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ISLAM, the Vatican Way

February 9, 2017

“They are good people, they are not Christians, they are peaceful people, they are our brothers and sisters, and for years they have been suffering. They are being tortured and killed, simply because they uphold their Muslim faith,” [pope]Francis said.


okay, let’s read this in a way that shows its true intent.

“they are good people, they are not the Inquisition, they are peaceful people, they are OUR (roman catholic?) brothers and sisters, …”


is this jesuit vatican code or something?


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  1. opheliart permalink

    why does this pontiff drone on about mistreatment of the rohingyas? he criticizes others when he has the resources to do something. let VATICAN STATE take up this charge and do what is necessary. why does he ask that others do his bidding or does he just like to hear himself talk? he has many able-bodied members … let him instruct in how to free the slaves being mistreated, tortured and murdered. how easy it is sit on a throne criticizing others while the gold pours into his coffers. or is it that he does not lift a finger for his muslim sisters? and their children …

    • opheliart permalink

      they are GOOD people, they are not those EVIL christians, they are PEACEFUL people … ?

      are you getting this or are you in denial? or just slaggy? he is sending a message and you all missed it, but it could be the islamists haven’t missed the message. but hey, I am gnostic so …

      • opheliart permalink

        I don’t know what’s so peaceful and so good about forcing women and girls to wear full body burkas with face veils. we think the roman pontiff a bit twisted. also … why doesn’t he just come out and say what he really means! he is using word play and it’s been obvious since the start of his career in advertising. the RCC IS IN DEEP … trouble, having lost so many members due to the clergy child/staff sex abuse, corruption, lack of knowledge and understanding in that there infallible fallible church, so he needs ‘more’… as he tries to merge roman catholicism and islam. or would that be catholicism and islam? for WORLD ORDER.

        just come out and say it, pope! you think us fools? my word you are a bunch of sycophants.

  2. opheliart permalink

    tawadros 2, get your patriarchal a** out of there and bring your members with you! egypt will be engulfed in war and they won’t be peaceful to you and your kind. and besides, why on GOD’s GOOD EARTH would you allow yourself to live among such heinous crimes against Humanity? the human rights record in egypt, part-tic-ularly the treatment of FEMALE is not good, not good at all. and you wonder why you and yours are not protected?

  3. opheliart permalink

    Sadat was no friend of democracy, but nonetheless he undertook opening up the political sphere. The one-party system was abolished and political parties were allowed. But ultimately, his most important domestic decision, a decision that would eventually cost him his life, was the freedom he gave to the formation of Islamist groups. In order to counter the prevailing Nasserist and leftist domination of university campuses, Sadat allowed, and in some cases encouraged, the growth of Islamist currents on campuses and eventually beyond. More religious and conservative than his predecessor, Sadat did not realize until it was too late that he had unleashed a storm that would destroy him.

    Copts under threat

    Under Sadat, religion was increasingly replacing nationalism as the foundation of the country; Christianity was ridiculed daily in the press. It was only inevitable that this would alienate Copts, who were increasingly fearful for their future. On university campuses, Islamist groups began targeting Christian students. Clashes soon took place. More violence became only a matter of time.

      • opheliart permalink

        religious assume PAUL was a jew. he was not. while looking into the first bishop of athens, dionysius the areopagite, I was shown corinth. Acts 18 begins …

        After these things Paul departed from Athens and went to Corinth. And he found a certain Jew named Aquila, born in Pontus, who had recently come from Italy with his wife Priscilla (because Claudius had commanded all Jews to depart from Rome); and he came to them. So, because he was of the same trade, he stayed with them and worked; for by occupation they were tentmakers. And he reasoned in the synagogue every Sabbath, and persuaded both Jews and Greeks.

        would it not have stated … he found a fellow Jew named Aquila, both of the same trade of tent making …?

