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any chance the Leftist Ideology will …

March 5, 2017


give this much traction?


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  1. opheliart permalink

    so dudes, it does not look at all like islam. or roman catholicism or judaism or … pretty much most of christianity …or those claiming itself christian.

    • opheliart permalink

      wow, 562 comments, all mine 😀 I am on a Roll? with peanut butter and jelly?

  2. opheliart permalink

    emotions … what did we say about emotions? it is absolutely the case in any form of reactionary and extremist behavior.. it is the inability to manage emotions. when we spoke of THE PHILOKALIA we spoke of that upward move … the ascent of the HEART to the Mind. once this process begins there is no man … no woman … there is Spiritual Release within Light … and murder is not possible. violence is not possible. choices are made to move away from any and all aggressive and violent activities … This IS Christ, where CHRIST can be found.

    but think how nations use emotion to fuel agendas …I mean … war? pride? what do people expect while using war to solve problems … and force? forcing something that should not be …?

    anger is a state of emotional release but… it has boundaries. limits. and it never lies if FOR Truth. one can be angry at injustice, hypocrisy (in gnostic lit, jESUS says to HATE hypocrisy .. .so …?) … but ONE cannot abuse or do harm like this man, and these writings are needed to help those lost men and women, who so often take out their emotions, frustrations… on the vulnerable, like children .. the weaker or less inclined to fight back. this young woman did, as many do … but this man’s rage and size … too strong. the mind is unkept … fed crap, held in bondage … from youth on through … where is his hope?

    and his mama says his son wasn’t in no woods? he confessed to the crime! the evidence is where? lost in the wilderness for sure … from the parents on through … generation after generation while the liberal elite and religions do what for these sectors?

    so much money spent on failed reforms … drugs to try to save face … more drugs because the old drugs screwed up and made people more sick …

    there is so much you do not know about LIFE …so much. unfortunately, man is no way near ready to hear any of it. he makes his mission somewhere in the maladies of the world. then blames others when things get bad.

    • opheliart permalink

      you need to read the previous comments before forming an opinion. you don’t get to just jump in and steal the work and do with it what you want …

      in order to get what we are sharing .. you need to have some understanding of what came before. if you don’t bother to read it you have no experience … in IT.

      any place rising up from desert or wilderness has a face. there is a person or a personality having worked hard to create that person. if this person was not dishonest and was not abusive … not stealing or violent to achieve that place … there should be some honor or respect coming from those that follow. rome or vatican city doesn’t get to tell america what it should be. the state of israel does not get to tell america what it should be. pakistan or iran or iraq or egypt or palestine or turkey does not get to tell america what it should be. no religion should get to tell america what it should be. america does not get to tell china what it should be. no president should be telling china what it should be. or what it should become. religion in any state society should be a privilege not a right. america messed up in writing its laws. democracy is a falling star.

      this is not saying state is infallible; it is merely pointing out the required ethics in a nation built on laws. religious gods, dead or alive—UNSEEN—do not get to say what those laws should be. I can respect nations not pandering to religion or religious without agreeing with its community. it is COMMUNITY on BELIEF, this FAITH, that demonstrates to state what it could be. in demonstrating this, something gets seen, something gets started … where others follow. the question then becomes how does it define you as community? how does it serve IN and WITHIN the members of the body? does it give you lots and others very little? does it fill your belly while others go hungry? does it allow you three houses while others have no houses. does it gain you hours of free time while others work to give you that free time? does it barter with abusive, dishonest and unjust entities to keep you strong and powerful? does it create war to keep you from losing these marriages?

      or does it give back more than what it used?

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  4. opheliart permalink

    don’t really follow the fox debacle, but … was shown this

    first, not defending o’reilly or supporting reagan. but I would like to hear the question answered. women, why DO you wear look cut tops? and WE will add a few more questions …

    avoiding the REAL question? huh.

    women, why do you dress in tight clothing that reveals much of your flesh> esp where you desire your breasts to be seen? why do you like bigger, more exposed breasts? does the breast speak something to you about intelligence or are you interested in attention, or maybe you like to push buttons … ? you can’t be so daft as to think many men aren’t turned on by seeing you with your body exposed, so … why do you entertain these types of people? and you can’t be so daft as to think that this doesn’t encourage unwell men to do very bad, and very sick things to women, AND SENDS A CONFUSING MESSAGE TO GIRLS.

    the view …it feeds their mind, lures them into thinking strange and unhealthy thoughts
    … we shared on this already … not going to go into it again.

    you may like to believe this isn’t the case, but you are only deluding yourselves … and telling yourselves that it’s ok for them to look and maybe even touch … ONLY when it’s a man or woman you want to see, you want to like you, to …to make some jealous, to antagonize … or maybe because you are insecure in areas and showing that body detracts from these insecurities or where you might be found … inept?

    you fool no one but yourselves, dear ones … so do yourselves and ALL WOMEN a big favor and grow some balls 😉

    that ought to teach them …

    • opheliart permalink

      we joke, of course … on that type of transformation. and I do not talk this way with family and friends or even in community … here. but that’s the language YOU use and the language YOU understand, yes? if I spoke Spirit Language most of the time … you would find it esoteric and would not hear a word of it for … all the imagery … FBK/online/TV/movie/magazine regalia …

      you can’t seem to get enough of naked women and … YOUNGwomen

      speaking of young, here is a something that will come back to haunt the US in a way he will never forget. never.

      a child, yes, a young teen feeding online, the news, the neighborhood … having been neglected? abandoned? left to rot by the system, obama’s system? the democratic system? the liberal-leftist-new national-new liturgical … and republican system? by the age of 19 he reacts to something that consumes him, his emotions … no way out, no where to go … ? and you teach him again that murder is the answer.

      huh, maybe you will loose the privileged children too?

      • opheliart permalink

        what does SOCIETY TEACH the youth? young boys and girls … what does american society feed its youth? the more you exploit the more you are? what teaching does US government permit that steers the youth to such extreme and devastating acts? ATHEIST OR ___ it does not matter … does it? the freethinker believes himself the curator of all things rational, sensible while preferring tips from the strip tease young woman rather than the hospital chaplain? in his eyes women working in strip clubs is somehow more ethical? his choice, of course … society permits it … it matters not if she degrades herself, and her gender. you don’t care, do you? you NEVER cared … because you have become accustomed to it … just like war. the freethinker … the SCIENTIST, is he the BOMB CONSTRUCTIONIST or the WAR RECONSTRUCTIONIST … is he the chemical-drug creationist? who makes war accessible?

        just the believers in supreme being? the question is … what do YOU believe makes for PEACE in society? your habits show questionable interests.

