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the chicken or the egg?

January 30, 2017




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  1. opheliart permalink

    honestly people, how do you live with each other?

    it’s a teaching moment that it seems many refuse to accept. are we to assume the jews want all the “woe is me”? OR, it was ALL ABOUT US! the youth understand mostly one thing about the holocaust: murdering of jews.

    but that’s not all that it was! come on, people, please … get over yourselves. it’s been long enough that the truth on the matter needs clarifying … in all of history … press releases. yes, and won’t that cause an uproar …

    • opheliart permalink

      ask yourselves, who is denying people the facts? and who will be erased on his constant insistence regarding certain matters? it’s coming … yes, it is coming.

      think of how many catastrophes have occurred where millions of a certain group … was targeted.

      well, you want all the attention it seems you just might get it … but not in the way you desire …

      • opheliart permalink

        I told this story already, but HEAR it is, again …

        my first year of college I took a poetry class (yeats and the like) and we were to buy a book specific to an era of poet. the professor, a man, began with a little of yeats, but it was vague and I was just not into his teaching because … he wasn’t a teacher of poetry, at least not that type of poetry… suddenly, he launches into the holocaust and shows black and white footage of it. he should have been reported, but I don’t think anyone had the nerve. we were young, first years and vulnerable. and who was he in the admin dept that he should get away with this? money out of my own pocket, too.

        ah, water under the bridge until … that bridge falls down.

        Q: how many women were stoned by the RABBINICAL COURTS? maybe we should have a day in memory of these victims …. YES?

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