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who is fascist??

February 5, 2017


when a candidate for an office: religion, fashion, movie or book genre, teaching (school curricula), art movement … sciences, linguistics … literature of any kind …

speaks from a. platform, b. bench, c. pulpit, d. seat of …

do YOU find it of fascist intent to deny a person the opportunity to be heard by

a. journalists

b. fashion

c. movie or book genre

d. teaching

e. art movement

f. sciences

g. linguistics

h. literature


and do you believe that the denying of a person’s right to be heard based on nation’s-individual’s-party’s-organization’s-religion’s-government’s-institution’s own personal-peer views, beliefs … practices … demonstrates partiality and arrogance, and a backward mentality? that it is born from a fascist ideology that states: we are the authority and anything we don’t like, anything we don’t want heard by our “peers” …  society … any body or group of people … we will expel through forced, violent and “undemocratic” means? 

wouldn’t you say that this type of behavior (belief and practice) is right up there with any and all dictatorships, religious-political, denying and having denied, silenced, oppressed generations of peoples throughout mankind’s history? (what of something like shariah law should it gain procedure in the states? would this be an accepted approach?)

shouldn’t it be the concern of ALL nationals that mentality such as this, where freedom of speech is violently denied, based on one’s OWN PARTY views-initiatives is dangerous, sending the message that any and all group-individual … GNOSTIC … muslim, catholic, roman catholic, episcopalian, methodist, presbyterian … reformist, jehovah’s witness, … mormon, christian, jew, zionist, buddhist, hindi, evangelical, none, libertarian, republican, democrat, green, INDEPENDENT PARTY, environmentalist, atheist, agnostic, right, left and in-between … here, there … anywhere

how do these VIOLENT PROTESTS speak to the youth of any nation? doesn’t it send the message that RADICALISM AND EXTREME BEHAVIOR to get one’s way is … permissible? something to be followed and repeated to get its way?

could it be that these attacks demonstrate what is causing extremist behavior and aggression … hate and anger … within the youth. as opposed to sending a message OF PEACE … that being heard and questioned intelligently …is the more HUMANISTIC tendency that invites better and more advantageous change … transformation and … IMPARTIALITY?


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    • opheliart permalink

      The event was organized by the NYU College Republicans, which released a statement condemning the protesters after the event was cut short.

      “There’s a strong idea on this campus that the slighest opposing views are completely unwelcomed,” the group said. “We understand that his presence was controversial but we didn’t expect these outburst (sic) from this institution.”

      Eight men and three women were arrested on charges including criminal mischief, drug possession, disorderly conduct and obstructing government administration, cops said.

      • opheliart permalink

        Based on his phone and visa records, he is thought to be Abdallah El-Hamahmy, a 29-year-old Egyptian living in the United Arab Emirates, who entered France legally on a flight from Dubai on January 26.

        Investigators believe Hamahmy rented an expensive apartment near the Champs Elysees avenue.

        – DNA testing –

        Investigators say the attacker, who was carrying two machetes and wearing a black T-shirt with a skull design, lunged at four soldiers shouting “Allahu Akbar” (“God is greatest”).

        President Francois Hollande said that “there is little doubt as to the terrorist nature of this act”.

  1. opheliart permalink

    Let’s first start by getting our nomenclature right. “Gnosticism” is a thread of spiritual thought running through various iterations throughout history. It is the knowledge of the Divine via direct experience. Historically, there have never been Gnostics per se, … well, until recent years, when people began identifying themselves as Gnostics, neo-Gnostics, etc.. There have been several historic systems that have been called Gnostic — sometimes in retrospect, sometimes by contemporary observers, and there were a few of those that faced persecution for their beliefs. Most Gnostics, however, simply faded into the background until a time in which their teachings wouldn’t be anathema.

