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“It’s a MOVEMENT not a man!”


says JILL STEIN of the green party.


WE say … yay, it’s a start!


Jill Stein: ‘It’s Crazy To Spend $6 Trillion On Fighting Terrorism When We Turn Blind Eye To The Saudis”



incredible! listen up …

Van Gogh Bedroom at Arles

the following is one of my comments from the previous … question.


we said before and we say again:

don’t expect me to respect what does not respect ME. why? did we fail to share on why? it is a dangerous place of recognizance. history has proven this time and time again. and we thought you well-educated … what has “higher learning” been teaching you? if you have not been taught this basic sentencing?

hmm …

me thinks students pay wayyyy too much for denial of certain truths.



ADDED TODAY: today’s news is filled with: it’s her party now.

and she can have it! I will go no where near the democratic or republican dishonesty. must you learn the hard way? to be honest a person born without the ability to see (BLACK OR WHITE, AND ALL COLORS IN BETWEEN—are you listening pandering parties?) … all the glitz and glamour and whitewash of obamawood’s homo sapien (in LATIN it means wise man? ha-ha! figures) threshold … can easily say, hey, this platform is overloaded with hypocrisy from my hearing, and why-oh-why did bernie bail? did he cop out because he is full of fear? fear of trumpism, or fear of republicans? or did he fear THE ESTABLISHMENT he condemns? wow. choosing “a lesser of two evils” as people seem to want to use as an excuse for partnering with ____ is still choosing evil—-no? yes. (like two schools that abuse children but one is visually more obvious than the other so they choose the one they can’t see as much in, and send their kids to that school. yikes, what values are these? american values? president rapes women but obamawood does not care to question these practices).

*was listening to a sanders supporter and the host of a talk show yesterday. and … the sanders supporter, refusing to climb on board the obamawood platform under hillary’s lies, presented a rather powerful answer to the interviewer’s question: if the nominees are given delicate/classified info to prepare for the debates, aren’t you concerned at all that trump in his talking without thinking might expose information to the world that should not be revealed? the sanders supporter, smiling in near disbelief, responded to her question by sharing CREDIBLE EVIDENCE that hillary had already behaved in a way that demonstrates her lack of propriety and care on this very serious matter (or maybe, she thought herself ABOVE the law?) …which renders her unsafe … disqualifying her from the process.
and the interviewer persisted … and the sanders supporter repeated… his highly relevant point, in earnest.

it was obvious who-what is in denial.

yikes! and you are sending your children to THAT white house?


why defend injustice …


for the sake of justice. it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. what you believe may be what you receive and if you defend inconsistent truths, a parody on righteousness … where does it leave you?


answer: unprotected

argle bargle



good discussion started on this, and I haven’t even read the article😀 …


Can you be religious without knowing it?

then let the INVESTIGATIONS begin!


any politician ignoring these abuses, sidling up with popes, bishops, imams and the like are living a lie———yes? why should anyone believe a politician/lawmaker who denies these are very serious crimes that SHOULD HAVE BEEN ADDRESSED YEARS AGO!

why is the GOVERNMENT OF THE US ignoring this? we have questioned these catholic morals and law abiding ethics several times now but …

what’s in it for the obama-clinton-trump administration to buddy up to popes and hand over taxpayer dollars to criminals unless … 

they, too, are … 


Catholic bishop apologizes for ‘betrayal’ of sexual abuse

Danno Croquet_Player • 8 hours ago
That is the problem. The sexual assault of children and the coverup was exposed thirty years ago. The only reason that this continues is the churches refusal to sincerely and openly come totally clean, repent and try to make whole, lives that were shattered. They do not want to do any of this.
They must come clean and stop fighting victims and finally take care of them. They have had thirty years to get this.

If church leaders continue to resist restorative justice for the victims they have created and continue actions that lack the Catholic values that they preach about.
They should be charged with RICO crimes and have to sit and face a Federal commission and an investigation of every diocese in the US. Australia and the UK. have conducted federal investigations and they were very successful at forcing a lot of the truth to come out. Our political system is so corrupt that a religious organization is allowed to have a tax free status and yet yield power over the political system. The power and control that the church uses to bully politicians is sickening. The corrupt politicians are just as bad. The possibility of true justice seems hopeless to me and many other victims of the Catholic Church.

I guess it is way too much to ask that church leaders act in accordance with who and what they claim to be; Holy men running an organization that is based on the teachings of Christ.

If this was Walmart raping children then covering it up, lying and then fighting victims in the most sleazy ways. (Church lawyers continue to use any strategy no matter how dirty or immoral to sidestep accountability for crimes and destruction of lives.)

If this was Walmart doing this, the Federal Government would be all over them and citizens would probably burn the place to the ground.
This is supposed to be a church but acts more like the mob.

if this does not raise brows …




for those voting hillary camp … of that democratic dream then


we are very concerned for your state of wellbeing.


but it’s not just mrs. bill clinton … it’s ALL the policy makers making whoopee behind the scenes where the american people are suffering under such tutelage of …


dishonesty and BIG BOY establishment.


and please listen up, this is not an endorsement of the donald of trumpism. it’s a warning for our youth: DON’T GO THERE, PLEASE! and I am sorry bernie and elizabeth are succumbing to the brand of liberalism that are in denial of these bad habits.


get out before you lose your conscience … for all eternity.

you are not a wimp!




RORY, YOU MADE THE RIGHT DECISION for the right reasons.


the first commenter on the following article called rory a wimp. that is in extremely poor taste … and very immature … careless, insensitive, spiritually poor and flat out ignorant. olympics is not god … why force anyone to make it god?


and who wants to inhale the fumes of rio’s attempt at diffusing the epidemic? this is a danger in itself. why force something that is clearly showing warning signs?–spt.html?ref=gs


and there is this:


it is clear that many national leaders are egotists, desperately trying to amend their wrongdoing by masking their ineptness, corruption, poor leadership and … the poverty and suffering of the people … by showing off. huh, ignoring the warning signs for pride of self-indulgence is and always will be … bad manners, ill breeding and contemptuous toward those truly in need. do not whitewash and grandstand with olympic-sized dreams while your feet are ensnarled in quicksand.


it says … “poor management” … carelessness and selfishness.


what does the olympic masterminding and huge expenses do but silence victims … place nations in more debt and …

send a message of …  ignoring the greater needs of the people.


do athletes really want to be about this—paying into and supporting this culture? at what point do true athletes say …


enough is enough …?