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zero tolerance …

February 25, 2017

means what exactly?


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  1. opheliart permalink

    millions fleeing catholic countries for a safer, more prosperous … way of life … and the vatican can only see to buying up mega churches? think what that dollar amount would do for mexico and other places in need—THE PEOPLE, a healthier, safer … cleaner and more productive way of living. not greedily grabbing up more property to what? ordain priests who aren’t interested in a loveless, archaic institute?

    seems just A FEW recognize the indecency of these actions. if you cannot see the obvious malpractice, and these expensive attempts to distract from and whitewash the horrid behavior within the roman catholic church, never properly addressed by LAW ENFORCEMENT coming from government authorities FOR REASONS THAT WILL BE COMING OUT … SOON, we can assure you … maybe you really are dead.

    just adding some spices to the stew:

    Betty Clermont • a day ago
    Only 2 families? An April 2015 article in Il Sole 24 Ore stated the Vatican’s assets – securities, commercial real estate and bank accounts – “by a conservative estimate” would be around 15-17 billion euro.
    “Migrants should be treated according to certain rules, because migration is a right, but one which is highly regulated,” Pope Francis said in November. Politicians should be very open to receiving refugees, “but they should also calculate how they will be able to settle them, because a refugee must not only be welcomed, but also integrated. And if a country is only able to integrate 20, let’s say, then it should only accept that many. If another is able to do more, let it do more,” the pope stated.

    what mr pope says is correct but … what everyone keeps asking, “pope, have soooooo much money and soooo much property and such a BIG, expensive and expansive lifestyle (consider the dollar amount for each city/national visit) and the lifestyles of all your pen pals and your rich and famous bishops on up (the diocese of each province) … and your institution is guilty in the affairs on why so many are in need, fleeing … seeking new life … how can you in good FAITH tell others what they should do?” how is it the RCC prides itself on being the greatest charity in the world while being the biggest freeloader ? does it even itself out? not where it hinders PROPER growth and EVOLVING … and not where there is such awful corruption and sexual abuse …


    and finally, WE do not worship the ‘god OF islam’. the catholic church along with their master, the pope calling himself francis … can worship muhammad as orator of their god … but we do not, nor will we ever use their prophet muhammad or his writings as the Word of God, Spirit of the Living. the ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN has never said they worship the god of islam, so let it be known in this Day that there are those of the roman pontiff who believe as he teaches … and there are those of the Christ, where LIFE exists in the Essence and the Energy of the Spirit, the Holy Spirit

    … as God IS Spirit.




    seems the roman catholic master the pope does not know the Writings on the Christ, but he does not hesitate to lead you into confusion. he has prophesied in vain. his words are like emptiness on the BODY of the BELIEVER IN TRUTH, SPIRIT OF THE LIVING>

    the TEACHINGS here demonstrate undeniably that the Christ Follower cannot possibly worship the god of islam, so why do you claim to be of Jesus if you believe Christ and Islam are of the same GOD? AND JESUS ANSWERED AND SAID TO HER, “IF YOU KNEW THE GIFT OF GOD, AND WHO IT IS WHO SAYS TO YOU, ‘GIVE ME A DRINK’, YOU WOULD HAVE ASKED HIM, AND HE WOULD HAVE GIVEN YOU LIVING WATER.”

    • opheliart permalink

      where are the JESUS followers, those who claim to be ONE IN CHRIST? hunkered down in their pads … hiding out … from the glare of the spotlight? that very hot, hot , HOT light that will be glaringly peeling away the skin of deception to reveal the underground mental condition of a sinister and malicious master mind of ill will and terror … feckless host and the grave … seers.

      I had a dream five years ago where I stood with Christ in the heaven of light and I watched bold beams of light shoot down out of a vast cloud … to the planet of man. seven beams … in seven places. I was permitted to look but not touch.

      • opheliart permalink

        as for celibacy … what institute of instruction DENIES its members marriage and children? it is most often the life with someone and the raising of your own that provide for you the RIGHT to instruct. and no, it’s not doing satan’s work by calling out a primary cause of the disease of the prelate … chewing on all male celibacy within all male dominion. this fruit is without proof of the Spirit of the Living God. GOD cannot find “HIMSELF” in a forced premeditated place without SHE. this is Fact. not saying a man not having married is without SPIRIT … WE are saying to choose a marriage to man, within man, for the making of bread (host) is without the Feminine Divine which is necessary for Truth.

        where in the Writing do we see this taught? do you know? and why would any institution deny the Feminine Divine for … man not God? evil has its way in these parlors.

    • opheliart permalink

      was thinking of the so-called ‘christians’ claiming their religious institution the successor of the APOSTLES of JESUS. it matters not whether it is religion or state government, JAMES SAYS:

      But above all things, my brethren, swear not, neither by heaven, neither by the earth, neither by any other oath: but let your yea be yea; and your nay, nay; lest ye fall into condemnation.

      consider the laws of man and the laws of Christ, how easily man can accuse you of something after you have sworn yourself to his mandate, and you become his prisoner the moment you swear the oath of its office.

  2. opheliart permalink

    7 RETURN, return, O Shulamite (Peace);
    Return, return, and we will look for you.

    and this is what WE have been doing.

    ask any Angel of the Most High about the dead, “where are they?” and the Angels will tell you: we don’t know. if not with us … these are far from us. and is why we need …….