  5. opheliart permalink

    WE find it of irrational thought … not sensible … to believe free thinker-scientists are not the bomb specialists or the chemical warfare industrialists. or the abuser of women and children, entire societies …

    who creates vehicles, tools, instruments of mass destruction? just because you can does it mean you should? what of pesticides? toxic chemicals/materials? crap food … and much, much more. money-makers for sure … convenient …
    and who decided and created the image of how women should look that he might exploit her, and child … make loads of money off of all of these … things? not the free thinker or the atheist or the scientist? never these groups? only bad things are the ideas of believer in supreme being?

    in my Life, those who create-feed on-pay into … things that do harm … have a different god. not the Christ, not the Living God of Spirit but a god of war machines and environmental abuse obsessions. look at what airplanes do to the environment and all the stuff free thinker uses to think he is the master thinker? maybe he is just a tinker tailor and not really thinking …at all. at least not thinking things through … for all the pride and self-aggrandizing.

    • opheliart permalink

      atheists think they are above ethics …on their own behavior? ethos— the SCIENCE OF BEHAVIOR? had an atheist go after me here on SPIR, researched my family and tried to attack me using my daughter’s cochlear implant surgery. what was his point? and why bring my children, my husband into this … I do not speak for them and they do not speak for me! it was woefully unethical in how it was used. but I sensed he was troubled within, and did not go hard on him. I tread lightly where I see indigence. cochlear implants—an amazing invention. why would he think I am anti-science? I rely on science everyday … it’s a big part of my world. so …? framing all believers in Spirit into a label propelled by atheist? the freedom thinkers? lol. truth is my oldest was born with a bilateral sensory neural hearing loss, extreme … proudly deaf but … as I shared before … technology and a lot of hard work she speaks very well. honestly no one would know she is deaf. by a certain age she was able to advocate for herself—thank God! IT IS NOT A CURE, please understand, being deaf, hearing impaired is … what it is, but it has allowed for hearing-language-in an amazing way but only because WE sacrificed much and spent an enormous amount of time working with her. it REQUIRES time and effort—a FULL COMMITMENT. she graduated college with exceptionally high marks and went on to work two jobs (full and part-time, the part-time because she loves working in the arts-around artists, tutoring students, a lot of international students as it turns out), both in academic settings. she does not even live here in MA … has her own place … with friends.

      do atheists lump all hearing impaired under one label like they do believers in Spirit? and those who do not agree with their ethical lies …

      yes, these need to be challenged as much as the religionist as they house certain images too. and it is very important that YOU understand what we shared before and will share again, and again, if we have to … atheist, shut up about SPIRIT unless you are asking questions in sincerity. you have no idea how ignorant you sound when attacking believers in SPIRIT by trying to make them look delusional. from our vantage point, you militants are the abusers. you attack people you do not know or understand. you make senseless comments about something you do not even believe exists! so SHUT UP! there, we said it. you should not even be allowed to comment as you do in arrogance and in ignorance, but online moderators are careless. one day the atheist will be silenced altogether. so there …
      but let’s clarify this … believers in SPIRIT can comment about religious practices that invoke SPIRIT BEING. we can and we do call out … infirmaries and inconsistencies and lies and hypocrisy and … injustices. atheist cannot speak on something he does not experience, does not know. it’s his loss, really but SPIRIT does exist or I would not be working here! in time he will see … how wrong he really is. I do not blame him in his unbelief … no sir, I only caution where he oversteps into territory not his. and he hollers when religionists step into state that he believes is not theirs … okay, let the separation begin that ALL might know the good from the bad. where things work for the halt, wellbeing and safety of all and where things aren’t working. with things as convoluted as they are … who can tell.

      one last about deafness, JVs, if you are reading this, please stop leaving pamphlets in my screen door! you leave a place for flies to squeeze in and you are making the door unlatched which poses a risk for my deaf dog. and those deaf -signing pamphlets you are leaving —please STOP! who told you we had a hearing impaired child? it’s not your business. and … SHE DOES NOT LIVE HERE!

      stay off the property unless it’s an emergency where YOU need help. I am … fine.

      • opheliart permalink

        countries in a state of high unemployment … mental illness on the rise, corruption in finance, in globalization and in … the affairs of the religio-political sector, along with a multitude of sexual harassment, abuse and indecent acts … criminal acts. guns, knives, machetes, bombs, truck jacking and mass destruction … abductions, ‘horror’ killings… and many other dangers (with the pot industry growing, along with the gaming industry… to save the day) … and we read that the roman pontiff is calling the detainment camps holding refugees.immigrants …concentration camps.

        there is evidence—FACTS—much in the manner that the atheist insists is credible. enough asylum seekers, migrants … refugees are bringing with them a teaching, a volatile ‘cocktail’ of a most disconcerting initiative … that has yet to be sorted, understood the way it needs to be understood. this ideology, theology? is it safe? or is it prone to explosion … like the hover board and the e-cigarette … that the nonbeliever in SPIRIT has created just for you! it’s just that there are serious problems with these because you never know when it will self-destruct … yes? you never know where, in whose house … in which hand … these will go ka-boom, fire, damage and … in the case of terrorism … mass execution … of police? coptic? children?

        why don’t we see the freethinker atheist protesting at these “concentration camps” their roman pontiff … is pushing buttons? for that matter, why didn’t we see them protesting at the real concentration camps? where were their voices in the UK, the USA and other places … why didn’t we hear them calling out the horror, the injustice … the hate? maybe because it is more convenient to blame others for their own inaction and …?

        but a very serious question here … if they are so HUMANITARIAN why don’t they take in and pay for those in the camps? why is it that they expect others to foot the bill for their ideologies? their policies? they want christianity wiped out and islam installed in its place so … why aren’t they using their own BIG ESTABLISHMENT status and all that dough … along with all their critical thinking smarts to deal with this high security problem? they’ve got all the answers, right … why are their camps at all? with so many multiculturalist atheists about and on the rise … why aren’t these problems sorted?

