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the imperial present

January 20, 2017

obama sugar-coated imperialism while trump is up front and in your face imperialistic?

so … leftist, muslim … one was dishonest while the other honest about its imperialism? one whitewashed it, while the other owns up to it?  huh.

how about owning up to what your prophet [islam] is——-did.








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  1. opheliart permalink

    EXEGESIS starting here:

    one would first need to understand the label IMPERIALISM.

    –the policy of extending a country’s (nation’s) power and influence through diplomacy or (for?) military force.

    now … let’s compare FASCISM.

    –an authoritarian and nationalistic RIGHT-WING system of government and social organization.

    one is a policy, the other a system? but a system of policy lends itself to fascism. militarily or not? the right-wing is equal to the left-wing ideologically, in this day. in secular reasoning. in religion and politics.

    how many americans knew there was US military force in manila and throughout the nation?

    how many nations are currently with US military force? through money given toward its activism, form of governance and law, and or actual boots on the ground (within group)?

    could one say that under the obama administration there is imperialistic rule? through fascist intent (ideal)? (latin: fascio–bundle, political group)

    getting back to the leftist, muslim’s comments …
    obama sugar-coated (whitewashed) the imperialism while trump’s intent is more up front? same ideology wearing different hats? different party labels with the same intent? what is the difference ideologically … democrat and republican? left (muslim?) and right? in this day. in secular reasoning. one might say each demands equally what it desires for its agenda. but what is the agenda of the left? the muslim? are these of the SAME CUSTOMS AND TRADITIONS, beliefs and practices? what do each argue/protest for or against?

    the right is said to desire to make america great again. to return to a certain ideal. what is the ideal? and yet, the trump supporter has promoted and promised change so … the ideal is up for change. specifically, under “trumpism”, if going by what he said during his campaigning … he criticized both major parties, which is what drew him/moved him to the seat of president. does he actually follow through with the changes he has promised is, of course, another matter, and ALL presidents make promises (and we will call them promises as these are serious statements/recommendations coming from heads of state, and … RELIGION?) to get to that seat …

    note: where else have you seen and experienced imperialism/fascism both RELIGION and state, specifically in manila and its nation, and throughout the world?

    now … let’s look at the role of the prophet. is the prophet the same as a dictator, one who dictates what will be in this nation … and the next, and the next and …? one would need to understand what is prophet, or prophesy, if active (not prophecy).

    continued …

    • opheliart permalink

      spiritually speaking, a prophet is one speaking on matters relating to SPIRIT. it has to do with the spirit(s). it speaks to the spiritual and of the spirit(s). prophet is OF faith/in service in the REALM OF THE SPIRIT, Living and Dead (the dead understood as of darkness, ignorance … unaware). prophet of and for GOD (is Spirit) does not dictate militarily. warrior in the Writing refers to the battle between good and evil, ongoing. this {warrior} is part in PROPHESY, a moving part.

      secular prophets and religious prophets are of policy, politics, and can use militancy/force and policy forcefully to speak. it can use slander and dishonesty and deception, and populist endeavor, to lead. to rule and to gain influence and power.

      gnosis is not militant. gnosticism, and even the religion, Gnosticism (for the most part), is not militant. the religion, Gnosticism, is without stringent doctrine that allows military to speak, however, it can, potentially, should it change in its understanding of gnosis, use military to garner power, or … to overcome some other militant operation. gnostic, whether in brotherhood (assisting in) with religion or as one in Prophesy Spiritual … cannot use force. {this} does battle with the spirits of evil, unseen, like GOD (of Spirit of the Living), unseen. it is through “you will know them by their fruits” that one can see, and begin to understand the spirits(s).

      gnosticism, one engaging in gnosis, contrary to what many theologians and teachers of philosophy, and many scholars believe, has been around for a very long time. it is not new age. it is, was and will be before …any and all religions. knowledge and FAITH is of Prophesy: the Evolution of God and Man. Gnosticism, the religion, is not necessarily an evolving truism.

