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LIBERAL: the secret misogynist?

May 3, 2017


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  1. opheliart permalink

    when I hear religionists, politicians and others of the liberalist-leftist-NEW NATIONAL-LITURGICAL PUSH to receive refugees from islamic operated countries, which they insist ALL are fleeing terrorism … (ahem_ take care to correct their misinformation)…

    I cannot help but see they are of a hidden agenda … and that deep down their intent is to create as much injustice to female as they possibly can, and more danger … because they demand that these “refugees” be permitted to preach, teach, practice the very same beliefs-law … of the countries they think they left. they push hard to allow them to exercise their religious rights in a nation striving to move out of the injustices of abusive and unjust religion. or … I think they are without care, SENSE OR REASON, possibly believing they are supreme ruler and can control what happens once these millions of islamists enter and begin their redistribution of the very same of their prophet, and his patriarchal-male-dominated followers.

    but you can almost always tell when a liberal is in it for party power, striving to make his opponent look unjust …

    what do you think is missing in his ideas? the truth?

    • opheliart permalink

      liberal will be blamed for the death and destruction. that much you can count on. we have already heard … the people beginning to jump ship.

      • opheliart permalink

        and the ROMAN PONTIFF? he loves the idea of male-dominated religion … and is why he aligned with the TERRORIST ORGANIZATION: the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD … and will continue his charge …

        some derelict and unjust crusading never ends … as it is what it is …

  2. opheliart permalink

    ask yourselves why a political party … for years, continuing in its push … to get religion OUT of the public domain, giving it LESS rights … would be so eager to allow islam in america, along with its religious law—its patriarchal and obsessively unjust law? it wasn’t eager to bring in the marginalized and abused-attacked—BOMBED—christians, and others in islamic run countries, but it is so darn uppity and extreme and fascist-minded in its efforts to bring in muslims practicing islam … so much so that if you dare to question their ethics, their vision in this push … they can only call you muslim-hater and creed you a heretic.

    hmm … a heretic … in america, while advocating for just treatment and just law. law that does not permit indoctrination of children that demeans female and others. while viewing these CREEDS and their carriers as enemies to FEMALE … we are called haters. we are SILENCED in a land that we thought was striving for female to be equal to male,
    instead … we see them betray HER. build political crusades that allow for systems that demean her, viewing her as second class person. but they won’t mention this, will they> they AVOID the TRUTH about these conditions, these cases, these horror incidents. they stand clear of the RESPONSIBILITY of the crimes that they inject into your neighborhoods. because they are in DENIAL. led weight … con artists … lousy at admitting WHERE they are wrong.

    they help to build imams and bishops and catholic priests and their god, the roman pontiff, their influential seats … that continue to deny her equal rights, these same seats. mark silk, for instance, at RNS, and RNS, yes that religious news site is not interested in curbing the inequality and setting female on course for RELIGIOUS AND POLITICAL justice, allowing her equal rights … equal to male …

    they are more interested in some foggy notion of islam, MINUS ITS PROPHET? that has THEM holding the reigns?


    • opheliart permalink

      and this is just one article on the other concerns in a country with rising mental illness, drug epidemic and … sexually transmitted disease on the rise …

      with numerous sexual abuses, most of which go unreported … with a rise in children as young as elementary school age committing the crimes on other children (read of two within one week)

      are the pastors so free of time they can see to all of these concerns? those pushing this agenda?

      we want YOU to be honest with what is really happening out there, but you are not. liberalist wants to LOOK GOOD … he does not want to be RESPONSIBLE for anyone in need … esp those currently within the system.

      the system … that he created and vacated?

      • opheliart permalink

        america is in no condition to do what the liberal-leftist REVOLUTIONIST is insisting it should do, and guess what? they want YOU to pay for it. ALL OF IT, while you are still waiting for equality and justice and truth … within your own standing as an american citizen. the needs in america without even counting the needs of a refugee are already at a tipping point. many, many … MANY …go without help. and liberal-NEW NATIONAL want to give it all to the refugee while empowering islamic creed—islamic law—in YOUR communities. yep, the facts are out there … look it up. they do not want YOU to know the facts …
        sure, the costs on some of these may vary, but the FACTS ARE … the costs are far more than you realize because … liberal-ISLAMIC NATIONAL by way of pope fran and his constituents do not want you to know the facts. the truth about where this is all going and where all of this is heading and why … their agendas.

        but do ask. demand answers. why didn’t obama allow for questions even from his own party affiliates … regarding the iran deal? the liberal does not want you to know the truth on that deal. but it will be coming out. that much we are sure of.

        hey, I would take in a syrian orphan in a heartbeat … but I would not raise him muslim. never, so … why FORCE islam on the american people? why make the american citizens PAY for islam growing big as big as the wall street establishment … as big as obama’s agenda … and clinton’s establishment … and even as big as candy and his kind? why allow for big, big, BIG NEEDY and DEMANDING religious creeds in america? what’s in it for the liberal?

        heck, ask … what’s in it for the roman pontiff calling himself francis … of the ROMAN catholic church, who stated quite explicitly … the christian and the muslim worship the same god. christian first CALLED in antioch? nope … this would NEVER worship the god of islam. never so … what is mark silk and RNS and the liberal-leftist and their god the roman pontiff … playing at? pushing on you … an AMERICAN citizen?

        they say america MUST—BY ITS LAW—take in millions of refugees … but where does it say that you must pay for all of it their way? the liberal’s way? the pope’s and bishop’s way? heck, the catholic bishops get money for every refugee coming in under their … guidance, their credential … yes, these same bishops who lied and continue to lie about the clergy child sex abuse.

        and you trust these men? you trust this establishment? the LIBERAL wants you to trust misogynists, victimizers, child abusers, liars and criminals?

        truth is … muslim women under islamic law are forced to be subservient to men. they are not free to leave … and LIBERAL-LEFTIST wants it that way, which says what about the liberal-leftist revolutionist under roman pontiff guidance VIEWS ON FEMALE?

        we are not stupid … are you?

  3. opheliart permalink

    in case you are wondering (read about four separate links on this including catholic forum … all say much the same: roman catholic)

    • opheliart permalink

      and remember we posted that the ROMAN CATHOLIC jesuit priest in egypt said he is not being attacked by the islamic muslim brotherhood (things are hunky dory for the roman catholic?) but the coptic christian is being blown to bits? women and children cut down while in church … innocent children attacked and murdered but … the roman catholic church is not being attacked? roman catholic priest and islamists getting along fine … hmm, could it be that the RCC is in league with this grave injustice? somehow paying into this horrid regime? will bow to the enemy without a blink because … the RCC as institution desiring power and portraiture has never NOT invested itself, sold its soul … to the vicious dictator. as it turns out, in case you have not been taught the truth about its history or … you have forgotten …

      theROMAN CHURCH climbed in bed with emperor constantine and began its … UNIVERSALIST deal making and power grab and … all that death and destruction, along with many false miracles, canonizing of terrorist and … absolutions for their … evil deeds.

  4. opheliart permalink

    BEWARE … take care … we see their wording, calling this one “dear brother” and that one friend and brother … they WANT TO PIGGY BACK ON ANY ONE THEY CAN TO TRY TO LOOK … honest and … THEY WANT TO DRAG YOU DOWN WITH THEM. we see how they word things to impress and to gain notoriety and …

    safety, but … there will be a blowback … something they never dreamed in all their illicit fantasies … could happen to them.

