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and if you don’t …?

January 15, 2017


go along with it are you ostracized? what happens when you, for your own reasons and your own belief and practice regarding activist groups, decide not to don the shirts and wear the buttons for BLM? will you be taunted? attacked?  maybe your house and family targeted … by students and co-workers … maybe even complete strangers that know nothing about you and what you believe? or even what you have done in these areas to assist in awareness.


the vultures are out … eager to feed. they have feasted and desire more …


we have seen what happens when someone does not go along with the politically correct of secular agents. just look at the last 12 months and you will get a clear idea of where and how these can go wrong. and social media fiends will make sure you are demonized no matter what you believe. 




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    • opheliart permalink

      how is providing billions for warring good for anyone?

      see any parallels in these two stories? see any parallels within the US?


      we posted in SPIR many months ago: WE ARE ONE WITH MEXICO!

      seems we really are …

      the terrorizing, the victimizing … the blood baths … drugs, alcohol, weed … gang violence … torture … sexual abuse. if people think mexico is rough, take a look at chicago 2016, CA, or florida …

      now please share in how you think a democrat in the white house has been taking up these issues, along with the malpractice and corruption in every institution shown thus far … in the most serious manner possible……. or a republican … or any other of set party, saying, he truly cares about the health and well being of american residents, and visiting tourists.

      believe us when we say … people will be begging for a staunch and tough leader. cute, funny … suave, a smooth talker? not so much. people will be begging for protection, some assurance that their children, their elderly parents, their wives and their husbands in the schools, traveling, at the mall … driving the streets with their friends (not smoking pot, or drinking/doing drugs) … going to sports activities, music festivals and concerts … out shopping, sitting at restaurants and coffee/tea/juice bars … are safe. if your politicians don’t stop worrying about looking politically correct, or playing preacher to the masses … using religion and color and causes to dictate action … what are you? if you deny where the root of the problems fester and ignite—where the disease runs loose … what are you?

      • opheliart permalink

      • opheliart permalink

        thank G-D you are coming to your Senses :0


        added wed.

        Lee Bishop • 12 hours ago
        A cathedral is the ultimate symbol of Christendom. The “early church that stood up to Rome” had none. If the Episcopal Church considers its past “anachronistic” and wishes to become countercultural, let it forsake cathedrals. The story goes that, as he was showing Thomas Aquinas the glories of the Vatican, Pope Innocent IV remarked: “The Church can no longer say, silver and gold have I none.” Thomas replied, “Nor can we say, “In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk.”


        the do-gooders… those catholic charities … huh, are these really all that they’re cracked UP to be?

        or do the rich get richer while the poor get poorer, while the spread of disease …continues, under roman catholic contra?

        abuse isn’t happening in the church today? uh-huh. tell that to the victims … all over the world.
        regarding the sanctuary cities and incoming refugees:
        read an article recently where a marine having done two tours in afghanistan says he has no issues with skin color or anything like that, but has WITNESSED first hand how islam, in a nation (governance) allowing belief/practice in its truest and fullest intent—what it believes as a patriarchal political system, run and ruled by men, by way of its founding patriarch, islam’s prophet muhammad—treats women, and it was not good, not proper and certainly not civil … and he says he does not want this in his community. he does not want to see women treated this way, as property, as a lesser community member … anywhere.

        yes, I agree… wholeheartedly, and would add that this underscores attempts at assisting women ravaged by abuse, underpaid and denied vocational opportunities. and the majority responding—secular leftist liberals— pushing the refugee programs, called him a RACIST. says racism is the underlying reason he does not want huge numbers moving into american communities.

        atheists labeling and calling him racist? the marine said nothing of his beliefs, as a matter of fact, he says he does not want the personal beliefs of others intimidating him or his family, by way of force—being forced to accept and go along with EVERYTHING charity/religion/state agenda decides, as he finds this to be an unsafe practice. and he is concerned about safety where large numbers of people are brought in unaccustomed to american way of life, and desiring such an extreme belief-practice where women are treated as property.