  6. opheliart permalink

    liberals-new national leftist … new liturgical atheist … you do not believe in SPIRIT so … could it be you are misinformed on where and how this volatile ‘cocktail’ ignites … death and destruction?

    this is beginning the REVELATION … where ignorance is revealed. and soon the mind that thought it was so much smarter and so right … begins to look oh so … in the dark.

    • opheliart permalink

      I spent my weekend working in the yard/gardens … I am continuing to build the hummingbirdsips’farm place where birds-bees wildlife have a home … more flowering shrubs and trees [dwarf trees], and more flowers (and btw, the bees love-love-love the flowers on the goji berry shrubs. my-my, mine has not produced fruit except for a few berries, but the flowering starts all over again in the fall and the bees know right where to go! they got upset with me last year when I tried to trim the wild thing [the shrub will go wily if not trained], and the oregano … which I let do its thing … the bees and wasps are at it well into the autumn).AND … I used my Reel Mower, and there’s a lot of grass! [still, but I am hoping to change that will more fruit-flower beds] …wore me out. slept like a rock …until my doggie, who has old dog syndrome, woke me at the usual 2-2:30 and I struggled to get back to sleep … was shown much about many, and many things.

      EARTH DAY should be every day.

      • opheliart permalink

        bernie is a friggin’ hypocrite. there, we said it. he ran to the pope to try to inch his way into the populace … sat with islamic imam, saying both have the RIGHT to be and do as each believes while both are whores for their ANITI-FEMALE INSTITUTIONS! anti-female when it comes to equal rights and there ain’t NO WAY these are right or good for COMMUNITY, anywhere. GOD IS IMPARTIAL, but as religious gods go … so do politicians, republican or democrat.

        explain that pc of politics? you cannot, and again, you are suspect.

        until democrat, republican, independent or anything else realizes the indecency of these doctrines … abortion is a mute topic. first things first or look the fool.

  7. opheliart permalink

    we do not trust man or woman that supports this type of discriminatory ethic. any institution that denies female certain positions is bogus from our vantage point. think about it … a politician or one running for a political seat that pays into and supports … this injustice. he may say, “oh, I think women should be priests and bishops and even a pope” but he denies her this because HE CONTINUES TO FEED THE ARROGANCE AND THE IGNORANCE! and every writer out there promoting politicians and or religious feeding into these derelict and unjust teachings—roman catholic, islamic, other—feeding these teachings to the children, the world… is NOT SPIRITUALLY or SOCIALLY ETHICAL, AND IS NOT A CREDIBLE WITNESS..
    … because of their seeding and their support of inequality. no matter how much they parade themselves as being FOR the poor, or FOR the sick, or FOR the abused, or FOR the victim, or FOR jobs WHILE DENYING HER JOBS!, or FOR female while denying her rights!, or FOR social justice, while NOT socially accepting of her … *COUGH-GAG-COUGH*

    WE VOMIT YOU OUT! you lie! you are hypocrites! you are not to be trusted … because YOU, YOU are the dishonest ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • opheliart permalink

      democrat will die …

      it is of a bogus creed.

      and republican? wake up or be removed!

      • opheliart permalink

        come on peeps, you can’t be that … you know …

        why do you think the roman pontiff has been so flaky , wishy-washy liberal-like? so confusing … pretending at doctrinal change? THE VATICAN (hierarchy, including its bishops) KNOWS WOMEN WILL BE DEMANDING ALL RIGHTS—in every sector of social justice—in nations ,esp the US of A, which the RCC absolutely NEEDS ($$$$$$$$$$ for its all male agendas, and lifestyle +have you seen DOUBT, the pigs eating roast with red wine while the nuns ate gruel? but also …big nun establishment knows when and where to keep its MOUTH SHUT to keep its cozyquartersandsuch ). and so … he pushes-pushes-pushes the ISLAMIC and roman catholic migrant-refugee as if this is a christian deed. while both being staunch deniers of female rights, while both are controllers over female. a christian deed? which christian? to build his defense AGAINST women’s rights!

        come on, don’t be so daft! unless you are in league with these vatican ethics. these injustices … the RCC is very much f’ed. it’s just a matter of time before their all male hierarchy gets booted out unless … with YOUR SUPPORT (rolling eyes and shaking head here) it is deemed a religious right. LOL! because you laid the groundwork, along with your bernie -boy, to give these men that special status and the citizen’s MONEY, coming from the backs of the people … but mostly the real taxpayers.

        can’t believe you have’t seen this yet … they need to look credible and … they need to keep their powerful and affluent seats but they can’t and they won’t because WE are going to show the world what HYPOCRITES YOU ARE ! you and your pop-up pope and his army of men. why do you think he acts like “who am I to judge” … LOL! while accepting gay men into the priesthood? he knows these men are NOT celibates … not these not the men engaging in sexual relations with women … and why he allows the abuses and the lies to continue. why he won’t get rid of the bad, because he is bad. a deceptive institution … a whore for injustices and crimes all over the world.

        and you lap it up for breakfast, lunch and din-din …

        you support using money that doesn’t even belong to you! and when this shit hits the fan … WOW! you peeps will look like the BULL shit you bought, because pope/vatican is playing you. pawns for the pope. whoa, what a legacy you will have. you and your obama strain.

        honestly, while communing, I was told I would need to duck for what is coming. there it is …

        got work to do. have fun in your shit plots.

  8. opheliart permalink

    we have posted what seems like endless evidence and you … you continue to deceive. you continue to hide behind silly robes … and you continue to look simply … without sense.

    • opheliart permalink

      and atheist is STILL defending the roman pontiff … and for what? does he still think pope is genuinely concerned about female, female attacked, female as victim? how about child as victim? the hierarchy of institution cares about power and money and the atheist can’t see this? atheist will die out …
      hmm… is this support because pope said atheists are going to heaven 😉 but many months later he tells the catholics it would be better to be atheist than a ___ catholic? 😀

      read where the roman pontiff said to go out and evangelize the NON CHRISTIAN. this same pope who says that (sorry, laughing here … having trouble typing this) … the muslim and the christian worship the same god. okay, so what is the point of evangelizing a non christian if the muslim (:D 😀 😀 … can’t stop laughing!) and the christian worship the same god? and if atheists are going to heaven? what is the purpose of evangelizing those not christian then?

      roman catholics, your headship is like the frickin’ leaky cauldron!