    Now that we’ve established that, let’s talk about two different types of persecution that occurred. Aside from the miserable Bishop Irenaeus’ work, Adversus Haereses (“Against Heresies”), the Christian era leading up through the First, Second, and even Third Centuries saw a rather interesting situation in which Gnostics went to church alongside “mainstream” Christians. Some documentation even suggests that the Church had 3 degrees of Christian membership that coincided with the member’s understanding of scripture; first as historical fact, then as mythic texts, and finally as a foundation for esoteric practice. One of the greatest Gnostic teachers, Valentinus, was, in fact, nearly elected as the Christian Bishop of Rome (precursor to the Pope) in the 2nd Century.

    However, by the 4th Century, arguments about the nature of Jesus, the direction of the Church, and which texts should be considered holy came to a head, and in 367 CE, Bishop Athanasius of Alexandria sent out a festival letter that outlined which books were to be considered holy and which books should be tossed. A few other bishops followed his lead, and the Christian world had its first attempt at establishing the Canon, which excluded many Gnostic texts. Some theorize that the deposit of books at Nag Hammadi were placed there by one of the Pachomian monks out of fear that the church would destroy them.

    So, that could, in a sense, address your question about who “burned their books.”

    Gnostic groups that faced immediate threat of death include the Manichaeans, Cathars, Templars (?), and Mandaeans, which are the only Gnostics that have had an unbroken line of succession since their foundation into the modern era.

    The Manichaeans were a Gnostic group that thrived between the 3rd and 7th Centuries CE, and they actually faced threats of death wherever they spread – the Zoroastrians, who dominated the region of their founding, Babylonia; the Christian Church; Hellenists; Buddhists; and Islamic cultures. So, they were persecuted by anyone that saw them as a threat, from Rome to China. The Prophet Mani, founder of Manichaeism, was imprisoned and executed by the Zoroastrians, but later in history, many religious and secular leaders sent out decrees demanding their deaths. See more here: Manichaeism. It should be noted that some Manichaean groups survived, including the Bogomils, which eventually led to our next group.

    The Cathars, who didn’t call themselves Gnostic but are considered Gnostic by most scholars, were a religious group that lived predominantly in France between the 12th and 14th Centuries CE. Because of their limited expansion (they were not proselytizers), their only enemies were the French royalty and the Catholic Church. The Albigensian Crusade, which began in the early years of the 13th Century, did much to kill off many Cathars. This is when the famous line “Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius” (“Kill them all, the Lord will recognize His own”) was spoken. Arnaud-Amaury, the Cistercian abbot-commander, was asked as soldiers were entering a town known as home to both devout Catholics and Cathars, how to identify the enemy, and that was his response. Eventually, the Cathars were wiped out and whatever remnant remained was absorbed into some of the early Protestant sects that were founded in France.

    This controversial crusade created quite the stir, and it was during this time that the Knights Templar came into being and fell into disrepute. There is no evidence that the Templars discovered an amazing secret in Jerusalem, inspiring them to become Gnostics and fall out favor with the Church. There is also no evidence that the vast wealth of the Cathars was saved by the Templars and moved to England. These are common myths that people like to tell themselves. … What is known about the Templars is that they became vastly wealthy during the Crusades, and the Church, as well as many of the royal families, became indebted to them. That wealth and power was a huge threat to the established order, so in early 14th Century, the Templars were disbanded and executed, and their wealth was redistributed … to the Church.

    The Mandaeans, who are not a Christian Gnostic sect but are rather a Gnostic religion founded on the teachings of John the Baptizer. They are, in fact, older than Christianity as an established religion. Their homeland is the region of southern Mesopotamia, so they’ve faced persecution by some Islamic groups, though they are largely seen as “People of the Book.” They did lose this status after the Islamic Revolution in Iran, and they have suffered greatly with each war in that region. But they are still in existence and practicing their religion today.

    • opheliart permalink

      Albigenses (from the town of Albi)
      Cathars (from the Greek katharos, which means “unpolluted” or “pure.”)

      Who Were the Cathars?:

      The Cathars came from the region west-north-west of Marseilles on Golfe du Lion, the old province of Languedoc. They were a heretical sect of Christians who lived in Southern France during the 11th and 12th centuries. One branch of the Cathars became known as the Albigenses because they took their name from the local town Albi. Cathar beliefs probably developed as a consequence of traders coming from Eastern Europe bringing teachings of the Bogomils.

