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Song of Andradimus

April 30, 2017

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  1. opheliart permalink


    the government which is clearly in bed with religious bigots … (unjust religion, both sides of the aisle) … is top heavy. a lot of big, talking heads with very little CARE for the people it swears oaths to serve. at one side you have a roman pontiff with a horrendous WORLD-WIDE clergy-staff-bishop sex abuse EPIDEMIC that every government official seems to want to praise, promote and allow to speak as if … he is the author of justice and righteousness (denying FEMALE her GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS? hint-hint? think GOD serves religionists that are not impartial? that show favoritism to male? think, people, THINK! Spirit of the Living cannot BE where it is denied! simple fact that democracy … ignores. and where DISHONESTY and arrogance and numerous teachings that produce sickness? think! …) while pretty much IGNOR-RING that these are very serious crimes … on the very seriously vulnerable? that alone tells you how dung-dipped and whackimole-he-is (no apologies on that … was influenced by The BFG, me dearest and bestest Friend 😉 … and on the other end … much the same, but in a suit and tie that costs more than my entire wardrobe. and in the middle? a mess of misinformed … munching on mistruths.

    *sigh* BIG sigh …

    you must start removing what is a danger to the health and well-being of citizens—people, FEMALE and Child. EXPENSIVE, OUTDATED- OUTLANDISH … titles and … teachings, policy …that just doesn’t work! and stop with the politically correct nonsense and get “down” to the REAL work! so much waste of tax payer dollars and for what? more war, more extremist religious and or party initiative … that the youth are misled into… to die … mental illness or a gun, bomb, knife to the flesh.

    HUMANITY is a-ways away.

    • opheliart permalink

      atheist and his liberalist buddy say: get religion out of public schools.

      okay, so why are you allowing islamic religion in public schools? ah-ha, got you there, bigots. you are mismanaged. why did you allow your obama gods to preach that our future will not slander the prophet of islam? we do not like what that prophet taught; he is our nemesis, and a big one at that … big giants snatching beans to gobble up within errant teachings. with female the poorest of the poor.
      why hasn’t your obama god stated the obvious about romanist theology and … islamic ideology?

      you let him do exactly what you did not want of what you call the fundamentalist christians and the orthodox, of all sects, including the jew, which we seldom hear you mention. and why is that? do you FEAR being called anti-Semitic like you FEAR being called … islam-hater? but you have no issue with being christian-haters? because you have been permitted to speak your MINDS about christian and christianity without … repercussion, without the name calling in the press.

      but why are some, including some claiming to be liberal, progressive and left leaning uncomfortable with teaching islam in public school, and allowing prayer rooms and allowing all that the islamic god demands? maybe because it is an islamic god and not state, at least not the states making up american government. maybe because it is not seen in the way it needs to be seen? the way the liberal and other desire it to be seen. and why allow the discrimination against female to lurk within these ideologies, looking the other way on this age-old very serious and very damaging problem? why expect that we pay for these teachings and … have americans, ESP AMERICAN WOMEN pay for these in the schools of thought that do not view female as equal to male in the social setting, public atmosphere and … and job sphere? the vocational sector religious or …
      and, which religious sectors are getting government assist? using government, taxpayer dollars and … for its own ignorant and arrogant decrees?

      when will YOU as an honest and impartial and JUST person DEMAND that government make law that no group receive state funding that pays into and supports injustice?

      you see, all you need to do is say nope, you cannot teach and practice that and that and that and … you cannot deny HER those seats in america. in ___. it is against nation to permit this type of discrimination. countries banned from coming here and setting up shop as they did in islamic and roman catholic and orthodox run countries don’t get to have their offensive and unjust practices. they just don’t. so … they must make the decision to CHANGE that doctrine of their gods or … not come and they must get out of nation.