  9. opheliart permalink

    parents abusing their daughters this way should be told their CHILDREN will be taken from them if living in the US. end the practice by forcing the hands of these offenders, including the doctors. the doctors and those preaching for this practice should be jailed and outlawed… and

    BANNED from the country. and women and girls AT RISK in families-communties should be brought to the states and found a safe and loving home. the parents can live in their hell if they deny this practice is flat out EVIL!. so much damage and so much pain, and pope and his cartel sign/align with these practices because… it has him and his advocates …CONTROLLING FEMALE, continuing to control her. it keeps her where they need her to be… as subordinates, baby breeders, silent and … hollow. look at the history of these practitioners and understand their fear: losing control over her.

    and WE liken this horrid practice to the practice of DENYING HER THE HER RIGHT TO THE PRIESTHOOD and the bishopric. it’s all born from the same idea, the same ideology … the same ignorant and arrogant and often unstable … Mind.

    inside the initiators of this practice is an evil … yes, and Evil … that fears female may become equal to male. that fears women’s right to wellbeing. what happens when the extremist’s beliefs and practices are told they cannot perform these ugly, damaging RITUALISTIC practices? what happens when they begin to see their ‘world’ being revealed for what it is? demeaning, ugly and evil … unjust,unfair and why do we not see and hear MORE PEOPLE STANDING UP TO DENOUNCE THE GROWING EVIL IN AMERICA AND OTHER NATIONS? these men FEAR female being given some sense of dignity and … choice. what happens when the industry behind these beliefs is in jeopardy? what happens when these institutions start to lose their peer influence and their ‘rights’ as abusers and mutilators? THEIR RELIGIOUS RIGHTS … hmm?

    what you see happening … why this pontiff is behaving the way he is …

    why these institutions hate gnostics, feared gnostics… tortured, maimed and murdered gnostics by the millions throughout its history … and why in this day, you can still hear them preach against gnostics, gnostic beliefs. and it does not matter to these men what a gnostic really is or how each is different or … that the gnostic experiences God of the Living as NOT a male dominate ego, with special titles, that rule over others like pagan indigents, and cowardly aggressors …

    • opheliart permalink

      WE are coming out … yes, Me, of the East … and when we do … WE will be like a torrent on the houses of these offenders, and other offenders. NO STONE UNTURNED … and stone as Spiritual Metaphor says much in how we will knead. do not underestimate the power of the HOST OF HOLY Spirit.

      they FEAR … and we are just getting started … imagine what we will be once we are Believed?

      • opheliart permalink

        it does not matter how long you have lived in the states … whether you are jew or christian … muslim or some other archaic seed. those in league with members of this practice and others of INDECENT, DAMAGING, ABUSIVE … ILLEGAL trade … will be seen as the enemy and cut down from his thrones.

        YES, POPE FRAN … WE ARE COMING … and no more will you or your ignorant members tell us we are doing satan’s work! IT IS YOU WHO PERFORM EVIL, as you contrive methods to undermine her right to the … Miracle.

        you will be systematically removed like the process of separating the wheat from the tares. you are the trespassers and you are the … ingrates responsible for the hell of denial!

  10. opheliart permalink

    a very mysterious bacterial infection? hmm … hearing something …

    he is getting the blowback from his lifestyle choice?

  11. opheliart permalink

    any other institution with such a huge number of CHILD abuse cases—ALL OVER THE WORLD—would have been SHUT DOWN> not permitted to operate until methodology-teachings-certain practices are removed and THOROUGH INVESTIGATIONS are done in every diocese … because it is more than clear that YOU, the members, and those doing business and praising these outfits, do NOT KNOW who is bad and who isn’t. remember, predators are actors, entertainers and … do a very clean job of looking right, good, incapable of … such atrocious behavior but … what has come forth? how many thou sands, YES, THOUSANDS … all over the world … EVEN IN YOUR COMMUNTIY, your pastoral, look good, progressive … liberal lusting community, where the secularists keep you abreast of things, where the progressive ideals keep you and the children from harm, because … you are HEARING … GOD?
    what has come forth that YOU choose to deny, or that you choose to forget, OR … that you choose to view as … not really bad?

    IF … if you are hearing GOD … YOU WOULD KNOW WHO-WHAT TO TRUST AND WHO-WHAT NOT TO TRUST AND … you would not be sending troubled youth and hurting widows and divorcees with children into … these … dangerous environments where members refuse to admit the horror or … ignore these are what they are and …

    that it can happen to anyone, any child … anywhere no matter how clean-shaven, smart … gregarious and “good” he or she seems.

    boy, have you a lot to learn about being AWARE.

    huh, it just does not sink in … they don’t get that this is an epidemic … and continue to feed the crimes.

    • opheliart permalink

      I don’t guess … not really, maybe occasionally if not given the time to commune … I might share something that I have ALREADY seen some in but … whatIhear on the atlanta area? there is at least a dozen, AT LEAST … a dozen more cases of clergy-child sex abuse and this does not include the bishops having covered the crimes, and lied about them. evil has gotten a lotmoreclever and …fool even the most credentialed.

      but think a moment … what have YOU missed? and why haven’t YOU as an influential and credentialed member of society spoken out about these crimes? if these had occurred and were occurring in your denomination/religion in the numbers that we see in the RCC … wouldn’t you have LEFT and screamed loudest? and yet, we see you praising the institution which sends the absolute worst message … for those in most need. it is very often those struggling that the very clever evil predators have his eye on. makes you wonder? but it’s not just these nowadays … remember, evil is clever and cleverer … than YOU.

      I hear there is at least a MILLION more cases of clergy child-staff-BISHOP-CARDINAL and … sex abuse in the RCC that have not come out. that you don’t know about. so … given your divine calling (?) … why haven’t YOU heard where these are? and … why aren’t YOU doing something about it? the female situation is bad enough but the child abuse?

      like your seat, don’t you … is it cozy there? how does the word “complicit” sound to you?