      Cathar Theology:

      Cathar doctrines, regarded as heresies by other Christians, are generally known through attacks on them by their opponents. Cathar beliefs are thought to have included a fierce anti-clericalism and the Manichean dualism which divided the world into good and evil principles, with matter being intrinsically evil and mind or spirit being intrinsically good.

      As a result, the Cathars were an extreme ascetic group, cutting themselves off from others in order to retain as much purity as possible.

      Cathars & Gnosticism:

      Cathar theology was essentially Gnostic in nature — they believed that there were two “gods” — one malevolent and one good. The former was in charge of all visible and material things and was held responsible for all the atrocities in the Old Testament. The benevolent god, on the other hand, was the one the Cathars worshipped and was responsible for the message of Jesus. Accordingly, they made every effort to follow the teachings of Jesus as closely as possible.

      Cathars vs. Catholicism:

      Cathar practices were often in direct contradiction to how the Catholic Church conducted business, especially with regards to the issues of poverty and the moral character of priests. The Cathars believed that everyone should be able to read the Bible, translating into the local language. Because of this, the Synod of Toulouse in 1229 expressly condemned such translations and even forbade lay people to own a Bible.

      Catholic Treatment of the Cathars:

      Treatment of the Cathars was atrocious. Secular rulers were used to torture and maim the heretics, and anyone who refused to do this was themselves punished. The Fourth Lateran Council, which authorized the state to punish religious dissenters, also authorized the state to confiscate all the land and property of the Cathars, resulting in a very nice incentive for state officials to do the church’s bidding.

      Crusade Against the Cathars:

      Innocent III launched a Crusade against the Cathar heretics, turning the suppression into a full military campaign. Innocent had appointed Peter of Castelnau as the papal legate responsible for organizing the Catholic opposition to the Cathars, but he was murdered someone thought to be employed by Raymond VI, the Count of Tolouse and leader of Cathar opposition. This caused the general religious movement against the Cathars to turn into a full-fledged Crusade and military campaign.

      Inquisition Against the Cathars:

      An Inquisition against the Cathars was instituted in 1229. When the Dominicans took over the Inquisition of the Cathars, things only got worse for them. Anyone accused of heresy had no rights, and witnesses who said favorable things about the accused were themselves sometimes accused of heresy.

      Understanding the Cathars:

      Bernard Gui gives a good summary of the Cathar position, of which this is a portion:

      In the first place, they usually say of themselves that they are good Christians, who do not swear, or lie, or speak evil of others; that they do not kill any man or animal, nor anything having the breath of life, and that they hold the faith of the Lord Jesus Christ and his gospel as the apostles taught. They assert that they occupy the place of the apostles, and that, on account of the above-mentioned things, they of the Roman Church, namely the prelates, clerks, and monks, and especially the inquisitors of heresy persecute them and call them heretics, although they are good men and good Christians, and that they are persecuted just as Christ and his apostles were by the Pharisees.

      many write about the holocaust or the discrimination and abuse of certain races or groups …

      but remember, there were groups believing differently that all religious-political tribes cut down, a systematical eradication, a ‘freedom pact’ to annihilate … that rarely if ever gets mentioned … by any establishment, institution, party or president. or remembered as worthy of thought, teaching and given a moment, a day … of resurrection. these smaller groups, not all the same, but most often not violent in any form, are not on the walls of public buildings … not in the houses of the elite …

      but they exist in the ART, the breath and the voice of Love … as they believed and experienced differently, and chose not apathy and ignorance, not military procedure or militant presence …

      and I AM HERE to share in that resurrection: WE ARE NOT DEAD. prepare yourselves for the fall of Man.

  2. opheliart permalink–business.html

    we said we were working on the overSEES … so I won’t even comment on last night’s super bowl other than to say before the surprising catch that they showed replays on probably more than any other because it was so amazing … I said to my guests: watch what’s coming next, this will be the turning point for the patriots. and it was.

