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the brotherhood of allah ?

July 18, 2017





the hour husbands? 



and what of its followers?


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  1. opheliart permalink

    ooshhh ..
    that’s what I say to my jack russell a situation where .. I do not want her to touch.

    comments .. ooshhh..

    but ..have not FULLY read the article ..Yet

    • opheliart permalink likes pagan catholic .. WHERE purpose is paramount TO Truth,


      • opheliart permalink

        yahoo salute ..
        did it have anything whatsoever to do with anti-semitism .,,?

        call me … skeptical ..
        sooo.. what’s this REALLY


        whataboutism?..? .?

        BAMF 2 hr ago
        Because that’s not what they were doing… The photographer instructed them to all wave from left to right real high with their right hands on his mark, they did, he captured several photos and this one in particular happens to look the way it does. The shot from just before this one does not look like this, and nor does the one taken just after this one. This is manufactured outrage that has already been disproven and dispelled.
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        Jovelyn 2 hr ago
        NOT a Nazi salute, the photographer asked them all to wave good bye according to the original story…
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        Gentle Soul 2 hr ago
        Probably because they were just waving per photographer’s request. It’s a real stretch to call that a Nazi salute.
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        peaceinsanity 2 hr ago
        If EVEYONE were to be punished for saying something someone disagreed with, displayed or demonstrated something someone was apposed to or for an offense someone took to their opinion, EVERONE would have either criminal charges, be socially outcaste, denied a job or collage acceptance or have any other form of punishment because bottom-line is WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT. Lets get over ourselves and realize people are just so and IT”S OK.
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        n 2 hr ago
        That’s the best policy. 1st amendment. And people swore to uphold and defend the constitution. Which includes that.
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        Ivan 2 hr ago
        Freedom of speech, no longer students, original story was the photographer asked them to wave goodbye. Stop spreading hateful divisive news!
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        Fully 2 hr ago
        I can not think of anything scarier than living in a world where people are told what to say. Unfortunately I think those days are right around the corner corner and already in effect for some. No law changes the innermost part of a person and this sheepleism really needs to stop
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        Larry 2 hr ago
        Please look up “free speech” and learn what free speech really is. I know that many of you find this hard to believe but there are consequences to things that you say and do. Go ahead and test your “free speech”, yell “fire” in a movie theater.
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        Gavin Ogden 2 hr ago
        First amendment obviously protects this act, regardless if I find it reprehensible.
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        Lia 2 hr ago
        Free speech right liberals?

  2. opheliart permalink

    seems rns and other liberal-left news missed this story. head in lap?

    • opheliart permalink

      like the magisterium (a.k.a. roman catholic hierarchy)…
      certain left-wing ideologues only what [it] wants you to believe ..about ..anything. if it wants you to believe JESUS is abuser of rights ..
      it will fiction itself to

      a place of international lord

      with the expectation that you obey its creed

      • opheliart permalink

        your right as a nonbeliever in its fiction …

        is heretical. IOW, you only exist for the purpose of being labeled ‘protestant’. a slut label.

        I AM … not [their] slut.

        As dew in harvest and as rain in
        So honor is not for a man without discernment.
        As the birds and sparrows fly,

        As a whip for a horse and a prod for a donkey,
        So a rod for a lawless nation.
        Do not answer an undiscerning man in
        relation to his lack of discernment.

        first, me no use whip on horses..
        unless a fire is in the barn and one must move the animal
        in a certain direction
        for its own safety.

  3. opheliart permalink

    people are growing ever so weary of [its] drum roll

    • opheliart permalink

      I don’t like ‘rome’ (not referring to the region, but its city-state under roman catholic law)–its collective conscience. don’t agree on how many can allow to be so patronized. I feel the same about liberal-left indecency. these speak from that same trough. and what is not surprising is the manner each uses the public for its den .. liaison. those billions you do not hear from ..weary of the noise, and the taxation..and the welfare state of romanist ideology pretending to “care” without actually DEMONSTRATING ITS FRUIT in a MANNER WORTHY

      of Truth .. will lash out. do these have a RIGHT to do as its opposition? can you spit, and snarl, and gnash your teeth at the jew or the muslim or the latino or the black or the blue insolence the way it does to white or light or …green ..or red? not in fascist ideology piggy-culting by liberal-left insignia. I AM …neither. am I permitted my …Place in the hand of neck wringers?

      but here’s an idea …

      your roman pontiff took the name FRANCIS (from the one in assisi) … the very one they say talked to animals …and built a flagship for the destitute .. using his own ‘brand’.

      why aren’t you asking your pontiff to do as the real FRANCIS? why does he steal from the people for his bread?

      • opheliart permalink

        why do you throw pearls to swine?

  4. opheliart permalink

    over the weekend I spoke with a woman from the phila region. she was telling me there is a tax on sugar …all drinks containing sugar. I say, wow, to try to force people to not drink sodas and other drinks high in sugar? yes. but, says she, people are getting their drinks out of the area. oh, so they go next door and buy, leaving the markets in their area? yes. and while out buying their sugar drinks they buy other things ..and markets lose that business too? yes.

    will there be a LAW that says you MUST pay a higher tax if you are a democrat or voting democrat? pushing the welfare state on each state ..???

    hmm pay for their religions, and you pay for their politicians ..(both sides of that aisle), forcing a payment plan that keeps you wedded to their democracy. so isn’t a democracy … OR

    this is what democracy really is? a tiresome exploit of constant reform, always paying for someone else’s medallions …?

    and if you refuse to pay??? if a revolution rises up ..who must then pay?

    • opheliart permalink

      the US government with its religion(s) …where is it succeeding in its democracy? things are worsening much the way things worsened before …with influx of many seeking bribes and other

      artificial intelligentsia. gangs of new york …the bloodbaths …prostitution ..death threats and ape culture of poor, needy women ..with child, and child ..and child…

      america is truly a dangerous nation. and the democrat ignores its handiwork in creating its system of abusive and tiresome … theatre. where does it end? it ends with product instability.

      • opheliart permalink

        and product can mean you and your religion ..airing itself in political typecasts.

  5. opheliart permalink

    ape culture??? says you!

    that’s not what I typed ..but, hey ..oooshhhhh.

    • opheliart permalink

      had an amazing dream early this morning. it had to do with ‘dead’ coming to life. won’t go into it in detail, but dead people that appeared very ‘alive’ ..were engaging in conversation, and moving about. after the ‘area’ of wake, but in Spiritual Conscience, I asked on the dream, and what I heard will astound. SPIRIT (good and evil) will present itself in bodily form ..from those who passed ..

      what do catholics call it? visions ..or is it something other? but I am talking about real images ..for Spirit has figured out a way to ‘magically’ APPEAR. and I am .. told ..

      many will see these images, and will be amazed ..and science will scramble to explain it. but do know these are only ‘real’ in and of SPIRIT cannot taste and breed in what was once alive but is now passed.

      • opheliart permalink

        Mexico’s New Government Says No Deal With U.S. on Asylum Seekers
        Bloomberg Elizabeth Dexheimer and Amy Stillman,Bloomberg Sun, Nov 25 7:34 PM EST

        Mexico’s New Government Says No Deal With U.S. on Asylum Seekers
        (Bloomberg) — Mexico’s incoming government said no deal has been reached with the U.S. on the treatment of migrants attempting to cross into the U.S. from Mexico, pushing back on reports that such an agreement has been made — even as a busy border crossing was closed Sunday.

        U.S. border officials temporarily closed the San Ysidro port of entry between Tijuana and San Diego, one of the busiest border crossings in the world, “to ensure public safety.” U.S. agents shot several rounds of tear gas at migrants after some tried to breach a fence, leaving children screaming and coughing, the Associated Press reported.

        An estimated 8,200 migrants from the so-called caravans heading to the U.S. from Central America are now in Mexico, authorities say. President Donald Trump has vowed to shut down the southern border with lethal force if necessary, and is calling on Mexico to intervene.

        Jesus Ramirez, spokesman for Mexican President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, commented on a potential agreement Sunday via text message, a day after reports that Mexico will allow Washington to use the country as, essentially, an ante-room for thousands of Central American asylum seekers waiting for their cases to be heard.

        ‘Very Smart’

        Earlier, Trump said Mexico would be “very smart” to stop groups of Central American migrants before they reached the southern U.S. border, and again laid the blame for U.S. immigration problems on Democrats, without offering evidence.

        Under the apparent deal first reported by the Washington Post, the Central American migrants would be required to wait in Mexico until their claims move through U.S. courts before crossing the border. The newspaper reported that the U.S. and Mexico’s new government have the framework of a deal with some details still have to be hashed out.

        If it moves ahead, the agreement would install new barriers for Central American migrants attempting to reach the U.S., the newspaper reported, citing Mexican officials and senior members of Lopez Obrador’s transition team.

        It would be a win for the hard-line immigration advisers within Trump’s administration. It may cause headaches, though, for the incoming left-wing government in Mexico City, days away from officially taking the country’s reins on Dec. 1 after winning election in July.

        The plan, to be known as “Remain in Mexico,” would require asylum applicants at the border to stay in Mexico while their cases are processed, potentially ending a system Trump calls “catch and release” that’s until now generally allowed those seeking refuge to wait on safer U.S. soil, according to the Post.

        A press conference is scheduled for Mexico City at 8 a.m. local time, Ramirez said. Although the event is expected to focus on results of referendums being held across Mexico this weekend, the migrant issue is likely to be discussed as well.

        Trump said on Twitter late Saturday that migrants at the border wouldn’t be allowed into the U.S. until their claims were heard in court, a process is usually lengthy. He again threatened to seal off the country’s southern border “if it becomes necessary.” Trump didn’t comment on the specifics of an agreement with Mexico.

        Olga Sánchez Cordero, Mexico’s incoming interior minister, told the Post that “for now, we have agreed to this policy of ‘Remain in Mexico,”’ adding that “the medium- and long-term solution is that people don’t migrate.”

        She later appeared to backtrack, telling the Associated Press that “there is no agreement of any sort between the incoming Mexican government and the U.S. government.” Top officials from AMLO’s administration planned to meet on the subject as early as Sunday, the New York Times reported.