      gnosis … it was, is, and will be … known—understood—EXPERIENCED—by another name. this name is TRUTH.

      cont …

      • opheliart permalink

        but Truth without ‘what’, is it …God, of Spirit, Godly …? TRUTH without SPIRIT (prophet) is without. it is simply without. this is where the Writing states … the one who says there is no god is a fool.

        is Spirit Light? yes. without Light there is only darkness.


        what is I AM? I am that I am. what is ME? the first and the last? the alpha and the omega? if you have no existence—EXPERIENCE—in Spirit of the Living, you are without Prophesy. before (what is written in the Book), and you are without now, WHERE are you tomorrow? you are without a way to Truth. and Light is unknown, rendering “me” inexplicable.

        and if a Prophet ON (on the rock) Truth, the none is nothing … as he is unknown. only can the Prophet see where fruit is … both good and evil. only through the way, the truth and the light can prophet know good from evil. lies from honesty. Angels of the Living God, and demons (evil spirits) have limited vision. {their} (COLLECTIVELY) strength is in HEARING, TASTE, SMELL … and Senses unknown to Man.

        which brings us to the politics of the religious and …politics as religion in AMERICA this day. there is a growing militancy of hatred for “what has been created” through not ME (Spirit of the Living) but through … fascism, imperialistic endeavor … in america and around the world, welding itself to an existing frame … to try to strengthen a weakening system, party enterprise and or religion and … that religion, namely islam, is being used to create this force. just as evangelical (of almost all religions) has creed-ed itself as a force through ink and military and politic over time.

        the question stands …will it act out in the form of a murderous attempt to stop what it hates? what it fears? will it use attack force in its overly emotional state? AND has the politics and positions of religious state created its temperature?

  2. opheliart permalink

    WE don’t do battle with muslims. WE do battle with the prophet of islam. its prophet is an unseen enemy. one may see its fruits through man’s actions and where he makes his beds. what he marries himself to, fornicates within … to garner power and influence and … but the spirit of the prophet of islam is WHERE in the NEW? very simply, as one example, the NEW promises freedom from injustice and mosaic law, from religious-political errancy and deception and harem living. the levite institution falls away for hearing within light. Light as an active bride. not a desert … not a barren wife … not a boastful and domineering caliph. it does not abuse by using the female born as bait to lure in male for conversion to its prophet’s attire. no such contract exists in the New.

    • opheliart permalink

      if it is necessary to question a person of a certain group, it is necessary to question every person. this is being fair … and being safe. WE would welcome being questioned because it is an opportunity to share SPIRREALISM. websites and all :D. WE want people to know and underSTAND WHERE WE ARE—WHAT WE ARE.

      so our battle is not with the muslim, but with the prophet of islam. it is of our work and is our duty to question the intent of prophet, even within our own hearing. I heard (through communing in the Spirit) early in that a republican would win the seat of president of the white house in the US. and I was not seeing trump as that president. later, when I heard that trump would win, I questioned this, because so much of the news was showering clinton with the win. it did not look like trump could win, but I heard most definitely that he would win the race. what I was seeing was not what I was hearing, and my hearing was astutely correct. trump won the race, but … has he the seat? what might happen that will change his presidency?

      • opheliart permalink

        we do not fear the prophet of islam nor will we obey him/it, or any group demanding that we should. muhammad was a barbaric, insulant man, demanding those looking up to him to obey his every word, claiming absolute authority on how one should live, speaking HIMSELF as god … as if he was Life Itself. for the islamist, it seems he is. where have we seen this before?

        people say many things for many reasons and when something outside their intent challenges them, they react … often through use of force, violence and … demand for obedience. if a man’s character is in question, such as muhammad at medina, having been seated as spiritual orator for some time prior … the test becomes a challenge beyond his ability to counter if … not grounded in Truth. he resorts to violence and a demand for obedience … laying claim to all authority on matters of right and wrong. obey me! he commands. i and only i speak for god!

