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the sin of their father?

February 15, 2017

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  1. opheliart permalink

    wait a sec … what of your saint, catholic junipero serra, and so many others believing it had a right to terrorize native peoples? to go into the lands of others, abuse and take control by FORCED CONVERSION! you haven’t given the NATIVE PEOPLES IN AMERICA back their land, dude … so …we we think you disingenuous and that catholic rah-rah is hard to stomach.

    your history speaks for itself, along with the clergy/staff child sex abuse, death of women and GIRLS in catholic hospitals until shame forced you to change and …

    you pretend to be celibates while lying to your congregations.

    YOU, my dear sir, are the last person we would trust on the matter of JUSTICE!

    appears? lot of APPEARING AND DISAPPEARING ON TOPICS … to make himself look pliable. riiiiight 😉

    • opheliart permalink

      the ROMAN fat head CATHOLIC church thinks it can still operate by its own law …rather than the law of the land (think clergy child sex abuse and those rotten apple bishops along with their paid for politicians and … plastic priests)

      unreal, truly … such hypocrites and whitewashing …

      • opheliart permalink

        future to be:

        the roman catholic church and islam will be banned from the states of the united.

        looking forward to the sequel 😉

  2. opheliart permalink

    I am gnostic and even WE know where to stay silent in Church 😀

    • opheliart permalink

      maybe the nations should look to those first inhabiting the lands and not the founding fathers of church and state … each religious-politician TOOK, coveted … often murdering, enslaving and deceiving … including the CATHOLIC, the ISLAMIST … and yes, the cryin’ out loud christian.

      they should all be on their knees begging forgiveness

      so … return the land to its former owners …

      but wait, who-WHAT might that Bee? 😉

  3. opheliart permalink

    sounds like the sins of their fathers: rome

    theirs is: it’s okay if we do it but you are never to think for yourselves.

    seems some institutions in nations are waiting for more big ba-boom before they g-g-get it. evidence of the following research isn’t enough for them. they need to make a show of it. losing their tax payers to terrorist attacks, rape and murder, drug addiction, STDs and any other serious offense isn’t the way to promote a healthy nation, but where lies and misinformation are allowed to flourish … so, too, is … death and destruction.



    • opheliart permalink

      when I went in to read the comments I saw that the above had the news story about the CA dam. that’s strange, I said, how did that get there? I changed it back to the article about merkel, the one I had posted in my comment. I never read the article about the dam so I would not have posted it here, esp since I was making a point about merkel and her system of belief and practice.
      so …not sure how the dam article got in that post in place of the one I coped and pasted.??? but since we are on the optic … it appears to me as if the dam is not safe.

      • opheliart permalink

        ohhhh … another diversion … much like the one called 9 1 1 right smack dab in the middle of a major investigation … BOSTON …having to do with that very catholic bernard law and the cover up of child sex abuse and the shuffling of abusing priests and … to other parishes to continue the crimes. protecting the institution.

        what? the vatican isn’t pleased with how THINGS ARE LOOKING for them? trump in office. they surely did not like that! they can’t do business as usual and that merge with islam is not going as planned and … the boys club is getting a shot of some really hot, hot, HOT stuff, so glaring it is making them squirm … because some are actually doing the real work of shining a light on the big, old plan of these political religions? SO … they need a

  4. opheliart permalink

    rns should be screening their writers carefully … esp those priests, and pastors …those in positions/titles with access to the vulnerable. you would be amazed at the number of justice seeking men that are really something more like … baiting and … luring in … for reasons you should know by now. it’s an evil world, journalists … do your homework—RESEARCH … to save lives and …

    refugees, please … don’t trust your children to any institution (charity) with a headship bearing a horrible track record of abuse and cover up. if they seem too congenial and inviting, you may have reason to be concerned. please, do not trust your children to strangers no matter how “nice” or how “good” they may appear. looks can be deceiving and predators perform.

    I see many things that you don’t see … in your partiality, insecurity and denial. watch closely for those posting “ads” …

    again, rns and others crash posting to present an angle, an agenda? you may be doing more harm than good. you may be playing right into the predator’s hands. the predator and the corrupt.

    screen them like you would for your own child. please.