      60 minutes last night … did you watch it? candy’s admin won’t allow the somali-land school kids from a certain school to come to america to study. somalia is one of the countries banned.

      two BIG QUESTIONS:


      but what is that value? what are the principles and beliefs of american government? of america as a democratic nation?

      answer: denial of certain truths. misuse of freedoms and … public monies
      and abuse of female and child, again.

      if a child has leprosy … do you allow him to move in to your community, attend your child’s schools and swim clubs and everything the community offers citizens?

      WHAT?!!! I can just hear the people go ballistic! what goes out to the press is that opheliart compared islam with leprosy! lol, what big, fat boo-boo babies you are. nt to mention careless, destructive and hypocritical. you are big, bigger and bullier than female and you use your political righteousness to continue her oppression.

      it is you that are the white trash of the universe, because you lie …

      • opheliart permalink

        a catholic woman having spent a lot of time in the boston area hospitals recently was telling me she saw a lot of islamic women there, covered up … heads down, walking behind the husbands … and … she said even the boys, her sons, treated her with contempt. she said they were very disrespectful of her, their mothers.

        is this what you want growing in america and throughout the world? if so, YOU ARE OUR ENEMY … and we will see that you are revealed for being deniers, liars, bigots, hypocrites, and oppressors … building regimes to destroy female dignity and to undermine female as a person— not a religion, an ideology, a belief, a practice, an ISM or any other classification … label or item … A PERSON.

        warning … warning …warning. we do not care what you say you are, how much money you have, how BIG your establishment or how many politicians, popes, patriarchs, bishops, priests, pastors, theologians, scholars … prophets … you have in your pocket …

        we will EXECUTE YOU IN THE NAME OF CHRIST … bywayofTRUTH… not violence, as atheist chooses to misinterpret, or by way of patriarch’s chosen interpretation … but by ME. what is Me? you shall surely see … and not the unholy see of the dogmatics but the ME of the Writings. what might that Be?


  2. opheliart permalink

    and we have this … written in 2004

    and people wonder why democracy is failing them?

    the IDIOCY of the left is as morose as the nearest right, with much mess in-between.

    • opheliart permalink

      jew committees, why do you bother with him? why do you bother expecting sensible dialogue with an unjust criminal institution? WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU TO STEP UP TO THE PLATE. you seem to think that by bowing to his version of justice you are somehow legitimate? somehow worthy and honorable in that crux of indecency? look at their houses! LOOK and voice the disease! stop pandering to the failure over and over and over …

      the pontiff is stirring up confusion and … war. the vatican elite has been playing you. for G-D’s sake grow up and tell him where to get off. why on EARTH would you expect CIVILITY from a man being used as a political puppet that sides with islamic ingrates that demean and degrade FEMALE? and why side with horrible vessels that lie about and hide sexual abuse of children, coming from inside their own teachings, beliefs, practices and … ordinations? with so-called celibates where many are really in it for the power, the control … and the male genitalia.

      it’s a travesty beyond reason. get out of their pockets and into the VALUE OF HUMANITY. any institution that treats female as islam and roman catholicism and other sects, including many of your own …

      WILL BE REMOVED!!! and where will you be?

      • opheliart permalink

        for several days now I was hearing the song CRUEL TO BE KIND. I thought, what the …? I am sick of hearing it but HEAR it is …

        you cannot help bullies and brats and bad by giving them all they want, for you will create more of this same. the pope and its abusive congregation need to come down off its high hog and deal with its own disease, a disease that has been spread far and wide that has caused much, much harm …

        THE HIERARCHAL ENTITIES engaging evil KNOW their time is oh so short so these are desperate to invite chaos and confusion and anything to try to create manifesto unleavened to steal the attention and … to distract from their obsessive need for power, the greed and the fact that they know they are untrustworthy, criminal, corrupt, dishonest and …unjust, along with ABUSING … abusing, abusing, abusing …

        even catholics say the RCC cannot continue denying women their right to certain vocations in civilized society. but they continue to pay into and support what refuses change even where it is MOST NECESSARY AND MOST PROFOUND. they are WRONG—head over heels IN ERROR to the point of doing satan’s work (yes, we said it!) by refusing to admit their creeds are inept and dangerous.

        what are you waiting for?