  5. opheliart permalink

    whose? where? which church, mosque, synagogue, temple … house? order? … cause

    let’s explore the beliefs and practices and better understand how each growing group is a religion … whether they see themselves in this or not. the INTELLIGENCE behind the protests and the pushing is …

    • opheliart permalink

      to be questioned. first, what makes up a religion? beliefs, faith in ‘something’ … and practices … to say it simply. okay, let’s take a look at the SAME SEX MARRIAGE advocates understood as the LGBTQand growing … and those that believe that eon man and one woman make a marriage and do not agree with the faith in the SSM god, their beliefs and their practices. is it wrong to disagree? must all religious (groups of certain belief-practices) believe in the beliefs and practices of the LQBTQand growing? WE say no it is not wrong to disagree, and neither is it bad ethics to say we believe in something higher than man’s sexual interest or man’s sex, and why it’s not hard to understand why WE do nt agree with the beliefs and practices and orders of … islam and the roman catholic church, its offspring and … those that interpret ‘scripture’ as man, man as model of superior.

      you see, not hard to disagree and … not hard to understand where the LGBTQand growing is a religion. which allows for other religions to say nope, nada, not going to agree with, pay into and support something that goes AGAINST our faith, our beliefs and our practices. the JVs do it and no one is attacking them for their beliefs and practices … well, maybe some.

      and look at the jew of judaism. who is attacking the jew for not believing in the Christ? does the law of the land say that jew must worship as the groups worshipping muhammad or JESUS or … some other FIGURE … of writing? storytelling? parable? metaphor?

      allow us a step outside the religious obstacle and share in a different scene …

      your neighbor does things that you disagree with. he watches porn or violent movies, movies with sex activity …or has guns laying around or eats total junk food or hits his wife or is cruel to his dog or … smokes pot … and cigarettes and drinks … with children present. young children. and you do not want your child near him and you say to your child … do not play at ___’s house. stay in our yard. but can ___ come to our house and play? asks child. yes, absolutely, but he cannot bring the gun or the pot or the porn/violence-sex movies or the junk food. WE do not believe and practice these things. WE live differently and do not agree with what his dad does.

      what of the above list do liberals find acceptable living and desire freedom to exercise these practices? without state regulation where child is present? is it wrong to disagree with liberal’s lifestyle? or SECULARIST’s lifestyle? if the current trend is posting violence on FBK or 100 shades of grade F sexual exploitation of female in cinema, or violent protests or … crass and ugly and cruel comedic entertainment … must you agree, go along within and pay into-support it?

      should you be forced to pay for —AGREE WITH-TEACH CHILD-EXPOSE CHILD TO the current day drama?

      • opheliart permalink

        if the only school was a one room schoolhouse where you got everything and that school master said nope, you cannot marry because we say no to your lifestyle … government would be in error. look at the roman catholic priesthood …

        think about the lifestyle, beliefs and practices as religious and understand that some—many really– absolutely should not be forced to comply with the lifestyles of others … BUT who-what gets to say what these should be? the secularist? the liberalist? the trends of this day? smoking was the thing to do many did and many died so … why push something that some find … not to his person?

        but what of the orders, the religions that deny female her right to be … priest, bishop, imam, rabbi … should these religious be allowed to practice an all male sentry? denying female these same places?

        let’s look at the facts. the federalist commentary posted in the above say that gays have it worse that women in islamic run nations. we disagree. here’s why:

        a gay man can walk free, choose work … buy a house, do mostly what he wants within his religion, even go to the mosque and pray and … no one would know he desires male–male sex. a child born female has what choice? she is segregated from the start. she is already labeled and ordered to a certain position. her choices are limited and her freedom is bound to the world of men, islamic men. a gay man can secretly go off and engage in sex … a private room in a house. men do it all the time, just as they do it to women … while raping them … and no one knows what is going on. well, some-many know about the rapes … but say nothing. female is married within the system of law before she is … menstruating.

  6. opheliart permalink

    the fascist enterprise of this day does not see its own error. it does to others what it does not want done to itself. do you see that gays can easily find houses to marry and cakes to eat and photographers to pose them? more than enough now … absolutely more than enough. even whole religious news services are devoted to its form of fantasia, fanaticism or fascism. and where people get paid for something anything can be written, even when it is far from the truth. and people engaging in their beliefs and practices can and will do things …to boost its agenda. like misrepresent the facts. like misconstrue the reality of the case … like misuse …

    the freedoms they do have.

    • opheliart permalink

      FACT … it takes a female and a man’s viable sperm to produce a child. life would cease without THIS. would life cease if LGBTQand growing changed or disappeared from the Earth? how about judaism or roman catholicism or islam or christianity or hinduism or buddhism or satanism or the democratic party or …

      life goes on in each Day, doesn’t it? a gay man is not the same as a FEMALE part. you can spin it any way you want but SHE is that he isn’t and He is that she isn’t. this is fact. drugs and hormone treatments and all types of THERAPIES, drug or otherwise, or both … can spin someone into something else, something SEEN as something else but … it is not what she or he is. it’s a distortion of the true nature of life. man can do it because man’s laws say, you can do it and we have the costs and the doctors and the science and the teachers and the … following of … this religion … to do it. it is right? to some it is their belief and their practice but to others it is a distortion, a mistruth … within the nature of Being. but how in the Writing in the sand did JESUS demonstrate the very important UNDERSTANDING that caused the men to depart? not the order.

      He is She.

      that is what is Written. He is She.

      but if we just said, “she is that he isn’t and he is that she isn’t” … how does this qualify or QUANTIFY … He is She … Written in the sand?

      • opheliart permalink

        first, how do I know what Jesus wrote in the Story? I asked in honesty and in truth. in sincerity and in love, I asked. I was told and later shown: He is She.
        I said, ahh, yes, that makes perfect sense.

        Here we see Jesus not as a misogynistic figure denying her (female) but as equal to male. but Jesus in the Story also said, “go and sin no more.” this I have said is an impossibility. to sin no more? did Jesus actually say those words? well, if you believe Jesus really existed then you likely believe he actually said those words, and you believe the woman is guilty of sexual misconduct while permuting man’s context. if you believe JESUS in the STORY as Figure of Christ, Son of the Living … Spirit … you believe what? that to sin no more in the context of adultery (the case ON the men having accused her, preparing to stone her to death) …she was being told not to engage in the adultery of man. this is a sin in eyes of Truth, justice on the Life and Liberty IN Love (God). that sin, as it turns out, degrades her. it demeans her Being. its Purpose unto God (Spirit of the Living) is … nondescript. and in demeaning, degrading her it demeans and degrades him.

  7. opheliart permalink

    the SPIRITUAL context is not the same as the religious content …the dogmatic, but it does address the inconsistencies and the indecency and the hypocritical and unjust industry of men. it addresses this most profoundly by the Writing in the sand. but did you pick up on the HEARING in that which is Written?

    • opheliart permalink

      dirt–sand Jesus wrote … Word. the Word. standing on man’s principles by standing on the adam that was fashioned from the Earth? or standing on sand-dirt in ‘the land of cain’ Jesus wrote God’s Word? in … on … where …
      all very important in Understanding the Gifts of the Spirit. very important in Understanding the Word of God.

      • opheliart permalink

        the questions arise and must be answered:

        – is female evil? is she a bad that needs male to render her a good – to be ruled by men? is she incomplete in Spirit needing male to qualify her (quantify?) her for heaven? if CHRIST lives within and she is born of {this} is she denied truth? is she denied justice? if so, where? how? in which houses is she … demeaned, misused, abused … ? if of Christ (Christ within) would she not be seeking this Room? this House? not the house of gods, created by men for men … men with the intent to keep her denied? not of the world of Mankind but of the Spirit Holy?


  8. opheliart permalink

    Jesus: take up this cross and follow me.

    did JESUS say, man, you take up this cross and follow me but not you woman …? did he say, male, take up …and follow me, but not you female …? what was JESUS speaking on? for, in and with what?

    he was speaking ON Truth (on {this} I will build my Church). he was speaking IN Love. he was speaking with … HER (Gifts of the Spirit) beside him because …

    where two or more gather in my Name (God, Spirit of the Living, understood as Truth, in/within LOVE … ), there Spirit will be. and who is to say where {this} might be? but we know that it can’t be where female is demeaned, denied … treated as second class, evil … bad … and certainly not where man is misogynistic or using his manmade ID and decrees to alienate her from her rightful place.

    • opheliart permalink

      by making man in his orders celibate the RCC thought it could disavow women, without contest. without challenge … without being questioned in his intent.

      WE will challenge you in your precepts, man, celibates, dogmatics … to show you where you are in error on the Word of the Living … God.

  9. opheliart permalink

    we post these to allow you to see and not overlook america. and you want to bring in how many refugees?

