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the man or the Martyr?

January 27, 2017

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  1. opheliart permalink

    I bought my second pair of CROCS this week. my first, purchased in lewes, DE many yrs ago when they first became available outside of CO stores (I remember the look I got in NE when I wore them 😉 ), have always been too big, but I wanted something for the beach and the sand shoes at that time were … not suitable. the new selection of crocs has more to offer … in size and style, for warm and cold weather. this pair is smaller, cut differently, and my reason for buying them is because I want something I can use for numerous surfaces, cement, sm pebble, sand, grass … hiking, maybe even biking. to the pool, cutting the grass (reel mower not gas or electric) … but I need cushion at the sole, something lightweight and with a little spring … but not so light it disintegrates after a few wears. and I need a more secure fit without pinching, AND … free of animal parts (cruelty free) … foot problems aside (and I have a few significant) … I want something I can live with.

    will these be pain free? I doubt it, but in the warm weather, less is more. but … I need freedom without sacrificing my body to …

    a lesser form.

    note: I hiked the sandia mtns, NM a number of yrs ago wearing my oldest daughter’s old pair of NORTH FACE sandals. she is a size 7 and I am an 8, but they worked … comfortable, lightweight and when the evening descended upon us …way up high, nearly 40 degrees, temp having dropped significantly … my feet never got cold as we were on our way down and I was heated within. I looked for another pair like these, but the ones I saw that looked suitable are made of leather. I have changed my ways.

    • opheliart permalink

      am I an ENVIRONMENTALIST? in theory, yes … but I don’t care to wear the label. I strive for less is more in my footprint, but do have concerns about the conditions. conditions that must be met in alternative ways.

      religion likes me. people in churches/parishes like me, love the art, even some of the writing … what they understand or think they understand, but … the head and those in service to the head do not like my Following. without going back to explain my story again, or having to explain more about what happened to me, I will say I generate interest. head fears that interest because it desires control and where it thinks it can’t control, it fears, and where it fears … it falls. I fell. we all fall. we should all fall. but the difference in my Following and that of others is that I was safety caught. a net, if you will … a freedom net … from that other side of the boat, where the waters are teeming with fish.

      are you a fisher of men? or are you a fisher of folly?

      • opheliart permalink

        3. If you have faith in the Lord you will fear punishment, and this fear will lead you to control the passions. Once you control the passions you will accept affliction patiently, and through such acceptance you will acquire hope in God. Hope in God separates the intellect from every wordily attachment, and when the intellect is detached in this way it will acquire love for God.

        from 400 texts, volume two, THE PHILOKALIA

  2. opheliart permalink

    I was discussing DANSKO and ECCO and JAMBU footwear with someone the other day, and I described myself as a ‘shoe enthusiast’ note: on this wordpress comment section I don’t have the option to choose italics and bold … so if you are wondering why I use caps and quotes a lot … that’s why—am limited— no biggie, these comments are merely glimpses, not essays. I am an enthusiast because of the wearable art business, which I am still working in, but have not listed anything for a while. I was brought to other things and have been hard at work putting together the hummingbirdsips’farm , a working “farm”, I mentioned many months ago. anyhow, in our discussion, I realized that I am somewhat grounded in the religious aspect of marriage. marriage in the sense of the SPIRITUAL spoken in the Writings. I guess I knew it all along and I have said on several occasions that I am not opposed to religion. how does one get from a to b without some form of legal process? and when I say “legal” I mean … “the legs” in sharing, or the legs in putting something forth in a way that others will benefit and …follow. but, it was necessary to explain the MARRIAGE Paul speaks on (what some refer to as APOSTLE PAUL).

    Is Spirrealism now a religion, or soon to be a religion? not really. Spirrealism is a MOVEMENT, but as I said at the beginning on SPIR, some might turn it into a religion, or make it religion. Spirrealism has more to do with Spirit ID, and is a school of sorts. We shared that “the farm” (and I used the words “my house” or “this house”) would be THE NEW ORDER OF THE FAITH we spoke about. an institute of study on the Language of the Spirit, its intent and what exactly is the purpose of that Jesus Story? much to share here. much not yet touched. a virginscape, if you will.

    and there is to be other houses of interest in this town. seeing ahead through hearing what is to come.

    • opheliart permalink

      and things like pauline and petrine are political religionist’s squabbles and we have no TIME for this stuff. and if judaism were the answer why bother with the JESUS STORY at all? maybe stoning women had something to do with … the Movement on Christ, but some essayists fail to understand the importance of the NEW, and where this led the people … all people, including his own judoist taste.

