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where have all the flowers gone?

January 23, 2017

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    • opheliart permalink

      now please ask yourselves why any one wouldn’t want a peaceful transfer of power? anywhere?

      because there are some masterminding another tweet tweet.

      truly, unless you give up what … you cannot hear … where?

      • opheliart permalink

        about a week or so ago while communing I heard … something about a bomb and the pentagon. I was like …okay, what might this really mean? “like a bomb going off at the pentagon?” threats of a bomb? an actual bomb, or an explosion of concern and anger at what someone might have said … or something?

        who has a history of destroying the traditions and cultures of other “civilizations”? and/or who is not content unless ‘its’ face is front page … getting the attention and the obedience and the land and the … applause. believing itself a goddess 😉

        who is itching for a nasty, OLD, leftist-type fight?

        at first, after hearing madonna’s desire to blow up the white house< I wondered … okay, well there it is. madonna, the same madonna that berated sinead for tearing up the photo of a pope. sinead, in case you did not know .. was abused. a victim. you know, the religion irish thing. and was ahead of her time in that gesture. BOY, was she ever! what has madonna to say now? sinead was not permitted her EXPRESS HERSELF, but mad madonna is? and why would anyone take her coo and think like her? and wouldn't it be a peaceful thing if THE ID of the Youth could learn to ARTiculate much more efficiently and much more intelligently on that stage and in the halls of justice rather than …

        … and with much more vigor, care and lasting love? rather than a cold wet rag being slapped across the faces of those who paid for "american-made madonna" from her first red-lipped kiss to the crotch shots and the …
        you get the pictures. she has made a big, fat wad off of the very men she seems to despise.

        some hymn that is.

        to each his own, I suppose. but … it did not end there. then I was shown another having made a big, fat wad off of the american …and wants to keep it that way … but cannot keep it that way unless …


  1. opheliart permalink

    He left the priesthood and in 1983, married former Catholic nun and peace activist Judy Balch in San Francisco. His wife introduced him to refugees from El Salvador, “teenagers, whose fathers had been killed and tortured. I didn’t believe it, but I kept going to more and more of these meetings and it became clear these people weren’t blowing in the wind,” Liteky told the San Francisco Chronicle in a March, 2000 interview.

    Twenty years after his heroic actions in Vietnam, Liteky left the Medal of Honor — awarded under the name of Angelo J. Liteky — and a letter to President Ronald Reagan at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington in protest of the country’s foreign policy in Central America, where U.S.-backed dictators were fighting bloody wars against left-leaning rebels.

    After that, Liteky spent years protesting against the U.S. Army School of the Americas, an academy at Fort Benning, Georgia, where the U.S. Army trained soldiers from Central and South America and the Caribbean. He was sentenced to one year in federal prison in 2000 for entering the school without permission and splashing its rotunda with their own blood.

    In 2003, he traveled to Baghdad with other peace protesters to bear witness to the war and work with children in an orphanage and at hospitals.

    Olive said Saturday he remembers Liteky for his humility. “It was three years after I met Charlie and bonded a fast friendship that I learned he was a Medal of Honor recipient” when Liteky told him about his plans to renounce the medal, Olive said.

    • opheliart permalink

      one does not have to actually be a left-leaning rebel to USE and MISUSE it … for power.

      do you get the rift?

  2. opheliart permalink

    1. Love is a holy state of the soul, disposing it to value knowledge of God above all created things. We cannot attain lasting possession of such love while we are still attached to anything wordily.


    Four Hundred TEXTS on Love

    • opheliart permalink

      We will do as maximos says and closely unveil the inner sanctuary of each 400 texts.

      this first, is …undernourished, somewhat. not wrong. we would not say that it is wrong. it is without experience. why? because it is just a text. like any ink-drawn carriage, it lacks breath. too simple?
      okay … how about, love of self without love of neighbor is … incomplete. an incomplete soul. undernourished.

      but wait, the second sentence states that we cannot attain lasting possession of such love (Godly love, to be clear here) while we are still attached to anything worldly (wordily 😉 … so neighbor keeps us …. word-world bound? grounded? 😦 …

      not if neighbor follows ME. follows the way of I am the way, the truth and the light …

      this is of the Writings, yes? so where are the ones who say they believe? bowing to the prophet of islam? because society demands it? he is neighbor, isn’t he?