  4. opheliart permalink

    now who-what could have taken those scrolls? in that 12th cave …

  5. opheliart permalink

    something important to consider:

    first, the scrolls were put in the caves to hide them from the poachers and the pitchfork murderers. once authority of the day decides a group of mystics/gnostics is something to fear, something it wants eradicated … those of the Writings are shown to hide the Writings. but the Writings did not happen all at once. these were added to over a long period of time. the scroll is like a journal and covers revelations/Prophesy where HEARD by the Prophet and his scribes (disciples, followers).

    consider each DISCIPLE OF THE CHRIST as operating independently but not without Spirit. the Story of them gathering together is a continuous stream … it never happened, but it happens as Christ lives within (where Christ is within).

    and please note, the {persecution} spoken in the Writings … of those following the Christ… is not what man thinks. Paul never murdered a single christian/or Christ follower. Paul, acting in the service of the Lord … persecutes by way of the cross. {this} persecution is not violence and torture and murder; it is teaching, instructing in a manner fit for those chosen by Him.

    put that in your incense and burn it 😉


    did you think God a maniac? and how could any christian justify bad behavior such as the murdering of those not believing as him … torturing, maiming … attacking, destroying, silencing, treating female as second class citizen … and worse … and hold up their BIBLE as justice and mercy and … Truth? it is truly mystifying which tells us that Man is little more than animal if he can’t produce fruit worth eating.

    put that in your horn and blow it 😉

    • opheliart permalink

      the Writings were expressed in what may sound exaggerated by contemporary Man. and yes, I heard this from the Angel of the Most High while communing. “they did not consider contemporary man”. he reads and says, look at what this says … death to you and you! he rages on about how JESUS told his followers to kill. +yawn+ … are you done yet? and the bible literalist seems not to care in his thumping breast beating way that the words were never intended for abuse … and certainly never intended to be used as a weapon of desire to build man into an empire of steel. put away those pitchforks and begin anew. the Language is not understood in the realm of the marriages of men seeding in plots of stone and weeds.

      I will share with you when you have the time. right now you are fleeting. so I will go snowshoeing while the snow is fine and the sun shines bright.

    • opheliart permalink

      I was looking at something and an ad popped up (a video, actually):

      WHY JESUS IS NOT THE JEWISH MESSIAH (in loud print).

      um, JESUS was not a jew. so …

      yep, the christian literalists have it wrong. and never did I ever think JESUS meant much of anything to jews. look around 😀 … what do you see? I have always believed and will likely always believe that the jewish messiah is judaism.

      no, wait … what happens when judaism fades? what then? oh, wait … it is fading! reform after reform after reform until it has become state economics and policy. there yago —good old secularist enterprise … in the land diseased.

      • opheliart permalink

        I mean, think about it … who-what goes generation after generation after generation after generation waiting for a messiah? would they know her if she was staring them in the face? 😀

        and look at the roman catholics … if they don’t like their pope they pray for the next one 😉 … and the next and the next … and look what has happened in the RCC … the corruption and the horrid abuses. has it improved? hopefully, judaism does not have this same epidemic.

        those dead sea scrolls … what do you think would happen if there is a full set … somewhere… that some group has kept protected and hidden? how do you think this would impact the religions of this day?

  6. opheliart permalink

    why will religious schools get state funding by the truckload? now, CLASS … raise your hand before you speak if you know the answer to that question.

    because the public school system bit by bit will go ker-plop. crime in schools … the weed, drugs, cell phone crimes, locker rooms rituals … and the smoking gun feuds (along with the knifings) will get the religious the right-o-way. even the atheist will get-get religion, and thank their lucky stars for it … for their kids, and grandkids.

    and those pushing the teaching of religion in PUBLIC schools? whose version? that’s enough to start a feud … like breastfeeding someone else’s kid when told no.

  7. opheliart permalink

    “Obama-spearheaded deal signed with the Islamic Republic in 2015” —taken from a recent news article

    signed a deal with the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC … sounds so … church and state-like. nike a marriage. agree? each has to behave a certain way toward one another’s belief’s and practices in a respectful fashion in order for that deal to be honored, attended to … in honesty. but how does one honor a republic that mistreats, abuses and murders its own citizens for the slightest infractions? and not only the slightest infractions of iranians but the slightest infractions of foreigners? almost as if looking for bargaining chips or a … REASON to break the accord, if it can be called an accord to begin with whilst the foundingIS … on inconsistent and incompatible principle. a believer in and of Spirit of the Living God does not do business with abuse and disparaging dishonesty. ever! to do so is the mark of a faulty leader, a leader misled.

    global partnering is suicide to a nation if the principle is remarkably different in ideal. iran is not without fierce and war-mongering and heated allies. and to see thousands screaming death to the US is telling the world how and where the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC feeds. where it bests its fruit and … to trust or worse … place an entire nation in the company “honoring of” such a fruit is …


    • opheliart permalink

      hence the secrecy regarding that deal … and the lack of transparency and … the silencing of others questioning such a highly dangerous union of … understanding.