  10. opheliart permalink

    now how does the first part in what we wrote of that religious liberty article bear witness to what we wrote later? we went from LGBTQand growing acting as a religion, with its own faith (within itself), beliefs and practices … a certain lifestyle that others don’t agree with based on their faith, beliefs and practices … to female being denied religious seats in major (big establishment, also political) religions … and some on what JESUS wrote in the sand regarding the woman accused of adultery and … the dogmatic man claiming celibacy as a requirement for …

    • opheliart permalink

      a company is hiring. the company makes stuffed animals. teddy bears and kitties and puppies and giraffes and hippos and piglets and …
      an atheist comes in for an interview. his info comes up clean. he gets the job. manager is told by owner: hire equal number of women and men. the factory has 500 workers … 250 of each. a worker retires … an ad goes up: job opening for a male working the stitching whatever for ___ CO.
      it doesn’t say gay male … transgender or roman catholic or muslim or … because … this is not a qualification for the job. a man shows up wearing muslim attire. another shows up wearing a cross tattooed on his arm that has Jesus hanging on the cross. the manager asks each about his beliefs. discrimination? in manager’s defense …
      owner does not wish to pay into and support discrimination of female. to act in any way that he can control … that views her as a second class citizen, that denies HER vocations in large political establishments. that continues an industry that encourages and grows unjust religious and political views that harm her and place her in a position that will make her vulnerable; that will silence her; that causes her to be treated, viewed as a person less than a male. both owner and manager find patriarchal religions ( also political and highly influential in communities) offensive, unjust and … highly insulting to female, and in many cases … dangerous. he knows that he may be giving a job to someone who goes home and beats his wife. he does not know how atheist treats his wife, but he knows from what he sees … and the literature he has read, patriarchal religious beliefs and practices undermine female.

      • opheliart permalink

        a woman comes in applies for a job at the same company. she gets the position that opened up. a few months later she tells the manager that she is undergoing treatment to become a man. what is the manager and owner to do in a place where they keep a strict and just code of hiring the same number of men and women?

        a woman comes to the manager and asks for abortion coverage. manager asks why? none of his business? discrimination? woman says she was raped. manager needs to know if it’s a co-worker. if so, co-worker needs to be fired. and woman must report the act as rape. and she must go to a hospital WHERE the government pays for the abortion … or they find a way to make the rapist pay. but often the rapist is in a seriously poor condition. sometimes with a wife and children at home and where does this leave them? government should pay.

        but … what if the woman chose to have sex and got pregnant. she’s an adult. how is the company responsible for every activity its employees engage in? what if many of these activities are dangerous … harmful or puts employees at risk? or what if an employee coverts to an religion that tells him he must convert others. is the work place the place for this? if an employee gets fired because he is bothering other employees with his religion and is demanding his religious rights in the work room and this upsets the work ethic and the work schedule … letting him go is an honest gesture as the company is not selling that man’s religion … it makes stuffed animals.

        and consider what we have been saying all along … why would you want to work for a business, institution, company, organization —give support to or pay into with your time … talents-gifts … give praise to … what is harming others? through practices, beliefs … lifestyle.

  11. opheliart permalink

    some groups-sects-religions-religious-political-and … want to be the center of attention. why give it what it wants … while it is hypocritical, unjust … poorly advised and or … reckless. consider its demands and determine what it really desires … and whether or not it is rule worthy of it.

  12. opheliart permalink

    *government should pay? isn’t this doing the same … asking taxpayers to pay for something they may not approve of?



    • opheliart permalink

      birth control … drugs for other personal activities is on you. whatever you choose to engage in is on you. how does it help poor women in impoverished communities? we are talking about america here … the states … think about where money goes within each state. if you continue to pay into ad support careless-reckless activity where does change occur? how can you move out of these conditions for the health and wellbeing of societies? I am not for paying for you and you and you and you to behave irrationally and or without sense. arrogantly, stubbornly … carelessly. as one instance … I am not interested in your sex lives and do not wish to pay for your sexual activities or even your desire to look sexual. just as I am not interested in your need of pain killers because you overdid it at the gym … in sports or …
      and if jobs are causing employees serious injury and pain … they need to find suitable people to file complaints —to address these issues. no employer should be abusing his position as no company-business …political or religious … should be abusing his position(s).

      it is difficult to see and hear the source of many of the problems and dangers in communities for all the noise and all the demands where some sound quite … insincere. selfish. and what ends up happening is the poor get poor … the weak get weaker and the children and the most vulnerable …suffer. these get lost in all the noise and the paperwork and the binge drinking.

      • opheliart permalink

        start paying attention to the sex, substance abuse and drug habits of …

  13. opheliart permalink

    another instance …

    remember the TWILIGHT saga with bella and her vampire boyfriend?

    he is trying to tell her what he is. he says, “I have killed people.” bella responds to pasty white face with blood red lips and skin as cold as ice and eyes that turn black when he wants to kill you, esp if he can’t read your mind, “I don’t care.”

    she does not care that he killed people. she trusts that he won’t kill her, but she DOES NOT CARE that he killed people. so rich vampire murderer with doctor “dad” … is good to go? what kind of message does that send to young females? and 10, 11 and 12 yr-olds were crazy over this series. and 20-somethings were acting like 10-yr-olds (actually witnessed that at a movie). yes, I went to see the movie … wanting to know what my kids were up against.

    teachings-messages-advertisements that do what to impressionable minds? sending mixed signals … telling them that t’s okay that he is a murderer.

    who-what out there murders and you and your family members are to pay tribute, bow to or worse … align with and pay for —SUPPORT? it’s not just the the other presidents it’s your own pandering to globalization … without regard for the POLITICAL AND UNCIVIL, UNJUST … RELIGIOUS PRACTICES.

    when are you going to protest the hypocrisy? the mixed messages … the lies?

    • opheliart permalink

      bring them all here to start the regurgitation … all over again? really now …

      • opheliart permalink

        and a catholic is offended by murder. he writes of how he did not like how a ‘good’ guy murders an innocent man … just like that … in the beginning of ROGUE ONE. the man shoots his friend who has an injured arm … and can’t get away from the storm troopers. not good, WE agree but … he pays into and supports an institution founded on evil deeds to gain power. has he ever questioned the antics of his headship that created his religion? doesn’t this cause him to say, hmm, could it be possible that if murdering, torturing maiming people not believing in the magisterium’s dogma … not obeying its creeds … says that maybe this institution I praise, and its headship I praise … may have been born of evil and not Spirit Holy? that maybe these laws are not truth?

        not a good thing? and what of the murders of women on catholic hospitals? and all that alignment with oppressive dictators and … the suicides having come from clergy-staff-bishop-pope sex CHILD abuse? there is no way he wins his argument. no way …

        and what of the liberal making rough sex look ‘good’? it looks like liberal —secularists and their pals—the new liturgical headship of the masses … wants the anything goes system of belief and practice. anything but where they might be denied something. but if they allow every body their thang .. doing it their way … there is less scrutiny, less room for investigation in their multicultural path … the greys deepen and become grayer. the evil finds plenty of places to lie and do its thing, disguised as something sexy and …praiseworthy and even … honorable. the 20-yr-old having forced sex on the 15-yr-old says, nah, it was just a bit of rough sex. she liked the movie … she must like that sex. it wasn’t rape … no!

        NO! the grey … the grey … the black. how do you like them apples, liberal? this belief system allows them no shame. no responsibility … no clear boundaries on right and what is seriously doing harm to generations of young and … justice, truth …and the ever present sicknesses man accommodates.