  5. opheliart permalink

    IN A NUT SHELL …Safe Passage and open borders – Palestinians living in Gaza have very restricted access to the outside world. A safe passage for Gazans to the West Bank was supposed to have been implemented under the Oslo accords but never came into being. Israel favors a rail link, while Palestinians want a motor road. Most border crossings between Gaza and Israel have been closed since disengagement. The Rafah border crossing with Egypt was supposed to be closed at one point, but Palestinians overwhelmed the guards and Hamas exploded a portion of the barrier, allowing Palestinians to cross freely for a brief time before the crossing was closed again. Israel wanted the crossing to remain closed for several months, and wanted to open a crossing at Kerem Shalom in Israeli territory, which unlike Rafah, would be partly under Israeli control. In the fall of 2005, however, the Rafah Crossing was opened under European Union, Egyptian and Palestinian supervision, with Israeli remote monitoring via TV cameras. Israel promised to implement safe passage but did not do so. Even so, the crossing is open only intermittently. In the West Bank, numerous checkpoints restrict the movement of Palestinians.

    • opheliart permalink

      “The Rafah border crossing with Egypt was supposed to be closed at one point, but Palestinians overwhelmed the guards and Hamas exploded a portion of the barrier, allowing Palestinians to cross freely for a brief time before the crossing was closed again.”

      even egypt has closed borders. but why close borders to your own religious members? maybe because members disagree on how things are done? countries don’t want an overabundance of something they deem a threat to …something else? the questions are not being asked as they need to be asked.

      let’s say there was a very serious investigation of something within a religious group, like taking a look at the clergy/staff child sex abuse within the RCC. and it was decided that this is a very serious concern within the wider community and a threat to children and families everywhere, esp where secrecy and manipulation is common, transparency nearly impossible due to various religious freedoms and political connections. a probe… investigations, studies of the MENTAL CONDITION of a society of peoples engaging in and covering up abuses showed evidence of an unsteady religious environment, an unhealthy and dangerous epidemic that would not—could not—be addressed, dealt with …stopped… unless those uniting in an UNDERSTANDING that these beliefs and practices within the groups with numerous cases, many unreported, BANNED those practicing within these concerns …

      what do you think would occur?

      MOVEMENT. people wanting to stay in the communities of a nation would cease engaging in the settings of concern. right? they would move into similar but different religious communities. the diehards of the celibate culture of priests within dogmatic outline, should this be a big draw, having showed itself one reason for child abuse, would move to where the dogmatics of celibacy requirements are allowed to practice—remain as they are. law would prohibit them from paying into and supporting practices of concern in areas of the ban. so they would be forced to move out of certain religious settings where child abuse is commonly found—being reported. those desiring the greater community of religious freedoms would begin a journey of change … for the health and wellbeing of … all. self-centeredness becomes something new, something other, and not confined to a systemic industry of … arrogance, ignorance and … safety issues for the youth.with certain elements (stumbling blocks) out of the way … freedom can be expressed more naturally with the hope of renewal.

      separating brotherhoods is sometimes a necessary act where crime is being reported, exposing an epidemic of very serious concern .. to youth and others. I was watching a show where a prison held a large native “indian” population, mostly cheyenne, and the brotherhood that formed in the prison ruled the guards—in its own way—putting law enforcement and incoming at risk. beatings by the brotherhood were common to instill fear and force the newcomer to join the brotherhood. the brotherhood grew strong … and crime grew along with it.

      • opheliart permalink

        this should be the construction of any new independent need … to file separately to allow for investigations into what is already showing itself a danger to youth, female … environment … anything. government can still be government but with new and improved reliance or alliances, as this is what we see. law enforcement joining together with medical and health officials and religious that are concerned about rising epidemics, continued abuses of any situation … spread of STDs, AIDS, drugs, rape and molestation, domestic abuse, malpractice within clinics and other public services, child care agencies (the list grows) …gathering together for the good of the people, esp the children, children too often put at risk.

        imagine heading such a construction, building such a Church. what would this look like? but one would need to get out from under the feud … the dual … of republican and democrat in constant arrogance and denial, keeping the people held hostage while the battles rage on and little change is … occurring.

  6. opheliart permalink

    a smaller governing body for the good of the people and not the good of the party is the focus. not afraid to investigate, state the obvious concerns, not caught up in politically correct illegalities … free to be transparent and willing to cooperate and not demand religious or sectarian rights to cover up crimes and other abuses. where various vocations come together in ethical research … for the continuation of building healthy relationships and healthy families.