        hmm … racism … as in anti-race in the name of islam? 😉

        let’s again look at how the vets have been treated in america and … where cities and towns fail their citizens decade after decade after decade and … where large establishments ignore, lie and hide systemic abuse, serious abuse, criminal offense … like in the roman catholic church regarding the clergy/staff sexual abuse of children headed from the top down. and YOU trust catholic charities to run a decent and honest program? as an example, how do you know these higher ups aren’t pocketing a lot of the money allocated for these refugees/immigrants? what’s in it for them? certainly not a concern for overpopulation and what it will do to the environment, the schools, housing and …, the handing out of condoms? 😦 … evidence is shown where a large establishment like the RCC stands on these issues. and the spread of disease … unwanted and abuse of children and WHERE is the “holy” father in these affairs?

        AND …

        seems on and after sept 24, 2015 … many pastors missed this:

        The cross shows us a different way of measuring success. Ours is to plant the seeds. God sees to the fruits of our labors. And if at times our efforts and works seem to fail and not produce fruit, we need to remember that we are followers of Jesus Christ and his life, humanly speaking, ended in failure, the failure of the cross.—pope francis (george b)

        humanly speaking, ended in failure … the failure of the cross?

        did any body bother to question their master on this bit of preaching? what do the Writings say about THE CROSS>

        LUKE 14.27

        “And whoever does not bear his cross and come after Me cannot be called My disciple …………..”

        the cross a failure? do you think this man has missed the message of the cross?

        it is your choice, of course, pope francis is more popular than ever among roman catholics and nones. which do you follow?

        Betty Clermont • 19 minutes ago
        The world’s most admired spiritual leader is the Dali Lama. The pope is only the 13th most admired man. ( That’s because the same for-profit US media that gave the GOP nomination to Trump and sustains an entirely false depiction of the pope is not operative in the rest of the world.

        😀 …


        zuckerburg was raised jewish but now says religion is important. hmm … he is also eying the oval office?

        religion is useful, he means, for his agenda? which religion? the religion of politics? now where (who-what) do you think these atheists will align with to get into office? in his tweet, Z, never specified a SPIRITUAL affiliation … he did not witness on anything regarding the Writings nor did he share his passion for Truth. so … it is religion that he will marry into … for … a position in politics. yep, you will know them by their fruits. I can just feel the LOVE emanating from him in his love for “God” 😉


        was on an amazon discussion forum for a while where the novelist ann rice seemed to be everywhere. I posted about the orthodox CHRIST-CENTERED ‘old’ testament: ah, a love letter for Me! she thought I was nuts. seems she doesn’t understand the Language … maybe her chagrin in the JESUS writing sent her looking for other profitable words, like vampires feeding?


        comment: apparently the americans are the only ones who have to obey the law.

        oh, boy …

        now, dear lawmakers, law enforcement, council of judges, party partials … how long do you think people will be up for your pope’s immigration policies? when more and more and more things occur, including more murders … do you think the citizens will come to their senses and say, what in hell is going on?! duh. whose idea was this? who pushed this in congress? who is the establishment-organizations responsible for this errant lawlessness and instability?

        like we said, illegals, undocumented … come forward now … in honesty, that you will not be counted among the accused …for the really, REALLY bad stuff. allow yourselves to be reviewed … allow the proper authorities (are there any on this?) to investigate your situation, and to hopefully receive help.

  1. opheliart permalink–politics.html

    that our democracy stays healthy …

    hmm … it is our view that democracy is different for obama than it is for your average citizen. even where both are democrat. I have tried and still try to see where obama understands that democracy is a place without rules. laws. laws that forbid a nexus of evidence with church-state affairs. how does one view israel in a land of cain?

    how does one view israel in the land of cain? the nation under the PM is, of course, flawed … like most nations under manmade law, like most of mankind. many can agree on this. only a man claiming to be THE prophet, the last and final on the matter of G-D, idolizes himself. sets himself up as master over all … while enslaving children, sexually, in a perverted and ignorant manner, using and abusing … while building a f-ing army to gain power and control. enter obama’s prophet: muhammad. it does not matter what he wrote, said … like many politicians with speech writers and massive campaign establishments and a lotta $ … what matters is what he did with those words. and the prophet of islam is not someone I will ever consider worthy of truth. ick. and obama thinks our future should not slander him? hmm … what happens in palestine should someone slander islam’s prophet?