        Should such a plan go ahead, it may deter people from attempting to migrate to the U.S. from Central America via Mexico. Trump deployed U.S. military forces to California, Arizona and Texas in recent weeks, and threatened to close border crossings after thousands of migrants traveling as part of a so-called caravan forced their way onto Mexican soil last month.

        Democrats and human rights activists are likely to be cry foul about the “Remain in Mexico” strategy, and in the past have expressed concern that such a move may put migrants at risk and make it more difficult for them to apply for asylum. The new measures could also trigger fresh legal challenges.

        ‘That’s the Law’

        Democratic Representative Elijah Cummings of Maryland said Sunday that asylum-seekers should “be allowed to come in.”

        “That’s the law,” Cummings said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “We have a system that has worked for a long time.”

        The mayor of Tijuana, Mexico, on Friday declared a humanitarian crisis, and has asked the United Nations for aid to deal with the thousands of recently arrived migrants. Most of the people from the migrant caravans, over 7,400, are in Baja California in the cities of Tijuana, on the Pacific coast, and Mexicali, about 112 miles (180 kilometers) to the east.

        Closing the San Ysidro port was in response to some migrants trying to breach a fence and throwing “projectiles” at U.S. agents, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said in a statement.

        “DHS will not tolerate this type of lawlessness and will not hesitate to shut down ports of entry for security and public safety reasons,” Nielsen said. The port was reopened to foot traffic at mid-afternoon local time.

        After the border melee, Mexico’s Interior Ministry said in a statement that it plans to immediately deport about 500 Central American migrants who tried to enter the U.S. illegally.

        The CBP conducted a large-scale “operational readiness” exercise at the San Ysidro port on Thursday, the agency said in a Twitter message on Friday, adding, “we are prepared for any contingency.” The attached video showed heavily armed agents dressed in riot gear.

        Immigration, including recent issues tied to asylum seekers from Central America, was a flashpoint in this month’s U.S. midterm elections and will probably continue to play a key role in the new Congress and in shaping the debate ahead of the 2020 presidential vote.

        Democrats have rejected Trump’s blame for immigration issues. Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar said on ABC’s “This Week” that Trump should have been working with Central American countries a long time ago to ease the caravan, that the president “has gut-punched us” on attempts to enact immigration reform.

        The caravan and the topic of asylum seekers has become a source of frustration for Trump, and were a major part of his messaging in a series of pre-election rallies.

        Earlier this month, a federal judge in California halted the Trump administration’s latest attempt to seal the U.S. southern border by barring migrants from seeking asylum inside the country. The judge prevented the government from restricting asylum applications to those made at official ports of entry, although the Justice Department will likely appeal the order.

        Senator Angus King said Sunday he thinks the Armed Services Committee, on which he sits, would want to examine the rules of engagement for the U.S. troops deployed to the border — as well as its duration and cost, which the Washington Post reported could exceed $200 million.

        “If indeed there was an invasion, which there isn’t, clearly we can defend ourselves,” King, a Maine independent who caucuses with the Democrats, said on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” “But using troops in a border situation with asylum seekers is, I think, not appropriate.”

        (Updates with Mexican interior ministry in 20th paragraph.)

        –With assistance from Jim Silver, Andrew Rosati, Sebastian Tong and Ben Brody.

        To contact the reporters on this story: Elizabeth Dexheimer in Washington at;Amy Stillman in Mexico City at

        To contact the editors responsible for this story: James Ludden at, Ros Krasny, Mark Niquette

        ©2018 Bloomberg L.P.
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        satisfied 1 day ago
        the same democrats complaining about troops on the border said a word when clinton, bush and obama did the same thing. stop trying to score political points and fix the existing laws.
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        natalya 1 day ago
        I am terrified we will have democratic house. Dems are so eager to open borders and let everyone in. They don’t care about the burden it will put on americans. “..Trump should have been working with Central American countries a long time ago to ease the caravan..” No he shouldn’t. His responsibility is the US. “U.S. troops deployed to the border — as well as its duration and cost, which the Washington Post reported could exceed $200 million.” What about the cost of schools, medical care, police service, legal+deportation fees, etc for illegals and their kids?
        Show replies (38) Reply 299 14
        John 1 day ago
        Couple thoughts on this.. First off, the title doesn’t match what was said, having “No Deal” is very different from having not yet reached a deal. Very misleading. Second, They are in Mexico now, you know, that group the dems said weren’t coming.. They currently are not our problem until they reach American soil. We really don’t NEED a “deal” with Mexico on this. Mexico can NOT tell us who we must let into our country, and Mexico is the one that let them into their country by not securing it’s own borders and turning them back.
        Show replies (21) Reply 547 10
        every 1 day ago
        The United nations AND Democrats WANT OPEN BORDERS. What has been happening is after illegals and asylum seekers are given an initial “processing”, there are insufficient facilities to hold them so they are given a court date to reappear for their final assessment. The court date could be 2 years in the future. They are then RELEASED into the U.S. and 97% NEVER return for their hearing. So, essentially this “catch and release’ is the same as just letting them into the country to roam free as they don’t return and are already assimilated into our population by their court date. MOST GETTING FREE WELFARE including medical (childbirth expenses included). Their children born are then U.S. citizens and they qualify for even more free benefits which the parents benefit from.
        Show replies (28) Reply 366 21
        Nika 17 hr ago
        Well, I’m happy Trump is in office…cause now the people can pile up in Mexico…it is not our problem…we don’t need a deal. Maybe Mexico will secure it’s borders with a little more force next time……..
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        lois 2 days ago
        It’s a little bit of karma that Mexico now understands the issue with open borders.
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        R 1 day ago
        Plenty of good American jobs in Mexico, stay there!
        Show replies (2) Reply 187
        Charlie Runyon 1 day ago
        Close the US southern border for the rest of the year.
        Show replies (16) Reply 293 5
        Mike 1 day ago
        Ya know, been watching all this like everyone else and voted for Trump but really haven’t seen any democratic support in the news for caravan to enter. I honestly don’t think any true American wants them to flood in. Maybe I’m wrong?
        Show replies (49) Reply 319 24
        Chris 1 day ago
        Under no circumstances should they be allowed to set foot on US soil. Nothing the dems in the house can do to stop Trump from using all means of force necessary to control immigration to this country. The Constitution says so. We will not be illegally invaded.
        Show replies (4) Reply 120 1
        Michael 2 days ago
        No deal is needed. Process their paperwork for asylum, give them their court date, and say, “see you then but you can’t wait in the US.” Migrant-“But where do I go?” US-“Not our problem.”
        Show replies (20) Reply 402 3
        prairiewindsbarefooter NS 2 days ago
        Mexico is denying this report. Wonder who the sources were that put this out besides the media.
        Show replies (9) Reply 197 7
        JH 1 day ago
        Just stopped by the Clinton News Network where the host were saying a recent poll showed 71% of Americans want the asylum seekers let into the country while they apply. And they say FOX News makes stuff up.
        Show replies (13) Reply 171 12
        Pennywise the Clown 2 days ago
        i heard Brazil is fairly stable politically and economically.
        Show replies (12) Reply 202 4
        Jeff Nositall 1 day ago
        Sorry Mexico, we don’t need a deal with you anyway. YOU let them into YOUR country, so now YOU can figure out what to do with them…..good luck!!
        Show replies (2) Reply 69
        charles 2 days ago
        Would the Democrats approve 7,000 illegal Russians to come into this country? Say…. Putin sends a boatload if Russians to Mexico. Are they allowed to just walk into the US? At the same time…. boats & rafts of thousands of illegal Russians peddle their way into Florida… Do they get to just walk into America?
        Show replies (9) Reply 111 9
        Andy 1 day ago
        those super powerful Democrats. imagine if they had the majority.
        Show replies (21) Reply 197 17
        Faron 1 day ago
        Time for Russia to start sending thousands of “asylum seekers” to New York, Seattle, Sacramento, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. So they can flood the “sanctuary” cities


        what happens if journalists end up missing, and ..

        later, found dead?

  6. opheliart permalink

    I hear the people are restless and want a fight. if someone is truly looking to write the facts ..

    while others find the facts meddlesome ..

    someone usually loses ..big.

    it is seriously … SERIOUSLY disconcerting.

  7. opheliart permalink

    many do not realize the situation ..their own,
    because he-she is wedded and or embedded in a society of ‘something’ lacking clarity. mass immigration in these cases …puts society at risk in several key areas. a society cannot succeed in dealing with any serious problem because.. it is always having to deal with incoming problems or increased problems, often costing much ..

    within society. it becomes of a CYCLE of failure. for example, if a company/religious service/humanitarian effort .. is working on a project to help address a growing or persistent problem ..finds itself having to graft different problems/reform efforts to its core field of work ..that work looses clarity ..

    time and money is wasted ..trying to dig out of the mountain of added information, debt ..and so on.

    • opheliart permalink

      it will come down to state by state ..and there will be a final plan that will divide the country even more. this is what the democrat loves..until it is realized as inherently …unjust, reckless and … dismally impotent. his is not about skin color or ethnicity, unless a group demands it become ..this. it’s about neutralizing the common barrier ..

      that is often ignored for histrionics above and beyond party …means. democrat is a lover of tripe. this is true. republican, nickel-dimers ..but reasonably within its caregiver. democrat has a gluttonous appetite without a REAL place of

      Success .. in its party initiative. ah, but we know it uses the poor, the stranger, the _________
      for its histrionics..while not truly EDUCATING INTELLIGENTLY. hey, WE want for TRUTH, truer more solid foundation/fountain ..for all, no matter color or ethnic origin ..for these are without trepidation. seriously, MEXICAN brings much flavor to just about everything! art-music-food ..humor dream is for mexico to be-become ..truly.. as one with america, without all the lusts ..and I believe many would solemnly agree ..