      • opheliart permalink

        jew …anti-semitism … jew hatred. hmm … was off and on looking into this. from what I am shown of the semite …anti-semitism is incorrect coming from the jew. it does not make sense. this is not saying there is no jew hatred. jew hatred is a better description of what the news is going on about, and what the jew is complaining about.

        but who-what is inciting this? too many blame trump, erroneously. this was in the works long before candy dandy ran for pres. but we see how the press is using another tactic to try to create fear, and to try to instigate hate … problems, misinformation … leading the people in the wrong direction. what I am shown is that this is not a republic-type thing. so what would be trying to distract from the truth … would try to create a diversion … to keep itself from being found out? evil is clever … those engaging in bad behavior for selfish and self-centered reasons … for agenda and not for honesty and truthfulness …

        you, if interested in SEEING … how bad and dishonesty create obstacles, create distractions because … these have something to hide. because these are stirring that big old pot to start a …
        step out of your ideology for a time … step out of your pride, your ethnicity, your politics, your religion, your nationalism, your titles … and watch for patterns. you think you know what is creating a climate of jew hatred but you do not. I can tell from your commentary that you are cold. you have been misled … but we will give you a hint, again …

        follow the yellow brick road …

  12. opheliart permalink

    so … you have a journalist that covers evangelical and mainline protestant christianity selling roman pontiff sermons. huh. are we to then understand that the roman pontiff is an evangelical for mainline protestant christianity? or an evangelical? if an evangelical … what is he preaching? and what is he still? a roman catholic “his holiness” pontiff? the same roman catholic that stands for religious ideology that denied female her rights? the same of the INFALLIBLE church of roman catholic teaching? the same roman pontiff that told the world that christians and muslims worship the same god but tells his prelates (and members) to go out an evangelize (convert) non christians … to …

    christianity? roman catholic christianity? mainline protestant christianity? so do we go back to square one where the church of rome steals the work of others and uses it for its own denomination? its own evangelical establishment? ITS version of ‘christian’? again, denying female her rights? again, after the jew to convert?

    how do these journalists, catholics, protestants, christians … and even the jews, praising the pope, paying into and supporting this regime, this sermonizing … sleep at night … esp while saying NOTHING about the denial of female rights, murder of women in catholic hospitals, the discriminatory teaching and practices of the roman catholic church AND … the horrors of the clergy child sex abuse cases, that range in the hundreds of thousands?

    • opheliart permalink

      this reminds me of a journalist that covers the coptic christians. she is not coptic and yet put into a very weak and dissolute “sermon” what the coptic believes. WE were astounded at the poor journalism in that pc. would it have been so hard to get a coptic born and raised in the teaching —from its origin— to write the truth about the coptic christian?

      it’s like, but not nearly as bad, as the roman pontiff telling the world what I am. what a gnostic is. he has no knowledge of ME or what I believe …. just as he is ignorant on the value of CHRIST. if he so easily dismisses CHRIST, while claiming to be a christian, while telling the world that the christian worships the same god as the muslim … WHILE SITTING IN THE SEAT OF ROMAN CATHOLIC TEACHING …. preaching to EVANGELIZE THE NON CHRISTIAN …

      he is nothing more than a buffoon, a prankster, a joke … and I pray to GOD that your misleading and deceptive sermonizing gets removed. you are BULL shitters.

      • opheliart permalink

        such lazy, ignorant reporting. what skunky and misleading sermonizing and HORRIBLY MISLEADING AND DANGEROUS REPORTING.

        someone ought to report all of you for false news and misrepresentation. because false reporting leads to … death and destruction.

        am watching the documentary on timothy mcveigh, the bombing in oklahoma. false reporting led to much carnage. watch it … and know your place, or get the hell out of the business of reporting!

  13. opheliart permalink

    how can one take seriously these types of new services? that SERMONIZE, push information with eating so inconsistent, reckless and inane? it’s actually scary … the ramification, the results …

    but today, the eyes of TRUTH look to the ringleaders of these facets and tell the world of this indecency. NO MORE WILL THEY BE ALLOWED TO GET AWAY WITH THESE CRIMES.

    • opheliart permalink

      hey, jew …how does it feel to be usurped? in need of romanist evangelizing? the RCC will do it to you one way or the other. clever that way, along with its whores for that infallible fallible church. you see, it’s like this … people will be unethical for political-religious seats. but we know YOU know that …

      • opheliart permalink

        if you want to know what it is to Witness … don’t be a paid liar. don’t pander to indecency, injustice and arrogance … half-baked sermonizing … deception. don’t lead people into the pit of devastation, confusion … illicit feed. OPPRESSION, man, woman … or child. don’t be afraid to tell the truth about what you know, but know WHERE AND HOW to tell it. you can’t stand in an islamic operated government and say:

        the prophet of islam is not one I would ever want to emulate. he used women and girls—sexually–to build his army, an army that killed … murdered many. children as young as nine, virgins, little girls … he advocated for sexual relations … he was a predator, an abuser and a psychopath … a man who used his own religious-political indwelling to oppress and to rule and to murder. as ONE believing in the Christ, there is absolutely NO CONNECTION between what he was/is and what Christ is. there is no praying to the god of islam if one has CHRIST WITHIN>

        any professor or pope or pastor or rabbi or preacher or political puppet or president telling you that Christ and muhammad of islam are of the same Truth are either sorely misled or deceiving. they are the commentators NOT where Christ is, because they teach product for money. they get paid to teach on something they do not understand. theology teachers … huh, how daft can they be? these are not of Christ. who in his right, just, and FAIR mind teaches the youth to follow a prophet like the islamic prophet? or a pope like in roman catholicism or … to pray to the likes of pope JP2, knowing about the clergy child abuse and hiding it … the HORROR! shuffling sick clergy … silencing victims. and asking that you be like junipero serra, their newly canonized terrorist … forcing this ideology on an innocent tribe of native peoples. they come they eat they leave destruction … carnage, sickness and death .. then they move on to the next place and do the same! stop the carnage or be deposed and ridiculed for your own illicitness!

        so Witness the TRUTH or get off the podium. you smell like lies.

  14. opheliart permalink

    and the RCC wants a piece of the action on climate change—GLOBALLY! pope BULL knows nothing about climate or environmentalism … the vatican pays people to be its whore, and pastes pope name on the documents … but, they get nothing until they deal with the clergy child sex abuse first … you don’t get to take more until you do what it right—what is just—and what is honest … you deceptive thieves. you horrible, horrible institution! you whitewashed bastards! I will rip the pages of your pope’s speech writers into shreds and you … you will look the fool. thing is … WE have not yet stepped out. can you imagine what will come upon you when WE do? you have no idea of our strength and our GIFTS or even how the people will respond …

    you think you are in control. HA! watch the tables turn on you …

    you were warned, repeatedly

    • opheliart permalink

      whatever death and destruction that comes as a result of your pope pushing and fascist idealism and lethargy and arrogance and deception and … MISINFORMATION … false news … false reporting …

      you bring on yourselves.