        it is clear (see info) that muhammad failed the test and chose to rule as a king, a dictator and a fierce fanatic of his own polities. believing himself the righteous and the just. he became a madman from our vantage point and a derelict instigator of … violence upon others. if he was being tested to leave that place due to confrontation why did he not leave? he murdered to stay powerful then wrote texts justifying it. THIS IS NOT SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD. it is systemic ignorance.

        as the story goes, moses moved the people out of the oppression, not build a dynasty to keep them in, to rule over them and deny them their rightful breath.

        if of Spirit of the Living, the understanding is that you set out, take nothing with you. if you are rejected … move out and move on. God does not single one for the arrogance of delusion, thinking PEACE is a prophet having built himself a man hole.

        recall jim jones started out on a spiritual journey and appeared a righteous person. then what happened?

  3. opheliart permalink

    so what are these traditions and what is the culture that the followers of islam demand is their right in … america? that leftist has decided is acceptable and worth protesting and fighting and attacking others for? is it a culture just or unjust? beliefs and practices that a civil person would find acceptable for all residents in the united states of america? is it a culture one would want his child exposed to and taught … in the schools, that he, too, might follow and that he, too, might worship in the name of muhammad? or would it be like asking child to follow the way of jim jones?

    • opheliart permalink

      why do you follow the prophets of baal, sacrificing your children to the gods of war? violence breeds violence. it will continue, the violence will continue … as you continue to serve it. as long as you follow those who use you and your children to bleed and die for them … to maintain control for THEIR hypocritical, dishonest and corrupt establishments, their ruling factions … imperialists … the wild beasts of mocking and ridicule … you will remain as man not God. you are not of Human Divine but of ignorance. the STORY teaches… JESUS died that YOU might live! YOU! not to die for arrogance and ignorance! so why if you say you love and believe in the Christ do you throw your pearls to swine?

      • opheliart permalink


        “satan is a person not a thing”

        all one need do is see evil in a person’s actions and one can say with certainty … that person is evil! and yes, we can say a person is influenced by the dead/darkness of spirit, an unawareness … where no light can grow. stumbling blocks. poorly fed …disillusionment … disease …

        malpractice and … this mexican priest has the darkness of satan lapping in glee. satan does not fear this man. the evil spirit uses him in malpractice. this is errancy on Truth. Spirit of the Living God does NT operate that way … exorcism. this is a religious practice born from lack of knowledge and understanding. it is a form of idolatry. a pagan’s mail. the priest has no such powers. spirit can use illicitly and can even make you, a sheep to the slaughter.
        oh, but the people are now well, aren’t they? asks the observer.

        evil wants you to believe many things about many people and can easily seduce where the foundation is unstable. puppets …the hand of illegitimacy. the house of deception.

        but what of JESUS ridding evil in the Story? it is written! no, not that way. SPIRITUAL UNDERSTANDING … the Language of the Spirit is Metaphor.

        first, there exists an unseen realm: SPIRIT. all living form contains some form of SPIRIT. a drop of water can contain SPIRIT if it contains some form of something “living”. or, shall we say, something capable of life. if it can be used it can be used, by the Realm … good or evil. a battle rages. man cannot see this and most are unaware it exists, but especially how and where it exists.
        I hear some say they believe in God but not demons. and where does the evil come from then? everything has an opposite. everything. this is the nature of life. God consumes Man … for something greater than himself. gnostic literature states JESUS saying: do better than me.
        “the jew” cannot see it therefore it does not exist? prove it, he says. we say, you will know them by their fruits … should you seek Truth, in honesty … where their is SENSE and Reason.

        what makes a man, an entire religion believing it is peace and politeness to endanger the lives of women and children? what seduces entire tribes into believing it is admirable, decent and of true worth to … set up an institution that views female as subservient to male? but it is written! they shout. where? we ask. where is it written? PAUL says it, they say. muhammad says it … muhammad was a mad man fornicating within his own illegitimate feed of forceful belief and practice.