    • opheliart permalink

      the history you thought you knew

      has anyone read the book WHITE TRASH?

      history writes what history wants read—-SPIRREALISM

      can you tell right from wrong? good from bad? true from false? who betrays you from who is trying to help you?

      throughout history there are pinnacles of truth showing who wrote falsely. do you know what these are? funny that those accusing people of conspiracy theories are the most confused about “where did that come from?” “how did that happen?”

      it is typical that the well-heeled would be looking to the lesser beings. blaming them for fake news but theirs is the handmaiden’s tale … the handiwork, if you will, of centuries of misinformation.

      example: the gnostic is evil. stay away from the gnostic. don’t listen to the gnostic. KILL THE GNOSTIC! ???????????????? and they did 😦
      and this could be said of others as each generation, secular as secular is, born from manmade political religious law interprets lies or truth as it sees fit … to SUIT itself.

      emperor’s new clothes? or just emperor in the nasty habit of exposing himself while thinking he is king?

      as for those CGS articles … hmm… me sees hierarchy.

      • opheliart permalink

        on the topic of following the writings of this or that person, group, party or …
        I came across a “lesson” online that spoke on the GNOSTIC as if by AUTHORITY. I disagree with it and given its lengthy sermon and volume of bias, I chose not to post it here because I DO NOT want to spread misinformation. it is the tendency of Man to continue the devil’s gauntlet … unknowingly. or in the unknown. think moses in that parting of the red seas. if you stray in the apparition (attendance within Truth), linger in the deluge … where do you end?

        “Salvation by Knowledge, not Faith” is one statement I read in that lesson online. this was enough to show me the writer’s intrigue. knowledge without FAITH is a mirage. knowledge can be just as much an obstacle course toward Truth an any font of religious instruction. doctrine is the devil’s handiwork. but it does not mean wordless processing is the way to Way, the Truth and the Light. but consider its meddling. how does it reach its shores if … inked on tablets minus the Hearted Stone?

        ah, yes … the Hearted Stone. not OF stone, but WITHIN its tyre. like armor … protection from the corrosion and mismanagement and malpractice and … magisterium’s delusion.

        but would that not make it the warrior’s plate? being WITHIN its tyre? this is receiving the Prophet’s Share. unfortunately some choose the way of war-mongering … a few the Way of the Cross.

  3. opheliart permalink

    I AM not a follow of valentinus or any of those speaking in the tongues of knowledge without faith.

    • opheliart permalink

      I could speak as a vladimir lossky and others like him, and woo the minds of the militant of religion … but who would translate? do you wish me to speak on the theology of the eastern church, and how-where it conjugates and separates from the western dogmatic?

      I could found ‘you’ in philo of judaeus if called to this. I can speak these tongues, but am shown to minimize the aggregate. did you think me merely a horn on the injustices of Man, the secular disorders of the religion in political mol facts? getting your attention isn’t easy. it is the hardest thing I have ever known.

      to be Ethically Balanced is to know Truth. Truth is not a product but a partner. it marries ‘Itself’ to justice and love. justice and love create a TRIANGLE of Deliverance. once reaping, it repeals “Itself”. as always Is. it is always Relevant and always Remnant … as always Remembered.

      Child is the middle self-plate. at every level of KNOWLEDGE child is exquisite. to put away the things of childishness is to step up to another plane within “understanding”. knowledge without understanding is like saying a catch without a ball is the goal.

      if interested in {this}, please contact me.

      • opheliart permalink

        I will give you a bit of advice. if you wish to instruct the “evangelical” of any institution, religious, political, academic or … to move Man out of his pact and into Understanding for Faith and Truth on matters of the Heart …

        the only Light is the Light seen through the vine of collective Reasoning within the Spiritual Sense(s). seeing may be believing but hearing is a culmination of Presence in line with Truth. without Truth there can be no Partner.

        to understand the Energy and the Essence of the Godhood it is necessary to form an alliance. one cannot form alliance without Prophet. the question remains:

        where is your Prophet?