      ‘cept for the radical immigration. you see, america has been working with mexico, as it should in some ways..

      now this caravan debacle. so sad ..liberal-left can’t win by INTELLIGENT DESIGN because it is so busy making others pay for its … cover ups

      meanwhile, many cultures within artistic degrees lose .. never richly recognized in a proper manner.

      yucky politics with religious overtones .. 😦

      • opheliart permalink

        trump, many can and will agree, is not the right MOTIVATOR to identify key error-problems. I try to be mindful of the FACT that some people have children and grandchildren and try to keep a civil mind on where and how WE share CHILDREN MATTER. to degrade trump the way so many do is …telling of ..upbringing. a pope? a catholic bishop? most mums and dads of these are …well, you know is within our place to speak honestly, esp where certain INDUSTRIES are suspect

        and seriously ..lacking

  8. opheliart permalink

    zion (ism) is of interest because houses various person(s). it is breathable in that it has a mixed life, but not so mixed that it is …a detriment to its own …person. however, it has yet to Be..

    realized .. outside ethnic place. was thinking of salkin’s article on ivanka. ‘something’ helped move her from one place to the next … not altogether “good” but ..given her fortuitous situation, it gave her some ..stability. WE recognize this, and WHERE it …can help, but ..only person, not as a mass of ideological mayhem.

    think about This, please.

    • opheliart permalink

      sowwww, you are saying it was/is zionism that speaks more to her than jew or judaism? asks you.

      that is exactly what we … are saying. many will disagree, but he-she must face the firing squad on ethical standing should ethnicity and religion become a distraction from addressing the larger humanitarian … Crisis..

      • opheliart permalink

        what MUST occur is .. a GOVERNING BODY true to its SERVER.

  9. opheliart permalink

    now ..what was it we said?

    Susan Humphreys Parker12 • 21 hours ago
    Spuddie is right Parker. Feminists would look at the whole woman.
    •Reply•Share ›
    Spuddie Parker12 • 21 hours ago
    And now international graft taker.

    How many Chinese copyrights has she received since her father became president?

    And what about her emails? 😀

    That charity she was on the board for had to be shuttered for various impropriety and personal use by the Trumps.

    She’s a corrupt chip off a corrupt block.
    •Reply•Share ›
    Parker12 Spuddie • 20 hours ago
    Well, you supported Hillary; so Ivanka should be given the same pass. Plus, Ivanka is sooooooo much better looking.

    •Reply•Share ›
    Spuddie Parker12 • 19 hours ago
    Nope. You are just a hypocrite. Complaining about actions because the person was a Democrat.

    Plus you whiffed on the obvious bribery from China.

    I work in Brooklyn. Blonde women of Russian ancestry are a dime a dozen here. I can see the how the typical Midwest QVC viewer might consider her a classy wealthy woman. But in NY she was always considered kinda trashy.
    •Reply•Share ›
    Shawnie5 Spuddie • 13 hours ago
    What an absurd remark.

    Ivanka is not a “blonde woman of Russian ancestry” (nice way to dismiss Russian women as less than human, though). Her mother is from Zlin, in Czech Moravia, only a few km up the road from Zadverice-Rakova where my own paternal ancestors lived before they came to America with little else but their children and within two generations owned half of the county where they settled by virtue of sheer talent, industry and determination.

    Class is about neither wealth nor ancestry. Class is quietly attending to one’s children and ignoring a nasty progressive screaming insults in your face and making an embarrassing public spectacle of himself on a commercial flight, for instance.

    It’s also not gossiping over the internet on your company’s time. Didn’t you have some coffee to make about six hours ago?
    •Reply•Share ›
    Spuddie Shawnie5 • 13 hours ago
    I thought Ivana Trump (her mother) is from Russia. My bad. I don’t find her particularly special looking. Ivanka has a look which is rather typical in the city she is from.

    I guess it’s better to burn strawmen and give me nonsense indignation then address points made. Whatever.

    Your ancestors worked for their status. The last two generations of Trumps did not. Turning the presidency into a cash machine is not classy.

    Frankly conservatives could use a little public discomfort. They have forgone any semblance of propriety anyway.

    • opheliart permalink

      feminists are where, susan? as patriarchy grows in homeboy metropolis ..the feminist is liking it? and has ‘she’ helped create the exploitative industries abusing her? in her effort to be …free? that’s not really freedom, at least not from a HUMANITARIAN standpoint. it sounds like feminist is confused about who-what she is.

      as for ivanka..she’s been within her own sedation, born and raised in high society, and, like many..

      ivanka is part of the club, jew or …something else. get-get religion then get serious about

      political streams? it’s how it works ..but if she has considered where she was and where she might be ..moving’s better than not moving at all.

  10. opheliart permalink

    oh, boy …here IT comes

    which roman catholic bishop is behind that act .. to be reimbursed for all their sex crime and cover ups?

    she made the choice to put her daughter in a situation of great risk ..and she doesn’t think the travel had ANYTHING to do with her immune system? might she have been EXPOSED to something – someone unhealthy???

    60 million … sad, truly sad ..on all counts. sad for the loss and sad that she does not UNDERSTAND her OWN choices led her to this unfortunate place. how many more will blame america for

    death and destruction? might it be the liberal-left’s fault … having pushed this for political RELIGIOUS agenda? WE did say [they] will be blamed for the death and destruction.

    • opheliart permalink

      yes, it will come out … a bright light shining on a certain political agenda—a party ignorance–having placed so many in danger. why wasn’t the roman catholic church and others pushing these mass migrations ..helping their own … WITHIN THEIR COUNTRIES OF BIRTH?

      maybe because [they] are a BIG part of the problem???

      • opheliart permalink

        Marcus3 hours ago
        Horrible to hear about a toddler dying.

        Something doesn’t make sense though. She was released March 20th, and died May 10th. 6 weeks later.

        She was released in Texas but was taken to NJ.

        When was she taken to doctors? When was she taken to the hospital?

        If she wasn’t taken to the hospital until “too late”, whose fault is that?

        ReplyReplies (46)1,04722
        Kim39 minutes ago
        “Six weeks after the two were released, Mariee died of the illness. Now Yazmin has filed a wrongful death claim in which she seeks $60 million from the U.S. government, citing “unsafe conditions, neglectful medical care and inadequate supervision,” according to CNN.”

        The boy died after six weeks of the mother’s care and the US government is responsible for it. He was beautiful boy and it is sad, but the mother should take care of her beautiful child, not the US government, even the CNN happily goes against the US government.

        ReplyReplies (49)70462
        Rebecca2 hours ago
        She had 6 weeks to get the baby care and didn’t. How is that the government’s fault? How is it the government’s fault that she brought the child with her illegally? The sad thing is, the government will probably settle so as to avoid even more litigation costs. Who pays for that? We, the taxpayers, do. And the attorneys know this. It’s like when nursing home litigation got huge. Suddenly, there were plaintiffs’ attorneys devoting their entire practice to it. Not because they are concerned with righting a wrong or protecting future patients but because there is money to be made in these cases.

        ReplyReplies (33)92140
        Hu Jin Tao
        Hu Jin Tao52 minutes ago
        She may have just won the border lottery.

        What, exactly, was the child’s illness? What’s the gestation time. It seems perfectly reasonable that she may have contracted an illness BEFORE they were arrested. It also seems perfectly reasonable that after they were released, mom discontinued the prescripted medications and the illness came back with a vengeance. Third-worlders have a great deal of faith in home remedies and think over the counter medications are magical. I’ve seen it first hand.

        ReplyReplies (10)23812
        Anthony C
        Anthony C35 minutes ago
        Where are the other incidences of kids who had respiratory infection? She’ll need that to prove her case.

        ReplyReplies (8)28110
        Aguilera10 minutes ago
        “Six weeks after the two were released, Mariee died of the illness. … They were taken to the South Texas Family Residential Center, where they remained for three weeks. But for much of that time, Yazmin was desperately trying to get crucial medical help for her daughter, whose health was declining rapidly after she contracted the illness. The little girl received just a few prescription medications that weren’t working, according to CNN. … In August, Juarez’s lawyers filed a notice of claim — seeking $40 million — against the city of Eloy, Ariz., the federal government’s prime contractor in operating the immigration facility in Dilley, for the wrongful death of Mariee, according to CNN. Juarez and her attorneys have reportedly now filed claims against other government agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security and ICE, for a total of $60 million.” It sounds like the child’s illness was not responding to medication. Now, the mother is suing the government for a ridiculous amount of money.

        John16 minutes ago
        How good is medical care in Guatemala? In fact, it’s pretty much nonexistent. Thus she got way better than she was going to get in Guatemala. Thus she has NO COMPLAINT.

        ReplyReplies (1)762
        LisaH2 hours ago
        I’m sorry, this is heartbreaking. But why is it up to the US to provide healthcare for a child brought here illegally?

        ReplyReplies (70)1,08955
        jb8053831 minutes ago
        Kid probably brought the respiratory ailment on the trip.

        John2 hours ago
        Are we sure she wasn’t ill when she came here from the get go? Also, she was given multiple scripts, why did the mother wait so long herself? How are we responsible for her failure? And I’m saying this as a defender to children and their rights!


        will it be

        followed up by a crack case from an illegal..angry ..overly worked up by liberal-left histrionics ..

        goes into elementary school to shoot up kids who are …legally enrolled? how dare they .. be legally in a country. the gimme of the obama admin is currently showing it’s awful, awful

        state of affairs?

  11. opheliart permalink

    beautiful … interesting looking place (photos). if the intent is to create intrigue … you have me 😉

    and isn’t this some of what people want? maybe not all people, but we want orchards, vineyards ..growing things inside and around stone work (love-love-LOVE stonework!). if this is zionist israel’s handiwork ..I am thinking it could be ..a real special place …for any person.

    see comments:
    parker12 is correct in that airbnb made a decision, business ..and political industry is certainly business. and SPUDDIE has made an accurate comment .. worth discerning. if you are of a community ..desiring more .. then show you want more.

    rick brant makes reasonable points ..
    and what territory has not been militantly taken over by others … anywhere in the world?! and who hasn’t marginalized for “modernization”? upgrading might be a better term ..and sadly, certain persons suffer ..but it is up to each individual in his decision making (esp in america, unless under another system embedded in not so free democracy), to strive for something healthy and reasonably well kept. maybe those building can hire palestinian workers to help create a welcoming place … for any person/family to rent. leave your religion at home if it causes a clash (PAUL is clear in this, no?) ..

    • opheliart permalink

      issue with airbnb (was shown I would share on this somehow…how did you know? ;0)

      pets …maybe israel can do better? I am very careful about my JRT, always bringing sheets and blankets …to cover furniture ..

      airbnb is not upfront about allowing pets ..confusing-annoying, really ..on cost .. finding out it costs more then extra stuff added ..(although some owners are straight up and clear-thank you, btw).

      maybe israel create its own airbnb type rental ..?

