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Then and Now

January 24, 2017


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  1. opheliart permalink

    Animal welfare concerns are related to the handling of the bulls before they are released and also during competitor’s attempts to subdue the bull.

    Practices before the bull is released include prodding the bull with sharp sticks or scythes, extreme bending of the tail which can fracture the vertebrae, and biting of the bull’s tail. There are also reports of the bulls being forced to drink alcohol to disorient them, or chilli peppers being rubbed in their eyes to agrivate the bull.[16]

    During attempts to subdue the bull, they are stabbed by various implements such as knives or sticks, punched, jumped on and dragged to the ground. In variants in which the bull is not enclosed, they may run into traffic or other dangerous places, sometimes resulting in broken bones or death.[17][18] Protestors claims that Jallikattu is promoted as bull taming, however, others suggest it exploits the bull’s natural nervousness as prey animals by deliberately placing them in a terrifying situation in which they are forced to run away from the competitors which they perceive as predators and the practice effectively involves catching a terrified animal.[19] Along with human injuries and fatalities, bulls themselves sometimes sustain injuries or die, which people may interpret as a bad omen for the village.—wiki

    please, GIVE (not sell, borrow or steal) these people something BETTER to do with their time.

    • opheliart permalink

      if you any decency in you, love of nature …

      jallikattu reminds us somewhat of the aztec’s prisoner rituals.

      now am I a racist for hating jallikattu? for believing those practicing jallikattu are indecent and poorly led?

      • opheliart permalink

        how is this different from rodeo riders? asks someone.
        um, you tell me.


        natural disasters hit and children ask mummy and daddy, “is God mad at us?”

        priest, where is your tenure? the UNIVERSE is screaming, STOP, YOU ARE KILLING ME!!!


        which religious are allowed to hit th eir wives. how does that work again? if it does not turn black and blue right away then all is good?

  2. opheliart permalink

    WOW! thank you RNS and MORALES for this article. it’s REAL! no fluff and folly.

    you must know a bit on how WE feel about the drug dealing … it is murder … truly. you sell drugs that kill, you kill. the evidence is out on this and any parent having lost a child to an overdose will tell you the pain, and many will likely share on their hatred of the dealing. former drug addicts speak out on the horrors every day and american lawmakers go do-do-do … do-de-do-de-do … thumb twiddling while our law enforcement officers are getting shot at. younger and younger it feeds the mind and look at the tainted drugs … deadly. and what of the slow death of using … how it destroys entire families and puts children at grave risk. these wee ones die at the neglect of using parents. such a catastrophe and presidents chuckle and shake hands over their dope days. huh. but, ………. but I am certainly not of duterte’s aggression. but maybe it sends a message to america and so very many others and … we must say, wow, right back at you! if any institution is as the RCC has been regarding the abuse of children, death of women in their hospitals for decades when they could have been SAVING LIVES … yep, right back at you. no apologies needed to pope this or that.

    • opheliart permalink

      if citizens of that nation are fearful and fed up with how dangerous things have gotten because of the drug crime … what can you do? if institutions like, religion, aren’t getting to the root of many of these problems while society becomes worse and worse … what GOOD are they? these have been relying on old bread for centuries … wake up! if your own houses are so weak … remove them for something that is clean and worthy of saving lives!

      • opheliart permalink

        including the lives of those relying on drugs to make a life.

        check out the drug wars/drug cartels in mexico. look at what an industry steeped in drugs can do to an entire nation. even religion has its senseless warring. check out the radical justice system in places like afghanistan. if you are going to criticize and attack duterte’s methods … don’t then turn a blind eye to others. it looks bad on your resumes.

  3. opheliart permalink

    this news article caught my eye. on the topic of racism, again …

    did anyone think that white, male, straight was the only bigoted and or biased group? 😀 if so, you don’t get out much. to listen to the gays and the atheists and the atheist gays on comment boards one would think the gay-hood was the way to go … and every other belief and practice is wrong.

    yep, right back at you …

  4. opheliart permalink

    must we be archeologists of Light to understand the metropolis (mother state)? yes.