  3. opheliart permalink

    I am so disappointed in the jew committees. they have no problems attacking the christian in politics, and religion … but the biggest, widest political pandering is trotting itself in full view … as SOURCE of so much of what they disagree with and eve detest, while it pretends to be just … and they cannot bring themselves to state the obvious? what cowards you are … what crybaby cowards. you have within you the parts to call out the hypocrisy and the injustice and you grovel at the feet of injustice, and you hitch a ride with political correctness which oops an awful lot like bullcrap and full trap and you even create more of it by your liberalist-leftist initiatives that lack SENSE AND REASON!

    shame … shame, shame …

    • opheliart permalink

      catholic social gospel teaching? how does this pontiff and his elite address the social aspect of FEMALE or the FEMININE DIVINE in a civil society in relation to the gospel if … he lives for all male ego? for patriarchal—male dominated—society, ruled by a hierarchal system that denies HER the rights he gives-offers-to men?

      can YOU not see the hypocrisy—the LIES—the whitewashing in his photo-ops and press agendas? does he think YOU are stupid? that you cannot see this is not right, not just, not even good … for any society? he must think the people so stupid that they cannot see how his orders have discouraged and denied women’s right all over the world and how … their orders have created an epidemic of not just the CHILD abuse but the poor treatment of women and girls.

      are you as stupid as he seems to think the YOUs are?

      • opheliart permalink

        and RNS and so many others feed YOU his pope BULL day in and day out … because they are PAID to feed you his BULL. if the man was sincere—genuine—he would not be as he is, sitting where he sits, big on the big, fat hog … pretending he cares, parading his fat establishment like a king on a throne as if … as if he KNOWS the wealth of the KINDOM of impartiality. God is impartial, MY friends …

        but his friends? his gods? the prophet of islam, a child rapist and abuser of women and girls. gee, how the peas fit the pod. tell him where to get off and end this ridiculous charade.

  4. opheliart permalink

    WE will speak … and we will state the obvious … with the FACTS—THE EVIDENCE—on hand … and how will mr, pope look? not good, not right … and most definitely not just or truthful. RNs will look like a perpetrator to fraud and you? where will you be? what will the communities see YOU as?

    • opheliart permalink

      cut the head of the serpent and what happens to its minions? the offspring that follow the diseased conduct and insolent teaching … pretending to be kind.

      • opheliart permalink

        at one point I thought the jew wiser than the rest. I thought, well, jew does not bow to these religio-political gods … he has more sense. he is more reasonable. but where is he? what does he bring upon the people of this nation—that nation, and damn, don’t think the ROMAn catholic won’t blame him, point the finger at him …

        when the truth about the degradation of female FINALLY comes to a head. is finally being addressed as it needs to be addressed. they will say: IT’S THE JEWS FAULT. HE STARTED IT—REMEMBER? HE KILLED CHRIST!

        history has a way of repeating … yes? who is complicit in these unjust acts? I know what’s ahead. you don’t. I have the gift of foresight .. you don’t. pope don’t know-pope don’t care … pope is being used as a political puppet to LOOK like justice and truth. are you really that daft that you cannot see what they scheme? what they are doing? with islam, and others? you cling to your party power that is failing the people and … failing you, and pope politics knows that. remember they have millions in study in their so-called celibate orders, in those cushy, elaborate and heavily adorned houses … pigging and pigging and pigging on world, to make sure they stay filthy f-king rich. but those rich? enter the kingdom of heaven how? purgatory? well, hell … that’s their focus so it matters not what they do in this life … how insolent and unjust and wicked … they have a back up, along with their absolutions. they had yrs to fix it to their liking. and you they take for stupids … lapping up pope populace …

        really now.