  4. opheliart permalink

    as you can see from the comments many disagree on the article’s info.

    and much of it is based on written laws within each country/state for how else could pew write it and be considered credible? but what is written and what is happening don’t always match nor do people interpret, experience, witness and believe the same, even where something is written. for instance: a monarchy seen from two or three viewpoints. a monarchy under obama would be different from a monarchy in the UK. a monarchy in islamic belief and a monarchy in jerusalem.

    and religious doctrine/politics has tried to impose itself on the people in a way that disarms legitimate need. very often silencing the need for acute dialect. when words/terms/even theologies become a chokehold, near meaningless, inconsistent, too vague, too vast, too suppressing or … revealed to be errant in the context of its gender … how can Mankind move in a way that is healthy?

    • opheliart permalink

      take, for instance … secular or secularist. from latin origin: age, generation, the world.

      where/what is the eastern spiritual equivalent? there isn’t one.

      but okay, I was shown to look for the orthodox christian variety … to give some understanding on the matter. the OC uses the word ORTHODOX to separate you from them. or YOU from HIM.

      have not read it all, but you see how it is with the orthodox christian belief? now our question is ad will always be:

      where is your Prophet?

      • opheliart permalink

        I am catholic only in that like hosea, I am brought to marry the harlot. the harlot in the Writings is “the world” … secularist nature … even atheistic belief and practice which includes religious as religious are very much secularists. I accepted this sacrifice of my “moral standards” (if you will) in order to please the Order of the Faith: Spirit of the Living God …. understood as Truth. I desired something in Other, the Alien Realm, but I am also Spirrealist and Spirrealist engages in world for Peace (Understanding). I said “use me according to your Will that I might show Wisdom to others.” witnessing against the grain is not easy. and I am not speaking of religious fundamentalism because the religionists are highly embedded in the dogmatic while insisting on politics as their faith. it seems they lack faith in God as they insist government pledge itself to their gods of rome. or to dogmatic principle. as if we are all to join the race of roman catholicism? this is undulating and not motivating FOR Humanity, a wellness state of Becoming—–Being. he can float most selectively but does not learn to swim …

        where swimming is most necessary. if the waters change course or the tsunami hits or the waves turn rogue or … where does he end?

  5. opheliart permalink

    one of the points made in the comments section states that the more muslims in a country the higher ‘favorable’ rating you will see. makes sense. which brings us to the ideal of each national. what is each striving for? if atheism gains ground does [islam] move to distribute itself within ground? in case anyone is confused or unsure of how [catholicism] operates … this would be it. this is why roman catholicism has never been threatened by atheist, and why ‘rome’ is pushing the merge and matriculation of christianity and islam, whereas the orthodox christian is not advocating this policy. atheist is weakened apologetics. or, where there is a culture not spent on Idealism (native peoples), militants can and do take over using force and redirection of ethic.

    atheist proper gain nothing in his end by advocating for islamic prose. it’s just another form of idealism under catholic law, mosaic law … of much the same enterprise: worldliness. setting itself up as the governor of the people in a worldlymanner based on power, control, obedience to dogma.

    the lesson here is where do you find yourself in getting arrested while protesting a ban on islamic insurgence?

  6. opheliart permalink

    why does this pontiff drone on about mistreatment of the rohingyas? he criticizes others when he has the resources to do something. let VATICAN STATE take up this charge and do what is necessary. why does he ask that others do his bidding or does he just like to hear himself talk? he has many able-bodied members … let him instruct in how to free the slaves being mistreated, tortured and murdered. how easy it is sit on a throne criticizing others while the gold pours into his coffers. or is it that he does not lift a finger for his muslim sisters? and their children …

    and who is closest in aid, geographically?

    • opheliart permalink

      and the reverse is also a concern:


      “A reporter asked her (teresa of calcutta): “How can you keep on doing this, knowing that you will not be successful?”