  5. opheliart permalink

    above article

    imagine yourself living in a way that denies you certain common freedoms, like not wearing a scarf/veil on your head while walking down a public street. this is such a simple freedom, but imagine you are denied choice in this. a legion of men demand that you wear the veil. a legion of men will insult, berate, create serious problems for you if you don’t obey them. men who spend their days as the dress code police … targeting women and girls.

    imagine you move to a place that allows you freedom to not wear that veil, but over time a growing population begins telling you that you must wear that veil, and your daughters are forced to wear it, too. throughout the nation there are other women walking free of the veil, but you are bullied and harassed into wearing it, and you fear that you and your daughters will be harmed if you don’t.

    certain places in france, a secular state … according to the above article. imagine. and people wonder why we were not pleased with larycia hawkins and her hijab? maybe larycia and her supporters don’t get the dimension the veil implies, and … where and how it becomes a nemesis … for girls trying to build self-esteem. girls born into a man-dominated system that demands she obey him. demands she be of his choices not hers. imagine.

    • opheliart permalink

      why is it the islamist ignores these infractions? why didn’t any of them, including laycia hawkins, report the truth about that veil … and what man demands of women and girls? why is the truth ignored for politically correct policy, which looks less than stellar when you actually do the homework on these matters? larycia and her pontiff may believe islam’s imams, prophets and their dedicated police are of TRUTH, what THEY worship as true … but Spirit of the Living has nothing in common with those laws … beliefs and practices. imagine GOD demanding a young girl wear a hijab because a group of men insist she do so?

      what kind of message did this, the pontiff and larycia hawkins send to women throughout the world about … God?

      • opheliart permalink

        if a WOMAN wishes to have her head wrapped in a scarf … okay, her choice. bad hair day, stinky hair, windy, rainy day … cold … or for another reason, but why the girls? such an obstacle in her growth … so tender and young an age, and already she is heavy laden, pinned to the cooking stove and the wrist of a man … so much older and so unthinking, full of insulate passion and void of understanding.

        as for full body burkas in civil society? what nut job thought up that outfit? how cruel … how oppressive and no, we do not belief this religious dress to be safe under any circumstances.

        we wonder how much of this hijab stuff is really just an in your face imperialistic endeavor, and a sort of “look how DIFFERENT and SPECIAL we are, and it will get us what we want—RELIGIOUSLY=POLITICALLY in nations without a backbone, “we are holier than you” attitude, much like what I used to see of certain religious who shall not be named … while in my youth.

        nope, we are not filled by the heavily made-up lips and eyes while the head and neck is wrapped like a sausage. like looking at a barbie doll still in its wrapper 😉

        pretty, yes … but real?

  6. opheliart permalink

    priests and pastors,
    in your failure to take on the diseased establishment … in an honest and up front, nonviolent, bold and foraging way … what have you subjected the youth to?

    if any of you, including the democratic party pushing legislation to allow a growing system of disparaging religious … think that islam will solve the problems of abuse, violence and the hell of mankind, you are sadly mistaken … solely misled.

    all one need do is look at the actions of the prophets of the religions, the prophets the religions insist are holy, honest, enduring and loving … enlightened and godly … to emulate, obey … each born into its tribe …

    history shows you the evidence of these acts. what don’t you get?

    • opheliart permalink

      IT IS TIME YOU CHALLENGE THE RHETORIC, if you actually care and …

      say you are of THE CHRIST, THE GOD OF THE LIVING>

  7. opheliart permalink

    omment to silk’s opinion pc:
    Fast Eddie Theman • 2 days ago
    Meh. I’m not that opposed to the idea of “America First”.

    I mean, look at Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Syria, etc. America SUCKS at helping other countries. “America First” may have nationalistic undertones I don’t like, but it saves the other countries from American “aid”, so it’s not all bad.

    The main alternative voice in politics seems to think America should be some kind of benevolent parent to the other countries and help them out or whatever, from a rather paternalistic mindset. But that’s the stuff that got us into over a decade of war and destruction of foreign countries under the pretext of “helping”.