    • opheliart permalink

      it is not heaven, it is HEAVENS, and there is none dead within Spirit or it would not be called LIFE.

      maybe you have yet to wake? time is drawing near and then it will be too late. are you without the power to change what is without Love? man now has the capability to introduce into the world the worst kind of evil … an evil that can destroy all life but itself, and eventually itself as it begins to turn on itself where all innocence is spent, and it will turn on itself to try to stay alive. … did you know this? we see that most do not know about it. I have been to Places you have not seen and I can tell you first hand that you are not in the fuller understanding on what is good and what is evil. do not listen to the atheists who disrespect your Being. God, Spirit of the Living cannot be where this is not alive … free to experience and free to believe without that horrid dogma, the straightjacket of insurrection, denying you worth in thePower of the Living. you know not what you do! you know not what you are! your prophets lead you to despair and dying breath.

      The Great Wall movie … and don’t go by that nasty NYTimes review .. it’s gibberish, missing the greater message. the creatures feeding … coming to feed. this may be metaphor but it speaks on the evil that is driven by its need to feed … or die. its queen is … lecherous … without any SENSE of life but its need to continue its feeding. and it grows more ‘clever’ every generation.

      • opheliart permalink

        interesting sunrise this morning. my computer and drawing desk is positioned that I can look to the East. the sky today is slate grey clouds with breaks of light, but what is most interesting about this is the striking red—hot red—like fiery lakes and streams gleaming within its gulf.

        the movie is a 3 star if you want to get epical. it does not have the length and depth of character to tell the fuller story, but it does not mean it was without SOUL. the soul was in that NAMELESS ORDER army. that is its soul. and it was all the civilization had to keep the worst evil from total destruction of humanity. the child emperor was what? a child without knowledge and understanding? what could he do? it was the army of the Nameless Order, looking for a way to keep all from death. a marriage of two? a man and a woman with believers, trusting believers to help Humanity survive?

        why do americans seem to miss the important parts? the chinese couple I spoke with immediately afterward … had much more worthwhile to say.

  3. opheliart permalink

    I asked JAMES some time ago about the evil of his day. I asked, how did you deal with the evil at that time? he replied, p, it is a different evil today. you are dealing with an evil far more advanced in treachery. it has tools we never imagined were possible. we only knew of the death of the unwise in …where man placed his head.


    • opheliart permalink

      cooment to a yahoo article on the truck plowing into mardi gras crowd.

      Steven D 8 hours ago
      Reminds me of a similar event in Germany today – to me Here is another attack that sounds like what the authorities are insisting it isnt. “HEIDELBERG, Germany (Reuters) – A man died and two other people were injured after a 35-year-old German man drove into a crowd standing near a bakery in the southwestern town of Heidelberg on Saturday, but the authorities said there were no indications that it was a terrorist attack.”

      • opheliart permalink

        is it terrorism or isn’t it? is it MERELY drunk drivers losing control, angry drunk drivers or substance abuse driving into a crowd celebrating … something. or is it made to look like merely under the influence of something causing man to lose control? is it terrorism or isn’t it?

  4. opheliart permalink

    one could easily ask the pastors of today: HAVE YOU ALLOWED YOURSELVES TO BE DEFILED?

    have you been tricked by your party?

    • opheliart permalink

      8 Our sister is small and has no breasts;
      What will we do for our sister
      In the day when she is spoken for?
      If she is a wall, let us build silver battlements upon her;
      And if she is a door, let us carve cedar panels for her.


      I am a wall, and my breasts are as
      I was in his eyes as one who found

      • opheliart permalink

        I recall a woman, raised mormon, now atheist or agnostic (not sure as she never made it clear to me) posting on an amazon discussion forum of which she was the ‘moderator’ …that the Songs of Songs is borderline pornographic. I posted a response with what I was shown at that time … might redirect her thinking, and it was a judaism 101 link on these verses. 😀 the amazon moderator deleted her initial post, and she got angry … as she saw herself as the queen of kingdom come.

  5. opheliart permalink

    what do YOU want of a leader? “hey, invite them all in you moron, we don’t want anyTHING to get in the way of … OUR vision of authority—what should be! NO WALLS! no borders! no laws, but OUR laws—based on OUR beliefs and principles and hey, just letting you know that we never say no unless it conflicts with OUR agenda.” …?

    what is that agenda? party politics for power without SENSE? trump is not a qualified leader in this day. we agree on this point, but what if he is the only one willing to take that ram head on? to willingly accept the attacks, to try to protect AMERICA, whatever this is … but what is it? atheist? jew? christian? muslim? roman catholic? all of the above, you say? in way manner? if political religious will do anything to keep its head fed … and that includes atheist … where is your Order? in whose NAME?

    progressives? liberals? will use anything that gives money to its desire to stay in power. and the conservative? what does this desire? dull attribute? feckless feeding? robotic straights? you destroy each other and that leaves me. ha-ha! 😉

    hurry up, we have been waiting a long time. and we are not middle madness that lives in denial, looking the over ways on the obscenities. the wars. the crimes.

    who-what is costing YOU, your nation so many lives and so much money? the obvious is that you people are all over the place. there is very little unity anywhere! how can you in all honesty get anything substantial done in that feed?

    • opheliart permalink

      would you even know the enemy if it bit you in the ass?

      • opheliart permalink

        huh, does that work in reverse? can WE say the same about the pope and its vatican no see? can we charge it with slander and abuse, attacks … on GNOSTICS ? lying about the gnostic?

        and will the pathetic unholy see now attack those religious news service sites for writing something they fear might taint their prophet’s image? things like: that service/journalist misquoted the pope, misinterpreted his words, yada-yada-yada …

        interesting news … VERY interesting. can the pope be caught red-handed for any wrongdoing? you shall surely see.