    do you think obama has lost his mind? or is it he does not live in the reality of true liberty? should palestine be given its way, what do you think will happen to israel? how about america for that matter? geographically, the nations surrounding israel are what type of nations—ruled by what? how?

    why would any person in GOOD, decent, Faith want a world under islamic law? I would not want the rabbinical courts either 😉 but sharia law, or anything resembling this? I can’t say it enough … you give an inch and more and more and more is taken. forcefully.

    was told the liberal will be hated for his push in areas politically.

    so … choose your words carefully and … sensibly.


    obama sugar-coated imperialism while trump is up front and in your face imperialistic?

    so … leftist, muslim … one was dishonest while the other honest about its imperialism? one whitewashed it, while the other owns up to it? 🙂

    how about owning up to what your prophet [islam] is——-did.

    • opheliart permalink

      so … why bother giving israel a lot of $ if you are going to turn around and hand it over to the palestinian authorities? the world needs another islamic nation? not following the logic on this, really … because you should KNOW what will happen. if you don’t you are either living in denial or … lying.

      and I am not anti-muslim … just look at the evidence of THE FASTEST GROWING POLITICAL RELIGION. it’s evidence right before your eyes should you open them.

      am I anti-islam? why yes … in much the same way that I am anti-roman catholicISM. I no likey what these represent, the force used to gain power and control, and how they treat female and so many others, along with the fact they they are manmade POLITICAL religions with a mission of control over others. things prevent them, yes … and sadly, warring, but why must I respect what does not respect ME?
      and, where in any civilized society must I go along with patriarchal religion or be demonized? stuck with labels and such. people don’t like a lot of things and no one attacks them. I detest the idea of man butchering dogs … using them to fight … or … butchering other animals to eat. I am not anti-meat eater, but I don’t like it. don’t attack me because your belief and practices think I should … respect it. I don’t. as a matter of fact, I hate the very thought of wee animals, innocent animals, being cut down so that man can chow down but … if you got nothin’ else to eat I get it. I really do. if you got nothin’ else to eat …

      so why make it that everybody must eat your … islamic prophet? ugh! and must all wear the skin of a meat-eater?

      people choose not to buy into the industry of animal cruelty for the fashions of the day and hopefully these people are not demonized for doing so …


      can anyone deny islam’s prophet muhammad used women and girls to amass an army? slaves to amass an army? no, I will never submit to this, bow to it or consider it acceptable, decent just or of truth, and NEVER will I pay into and support what I know to be uncivil, unjust and … ignorant.

      very simply … these are not my GOD. very up front honest and true … it’s not my Truth. I will not play your politically correct games to amass an army … you know what comes, lawmaker, why do you lie to the people? why do you hold back what you are planning? I see what you do. you follow the way of the caliphs. that is your way but it is not mine.

      a few have said that what we say is necessary. thank you for saying it, they say, keep up the good work, it is needed. they are afraid to speak their heart for fear of being attacked, reputation ruined, and for fear of being targeted. I am not in any religion or institution that will fire me and destroy my reputation, and I have already been rejected and targeted 😉 … ROMAN CATHOLIC IDIOCY had already done that, as a one of gnosis, out see, I do not subscribe to idiocy. and so I AM FREE to speak what is necessary in this Day, for I am one to move. those who hear me hear the work of my “father”. I am Spirit Artist … and will remain in this.

      dare to challenge me on Truth?

    • opheliart permalink

      we know we need police, those first responders. anyone who thinks we don’t need someone trained in the event of accident or an attack is not being sensible, but we also need to address the inconsistencies in law enforcement. flush out the ignorance and raise them up in honesty with a new mind for detail. we also need some form of border control … absolutely and … we need to start flushing out neighborhoods. it has to happen.
      if you have nothing to hide … why fear? if you are doing no harm to another, why fear? we are not speaking of any nation but america right now. if you are in the country illegally come forth. it is better to be honest on these matters than to live in fear and to find you and your children removed because you were not being fair to others, those here legally … even if many act illegally. now is the time to come forth … show that your intent, that you have been hard working … where you work. things may improve if you are clean. so called christian society will be held accountable for bad behavior.

      and please don’t place yourselves in debt when you don’t have to. hold off on starting a family until you are more secure. restraint … my friends, restraint in some areas is necessary but in others? come forth. it is important that you show the nation your intent. once the nation sees the numbers, it will be better in understanding how many refuge centers we really have.