  15. opheliart permalink

    “Last, a plea: provide us with a more elegant term for that obvious reality.”-sightings?

    the world.

    what rock have you been hiding under?


    God is Spirit … do you recall the rest?

    • opheliart permalink

      24 God is Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.

      religionists use religious gods …
      their saints, their martyrs, their prophets, their politicians, their heroes, their princes, kings, queens, princesses and so forth. throw in an athlete or two, a board room exec and a handful of musician-performers … oh, and their preachers, teachers, theologians and an occasional philosopher.

      none of these are used by SPIRIT, good or evil, unless used by SPIRIT, good or evil. and we know from the above Passage that “GOD IS … Spirit” … has to do with Truth, which makes the other spirits … demons, or of some form of untruth. Mankind is merely a vessel. once science and the health industry, with the help of Faith >FOR HUMANITY>a big justice, study Spirit intelligently, there will be no unbelief in SPIRIT. there is a way. they just haven’t seen it yet 😉 and we cannot force that away…

      CHOICE. some call it free will, but it is amply choice. being given the very important and most prestigious … RIGHT … of choice. if you make a million drugs as man’s only choice (based on secular reality) … he is being given a secular choice. if you give this same man a million religions, or a millions teachings from these religions … he is still being given a … secular choice. on this day it is atheist’s market on that … pop-up fran … on another, it’s the humanitarian creed. whatever. one like me hopes for the least offensive without being everybody’s god, because if it’s everybody’s god … the world is of lawlessness. truth becomes harder to find and harder to facilitate.

      mankind, claiming a religion or not, doesn’t really understand HOW spirit, good or evil operates.

      evil uses man. when man can no longer be used, evil moves to another … those having misused, abused, denied, lied, murdered … oppressed … (you know, the usual culprits we have been going on about while calling out evil from what’s in the world, using men in their creeds, deeds, institutions, politics, laws, teachings, beliefs and practices-yada-yada … we address the ill, the evil, the deceptive demons. IOW, the evil spirit using-misusing. mankind is just its … vehicle-vessel, makeshift, temporary means of use). Truth uses honesty and justice, but IN Truth. found IN trial, and in perception … within FAITH-FILLED, not of religion per say, but of impartiality. Spirit of the Living God cannot find its home in deception, lies, ignorance (willful, not the type of ignorance one might see in child for this is not his burden unless man forces this to be a burden which many institutions/beliefs do) and places of unjust sickness … arrogance and … the titles and the fat head industries, dynasties, etc … the greedy, gluttonous, obtuse, reckless, careless … on and on … the maladies of worldliness.
      God AS Spirit, if able to use (chosen) one in Spirit and in Truth, does not abandon {this}. this Person moves … and continues. Life does not end even after one passes from the flesh. those not in and of {this} Spirit of the Living God …who knows? do you know? I commune with those having moved. I KNOW these. the rest? not of use? Angels of the Most High do not know where these are. I asked … but they want to know and it is important for me … to go there …

      • opheliart permalink

        Spirit is not religion … is not a religion. is not doctrine or dogma or magisterium or creeds or coats of fine cloth with gold embellishments … no order of religion, no order of politics or policies as each Day holds its own trials. for instance, if God says the clergy child abuse MUST be dealt with by YOU before YOU can have anything else, by GOD you better get started on it! otherwise, what comes on you is exactly what you pay into and worship, and if you worship rapist, terrorist, oppressive popes and prophets, heroes of ignorance and death, calling on these, you call on the sickness of these, the evil that mounts casualties, gives rise to war within the minds of many. and you be calling on this same for you and those unprotected. so you better THINK carefully who-what you call god, what you pray to and what you drink from.

        Spirit, not demon, princes of darkness, but Spirit … IS God, and if using this TRUTH as God instructs by way of … I am the way, the TRuth and the Life … no one comes to “father” but by ME … me being a position of .. of what? what did JESUS … IN THE STORY … represent?

  16. opheliart permalink

    “Religious liberty is essential for faith-based ministries. But it should never be a pretext or cause for discrimination against any group. Religious exemptions from civil laws should be carefully crafted to both accommodate religious claims of conscience and uphold the civil rights of all Americans.”–brian massing ale

    LOL! since WHEN have you silly hypocritical catholic priests cared about DISCRIMINATION? … you are full of bologna!

    WHAT ABOUT WOMEN!!! your insidious, abusing priesthood on up does not know a damn thing about EQUAL RIGHTS FOR FEMALE!!!

    female doesn’t count? you catch them in these hypocrisies like big, fat flies in a bowl of milk.

    he is just protecting his gay priesthood … the usual male ignorance and arrogance, using the political climate to try to make the RCC look like something it most certainly … is NOT, and that, my dear people, is SINCERE.

    • opheliart permalink

      [pope]Fran said “the world is at war, but not with ‘Religion’”. He also said that “it is wrong to equate violence with Islam, and that the characterization of Islam as a violent Religion is untrue.” and …
      “If I speak of Islamic violence, I should speak of Catholic violence. I believe that in pretty much every religion there is always a small group of fundamentalists.” While there is a group of fundamentalists in every Faith, devout Christians, Catholics, Buddhists or Hindus are not BEHEADING unbelievers. Francis went on, “Some might think it is war of Religion. It is not. All religions want peace.”

      a small group of murderers? this pope is using islam to cover roman catholicism’s deadly attacks on jews, gnostics and numerous others. the vatican knows its institution was build on power, greed, and a DEMAND for control. why else would it call itself the infallible church? its doctrine infallible and abuse, torture and murder so many. the RCC’s history notoriously shows itself in league with abusive and murderous dictators to keep itself influential and powerful. shaking hands with the devil is their creed. and you buy this hook, line and sinker.

      islam was built on the same principles as the romanist church. what a frickin” egghead! this pope is a liar and a fraud, being used to distract from what we all know they fear.

      and you? you sit in their company not saying a word? many of you contributing to this errancy and the deception to keep rome powerful, abusive and corrupt. and so YOU, pastors, priests, rabbis, theologians, scholars and so many more …

      will find out what it is to be betrayed.