      • opheliart permalink

        had america not become something apart from the old law, where would that “jew'” be in this Day? still paying into and supporting the stoning of women? or fleeing for their lives?

        get a Life, silk … yours is looking pretty, darn …old.

        as for Paul? learn how to read the Writings or get off that pot! and this goes for all …

  3. opheliart permalink

    it is the constipation, which they confuse with EMANCIPATION … of those getting paid top dollar in seats of righteousness (or so they THINK) that keep YOU and the youth … wrist-strung and strapped to the side of a man’s leg. anyone with a HEART knows the NEW to be a necessary step for Mankind in hearing … to understand the way of Truth.

    silk is an ignoramus when it comes to CHRIST. we hate to say this; we really do … if he can’t get away with attacking JESUS, he’ll go after Paul … who is next? THE GNOSTIC? 😀 been there done that … come on silk, goshdarnit GROW UP!!!! many of your kin do understand the need for movement (think of the ZIONIST *boy, that’ll get his goat ;0)… why in hell are you still sitting on that pot? poop! get over it, please.

    for the saving of HUMANITY.

    I don’t deal in making predictions, but silk will be in need of a job … soon. sorry, prof, but WE will blow your house down … FOR Truth.

      • opheliart permalink

        you attack paul, you attack jesus … you attack jesus, you attack SHE, you attack SHE … you will pay for it with your LIFE.

        and why doesn’t silk and anyone of silk’s ilk … QUESTION THE MUSLIM/ISLAMIST ON THEIR PROPHET, muhammad?

        because they are hypocrites? in denial? looking the other way? dumb? war-mongerers? misogynists? lover of demonstrating female as a lesser person? or pushing reckless agenda without knowledge and understanding …

  4. opheliart permalink

    allow us a glimpse, again … the SECRET BOOK OF JOHN (as it is called) from the nag hammadi scriptures.

    as I open these pages I see loads of notes, explaining what {this} is saying. I forget how much I have written that no man has seen. I was brought to this, the understanding and… the REASONfor it. John speaks of the One (if this isn’t of gnosis/gnostic, I don’t know what is 😉 … and BARBELO. I commune without ceasing so … I hear what these are saying when I ask, and I ask … and ask. not all at once. I am not brought to gluttonous insight.

    but hear this:

    The One is not corporeal and it is not incorporeal.
    The One is not large and it is not small.
    It is impossible to say,
    How much is it?
    What {kind is it}?
    For no one can understand it.

    for no one can understand … no one. One is WE. [no one] is not WE. One is We. understanding comes in … where two or three (more) are gathered … there I will be also. but do understand that it is not judeo or christian. or even judeo-christian. why? God, Spirit of the Living is impartial. it is not bound to … religion, politics or political religions.

    “where two or MORE are gathered …”: is there more than Trinity on God?good question! but something for … much later.

    John gets into BARBELO. have you read gnostic literature?

    my notes from yrs ago:

    who is barbelo?
    ‘He’ sees the feminine in himself and allows for this to come forth—be alive.

    remember we wrote on JESUS writing in the sand when the men of [judea?] were going to stone the woman they said was caught in adultery, and they tested JESUS? recall this? what did JESUS write in the soil/sand?

    HE IS SHE.

    we wrote this (a glimpse) in SPIR ages ago.

    we could go on and on but once you recognize {this} you begin to understand the Writing in NEW Light.

    • opheliart permalink

      recall we said:


      judaism will fade. christianity will take on a new face and gnosticism will become … as it is time. it matters not what this or that theologian, rabbi, priest, pontiff … scholar or … says. they cannot hold back the winds of TIME. no man can argue ignorance out of ignorance.

      we have warned. we are no longer where he is but where she should be. get with the program or get out … as the vessels crack … the lecterns fall and the feast begins anew!

      the youth will destroy you in their move. where do you want to be when it comes? trampled by the vintage or feasting in the warmth of the sun? but oh … the nails that will inflict pain until this Day, Our Day … because of the insulate nature of mankind and his medals … his gods for war 😦

      • opheliart permalink

        you can call it new age in your shallow delivery and shun me, despise me, slander me and say I do satan’s work, but in the fruit of your rage … you will be known, one way or another.