  6. opheliart permalink

    now, gushee, your atheist brothers of the progressive twist are so attentive to your beliefs, aren’t they? so understanding of something greater than themselves? something they view as … delusion, mental illness? how does this make you? how will these “friends or foes” build you into something worthy in and of Spirit of the Living? they don’t believe CHRIST exists, even worse, they won’t hesitate to desecrate and deny any BODY having Christ within, which I find exceptionally odd, don’t you? if they don’t believe it exists why do they spend so much of their time degrading you? slandering what lives within? then again, maybe Christ is not within and is why they can get away with such poor behavior.

    now … if it fits their laboratory tights … you are good to go in their godless land … but how poorly you would shine. they are egress. do you really want to be following their steed, trying to make them their gods look good?

    the day comes where LAW will not allow them to attach “delusion” and “myth” to something WE know is real …

    WE are going to see to that … oh, yes. militant atheist will be sorry he abused ME. so … are you my friend or are you my foe?

    • opheliart permalink

      never underestimate the POWER … of the Holy Spirit. where do you want to be … in this Growth?

      • opheliart permalink

        you see, WE don’t take kindly to people without Conscience … you know, those that believe themselves above the law. those that get pleasure out of harassing and attacking believers?

        did they once know or understand what it was like to be denied, treated poorly, not believed? if so, they sure don’t act like it. some … just never ever learn and … they do harm to entire societies by their arrogance and their ignorance … they endanger lives and they don’t know it for all that pumped up ego.

      • opheliart permalink

        another establishment type … where does it end? both sides of that aisle … bernie sabotaged, o’malley still with his song and dance social justice message, but the questions never get answered by these democratic politicians because they have no answers that qualify. period. you cannot pass judgement pour into the pot needy immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers … with so many existing areas in great need within the country. they use these immigrates and …minorities, poor, outsiders to rise to the top all the while they don’t offer anything better, more convincing or … more safe.

        they breed hatred for what opposes their agendas.

        no one is allowed a fair vote. just like the rigged elections … the sentencing is rigged by these very same bureaucrats.

        and because of these denials … the nations will suffer.what comes for america is not good, and one cannot blame trump as the liberal-left is trying to do. this was in the works long before trump and his crew. it will be known as obama’s war, but the facts fall to all refusing to look in the eye the system of disease.

  7. opheliart permalink

    monday … mondayyyy, can’t trust that day …

    remember, people join religions to get ahead, to get elected, to get-get-get … something. some are even forced to join … a choice is never given. consider these conditions for every politician, even those you are not permitted to elect …. given NO CHOICE … because an all male dominated organization is is charge, calls the shots …

    and once many choose … say, islam, or rome, within your country, esp politicians and money men, then it becomes like a fever that is catching. and when your nation is politically, systematically islamic, roman … the few not islamic are treated as “the gnostic was treated, and still is”, as evil, not politically correct, not THEIR god’s chosen acceding … even at roman catholic-islamic-LGBTQ news sites where people form their opinions and get their news about WHO AND WHAT TO TRUST … and the world repeats that same old diatribe against the few. it happens within every religious quadrant. the patterns are out there for all to see. america is no exception, unless …

    • opheliart permalink

      america, the liberal-left are without a doubt leading you to an islamic state to drink. will you drink and choose islam? will islam or rome … be your established religion in the US of A? it is heading this way. why do you not see the patterns?

      why is it that liberal militants never criticize the islamists, or call them out for being of a male dominated industry? their prophet full of mad men murdering and using/abusing girls and women to amass an army. enslaving for the purposes of pleasuring themselves, slapping them down whenever they felt scrutinized or challenged, and impregnating them to gain numbers. the liberalists attack christians and christianity, but seldom roman catholicism which is far more male ruled, and is the template for the christianity that was used in america, not the way of gnosis, but the model of rome, and in this that we share … the patterning … is why we question your allegiance and where you get your information.

      how is islam going to be any different for you in america? islamic nations are evidence of a life in peril. YOU HAVE NEVER KNOWN TRUTH of the Writings by way of Christ … but you buy into the islamic ‘peace’ as if it is your destiny.

      choose wisely or you may regret your insubordination for all eternity … consider what you lay upon the backs of your future, the YOUTH, esp female born. lashings? tribal abuse? you think it can’t happen? bet you never thought a trump could become president or that a menace like ISIS could be so strong, so cunning, in this day.

      consider your steps from this moment forward. we are not fooled by the antics of the west … the think tank operatives who are foolish instigators of wars.

      • opheliart permalink

        AS A FEMALE I HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO SPEAK ON THESE CONCERNS … the migration of roman and or islamic rule in the country of my birth, where my investments exist. how can any female believing in God of the Living choose an archaic, male dominated industry to govern their assets?

        you seek suicide?

  8. opheliart permalink

    you don’t know muslims! shouts the islamists, the liberalists and the roman patriarchs. huh, what do you know insulated in your mind? I have been around religionists my entire life … I know what is. you think islam is different from romanism? boy, are you naive 😦 .

    but islam will not become the determinator, or the terminator, depending on your experience or how you view its sentiment. why?

    we said, we could take you down with one hand, but we would rather use two; that way, when you fall, you won’t fall so hard. I am not of GNOSTICISM so I must be of the other hand, yes? it will be gnosticism that will take down islam (sorry, mr pope, you don’t get your dream come true: roman cathlam. roman catholicism will become obsolete. much of it because people will flee from its wards, having seen its sentiment).