      • opheliart permalink

        the average citizen in nations is not seeing it for what it is: the slightest infraction not in alignment with [—] views, not serving [islamic republic] … is “DEATH TO THOSE!”.

        iran said it understood the reason for the ban (while mattis says iran is supporting terrorists?) but being an ally of america (is it really?) it believes it deserves special treatment … ? and if it does not receive more of this same that obama and others gave it despite the horrendous human rights record and [supporting terrorism?] … it is justified in saying [and doing?] DEATH TO … for the slightest (and to us most obvious policy even if temporary) infraction?

        WE are concerned that you have been dually deceived, and will pay for this in ways that you cannot imagine. you bring it upon yourselves.

        what more do you need to see that you are in danger of the policies of suicide? you sell yourselves to the gatekeepers of oblivion. just to prove the christian evil? boy have you been misfiring. and look at what THE ROMAN PONTIFF and his cartel brotherhood are trying to sell you … liberation theology, which is a glorified LATIN (romanist) revolutionist ideal: rome rules and you, the peasant, bleed and die for it. where has the leftist revolutionary practices in latin america and elsewhere solved anything without death and destruction? what the F-are they trying to sell to america and other nations?! (while knowing it is resultless). look at latin america for GOD’s SAKE and admit it is a disaster in safety, health and wellbeing for its citizens … and why the people fleeing! please don’t be daft. your master the roman pope is trying to incite[and glorify] a war that YOU will pay for and die for while HE sits on an archaic throne with a whitewashed message … playing humble, caring, reformist, populist political puppet. his reform will cost you and your children lives—-yours and your loved ones.

        we are not fooled. I heard the moment he was elected by his clan that he would ram the bull into millions causing bloodshed.

        please grow up and pay attention to the evidence blaring at you. the latin americans I have talked with and I make a point of talking to people I don’t know, people working at places like walmart and …tell me a different story from pope what’s-his-name. some still attend parish, but many have left it because it is synonymous with roman rule under state oppression and CRIME. pope or no pope it is dangerous liaisons.

        what are you teaching the youth?

  8. opheliart permalink

    politics … the fascist’s junta … the medium of the wealthy? the reckless? depends on what INSTITUTION is funding the particulars. patriarchal nemesis? then come on, folks, you slip right back ion the darkest of ages.

    allow us a moment from the east:

    THE DIVINE DARKNESS ((mystical theology of the eastern church)

    Does not the author of the Epistle to the Hebrews say in quoting a psalm of David: ‘But one in a certain place testified …’? thus showing to what extent the question of authorship is of secondary importance in the case of a text inspired by the Holy Spirit. What is true of the Holy Scripture is also true of the theological tradition of the Church.’
    Dionysius distinguishes two possible theological ways. One—that of a cataphatic or positive theology—proceeds by affirmations; the other—apophatic or negative theology—by negations.

    cont …

    • opheliart permalink

      then I guess lossky and his bros won’t mind in the slightest that me, a FEMALE> enunciate within the Language of the Spirit. 😉

      as WE were saying …

      lossky reversed the ENERGY AND THE ESSENCE of the Godhood. again, the Energy is experienced but not known by man … the Essence can be experienced and is known by Man.

      JESUS is the Essence of the Spirituality of Christ. to clarify lossky’s words here …

      it is not an easy task to turn that ship around for THERETURN. tough to do while in the water (wearing the coat) … tough to do while in the air (without partner … where two or more are gathered/they went out in twos … Spiritkind —air-Breath> needs a Body). so it is to board the boat as JESUS did in the Story and direct the fishermen where to place their nets. some are grounded never having stepped foot in the water and have never stepped foot on that boat, never having fished the waters, but they try to repair a ship and make it turn anyway. this is what we see in things like liberation theology. it is politics not Truth. it may harbor fishermen struggling to stay afloat, to find fish, to sustain a living … but its leaders are repeaters … of failed theological mission mired in contempt for its own, and it’s political far more than it is revelatory and salve.