      • opheliart permalink

        me thinks america and israel being blamed incessantly ..for things that are really in the

        bank of liberal-left insignia ..
        might this be true?

    • opheliart permalink

      as odd as is may seem to YOUs ..I was shown “blank” several times this week

      had no idea WHAT it was … about!



  12. opheliart permalink


    still fighting about the migrant caravan?

    hmm .. first, it was a bad move on the liberal-left to instigate this rush to the american border (yes, WE know who you are). can’t get your way through proper means so you(s) gang
    bash your way into …forcing it on others.

    this is what the democrat REPEATEDLY fails to comprehend! not every american is on board his dope train … not even close. FACT. what democrat pushes-how it pushes its agenda D-A-N-G-E-R-O-U-S. and sadly, he does not give a sh** that quite possibly 1/2 the american population is saying no to its immigration thrust, which is really nothing more than its way..

    of getting MORE PEOPLE ON ITS SIDE (heavy breeders, yes … not afraid to state FACT *go read specifics on certain religious groups) … translating into mass bullying to get its way..
    if votes fail to materialize in a manner it desires.

    romanist ideology: FORCED CONVERSION

    western ideological mayhem ..pitchfork curriculum. democrats must be so proud of their teaching.

    add the violence and blame those trying to do their job of protecting property and residents. wow, what a way to teach .. the youth.

    force your way into their homes, steal heir purses and … bam, you got yourselves a Viking!

    yep, history repeats by way of roman aura …

    your roman catholic pontiff must be so proud of you(s) … following after his JUNIPERO SERRA!

    • opheliart permalink

      once again (must we repeat this?) … allow these migrants to enter (please check CREEDential first, okey-dokie?)…
      and place each one in the hands of a democrat having voted for this rush. allow the democrats to take in every migrant-asylum seeker-refugee ..and have him pay for his living. each and every one they bring in. and … here’s the kicker ..something that will really bring it on home to their doorsteps ..

      announce in a way that all can hear and comprehend ..that illegals, undocumented, must come forward and be counted … for ..the DEMOCRAT will pay for his cost of living, anything he might need. he will be given the democrat’s name, and like ..paying ALIMONY and CHILD SUPPORT, the democrat is required to pay into and support those in the US illegally. and that does include the criminal …

      americans who are not for undocumented and careless entry should NOT be forced to convert to democrat’s religious party. it’s just not fair … just …proper ethic. people using their hard earned dollars elsewhere are already PAYING INTO AND SUPPORTING areas of need. stop forcing your political religion on others not like you, not in agreement with your theological breeding!

      and we use our hands for other things … we find will help in the care of

      many ..
      we are not in agreement with your thuggery, yours or trump’s ..(his incessant ego).

      • opheliart permalink

        go ahead … start spitting unkind names at ME, throwing your damned rocks …because WE are not in agreement with your religion. we should nOT BE FORCED to pay for your doctrine!

  13. opheliart permalink

    yes, the DEMOCRATS have an IMMIGRATION PROBLEM..if they do not see it now … they will.

    • opheliart permalink

      a comment to

      ATLOct. 13
      @Rebecca, Maybe instead of asking how we are going to fund the world’s largest PONZI scheme we should be asking why Americans are forced to pay close to 12.4% of their income up to a six figure cap into this sham retirement system. Some of these women the story refers to may pay some SS tax but the vast majority will never pay enough in taxes to cover the cost of the public education their kids will receive.


      on whose dime? which EDUCATION? what … political RELIGIOUS regime?

      WE will not pay for it ..that much I can assure you .. there is a SEPARATION of RELIGION and STATE ..riiiiiiiight … that says I am not FORCED to convert to the religions of ___???

      you think this won’t materialize, liberal-left? ho-ho-ho.. have we got news for you!

      • opheliart permalink

        parents, stop the cash flow to your kids … let them find out what ITS all about.

        when the youth begin to realize and recognize where and how they are paying for something they do not approve of …


  14. opheliart permalink

    it is very simple, really … you register to vote …ANY democrat into OFFICE are put into a system that determines HOW MUCH MORE will come out of your paychecks that will be forwarded directly to (riiiight … check the RC bishops annual salaried -wink-wink)……PAY FOR IMMIGRANT-ASYLUM SEEKER-REFUGEE’s ..cost of living (which does include schooling, healthcare, food and housing … child after child after child, along with all their relatives and friends)

    • opheliart permalink

      if this is your religion … your doctrine … then YOU pay for it. it is NOT the responsibility of others not in agreement with its teaching, policy and practice.

  15. opheliart permalink

    I was asking a couple of wks ago on how much trash, and what types ..the caravan left … its footprint and some …and who was going to clean all of it, and what it would cost?

    didn’t see pics yet but pretty sure these are out there …somewhere

    but I did find this:

    and this:

    and can’t for the life of me figure ..

    how a democrat can HONESTLY accuse republicans for views on climate/environmental concerns while it remains OBLIVIOUS to its own mess/es!

    talk is cheap, and the incessant arrogance coming from the likes of silk and his anti-non roman catholic brethren is suspect as the gloss it puts on its political OPINIONS.. that bear little to no responsibility for its own trash heap

  16. opheliart permalink

    and within all those countries that signed the paris climate agreement … has much been done, or was it just a lot of back-patting and … a way to stigmatize others?

    • opheliart permalink

      the democrat just LOVES to take YOUR MONEY, and put it to ITS mouth ..crediting itself (and for what? where is the evidence that its policies work???)..
      while blaming you for your views … should it run contrary to its views. democrat uses the blame game to try to motivate people. time and money spent on blaming its opposition …

      obsessive …truly obsessive.

      and WHERE EXACTLY is democrat any different on the matter of climate offense?

      • opheliart permalink

        democrat LOVES to talk big … the big boy stats … while dumping as much of his own offensive material into the environment as his opposition.

  17. opheliart permalink

    thank you on this

    we said it is coming … and it is still just the beginning. the politically powerful roman catholic church will be no more …

    the catholics will flee, including the prosecutor in the article …

    you/s have no idea HOW bad.

    • opheliart permalink

      and to think mark silk and so many liberal-left believe it ..the savior of these times? it and its muslim brotherhood? while pretending to be …
      human rights advocates, youth … advisors and … FOR equal rights for women. nothing is more grotesque in political bonfire as having to watch these groups … play at justice.

      • opheliart permalink

        Parker12 • 6 hours ago
        I read this post yesterday on RNS as it related to the late John Chau; and I think the poster would have a very similar viewpoint regarding Samuel Oliver-Bruno:

        “I have zero sympathy for (Samuel Oliver-Bruno). This was not the first time breaking the laws of a foreign country and deliberately ignoring the warnings given to him (as well as appreciating the consequences of his actions).”

        written by Spuddie on: Missions – Love or Colonization.
        •Reply•Share ›
        Spuddie Parker12 • 6 hours ago
        So you are calling ICE uncivilized murderous savages. Ok

        BTW this guy is here with the consent of residents, including his US citizen spouse and was arrested in the process of becoming a legal resident.

        And you are still a fool who seems to support endangering people of color in defense of white privilege in many forms.

        •Reply•Share ›
        Parker12 Spuddie • 5 hours ago
        No, I’m agreeing with your spot on assessment that Samuel Bruno willfully broke the law of another nation and should suffer the consequences just like John Chau did.
        •Reply•Share ›
        Spuddie Parker12 • 5 hours ago
        Yep, it sounds much dumber when you do it. Especially given the guy’s efforts at legal residency and the underhanded method of arrest.

        But it has continuity with your disdain for brown skinned people and support of obnoxious harmful behavior.

        •Reply•Share ›
        Parker12 Spuddie • 5 hours ago
        Nope. I hate everyone equally.
        Mr Chau broke the law – there were consequences; you said so yourself.
        Mr Bruno broke the law – there also were consequences.
        Two guys that broke the law and paid a price; albeit one more than the other. At least Mr Bruno has an opportunity to exit the country and enter if he follows the proper procedures.
        While I do like your sense of justice, I do think the real truth is that you have a disdain for Christian missionaries.
        •Reply•Share ›
        Spuddie Parker12 • 2 hours ago
        Not true. Chau acted like a privileged fool. This guy got arrested because he was following the law in his efforts to obtain legal status. He was lured out by a phony hearing notice about his status change efforts already in process. He was actually tryng to follow the law from that point. All because we have a president who wants to waste money and resources appealing to bigots and harassing people for purely malicious reasons.

        So no, more analogy fail on your part.

        •Reply•Share ›
        Jim Johnson Parker12 • 4 hours ago
        With over 10 million illegal residents, ICE needs to focus its limited resources on rounding up real criminals (gang members, drug runners, gun runners, rapists, murderers, etc.) instead of going after the low hanging fruit.

        •Reply•Share ›
        Parker12 Jim Johnson • 4 hours ago
        I agree whole-heartedly. Now if only the mayors of San Francisco, Chicago, NYC, etc. thought like you and actually put the rights of American citizens ahead of illegal aliens; we might get somewhere.
        •Reply•Share ›
        Jim Johnson Parker12 • 4 hours ago
        I really don’t care if those cities are protecting people like Oliver-Bruno and their families. They aren’t the problem and we can’t waste resources on rounding them up even though they are breaking the law. You have to be practical. I’m even in favor of amnesty and giving legal status to those who contribute to our country. On the other hand we need to aggressively (but with due process) secure our borders better than we are now doing and minimize the inflow.

        I notice Fox, Breitbart, Daily Caller and Daily Wire regularly report on the illegals who commit heinous acts against Americans. The undiscerning readers are given the false impression that this is an epidemic when it isn’t. This fuels the anti-immigrant sentiment that many Americans hold as well as perpetualizing negative stereotypes. It is a fact that many simply don’t want immigrants (or refugees) of color. I remember Trump wishing that we had immigrants from Norway.