    • opheliart permalink

      not what some catholics call ‘creepy mariology’ of their own tribal indigents … but look to the Spiritually SYMBOLIC of Mary, begin the QUEST for She—the FEMININE DIVINE. in this you will know Life … and will grow Light that you might see where you stand where you need to move, or flee should you be in a dangerous port. NOT female smothered in black cloth … as Spirit of the Living does not require these articles of material. the head covering PAUL speaks is not what you see in romanism and the jewish and or islamic sectors. these do not please GOD of the Living as {this} is not interested in the outer mirage but the inner frame!

      last night I found two in the flip side of a book of gnostic lit. two ‘names’ … JOB and MARY. huh, I was like, “what is this? why did I write this here?” I was told: searching on something at that time, but do not concern yourself with JOB. JOB represents the RESURRECTION and this has come to pass. MARY is the SYMBOL of Wisdom in Adversity. {this} is where WE ARE … for the Evolution of God and Man: Prophesy.

      • opheliart permalink

        Eve represents what?

        Eve—Mary—____(and one more).

  9. opheliart permalink

    nations think Christ is of the Roman Catholic domain. NO! they are mistaken. they have been misled. Christ is not a Religion. and please, look at the inception of each religion … look at roman catholicism and look at islam, and the others. WHO-WHAT is its mouthpiece? and how did it come into its industry? did it use male dominion for instance? how about force? did it use force? did it murder and oppress? torture, maim and enslave …

    is it political? how does it treat female? male? children? what are its instruments of warfare? does it lie and deceive for power and control? what are its tactics to enforce doctrine? is it dogmatic? fascist? communist?

    these are all important questions to help YOU understand what is and what is not in and of the Christ. so why do you continually lean toward oppressive ideal? state is often with hands tied and must use force … for safety of its citizenry. it lays down laws to try to guarantee order and protective but who-what is breaking laws? we are not speaking of excessive force or malpractice in professions but religious who ignore their behavior for their own religious ideals, already proven to be excessive and often opportunistic and partial. their mandates. but do these religious of all stripes take care of and see to .. what they breed? bring in to communities? are these religious guaranteeing a safer more proactive protection of the vulnerable like the youth, the female (pregnancy prone) and the elderly? the drug induced and the drug addict, the user … the high school drop out confused about his identity, the bullied and the bored … what are they feeding these and what do they ignore for their own praise?

    • opheliart permalink

      these do not challenge and question the nations/systems of poor edict. instead they overburden more, and more and more until all is lost.

      • opheliart permalink

        an islamic woman’s head wrapped in the american flag hollering about her rights in america. huh, it’s like watching the pope of rome stand before congress, telling them what to do about the undocumented, the immigrants, the refugee and the asylum seeker. why would WE listen to these oppressors? or should we just call them OPPRESSIONISTS AND OPPORTUNISTS?

        if a country is under siege who are these two to tell a nation not ruled by ‘church’ what it should be, what it should do about safety, protection and law in the country facing extremism.

        why would I listen to an islamic women tell me what I should do regarding her religious? I don’t like her religion! why should I respect what does not respect ME!!! what denies and degrades me!

        are you people without Sense?

  10. opheliart permalink

    • opheliart permalink

      but you are to love your enemies, they say as they get-get religion to excuse their melodrama and biased breath. where did I say these are mine enemies? but if they try to force me to be something I am … not … or attempt to slander and degrade what is mine …

      God chastises those he loves … but those who hate God, Spirit of the Living?


      and where did the american flag become a symbol of islam? or women of islam? did I miss something in our nation on the value of principle? no one said hey, stop worshipping your prophet, but where did muhammad, or should we say islam’s practices become the values of liberty? somehow that image of the islamic woman and the heritage of american don’t quite meet for anything truistic or … inventive.

      it’s old, remorseful treatment of female coming from barbaric slave trading. islam is a nemesis to the Genesis of Life, but the islamists and their defenders are trying to deceive YOU into thinking it’s liberty and justice for all.

      lol … under islam it is not liberty or justice unless it’s shariah law or something like it—THEIR justice under THEIR laws. you cannot fool the wise, only the ignorant. but where are the wise in this day? playing hopscotch? counting their numbers? counting coins? whether roman catholicism or islam … it just doesn’t cut the cake 😉

      so share with me RNS and islamic supporters, liberals and leftist initiative dwellers, what is your plan in this escapade? how do you plan to satisfy islam’s principles under its prophet muhammad, bring in all those “needy” and do what needs to be done in the nation, where many are still waiting or have had the rug pulled out from under them? ignore those in need in your nation and serve only what MOMENTARILY serves your agenda?

      hmm … ripe with dishonesty says SHE.

      • opheliart permalink

        and I hear atheists and liberals state that religion should be taught in schools? “teach the HISTORY about religion” …? public schools? they mean islam because they want something overturned? but what exactly? if you teach the truth as it happened some groups will be offended enough to pull out the guns and start shooting, because NOW THEY CAN.

        you set yourself up for disaster.

        teaching religion in the public schools serves what? whose agenda? the right or the left? and what about all that in between? whose version for this religion or that religion? and in this day you cannot even get away with teaching THE FACTS without some group crying foul! foul! discrimination! attack on our prophet! our religion! our …

        and we do not believe it is in just cause to give special perks to any religious group. it’s just not fair to the public school system and other groups. either IMPROVE your public school system or get rid of it. schools should be carefully monitored to keep children/students safe … and learning without all the drudgery, thuggery and bias.
        … . can religious schools promise this? or are they often … favoring males?

        I do not want mine told that islam is a religion of peace. because from our vantage point it is not a religion of peace. so … why create a climate of confusion? offending so many? so many sects within even just one large religious establishment creates an atmosphere of … mischief.