      EVERY ONE SHOULD BE ACCOUNTED FOR … every man, woman and child in the US should be accounted for. evert individual should be on record as someone living somewhere with ___ number of children and who these children are.


      we can help only if we know you.

      • opheliart permalink

        it is not the way of Truth to have children to abandon them to the culture of these times. separate yourselves from the ink and the madness that you might be known. do not follow the way of your brother should he fail to be honest. do not marry into ignorance and denial. do not be a part IN the careless and inconsistent feeding. if your superiors are not honest and they cheat you … report them to the proper authorities. where you witness abuse, call it out, but do not attack without knowledge. do not jump on the bandwagons of arrogance and ignorance and please, do not play the martyr for suicide.

  2. opheliart permalink

    many people of color (as these often prefer to be named) ignore the fact that they were once slaves to their kings … their chiefs. seems many of them still are. there is no excuse for the poor and disgusting and UNJUST treatment of anyone, black or white, MALE OR FEMALE … or child. so why do you still pay into and support unjust and poor treatment of female … and child? you allow your heads of religion and state to abuse. to lie and hide crimes … to pay female less $ money for the same job. you cover for illegalities and the crimes. you are unjust … you are selfish and you neglect the duties of proper parenting.

    and you demand justice? do you even know what this is? you cannot have B until you learn A! you cannot get an “A” until you have done the work necessary to earn it.

    are you listening?

  3. opheliart permalink

    “The Jesuit and Boston College professor of moral theology also invokes the concept of free will and agrees that God has chosen flawed people to work his will in the past … but not Trump in 2016.

    Those God chose in the Bible were flawed because they were unassuming and unexpected, he says. Gideon was an ordinary shepherd. David was the last of his brothers. And David was a flawed leader. “But ultimately what sets him apart is when confronted with his sins he acknowledged them” and repented.”

    one question for the JESUIT:

    why do you pay into and support —make it YOUR life’s work—an institution claiming itself infallible? and allow us to add that it is an ignorant and unjust institution. a bit HYPOCRITICAL, reverend?

    you see, easy to conclude the lives of others as this or that, but when you ask them to explain their own religiosity? 😉

    they saw this and say that, using their master the roman pontiff (and please do your homework on the rise of the papacy!), but when you look into their affairs, where are they? what do they support? this is what is outstanding, folks, the big boy jesuit thinking himself god. he has a nice, cushy seat in theology—roman catholic ordained, but what has he married HIMSELF to? allowing women and children to die in their hospitals?

    what did roman catholicism do to get where it is? and to give him that blasted seat he’s in? 😀 … gotta laugh or ya just gotta cry.

  4. opheliart permalink

    think this jesuit has a clue on Spiritual Ethic … the Living God?

      • opheliart permalink

        well, okay then, salkin’, the nation of israel should have no problem sharing land with the palestinians. after all, they are both of the abrahamic RELIGION and worship the same god.

