioned in the WORD! The Word of the Lord!

    riiiight? look how many the RCC kicks out of its door if not ROMAN CATHOLIC by saying “the Church”. it’s Bull. time for citizens to wake to …

    some clear understanding of WHAT should be allowed, understood in these …

    discussions. just coz they say it does not make it Truth. as a gnostic, the RCC murdered, tortured and maimed … and even today warns about, hey, I am not a religion with a wicked, murderous, torturous record …


    • opheliart permalink

      which leads atheists, nonbelievers, people there … to a conclusion about BELIEVERS in Christ. this should NOT be permitted in discussing these issues. you cannot even imagine how awful it feels to have me —my INNER BEING— thought of as roman catholic, or of roman catholicism. to have CHURCH … in Christ … within me, what I am … to be called, thought, written as … roman catholicism. this is totally incorrect! consider this …

      people saying the jew of judaism is adolf hitler, of adolf hitler’s regime. it’s complete and utter madness. hitler went after the jew, tried to remove the jew … the roman catholic church went after the gnostic … tried to destroy these. come on, people! this is so insensitive …

      have you no understanding worthy of these discussions? are you sort of dead on the history of these religions, their prophets … what actually happened? if the climate is such for the jew why can’t it be such for the gnostic?

      ah, in your politics and your religions … I don’t exist? one has to be a religionist or an atheist to count?

      • opheliart permalink

        and we know david gibson at RNS refused to acknowledge me …

        would not answer my questions. did he not serve … my kind?

  22. opheliart permalink

    christian hater, jew … and those unwilling to hear what others have to say without labeling people:

    anti-semitic, racist … bigot

    spud shuts down a very important topic … hugely important! every time, much the way atheist max at RNS, PERMITTED TO TWIST AND UNDERMINE EVERY THING I WROTE … just because I think and believe not like him. just because I experience what he does not.

    the topic? what did judaism do to people, including its own members? how were they treating female? girls, young men and boys? what were they TEACHING THEM? and you want to cover up this topic, shut it down … hide the vernacular because why?

    only those with sins to hide, crimes to cover up work so damn hard to call others racist when Truth is staring them in the face.

    think on that, jew … you can keep pretending and allow bigots and hypocrites like spud to speak for you, lazy-assed … ethnic … self-centered religionist, or TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT WHAT YOU DID TO THE PEOPLE IN YOUR HALLOWED SPACE!

    who is the minority here? certainly not the BIG ESTABLISHMENT JEW and others like him … but why?

    no serious, worthwhile forum allows spuds of the world to step foot in its door. why?

    if you cannot see and or smell the egg all over his face … you are quite without SENSE.

    • opheliart permalink

      may the word/phrase anti-semitism ROT …

      • opheliart permalink

        may the true minority please stand UP and may you speak … TRUTH, and with FREEDOM to speak without all the accusation and condemnation … about the religio-politics of this Day!

  23. opheliart permalink

    RNS needs to tell spud and others like him to go take a hike …

    RNS is marinating in big establishment shiite.

    • opheliart permalink

      can you guess its biggest, fastest $ donors? how can anyone serious about NEWS, and commenting on news … share in such a venue? it’s like living under abrahamic religious rule, or maybe we just say:



      • opheliart permalink

        the Movement … will make them ALL look like peddlers of concoctions.

  24. opheliart permalink

    roman catholic in canada commenter sandi @ RNS to silk’s most recent article on the travel ban of 6-7 muslim countries sorta rings true, no?

    • opheliart permalink

      if you are aware that there is a highly successful campaign (hello muslim brotherhood!) that attacks its own members, its own RELIGIOUS members of its “same” prophet … why would you be so eager to defend its religion? and not only defend, align entire religious and political institutions to IT … within your own nation? escalating its desire to … increase its mission, the mission of its prophet?

      what is silk and his jewish brethren playing at?