  5. opheliart permalink

    when the TRUTH about the degradation and poor view and treatment of FEMALE comes to light?

    it will be like a witch hunt to see who-what has been paying into and supporting and praising those industries culpable. it’s not our problem then. it’s all on YOUs.

    • opheliart permalink

      if you have a problem with the truth … go to the victims of clergy sex abuse and ask about this poller pontiff, esp in argentina … a place he refused to visit until he has made it to the biggest stages he can to INTIMIDATE his victims into silence. they may have a different view of him than the OBSOLETE and ridiculous and stupid press.
      we see much … I hear what these plan and know this is rude and unjust.

      but … why do we not hear truth from jew?

      • opheliart permalink

        remember, there was protesting in chili … remember BARROS? RNS never covered it. why?
        why does RNS not cover the TRUTH about their god … the hypocritical, the deceptive … ROMAN pontiff? like their teacher … they follow his abuse of

  6. opheliart permalink

    he, like his saint serra … a terrorizing regime that comes into a nation of people and dominates and … he won’t hesitate to use any instrument at his disposal, beginning with that fat name of his: vicar of christ?

    that’s a LIE! a full blown lie! Christ never said anything about a pope, a vicar, for there is no need of it. CHRIST LIVES WITHIN so … why on Earth would we need a roman pontiff? we don’t. it’s a lie and what he pretends … a lie. he is an unjust dictator playing YOU for a fool. and you drink the poison like you haven’t a brain in your head or …

    love in your Heart. you pay the piper?

    too late… sorry to say. you have made your beds.

    • opheliart permalink

      YOUs walk the streets of any city or town … from los angeles to boston … and you can say to yourself: I could be victim of a random shooting or knife attack, or a rape anywhere on these sheets … things are THAT bad in america. but on college-university-high school-middle school-elementary schools, even church … YOUR CHILD? imagine the call to parents: sorry to inform you but your child was knifed to death on campus.

      and you sent your child to a place unsafe? why? ask your newly appointed gay bishop of the united methodist church … or the pope in his “pretend” unitarian mission that all worship the same god, even the prophet muhammad. why wasn’t my child safe? you ask. ask your gods of government, or your community leaders … why wasn’t my child, my wife, my dad … my sister, my best friend … safe?

      because you are NOT of One Heart, and scarcely of One Mind …
      you are NOT UNITED … of the Body—COMMUNITY—of the Living Word (Truth). you are in denial … your police, your policies … your beliefs … what you ignore within your own communities … where is your god then? why isn’t your god protecting you, your loved ones? ask your politicians and your religious leaders, for these are your teachers, yes? do they have an answer? their answer is fascist multicultural interfaith that speaks for its own power entities, not my Spirit of Truth, not what I see as in error. these are not interested in Spirit of the Writings, UNDERSTANDING … they are not interested in God’s Purpose in this Day. they have their own self-serving agendas. so …

      man is not united in Spiritual WEllbeing. and things are going to get far worse in america. we have been saying this for some time. warning of where you are. man with army outside his door and many body guards … what does he care about your safety? evil isn’t out to kill roman pope because roman pope is good for evil … gets evil what it wants … confusion, agenda … clergy child sex abuse not properly investigated in its houses and … abuse and maltreatment of female and … corruption and … lies, deception to hide the truth about those orders and … the finances and …

      you allowed it. you allowed this abuse and you allowed this deception. you allow disunity and you allow the confusion and the error to reign and to rule. you allow the dishonest to mislead and to use the Writings … inappropriately.

      you were told by many to address the crimes in the religious and education houses, esp the clergy-staff-bishop on up CHILD sexual abuse/rapes and you were told to address the mistreatment of female, the injustice and the abuse … of her in these same houses as well as in the houses of the institutions of education.

      you have not. you allow layers of indecency to hide the obvious. and so … it is what ii is out there in your lawlessness. it will be what it will be.