  14. opheliart permalink

    I have to post this. in my research I kept coming across discussions on forums with differing opinions about the catholic and anal sex. so … it seems worth posting esp since the gay priesthood is so robustly active in this area … and there has been a high incidence of AIDS in the catholic priesthood which we posted some time ago … that you rarely if ever hear about coming from any party, which says what about the HEALTH AND MEDICAL INDUSTRY and organizations like WHO and …

    • opheliart permalink

      that above from 2000 and the following from 1987

      one thing off about the priests views is where one official said that few priests feel guilt upon contracting the disease. Still, Father Lopes said, few priests feel guilty about contracting the disease. ”More experience ecstasy,” he said. ”One person said to me: ‘God has chosen me to be an instrument of healing to help others, to use my illness as a way to serve.’ ”

      ecstasy? while having been dishonest in your service? one of the things, actually one of the very FIRST things one must learn while instructing to help HEAL others and to bring others into a place of safety, health and wellbeing …is that you must first be WELL before you can HEAL another.

      so think of the dishonesty as sickness number one. the priests did what? lied to not only their Order but to the people they claimed to serve. while self-satisfying in dangerous feed, PRETENDING TO BE CELIBATE, they were acting in dishonesty then pretending to be honorably serving after they opened themselves up to this deadly disease? this shows minds sorely undernourished and clearly unwell. but the new liturgical liberal society probably praises this conduct as their god’s law?

      but dishonesty is dishonesty … pretending to be something you are not and contracting a disease while in that state of mind does not make a wrong … right. what are the catholic teachings really about? ABSOLUTIONS-ABSOLUTIONS-ABSOLUTIONS … uh-huh.

      like a drug addict using while healing another drug addict using? which begs one to question what the priesthood of roman catholicism really represents …

      • opheliart permalink

        ignorance is bliss? how blissful is dying of AIDS? how about ignorance loves company. one can share with another what he is going through but how does this HEAL the dying? think about this very carefully because it has its platform in much of catholic society … mindset … which is much of the world.

  15. opheliart permalink

    so … the bogey-burger went bust? again we ask … where? or maybe we should ask… how?

    but let’s ask another cuppa Q’s …

    – who started the rumor(? and why?) that ivanka and jared are responsible for this blah order?

    – and if true … will this be good or bad for the jew? which jew? where? how? israel or the liberal of america?

      • opheliart permalink

        hmm, all that brotherly love and loyalty. is this what you have married into? or is it only the roman catholic following their pope god that is protected while the true ‘CHRISTIAN’ is massacred?

        who pays into and supports unjust feed, fascist dictators and big WAR-LOVING establishments that have always been the enemy of PEACE? who demands that his criteria be the letter of the day? who tells its nation that the future WILL NOT slander the prophet of islam? or question its … decrees?

        the commentary in mosaic magazine … SSM and the jews. to a gnostic, anything denying the FEMININE DIVINE is of a marriage defiled. WE speak of what ENOCH said … “going into women and defining themselves”. the woman as man understands woman … is not FEMININE DIVINE, and is why gnostic lit also says a few things that most do not understand… having to do with female. it is Spiritual Metaphor. its meaning is not that she is evil … but we do wonder how much patriarchal religions stole from the gnostic without actually acknowledging the gnostic’s intelligence and gifts … MISUSING the Writings (adding and taking away). hmm … how so very badly he misunderstands what JESUS is … WHAT CHRIST TEACHES. the author of the commentary wrote an interesting pc, but he does himself and others a grave disservice by writing something he THINKS the CHRIST is saying while not a believer in the Christ. he is in error on what he wrote about JESUS. that is NOT what the Christ is talking about.

        why does a man write about Christ when he does not even believe this exists? how can he possibly know about something he does not believe in? HAS NOT EXPERIENCED. when you EXPERIENCE THE CHRIST … you begin to understand that man is master within his own damaging attire. the author of that pc devalued ad undermined something hugely important and he must now pay the penalty of his error. and since he links himself to all jews near and far … it will be a jewish problem.

        yes, every time a jew writes without TRUTH on matters he is not familiar … does not know, has not EXPERIENCED (as it is obvious he has not experienced CHRIST or he would not have written what he did) understand or believe is real … he will pay for it. how he pays is really up to those beds he crawled into.

  16. opheliart permalink

    the Thought Police? many of these kids are doing this to push buttons and to show that the fascism dictating their lives is … immoral. lol. yep. look at you people, liberal-liberal-liberal-leftist-new national suddenly has a Conscience and wants the world to know it? but think … what if someone posts that the prophet of islam is a misogynist or the RCC … and has an image of an imam and pope fran holding hands … do those kids get expelled? verbally attacked—lives ruined? lives are ruined by clergy child sex abuse, some even having committed suicide, and women, sometimes children, die in catholic hospitals because they are refused an abortion … all from abusive religious practices and beliefs coming from these religious dogmatics. the doctrine … the hierarchal dictating what is to be for many …

    are these kids to be silenced too? where does it say this can and this cannot be said—shown? militant atheists and jews, gays, and others have attacked christians and christianity mercilessly, even religiously … on forums, comment boards … some even devoting entire sites to hate christian-christianity. why the favoritism? we get that roman catholicism set the stage for much death and destruction but not every person calling himself christian believes in the liberals’ quest.

    no wonder the schools are failing so many students … and parents? where are the parents in any of this? and government is what? nothing-burger?

    • opheliart permalink

      do you understand that not everyone thinks like you, liberalist? does not believe and practice as you and yet … you think you have the right to lump all into one view, good or bad, and that’s the final word …. yours, while showing your hypocrisy —-allowing patriarchal institutions its lifestyle of devaluing female … and you defend this? you have learned nothing … nothing … nothing and you, liberal, will be blamed for the death and destruction.

      • opheliart permalink

        someone might accuse us of misinterpreting islam’s prophet. like we have said many times:

        you will know them by their fruit.

        the couple of times we posted in SPIR something from the quran we asked a question. is this true? we heard no one say that it was not true. and the evidence is out there for all to see. no different from the history of the roman catholic church and others. power, control … demand for obedience to sect laws … murders … misuse of female …
        the stuff we have posted for years now. are you going to tell us that none of this is true? that muhammad, the prophet of islam did not marry children and have sex with them? did not encourage his army to do the same? did not murder people who were opposed to his rule?

        and what do we see happening with women today? with young girls and boys? what message is being given to these? seems liberals and pope and a great many others are in need of a new set of thinking caps.

  17. opheliart permalink

    the bottom line … your hypocrisy is going to come back and bite you …BIG.

    • opheliart permalink

      please read the comments … the most liberal (a female?) forgets the ABORTION situation in ireland along with a huge number of other serious concerns. why-oh-why is she so … selective in her preaching? she ignores much of what ireland, esp the unwed mothers, had to deal with, had to endure …until recently … with church as state. my-my … such gross neglect. such limited view…such dimness on the …


      • opheliart permalink

        and islam. liberals are quick to say that not all are extremists. only a few, they say. depends are your version of extreme but … yes, we would say many muslims are not “by the book” muslims, their prophet’s book. this would mean they are reform muslims, muslims not in agreement with the prophet of islam, the prophet having created his religion. okay, so who do they really believe as their source of authority? don’t they do as so many other religionists? if they can change this why not change that? and if they dislike what their prophet muhammad was and what he did … if they find his acts, practices … beliefs appalling, why do they think-believe he is good? holy? of the truth or true Spirit of God? how can you make a martyr out of a madman? roman catholics, why not change? why not admit your industry was masterminded by state pressure and predominance … using religion to gain power, property and … complete and total allegiance-obedience to its … law? an evil man murders to get his way and you praise his first steps as good, holy … Godly? no wonder atheism and disbelief became so pronounced. who in their RIGHT mind thinks any of it is … proper, just, decent or … of love? but to dilute or ignore what Christ was teaching is … doing the same religion creating to suit political agendas. secularist ideals: we want the everything sex burger and the everything religion burger, and the everything drug burger and the everything environmentally harmful burger . munch-muncha! gee, why is society in meltdown mode? why the rise in mental illness? why so many breaking laws and getting away with it while others can’t? why the high rate of drug abuse and crime? why the abuse of female and child? why the rise in political religious? why the hypocrisy … growing? why the increase in STDs … and rise in abortion here and there and the knifings, stabbings … kids killing kids? and what does the liberal inject into the environment-climate-as much as the non liberal?

        as a gnostic, we do not believe the christian of this day or even what man created apart from the Teachings on Truth are actually following Christ. they added to, and took away from, the Message. they created their own industries not for Truth … FOR man and his medals.

  18. opheliart permalink

    an investment banker … one who knows how to work with numbers. a big splash-omgosh, a hacking! suddenly, a big number …his. hmmm … not so fast …

    • opheliart permalink

      and no one … not even macron himself …can tell me that his ‘wife’, formerly his teacher, wasn’t a woman going after underage male. she seduced a teenage boy. that he started dating her and married her is like … your daughter of fifteen being KID-napped by her teacher of near forty then openly dating her two-three years later… how would you feel? how is it unethical for the teen recently in the news in america … having been seduced by her teacher but not for macron and his ‘wife’? they didn’t wait until she was 18 to be seen openly …dating him?

      liberals are full of … denial.

      good bye france. you are now in the hands of a conned investment …Bank.