      • opheliart permalink


        people, whether religious/spiritual or nonbeliever think their behavior, even as far back as the formation of their ideology, creeds, codes, laws, religious/political dogma, habits … have no bearing on what’s happening today. they could not be more wrong. they think they have moved out of something while never having actually moved. they still kill to get their way … to solve problems. whatever you —your religion-political laws—did to others, it will be done to you, or yours. your people.

        what beliefs and practices have the muslim communities endured? they murder their own, yes? abuse their own women and children? through archaic, rabid, beastly, indecent laws. look what the RCC did to get itself big, powerful … the law in lands. and the jews, what did they do to their own? how did they treat them and … if they go to new lands and continue the strife, the deprivation, the insidious design … the murder … pay into and support it …

        allow more of the beastly design to enter in and infiltrate all communities … brining in acrid ..UNJUST, typical man fascism …
        and feeding violence and sexually explicit material nonstop like it’s the way to health and wellbeing? are you without knowledge and understanding?

        why complain and scream when abuse strikes, or murderous incidents occur? why not try to change all of it … the whole failing system? the atheist does not care … he thinks himself ruler and judge. he has no source of power higher than himself and those thinking like him … where is his HIGHER Being? religionists are stuck in mud and mote …

        so why not move … REALLY AND TRULY MOVE?

  25. opheliart permalink

    regarding the statements on the luther-nazi article @ rns

    there are those who want you to believe that the jew is the golden child and that we should all return to judaic law. really? the jew of his religious-political law did no wrong? DOES NO WRONG?

    what if you discover he is the usurper? what then? and look at those attacking luther … which does WHAT for the roman murderous, tortuous, abusive catholic church? you would ALL be under the thumb of roman catholicism or not in existence … had luther not called out some of the deceptions. the jew? where would the jew be? the RCC went violent on those that did not follow its laws. they murdered and they tortured and they maimed those who dared speak out against its insignia, its pope, papal office. is that what you want again? a new nationalist’s abrahamic religious-political god ruling-RUINING- you and your children?

    in time, as more INTELLIGENT INFORMATION and wisdom comes out … it will be shown that luther was not anti-semitic. the word did not exist in the day as it is used in this day. man mixes up his thoughts. his thinking is skewed and he lives, like the jew, in denial … should he ignore the TRUTH about the history of what happened and continues to happen. luther was NOT a Prophet on Truth, and neither are you … he was not righteous in many ways … did not understand many things …

    and neither did his teachers, the jew of judaism? the roman catholic church?

    ahem … not so smart are you?

    • opheliart permalink

      if the jew THINKS he can eradicate christianity by using the roman catholic church, islam, liberal left idiocy … judaism, its WESTERN CULTURE of self-aggrandizing … he’s in for a rude awakening. he is NOT what he thinks he is. what is coming out will show the jew like any other, a persecutor like others, a joyride enthusiast on the pockets of peasants, like others, the political war machine driving its melodrama to place itself as kingpin … like others.

      • opheliart permalink

        what if it is discovered that half of the attacks on jewish establishments were-are done by jews, jews wanting attention, to stay on top of the food chain … to remain in a place of power, control, influence … and to keep their religion accepted and PAID for by government … ?

        there is plenty of evidence in israel and around the world of terrorizing and violent actions coming from jews, of judaism, in particular. it only takes one, two … a few just obsessive enough to make it look like an entire christian nation is attacking the poor jew, the minority jew … the jew who has nothing to … hide?

        no stone … unturned. get ready for it … jew.

    • opheliart permalink

      John Mulqueen HpO • 16 minutes ago
      I am not sure how Anfectungen should be translated. His appeals, his challenges? In any case I agree that that aspect of his personality was probably there throughout his life. He was intemperate to put it mildly in his criticisms and comments on Jews, the Papacy, Anabaptists, and other Protestants who disagreed with him. Professor Roper in her biography is clear about Luther’s authoritarian, irrational, abusive personality. She still values him for his religious and theological insights, his joy in married life, and his splendid writings and influence on the German language. Popes such as Benedict and Francis also seem to admire aspects of his life, as do Catholic historians and theologians. In other words, a deeply flawed if consequential reformer. The same could easily be said of Thomas Jefferson. See the review of Gordon Wood’s new book on Jefferson and John Adams in today Wall Street Journal.…. Jefferson sang the song Americans like to listen to, but he was a hypocrite, a liar, a racist, a dishonest friend, while Adams often dismissed as the unAmerican puritanical elitist was the wiser more prescient, decent politician, thinker and person. I agree with that assessment of both men.See The Adams Jefferson Letters, a collection of letters the two men exchanged toward the end of their lives for a clear picture of their relative virtues.