  5. opheliart permalink

    first page news from two muslims/islamists:

    the law and the constitution will protect us

    so … your prophet will not protect you?

    islam proper is incompatible with the american justice system OPERATING IN DUE DILIGENCE in the US. this is fact. the US justice system can toss out the baby and make way for islamic law … but then it would not be what?

    the US Constitution cannot devalue its effort to align for justice and still accommodate islam in the manner of islam’s prophet, without … destroying itself.

    anyone still hugging that old tree that is ready to get squashed by the fierce winds coming. it’s over! give it up …

    • opheliart permalink

      let’s look at the UN … nikki haley walks in with a pocket full of chips and what happens next? islam is no longer the junkie lord? what? the UN has a conversion? lol. or maybe the propagandists are beginning to leak …


  6. opheliart permalink

    I think this fits under this heading:

    in all honesty, it says a lot more in “innocence” than the ‘jew’ word, or the jew label … esp in a time of pushing inclusiveness at the expense of innocence.

    am I the only one getting to the message here? and a roman catholic takes the bait, hmm … telling. he must be desperate … working on his master’s estate.

    • opheliart permalink

      they will pick at every thing like its the kingdom come … lol. unhappy that their master isn’t Queen 😉

      • opheliart permalink

        sorry, gibson, that your pope is tied to that rope.

  7. opheliart permalink

    this is going to sound strange coming from us but, what’s coming … through this nexus, will do more for women than halle berry in a bikini. 😀

    • opheliart permalink

      we spoke on this topic several times. catholicism renders itself innocuous (from latin, it will be injurious) on the matter of life, how-where it proceeds. catholic mind-view cannot grasp “born-again” … in its fuller understanding. and is one fairly significant reason catholicism, but esp, roman catholicism, is not Christ-centered ( we won’t say christianity because in this day, it carries too much weight … too much baggage). if catholic were to be introduced to way of Truth within Light on the topic of “life”, he might say, oh, wow, that makes perfect sense! but he, for whatever reason, continues to ruminate in catholic mind-view. he was taught within his study of GOD that this is something operating within a political religious paradox, as if SPIRIT is bound by manmade ideal. SPIRIT is not bound by man, any man. before man, SPIRIT was other than man, and his church, “church of man”, is inconsistent with Truth … as you can plainly see by the catholic comments to the article.

      catholic, if speaking on the doctrinal, or indoctrinated, for what else would consummate “catholic” but itself … (hardly possible to give birth to Life Stream without She;)… is uncommonly naive on the matter of Spirit. native peoples had a better flow of Earth even before manmade religion,and the SPIRIT that existed there. they did not understand the cornerstone as pillars in Light, but life was more precious to many of them than what roman catholicism set up for … itself, in its desire to rule over all the Earth. the native peoples had no such intent. warring some did, yes, quite often … for many reasons, but where were they insistent on becoming GOD? supreme being? they respected the supreme and worshipped this as something to fear. roman catholic uses and used hell as the fault line, all based on dogma, created by men demanding obedience, thinking his law is God.

      it is of the gods … of men, born out of the desire to precede truth. Truth is extant, and is in the Becoming. it does not sit idle in catholic dogmatic appeal.

      everhearthis: in the BEginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God? …

      is the unborn alive? most definitely it is a living, breathing place of … growth. what happens when it dies? it is not without SPIRIT, so where does Spirit go? do you know? does catholic know? Spirit of the Living does not dissolve, disappear, or move to the land of misfire toys. or go to some catholic heaven or hell. these do not exist in Spirit! 😉
      Spirit of the unborn moves on to new life, if rejected or removed … for whatever reason. and man only has the power to judge on Earth, regarding earthly matter … not Spirit of the Heaven … so who is qualified to judge where life moves? or to dictate its path? if child in womb is not given the opportunity to be born of the flesh, he certainly is not rendered a waste of Spirit. which begs one to ask: what if Spirit of an aborted child moved to become a Prophet on Truth, to save the world? who dares to judge SHE on having {this} aborted?

      • opheliart permalink

        you see, folks, a person should be given the right to choose, to make that choice, if of a mind capable … a child of ten? not capable, and it is dangerous for her not just physically but emotionally … socially … and SPIRITUALLY. what do religious impose on the innocents? hmm … they best get their notes in order because we are coming. and what of the woman not fit to parent, on drugs … abusive partners … in poverty … does the catholic think this is the right house for Spirit of the Living? a proper home for a vulnerable baby to grow and be nurtured? how many children are abused and die at the hands of poor parenting and sick people … evil people? or from victim to victimizer? catholic, you have no sense if you think only of death in the aborted child. God is not a maniac, a mismanaged, unintelligent … abusive Person. EVIL wants destitute children. abused children. sick children … unloved and unwanted children. it wants chaos, confusion, pain and destruction. so, roman catholic … what are you?