      • opheliart permalink

        seducing the public … to belief the woman is a suitable marriage? and to think child seduced here is unacceptable but not there? how does that yarn and this yarn marry?

        are you beginning to understand what JESUS/PAUL, gnostic, was saying in theWritings?

  19. opheliart permalink

    who took the Writings and fashioned a misogynistic religion … of religions? and who in europe is … controlling numbers?

    • opheliart permalink

      I had a dream two nights ago. I was packing to go to france, and I was packing riding clothes. yep … riding clothes … tall boots, the blazer … breeches. I asked about france … and was told: France is slow.

      • opheliart permalink

        business men doing business with businesses in unjust nations, where men and women are paying into and supporting injustices, untruths, systems of carelessness and crime, corruption and malaise … devastation, death and disease … poor parenting…poor advising …

        cruelty and malpractice …poor teachers …

        walk by the beaten and the abused. they don’t see the indecency, the devastation of life … they see only what they were brought up to see …
        and when politicians need their vote … they comply in the most businesslike manner … to keep their business …

        your choice. good luck in your …TOWER of indifference.

  20. opheliart permalink

    so … liberal says to the world:

    it’s okay when I do it, but it is absolutely NOT okay when YOU do it.

    or is it that the teacher-student dynamic is supposed to CHANGE to SERVE the liberalist ideal? then the problems seep into the ethics of society and there is serious breakdown … in all areas of family, housing, temperament … engineering and …truth.

    • opheliart permalink

      where have we seen this repeatedly? the RCC? islam? jewish melodrama? (see commentary above) … politics everywhere …

      • opheliart permalink

        here is another example of obama’s “thou shalt not slander the prophet of islam”

        to clarify our meaning: thou shalt not hinder the muslim religious beliefs—PRACTICES, even where it is … against the law? putrid? horrid? dangerous? unjust?

        think, liberal … step outside your petticoat junction diet and tell us in ALL HONESTY … how, in the * years under obama this belief-practice, religious, political, both … FGM has risen? how under OBAMA’s TEAM … this severely demeaning, degrading and … faithless, ignorant, undermining and savage … denial … of FEMALE … and abuse, death on her … has risen?

        and you praise your god with great kennedian applause. how quaint. you will pay for your one-eyed secularist vision … for creating such danger to the vulnerable.

        I cherish the day your insolence is seen for what it is and these savage practices, along with the savage prophets … are removed!

  21. opheliart permalink

    highly educated but … still have their daughters cut … thinking this makes them … pure?

    highly educated means 0 (as in zero TOLERANCE on abuse?) if the mind is brainwashed or he has indoctrinated people to believe something unnatural is god’s desire … something savage is god’s wish for her, or him? both? religious, political, traditional … what’s the difference … a wrong is a wrong so why do YOU continue to pay into and support that which INCREASES these types of horrors? and there is more than just FGM … there is terrorist acts which influence many …so many … the knifings … the snap-rampaging.

    it may not always be islamic-specific … but it finds its home in error, avarice and hypocrisy of which … the world feeds, including the fascism of the liberal-left. he would not think twice about having her (ignoring-denial) savagely raped and cut and beaten and undermined and the youth torn to bits if … if it served his agenda. yes? so … which LIBERAL-LEFTIST are we referring?

    take care who you sell your soul to …

    • opheliart permalink

      “Heavy asked Jake Wark, spokesman for the Suffolk County District Attorney, about Teixeira’s immigration status, and he said, “From what I gather, Teixeira is a lawful permanent resident. Questions about immigration law and sanctions are best posed to federal authorities such as ICE, since state prosecutors have no jurisdiction or standing in those matters.” Heavy has also reached out to ICE and will update this story when a response is received. Teixeira had a criminal history before the murders in the United States.

      A legal permanent resident, according to Cornell University, “is a non-citizen who has been granted authorization to live and work in the United States on a permanent basis. As proof of that status, a person is granted a permanent resident card, commonly called a ‘green card.’” “–the heavy


      awful … so sickening, so sad.

      starting to hit the upper echelon of society, liberal?

      the UNLAWFUL lawful permanent resident … huh. it’s not going to stop there, liberal, it’s going to get a heck of a lot worse. liberal-leftist-new national, how sturdy are you on your … ideals?

      • opheliart permalink

        secularist-new national liberal … your kind? your kind is this man? and they call him a dad. wow. a PERSON in and of Spirit of the Living God … FAITHful to the One Truth in … Love, Christ … never, never, never … never has this man’s “good” in him. God does not love your murderers, liberal. HOW CAN GOD LOVE SOMETHING GOD DOES NOT KNOW?

        depart from me you of lawlessness …

        vileness lives in those who abuse and destroy the lives of the innocent, the child, the vulnerable …

        bishops, what are you? and you are libel, you and your headship … for creating a climate of HATRED for the gnostic … me … YOU and YOUR RELIGION BUILT A BUSINESS THAT TAUGHT THAT I AM ENEMY, EVIL … WICKED, OF SATAN …

        and what do we see of your kind? the jew demands signs … well, here is his sign … one of many. and what does the jew pay into and support? abusers-mudderers … where criminals of all sorts walk free … to rape, abuse, molest … kill … and they hate me even more in their death cults. put two and two together and you will see WHY. had they not hated me, built a culture of hate … not hypocrisy and lies and evil deeds but hatred of TRUE Christ and truth and … One in Love with Truth … maybe the world would not be so … retched and so sick. your world, yes? very sick? what? you look away from your design? hmm … then it shall be your future and the future of your marriages.

  22. opheliart permalink

    a sickness of that kind, not addressed, does not go away. it festers and grows and spreads and infects the world around it. this is your world, liberal … religionist? people say look at all the churches closing. why should anyone be surprised?atheism-nonbelief in the One grows … the pastors, priests, bishops and their pope of rome fail the people, their world, their universalist belief. his ideal. you follow the gods of rome you live with the sicknesses as if it is your god. and so … you shall have it as your life and the life of your members.

    you push to add more illness, more vices, more bad habits, more injustice, more affliction … while ignoring that which screams right under your noses, but you look away … blame others for the failure, the bloodshed, the avarice … the maladies of mankind but YOU are he. you and your pontiff grow the fat of the cattle not the mouth of the …

    Living True.

    • opheliart permalink

      you were given a CHOICE and you chose deception, dishonesty … whitewashing … and you chose, you praise, a culture of abuse, rape … of children, of young women and girls, and now YOU must face the consequence of that choice. your kingpins, your elitist colonies …chose the roman pontiff as supreme voice, a man having lied to you … a man betraying the people, a man, along with his hierarchal elites … who hide the crimes, distract from these horrid acts … along with the lies, and remember, he did not hold them accountable for these crimes because … he is one of them (argentina). and you? you list these criminals as your ally, your voice of justice and reason? I pity you. you have been made in the image of …

      recklessness and denial. and so …you shall know its torment.