        let it be …

        interesting that these men label one islam-phobic when one calls out the errancy and the injustice and the incivility and the discrimination of a religion FOUNDED BY A BARBARIC prophet, claiming he is the truth on all matters just and right. islam would not exist if not for the islamic prophet having founded this political empire using its gods for power and control, and its slaves. look at roman catholicism … much the same and would be no surprise to learn these are brothers in belief and practice. both patriarchal and both blaming others not like them for their own demands. it is FASCISM coming from those defending ISLAM without listening to what those anti-islam have to say. it is fascism when those using a label, inconsistent WITH TRUTH (a lazy man’s way of silencing others in areas where he lives in denial) … to damage others and boot them out of HIS politic of religion. his agenda. is it wrong to deny others a voice in what the prophets preached and what they actually did? no debate allowed for the labels are meant to accuse and denounce and silence the opposition even .., even where it speaks the truth, as the evidence is oh so clear in so very many places throughout the world! these men have no issue with demonizing JESUS CHRIST, a figure misunderstood and using inappropriately; JESUS, a figure used in the Story as Spirit Metaphor, having no evidence of slavery, murder, sexual abuse and misuse of man, woman, animal or child … to defend the islamic prophet, a man these men REFUSE to allow to be in question. imagine that, folks. fascism. THEY IGNORE THE LEADER OF THE PACK having set up the barbarism, and think radicalism is the only bad ass? the only illegitimate feed? wow, just … wow. talk about using authority for power by slapping down other with labels. how do you think the RCC got so big and so powerful and so rich? hell, look at hitler … no, they don’t care to look at their own baffling parenting. big headed professors and presidents and priests and pastors, rabbis, theologians, scholars and voter-hungry politicians …acting like the f’ing spanish inquisition. imagine that. sneaky in their delivery of commentary. these men will not call out the hypocrisy and the errancy and injustice and oppressive and ignorant AND DANGEROUS beliefs and practices of the religions they defend, but they will pick, pick, pick at a wound of what they call the conservative or evangelical christian, with nubby, filthy fingers, not having cleaned themselves, boasting their own partiality in unawareness … NOT BEING HONEST IN THEIR DELIVERY … and they wonder why people, including those they hate and try to undermine, and that would include the fundamentalist, the christian and … the gnostic, such as myself, say, hey! what the heck! you are being dishonest about ___. you slander without evidence! you are wrong about ___ and ___. but do these men care? huh. you will indeed know these by their fruits. as THEY REFUSE TO ADMIT THE ACTS —HISTORICAL EVIDENCE of the ISLAMIC PROPHET; the man so many use and desire to emulate, and where and how the organizing of imam preaching and political heads teaching … their caliph initiative, born from …

        the prophet of islam. beware, 'jew', what you believe WILL BE what you receive. look what is in the islamic run nations. me thinks silk and those like him should move to pakistan or iran. maybe he will be happier there.

        when the jews lose their precious centers .. then they will open their eyes, and maybe, just maybe they will recognize where they missed at bat.

        ignorance is bliss? they won't believe it until they SEE themselves usurped and driven out. for all that education you would think they had a clue on the aim of caliphate ordination. they THINK they can control it … they do not know what they are dealing with. and continued violence says what about their methodology on Earth? but alas, our time here is done.

        we turn from you and will be on our way.

  5. opheliart permalink

    I continue in the era of the EAST. I will begin with the beginning.

    and yes, I will be writing what is shown to me—as I am instructed—of the Writings (including the Gnostic Lit.)


  6. opheliart permalink

    thursday, the 19th of jan
    and finally, as we know many of you are wondering … did GOD choose trump to be the next US president? did Spirit of the Living have a hand in getting him nominated for that White House seat?

    Spirit of the Living God does not choose presidents to lead nations. people choose presidents to lead nations. Spirit is about Spirit, for Spirit—for Truth—for Peace {Understanding in the Writings}.

    what you should be asking is wh0-what is trying in the way of Truth? honesty. as justice seems to wear many hats, in the temperature of black and white …and brown … in beds of political religions.

  7. opheliart permalink

    resurrection of the just

    then he said to him, “a certain man gave a great supper and invited many, and sent his servant at supper time to say to those who were invited, ‘come, for all things are now ready.’ but they all with one accord began to make excuses. the first came to him, ‘ I have bought a piece of ground, and I must go to see it. I ask you to have me excused. and another said, ‘I have bought five oxen, and I am going to test them. I asked you to have me excused.’ still another said, ‘I have married a wife, and therefore I cannot come.’ so that servant came and reported these things to his master. then the master of the house being angry, said to his servant, ‘go out quickly to the streets and lanes of the city, and bring in here the poor and the maimed and the lame and the blind. and the servant said, ‘master, it is done as you commanded, and still there is room.’ then the master said to the servant, ‘go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled. for I say to you none of the men who were invited shall taste my supper.'”

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