      • opheliart permalink

        we have your commentary … we will show the world how you are complicit … when the bombs hit and the people die … and more knifings and truck massacres and endless warring, and the islamists demand THEIR prophet’s law over any form of TRuth … we have your commentary …

        islam, a religion of peace. huh, one would think roman catholic’s treatment and islam’s treatment and view of female would be enough to show you the error and the ignorance AND THE INJUSTICE … but the abuses of children? and you continue to deny these occur? wow. you are not honest and you are not worthy of … Light.

  17. opheliart permalink

    a note on the religious liberty executive order:

    didn’t we say before this hit the big fan that the LGBTQandgrowing is a RELIGION? and for this group to name itself a religion? it gets what it wants for its believers (principles, beliefs and practices … unless evidence-info presents itself as in some way a danger to society or some aspect of society) …
    it’s a big enough constituency now (and remember politics is religious and religious is politics-forcnicating with each other—always did—right or left, liberal or … as there has never truly been a separation of church and state … as each group uses religious groups to gain power, and select within these religionists. obama/clinton did as much as candy dandy … so don’t go misinforming the public on that … and remember obama won in part because the growing muslim population voted for him, as his birth religion is islam and he catered to islamic functionality).

    if every group with its ideology demands itself be rewarded what it believes it deserves, regardless of how others might feel, experience … believe and practice … separately or differently … where does the demand end? and what becomes of a nation that was supposedly founded on a separation of state government and society’s gods? this is what you are really dealing with. each group and growing has its god or gods and demands that go along with …

    give me my right to___, and ___ and ___ . each caring little on what the other believes. THIS IS WHAT WAS-IS PROPHESIED! what the Writings warn about … as gods are… as you see in the world :)—yes? these are the gods … whether war or gay infusion, a big establishment religion or wall street … god/gods … what each beliefs, his life choice(s), where he places his time and money, ego … and how each demands for itself. fascism is built on liberal ethic. my way or we shut you out. eradicate you and you and you that ‘it’ might be the ruling class. and will do so unethically, dishonestly and unjustly and most hypocritically where necessary … for itself. this is the way demand works. no different with islamic demands. the growing populace shuts down all other voice. roman catholicism did it in its crusades and where it built its dynasty … class example, while USING FORCE (militants). roman catholicism is currently a race of people but … that does not mean it will remain. races die off … fade, disappear as fascist ideal of something other grows stronger. and is why you see the current pontiff wearing many hats. why you see pope playing gay friend, without actually making any substantial-worthwhile comment on the ORDER ITELF (as he seems free of scrutiny based on the public domain’s view of industry, again using pontiff to score points: a big show, greatest lie on earth!) …and see priests protesting this order because … his GAY clergy remain intact, while pretending at celibacy-chasteness <cough-cough ;)… he is disingenuous and a political puppet for an industry fearing it might lose … credibility (which it has: the child abuse, corruption, treatment and view of female, denial HER EQUAL rights …and the horrid deaths under its hospital care, lying clergy and bishops, piggy bishops, greedy and improper, stealing government and parish funds. the list is long … including joining fascism within government to keep itself influential and controlling: you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours? hmm ….)

    now … we say …

    just don't expect us to pay for all of those religions. or to agree with all those selfish gods.

    • opheliart permalink

      if SPIRREALISM must become a religion (not in theory but in legal status) in order to protect it (us-the MOVEMENT) from fascism (and recall we posted here and at RNS about the demands of others, crying foul, the art in the PUBLIC isn’t depicting ITS sector, because it is SPIRITUAL and you know how people confuse SPIRIT AND RELIGION, they don’t know the difference, esp in the atheistic sectors …) …we will operate in part … in part from a religious perspective in order to remain viable. SPIRREALISM was not built on religion. it was certainly built on BELIEF—FAITH, but houses no religious doctrine. it is Spirit in Name and Spiritually equipped and palatable … but is not engaging in multiculturalism and interfaith dimension. these are mucky. allowing criminals a hideout, not to mention allowing, protecting even advocating injustices and awful religious princes.

      yuck …

      • opheliart permalink

        we brought up The New Order of the Faith … if it comes to fruition, it will not be tax exempt. it will not be expecting government funding. any funding must come from the people, those interested, followers, and remember … we are gnostic and not paying into and supporting large political religious dynasties like roman catholicism or islam and others. we do not want money going for these big establishment enterprises. enough is enough. time for change! if Human want the movement to move and grow. choice … truly the GOD given right 😀

  18. opheliart permalink

    in case anyone is confused on what the COPTIC CHRISTIANS really believe as RELIGIOUS news articles in other places state info misleading, or info that is not EXPLAINED IN ITS PROPER CONTEXT …

    “The Position Of the Coptic Church On Female Genital Mutilation (FGM),” by Dioscorus Boles at On Coptic Nationalism, February 21:

    Female genital mutilation (FGM) has no religious textual backing in Christianity as in Islam[1], or any support by the Coptic Church. In fact, the Coptic Church clearly and openly opposes the practice of female genital mutilation and finds it contradictory to divine values.[2]

    One of the largest bishoprics of the Coptic Church is the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States, which was established by the late Pope Shenouda III (1971 – 2012) in 1993. The Diocese covers the following states: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas. It includes 26 Coptic communities with 37 churches that are currently served by 44 priests. His Grace Bishop Youssef, one of the most learned and dynamic bishops of the Coptic Church, oversees it.

    In the official site of the Diocese, Bishop Youssef asks the important question: What is the Christian perspective on Female Genital Mutilation? And he unambiguously answers that female genital mutilation is “contrary to divinely revealed principles.” Very clearly, he states that female genital mutilation destroys human life and disfigures God’s creation – the female body is part of that creation, which was seen by God as very good;[3] and it shouldn’t be interfered with. Further, female genital mutilation is “detrimental to health, threatening to life, and harmful to sexual function,” and, therefore, it “contradicts the will of God.” Adding to the opposition to this practice is the fact that it threatens healthy childbirth. Furthermore, God has blessed marriage as the Bible says, “Let your fountain be blessed, and rejoice with the wife of your use.”[4] Female genital mutilation, therefore, Bishop Youssef says, is a violation of God’s blessing of, and defying of His intention for, marriage – that is, as the lay reader will understand, the rejoicing and enjoying, wife and husband together, of each other’s body and life.