        •Reply•Share ›
        Parker12 Jim Johnson • 3 hours ago
        I agree with what you are saying, go after the bad guys. However, the sanctuary cities do not turn illegal alien criminals over to ICE; although to the citizenry of these liberal cities, there isn’t any such thing as a criminal.
        You and others keep cycling back to this being a color thing for conservatives. It is not. It is a law an order issue; or more accurately, a follow the rules thing.
        If Democrats and Republicans would build the wall and secure the border, the average American would buy into amnesty. But when you see guys jumping fences, it pisses people off.
        Then, the government needs to allocate the resources necessary to process people faster. Finally, as much as people want to accept all of Central America; it just isn’t possible.
        •Reply•Share ›
        Spuddie • 9 hours ago
        ICE has zero regards for its own rules and the due process rights involved with immigration law. They are at this point a goon squad, not law enforcement officers.

        All this effort to fill up quotas with easy inoffensive targets is not substantive law enforcement efforts. All this effort and money is being spent to look for new and interesting ways to prevent people from exercising due process rights.

        Despite the hysterical claims by conservatives, the process derided as “catch and release” was effective on many levels. People who were released while they were awaiting their applications to be reviewed and ruled upon showed up to hearings for more than 90% of the time on their own. A far better rate than bail for most criminal charges. The idea that these people needed to be locked up and forcibly separated from their children is based on nothing more than white supremacist hysteria. All about treating people inhumanely for its own sake.

        BTW before the hysterical bigoted ignorant bandwagon starts rolling by, if we treated these people the way we treat criminals, there would be far fewer arrests and deportations in general. They would have greater rights and access to due process and representation.
        •Reply•Share ›
        Parker12 Spuddie • 7 hours ago
        If we treated these people the way we treated criminals, there would be far fewer arrests…..

        Thanks for pointing out (one of) the problem(s) with our criminal justice system…. although, liberals aren’t big on law and order.

        •Reply•Share ›
        Spuddie Parker12 • 7 hours ago
        That was a ridiculous response.

        Actually the problem is conservatives who think our criminal justice system should lack any and all due process rights and frequently ignore them in favor of abuse and profiteering.

        What we are seeing now is use of government agents to harass and attack people for little more than spiteful reasons and to normalize bigotry.

        I am sure you can sleep easy now that we have taken one inoffensive menial laborer spouse of a US citizen out of public view and thrown into an unregulated corrupt detention center where abuse is almost certain.
        •Reply•Share ›
        DougH • 2 hours ago
        “Recently, the American Civil Liberties Union filed a class-action lawsuit alleging officials for the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services have been coordinating with their counterparts at ICE to facilitate arrests at citizenship offices in New England.”

        This is the same ACLU that recently abandoned any support for presumption of innocence and due process when it comes to college students, right? Why should we care what they think?

        •Reply•Share ›
        Mark Connelly • 8 hours ago
        They do not have “rocky relations”, they have no relations.

        The ICE is charged with enforcing the law, there is no law of sanctuary in the USA, and the people being harbored and those harboring them are lawbreakers.—comments to one of shimron’s pcs


        parker12 called out SPUDDIE’s hypocrisy .. (prejudice? hatred of christian?) and his response demonstrates the usual ..”can’t listen to my own …honestly, because I sit in a highchair unable to know the ground (foundation) I sit upon” .. is in error. it’s a lie … to put it it more succinctly (shining LIGHT on its motif).

        and we call out mark connelly on his ..because his own institution is full of darkness.

        now… look closely each..

        “So you are calling ICE uncivilized murderous savages. Ok”-SPUDDIE

        ..after SPUD had written the following:

        “ICE has zero regards for its own rules and the due process rights involved with immigration law. They are at this point a goon squad, not law enforcement officers.

        All this effort to fill up quotas with easy inoffensive targets is not substantive law enforcement efforts. All this effort and money is being spent to look for new and interesting ways to prevent people from exercising due process rights.”

        this is your resident atheist’s double standard play, no?

        and what exactly is IMMIGRATION LAW? are we paying for ICE to break laws or to follow the law? what is THE LAW regarding illegals? are these people committing a crime or not by being in the US … illegally? undocumented? what is the law??? is THEIR law different from our own? are only some breaking laws?

        now allow us to address another atheist’s thinking .. jim johnson

        he states that “With over 10 million illegal residents, ICE needs to focus its limited resources on rounding up real criminals (gang members, drug runners, gun runners, rapists, murderers, etc.) instead of going after the low hanging fruit.” and..
        “I really don’t care if those cities are protecting people like Oliver-Bruno and their families. They aren’t the problem and we can’t waste resources on rounding them up even though they are breaking the law. You have to be practical. I’m even in favor of amnesty and giving legal status to those who contribute to our country. On the other hand we need to aggressively (but with due process) secure our borders better than we are now doing and minimize the inflow.”

        he believes these are breaking laws, but thinks ICE should go after the REAL criminals.

        our Q is what point does the illegal become a criminal? after he breaks a law ..which law? so breaking the law of illegal entry is a small c crime while drug running and murder, etc ..a large C? again, at what point is the law breaker committing larger crimes? and does he rape and murder his own undocumented KNOWING undocumented cannot speak for fear of being found out? how can laws of SAFETY AND PROTECTION applying to documented persons apply to undocumented if undocumented is ..unknown to the higher authority [the law]? does democrat (liberal-left) place illegal immigrates in greater danger by NOT providing them the same protection that his own house receives? {isn’t this what WE have been saying?}

        and ..if he is of the mindset to break the law of illegal entry wouldn’t it be within a country’s right to believe he can and will continue breaking laws?

        if a person lies to you about who-what he is you believe him a big L liar or a little l liar? at what point will his lie become … a greater problem? how about THEFT? if a person steals from you are you to ignore the theft, believing it not worth your concern?

        now back to connelly’s standing as a staunch advocate of roman catholic canon law .. a law that has within its belief and practice (foundation?) that one (member) should NEVER scandalize or allow scandal of its church (roman catholic/which BTW, JESUS of the Christ NEVER once mentioned as the Word of the Living … where TWO or MORE are gathered IN MY NAME …what name? MY Name. What is this Name ..?).

        NOW … from Luke 11.34:
        The light of the body is the eye: therefore when thine eye is single, thy whole body also is full of light; but when thine eye is evil, thy body also is full of darkness.

        sow … at WHAT point is it of TRUTH to show law breakers the law of your city?

        same can be asked of roman catholicism ..built on a foundation of law breaking (breaking of God’s law). it tortured and murdered, showed favoritism where GOD SHOWS NO FAVORITISM …and so on and so


  18. opheliart permalink

    it is better that the migrants be known rather than sneaking about the country ‘illegally’. for their own safety and protection if nothing else. but these MUST admit laws are being broken that are put in place for order and civil community. democrat’s lawless society places many at risk. now ..the sanctuary city … what is it? another law breaker? does it pay taxes like others are expected to pay taxes? are its criminals (child abusers) hidden from the law? who-what established ITSELF as above THE LAW? who-what continues to present itself as lawless?

    whose law? which law? I am required to pay and obey laws that are sometimes not within my …Faith, and institutions are exempt from having to pay? why the favoritism?

    also, how ‘good’ are these sanctuary churches at spotting liars, thieves and abusers? how about sex criminals? rapists? and would these sanctuary churches even admit to the authorities/turn over to authorities.. that they house ‘criminals’? what is their RECORD on law breaking? housing criminals? and why should any person/community member TRUST the sanctuary churches?

    • opheliart permalink

      it is sometimes amusing, sadly so …to listen to atheist rationalize his ‘faith’, and it is ..his faith, WHO-what he places his trust. on one hand he lashes out at worship houses; on the other, he shows favoritism for those breaking similar laws. so how can you trust the double standard? the hypocrisy? let your yes BE yes and your no BE no … or not?

      and before he realizes it, his city is overrun by the very religion/god he says he hates … does not believe in … does not trust.

      hmm …………

      • opheliart permalink

        now, back to JUNIPERO SERRA …

        him again?! yes, because you(s) STILL haven’t recognized your Error!

        so …according to parker12 and connelly and all roman catholics’s NOT ok to go to an island and get yourself killed for the gospel of … john CHAU? (as he was high on HISself, sadly ..lacking in Understanding of the Word. and WHOSE fault is that, rome???). but it’s okay to go in with an army and force … conversion??? you get CANONized that way ..correct, roman catholic? you force ideology-your theology-your methods on others … to get-get your way for POWER and CONTROL (big C, there, folks … as in = to … Criminal).

        who are your teachers? tsk-tsk-Tsk. who-what TAUGHT YOU this is Righteous, in the NAME of the Living … Christ?

        so …you see now how religions cannot compete ON TRuth, a Foundation of Trust in this Day? what is of its foundation is …false prophets and love of institution (creeds and ink that puts others at a disadvantage)

        what you can do should you desire the islanders to come into some modernity should something befall them (bad weather-sickness, a rogue individual ready to commit atrocity to its people)

        send out a boat with nice gifts (fruit the islanders may not be familiar with, hand-crafted pottery and safe utensils …maybe an instrument or two, and how about some painted art …an ikon, perhaps? of a woman and child … something that the islanders might be able to relate to and …replicate should it please them?). just get close enough to push the boat to the shore (if that’s even possible) and let the islanders take it from there. give them some time to yearn for more ..then send another boat ..with gifts … until you see some willingness to share on their part. but do not send anyone with an illness. you need a clean bill of health should you enter ..and it might be best to send female … and not male ..

  19. opheliart permalink

    are you talking about atheists …in that last? asks you.

    how perceptive you …is


    • opheliart permalink

      4,690 sharings .. feeding of the 5,000? but CHRIST did say we all fall short of the Glory of God..


      Ben in Oakland Elagabalus • 16 hours ago
      You should check out the comments by Roy hobbs and Strongs-something-or-other. They have informed me in ways I couldn’t even begin to explain about how the Israelites and the jews were different people, some crap about edomites and adamites, Jesus wasn’t really a Jew and here’s the proof, and on and on and on and on. Like you-know-who, they are more than happy to provide citations that actually contradict what they say, all in the name of trying not to be called bigots, under the assumption that no one would actually read their citations.

      As Rabbi Salkin says, its TWISTER, played on a grand scale.