      lossky was building a boat more than he was sailing it, but we use what we can where we can and try not to demean in our purpose. there is nothing wrong with saying hey, looks like good stuff but what about ___ or ___ and have you considered ___, allowing the Christ to speak as Christ is? not contained in a box being carted from one school to the next.

      but let’s look at the data.

      cont …

      • opheliart permalink

        politics does more damage to Christ-believing than you can ever imagine. and things get written and formula-ed throughout history that just aren’t true. it is better to stand clear of the rectors infantry (the hat wearers) than to sink from its bladed edge. but do not ignore your GIFT or bury it because you fear the outcome.

        let us speak on the data regarding GOD.

        if you are a believer of the Christ there is something God asks of you. if Spirit of the Living hands you a dime, where does it end up? do you place it in the hands of the politician playing party favors that contradict your belief? do you hand it over to the bishop hiding sexual abuse in his houses? your dime, your talent(s), your Mina, should not be buried under the callousness of ignorance or the arrogance of indifference. neither should it be tossed to the parchments of folly. theology is a manmade article replete with manmade error. it wears itself out. and God may have nothing to do with it, however, once spent … God sees a lesson EARNED … and shares in {this} triumph. if its your own error … then all the more celebratory IF … if it assisted in moving you into AWARENESS in the image of God: your Spirit ID.

  9. opheliart permalink

    ISLAM, the Vatican Way

    just reminding you of the head line

    those virgin mary sightings in bosnia?

    has anyone presented the question to the head of the school ofrome: why do these sightings only ever appear to roman catholics?

    and Spirit of the Living has more important things than teasing gullible cathlams

    • opheliart permalink

      to continue lossky’s lecture:

      In order to approach {God} it is necessary to deny all that is inferior to Him, that it to say, all that which is. If in seeing God one can know what one sees, then one has not seen God in Himself but something intelligible, something which is inferior to Him. It is by UNKNOWING that one may know Him who is above every possible object of knowledge. Proceeding by negations one ascends from the inferior degrees of being to the highest, by progressively setting aside all that can be known, in order to draw near to the Unknown in the darkness of absolute ignorance.

      —-will pause here because the word IGNORANCE is not the word for this lecture. there is a contradicter impugning: God verses Ignorance

      in Truth, one cannot know God while ignorant about God. lossy’s limited EXPERIENCE in and of the Spirit (and remember he speaks from experience but consider the theologian’s vessel … how experienced in the hand-man’s (tablets of ink) tale?) keeps him from the vested purpose?

      prior to the excerpt above, lossky writes (cataphatic and apophatic): The first leads us to some knowledge of God, but it is an imperfect way. The perfect way, the only way which is fitting in regard to God, who is of His very nature unknowable, is the second—which leads us finally to total ignorance.

      why would anyone known by God reside in total ignorance? what would be the purpose of a Prophet on Truth who by his calling and stature, Spirit indwelling, be in total ignorance while used by God to lead the Way? THE Prophet chosen by Spirit of the Living God does not live in ignorance ON [God}.

      but, I understand where the theologian is in his demeanor, and why he lectures in the unknown.


  10. opheliart permalink

    spent a fair amount of time continuing the above (theology) but my old computer is not up to the task. it went … somewhere 🙂 … but not here. at least not that I am aware of. so I communed on the reason for its disappearance and was shown FEAR. it’s too late, P, man is living in fear. he is not listening is the response so …

    I move into the above … the violence and restlessness and anger is happening in refugee camps/housing around the world. you may be quick to bring them in and say, look how wonderful we are, our charity is outstanding, but WE see a disgrace … and, a very serious … disease.

    I heard this morning after asking a few questions regarding the issue of the immigrant/refugee/terrorist, “It’s too late, P.” it is already in the works it seems.

    • opheliart permalink

      many councils have never been GOOD at seeing to the needs of their theologies. or should we state it another way … owning up to the dire consequences of their theology. they like it while it’s hot, but look the other way when it gets cold.

      • opheliart permalink

        one might say you —they— murder many … in that incite.

  11. opheliart permalink

    let’s just say that arab-speaking peoples invaded america. would it then be considered an arab nation not an american nation? what if islam invaded america, would it then become something other than america, say … a muslim nation, following the prophet of islam?