      • opheliart permalink

        no violence in the protests? that’s saying something about this believer. but in Communing, I have been told: never apologize for MY work. when telling a truth … there is no need to apologize, but remember WHERE you are in what you say.

        he is in islam country … there are other ways to make the point of deception. but you see what the mobs of illicit decrees entice … ignite … ? much like the liberal in his homage to the roman pontiff and his muslim brotherhood. so … are you beginning to see who-what is denying you the truth?

        not seeing this christian governor be released.


        the rns article has been up for 2 whole hours and where are all the liberal-leftist-newnational-new liturgical MUSLIM SUPPORTERS? where are all the hate christian-hate christianity islamic pushers? for that matter, where is the BIG mouth of their pope and his highly credentialed and overtly creeded hierarchy, the bis-hops, damning this protestant … safe and snug in their beds? seeding their oily arrogance?

        the front page of the local paper says that the confederate flag is ‘temporarily’ banned at a high school in my area. my-my, the fascist liberalist is out ON full regalia … in all its hypocrisy? a student wore the flag on a t-shirt and the school hollers hate, and protests like … like they protest … war? death cults? inflammatory and diseased rhetoric that they feed on day in and day out … like the exploitation of female, women and girls, the offensive entertainment… imagery that insults, demeans and degrades her? like the clergy-staff BISHOP-POPES child sex abuse or … the teachers sexually using students, the drinking, the drugs and the high rise in the opioid abuse and … the STDs and … the list is long … but where are the protests against what really matters? where the worst of the crimes are happening? is this all staged fascism coming from people PRETENDING at care, pretending [likes] they understand what in hell is going on? hmm, what has LIBERAL-LEFTIST taught the youth that make9s0 them look oh so … uneducated. a flag … not that I care much about flags, any flags … I care about truth. honesty. justice … and WHERE the hypocrisy lies … in bed with arrogance, ignorance and … deception and … where you are …

        missing the young. abusing the young. … hoarding, hiding and … hail the obstinate liberal, acting as the fascist doctor while secretly denying her. while secretly … paying into and supporting the derelict and obsessive institutions … titles, creeds, anal indifference and …

        arrogance of YOUs. ain’t the right pope? and we are supposed to shower respect ON someone-something … that does not—has NEVER—respected us?

        don’t make ME laugh …

  23. opheliart permalink


    this is for you oliver crane …

  24. opheliart permalink

    it’s just a matter of time before the peeps begin to realize they have been duped and that the pope ain’t god, but he is a misogynist and a recruiter of indecency. and that these institutions are … unjust. that schools and schools of thought … have been denying and unjustly treating persons of a certain gender … she. and that this is really REALLY wrong. wrong, wrong, wrong and you do know the pope and his henchies NEED—absolutely NEED—a male-dominated political religious establishment as ally to help him/it stay alive, stay seeding the error … to STAAY IN CONTROL, TO STAY IN SEATS OF POWER keep the people dull and dull-witted.

    but WE are coming … the stairs have already been built …

    what will YOUs look like—IMAGELOVINGMISOGNISTICLIBERAL-LEFTIST … religionists, politicians and media … when they start to climb out your hell of insignificant parts?

    • opheliart permalink

      okay, while the evangelical and former evangelicals are still going on about LGBTQand growing inclusion, or not … as if THIS is the standard, the article, the reason, the democracy, the ideology and the PURPOSE of why JESUS of the Christ came and died and well, you know how the religionists tell the story … and trying to let the WORLD know they are OF the world, denouncing or announcing they are closet-free … we have a jew writing about jews.


      shift. I sense a shift. but I must ask … “every other rabbi, educator, parent …” is that half of your membership of jewism? it cannot possibly be EVERY rabbi, educator and parent … or there will be no story to tell 😀 (don’t mind my laughter here)

      salkin’, put away the torah cleats and climb into the political pulpit. we need someone to tell the largest growing religions, including the evangelical LGBTQand growing and …

      where they are in error, esp regarding the female half 😉

      oh, and salkin’ … any jew pandering (playing footsies) with the roman pontiff (or any other PATRIARCHAL establishment) at this stage … you can say goodbye to his house. W will blow it dow. you can take that to the cinema and call it an internet sensation!

      • opheliart permalink

        and honestly … we are not clear on that johnson amendment. to hear it said … it sounds like a lot of gobbitygook (sp)

  25. opheliart permalink

    hmm …
    recently I was talking with someone on matters of Spirit, who shared with me of her experience with her dad .. his last 4 months with pancreatic cancer. she shared her EXPERIENCE saying it was not like anything she had ever experienced before and …she sees him every morning. s.he wakes her.

    the conversation started when I shared of my jack russell and learned she has two jacks. and she wanted to know how my male jack has passed (august 2010). I told her of the experience I had of HEARING him tell me “I am dying mum” and several weeks later … he passed …while showing no visible illness prior, nothing the vet during the visits had seen … nothing other than an increase in nervous behavior (always the worrier). and I shared with her the story of what I saw when my shepherd-lab passed many yrs before.
    my jack had been seen by the vet several times … nothing came up as suspicious. it was when I went to leave for a trip and I was saying goodbye to him (he was home with family) that I heard those words and … only after I returned, seeing he was looking fine … he began his death? that I thought maybe I was hearing something for another purpose … but sadly, fluid suddenly built up around his heart, was drained through emergency care … with not a good prognosis. the second time (within a two week period while waiting for further testing) … I heard: he just wants to be with you. I made a decision. within 15-20 minutes he was gone. I made the decision where … an upstairs bed … three gasps and he was gone. he would never have made it to the emergency clinic. but he was with me … I let him know as he struggled those few minutes that I was with him. he knew I was right beside him.

    the person I was sharing with, an attendee of the episcopal church, said, repeatedly (after sharing with her a few more incidents): you have a gift.

    yes, I know …have known for a while and I told her that it did not go over well with the churchy set.

    for example, I had a dream that money was being stolen from a cathedral where I was attending. how do you inform a priest who is resistant to your calling, your gift? how do you tell a religionist who thinks he has the call … to heal and to enlighten and to garner truth … that money is being stolen from ‘his’ house? after being booted out (and I did share this story once or twice already) a month or so later … I saw it in the news: large sum of money stolen from ___ cathedral.

    huh. that was when I was beginning to understand I really did have something … different. that I was different. that I am not what I once thought. I was soon after brought into instruction to be of use, and not to bury these gifts.

    why do WE post all of this under the phoenix serial murders?

    We tread carefully here as I know …as I am used …based on previous experiences, how I have been treated … We provide some truth, but glimpses for you to discern, and question ..the appropriate authorities.

    –the suspect killed his MOM’s boyfriend. why? was he abusing her? WAS THE BOYFRIEND RAPING HER? did this young man kill him in defense?

    –the community, largely illegal? complaining of slow progress on the investigations …

    it takes time… and money, folks. and even those legal don’t get the justice they deserve after being a citizen of a state for the entirety of their lives. and … that any investigating is being done is good in some way, yes? …esp since the illegal likely received what treatment in his previous situation, before leaving/fleeing it? consider how to be grateful and not … self-centered, thinking your rights are all that matter.

    –one of their own?a YOUNG man is arrested? doesn’t fit the serial killer image? hmm … a rushed judgement? a misuse of credential/authority? is this aPOLITICAL move based on POLITICAL CORRECTNESS UNDER LIBERAL-LEFTIST FASCISM …one to keep the heat off the facts …the truth about a number of things? law enforcement running scared? hasty arrests? who will know-who will care?

    WE CARE>

    honestly, I am not hearing that this man is the serial killer. do you believe me…or the industry?

    • opheliart permalink

      as many have pointed out, there has been a weighty presence in the news …attacking for political agenda. this causes error. it creates a climate of untruths, injustice and … fear. we mentioned the fear factor numerous times. in religion. in politics … in the system of these two married to each other and … where liberal is playing fascist under new national HEADquarters while twisting the facts to make it look like it’s the other side …
      sure, the other side has its hypocrisy and its form of fascist idealist way … but the liberal has misused much in order to gain power and political-religious … separatism, calling it multiculturalism: their new religion. but they do it under the cloak of … slander, misinformation, dishonesty, and fear … creating fear, and creating hate. igniting a climate of chaos and destruction. deception … and misuse of minority and misuse of credential.

      we are the experts, they say,
      and … they use their created mass hysteria to attack, and what happens in these attacks is … error. misjudged … abused,

      malpractice … lies …

      comey is a victim of this, btw, but the truth in these shenanigans will be coming out and the democratic party will be blown to bits. so … you now know it has much to hide?

      but let’s look at this young murderer of his mom’s boyfriend … and understand who-what created this climate of lawlessness …