    • opheliart permalink

      religious, you do understand that the model of a bishop spoken in the Writings is NOT the model that you see today in most instances. bishops today are members of an outdated and arrogant and insulated authority that endangers more than it safeguards.

      • opheliart permalink

        as a non religionist and a gnostic (Spirrealist) a believer in The Christ, I don’t want to be denounced and condemned and told I do satan’s work because I question these outdated, big heads allowed authority and sole authorship of the BELIEVING SECTOR … using congress and other political and religious forums and services to hold people hostage, to deny me my right to VOICE IN THE MALE DOMINATED SQUARE … as a true and honest representative of Christ. I don’t wish to join megachurch institutions to be counted among the experienced and the instructed on ethics and imagery and TRuth spoken within the Divine, the community of belief … to have say on the Way … to the Evolution of God and Man.

  7. opheliart permalink

    one way to know if sending your child to a “safe zone” is in seeing-being informed on whether or not REMOVAL of infected parties is important to the safety of a community or institution. are white supremacist groups banned from orating? how about louis farakhan type extremism? are lawmakers refusing to allow full investigative reporting on concerned areas, areas that pose a risk for community members? remove these lawmakers; they just may be in league with something disingenuous and unlawful.

    note where female is not permitted the same rights as a male. another sign of something unjust, discriminating and … off, mentally, emotionally … LITURGICALLY and …

    IN THIS DAY THE EVIDENCE IS OUTSTANDING …. and any person worth his weight in honest measure should know the idealists of extremism are filled with pride and pose a risk to the youth and … those vulnerable are easily lured into extremist models.

    another way to know if sending child into a safe zone is if communities are too eager to please the present political hot topics. that act overly emotional about a situation and refuse to hear others speak. these are dangerous places. places where fascism is allowed to thrive and ignorance promoted … ignoring red flags telling you that political and or religious agenda supersede common sense. where ideology of one group is above all else. in these contested fields, individualism is allowed to promote itself as authority (prophet of islam, pope of rome … conjoining with and for political enterprise) … and where minority groups are too easily used/misused for party agenda without proving itself. where a system demotes sense for its own reasons, denying any that challenge here … where nothing ends up scrutinized in its proper tense to determine what works and what doesn’t … where INFORMATION about itself is ignored unless it only promotes itself.

    • opheliart permalink

      where vague statements are not permitted further scrutiny… where questions are ignored and concerned citizens labeled and denied right of speech while housing-holding evidence of criminal activity … are ridiculed and lied about.

      • opheliart permalink

        INSIST THAT ALL CHARITABLE AGENCIES, SANCTUARY CITIES, REFUGEE RESETTLEMENT PROGRAMS … be thoroughly VETTED …investigated before choosing them for service in an already delicate and heated debate.

        no stone unturned.

  8. opheliart permalink

    know precisely who-what stands to gain and where … how and where money allocated for resettlement is used. insist on the step by step information about who-what is coming into your community and how it will impact school districts, zoning and real-estate and … who-what stands to GAIN—PROFIT from these venues.

    ant institution, agency, organization REFUSING these requests is automatically disqualified.

      • opheliart permalink

        plenty of noise out there anti-trump and pro-refugee-illegal immigration
        but YOU need to actually hear both sides and what ends up getting lost IN beTWEEN!

        “And the organizations that rake in millions of dollars in government cash working on these resettlements are getting nervous that their plans are coming under growing scrutiny at the local level.”

        this is what you, the average citizen, need to understand better. money flowing somewhere. and it reminds us somewhat of teresa of calcutta and her sisters charity. tons of donations pouring in that landed in the vatican bank? no reprisal. at what point does this type of BUSINESS end? I do not believe for one second that the biggest pushers of these programs are doing it in a transparent and honest fashion. they care nothing for the safety, health and well being of any community. that is what I see and what I hear … going on out there. and it makes absolutely no sense to do business with any group, nation that is costing people their homeland. to have businesses operating in nations that refuse to treat its citizens decently and fairly is truly off. you pull the plug on this and watch them shift gears.