    So maybe… let’s not help other countries. It would result in less foreigners dead. Sounds like a win/win until America can find a way to competently help (which… I doubt it will happen any time soon).

    “It was thus U.S. policy, he declared, ‘to seek and support the growth of democratic movements and institutions in every nation and culture, with the ultimate goal of ending tyranny in our world.'”

    Ha!! Seriously, Silk, ~THINK~ about the implications of your thesis. What happened when we tried that?? You really want a return to Bush/Obama foreign policy of “helping” and leaving nations worse off than before our “help”??

  8. opheliart permalink

    “Trump, who tweeted that a “big day” was planned on national security on Wednesday, is expected to ban for several months the entry of refugees into the United States, except for religious minorities escaping persecution, until more aggressive vetting is in place.”

    this is deserving of scrutiny.

    “,except for religious minorities escaping persecution.” define minority and define persecution. seriously. define both. we would be the first to say yes to helping people being persecuted. but how do you best help millions being persecuted by …

    its own political religious? or … the enemy of those persecuting that has created the reasons for/behind the need for a mass exodus. once again, violence meets violence.

    and are you automatically considered a minority once you are forced to do something you don’t want or don’t like? were you fine with the injustice so long as it wasn’t bothering you and yours but once the party shifted and a different face took its place then you are persecuted? and suddenly of minority status?

    it makes absolutely no sense to bring in islamists to start the whole process of oppression all over again, because once the fastest growing religion begins to overwhelm through sheer numbers (heavy breeders) the climate of democracy changes. there are really big military heads that govern in islam and they are directly involved in american policy, and … your american lawmaker has not been transparent about its deals, and where the money has been going. it builds a nemesis with little care fr its own … people … which it claims is solidly “muslim”! as if this has always been the case in american democracy since the founding lawmakers. this is just not so. but okay, muslims welcome … just leave that demanding religion of yours where it belongs … and for the ENVIRONMENT’S SAKE … please stop overpopulating the Earth!

    sound mean? read any sincere environmentalist strident caution and you will know what we MEAN.

  9. opheliart permalink

    would this be a good place to conclude Then and Now?

    Rogue One best picture? I don’t recall seeing it on the list, have you? not that I think it should be best pic but … it is stunningly poignant in this Day … or soon to be?

    actually, I have not seen most of the films. hope to see some soon. this weekend is LION which I chose over LA-LA, because I am seeing orphan-orphan-orphan right now and not heaven-heaven-heaven … if you get my drift. FENCES is one I will likely see on my own.

  10. opheliart permalink

    “In some of the poorest countries women are having more babies, stymieing development and perpetuating poverty; in some of the wealthier countries low fertility rates and a shortage of workers are raising concerns about the sustainability of economic growth and social programs.”

    are you beginning to understand how some big establishment-minded people, institutions that rely on “the poor” to survive … are PUSHING invigoration? for the biggest heads, it isn’t about humanitarian efforts and acting in the Name of the Teachings of Christ … it is about power, control, finance and … pedigree. some like to be viewed as the gamekeeper.

    • opheliart permalink

      and when existing religious institutions fail the people, and fail to interest people, where can you find the people to do the work? the social work? and where can you find the numbers to fight the wars for the war-minded nations? certain factions of government must create a dynamic that will instigate the process of … repeating. repeating the same old fare. with a different religion, painted as a new problem and a need for the american (and others).

      WE are not fooled by this dynamic. a nation will NEVER solve its biggest and worst problems by ‘brining’ in more problems. people like same harris and others, thinking themselves so enlightened, are acting in the name of ignorance … by saying “let’s bring the muslims, properly vetted, of course, but let’s insist on reform.” reform loses every time. TRANSFORMATION saves.