      •Reply•Share ›
      Elagabalus Ben in Oakland • 15 hours ago
      You can’t fix stupid.


      aside from the unethical CHRISTLINESS of these 2 bigots …

      a child could figure out that JESUS is not a jew.

      JESUS CHRIST …does this sound jewwish to you, ben, elagabus???

      people ASSUME much regarding JESUS of the Story. many atheists and theologians having protested … not all of the stories actually occurred. so why would an atheist buy into the flaming rhetoric that JESUs just HAD to be a jew?! talk about contradictions! 😮

      let’s piece this together, shall we? CHRIST LIVES WITHIN … what? how? where? I may be israeli without a stitch of jew in Me? hmm ..

      how might this be possible? where—were YOU there during the TIME of Christ’s Disciples? easy answer on that …you were not. some body ..grafted incorrectly a TALE that created mass confusion. the jew? the romanist? those damned protestants that the jew and his ageists hate so much?

      what a cacophony of error …sheesh, but hey …you do not have to believe ME

      what comes will clear that air for ALL people.

      this is a WARNING to ALL. so … If I were you, jew, (and I AM NOT YOU) I would not be so quick to insult, slander and degrade while in the dark .. on the MATTER of CHRIST JESUS

      about a number of highly important ..things. in one very BIG way it has NOTHING whatsoever to do with YOU … as you do not believe in Christ! good grief, get over yourselves, please! and do not put out information on something you clearly do NOT understand … that creates a firestorm of what we read from ben and his brother elagabus.

      RED FLAG on that one … if THE moderator is in any way … not a raging bigot, hypocritical…ass.

      *watch them run like rabbits when it comes out that JESUS never actually …………

      • opheliart permalink

        4, 691 …


        and who will look VERY Stupid?

  20. opheliart permalink

    4, 692…

    ROMANS 2

    it begins with “O Man …” and in 17 the word instructs on the THEOLOGIAN (jew) .. those carrying the law .. and this is any person or body of persons that INSTRUCT on the law, while denying it. IOW, behaving hypocritically. {This} is prophetically the TEACHINGS of / ON Truth (a Christly Passion). jew in the Word of the Living is most definitely referring to a type of follower of a law or set of laws. why would any one believe every person alive in that day or any day had to be a jew that followed a law, or set of laws … in community of justice? the term used for someone we know today as theologians … was-is JEW

    do you read jewish …or just “indeed you are called a Jew, and rest on the law..”

    do you now HEAR this …first?

    • opheliart permalink

      ‘jew’ will be gasping for air once people begin to WAKE to the price of … Bread.

      • opheliart permalink

        fight until your DEAD ..that YOU are the Word of God, the one true … the ___, ___ ..

        but the YOUTH will be Energized to a REALITY not seen and heard before. start moving out of your obsessive ideology

        and please, for God’s Sake, STOP slandering, blaspheming, judging what you do not Know or Understanding!

  21. opheliart permalink

    4, 695..

    personally, I do not believe showing affection from man to man is the issue, and honestly …this pope’s intent is unclear. he has a very serious problem in his institution, and he is struggling to face it like the man that he is.

    • opheliart permalink



      regarding the roman pontiff’s ‘book’ and his concerns about gay priests.. it’s too late. we said before that to not allow gay seminarians and to remove all gay priests would leave the roman catholic church without much of its institution, which is necessary ..for it to be WHAt it is. this is fact. its law is what it is. these MEN used the homosexual as a celibate example, but with eyes half shut ..knowing they were as much sexually active as the heterosexual ..but in denial on the fact.

      you mean they readily accepted the gay men for the building of its institution? asks you. yes, they thought by doing this, esp as women began reading and using the bible more, coming into greater seats of religious prominence—heard and read more—they could snuff out any ‘female’ intuition by having men not interested in having women on board … so they used, often abusing, the gay priests. a truly sick institution. as you can clearly see turned out badly for them.

      any group/institution with that much prejudice and fear of women … ought not be considered well enough to speak on behalf of Christ. how much longer do you think it will take for people to wake to that as fact? hmm?

      and let us remind you, the roman catholic-catholic church is NOT the CHURCH spoken of in Matthew where JESUS of the Story tells PETER “he will build his Church”. that passage is referring to – toward … salutation of the GIFT of the Spirit in LIGHT of ..Truth, a Truth …and in the case of Christ … a gesture of Prophesy (a welcoming out of one thing and into something newly seen-heard).

      • opheliart permalink

        you do not believe .. the Prophesy written in REVELATION ..and so you struggle to understand the catharsis of Truth. what you bring upon yourselves is your downfall way of agnostic … arrogance within a house of sadducee. you judge what you do not KNOW. 17 ..the great harlot and her beast .. what do you know of it? I will show you the judgement of the great harlot ..
        but first, what is it? it is ITSELF a ghastly sore, a repetitious argument for the sake of insincere and morose …

        melodrama. within itself, apart from the One Truth (of either realm..this BEING of Vision and Hearing … and can ONE be a Prophet of both??? hmm..where might you find such a Gift?)

        if you desire to follow the Word .. become as One in Light of the Gift of Love. not treachery, betrayal, ignorance, arrogance … foolish and lawless … trusts.

  22. opheliart permalink

    the press is not being truthful about what the liberal-left has commanded of its house. france is in disarray … because you have a man taxing to suit his own cutthroat enterprise(s). did WE not say that you (the people?) will be betrayed … by their laws? either way, you suffer … until you understand you can be free of its beast (lie/deception) ..

    man’s PROPHECY is illegitimate.

    • opheliart permalink

      Michael • 10 hours ago
      I heard on the news that some European Jews want the Gospel labeled as Antisemitic. Does that mean Jesus Christ is Antisemitic? Jews who spoke against other Jews have been accused of that term. So is The Gospel Antisemitic?–salkin’s ..


      not to worry … as these drown in their own pool ..

      the “gospel” will become a Light unto the Heavens .. with or without the jew

  23. opheliart permalink

    and this was not spurned by the ‘far’ right … but some within the far right did join the protests. the liberal-left cannot point finger at conservatives and blame them ..huh, that’ll throw america off its target. let’s look at the socialist and liberal’s political agenda …

    must we list all its demands? google it … do your homework for a change AND …

    try to find an honest article stating EXACTLY what the socialists-liberals MUST do in order to get its political ideal in place. number one …

    where’s the $ going to come from? who ..will be paying for its REFORM (ah, that dreaded word ;(

    macron wants to force people to buy a brand that few can afford. is that how it works? force people to buy high-priced cars …to solve the fossil fuel dilemma ..

    sounds like the liberal-leftists in america ..forcing people to pay for mass immigration while they cannot afford to buy a house, or …keep their cars legal.

    like forcing people to eat healthy ..non pesticide foods..they can’t afford. now might be able to grow some of your own food, without pesticides ..if you have the property. that costs money too.

    and what I have read in several articles is that many french are upset about losing french culture .. to macron’s globalized industry. so macron is not very french?

  24. opheliart permalink


    PsiCop • an hour ago
    I love how the Catholic bishops have worked so hard to outlaw contraception — on the premise that, since they believe it to be wrong, and that it’s wrong for everyone (not just Catholics), ergo their “religious freedom” rights grant them the authority to outlaw them for everyone (otherwise, their religious right to outlaw it for everyone is being thwarted). But they haven’t similarly worked to outlaw other things, like capitol punishment and divorce, both of which are also wrong, according to Catholic doctrine, and wrong for everyone, not only Catholics.

    Talk about things that make you go “hmmmmmm.” Right?
    •Reply•Share ›
    FHRITP PsiCop • an hour ago
    I tried to make sense of your gibberish but couldn’t. Did you even bother to reread your comment?

    •Reply•Share ›
    PsiCop FHRITP • an hour ago
    Sorry to have mortally offended you by not splitting that sufficiently. I’ve edited it. Please see if it passes muster with you. And by all means, please edit everything I ever post! I wouldn’t want anything I write to offend you again.
    •Reply•Share ›
    FHRITP PsiCop • an hour ago
    I forgive you. Yeah, try again. You overuse commas like a 12 year old girl.

    •Reply•Share ›
    PsiCop FHRITP • an hour ago
    Gee thanks! Grammar Nazi much?
    •Reply•Share ›
    FHRITP PsiCop • 6 minutes ago
    You’re not welcome. Psst, yours were punctuation issues duмму, not grammar.

    •Reply•Share ›
    Mark Connelly FHRITP • an hour ago
    We all await your next comment which contributes nothing to advancing a discussion.

    •Reply•Share ›
    FHRITP Mark Connelly • an hour ago
    I’m not here to advance discussionsn. I’m a truth troll. I’m here to point out when people like you choose to hide behind lies instead of telling the truth.
    •Reply•Share ›
    Mark Connelly PsiCop • an hour ago
    I hate to disrupt one of your rants with facts, but the Catholic bishops did not try to outlaw contraception, let alone “work.. so hard to” do it.

    What they opposed was compelling those with religious objections to participate in procuring contraception.

    And several non-Catholic bodies joined them in that.

    •Reply•Share ›
    Spuddie • 2 hours ago
    The grand compromise is that contraceptives are available to people without undue restriction and Catholic dogmatists will continue to claim its a bad thing and keep their noses out of the private affairs of others. There is zero reason to take the “religious freedom” argument seriously. There is no religious freedom argument made for forcing others to follow your faith.

    There is no reason whatsoever for an employer of any type to be micromanaging the care options of employees. Especially as to what is federally determined minimum coverage they demanded in existing legislation.

    The problem has nothing to do with religious faith or dogma or even attitudes towards contraception. It has to do with allegedly religious people having no regard for the lives of others and demanding by coercion that people follow their beliefs. The Little Sisters of the Poor ultimately lost their case against signing a waiver and letting employees obtain their own insurance.
    •Reply•Share ›
    PsiCop Spuddie • an hour ago
    Re: “There is no religious freedom argument made for forcing others to follow your faith.”

    Actually … there is! You see, Catholics believe certain things are forbidden … for everyone, not just Catholics. Because they believe those strictures are universal, if they truly have “religious freedom,” then it’s incumbent on everyone, not just Catholics, to obey them. For anyone to insolently refuse to live according to the dictates of Catholicism is to deny Catholics their belief in the universality of their rules. Not obeying them denies their freedom to believe as they wish.
    •Reply•Share ›
    Spuddie PsiCop • 40 minutes ago

    •Reply•Share ›
    PsiCop Spuddie • 39 minutes ago
    Actually, it’s not, because someone of them truly, and ardently, believe what I just typed.
    •Reply•Share ›
    Spuddie PsiCop • 30 minutes ago
    I know. I was being optimistic about human nature.