    • opheliart permalink

      wouldn’t YOU want to know which team evaluating the murderer thought him good to go? maybe there is no team, no one that determines whether or not this guy was mentally sound … he served his 16 years for MURDERING A PREGNANT WIFE (DOUBLE MURDER?! wonder what the roman catholics think of that?!). maybe he just needed the right family setting to spin out of control. maybe the evil living within him was waiting for the perfect moment—the perfect storm—where he could inflict the most damage … maybe once he started the killing and could not stop … maybe he saw fear and felt compelled to show power and control in the most ugly and awful way possible … maybe he needed murder like a drug, but this time something stronger to satisfy a desire within him … maybe

      there was no one watching him from ahead. knowing he would strike again, a bigger and broader kill. maybe this is the majority of america in this day … unknowing.

      • opheliart permalink

        so … is the ‘jew’ looking for proof that america is a dangerous nation? oh, wait until he kills to get your proof? will leave that for you to grapple with … later alligator …

  9. opheliart permalink

    wow, another good article-thx

    Spirit of the Living God does not tell lies. if in and of the Spirit, one is not used for dishonesty. if one is truly being used as servant in and of the Spirit … God does not put one in a place where he would be faced with having to lie to save lives. as this could honor man’s ideals and not God’s Truth. —think about that a moment—

    GOD IS IMPARTIAL … saving lives from which evil? this side or that side? him or her? this or that? what is evil to one is not evil to another. take the recent election, both top ranking candidates were dishonest. telling you something about america, and its beliefs? party agendas can make up excuses for lying, without seeing their own hypocrisy and bad leadership … and claim it God’s Word, but it is not the Truth.

    I will be moving to DENMARK.

    • opheliart permalink


      to use a religion to murder another religion is in very bad … reasoning. and constitutes a sin in the eyes of Truth. but what would an atheist know about sin? he does not believe sin exists. therefore, he does not believe he can lie? as religion sits? and those believing God lies or permits his religion to lie to save … from an evil? what if the evil is atheism?

      unconscious …

      how do you wake the dead? persuasion? evidence? but what if he ignores the evidence? what if he ignores the roadblock sticking out of his eye? what if he becomes the only obstacle left that the islamists must remove, having been given a free pass to instill its religious truth—its laws throughout the world? the vatican never saw atheist as a threat for many are unbelievers … regarding the Truth, but this does not mean the vatican won’t use his brother islam and his sister judaism to do the job of removing a “growing unbelief in god” … despite an unknowing on the Truth about themselves and the Truth about … God. so … where does atheist stand in the eyes of islam if atheist remains the only obstacle to … complete its prophet’s mission?

      isn’t hard to see it from we are, and we aren’t even where you are. you said it yourselves, in order to get that lawmaker’s seat it takes a religion.

      • opheliart permalink

        to solve ignorance using ignorance does what to a nation? does what to your future? you don’t have a future?

        we have one question at this time for both atheist and religionist. is the prophet muhammad ignorant?

  10. opheliart permalink

    the atheist/the jew using islam to behead the christian. what does this look like?

    religion being of the mind. Truth being of the Heart and Mind=IN union. now, if the atheist-jew-islamist uses islam to behead what he considers the “infidel” (INFIDEL: look up its definition, we can’t do everything for you) … but let’s reconstruct …

    the atheist—jew (NT understanding)—islamist cuts off the head of christianity by using the quran and or its followers. what does it leave behind? a dead body? a mindless body?

    one would need to ask what is the mind of the christian? ( they were first called christian in antioch, not roman catholic, not mormon, not jehovah’s witness … CHRISTIAN, simply, because of the Christ Teachings). what are they cutting off? IF a Marriage within Truth, it cannot be removed. why? it is Spirit of the Living … God. Who hath seen God? and if God is Spirit, Spirit cannot be seen, which means the jew, atheist, islamist might be killing an ‘GOD’, while issuing manmade intent (as religion is manmade), religious ideal, political in tread, based on the world of a man claiming himself speaker of and for higher authority. the name of this orator? the prophet muhammad, instigator and initiator of islam.

    to destroy the mind of a believer —any believer— through lies and ignorance (what is unknown) is a sin in the eyes of Truth. so which is it: Truth or Dare?

    • opheliart permalink

      if DARE then WE will come upon you like a thief in the night. where is your oil? unconscious is as unconscious does.