  11. opheliart permalink

    bottom line here … if certain religions and religious are that toxic, why are YOU force feeding it?

    why are YOU using it to overturn something you don’t like? are you on a POLITICAL RELIGIOUS mission?

    • opheliart permalink

      recall that ‘no-brainer’ we spoke about in israel? israel’s system at this time is not what we would choose but if asked which we could live under, palestinian law or israeli law … it’s a no-brainer. this could be similar to america and other nations. what do YOU bring upon the people—THE FUTURE—of communities? no religion should have the right to usurp any nation not having established itself under a specific doctrine of religion where people —the majority AGREE (and let us be clear that america has staggered repeatedly under religious-political mandate, as well as europe and … and continues to do so most vehemently in many nations). no religion, even where there is freedom of religion, should be permitted to extend its reach to out and out change community to include itself–for itself—where doctrine inhibits freedom for a majority, such as female. we realize you cannot please everyone nor should you try and this is the mistake of the democrat. big time. but we know he uses these to outweigh what he does not want without actually doing the right thing to PROTECT all citizens of decent and proper and just intent. he fishes from the adjunct side of the boat where the feast is limited.

      • opheliart permalink

        when I ask liberals-lefties-so-called progressives … about their plan on this big bash protest, their “resistance” for islamic attribute … they cannot give me a straight answer. it’s like perez in the above video answering cuomo’s question OR … they accuse me of being racist or biased of —phobic 😀 (poor, poor excuse. lazy man’s reasoning) OR … they fall silent, saying they don’t want to talk about it. IOW, shut up.

  12. opheliart permalink

    a virgin army … sabotaged … by the UN? by greed for …

    while the lives of peacekeepers thinking they are being sent to help civilians … discounted?

    interestingly, not one irishman of that company sent to jadotville was killed, despite numerous attempts to wipe them out and six long days of repeated attacks. just 150 irish peacekeeper soldiers never having fought and killed a man prior to that unfounded military attack,

    but the plane carrying the UN HEAD went down, and numerous lives were lost operating with the mercenary company having attacked the innocent peacekeeping group.

    do you think the Lord was looking out for those irishmen? sadly, they were viewed as cowards for surrendering because they had no more artillery, and the deck was stacked against them. the commander made the right choice rather than send his men on a suicide mission, but … some are easily misinformed on the facts, and were/are? confiding in the wrong leadership on what is right and proper … in saving lives.

    • opheliart permalink

      a note about rude rudin’s commentary …

      when I read rudin’s term for the religious right I was like, wow, and the rabbi praises the pope? maybe he does not view the pope as christian, but … wow, given the complaints about calling jews unjust or unkind names, this rabbi sure does stick his nose in the pit. and at RNS a news service that is supposed to be … fair FOR its audience? NOT hypocritical… but WHAT is its audience?
      a very sound question, and brings to the podium: is RNS purposely inciting hatred of christians?

      have they allowed rudin to write this offensive, miscalculated pc to try to get-get $$$ from the secular jew sector or would that be the atheist, liberalist christianhater sector?

      rudin (and TBH, rns ) has praised the current roman pontiff, political puppet of the roman catholic church, numerous times, yet he accuses the “christocrats” (christian right?) in america of refusing women abortions.

      is he afraid of NAMING the biggest source of anti-abortion? the head behind the industry? or is he in some way a party to the pope’s money-making, numbers … agenda? always a GOOD question. why does he not state the obvious? he goes after the horses instead of aiming for the head DRIVING the industry …
      who pushes the unwanted babies on poor families, FORCING THE BREEDING AND FORCING PEOPLE INTO POVERTY, despite raking in big bucks, bucks that could help these families … denying them access to healthier conditions? oh, wait, both pope and rudin want the AMERICAN PEOPLE to pay for all the unwanted, suffering, poor, drug-addicted … children having come from illegitimate moms? or the mom so desperate she is fleeing from archaic religious-run governments? governments who won’t take care of its people. shame on you rudin … shame on you rns, what right have you to charge christians with … these crimes?

      most CHRISTIANS proper take care of their own … children (much those in jewish culture?) as these are OBSERVANT to an order that requires him to take responsibility for his actions. no so for the ROMAN CATHOLIC COUNTRIES, and islamic countries it seems. right, rudin? isn’t that correct, RNS?

      catholic countries are clear evidence, the raging wars in muslim operated countries … so why does rudin abuse authority given to him? authority at RNS, authority in america as a writer/rabbi. political advocate of the far left agents … seems quite a mix for himself, unless rabbi is nothing more than teachers of secular industry, whatever this is at any given time in any given day. if the people choose to give drugs to their children instead of a home life then he supports the mandate as if it’s his own? or does he just prefer it be for others and keeps his ass clean and far from the mess … but likes to party on the ideas, demonstrating his own arrogance and hypocrisy? what ends up creating society under these myths? like pot smoking youth … right, rudi, let them eat cake while you get to achieve your goals …

      hmm … derelict dads …

      • opheliart permalink

        rudin, highly offensive for you a rabbi of the Prophets of God?… to misuse the NAME Christ, and you and your ilk must now pay for this offense. when a christian uses and abuses the Name, he is chastised, and like the parable of the talents what he does not return PROPER, is taken from him. seems you have learned nothing from whatever it is you worship. your religion will fade. become obsolete, as will your partner, the roman catholic pontiff.

  13. opheliart permalink

    I AM not of the POLITICAL RIGHT claiming to be christian, jew, catholic, roman catholic, islamic, mormon, atheist, agnostic, buddhist, hindu or anything else … but I AM deeply offended by his term CHRISTocrats!