      • opheliart permalink

        abuses, sexual … in houses of affluence and influence. not just the RCC. do I know if there is abuse where a pastor works? yes, I can hear in this. I cannot tell him or you who, but if shown more … more we see, more I hear. the money lost is just money lost … the parishioners should be asking more questions. I KNOW who arranged to get that money, even though I never got involved in a stitch of politics in that cathedral. I did not know right away, but I saw it later. the sexual and spiritual abuses? I know they are happening in a lot of places and people think it can’t happen to them, to their field, their church, their … ministers and priests … and bishops, and popes. but it does, and it is happening. I have had the dreams and my Commnuning has shown me …

        yes, it is THERE and there and … there. many pastors, well educated, PROGRESSIVE in mind, experts in this or that … don’t know. under their leadership, the sexual and spiritual abuses occur. I am telling you this for a reason, and the more you ALLOW into your houses without proper understanding, without questioning, and without someone with the ability to KNOW if abuses are happening … to children, women and young women … the more danger your embers will be, especially the children and most vulnerable.

        you concern yourselves with the latest trends, LGBTQand growing, wanting the world to know how … tolerant and righteous you are …
        meanwhile, evil is right where it wants to be … inside your closeted introspect, abusing those in your charge. so why place you and them at risk? teach the parents to wake up to what is after the youth, seducing and deceiving and misusing and abusing …
        stop playing god and start acting like a leper for the safety and well-being of the least, the most vulnerable … the ones with little choice. challenge them not with politeness but with port, from the vine of fierce purpose. what tools do you equip them with by making them bow to … gods of indifference? what do these cults/groups/parties … care about the abused? the vulnerable? these are merely a statistic to the indifferent, the insensitive and those pretending at care …and often a way to gain power, control … votes.

        wake up and smell the brew, men of gods, your houses are … not what you think or what you have been led to believe.

  26. opheliart permalink

    the percentage on coercion, threats, silencing, blackmailing, spiritual abuse is high … higher than any of you realize unless you are a victim of this, but the sexual abuse of women and children in these houses alone …what I am told … is at least 40% in america. FORTY PERCENT! think of the millions threatened to remain silent. think of those having been murdered to keep the silence (yes, your ‘holy’ men are evil where these incidents occur and there is far more of this than you CARE to know) …

    you don’t know what you don’t know. not a hard think to agree on, yes? but how much longer will you allow yourselves to be willfully ignorant? how much longer will you remain in denial? I have seen some of the faces of the sexually abused and MURDERED. yes … these would be shown to me while Communing. at first I did not know what these meant until a face of a girl of about seven was shown to me (not the movie sensation of sixth sense … but like a photograph) …and I asked who is she?what do you show me? and I was told that she was sexually abused then murdered. that was the beginning of my speaking out … where the abuses are profound and …hidden. the RCC is one such place.

    GO AFTER IT …. like a hound dog and do not let up until every robe is unearthed and every seal …broken. do your duty for the lives of the little ones if you will not for female. this I ask of you with all my Heart. the epidemic must cease …the orders must be removed …the lies must be revealed. you are your brother’s keeper? but what lies do you keep? if you will not do the right thing someone else will—THIS MUCH I KNOW!—and they will see you as complicit, a party to the crimes. awful, awful, horrid … crimes. a sickness you have not seen or heard as you need to. once you do, your life will never be the same. I know because I have seen and heard its … death.

    and do not play politically correct in this for fear of offending people of color, LGBTQand growing, credentialed, titled, muslim, RC, OC, jew, … party, religion or … government …

    these are the lives of kids …where is your honor, your decency and your … trust?

    • opheliart permalink

      if you will not do what I know you can … from your seats of influence, prepare to lose those seats, those credentials … and very possibly much more.

      • opheliart permalink

        someone asks where is the biblical basis for virgin mary psychic powers

        “[Even him], whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, ”

        yes, the Writings PROPHESY that he would come … performing lies to deceive the world into believing he is good, and just … righteous and Love.

        one thing roman catholic writers never tell you about these stories is … why God would need to use children in such a sick and demonstrably uncaring and fatalistic way?

        answer: it is not from God, Spirit of the Living

        it comes from the sorceress of evil, whose talent is deception, death and … destruction … whose interest is in deceiving the masses for … religious outcome, namely POWER …control, brainwashing and WHITEWASHING, fear, obstacles to Truth, AWARENESS and … keeping them from being a true instrumental of Life.

        yep, satan can come IN “the form” of a bride, a virgin, a priest, a monk, a bishop and even a pope and …. people SEE many things … unusual light sources and man sees a way to make it into a moneymaker, a power scheme … playing on the simple-mindedness of the roman catholics … who are taught that the pope is their father, their king, their … truth, all the while he denies HER, and allows children horrid abuses … sexual, SPIRITUAL and …

        and these signs and wonders will be part of what brings down the RCC … down and out. out of the position of power and influence over the people because … it is unwell and unhealthy, and poses a threat to CIVIL society and the minds and hearts of the youth.

        thanks pontiff, for making things easier … in revealing the lies, the sorcery and the sickness.

        ask what LOVING God has children denying themselves water on scorching hot days, and binding their own wrists to cause pain? sounds like JP2 self-mortification sickness. a deception—a falsity, a bad, BAD demonstration, pretending at good. this is all fleshly things –things of the flesh … and WHERE is Spirit of the Living God in these acts of the flesh? why would Spirit need such ugliness and such pain. ANSWER: Spirit does not need—does not USE these. that the RCC and others like it USE them to try to fool you? to make themselves look pious and holy and mystical and miracle and magical and marriage-worthy? look here! look there! how easily you are fooled. but ask, what is the purpose of hurting children? and why don’t the roman catholics and the NEWS tell you the full truth about that fatima fare? because they don’t want you to KNOW the truth.

        yep, satan can “look like” a mary, but it is absolutely in no way ‘mary'(a healing herb) of the Word of the Living. it is typical hierarchal sorcery coming from roman ‘gods’ to entice the people into … the usual slaveship of … indecency.

        those children may have seen a light, but were COERCED into creating a story that NEVER occurred. NEVER.

        hey, doesn’t your bibles say something about evil coming dressed as an angel of light?

        huh, interesting how this pontiff is ripe for revealing the insolence and … the wickedness.

  27. opheliart permalink

    but do understand … the roman catholic hierarchal elites have much to hide. beginning with their inception. they falsified the the Writings to build themselves into an empire of greed and misdeeds. sure, there is honesty and life where there is truth … honesty like in tommy merton’s verse but… he kept moving, and was not a model of trappist incentive 😉 … he was a bit of a rogue on the beds of these religious entities. and there are others … but the master plan coming from within the vatican and its branches under bishop industry know … they know that the pope image is not working as they need it to. a huge part of their plan isn’t working and has made them look … appear … devil-like. lol … maybe because they are? people can see through the cracks what is really going on, but I have heard where they wanted this regime to go.

    political puppet should not have tried to marry ox and ass for religious redemption and … he most definitely should not have skirted the issue of the homosexual agenda and … the clergy-staff-bishop-pope child abuses. and his canonizing of what is clearly unkept and deceptive, even terroristic is … making the RCC look … evil. yep, anyone not opening eyes to these antics is … will be … seen … understood … as … evil. or … unwell. mentally unstable.

    so …what is the hierarchal team doing—what must they do? allow pope to continue the fatima like charades to continue to make him look/appear … unstable. they need to get rid of him[pope] in order to appear credible to the eyes of … many … that they need to … keep themselves afloat, financially … politically. even religiously. but how does a bogus institution (institution, mind you … not all catholics or catholic imagination) …bogus in LIGHT OF TRUTH, the Word of God, the true MARRIAGE,

    explain the rejection? based on their hierarchy doers .. the institutional foundation … how will they explain this error?

    • opheliart permalink

      and needless to say … many of you are going to look quite unstable … or, or you will be seen as in league with this deceptive agenda.

      I am at peace now, only in knowing that this will be seen for what it is. but I am not at peace where the devastation is concerned. but the usual, the truth about roman catholic OPERATED? if you look at the predominately roman catholic ruled provinces … what do you see? what is happening in these? the hierarchal elites and their followers leave you, the average tax-paying citizen with the mess. the debt .. the ignorance and the arrogance and the … crimes, the suffering and the … insolence and … the great need. so … is this also true of the islamic run nations where people are fearing for their lives and the lives of their loved ones? think … is this what you want—roman cathlam—building its empire in the US of A, or worse, much of the world? think of female and child, and those NOT IN AGREEMENT with rome, roman gods, islam, islamic prophet and its imam followers …

      ask the EU what it has up its sleeve … and the UN, and its defenders? I have been shown much. gold diggers—power preachers …war lovers and false peace initiators. liberal promoting pontiff agent …hmm … using this for … its ideal.

      watch the sh** fly. it’s going to get really, really ugly … and dangerous. evil fears the Light and you must look to see that you are not in its way …
      so … where do you stand?