      but the prophet of islam is not Truth to one like me so … am I not of this world?

      now do you see the art of this? no man’s land is really a place without man’s weaponry. you cannot right a wrong in the laws of untruth. which places you where?

      when I was in middle school I recall a complaint coming from the adults, irish, german, polish, italian, jewish … one of “the hills” was being taken over by blacks. that was it, it was being taken over by blacks. the italians and the irish and …were moving out of that hill because the blacks brought bad press. yep, that is the honest truth. we did not live in that hill, but we did stop shopping there (the few times we had). crime was up. neighborhoods becoming run down. yes, I will not lie just to avoid being called derogatory names. but I am not hearing any these days so … maybe I broke through some of that wall of unbelief, denial. there was racial rioting going on during that time, in our schools, fights, bloody, weapon fights on buses and such, but by the time I reached 11th grade I heard no more about the rioting in the schools. it was as if most everyone had settled in … to something, and lived with it.

      would this be change? had things changed? or had society up and decided this is life, live with it? soon, many mostly white schools became mostly black schools. but where did everyone go? my neighborhood had barely changed … a few died, a few left but … it remained mostly white … to this day, likely because many of the same families are still there. once more die and their children move or die … what will it be? I honestly don’t know because I am so far from that place.

      did I walk away from that experience thinking the black was a criminal and a lousy housekeeper? of course not ( what of a black person from germany or italy, is he a black, or a german, an italian? or does he prefer to be called a german black, a black italian?) and where I am now in my seeing, my understanding… the world in all its racial stagnancy and stigmas … I don’t see race as a black and white something. I understand race to be far more than color. it is tribal and it carries principles, beliefs and practices, ideologies, theories and even ignorance. denial and lack of understanding.

      whatever the reason for the rise in crime and the run down neighborhoods … I don’t know and this is not the reason I write here. the reason would require research that I am not called to engage in. the reason for this story is to share on race. the race relations within race and races.

      ireland has its irish, still mostly roman catholic, I would imagine. italy has its italians, still mostly roman catholic I would imagine. this might change. france has its french. it has its french and a growing what? it is said to be a secular nation, but it has a growing what?

      cont …

      • opheliart permalink

        is it wrong to be racist? are you evil if you are racist?

        depends on race and … the reason. if we asked all people of one nation to write a list of things most important to them, do you think that nation would be able to solve racial inequality? how about this: there is no way to solve racial inequality while belonging to a race.

        let’s look at the aztec’s practice of torturing and killing their prisoners. the cutting out of the heart, tossing the body down from the height of that ritualistic place then cutting up and eating it. would you be racist if you said you hated that practice? is it racism to be against any group, tribe, religion, civilization engaging in this practice? if a race of people believe and practice in a manner that offends you, is it evil, bad, ignorant … to oppose this race?

        if the race of man using violence to solve its problems is offensive to you, a practice you find evil, are you a racist if you speak to the race about this practice? if war and warriors are used to teach children about heroism and good deeds, through the practice and use of weaponry and mass destruction, of life and environment … what is the outcome? what does this race build within civilizations?

  3. opheliart permalink

    right or wrong … racism? being racist? redefine race or stop using the term because it cannot be resolved in this society, and labeling people incorrectly does nothing in the Light of Truth.

    but you called them racist, accused them of racism? says this or that person. yes, we said this several times … the mindset ‘universal’ is racist. look at its inception and the intent of group claiming itself authority in all matters moral … hmm?

    ethical license if intent is impartial is worthy of truth, honesty and fairness. equality is a matter for the art of debate and the situations being discussed. morality is an oxymoron here. a chokehold of sorts, at times. as a child I spoke like a child …

    • opheliart permalink

      if a child cleans his room when asked he gets to go to the pony show. the child who did not goes where? but wait, is child 2 capable of cleaning his room? brothers, brought up in the same house, why does one do and why does one don’t? do you teach by punishment or by example?

      remember, he is a child.

