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telling the whole truth and nothing …

but … are they really telling you the truth … about where the money comes from? or even how it is being spent … ?

it’s not that most people don’t care about the plight of individuals in dysfunctional, sometimes brutal … climates; it’s the FACTS that don’t seem to get shared to help citizens better understand what it will mean for them, their families and their communities. could it also mean that the high profile catholic bishops in businesses of this sort … end up placing even more burdens on the already burdened?  has that ever been a concern of theirs (catholic countries come to mind … where the RCC hierarchy does not seem to be without material wealth)?  but hey, what do we know about an institution LOADED, that lies, hides crimes … shuffles predatory priests to continue their crimes … on the children and their families … throughout the world. and why … why in God’s Name would our state reps, the government of the US … or any civil minded and decent person trust an institution with that kind of lethal human rights record? it’s baffling. truly. and telling …

regarding the fruit of journalists researching and posting ? (and that’s a very BIG ?) on the truth about these industries. they must be paid quite well to deny citizens … these important details. which makes a person wonder …  and want to know more and more.


we hope.

rich bishops?


the sin of their father?

You have the EYES of you Mother and …


the lone star statement?


ISLAM, the Vatican Way


“They are good people, they are not Christians, they are peaceful people, they are our brothers and sisters, and for years they have been suffering. They are being tortured and killed, simply because they uphold their Muslim faith,” [pope]Francis said.


okay, let’s read this in a way that shows its true intent.

“they are good people, they are not the Inquisition, they are peaceful people, they are OUR (roman catholic?) brothers and sisters, …”


is this jesuit vatican code or something?

who is fascist??



when a candidate for an office: religion, fashion, movie or book genre, teaching (school curricula), art movement … sciences, linguistics … literature of any kind …

speaks from a. platform, b. bench, c. pulpit, d. seat of …

do YOU find it of fascist intent to deny a person the opportunity to be heard by

a. journalists

b. fashion

c. movie or book genre

d. teaching

e. art movement

f. sciences

g. linguistics

h. literature


and do you believe that the denying of a person’s right to be heard based on nation’s-individual’s-party’s-organization’s-religion’s-government’s-institution’s own personal-peer views, beliefs … practices … demonstrates partiality and arrogance, and a backward mentality? that it is born from a fascist ideology that states: we are the authority and anything we don’t like, anything we don’t want heard by our “peers” …  society … any body or group of people … we will expel through forced, violent and “undemocratic” means? 

wouldn’t you say that this type of behavior (belief and practice) is right up there with any and all dictatorships, religious-political, denying and having denied, silenced, oppressed generations of peoples throughout mankind’s history? (what of something like shariah law should it gain procedure in the states? would this be an accepted approach?)

shouldn’t it be the concern of ALL nationals that mentality such as this, where freedom of speech is violently denied, based on one’s OWN PARTY views-initiatives is dangerous, sending the message that any and all group-individual … GNOSTIC … muslim, catholic, roman catholic, episcopalian, methodist, presbyterian … reformist, jehovah’s witness, … mormon, christian, jew, zionist, buddhist, hindi, evangelical, none, libertarian, republican, democrat, green, INDEPENDENT PARTY, environmentalist, atheist, agnostic, right, left and in-between … here, there … anywhere

how do these VIOLENT PROTESTS speak to the youth of any nation? doesn’t it send the message that RADICALISM AND EXTREME BEHAVIOR to get one’s way is … permissible? something to be followed and repeated to get its way?

could it be that these attacks demonstrate what is causing extremist behavior and aggression … hate and anger … within the youth. as opposed to sending a message OF PEACE … that being heard and questioned intelligently …is the more HUMANISTIC tendency that invites better and more advantageous change … transformation and … IMPARTIALITY?