        PAUL was a gnostic in his walk and “he” spoke in Spirit Language. female—woman is Spirit Metaphor. until you learn what this Language is, what it means … you are in error should you play puppet with the lives of others.

  4. opheliart permalink

    you said you heard trump would win the race, someone says, but you also said you weren’t seeing it, that he was winning it.

    the media painted a picture. can you trust what THEIR picture is treating you to? politicians and religionists … both sides going at it, and trump, looking quite like … in self-destruct mode. yes. his obsessive tweeting, aggressively … no restraint. no restraint and … no restraint coming from his opponents, they just had a mammoth mouth to sell from.

    the tortoise and the hare. yes, he won the race but has he won the Way?

    • opheliart permalink

      what is Truth but a patient and consistent yearning. not a crash, burn application of whitewashing. the culture of this day continues to feed the youth MAN, crash burn systemic treatment, fast-tracked resolutions, found in everything from entertainment to the pulpits of the pope. a child writhing … demons leaping out of him at the touch of the priest’s hand and the mantra repetition. this is not healing. it is profiteering. a con job? a salesman on the loose?

      I have not taken trump seriously and I never will. he is not FIT for the job of president of the US. his “court”, much of it made up of family members, is not to be the new. it is a monarchy … it is of the old, dying, cracked vessel. the system is indeed broken. that much they have correct.

      crashing windows, destroying town properties … causing harm … drunk on anger … who taught them that this is the way to Peace? the leftists? the muslim?

      so … my hearing is correct, I see no president (leader of america) in donald trump. and this has taught my vision where to vote.

      • opheliart permalink

        but if you have no Prophet on Truth, One that you can trust, where are you?

  5. opheliart permalink

    paula white. a religionist like others, religionists, in the US. law states she is allowed to preach-teach-even be used as the president’s spiritual advisor. is she a charlatan? this would depend on where you sit in your relationship with the world, your relationship in/with SPIRIT. are you capable of calling out the hypocrisy of others in a fruitful manner through the labeling of others …while where and how you pay into and support hypocrisy within your own? clergy sex abuse … is it real or is it imagined?

    news from 2015:
    Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan said during a fiery speech in Miami last week black Americans “must rise up and kill those who kill us” if the federal government does not “intercede in our affairs.”

    The 82-year-old Farrakhan told a crowd at Mt. Zion church he was looking for “10,000 fearless men who say death is sweeter than continued life under tyranny.”

    On Oct. 10, Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam are holding a rally on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. to mark the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March.

    “Death is sweeter than to continue to live and bury our children while white folks give the killer hamburgers. Death is sweeter than watching us slaughter each other to the joy of a 400-year-old enemy,” the radical orator told the energized audience.—reporter, chuck ross?

    and this man, farrakhan, leading many where? to what image?how? is also permitted to preach-teach in america. jeremish wright … al sharpton … the list is long. why pick on white?

    how many police officers have been killed because of this teaching from farrakhan?should this man be tried for murder?

    white is the least of your worries at present. lay off of her and you will find her less strident. the more you provoke the more you are revealed as …

    • opheliart permalink

      allow me to take on the russell moores of the world and watch the twilight zone …go poof 😉

      they do not like the gnostic … say many false things about one like me. they cannot know what they do not understand. they cannot understand what they do not know.

      • opheliart permalink

        it is very important to get to the source of the belief—-the Faith. and is why I do not do battle with the muslim but his prophet. taking up the cross is sorely misunderstood by religionists …especially when paying for playtime with “friends”.

  6. opheliart permalink

    if the hat fits … ?