      • opheliart permalink

        but you just said to remove the feed of white supremacist and farakhan type preaching, asks one. to ban what shows evidence of disease is not banning a religious requirement. if a person desires to hate blacks or jews or muslims or gnostics … or even christians … no one stops him. if he can find someone to publish his wars he can try to convert the hope of sense and reason into war-mongering. but if you and you and you of Conscience say, no, I cannot in good Faith, decent Conscience and fairness publish your work, he is stymied. if you hate war-mongerers, don’t pay into and support them. don’t give them just cause. don’t dare them to tread.

        if you hate hypocrisy don’t use hypocrisy to level a field because it has no Truth. the field will be full of stumbling blocks.

        ignorance breeds ignorance. again: is the prophet of islam ignorant?

        now, is the Christ ignorant? what has Christ done? one can call out the hypocrisy based on the evidence but beware of the unseen.

  11. opheliart permalink

    do not underestimate the Power of the HOLY Spirit.

    • opheliart permalink

      do not make this a domestic dispute and tear STATE apart. it is of fool’s initiative to undermine the laws put into place for the safety and health of citizens, including this women should she become a legal citizen. shame on those protesters who blind … lead blindly. a church? why have you not been listening? what if the show was on the other foot … in her country of birth? would she not desire law and order? isn’t it a reason of lack of law and order, lack of government policy to help and protect her that caused her to leave?


      if following the GOSPEL they claim is just and honest and upright, would not her “shepherd” leave the flock to seek the one having left? gotten lost?

      where is the doctrine she swore to uphold, or better yet, where are the SHEPHERDS of her faith to find her and care for her? see to her health and financial needs? who is her shepherd? why has he not come to her aid? does he expect that other people of other nations see to all the needs of those having strayed from the flock?

      and if she believes her flock to be that church she hides in, then that church should be held accountable to the laws of the state in these matters (render unto caesar what is caesars) …
      who is to say a church can’t use itself to topple an entire system of government by ignoring laws set in place? where do you draw the line on law breaking and for which illegals and for which citizens?

      you are walking right into a big, black hole, folks … and evil smiles eagerly.

      who are the pushers of this law break? who-what is preaching on a font of illegal mandate? who-what is pushing to topple government and instill marxist ideology? who-what is used to orate recklessly on the teachings of Christ? certainly not those in and of {this}.

      • opheliart permalink

        if she is roman catholic why hasn’t the bishops and pontiffs come to her aid? or the priests? in the country of her birth … why do these MEN expect that others should be burdened by the flock of another? time is up … the houses of these members need to step forward and foot the bill. PUT THEIR MONEY WHERE THEIR VERY LARGE MOUTH IS!

  12. opheliart permalink

    there are countless people in america and elsewhere working hard, even struggling … to put food on the table and … most are required by law to pay for the right to drive a car. and we pay when we don’t follow the rules of the states. riiiiight? you either change those laws, governors, or you hold those responsible who caused this upset? mexico, is it a lawless nation? is it a roman catholic nation?

    then let them pay for her … safety and her health! it is not as if they are without MONEY and influence … and even power in areas of … governance. let the bishops empty their pockets for these women and children and … if they must sell those mansions … so be it.

    it is TIME to understand the WORD of GOD as it was supposed to be UNDERSTOOD! not misused and abused ny hierarchy and dishonest politicians.

    • opheliart permalink

      silly you, if you want to take on the ESTABLISHMENTS (of anything), you need to know the prophets they groom.

      • opheliart permalink

        all those protesters are doing is showing how little they know about how things work, good and evil … and … they burden the already burdened. nothing changes by hiding that woman, and allowing others who acted illegally by hiding ___. nothing! that is how the bishops of rome protect their institutions. hiding crimes and criminals. it’s written in their epitaphs. did we not say for the illegals/undocumented to come forward before all of this?! who was listening?

        look to their hierarchy to foot the bill on these having strayed from the flock. it’s not american citizens, it’s most often … their religious ID.

  13. opheliart permalink

    +sigh+ …it could not be more obvious.

  14. opheliart permalink

    this does not include pollution/environmental related deaths and … drug-rated deaths
    so a highly polluted nation with a lower homicide does not include those falling ill and dying from chemicals having seeped into drinking water and things if this type

    • opheliart permalink

      look at mexico and brazil … and the “great” un-united states of america

      • opheliart permalink

        I know what you must be thinking. “then get the hell out of america if it’s so bad or so wrong or so hypocritical or so dishonest or so dangerous!” I said it myself, “if a person can’t abide by laws set up to protect communities, children, the elderly and the average taxpayer/citizen along with his family then get out” but if those laws are being trespassed on and ignored for self-serving agenda that could easily be dealt with through addressing the source of the crimes … the evil … the inability to work together on that same ship then mutiny abounds. and we don’t want to support this kind of lawlessness and malpractice, leading to a corrupt and misled and dangerous society. and if religious agenda is usurping common sense and realistic approach, and is stubbornly in denial on its own failure to control its members, or worse, using these to instigate rioting and terrorism … we go elsewhere until people wake to their own arrogance and ignorance. really quite simple from our vantage point.