      She replied: “The purpose of life is not to be successful. It is to be faithful.” ”

      how many times have you watched, read… witnessed … people going into a land of murderous intent. leading others there … only to have them crucified? or tottered (as society shows itself). the RCC is full of its “saints” like this.

      suicide is not God’s answer to violence and injustice. must I tell you this from the Heart? who taught you to act without Awareness?

      m teresa of calcutta was a mentally “off” person. she was not thinking right. if you read the follow up on her acts you find a very disconcerting mental state. there are people who RESEARCHED IN-DEPTH what she was and what she did AND, what she did not do, acting against the SENSE of Truth. I would not use her as an example in this Day to saves lives … ever. those who do, speak from a place of DENIAL, bordering on ignorance.

      you will know these by their fruits.

      yesterday I was shown something and again, I warn, for my part … but first let US say that I was told by the Most High something that went like this:

      they have already made up their mind about the gnostic, P. they are convinced of their rightness on gnosis. they believe themselves the authority on matters pertaining to God, using their titles, their weight, their influence to suppress the FEMININE DIVINE. their hand truck carries all they need to know for their part. it will solve nothing. it pats itself on the back while the injustices and the horrors rage on. they are caught in a web of desire and disease. leave them. and those seeking, you must meet them where they are. if it is the MYSTICAL “theology” of the Eastern sects then go there to shield them from the wrath. you see, P, you cannot help those still in denial and judgement. they were born from a place of mosaic and romanist law … this you cannot change. they will have to experience it for themselves …. and know from which side they bleed.

      again we say, lossky reversed the Energy and the Essence, which makes a great deal of difference in KNOWING God. but here we have some pertinent material.

      It is an existential attitude which involves the whole man: there is no theology apart from EXPERIENCE; It is necessary to change, to become a new man. To know God one must draw near to Him. No one who does not follow the path of union with God can be a theologian. The way of the knowledge of God is necessarily the way of deification. (The MYSTICAL THEOLOGY OF THE EASTERN CHURCH — vladimir lossky)

      lossky spoke from the pages of theology. this is not necessarily Truth nor does it mention Faith, but do understand that he was Orthodox Christian. pursuit in the knowledge of God was understood in the vernacular of the ORTHODOX theologian. this is not wishy-washy material, questionable in content. it is serious, serious stuff. and again, to be orthodox is to separate from much of society. but we know from what we see that many orthodox christians do as the world … but one cannot deny the contracts of the mystical church within the East. I cannot take most of you to where I am … because the world rejects me, but I can help place you in the know … on the sights and sounds in and of Spirit of the Living God.

  7. opheliart permalink

    why can’t I take you to where I am? Spirit of the Living God does not send you as sheep to the slaughter. KNOW THIS. and to be where I am is to be feared by Man. KNOW THIS>

    Mankind reacts miserably to what it does not understand—what it does not and cannot know from where he sits. history repeats but not exactly as before and … evidence is out there in the world demonstrating its beliefs.

    • opheliart permalink

      knowing what you hopefully know today, as well-read individuals who say you care about the facts, and the evidence, should know by now … the VATICAN is a nemesis to your sages, your seekers and your prayers, if sincere and impartial. clergy-staff child sex abuse is so loud it screams from the Heavens … but where are YOu? little, biased and bigoted earthlings who cannot hear {this} voice or … the wives in distress. misused and abused. female contrived by male – for a mold … a mold spreading not evolving. and the actions on your sane individuals like m teresa of calcutta? my-my, this is of serious concern. your-their state of being. I once thought m teresa wonderful until I reviewed and discerned on the research —seriously. I took it up, like the cross … to know its perth. to see where evil had gained a foothold. it is a sad affair, truly.

      why should the YOUTH trust you in that state?

      • opheliart permalink


        “feeling” related to self-abasement?

        does self-abasement need another to make this happen? is acting on something you hate self-abasing or is it only when a person REACTS can this happen? and if you feel nothing “strong” or hateful do you ignore injustice? can you look the other way when bishops and popes hide and cover up and even lie about sexual abuse in their orders, or where women are abused and beaten and treated badly by males of religion and policy … or do you EXPERIENCE anger, especially watching governments and pastors, priests, imams, theologians and others of some manner of power and influence … ignore it too?