    Concerns overs plan to invade Iraq and of Middle East policy[edit]
    Edward Peck argued against invading Iraq, asking “when you take out Saddam Hussein, what happens after that? Nobody knows, but it’s probably going to be bad. A lot of people are going to be very upset, because our role in this world does not include deciding who rules Iraq.”[4] Peck believes U.S. Middle East policy should be more balanced and even-handed. He urges a dialogue with and between all parties as the most productive way to resolve the region’s problems, which are large, numerous and contentious.—wikipedia

    • opheliart permalink

      as for the national cathedral controversy (inauguration) …

      really, can anyone honestly argue about who is and who isn’t allowed in that hall? look at the politicians promoted who have done bad things … who are war-mongerers. please … get your priorities straight.

      • opheliart permalink

        we are oh so weary over the pandering and the whitewash. got anything New?

  7. opheliart permalink


    comment on
    the some women’s but not other women’s march

    William7 hours ago
    It is the “We want to kill babies” march on Washington. More unmarried, unwanted women with cats and watching the view. They have destroyed an entire generation of young girls who are fragile, insecure and on anti depressants and scare off any hope of a husband and family. They requested safe places put all along the parade route. Feminist don’t you love them.

    my only observation on this act is why haven’t they been calling out the male hypocrisy in their religions … decades ago. they boast muslim (islamist) freedom, for instance, while the female of this tribe is not equal to male, where a different set of rules apply. and look at the other male dominant institutions having treated the female differently from the male, denying her vocations and equal pay.

    somehow it appears contrite and poorly released. and to be clear, how many marriages for one like madonna? not to drudge up past sins, but wasn’t it madonna who attacked and berated sinead over the tearing up of the pope photo … regarding CHILD ABUSE? old news, however … old news.

    but it is necessary to ask how many of these marchers use the weaknesses of man to get what they want? for their industries? and do ask who pays into and supports the industries that make it harder for impoverished and oppressed women to be heard? these don’t necessarily desire intercourse with men and ridding themselves of any evidence of this act, nor do they desire broadcasting the fact if they need to rid themselves of what might be a potentially dangerous and or abusive consequence … for her and … child.
    this isn’t or should not be a festival … it is a sad day, a red day … a day of loss. only one with ears to hear can hear what she would be had she not been mis-taken. but the good news is …spirit moves on to another, hoping for … a safe and honest place of growth and release. whoever thinks abortion is a gift for God is sorely mistaken. we mourn the loss of all viable life but understand where it is necessary to give LIFE a chance.

    • opheliart permalink

      “is god mad at us?”

      priests, don’t you think it’s time to start telling the youth about the way of the world? the pc isn’t going to give everything they need to survive.

      if anything it’s THE UNIVERSE SCREAMING, “STOP!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU’RE KILLING ME!!!!!!”

      think about it …

      • opheliart permalink

        When Alicia Keys took the stage and vowed, “We will not allow our bodies to be owned and controlled by men in government, or men anywhere, for that matter.”

        so … they are waking up? what of those whoring for the camera, the entertainment industries … stripping for the fame and the fortune? your body your choice? without consequence? one cannot lay down a law without breaking it when the beast is in your products. how many abuse the environment just getting on that stage?

        sand if you know a drunk is not well, why do you wave that drink in his face? seems you lack knowledge and understanding.

  8. opheliart permalink


    from the published news article-manila:

    “Obama sugar-coated imperialism but Trump has shown an in-your-face kind of imperialism,” said protest leader Renato Reyes of the left-wing Bayan group, adding Duterte “should stick to his independent foreign policy.”