      thank you, john … in the Day of PAUL … I would have HATED judaism… esp as a woman, how about you?

      seems little has changed in the aries of mankind. workin’ hard to get the you know what out of … society, but who-what keeps supporting it??? must the devil in ’em have its way?

      recall that game … rock ’em sock ’em robots? that’s man in his medals. and the jew loves a good face punching, yes? they love the show of man beating each other in the face …

      what’s THAT tell you about their principles?

  26. opheliart permalink

    I notice politicians adding “jewish” to the info about him, rather than an actual label of orthodox judaism or reform judaism. what does jewish say? what does that bit of info mean? what is it telling the public about the politician? is it like irish or german or greek? why does it matter IF … an american politician? does it say something apart from ethnicity? is it saying he is of judaism? if so, which form? which denomination? what, jew? you don’t have DENOMINATIONS … like the protestant? you do … you absolutely do have denominations … so, which is it?

    these jews have not THOUGHT THINGS THROUGH. what it looks like to the non jew? is he strictly FOR jewish people and jewish thought by placing jewish on his public wikipedia? the public needs to know and better understand what “jewish” means … to know how and WHERE to vote. if I see roman catholic listed on a politicians wikipedia I think of clergy-staff CHILD sexual abuse, bishops hiding and covering up the crimes, lying pontiffs and corruption, misuse of theWritings for power and control … abuse of the Teachings of Christ, labeling … torture, murder of me, those like me and …

    denying female certain rights within religion. and more. now would I vote for someone publicly swearing oaths to another country? a misogynistic and abusive system of belief and practice? wouldn’t that be like the jew seeing nazism written on a politician’s wikipedia and saying, hell no! I would NEVER vote for an murderer of that regime, that ideology. we do not want that in our midst. we do not want to be ruled by that insignia.

    american , iF american … politicians have not thought these things through. and they want to bring in loads of muslim teachings, the islamic teachings and give them political … religious … power on american … soil? hmm … western thought is not very bright, is it? not quite with it … under democratic strain.

    • opheliart permalink

      they use these spiritually poor to hide … something about themselves?

      • opheliart permalink

        and yes, in TheWritings, the TEACHINGS of Christ, if you must demean female, treat her as property, second to you, a male, treating others as slaves, misuse position, and power, money to build self-institution, use force, archaic law, murder, denial … hypocrisy and lies …

        you are spiritually poor.

  27. opheliart permalink

    where in the words roman catholicism does it say CHRIST, or CHRISTIAN or even CHRISTIANITY, or JESUS? it says roman, and we know WHAT that means … is … and it says catholicism, which is like saying marxism or communism or …

    it is an ideology from within a MINDSET, and in this case, based on roman … what? and what exactly constitutes catholicism? it is said to mean universal … universal based on whose understanding? or should we ask, which ideology? roman. roman ideology. this is its inception. america, the UNITED STATES says … what? well, it is a place of places. it’s mixed, not roman in the sense that it is romanism, and should never have entertained catholicism as it did … IF … desiring a moving OUT of what people were trying to flee, get away from. same with islam and judaism … and other POLITICAL places. why were people put right back in the same place after having left it? in the case of ireland … why the famine and not just a lack of food on the table to feed the kids, and the back breaking work for so little … who-what was living high on the hog? rome, always f’ing rome! why so many leaving europe for america? why the jew? democracy set up the same scenario man left when he left europe, and other places he was trying to get out from under. CHRISTIAN never had a chance because the power influences in society with politician and religion as bedfellows repeat … and repeat and repeat, and what ignorant people, unaware, never having studied the foundations of these … universalists … do not get is that if you bring in something like islam, bed it with roman catholicism, even judaism …

    what do you have? what are you dealing with? big, fat establishments with lots of power and money and constant fighting, warring … arrogance … while prophet mo’s followers do as prophet mo demands. and the clergy-staff child abuses, and the abuse of female grow, continue … and are generally not dealt with because mindset of man is stuck in man … not moving to for .. HIGHER BEing. basically what you see happening … what is out there big time.