    ADDED sat: read a comment on another article by an atheist using the label “christocrats”. you see how things spread like a nasty virus?

    the jews will get BLAMED for inciting HATRED on christians. but it seems they bring it on themselves. they will get blamed for things they may not have actually said, in the ADVENT on Truth, but when a specified “teacher” of law commits the wrong of abusing something he knows could cost lives and cause racist tendencies and impertinence toward another group, one much less sensationalist than HIMSELF … it shows itself in ways he is ignorant about. it’s how the world works … how wrongness and evil operate, and when you take and misuse something precious, not salad for nonbeliever and make it an errancy … you have committed an act of serious indecency in the eyes of Truth, and when your brother REFUSES to chastise as is necessary, instead, gleefully allying within these indecencies … while ignoring his own clan’s hypocrisy and bad behavior, greed and reckless abuse of the pen …

    it comes right back at him. you see? but don’t blame the christian for this attack when it comes hurdling at you … blame those you trusted who now betray you … and when the seeds get tossed, carelessly, it may be the very christians who supported the jew, even paying from his own pockets to assist, who will begin to turn away from him … because enough is enough. and one can surely ask: has the jew learned anything from his FATHER and MOTHER?

    it is understood that there are some poor in Truth who hate out of ignorance and disease, born from misdeeds, and the idea is to not give them space to warrant that hate. to not give it credible voice, but to misuse an important NAME with significant meaning for many—many—many, and turn it into a great evil? hmm … the jew has forgotten what it is to be on the defense? to have entire wards viewing him as sinister? has he learned nothing about the TEACHINGS on Christ that he should behave so ignorantly and so disrespectfully? have we demeaned his prophets of the book? no, we have not. and to misuse CHRIST, is to ignore the meaning of {this} in Light of that same Word he says he espouses. I shake my head in dismay for I can see what comes …
    what he brought on the innocent and what he brings on his own. he has learned NOTHING!

    seems the rabbi believes himself above G-d? maybe he is an unbeliever … posing as a teacher of G-d? whatever, he must THINk G-d is not watching and not checking HIS vineyard to test on the RETURN. what has he paid forth from the mina given him?

    so sad to see such arrogance and such hypocrisy, and such fear. that fear? he brings it on his own due to obstructive behavior and derelict deeds.

    Spirit of Truth is not smitten by the misuse of funds, the reckless endeavors and the acts of ungraciousness. you were given a home and for what?

    and please understand the strategy. atheists-liberal leftists don’t want to come right out and accuse the jew of anything. this looks BAD FOR THEIR IMAGE, esp in this weirdo climate of anti … you know. instead, these sects accuse and blame christians and christianity because they know they can and they can get away with it … effortlessly. no charge. as a matter of fact, the jew piles on, too … to give himself an easy lift. but why do these liberal-overreaching lefties accuse? they don’t like so much money going to israel. TOO ORTHODOX JEW_ISH? bibi catering to the dogmaticjew? the same dogma they rail about in the states? but they know the christian right is the biggest and bigger supporter of sending funds to israel … whereas the growing leftist institution … do not want this. and it is easier to just bash and bash and bash, accuse and abuse, even where hypocrisy from their own is screaming so loudly the Angels cover their Ears … they ignore the sirens because … the christian or those they THINK are christian is the easiest scapegoat for what THEY REALLY WANT TO HAPPEN FOR THEIR AGENDAS. they would completely destroy christian and his reputation if it would GIVE THEM EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT … but they will not get what they want because of how they go about this. DENIAL. deception and …hypocrisy.

    we have been studying the false initiatives. the fake … news.

    just give a wee bit more time and more will come out about on the anti-Semitic news. did they get thrown a curve on that recent arrest? and STILL they insist they know everything? while in denial .. 😀 😀 😀 …seriously? copycat? did you happen to see the video of the flock of turkeys circling the dead cat in the road? highly, HIGHLY unusual!

    do you know what this is saying? I do.

    • opheliart permalink

      it would help the readers tremendously if you provided facts, actual evidence of companies, industries … businesses, political streams … or and religious? where and how in this … concern on globalizing.

  14. opheliart permalink

    I am not to comment on any of this … at this Time, and have not even read the article in full … yet. having experienced in this Liturgy, knowing of its purpose, the chanting … I cannot fault them on this exercise. I understand what the commenter speaks on, however, as Spirit of the Living does not require these methods … but do understand … culture is as culture does … and for many GrOC these are attempts to share experience. it is their way of expressing something of Christ. a form of Spirit Art which I am not to digest unless it finds itself abusive …

    orthodox christianity is young in america. it is permitted time to show itself. and this is as God is impartial.

    • opheliart permalink

      A Gentile does not die, for he has never lived in order that he may die. He who has believed in the truth has found life, and this one is in danger of dying, for he is alive. Since Christ came, the world has been created, the cities adorned, the dead carried out. When we were Hebrews, we were orphans and had only our mother, but when we became Christians, we had both father and mother.

      gospel of PHILIP

      • opheliart permalink

        a group of MAN sat within HIS council and decided based on his own instruction what would be for ALL believing in the Christ (his universalist magisterium, an all male instrument of volatile seedlings) … he had already decided, based on rome and … what the jew and the gentile represented. these men were incorrect in their understanding. they added and took away from the Writings and continued full steam ahead … to deny their own wrongdoing and abusive tactic.

        the coptic (oriental) christian is closet in the Christ regarding Peace, but still has issues on impartiality. One of Christ gnosis is not bound by the decrees of religious orders but is not without Light. his is the Way of Truth.