    I cannot move into what I truly desire, because man in his present state would not understand a word of what I write, and what purpose unto God would we be? he (which includes women), both atheist and believer, has already said he does not understand these words. so … I can only go to where revelation first became a path to supreme being for mankind; where it made its start … in humility. the place I share is a place I have already been and did move from … man ceased this quest when imperialism took over ‘the vehement’ of this stage. where man saw prophet as profit. like neilos the ascetic shared in volume one of THE PHILOKALIA, you see them in the village square … with a bevy of followers …

    “but the false teachers are blind to such examples, and arrogantly tell men what to do. imaging that they know something about these matters at second hand, they are like the inexperienced shepherds who were rebuked by the prophet for carrying a sword on their arm: ‘the sword is on their arm … and their right eye will be blinded’ (cf Zech. 11.17. LXX).




    forward to ELPIDIOS THE PRESBYTER (the beginning paragraphs)

    note: few caps as this is having to hold the book in my left while typing with my right 😉

    in addition to my treatise on the ascetic life I am also sending you, father elpidios, this treatise on love divided, on the analogy of the four gospels, into four centuries of chapters. it may not fulfill your expectations, but it is the best that I can do. moreover, you should know, father, that these chapters are not the products of my own mind. on the contrary, I have gone through the writings of the holy fathers and collected from them passages relevant to my subject, condensing much material into short paragraphs and in this way making it easy to remember and to assimilate.

    in sending these chapters to you I beg you to read them with sympathy and to seek out only what is profitable in them, overlooking the inelegant language. I also ask you to pray for my unworthy self, bereft as I am of all spiritual blessing. I have this request too: do not be annoyed by what I have written, for I have merely carried out what I was commanded to do. I say this because we who plague people with words are many nowadays, while those who teach or are taught by actions are very few.

    please give careful attention to each chapter. for I suspect that not all the chapters are easy for everyone to understand. many of them will need to be studied closely by most readers even if what they say seems to be very simple. if anything in these chapters should prove useful to the soul, it will be revealed to the reader by the grace of God, provided that he reads, not out of curiosity, but in the fear and love of God. if a man reads this or any other work not to gain spiritual benefit, but to track down matter with which to abuse the author, so that in his conceit he can show himself to be more than learned, nothing profitable will ever be revealed to him in anything.

    • opheliart permalink

      one of the topics I am interested in is the EVOLUTION of Man, SPIRITUALLY AND SOCIETALLY; however, as I am shown, before Man there was something of supreme nature: it had wings. last night I was shown the aztec’s bird costume which led me to ask why the bird? why the eagle and why the hummingbird, specifically? where did the tribe get the inspiration for their dress, their symbols, their beliefs? somewhere in the beginning of this culture something was revealed to the aztec. perhaps, a skull was found, one that was both human and bird or … resembled a human somehow? most would think the bird entered the aztec culture and tradition through a connection to these winged creatures. these existed, therefore, it gained in influence. but do understand that dreams and visions were and are a part of the culture of many tribes believing in a supreme being, and this will continue. could the aztec have experienced in a dream a bird-like man, speaking … or indicating in some way something of a god? yes.

      buried deep are treasures of the past. as the Earth shifts and waters rise … as mountains crumble and seas change currents and … Earth splits and cracks and fissures become more prominent, “life” will be revealed, to show us something of the history of itself.

      I was also reminded that many religious use winged Angels to depict something of Heaven, God … Spirit and, of course, this comes from the Writings. the dove and such. but where did these Writers get the idea to use the dove? the winged creature? both human and …


      • opheliart permalink

        thankfully, some cultures/tribes disappear… we think you would agree, where ‘man’ is perilous, LIFE in peril … not evolving.

        now … I do not subscribe to the theory that all men evolved from the ape. the ape-man, if you will, is a race type having died off. it lacked the ingenuity and integrity to develop beyond the day to day needs …

        and something existed long before man. but it, too, lacked, something … and was permitted to die … for something other.

  9. opheliart permalinkún

    we would like for you to READ this and other sources of info about this person having been called to the aztec communities. consider the evangelical intent, coming not just from the church of rome, which many were experiencing a dissatisfaction … a dislike … but also from something within. so it wasn’t the institution they were following, but a call to evangelize, to teach, preach, but also TO LEARN. now … understand how this was done, by this person, by that person and so on.

    this has never ceased. the desire to evangelize and … it is not confined to one religion or one institution or one group. it exists in secularism throughout, and yes, where overpowering a community, nation or tribe occurs … it is born from government-policies. islamist is also evangelizing and using what he can to reach for opportunities to preach, to continue the mission of his prophet. it would serve you and those you save you love well, to UNDERSTAND that mission, and to understand the motive of the prophets … out there. using politics, religious freedoms … women and women marching? to achieve their prophet’s ideal, whatever his mission might be. and if focusing for a moment on the islamist, what is his ideal, and WHAT will it mean for the female of humanity? what will it look like for the children?