      • opheliart permalink

        what are you feeding the people that they should snap? lose control? kill … murder, maim …
        torture? who taught that this is the way? roman catholic teaching? muhammad? orthodoxy? democracy? socialism? activism? whose acts—where and … for what? whose revolution have you ignited in the minds of these terrorized and of terrorism? what is consuming them to the point of emotional outrage enough to … destroy the lives of others? you make war look heroic and honorable … you make violence look like glory … you use violence to try to stop violence … what do you teach? what do you demonstrate to the people? your causes and your activism also … what is it doing? the endless false reporting … what is it doing? fascist agenda … what is it doing? ignoring the illicit and dangerous sex and drugs, also making these look good and safe and … honorable. and you sell multiculturalism, even islamic law in nations … allowing these to intermarry with what is supposed to be civil, just and nonthreatening? you are a hypocrite preaching idolatry and indecency …your pontiff ads, your social justice lies … it’s all a charade that you feed to the poor in mind, the sick at heart … those in danger. and you look for others to blame she things go horribly wrong.

        jew, you will be blamed for the liberalist agenda … and the attack on christianity proper. yes, they (much of the world) will attack you … blame you. what haven’t you learned through all of this? we warned … and we warned.

        why do you bow to the islamic gods … the roman gods? what haven’t you learned?

  7. opheliart permalink

    does it seem to you like there’s a whole bunch of people in denial? sadly, they see only what they want to see …

    fuzzy glasses?

    • opheliart permalink

      not seeing trump finish this term and he’s talking about another? he has now two concerns (that could oust him, from our vantage point) and one big one growing. the third? nothing the liberals can do anything about because obama did the same (see previous comment-link)

      as we said before:

      1. his daughter and son-in-law … should not be seated as they are. not good for anyone, including these two and their family. not good.

      2. funds going to religious schools. where does it end? and how just are teachings that deny female her rights … to specialized seats of power and influence in … religious circles. this has to stop ASAP. it is just crazy. hard to believe in america this is still a missed injustice … with government kissing the hands of these patriarchal ignorants. and pope thinks imams and popes are much the same … yep, their patriarchal, male dominated power regime. end it now, folks, or suffer an even greater threat! this is a very BIG warning. who will be the ones to do it? it is so easy a case …why hasn’t anyone taken it on? it would send a most important message. and what about the sexual abuses still not dealt with?


      3. his desire to meet with serially unjust dictators.

      • opheliart permalink

        we think you cowards because you won’t address these first two. easy to attack candy on the third but … you would have to be honest about your own support for obama on this same front … and this is something you REFUSE to do. okay for your president to meet with horrid leaders (said this how many times in SPIR 😦 ?) but not okay for the presidents you don’t like?

        c’mon! get real … your boys can do whatever they want and you see no wrong? hypocrites …

  8. opheliart permalink

    article on rns about blasphemy and blasphemy laws …

    has it ever occurred to a single religionist-politician that to condone the view that FEMALE is not allowed to be priest, bishop … or that female is refused other influential and powerful RELIGIOUS-POLITICAL seats is …

    HURTFUL? HARMS FEMALE? HARMS THE FEMALE PSYCHE …and when reporters-journalists feed the public by pushing the view that misogynist/degrading industries and their leaders …are just, and good and honest and humble and PEACEFUL and caring and loving and … trustworthy and truthful …they hurt her? it tells that world that these industries-leaders are correct about their view of female … that she is not …SPIRITUALLY as him. cannot be SPIRITUALLY as him.
    has it ever occurred to these people that they feed the ugliness and the injustice and they HURT FEMALE with every single push for patriarchal and male dominated religious, religious as world leaders who deny her?

    if they aren’t using her womb to create more just like themselves they are making sure the world sees male as superior to female.

    thanks for nothing, money-grubbers and misogynists!

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