  15. opheliart permalink

    if the native peoples say, we want to take back our country because it is being overrun by so many who care only about their political religious rights … do these natives have the right to his country, to be run-operated by his own?

    at what point do jews say we are from the state of israel not america so we must show respect to the americans, or would that be … the original inhabitants before the RC saint serra and that “white” man as he is known? where in america, for instance, is the rabbi permitted to complain of christian rights being louder and more robust than his … what offices-businesses do the jews hold?
    religion? his religion? which jewish religion … as there are many forms. is there a difference between his religion and being a jew? seems they say that this is one in the same so … judaism one rabbi’s way or judaism the ultra orthodox way or …

    seems it’s still r-e-l-i-g-i-o-n. take the GOVERNMENT offices of the earliest americans … what was it? judaism? roman catholic? christian? mormon? … atheist? LGBTQ? spaghetti monster? satanism? islam? marxism?

    if we instead went back to the native ‘indian’ inhabiting the americas … which tribal practice should hold sway? which time and where?

  16. opheliart permalink

    absolutely cannot happen unless states begin to break from the big Board Room mentality and they must be willing to break! into smaller entrepreneur type government. you cannot do what you say you want to do as things are and bernie,

    bernie, bernie … america and america global, your everybody come on in, free fires for everyone, free education, freedom of whatever you want will not cut it in your socialist ideal. think, bernie … how much time and money you will be spending on … all that stuff. you will not get where you need to be to make it work. america is too big! too many handouts and too many mouths demanding it get this and that and hey, while you are at it, says this religion and that religion, gimme my right to build my freakin’ political nemisisrightnextto your office …

    think, bernie … think, pay attention to the news … view the patterns. admit that you abandoned the youth and aligned with exactly what you tried to attack. you are already swimming in their estate pool, dude!

    • opheliart permalink;_ylt=AwrBT8opyrVY3SoAwXBXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEya2xybmN0BGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDQjMzODdfMQRzZWMDc2M-?qid=20071124172800AAxJzAv

      seriously, no WORSHIP center should be receiving any tax exempt status. it is wayyyy too difficult to know which churches are truly benefiting in the area of the needy and some (from what I witnessed with mine own eyes helping out at a church serving thanksgiving) are not needy just lazy and or … brazen enough to take from the hungry, the mentally challenged. tax exempt for homes for disabled and cluster homes for disadvantaged youth and … I get that but keep religions out of it. if people want to attend services then let them pay for those services. and if pastor/priest/rabbi/imam… has a job that is flexible he can service his “flock” as is needed. enough with this big religious tax exempt industry … and please keep the charitable services separate from the worship centers and maybe even the religions themselves in order to KNOW where the money is really going.

      good grief it’s getting worse and worse … and you want to bring in more religious building more tax exempt worship centers or was your idea to usurp the existing? 😉

      • opheliart permalink

        me thinks many of you are liars and thieves or just plain … in denial.

  17. opheliart permalink

    how many mosques do YOU think in the US are serving as a terrorist cell, or serving terrorists?

    I am going to put a guess as 16. how about you? now, in order not to incite violence, why not have every worship—religious center offer itself up to being thoroughly an extremely investigated top to bottom?

  18. opheliart permalink

    funny or not so funny that trump got blasted from here to kingdom come on his bad boy comments that the bull pen pots would not lt go of to SAVE THEIR LIVES, but were head over heels willing to vote in ellison despite his PAST(?) comments?

    hmmm … me thinks you have been dually deceived.

  19. opheliart permalink

    and why is silk and CO. going on about old news … why isn’t he going on about ellison and perez, HIS new? DNc chair? OR, better yet, why isn’t he researching the connection between ellison and those tombstones and robo-calls?

    a. could it be ellison’s clan

    b. could it be the ultra orthodox trying to get everybody’s attention about something like ellison and perez? and those anti-semitic comments …

    come on, peeps!

    • opheliart permalink


      c. could it be the old NEW pothead generation forgetting their place.

      • opheliart permalink

        so … guns or roses? where do we go … now?

  20. opheliart permalink

    this comment is irreligious as irreligious can be…

    coming to terms with his muslim identity?

    😀 😀 😀

    where do you come up with these people, RNS? seriously—where?

    • opheliart permalink

      oh, wait … FASCIST ID … your namesake. and is slowly coming back to bite …

      you are both in dire straights

      • opheliart permalink

        first of all, wilders does not have an issue with gay rights … but maybe he should. let’s see what the anything goes activists have to say on this:

        let’s say there is a nation with rising spread of AIDS and they have been able to pinpoint this mostly to the gay male sector and prostitution. and the nation has a concern with drugs, but esp powerful drugs seeping into the environment, which is destroying important flora-fauna and … things critical to the health and safety—WELL BEING— of communities. so … national government bans prostitution (arrests, etc) and decides that allowing gay marriage might reduce the spread of AIDS. the idea being (and don’t think obama was not in on this)”let them marry their partner and maybe we can control these concerns—lessen the number of AIDS patients, etc”. the idea being if the gay sector find his ID in the one he says he loves and should be allowed to marry -live with-share a life with, and receive the same rights as others, then all is well … but only allowed to marry ONE partner not many …

        okay … the gay man has sex privately, in his home … with his partner he says he loves and would not dare do ANYTHING to harm him … are you with me on this so far?

        all is well and good?

        muslim… what is his ID? let’s put it another way: what is his marriage? what does he partner with to make his ID complete? how does this come about? what must he do to emulate his prophet or … if not so prophetic, what must he do to be a true muslim? wait. let us reprise that, again; what must he marry into to satisfy that marriage of muslim to its namesake, islam?