    •Reply•Share ›
    tatoo • 2 hours ago
    Why are Christians so obsessed with sex? Anyway, less birth control will lead to more abortions.
    •Reply•Share ›
    Mark Connelly tatoo • an hour ago
    They’re not.

    In fact the word “sex” almost invariably winds up in the Comments first in the comment of an LGBT or atheist commenter, sometimes a commenter who is both.

    •Reply•Share ›
    FHRITP Mark Connelly • an hour ago
    “They’re not??” Really? 300 pedophile priests recently revealed in Philadelphia alone!! Let that sink in, clueless deity worshipper. 300!!! That’s like…all of them.
    •Reply•Share ›
    Mark Connelly FHRITP • an hour ago
    The word “sex” almost invariably winds up in the Comments first in the
    comment of an LGBT or atheist commenter, sometimes a commenter who is both.

    We can add “pedophile/pedophilia” which almost invariably is first mentioned in the Comments by anti-Catholics like yourself.

    •Reply•Share ›
    FHRITP Mark Connelly • 44 minutes ago
    300 child rapist priests!! In ONE diocese!! That’s not an exception. That’s like…all of them!!
    •Reply•Share ›
    Elagabalus • 2 hours ago
    The one and only rationale given against the use of contraceptives in this already overpopulated world is the dubious theology that insists that all sexual activity (which in this same theology is limited to men and women, of course) must be “open to the formation of life.” In other words: because God supposedly said to Adam and Eve in the Book of Genesis, “be fruitful and multiply” when the earth (according to Genesis) only had two living human beings in it, we’re supposed to take that admonition seriously today when the earth is already beyond its capacity to comfortably sustain life with roughly eight billion human beings all clamoring for ever-dwindling natural resources. And this is supposed to be a responsible, “pro-life” position? I think not. This is fundamentalism expressed in Catholic form that has fossilized a teaching that should have evolved a long, long time ago in response to new data. But because it is still needed to prop up an ancient doctrine so that the churches who believe this way won’t have to admit that they were ever wrong about anything, it has left in its wake extreme overpopulation and children born with the HIV virus all over the world, and it will eventually lead to future starvation as the world’s resources become depleted, a process which will accelerate rapidly once a certain tipping point is reached. And so I ask again, this is supposed to be “pro-life?”
    •Reply•Share ›
    Mark Connelly • an hour ago
    “Take the Catholic bishops’ opposition to the contraceptive mandate in the Affordable Care Act. Their position has almost zero support nationally.”

    Prescinding for a moment from the fact that their position did NOT have almost zero support nationally, this is an amazing comment coming from a priest in Catholic Church, albeit in the Society of Jesus, the same order as the author of “Who am I to judge?”.

    “No matter what Trump does, these states can still force employers, including religious institutions, to provide contraceptives in their employee health plans.”

    That is demonstrably untrue.

    The President can support legislation which conditions receipt of Federal funds by states for health care on not forcing religious institutions to provide contraceptives.

    Fr. Thomas “Can’t we all just get along” Reese continues to demonstrate why he was removed as editor of America magazine.–comments to reese-rns


    WE believe presidents and government should try to stay out of … marriage/civil unions and … the sex lives of people ..UNLESS there is criminality..

    but that would require both religion and government to agree on what is criminal.

    also, government should stop right now all taxpayer dollars going to any organization that cannot come to terms with its institutionalized corruption, sex crimes and … where there is little to no agreement on what is actually criminal/a crime/criminal activity …oh, and the obvious INJUSTICE (denying female positions given to men because she is a she, not a he).and no taxpayer should be going against CONSCIENCE on matters relating to lack of transparency … of-within any group/organization.

    allow employers to provide a cap …as in ‘here’s what each employee gets for health insurance ..under insurance __.’ each employee gets to decide which items that insurance will cover … like food in the cabinet or frig … once it’s gone, its gone, and employee gets to decide which INSURANCE he wants to support .. rather than the employee making the deal. it is merely offering some incentive to do the job required of him in the best way possible FOR co/employer. some want nothing to do with contraceptives, but if baby five forces you out of your insurance … you(s) did it and no one else. same goes for the sexually active ..not desiring the child

    employers cannot be responsible for every single desire/practice of its employee, religious, secular, cult driven or politically ..inept. and government should not be telling you and your partner(s) what you can and cannot do UNLESS there is evidence in some form that lifestyle A, B, C … M, Q, T … whatever ..demonstrates high risk relating to bodily harm, deaths … mental instability and so on IMPACTING OTHERS.. costing lives, placing children, pets, environment -neighbor in some type of danger. government should be focused on the bigger picture …

    and yes, there are people with special needs ..IOW, needing something more ..are we not yet there? do we not yet know where children are born with extra concerns-burdens? these should receive WHAT MAKES SENSE IN SOCIETY … FREE, yes … free. to help families cope, and hopefully succeed as a family.

    but what if those children are burdened because of the parents’ lifestyle?

    bigger picture?

    not sure government of its 2-3 party signature can deal with such necessary concerns/needs. it’s still groveling in the dirt …name calling.

    • opheliart permalink

      it does no one any good to blame ‘christian love’ for a dealing with this epidemic in tanzania or anywhere else. how do you stop it—address the cause in an honest and practical manner, and who should be paying for this immense feat? where do you begin? one must first understand WHERE it all began, and how it spreads … so consistently…yes?

      it makes absolute sense that some people don’t want anything to do with having to accept and pay for the drugs of those using ..

      that creates such an epidemic …

      fair enough? or do you believe one should be FORCED to pay for the lifestyles of others where death and destruction is … imminent, and where expensive drugs are what people using become dependent …ON

      why respect what does not respect you, or the freedom to be of a society free of such …illnesses?

      • opheliart permalink

        how do you get rid of HIV-AIDs altogether? I mean … rid society of this terrible illness? one cannot move out of infected society if one is relying on others to rectify ..

        satisfy by way of drugs, drugs and more drugs. stronger, more potent, highly time consuming and $$$$$$$ drugs? what is wrong with man that he does not learn the way of Truth … the TRUTH about certain dangers? harmful … deadly, destructive … …

  25. opheliart permalink

    it was shown to me some time ago that dorothy day was cloaking communist agenda with catholicism. author in wordpress, catholic eye, asks why day didn’t call out the evils of communism. we and many others ask why does not call out the evils of catholicism BY MOVING OUT OF communist idea. how is catholic ‘a’ different from catholic ‘b’ if both pay into and support a misogynistic, infantile, corrupt … immensely abusive … institution? you are what you eat? you feed on something enough you become of IT?

    if CHRIST lives within in …’what’ (DO YOU KNOW THIS???)…why would Christ abuse Christly Presence by paying into and supporting such a derelict and evil … industry? this is what catholics do not-cannot understand … while standing in catholic house. he hears no evil? refuses to see the evil … standing directly in front of him? he can’t tell the difference between what is right and what is wrong? he knows not JESUS of the Christ? he drapes himself in roman catholic insignia and God cannot KNOW him?

    author seems to think it’s ok for catholic ‘a’ to pump political RELIGIOUS fascism into any area its hierarchy tells him he must control … forcing obedience/conversion (heard not a peep about serra’s canonization from catholic ‘a’ or catholic ‘b’)…but not ok for catholic ‘b’ to believe in his own forced …agendas.

    which demonstrates what? a latent stage hypocrisy? history repeating, of course, as this is what MAN is OF … a repeating cycle of failing insignias. day didn’t just come late to that table to denounce the evils of marxism ..she never once criticized the institution’s sex crimes, its masterful Abuse. that’s truly an UNKNOWING part in the history of mankind…

    are you listening, bishops/priests? because your dishonest, misogynistic, communist asses will be out the door … fairly soon. what comes will be TURNING THE TABLES, and you will be fleeing those houses ..

    and all your current religious venues will dry up.

    • opheliart permalink

      why is it that catholic sees the devastation, the error, the failed compromise, the deception and the hierarchal lies of marxism/communism and fascism that DEMANDs of you its own LAW …but not how its roman catholic institution began its dynasty, its bloodbath of a caliphate gain power and control? its history is horrid … its foundation a devil dressed in regal costume ..its prophet (infallible church claiming to be God’s mouthpiece) a deal maker of the most hypocritical and dishonest means …with abuse its namesake, torture, forced conversion and … death .. its helmsman ..

      people look at the man hitler and spit, and cry out … “the horror!” movies are made to specialize a certain ethnic-religious … man..

      but what of the trillions of others, caught in the mayhem of other regionalistic regimes?

      I am reading WILD SWANS The Three Daughters of China by Jung Chang ..and I am astounded by the history of horror, the total disregard for humanity, human flesh and right of life, living ..decency. and their view of women? AWFUL! japan’s ugly attack on the chinese and the chinese treating their own horrendously. page 93-94 last night I put down the book … how do I sleep – rest ..well with such ugliness filling my mind? I think of those immersed in its industry in such … terror, and know …how man feeds, seeds, breeds that this never ends. even in ‘western’ ideology, his love of horror and violence, sickness … in movies and books …making money …filling the minds and hearts of a society. as if he did not get enough from the actual dealmaking???

      women committing suicide ..rather than remarry ..after her husband dies. why? what they ‘celebrated’ in their teaching is that a woman once she passes will be sawed in two …the property of two men …each getting half. and this ..

      in pictures … lessons … taught to the children. communist china? buddhism? japanese insignia? who created such a Terrorist that dreamers should become so conflicted, filled with fear and …

      saturated to the point of …eternal hell?

      what you see in history IS Hell, folks!! it is YOUR Hell, and where you placed people in such hellish lifestyles … by your forced conversions.

      roman catholicism, and other religions, and politics …as religion is politics … WILL DIE, fade out, dry up ..