  8. opheliart permalink


    and clinton didn’t lie? and the media wasn’t biased? come on kid … surely you know this.

    • opheliart permalink

      we read that migrants are waiting in cairo to board a flight to the US? not allowed to specify details? so how does that vetting process work if transparency is nil? also, an obvious question … should be on EVERYBODY’S mind … what not stay in cairo? or in some other egyptian city-town-village?

      • opheliart permalink


        again, we bring it up: those who have said that the religious muslims need to reform islam have not asked the muslim if he WANTS to reform islam. every study we read on the fastest growing religion in the world states that the more muslims in the nation the more likely ‘their way’ will be the way of sharia law. the more prayer houses the more they will pray and pew states that the ones praying more (5x a day) are more likely to want sharia law. makes sense. it does not take a scholar to understand the evidence on this, and where nations are beginning to change their demographic.


        here is evidence of little to no change and how looooong it takes for some religions to actually be challenged on their beliefs and …

        and the following show 2 contradicting views:

        Betty Clermont • 10 hours ago
        There is no “conservative” wing in the RCC. The pope and every single bishop are opposed to women’s and LGBTQ human rights. Only some are more PR conscious than others in order to play to sycophant media like Gibson who did not report:
        The pope’s deputy, Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin, congratulated Trump on Nov. 9 noting that the election “was characterized by a large turnout at the polls.”(see “Voter turnout at 20-year low in 2016”) Parolin said the first issue on which the Vatican would “collaborate” with Trump was peace. The second was “the internal [domestic] issues” of the US Church such as “religious freedom.”He added that in the early aftermath of the American presidential election, “the future leader has already spoken like a leader.”


        Jonathan gregoryvii • 5 hours ago
        Where did you get the 61 million number? Can you post proof? If true, this would be terrible, but you cannot prove that the children were killed by Democrats. They were killed by their mothers and by the terrible circumstances that led them to it, circumstances that we Americans never deal with. Women are the ones to carry, give birth and take care if children. I would venture that there are more abortions per capita in Republican-dominated states with less education. Furthermore, to honor a man that promotes a sexual conduct that would easily lead to abortions is incongruent. My point is that “talk against abortion” is used by Republicans to carry an agenda of tremendous social injustice, and this is not Catholic.

        “There is no conservative wing in the RCC. The pope and every single bishop are opposed …”

        ” … they were KILLED by their mothers (note: mothers, not dads … no responsibility claimed at the other half)…..My point is that “talk against abortion” is used by republicans to carry an agenda of tremendous social injustice, and this is not Catholic.”

        if you understand roman catholic doctrine and what is taught as the way to God … obedience to the church … and its teachings… following its teachings laid down by its hierarchy, you understand how there is no choice, and justice under AMERICAN law is irrelevant for the catholic, unless American law is roman catholic law (will leave that one for you to dedate). its catholic or it isn’t, right? there is no such thing as “social justice” under roman catholic law in a just society … unless justice is strictly defined by a universalist system. so how can this even be considered a democrat-republican issue? there is no choice. you either obey the teachings (headmasters of rome) or you are not catholic!

  9. opheliart permalink

    if catholics want to be considered a CREDIBLE WINESS, they need to stop with the splayed tongue. break from catholicism. you cannot say you are catholic and say you are JUST, in a nation that allows choice.

    • opheliart permalink

      please, read the comments.

      again, consider your desires. no “race” had a clean slate. so … a movement that clearly demonstrates a desire to move out of old habits, old montages, old ways … to state where and how you distance yourself from he devastation, the hierarchy initiating the warring … the murder … political agendas that lean always to the will of men consumed by power and greed and …status, pride and … partiality, hate, ignorance as seen by those unwilling to learn from their own histories and, always looking away from the hypocrisy in their own trenches … leads you to what? will you again be attacked and dis-membered? scattered across the nations to do not the will of G-d, but the will of men following profits …

  10. opheliart permalink

    US citizens paying for the wall? US citizens paying more for certain foods?

    fact or fiction?

    • opheliart permalink

      don’t think ME cold-hearted or uncaring … just start counting the dollars and cents here and there, and understand WHO_WHAT stands to gain $ from this whole immigration-refugee enterprise. do not assume anything from any group, ESPECIALLY when it comes to state and or religious initiative.

      even Jesus marveled.

      and ask if it’s worse for the incoming or better.