        MAN behaving ‘naturally’

        so one might naturally ask if homeland security should be giving 110 mil or even 20 mil for cameras/security to see who-what is spreading diseases? or who-what is speeding drugs? how do you plan to stop this epidemic? after all, it is or it should be a concern of ALL CITIZENS, right? and what’s causing this rise, again? and why should people not engaging in dangerous practices/lifestyle choices like drugs and barebacking pay, pay … pay … where does it end?

  21. opheliart permalink

    let’s stay on topic but step outside Self for a moment.

    SELF, why do you feel that you are “trapped” in the body of a man when you “feel” more like a woman?

    is it because society has preconceived notions of what each should look like, feel like … behave?
    SELF, what if you were not to concern yourself with MAN or WOMAN and allow yourself to just be? grow as a HUMAN BEING, without worrying about SEx, SEXES and how-what these should look like or even what you think these should feel like? what if the structure of societal roles, school norms and prejudices are creating a wedge between SELF and ID? what if you were to create within yourself a place free of mankind’s design …

    no operations, no expensive drugs and no reason to feel out of place.

    • opheliart permalink

      people around you send signals … they emulate something taught to them and the process continues until someone responds differently

      • opheliart permalink

        why these last 10 or so yrs have we seen a rise again in certain diseases? why this drive toward this or that cause? why the need to find some person or group to blame? why the attacks… the rise in gun, knife, vehicle … drugs … need for weed? why the push for immigration, despite so many existing in need? why not redirect the blame to the countries where people are leaving? what changes if they ditch what they don’t need … don’t really want because if they did they would treat these people a helluva lot better and would not want them to leave! too many? too many breeding under one roof? too much expense? can’t feed them all? sending them out to crusade, mission active?

        unhappy with roman catholicism’s namesake? unhappy with islam’s namesake? the people flee? islam not happy with other religions because they look like they are too happy? can’t risk this in an unhappy climate, can’t do bad things and get away with it with christians in love … following their Christ teacher … because it makes them look yucky, inhuman … it might cost them money down the road should this love message spread? it might cost them slaves should these teachings take root?

        who would they attack because they gotta attack someone—it’s in their namesake, their ID? it’s the action of their prophet, his orders? gotta be in charge … must have the female there and the man over there … gotta make sure these understand that there is a difference in their god’s eyes. gotta make sure the youth follow the uniform appropriately? wear it to designate this or that?

        I am weary of your fucking. can I leave now? surely I will not be missed. I want to be happily glorifying Truth … creating something that you political religious won’t call evil.

  22. opheliart permalink

    SATURDAY March 4 … such a cold day today. soon it will end, I hope.

    I have been brought to many sectors, both religious and nonreligious … jew, christian, roman catholic, islamic … secular … health, psychology, theology, philosophy … politics … parenting …

    and through it all I have found one … having found favor. one consistent in his Faith. small yet growing. not embedded in the political sphere … not standing at podiums preaching himself (his ideology) truth and justice but … in service as best he can with what he was given. he has much still to learn but he is moving some. having to move and will have to move. this is the COPTIC-ORIENTAL christian. not waging war in the wars of man but in the fountains of Truth. not demanding his rights above others, not whining, not putting others in the face of anger and deceit. not abusing his rights. not impartial but … all have room to grow or WE would not be where WE are 😉 …not aligning in political-religious gaming… for the most part, and not selling himself or his family for a scrap of …meal. for worldly acclaim.

    WE will assist the Coptic … we will find partnership in this domain, for we are not understood as we are, but must still be of use for … Truth.

    • opheliart permalink

      will the leftist-atheist-liberalists blame this on christians too? they blame their own hatred of israel on christian, but are too cowardly to admit it.

      • opheliart permalink

        wonder what virus-diseases will be spreading from this acrid and dangerous spill-seepage. just a matter of time and it’s really surprising to me that most health professionals do not know where the ailments they see are coming from—what’s causing the illnesses

        think about it

  23. opheliart permalink

    it’s not just … this kind of horror happening, it’s existing horror … still unaddressed in the US by legal and illegal resident. imagine the day where SUPPORTERS of undocumented and illegal behavior, and the push to bring in often obtuse and arrogant ideology is more publicized, given more media attention than the …. constant abuse and murder of female, children … young and old. oh, wait, that’s the upside down mental condition of the fascist liberator. already happening!

    have you asked the liberalist what’s the more important, image or health … ? or how he plans to stem the abuse, misuse and murder of female and child with so many unknowns and so many more in poor conditions being brought in, often by many of the abusers hiding cries for help—the victims of abuse? still crying … but liberalist LEFTIST cannot hear for all his protesting …

    so a question that should be on the tongue of the provider … of TRuth? how do you plan to change the dynamics that repeatedly play out against the vulnerable, the poor and the small under your ‘new’ leftist ideal? did it work for you in el salvador or …chile … or …

    did those priests representing your ideal save them from the horrors? of mass destruction of life … the rape and torture … even within his own institutions?

    if you cannot care for your own properly what makes you think you can care for even more …. vulnerable, needy … victim?

    and why are so many refusing to admit their ignorance on these affairs? you cannot fool us; we see that you love the image but blame others for your own arrogance and your own ignorance.

    what do you bring on the women and girls … the children? do you wish us to post the thousands of incidents of torture, rape and murder of innocent civilians at the hands of an establishment that could care less?

    you are sick.

    • opheliart permalink

      you are sick and you will pay for these atrocities.

      • opheliart permalink

        you bring it on yourself and …

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