      • opheliart permalink

        what is a semite? a question that seems to evade most people branding today. I keep reading that this person and that person and this group and that group are anti-semitic. but the label appears off. I don’t think most understand what an anti-semite really is.

        found this response to the question:

        “Although this term does include both Jews and Arabs, it refers to Caucasoid peoples that came from the East (Afghanistan & Northern India), who were considered to be the first domesticators of livestock, on which they traveled & which they milked (source of water), while braving desert conditions as nomads… ”

        nomads … movers, livestock people …

        what of those domesticating and using deer as livestock?

        where did ‘the jew’ highjack the word semite and begin using it to apply for right of passage? grants-funds … ?

    • opheliart permalink

      The following parable, called “The King and the God,” is based on an ancient Sanskrit hymn and is translated and recorded in Proto-Indo-European by linguist Andrew Byrd of the University of Kentucky.

      H3rḗḱs dei̯u̯ós-kwe

      H3rḗḱs h1est; só n̥putlós. H3rḗḱs súhxnum u̯l̥nh1to. Tósi̯o ǵʰéu̯torm̥ prēḱst: “Súhxnus moi̯ ǵn̥h1i̯etōd!” Ǵʰéu̯tōr tom h3rḗǵm̥ u̯eu̯ked: “h1i̯áǵesu̯o dei̯u̯óm U̯érunom”. Úpo h3rḗḱs dei̯u̯óm U̯érunom sesole nú dei̯u̯óm h1i̯aǵeto. “ḱludʰí moi, pter U̯erune!” Dei̯u̯ós U̯érunos diu̯és km̥tá gʷah2t. “Kʷíd u̯ēlh1si?” “Súhxnum u̯ēlh1mi.” “Tód h1estu”, u̯éu̯ked leu̯kós dei̯u̯ós U̯érunos. Nu h3réḱs pótnih2 súhxnum ǵeǵonh1e.

      English translation:

      The King and the God

      Once there was a king. He was childless. The king wanted a son. He asked his priest: “May a son be born to me!” The priest said to the king: “Pray to the god Werunos.” The king approached the god Werunos to pray now to the god. “Hear me, father Werunos!” The god Werunos came down from heaven. “What do you want?” “I want a son.” “Let this be so,” said the bright god Werunos. The king’s lady bore a son.

      • opheliart permalink

        read the first two comments (the second a response to the first)

        the second appears to ignore that there is enormous appeal and it exists everywhere there is muslim based law within government and nations of open border free exercise of any and all religious. the first comment isn’t saying it is a large majority of muslims or a high percentage of practicing muslims, but enormous appeal. it is enormous in that islam-related terrorist attacks have occurred in many nations and in some nations many times. and in order for it to get to the point of terrorist activity there must be strong appeal and … the vast amount of intelligence and taxpayer dollars devoted to finding and shutting down cells of terror, the planning, many of which most citizens never see or hear about … and the ongoing spying and investigating that will continue demonstrate a serious concern based on enormous and GROWING appeal. also, the first commenter has not mentioned that there were no attacks on muslims, but did mention religious crusades which were often between warring members of much of the same belief and practice … the same ‘religion’.

        it is important to address the religious quarrel not the additives that tend to whitewash the facts.

  15. opheliart permalink

    gotta say, any religion causing that much terror and concern and costing that much, costing that much time, that much man power … and lives … on my watch? I would ban it from practicing its prophet’s tares. no mosques will be allowed in the heartland. if people wanted to believe their prophet’s teachings within their own residence (home) … that’s between him and his god. but it would not be permitted in the public sphere. and this goes for any religion political or … that was creating enormous appeal that reaped widespread terror … with the intent to take over the world. hitler was only one man but was able to gather an army … and look what it did. history is full of stories similar throughout the world, beginning with one man …

    but people must like being terrorized or something or … they think it can never happen to them. that such a thing would never take over an entire nation and yet it has … throughout history.

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