      • opheliart permalink

        democracy, a RELIGION, like religious tribes/institutions … fight, fracture, break off for other theologies of reform, and one or two grow big, still relying on state religious of a warring methodology to solve problems. it never changes its way, its course. it never transforms itself for something greater. if weaker, like reformist ideology … it just places new bandages on infected wounds, whitewashing, without getting to the root of the illness, the disease … the infection! sewing new patches (paths) to old cloth? trying to put new wine into old skins/bottles? don’t you see? cracks, tearing … sand hills blown away by the winds … of time.

        nothing of reform can withstand the age-old tests. some try to go back to the barbaric prophets to find solidity, a foundation they believe is right. others create a travesty of inter religious indwelling that ends up unchecked and misled, teeming with abuse. the abuse grows when heads become too big to be investigated for cracks, tear and … disease. government led by misled, misinformed, unaware religious?

        today we see the left get-get religion to try to enforce their patch job. suddenly JESUS welcoming the stranger is the latest big, hot religious POLITICAL move. sorry, but you missed the message … you mangled the Prophet’s Word. you are secularists trying to secure your seat in that bland patch, but underneath your seat is total chaos … ’bout ready to suck you up into its grand hotel.

        red room … red room … red room …

  11. opheliart permalink

    quantity not quality, again? oh, but war is coming for the americans, anyway. so … does any of it really matter … at this time?

    • opheliart permalink–abc-news-topstories.html

      trump’s threat of torture, coming from a tot, mind you, is a scare tactic. it’s bad practice to make these kinds of violent threats, and horrid to act on it. but … trump is doing something the left refused to do … mean business. things are most definitely out of hand, and trump is one clear example of this, but at the same time, and this does make sense ideologically, even if he is unaware in it, it turns back the clock … to provide more time.

      WE shared several years ago that man is in overtime … take that as a warning, please.

      the left—liberalist, going strong technologically, scientifically, socially, emotionally, psychologically … … as if he is god itself … forced an innuendo on the purpose of progress. forgetting the fact that man is not in a place yet where he can safely navigate these terrains. and to push something not yet ready, and the existing not yet able, and done without knowledge and understanding no matter how many yrs spent in these arenas, like religionist, often insulated and without a proper sense of reality and what’s happening around him … creates an implosion. so … swift stops are put up … to keep the absolute worst from happening.

      man rides a flat grid plane in his vision, which often dictates his understanding. he can’t see far down the road and he isn’t willing to.

      what seems a backstop in this government is an opportunity for some to get a grip. and for some things to be realized. must be realized, recognized for what they are. you cannot add more and more and more to some very serious existing problems. you will destroy in ways that you cannot imagine. something has to take the bull by the horns to keep it from destroying making a monstrous and mammoth … catastrophe.

      take islam, for example … what’s with this push of islam by obama and his converts … on the world, but especially american citizens? if you go by the rhetoric out there, the atheist expects islamists to reform. but did anyone bother to ask the islamists if they want to reform? a big part of the problem, fighting, warring … power struggles … is because reform is not permitted in the religion of islam. and a very high % of muslims in the US have said they desire sharia law. are you hearing this, folks? what is the matter with this … push?

      and the liberal left thinks this is okay? not following … absolutely not following that thinking. impudent or … truly unaware?

      I am no fan of trump, as I have said … but what are you people instigating?

      • opheliart permalink

        take little italy … thick with italians straight from the homeland, or any other group like it, and yes, love the yummy foods. but imagine pockets of muslims practicing extreme islam throughout the US, creating their own laws, under US government? and no one is allowed to touch them fr fear of being destroyed verbally, businesses ruined and such, maybe even physically attacked? and who do you think will get the worst of it? son of a frickin’ gun, I think man was born a misogynist. like he popped out of his momma’s womb saying: damn, me gonna beat down that female every chance I get!
        and women often act no better. good grief!

        besides female, the atheist

        WE shared that islam will attack the atheist. why? are you seeing it yet? the atheist in his religion is lame, god is a sky fairy arrogance and ignorance, while punching at trump, using the islamist/muslim refugee to try to score points … expecting all the while that the muslim will REFORM, and not be like he is in islamic operated nations, and not like that awful, old fundamentalist christian … is in for a kick in the groin.

        jungles of dark … and all because of a lack of knowledge and understanding, on matters … pertaining to … Truth.

  12. opheliart permalink

    4. The person who loves God values knowledge of God more than anything created by God, and pursues such knowledge ardently and ceaselessly.

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