    • opheliart permalink

      it appears as if religion takes precedence and will continue to take precedence, but not based on ethnicity, no matter how hard some ethnic groups want to use this to receive special treatment. in america, it should not matter what color you are or whether you call yourself an irishman or a jew. the only time it matters is if the irishman or the jew or any other ethnic group is ‘obviously’ denied rights that OTHERS CURRENTLY RECEIVE …and or is being attacked, abused in some manner THAT OTHER GROUPS AREN’T. if all citizens are being cheated by the government, the jew, for instance, can’t claim anti-Semitism …

      but the question has to be determined case by case where abuse and or crime occurs: is it an ethnic crime or a religious crime (from or to), or a crime as a result of poor parenting, victimizing, lack of pastoral care … (reasons are large and often obtuse)? one cannot or should not assume it is hate. it could be that a person was called names because he is a miscreant and knocked to the ground. but the name fits his behavior … based on something he believes and behaves.

      and is it a case that an ethnic group poses some danger or is in some way causing a nation to be at risk? let’s say beating a spouse is legal to arabs or jews … obviously it’s not legal in america, OR SHOULD NOT BE LEGAL … law should enforce by saying, this is very wrong (demonstrate why in the safest manner possible, prison time is part of american law for this type of crime, but the offender’s crime should be addressed and not lumped in with those selling cocaine and other lethal drugs, for instance) … the offender serves his time, comes out, and is expected to change his way. and if the offender doesn’t, saying it is ‘his’ right as an arab/jew to beat his spouse … where does he belong? in a nation that approves this by sending him there? or an unending prison sentence?

      each person is or should be responsible for his/her behavior. no matter what he claims, religious, ethnic … alien. and each must work his way up the ladder … providing that ladder isn’t iced for some and heated for others. too hot to handle … too cold to grip.

      some nations use religion to keep itself stable, organized … somehow righted, and obvious to some, used in gaining votes for certain parties. agree or disagree, it is what it is and it does not look like many nations are denying religion its rights. if anything, the opposite is happening.

      but where does a nation draw the line on abuse, discrimination and attack within its own communities? if a group poses a threat due to certain beliefs and practices is it healthy for communities to continue allowing these religious freedoms?

      • opheliart permalink

        what we are saying is this … choose your religion wisely.

  12. opheliart permalink

    just like the pontiff to write his own gospel …

    gospel according to pope george. oh, wait … did I just kill him in my heart by calling him pope george instead of pope francis? now … you tell the world how much this pope has insulted francis of assisi … by STEALING HIS NAME AND PRETENDING

    just can’t imagine the real francis sitting on a throne, collecting millions, parading himself as a virgin of Truth … while preaching on insults.

    take a look at george’s history in argentinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh. 😦

  13. opheliart permalink

    WE think it a good idea to make MARCH coptic history month … what do you think ?

    • opheliart permalink

      you can blame ME, david gushee, WE ordained it 😉

      • opheliart permalink

        enough with the petticoats and ham -n- cheese sandwiches. and honestly, dear, your calling isn’t to be of the LGBTQ rah-rah club. just look at them pop in with their “perils of widow”… telling you how great thou art, and how awful the “justice league” is. you are not yet great in the eyes of the One.

        you are being called to something greater than yourself. how great is this!

        the LGBTQadding religion is trying to convert you, david gushee. this is a religion like any other in the market place, demanding … demanding. real CHRIST doesn’t seed that way. you are correct in that gays should not be treated despairingly or … but they want treatment. they beg for this. what are you to give them that will please them? they want YOUR job. yes, even if they don’t realize this themselves.

        any person of any conviction must Learn {this} seat of honor. let you disinvites teach you that it is time to move. move, david gushee. otherwise you live by the law of men, both sides of that aisle.

        should I thank the churches that disavowed ME? yes, “thank you for the persecution, and later alligator!” but where was my support club? where were my groupies? no where I would want to Become. and it wasn’t over yet, I had to endure and I still endure. I went on forums where people screamed at Me! I was shunned and lectured and even families members said untrue things about me and … misunderstand my Place.

        If you want to KNOW Truth you will need to SHOW Truth … that you are worthy of {this}.

        yes, blame Me … I took up that cross in hopes that you would be ridiculed and rejected … and I was shown that your congregants would desire politics not parenting, or pastoring …

        but you are still young, david … many rooms to go … many rooms … don’t pitch your tent in the LGBTQ melodrama. let go of MAN and his desires, sexual and otherwise, and … grow.