  28. opheliart permalink

    last night I was thinking how the government is like its own hierarchy/aristocracy … fighting its wars, the infighting and the constant obsession on this or that incident… while nations implode … while the peasants pay the price of the arrogance and the insolence … and the repeated hypocrisy. house of cards? house of absurdities …

    do they ever really solve–resolve … anything, or are they only there for the entertainment of some, and the journalists to have something inky to write about?


    signing off … let me know when there is something NEW to …

  29. MONday ..

    April 15

    I did not listen to all the videos in CNN post .. but I can if you want me to .. ;D

    I only listened to the brief clip on Marrianne Williamson. this is my very first time listening/reading her.
    honestly, I had no idea who she is. she is spot on .. in needing to DISCUSS all that she says in that clip, but I must clarify a few parts. I understand there are loads of people who want nothing to do with her SPIRITUALISM, and that’s something we understand, but take out the word spiritual in her campaign speech and replace it with something that fits your interests .. and we still come to the same .. core .. needs. there are serious problems in our societies and these must be dealt with on a deeper level. nothing changes unless we do ..even the racism she talks about .. going back to the days of slavery (and I think she is referring to the blacks enslaved by whites) .. must be understood in a clearer, more precise context ..

    ALL ARE SLAVES To-OF SOMETHING .. black was slave to chieftain before becoming slave to white men ..white man was a slave to some form of hierarchy in powerful positions before his .. move, shift .. women have been enslaved by men since the beginning of man’s industries .. and within each dichotomy exists individual enslavement. also, the word MORAL is not as easily defined in society as Marianne and most “catholic” thinkers think. universal mindset ASSUMES much in what is considered moral and what is considered immoral. sure, we can say terrorism and sexual abuse/crimes is .. really evil, but look at how many USE BOTH .. to qualify his or her belief and practice.

    and that .. just for starters. imagine a gnostic ..I told you I believed in a mystic, psychic, person of certain .. interests .. that enslaved women, even … young females (children) ..and used them for sex to satisfy lusts AND to build .. a body of believers under his name ..also using terrorist methods to gain and maintain control .. and this man is the SOURCE of my belief and practice, and he is to be viewed as the perfect man .. that all should strive to emulate .. and person should ever be permitted to insult him-his name ..

    would you think me .. evil? would you stay the hell away from me and my group? would you do everything within your right .. to keep me from becoming a representative of you?

    are you beginning to COMPREHEND the difference between moral and ethical .. as it is obvious that one group’s moral authority is wayyyy different from another group’s moral authority, and wayyy different from what I view as ..highly unethical? a democrat that fights to pedestal a psychopath as acceptable in and for society .. or what he considers immoral .. BUT denies others the right to point out that ‘immorality’, an obvious, and a highly dangerous .. questionable .. belief and practice.. is what? Obama is one in/of that democrat. where WE say .. his interests are seriously .. insidious .. you (democrats and republicans and other groups) say he is moral .. your moral authority and would vote him into office .. again. so .. is Marianne really capable of going deep enough in her discussions to comb out the muck in the Hair of society ?

    • democrat and republican CANNOT win (make change) by ignoring the elephants in their rooms. practicing muslims must count on both political parties to be wayyyy immoral or way unethical (if these folks even know or understand what this means) .. to get their worst ‘prophet’ into society as a person one should .. receive and believe to be .. “godly” or good for society. democrats especially are lame .. as lame as lame can be, and liars, deniers .. and very lousy role models for incoming. the muslim that is able to get out of islamic law .. thanking his lucky stars .. or thanking God of Truth for being free of it ..must think the liberal a rat.. unbelievably sinister to want to establish islam as a political party in his .. nation .. accepting it as a legitimate .. trust, something all should – must .. pay into, support and accept .. unconditionally. same with the papal ignorance of Rome ..

      there will be NO PEACE until you grow up and out of IT. your SAINT Serras (men of God???) and your pope JP2s and your … Spiritually depraved … arrogant hierarchies ..

      it’s all for votes .. power and control, and they will BETRAY you.

      • tues

        the catholic mourning .. we warned it would come.

        I shut off news and went to bed. I Communed then went to sleep watch the Angels of the Most High perform their ‘magic’

        betrayal .. what dies it look like?

        war? crowning of the emperor by a pope? in the monstrous cathedral .. that took many lives?

        oh, yes .. the art .. hardly a confederate monument ..

        betrayal .. what does it look like?

        a member of the Third Reich invited to Congress to preach its obsession for American politics?

        who could imagine such a thing ..? not with so many jews on board that ship.

        what does it look like? that betrayal..? a roman pontiff invited to Congress to preach his obsessive character for American Politics?

        how dies this betray? you ask. well, ask the jew how a member of the Third Reich welcomed to Congress to preach toward American Politics .. looks.

        And ask the Gnostic what a Roman Pontiff welcomed to Congress to preach his .. for American Politics ..looks, how it might feel, say .. .. but not a word was heard for all the applause ..

        Murder .. does it have a Name? why yes! there are many names .. on that Ballot. and many Names .. having SUFFERED and DIED because of It.

        the catholic mourns his history? hardly sow ..
        he mourns the loss of his iconography.

        we warn .. he weeps for reconciliation with his advisors ..his image that stood for power, control .. and death of those who merely opposed him and .. sought to restore peace in the lands of Cain.

        do you think God is angry? do you think God gets angry?

        we warned Obama .. and others .. but what was I but a little one ..baking in the sun, unsheltered, ravaged thirst .. forced to pay for the idolatry of Rome ..unheeded ..

  30. endangering the Little Ones? Hurting the Little One?

    It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.


    we did not threaten .. we warned. there is a difference. the catholic will mourn and mourn and mourn as each entitlement crumbles to dust .. as each day brings a new torment to him and his bedfellow.

    the sex crimes .. is something he is ashamed of .. but ABUSE OF POWER ? ..does he fear God for such arrogance displayed MISUSING the Name .. Father?

    • the catholic will not know what .. came.. as he fears Truth, the Truth about his obsessiveness. his idolatrous .. interests. he will mourn and he will mourn as each monument is destroyed, including his papal insignia. did he not UNDERSTAND theWord .. of the Living Christ in .. WHAT SHALL BE? and thou shalt not add .. and thou shalt not take away .. including the lives of those unwilling to bow to his caliphate industry?

      arson? THE WINDS .. of change have Come ..

      • the sun is Rising in the East .. I see .. {this} clearly from my studio ..
        ah, what a windy night .. that last .. but this morning is bright, cleaner .. a bit more



  31. the day the ‘crow’ attacked the dove .. as their gods stood before the throngs ..

    I knew what would be. I knew .. what was coming. I had been shown the destruction of .. Rome, its papal house and all that bows to it. bit by bit, its power diminished ..I was shown it will be removed/destroyed. IN Time .. it will be no more, and I warned .. as this is part of why I am .. here.

    so why are catholics such UNBelievers? they look to their saints and pope and bishops and cardinals .. and vocational priests for … answers .. to God .. but where are these men? hoarding .. for the coming of the End? for what purpose? I ask ..

    their institution was born of death and misuse of power .. misogyny and reckless tenant. why would God keep such a dereliction in the Kingdom of Truth? lies and deceit have no place here .. sex crimes on women and children and the covering up of these have no place here …

    the power-mongering from its members have no place here. misuse and abuse of GOD’s Word, telling that WE ARE TO TAKE UP THE CROSS AND FOLLOW CHRIST .. not obsessive religious ..and political puppets, advocating for .. indecent policy .. failed political narcissism .. and fascist intent .. have no place here.

    help them .. know what will be their fate .. dear brothers and sisters ALL will be asked where he / she stands in the Face of Truth. ask them to let go of the indecency and the obsessive spires .. and come in to the Protection .. of the One in whose NAME ‘we’ can be Found.

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