        WE can tell you right now that GOD is angry at those not experiencing anger at the treatment of victims in places where man in his entitlements, institutions and religious placement have done little to nothing on these abuses and malpractice and the breaking of laws intended for the safety and wellbeing of citizens, but especially the vulnerable, putting these at risk. and GOD is angry enough right this very moment to not allow certain “fellows” to get their way in the liberalist intent ..for itself. the progressive … not having done FIRST THINGS FIRST!

        man is immobile. he cannot hear while reacting and resisting … He does not know that God is super-duper ANGRY at him. people who should know better don’t do better. you WON’T even take care of and protect from harm those within your borders and you want more?!

        why? why don’t these speak out where most instructive and mot important and most necessary at this time?

        FEAR. fear of being rejected by the big heads of big establishment? like rome? muslim/islamic brotherhoods? and others acting disgracefully … in the eyes of Truth.

  8. opheliart permalink

    we were just passing along a bit of info… no longer our present …concern. had to move on, and you? too good for such ‘dirty’ worth? farming is not for sinners—-we mean, whiners and diplo-mats.

    anyhow, philetism. what is it?

    It is ecclesiastical territory, the area sanctified by more or less ancient Christian tradition which forms the basis of a metropolitan province, administered by an archbishop or metropolitan, with the bishops from every diocese coming together from time to time in synod. …. ORTHODOXY RECOGNIZES NO VISIBLE HEAD OF THE CHURCH. The unity of the Church expresses itself through the communion of the heads of local churches among themselves, by agreement of all the churches in regard to a local council—which thus acquires a universal (there’s that word again ) import; finally, in exceptional cases, it may manifest itself through a general council …

    like digging coal, folks. and the people are restless. give it up. OR, people, time to break from the closet.

    • opheliart permalink

      Spirrealism, the NEW Order of the Faith … emphatically, I am shown that WE are not to be tax-exempt, but we are not to allow ‘our’ money to be be used toward abuse. WE will speak out most judiciously against those who abuse …

      • opheliart permalink

        Posted 26 May 2011 – 02:44 AM
        “Herman wrote “Is there a problem with this or do you simply have a problem with being under the authority of a government?”

        No, I have no problem being a US citizen.

        I simply believe in the separation of church and state. I had no idea that the Orthodox Church had not fully come to grips with this concept as Kyrill states.

        There are churches that do not seek 501c3 status and have no problems with the IRS or the state.

        The Founding Fathers assured that the Church would always be separate from the state and thus not regulated nor controlled by it. Churches are inherently exempt from IRA control or regulation. In a word, the Church does not need the permission nor approval of the United States Government to exist or operate in a tax deductible status.

        The First Amendment provided for religious liberty. Christians in America have the opportunity to keep God’s church pure and undefiled and to perform the great commission without restrictions from state or federal governments.

        Even though the civil government made this offer, churches did not have to accept it. Since the ratification of the First Amendment, the federal government has never forced a church to incorporate or get 501©(3) status. The Supreme Court still understands that the state cannot legally interfere with a church who does not willingly submit itself to the state.

        For Example:

        “I am not the only IRS employee who’s wondered why churches go to the government and seek permission to be exempted from a tax they didn’t owe to begin with, and to seek a tax deductible status that they’ve always had anyway. Many of us have marveled at how church leaders want to be regulated and controlled by an agency of government that most Americans have prayed would just get out of their lives. Churches are in an amazingly unique position, but they don’t seem to know or appreciate the implications of what it would mean to be free of government control.” (from the Forward of In Caesar’s Grip, by Peter Kershaw)

        “It is impossible to have religious freedom in any nation where churches are licensed to the government. ” George Hansen, Member of Congress (ret.) ”


        don’t you find it inexcusable how fr silences the minute he is challenged?

        and yes, I went to that blasted vineyard for a brief time in my early yrs and … sheesh, what arrogance. and every time I see it I can’t help but read MO NACHOS 😀 😀 😀

  9. opheliart permalink

    this fits right in here

    good article-thx.

    would like to see more comments but hey … is is what it is ;(

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