    Christ never really had the chance to BREATHE in america with the incoming …as is.

    • opheliart permalink

      and in the midst of all of this fighting … terrorism, STDs, opioid epidemic … and soooo much more, and democrats—liberal-leftists holler …

      more, more, MORE … for party votes while … never cleaning out their own filth.

      • opheliart permalink

        I gotta get out of america … I cannot stand listening to trump and we said from the start DO NOT TAKE HIM SERIOUSLY, and what did the democrat do? gave him the fuel to … and there is enough anger and upset in america to vote … so poorly. and hillary? what were the dems thinking? have you scrutinized her record the way you have trumps’ record and other republicans? you are shameful … utterly flu of hypocrisy. I don’t know you … liberator? liberator from what? there is not a stitch of progress in your venues …

        I want out of this house and I want out of america. just waiting for a couple of things to happen. america is NOT interested in us, or what we have to say … this much is very clear. they have their god ..

        I must move.

  28. opheliart permalink

    I have my reasons for HATING roman catholicism, and these are very GOOD reasons …

    as for jeffress, the evangelical puma? paganism is found in EVERY religious ideology, even in secularism … bowing to the god of war? or entertainment niche? or …

    but look at the industry of sexual abuse, in and out of the RCC. who-what set the stage for this kind of indecency? and who-what has been the top dog placing female as something to be misused and abused? man? secular man? jew? roman catholic? islamist? the writing is on the wall … all over the world, and you …

    still have not learned to read?

    • opheliart permalink

      ask yourselves … in all candidness and complete honesty … HOW and WHY did these men in Patricia’s life become so … destructive? so violent and so abusive? who-what made them SUPERIOR, AGGRESSOR … gave them the right-o-way to treat female in this manner, and … like in the case of BOSTON’s BERNARD LAW … an entire city-industry of … roman catholics? were covering up-hiding these abuses … and RAPES!

      no stone unturned boston … jew, whoever, wherever you are … religionists, secularist and …

      the flood gates are opening … and we will watch you … drown in your seductions.

      hey, we warned quite some time ago.

      • opheliart permalink

        and the jew hollers anti-semitism any time someone tries to … comment … on the jews owning hollywood?

        ah … huh.

  29. opheliart permalink

    please tell me, SPUD, HPO, jew and others …

    why is this commenter LABELED antisemitic for posting EVIDENCE of “hitlerism” in judaism? or in jewish culture/beliefs?

    Strongs119 Spuddie • 2 days ago
    Jewish supremacists have demonized non-Jews for millennia, and continue doing so up till the present day. The views of former Chief Sephardic Rabbi of Israel, Ovadiah Yosef, were republished by the official Jewish Telegraphic Agency, see below:

    ♦ “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world; only to serve the People of Israel.”
    ♦ “Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat,” he said to laughter during a weekly sermon.
    ♦ “With gentiles, it will be like any person: They need to die, but God will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money. This is his servant. That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew.”
    “It is forbidden to be merciful to them. You must send missiles to them and annihilate them. They are evil and damnable. The Lord shall return the Arabs’ deeds on their own heads, waste their seed and exterminate them, devastate them and vanish them from this world.” — (Israel’s Chief Sephardic Rabbi of Israel, Ovadiah Yosef.)
    ♦ “waste their seed” is a reference to Palestinian children.


    you won’t see these documented incidents in american media because why? a very sound question, but hey, no stone unturned …

    the TRUTH will come out about the strong-arming, the rapes, the abuse …

    and the SILENCING.

    MAN, non believer in Spirit of the Living Christ, are you prepared for WHAT is coming? who-what will protect you from the attacks once the evidence is brought forth?