  14. opheliart permalink

    what is ORTHODOX? what does it mean? what is it saying? most protestants and catholics don’t understand its meaning. orthodox christianity is one thing, but orthodox means something … that the secular-political-relgious industries of the day misunderstand. they think it is dogma-related. that it finds itself in doctrine set up by the institutions of man calling themselves infallible, God’s mouthpiece … God’s Word … the one true church founded by ___. it has nothing whatsoever to do with the morality of cardinals and bishops and popes. they have a morality often ignorant of the average believer and … unbeliever, AND … the unbeliever cannot speak on matters of the SPIRITUALIST’s Heart because he does not believe {this} exists. no matter how much he plays the field and praises you for writing what he wants to read … he does not know the Hearing of Truth. go to a strident source on the word orthodox and you will find its meaning. apply it to your life with the understanding that FAITH leads by …

    and you will begin to BELIEVE something unknown to you.

    • opheliart permalink

      I adore lace. I think it one of the most beautiful fabric-material-designs ever made … and I will begin to use it in my art, once I find a source I feel comfortable with.

      but I don’t wear petticoats. and I don’t fall for petticoat melodrama, politics or … belief.

      Liturgy … what is it? do you know what it is to be IN Liturgy? ORTHODOX Liturgy (not necessarily speaking of orthodox christian liturgy, but if you have been to an orthodox christian Liturgy you know where and how it differs from entertainment or … a political rally … or a sports arena or a battlefield) … is coalescence. it’s not about making you look sexy, motherhood look sexy, fatherhood look sexy … the images of man, luring in the viewer. it’s about Hearing.

      any member not in communion with the Body is … not orthodox. a gay man demanding that he receive what the straight man receives is not orthodox. why? he is not straight. why kick against the goads? is there not enough room for the gay man to find himself religion? and heterosexual is not an actual place in the Spirit. why? because man is no longer himself. at least, his desire is no longer man but God (Spirit of the Living).

      • opheliart permalink

        people probably think I have no respect for priests. this is not true. I said it 5 and 7 yrs ago and I will say it again: priests are one of my most favorite people. why? it would have to do with a desire to know God and in knowing God it becomes a need to show God. but vocational priests have shown themselves to be … plastic. not lace. not fine made LITURGICAL Seasons.

        and is why I am …

        And to the angel of the church IN Sardis write,

  15. opheliart permalink

    a major blast in lahore today, MONDAY, feb 13 (14?) … and the cricketeers are worried about their tournament?

    someone please explain to me how the prophet of islam did any differently from the war vessels of these jihadists? islam would not be islam if not for its prophet who murdered and enslaved and abused women and girls … so please, enlighten, me, religionists, on HOW and WHERE muhammad was not a war-mongerer attempting to gain power and control and absolute obedience to his dogma?

  16. opheliart permalink


    so … in denial, folks? in denial about organizations like the muslim brotherhood and the roman pontiff’s willingness to be brothers to/with it. seriously, are you under a spell or so drugged on political correctness fed to you by the liberal-left? oh, as you can see from the money given to universities where and how islamic activists … are free to fuel their agenda.

    is this what you want in your communities? most know NOTHING about what’s going on in their own government let alone the islamist government taking over europe, canada and america … the world.

    I am glad that a few muslims are willing to speak out, but … moderate muslims, what about that prophet called Muhammad? makes no sense to us … and gulen’s compound in the poconos? come on, people …

    what do you think he has been up to in the world? you are fools … truly, unless you desire islam to rule over you and everything you have known. and you can forget freedom of religion, freedom of speech and freedom of … life … if this is your identity: DENIAL.

    but hey, I am a gnostic… never will I bow to your gods.

  17. opheliart permalink

    from the video:

    “we will force islamic shariah” … on america, europe …

    you think, you preach … you force, but you are wrong, islamist.

    WE have news for you islamists, modern gnosticism will curtail you. IT will overwhelm you and very likely destroy you…

    you are clueless about the religion of gnosticism and its place in the world (I am not of gnosticism). IT will remove you from the land you believe belongs to you. It will cut you off …

    I am merely the messenger to these Prophesies. It is written, what don’t you know and understand? It will come upon you like a thief in the night … I merely warn. what is your decision? war? you will lose. you will lose. your prophet was an ill-conceived man.

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