      • opheliart permalink

        what do you see in this coming from iran? c’mon, you aren’t made of straw, right? as atheists, you are of the mind—yes? believe yourselves more superior in mind works because you aren’t delusional and caught up in sky fairy business and beliefs and things like FAITH so … you should be of the ability to think on the reactionary portent? what do you see in this?

        we will give you a hint. gaming

    • opheliart permalink

      so, let me see if we have this correct … you don’t bother to read word presses … and you believe jeff sessions is a racist, and you hate what he has to share, and you don’t believe anyone that opposes you and what you believe (because to read opposition material is against your person, your practices. you like only what agrees with you), including political party opinions … throwing out the baby with the bath water… while you support your new atheist turned religionist, zuckerberg, eyeing politics, condemning those banning muslims for x-# of days while the new admin gets situated, wanting a strict vetting in place for islamists from islamic countries … WHILE he [zuckerberg] sues his hawaiian neighbors because… he is building a wall to keep out … noise? huh.

      WE are just brought in to check the vineyards … your choice, really, but … how we doing so far?

      — now forget obama’s actions when he was first elected into the seat of the white house (treatment of the press) … because his actions are not to be questioned, according to liberal left ideology.

      okay … what if these iraqi nationals are found to have some connection to terrorist cells and … were on the terrorist watch list under obama … while the NY judge, building his resume, makes a lotta $ … on these blocks to presidential policy? would you again, typical of your belief and practice, deny this as fact and ignore …

      proper screening for … the safety and wellbeing of … not just for neighbors, but you and your children?

      —checking the vineyard … how we doing so far?

      the only conclusion the average american citizen would have about you after reading the info put out would be that YOU are in league with islamic terrorist, and or stand to make power and money gain by admitting without investigating both incoming and those agencies pushing pro-refugee-immigrant sanctuary status etc., bypassing laws, and this brings us to the question:

      who-what is investing in this as a BUSINESS? building it into a money-making “ponzi?” scheme?

      we are watching closely, questioning clarity—transparency … IMPARTIALLY and … we do this in honesty … without hidden agenda. actually, what would be our agenda but to move man out of himself into awareness … for the health and wellbeing of all

      another question for you the protester:

      iraq says it understands the reasons for the ban/strict vetting … but believes the US should honor the “special” ally status between iraq and the US. how are foreigners vetted/investigated/treated going into iraq and other … islamic/predominately islamic nations?

      you the answer to that question, you may respond that it is better to demonstrate how things should be done. okay, how should things be done?

      • opheliart permalink

        read all the pages on this

        fact or fiction?

        esophageal cancer found most in asian american and african american men. what is this telling you the consumer? you the researcher? you the journalist? you the caregiver? you the …

        if I had to share even the smallest of my hearing on this, I would say it had to do with fried foods in america.

  11. opheliart permalink

    Potential refugees first apply for refugee status through the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), the international body in charge of protecting and assisting refugees.
    The UNHCR essentially decides who merits refugee status based on the parameters laid out in the 1951 Refugee Convention, which states that a refugee is someone who “owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion, is outside the country of his nationality, and is unable to, or owing to such fear, is unwilling to avail himself of the protection of that country.”

    membership of a particular social group or political opinion … is outside the country of his nationality.

    what about those memberships and opinions outside the nation he wishes to apply refugee status? does it work both ways? I am not clear on political religious demanding their rights that do not align with american values? or are there no clear values—–DIRECTIVES—in the US? what of the practice of hitting wives and girls (shared on this already. dad smacking daughter for getting her head a little wet at the mall fountain, but his sons were permitted to play in the fountain. this kind of stuff angers me and when WE get angry at this type of practice should it become more KNOWN in the states, you better pray you are on the JUST AND DECENT SIDE OF G-D’s Law! things have a way of coming back to bite …badly ).

    • opheliart permalink

      monday … jan 30

      so sad for those killed in canada

      so sad how two of the same cannot distance from each other if at odds. so sad it erupts and ends in death. so sad the message … is not properly used. so sad the media cannot be forthright on that news.

      all around … so sad.

      • opheliart permalink

        this, my dears, will be known as obama’s war. watch what comes to pass.

  12. opheliart permalink

    vineyard inspection …conclusion:

    any institute … governing body … that has not/will not investigate and properly address (which may include BANNING of certain individuals and committees/agencies and houses of worship) mass abuse of children within its reach … is not trustworthy. if you and your ‘group’ will not address the systemic sexual abuse/abuse, rape and molestation of children in the RCC and places like it, you are not worthy of the GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT>

    the End.

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