      WE warn for your own safety and protection! something comes that will show you (institution: catholic, and others) what you are … BY WHAT YOU DID to GET to be [catholic] and .. and it’s not good. it’s not Christly and it’s not …

      the Fountain of Truth. something comes that will show ALL of your religious-political prophets …

      as error. indigent. indecent and sadly, horribly .. off.

      • opheliart permalink

        why should we fear what comes? asks you. if it is God (Truth), would this not be just and merciful … ?

        you need not fear the Truth, unless, of course, you are evading this … deceiving others, lying and treating others horribly, unjustly … abusively … placing others in DANGER. the catholic has more than just the crime of sex abuse of children to account for. how any person can still claim to be catholic KNOWING its institution is corrupt, dishonest and terribly diseased is a wonder … a sad, sad difficult-to-BELIEVE … in this DAY … wonder. if he would step out of that institution … along with his children just think how many children will be spared that …crime. he thinks he knows and can control the priests and…bishops, but he lives in ignorance ..unless he has known all along about this and other crimes, the cover ups ..

        so he should fear. and what does he bring on those innocent, the vulnerable? that is a track I would want to be so far away from …that sea id dark and deep, and with a weight around your neck …:(

        what comes will show all religions to be sadly …poor, and many …evil.

        if you desire to know the Truth, you take up what is you and only you (not your institutions in all its heavy artillery, inked oppression) and you follow {this} … for Life … ETERNALLY.

        for the EVOLUTION of Man within the Care of God: Humanity.

  26. opheliart permalink

    do you get what we are saying or are you still in the dark?

    religion minding is own business, doing what it wants to do for the hungry, like soup kitchens … and maybe putting out info … something like: ___ soup kitchen, all are welcome .. if you want to help .. contribute … see __, and volunteer, see __

    but what we have instead is religion married to politicians, forcing its agenda on you … or, the reverse. either way … it expects that YOU pay. bishops, hierarchy, men and men using women for political and religious agenda. suddenly it becomes your religion even where you do not want it. and historically, it is shown that if you disagree … you are attacked. and atheists today fall right in line with the theology of ego …

    feeding the snipers.

    • opheliart permalink

      if you don’t get it yet … ask the catholic and his brother what happened to

      the gnostic.

      um ….

      • opheliart permalink

        you don’ think you will end up being held accountable for all those deaths? the torture, the murder, the mistranslations and … misuse of person?

        think again … you are what you eat, and if you behave like the piggy cult institutions that stole the Writings for mass product to enslave …

        by way of much ignorance and arrogance, the harm done generation after generation, you are sadly in the dark.

        LORD, LORD …

        I never knew you?

  27. opheliart permalink

    got partway through this, and stopped … same old-same old … theology on tap is why the ROMAN catholic church should be flagged (as in RED alert … everywhere——where people want-desire-need to EVOLVE!)

    what is IT ‘teaching’ your FUTURE???

    • opheliart permalink

      HONESTLY … TRUTHFULLY … I am looking at zionism (not ethnic) to see-hear WHAT it has to offer!

      • opheliart permalink

        the Blue Rider Almanac .. Alf and I were shown this, and I was shown SPIR/Spirrealism ..
        so … what happened?
        WE were, I thought, on board to something Spiritually-Artistically .. amazing.

        can ZIONISM take up this and

        Fly it?

  28. opheliart permalink

    wait-wait! what happened to it?


    • opheliart permalink

      to might behoove, rns, to consider … this for..


      some ‘things’ .. interestingly, are ahead of its Time


      • opheliart permalink

        Jeffrey • 13 hours ago
        It seems the Rabbi didn’t read the entire article, or chose to address a minor point.

        “According to most modern scholars — and a few rabbis I called on to help me out — the story of Hanukkah is based on a historical conflict between the Maccabees and the Hellenized Jews, the former being religious zealots who lived in the hills of Judea and practiced an ancient form of guerrilla warfare, the latter being mostly city-dwelling assimilationists who ate pork, didn’t circumcise their male children and made the occasional sacrificial offering to pagan gods.

        “Some of the details are up for debate, depending on which texts you consult. But everyone agrees that the Maccabees won out in the end and imposed their version of Judaism on the formerly Hellenized Jews. So Hanukkah, in essence, commemorates the triumph of fundamentalism over cosmopolitanism. Our assimilationist answer to Christmas is really a holiday about subjugating assimilated Jews.”…
        that’s a comment from salkin’s opinion pc-rns

        the pc I read yesterday ..and I wondered on its ‘authenticity’ ..the account of HANUKKAH. recall we shared … what forced something to stop the cause of freedom? the moving into something new?

        War. for its own political religious agenda? and I wonder, silk’s opinion pc, which, last I checked .. had no comment ..why is HANUKKAH so darn long? as in ‘will IT ever end?’

        the War, silk? still mopping the brow of the jew .. as he waits for his MESSIAH? what if … Messiah is already HERE? what if … jew cannot see Messiah for all his judaism? and all his jewishness?

        yes, we can make …light … of some things, critique, if you dare … even satirize .. those things in society that really say what about you, your ID, your … “god(s)”?

        and, it makes good sense to critique WHAT people expect you to assimilate ..into. but what if neither is the drink of the Prophet of Trust—what can Be Trusted?

        sow …along comes the new Kid and … the Story demonstrates a ..

        Parable …highly misunderstood?

        hmm ..

        And he said, Verily I say unto you, No prophet is accepted in his own country?

  29. opheliart permalink

    monday … monday … can u trust that day?

    Jeffrey • 3 days ago
    It seems the Rabbi didn’t read the entire article, or chose to address a minor point.

    “According to most modern scholars — and a few rabbis I called on to help me out — the story of Hanukkah is based on a historical conflict between the Maccabees and the Hellenized Jews, the former being religious zealots who lived in the hills of Judea and practiced an ancient form of guerrilla warfare, the latter being mostly city-dwelling assimilationists who ate pork, didn’t circumcise their male children and made the occasional sacrificial offering to pagan gods.

    “Some of the details are up for debate, depending on which texts you consult. But everyone agrees that the Maccabees won out in the end and imposed their version of Judaism on the formerly Hellenized Jews. So Hanukkah, in essence, commemorates the triumph of fundamentalism over cosmopolitanism. Our assimilationist answer to Christmas is really a holiday about subjugating assimilated Jews.”–salkin’s pc-rns


    “Our assimilationist answer to Christmas is really a holiday about subjugating assimilated Jews.”

    do we read this incorrectly or is it the jew whining about CHRISTMAS again? meanwhile he probably makes a sh**load of $ at CHRISTMAS time, but don’t investigate his financial arena .. it might embarrass him.

    biting the hands that feed?

    his ASSIMILATIONISM is all about what he LIKES and what he doesn’t like from one secular minute to the next? or is it about still playing god of the universe based on his AGENDAS? he fancies himself a … vicim while victimizing others. how great thou art? his jew god … is

    undeniably ..wrath-filled and

    he wants you to give up CHRISTMAS (no matter how you spend your cash–where and with whom) because he believes himself … subjugated?

    you know what WE say? go back to where you came if you don’t like Christmas. sowwww where exactly is it that the jew moved from?

    • opheliart permalink

      sowwww, jew … nation-state israel gets bombed by iran and its allies, don’t come crying to the US for money and military to fight your bloody wars. use your “ASSimulated jew” to fight your WAR! allow the rest of us to celebrate CHRISTMAS how we choose. but what if our entanglement in GLOBAL affairs gets Us into war with iran?

      do we blame thejew or the government that never learned the meaning of PEACE???

      • opheliart permalink

        far as WE can … TELL, liberal-left ‘ASSimulated’ jew is as much a party to the warfare as the parties he opposes. yes?

  30. opheliart permalink

    ah, something comes that gives credibility to ..

    every knee shall bow and every tongue confess …

    THAT JESUS CHRIST IS LORD, having very little to do with how you spend… christmas. and the jew ON either side of that straw … will be without NAMESAKE unless he knows this Prophet on Truth. as he stands now … his PROPHET as the chosen is … where? many jews do not believe the old T prophets even existed … so WHERE is his FLESH and his BLOOD Prophet on Truth, the Truth … or are we just expected to believe what he says, do what he says to do, obey his beliefs (from one secular political-religious moment to the next) because he says to, or else YOU are anti-jew? lose your job, community … country

    (while he hands it over to the french? the islamic entry-muslim brotherhood? roman catholic insignia aiming to join ward with ignorant caliphate, once again, that all might be forced into subjugation …

    history repeating??? just sows he can say he won the race…card?)

    Philippians 2:10-11 New King James Version (NKJV)

    10 that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those in heaven, and of those on earth, and of those under the earth, 11 and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

    • opheliart permalink

      should he read this in SPIR, might he be embarrassed … due to his arrogant self-indulgence and bitter lies, or will he go on the Attack?

      we have only to bring up one word/issue……….. … Taxes?

      who thunk up that for situational biology?

      • opheliart permalink

        Ben in Oakland • 31 minutes ago
        As has been pointed out in every single article on this unfortunate boy, every single point the author brings up in his defense has absolutely no basis in fact, logic, or experience. So what if he inoculated himself? Most of the time, that would protect him, not the Islanders. So what if you was in quarantine for a while? That doesn’t do a thing about the bugs that he is carrying that could be fatal to them, nor does it obviate the fact that he was not in quarantine, eating food, and in contact with the local Indian population on his way to the island. So what if he immersed himself in linguistics studies? He didn’t study THEIR language, but shouted at them in Xhosa, which had all of the intelligence of handing them an iPad. He disobeyed the law, even though one of his Christian instructions is to obey the civil authorities. He was warned off the island by the Islanders themselves, but was just too full of himself to listen to them either.

        This whole article is nothing but a justification for the self entitlement of a sociopathic young man with a narcissistic personality disorder. “Don’t worry, darkies. I’ll save you!” Hopefully, they’ll survive his ill thought out incursion.—rns


        “don’t worry whities, we’ll save you!” as ebola and various ‘other’ serious damaging and DANGEROUs LIFE-KILLING …

        outside the nation diseases come inside while liberal says, “how INSULTING! how insulting that you should ever be concerned about …

        what is out … might be … coming in!!”

        hmm … the Garden of Eden …

        rich or poor?

  31. opheliart permalink

    growing-oh-so-weary of the hypo-cry drama …

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