      • opheliart permalink

        so you hear-read numerous incidents where spencer is … in the mainstream media but where is the counter material, the material that may be part of WHY there are people against the jew, or even the black … should you read and watch louis farrakan and others like him, including some of the new black panthers and BLM actions and rhetoric. where are the INTELLIGENCE teams in informing the public … judicially … daily, evenly? informatively?

        and the actual position-stance on the current pontiff in rome, pretending to be … dealing with the child abuses, the ‘bad’ priests AND bishops and … his view of female in his seat, and other seats? where is the american mainstream media on these FACTS? who is in charge there? decides what people KNOW and DON’T KNOW?

        example: pope sends condolences after journalist slain- malta.
        uh, like peeing in the ocean?

        how about this?

        Betty Clermont • 6 hours ago
        In July 2013, Pope Francis enacted his first new law and that was to criminalize leaks of Vatican information. Then he indicted journalists Gianluigi Nuzzi and Emilio Fittipaldi in 2015 charging them with the crime of disclosing Vatican financial information. After a lengthy trial, a Vatican judge admitted there was no jurisdiction over two Italian citizens. At the time they were indicted, dozens of Freedom of the Press organizations protested but, naturally, none in the U.S. media.

  30. opheliart permalink

    maybe obama and co need a swift kick in his black AND white ass …

    to get to the bottom of these indecencies.

    • opheliart permalink

      oh, wait … they don’t count her in him, do they?

  31. opheliart permalink

    look at the rock ’em sock ’em methodology going on in these venues. trump lies gets lied about by wilson (yes, she said he said some things he did not actually say in the way she wanted them to say … for her attack on trump. which BTW, words came from those advising him on what to say … ( and I did not see where this was offensive because if you actually LISTEN to what was said, it does make sense and places the soldier in the field he was trained for, knowing he might be … which does not make him a VICTIM but what he signed on to, AGREEING TO—HIS CHOICE … but democraticbigshotwants … victims, yup … destruction) …

    and for her to listen in on the conversation for the PURPOSE of using it improperly, HURTING LOTS OF PEOPLE demonstrates that she does NOT CARE about anything but HER agenda, her and her party agenda …

    ends up getting lied about. oh, gee, punch, get punched …

    she brought it on herself and … our vision? she will be let go for obstructing justice and using-misusing her position. and she won’t be the only one.

    • opheliart permalink

      and look at her comment regarding the soldiers … this went from a mission with some purpose, at least according to the soldiers and what their families HOPE was-is of sound purpose,which we still do not know … to something big mouth wilson and her agenda want it to be…

      she does not even see what she has done and what she is doing for all her NOISE! she has just made the soldiers on the mission fodder for her gimme-agenda and now have the families of those soldiers feeling … left out in the cold …

      scars … scars and more scars while these politicians USE americans for their agendas.

      does wilson know something about that mission that we don’t? if so, say so!

      • opheliart permalink

        readers, you know how I feel about this warring. I am not a war person, but I sense very strongly that wilson is putting a lot of lives in danger … by this behavior. I sense that trump doesn’t even know …as those a part of this mission don’t trust his mouth …

  32. opheliart permalink

    oh, btw, what would you say if … you found out that the RCC misprinted luther’s writings to make him sound … jew hating? um … maybe you have not picked up on things like BOSTON and bernard law’s COVER UP, an entire city—?NATION?—cover up … involving the …

    roman catholic industry of …

    can you guess the next word?

    honestly, does any of this matter to me? no. the children the VICTIMS, yes … but I am no fan of luther. it’s all poor spiritual advising from my place … but it is important that people LISTEN to what really happened … and KNOW where they are being …

    misled. it will come out, and it will come out BIG … as big as the lies told, and that’s a whopping big lie.

    have you noticed at all how we have shared numerous times in … the area of FALSE INFORMATION, FALSE REPORTING coming from big establishment and strong-armed …



    de-de-dum-dum … hummmmp ty dummmmp ty sat on a great, big wide wall … and

    • opheliart permalink

      amazing what one finds in the wine cellar :0

      • opheliart permalink

        was ready to sign off for the night and saw that james toback (another jew?) is being accused of what … 36? sexual misconduct allegations?

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