    Female Genital Mutilation is practiced by some Copts in Egypt, particularly in Upper Egypt, as a matter of assimilation to the Muslim majority. This must stop. There is no doubt that Bishop Youssef’s answer to the question about the Christian perspective of female genital mutilation is that of the Coptic Church; however, to be more effective in stopping the barbarian practice, other bishops of the Coptic Church must speak out against it more strongly. One is optimistic that, in the near future, Pope Tawadros II will condemn this very unchristian practice at the highest level, and lead the Coptic Church Holy Synod to issue an ecclesiastical canon banning it as contrary to God’s will. Meanwhile, Coptic organisations must work harder to educate the Copts on this issue: practices that have been followed by centuries die hard, but we can present female genital mutilation not just as unchristian, risky and unhealthy, but, also, as barbarian and foreign to us.


    we have shared time and time again how an institution intent on undermining female can and will, under muslim brotherhood (EGYPT?), impose its creed on the general population. and we shared how the coptic within these societies becomes CONFUSED, possibly under threat of attack, shunning …

    this again shows how any growing religious groups must be investigated in all facets of life in all corners of the world, in order to keep people safe! MEMBERS OF A COMMUNITY, RELIGIOUS OR NOT CLAIMING A RELIGION, BE DILIGENT IN WHERE YOUR MEMBERS ARE AND IN WHAT THEY DO! GET THEM OUT WHERE THEY ARE IN DANGER OF ASSIMILATION … where female is in danger!!!

    again, pope tawadros, get out of egypt and other places where you are at risk. it is time for you to become something much more than a victim.


    we sent a message to the following regarding the religion news article:

    • opheliart permalink

      ignorance is bliss? how blissful is dying of AIDS? how about ignorance loves company. one can share with another what he is going through but how does this HEAL the dying? think about this very carefully because it has its platform in much of catholic society … mindset … which is much of the world.

      • opheliart permalink

        highly educated but … still have their daughters cut … thinking this makes them … pure?

        highly educated means 0 (as in zero TOLERANCE on abuse?) if the mind is brainwashed or he has indoctrinated people to belief something unnatural is god’s desire … something savage is god’s wish for her, or him? both? religious, political, traditional … what’s the difference … a wrong is a wrong so why do YOU continue to pay into and support that which INCREASES these types of horrors? and there is more than just FGM … there is terrorist acts which influence many …so many … the knifings … the snap-rampaging.

        it may not always be islamic-specific … but it finds its home in error, avarice and hypocrisy of which … the world feeds, including the fascism of the liberal-left. he would not think twice about having her savaged raped and cut and beaten and undermined and the youth torn to bits if … if it served his agenda. yes? so … which LIBERAL-LEFTIST are we referring?

        take care who you sell your soul to …

  19. opheliart permalink

    girlfriends-wives, confused and IN DENIAL women are often the most reluctant to admit, CONFESS the truth about their ‘heroes’, their money source, their paycheck … him, football player, priest, bishop, even a pope … like, say, JP2 and his …

    they bow to, serve and … endanger lives …

    esp children.

    • opheliart permalink

      when does a person KNOW it is TIME to lay down HIS guns and surrender to the authorities at hand? when he realizes HE is unjust to SHE—has been unjust, predictable and arrogant? pathetic … reckless … indecent and … criminal? has lied, deceived the world …

      RNS turns this into a global initiative coming from their god the roman pope … but WE KNOW NOTHING HAS CHANGED AND NOTHING WILL CHANGE IN ROMAN CATHOLICISM unless … things change, like a BREAKAWAY group, which is up and coming, btw. like pope stepping down, taking himself OFF the stage, and admitting his wrongdoing. but WHERE do you see this happening? even if you are obtuse, mentally, Spiritually and … sectarian-ly … two things stand out, glaringly:

      clergy-staff CHILD SEXUAL/SECTARIAN ABUSE not addressed as it NEEDS to be, along with the bishop lies and cover ups. a healthy, safe … well … society DOES NOT HAPPEN unless this is addressed. GOD IS NOT WITH YOU unless this is …

      evil knows the score.

      and …

      he admits he has denied she, DENIED WHAT IS HERS, and admits what he has been pushing to ignite, has ignited… will be blamed for much death and destruction having come from his posturing. these men are a DANGER to the lives of many. and they are thieves and deniers, liars and … fornicators against justice, honesty and … WHAT IS TRUTH.

      and you want MORE of this behavior? these teachings, growing and … ?

      hmm, WE are concerned that you lack ALL Sense. we know you lack understanding, but even your reasoning is … indecent, unjust and … without PROTECTION. remember, the Living Lord is not—cannot BE where it is dishonesty, lies … and that much calculated abuse and corruption.

      who are your teachers-your leaders that influence you to trust this pontiff and

      you .. you and your clubs and groups and denominations and congregations and institutions and schools and universities and organizations and governments do NOT KNOW… BY NOW… THAT THESE THINGS ARE WRONG? THAT SEXUAL ABUSE OF CHILD … and female is wrong?

      do you understand what it means to force the hand where there is EXTREME DANGER? the TIME has come for REVELATION.

      • opheliart permalink

        danger to Live … danger to the UNIVERSE … should the pope[institution] get his way, should islam in marriage to the roman church … gets its way, with judaism as its dolly …. ?

        all of you in league with this false teacher and its practices will be removed. all in a position to SPEAK OUT AGAINST THIS GRAVE DANGER but has not done so … instead showing favoritism to your own gutless initiates and political pandering and … secular industries already in league with these … dangers … fortifying them …

        will be viewed as … unintelligent and even … evil.

        the Time has come for the TRUTH about your ways.

  20. opheliart permalink

    WE will be writing

    THE TRUTH about the Writings. what will you be VIEWED ONCE THESE ARE NOTICE, AND BE … begin its motivation in MOVEMENT? when the Spirit unleashes …

    WHAT will YOU and your ink-heads, your dogma, your titles, your teachings, your practices… look like when … the MEANING, THE SPIRITUAL METAPHOR of the Writings take root and finally … finally begin to climb? up, up up to the HEAVENS WHERE … SHE is REAL and you are …

    a footnote for generosity’s sake, but … the truth about your fornicating will be known. your marriages. your defilements. your hanging with the devil and what-where it restricts/restricted and … deployed.

    • opheliart permalink

      is your abrahamic religion … or would that be POPE-slam (roman catholicism and islam) protecting your children? seems the public AUTHORITIES are without the power to prevent these atrocities.

      what will come next? a full blown war? where hundreds of thousands of your high school and college graduates that you unvested so much in—some entire ives—and for what… die in your bloody wars for …

      what? the same old same … old?

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