      • opheliart permalink

        islam is not stupid. islam is not a feckless ideology … a unintelligent morality. it is not a refugee state. why do you not challenge it properly?

        if you want to buy a used car … do you trust that it is all that the owner/car dealer says it is? when was the last time he had it in for its checkup? and what about the auto repair shop that does its checkup? can you trust this information? you ask to take the car for inspection—its check up, along with a test drive …

        you don’t load your entire family, granny and all, puppy too, into the vehicle and go on a trip. silly you.

        we understand there are more and more worship centers, organizations and cities adding their names to the sanctuary status for immigrant/refugee? are these places being properly inspected for this drive?

  4. opheliart permalink

    “zionism is racism”

    I have read this recently. and I am aware that it was inked in 1975. who favors this ink?

    • opheliart permalink

      icy tues.

      When asked by ABC News’ Jonathan Karl about whether Trump’s inauguration had a larger audience than those of President Ronald Reagan’s, Spicer said, “I’m pretty sure that Reagan didn’t have YouTube, Facebook or the internet.”

      In Saturday’s statement, Spicer also said “some members of the media were engaged in deliberately false reporting,” citing the use of photos from the inauguration on Friday that he said were “intentionally framed in a way … to minimize the enormous support that had gathered on the National Mall.”

      —define gather …

      it does not matter what I think about this man [spicer], and truly, I have yet to get to a point in my vision-hearing where I need to, and I may not need to, but he has a point. and to have news going on about things they know will distract trump is what liz warren was trying to do during the election… to get under trumps’s skin to reveal some old, nastiness. egging him on … provoking him. we already know about trump’s weaknesses, let’s see where he might have some strengths. the media left-nuttiness shows its own lack of decency in its misconstrued ads. THAT we can see, without too much effort. and really, do we even have to bring it up? GROW UP, please.

      and trump has bigger concerns right now. his business and those ‘gifts’. keep at it and let’s see where it goes. this could be the defining chapter in trump’s white house.

      • opheliart permalink

        racism … own it or get rid of the word. religions of a certain distance, habits and practices … principles, is a race of people. you can accept that this is true and understand racism as not a moral issue but an ethical one or … stop using the term as a weapon. it’s silly.

        if you state the truth on some things within a society of people that some find offensive does it make it wrong? does it make it a hate comment/opinion? does a person hate? or is it that those using the race word are using it to distract from getting to the truth about [man]?

        race is too often used as a diversion to avoid addressing the greater concerns.

        getting back to zionism. what is it? like race, it means different things to different people. so to say Race A is Racism is weird. it tells us nothing about Race A. but is it even a race? does it hold to the same beliefs and principles from its inception? or are people [zionist] moving out of some for another?

  5. opheliart permalink

    it is our sense that people anti-israel use zionism when they mean to say judaism or the jews. but they do not want to be labeled racist themselves. -clever girl-

    but jew has two meanings. in the NT, the jew is something not necessarily what is jewish or of judaism(s). and yes, like christianity and catholicism and even islam and … there are splits and splits. which version is being taught in the schools? sunni or … do you understand where this idea of teaching religion in school to the youth is not a good idea? it is catholic depending on who-what is head of school, or head of law over schooling. but isn’t this the case in church and state? church in bed with state? the winning head wins the race. so leftist decides to get-get religion?

    but it [race] is scattered all over the world without continuity or … sense. religion using state and state using religion gets big and fat and overbearing and … unjust, racist and … reckless. no one really knows who is doing what and where —much convoluted matter—and the few who do keep it to themselves to keep themselves stated. often overrated.

    zionism, if it is indeed a movement must move. ethically, it has the upper hand and must do the honor of moving in … mindset. when I started to type the love texts I left go of something in order to do something. zionism, do not all be a race … judaism will eventually fade so move into zionism if you feel you must have a place … of resistance. it is the way to let go to embrace new. if someone hands you a gift, and your hands are holding old things. put down one of the old to receive the new. let go of something. you will still be of jewish ancestry like an irishman or a frenchman, if you wish but you needn’t get bogged down in religion as state. and state has every right to lay down laws … for the safety and wellbeing of its citizens. it has every right in an impartial manner, to say our country is based on the justice system found in zionism 101. get with the program or get out. your choice.

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