    * there is a book on this missionary
    here is a review under the book, but is more to better understand what is missing from history, or what is so often obscured by other more political conquests

    +all that money spent on education and what have you learned about … Bernardino de Sahagún? have you ever heard of this person? mexicans … mexicanamerican, do you know of this person? no? WE will see that you do.

    ByMichaelWright-Authoron July 26, 2016
    Format: Hardcover|Verified Purchase
    It’s unfortunate there are no reviews for this important book about an extremely important man in Mexican history.

    The heading to this review is “Everyone Should Know Sahagun.” We know Columbus, Cortes, and others. But Sahagun was more important. Because, they, like other passionate, sometimes bloodthirsty, adventurers and conquerors spent a few years pursuing their goals, had some mundane successes, and became famous. But Sahagun was the real hero, although vilified in his time. Hero, because he was a brilliant, empathetic man. He didn’t destroy or conquer the civilization. He tried to preserve it in academic form. Yes, in order to preach Christianity, but to preach in an compassionate way.

    Many Americans (estado-unidenses) and Mexicans base their ideas of pre-Colombian Mexican culture less on academic work and more on folklore and oral tradition. My understanding of the conquest is that the Spanish either killed or suppressed many of the traditions along with the priests, intellectuals, and leaders. So, it’s now difficult to truly know about the Aztecs, Mayans, Olmecas, etc. True, the common folk continued many old customs by syncretizing them with Catholic culture, either openly or clandestinely, but where can we find actual documents on all cultural aspects of the Nahua peoples, that is, the Mexicans? The answer: Sahagun, who lived four hundred fifty years ago.

    ——do understand that those in a position of power made sure that the history written and made most public, TAUGHT IN SCHOOLS, was what it wanted the people to read. today is no different …

    now do you want a civilized HUMANITY 50-100 yrs from now (should man make the right decisions that society might reach that civility) reading what YOU wrote on matters …. of justice, truth and civility? what will your grandchildren have to live with regarding your legacy of opinion and … partiality?

    I know what some prophets are … based on what they did … when the time came for truth. how does the prophet of islam’s fruit look to you?

    • opheliart permalink

      comment on the protests:

      Morgulus yesterday (which was sat)
      These people call themselves protesters. I am an independent but have noticed that when those who align with the left protest it devolves into an angry, vandalistic mob. Most of the claims of peaceful and inclusive are turned into riot scenes.Unless you agree completely with the ideas and actions you will be shut out and “labeled” with a derogatory name. I find that the rhetoric and actions of these so called peaceful folks to be more authoritarian and intolerant than those they they protest against. It is a shame that they mar the world’s longest peaceful transition with there actions.

      • opheliart permalink

        now …are you beginning to get a sense of where the rhetoric and its acts will lead? any source of change using violence, force, silencing through slander, destroying a reputation and or business by use of false information/news, lies, dishonest method, attack … harassment … bullying, ganging up on … is decidedly of bad influence and poor teaching. and any system that permits this behavior, encourages this behavior, relies on this behavior to gain power, influence …even where an individual allows himself to be harmed, placing himself and others in harmful situations, dangerous situations is not …
        and WE say again … not of Spirit of the Living God. God does not encourage fascist ideal. never.

  10. opheliart permalink

    there was a man named hitler who at one time seemed harmless and without the capability to mastermind a regime to do great harm —to orchestrate something catastrophic politically. but he had help, didn’t he? over time he gained the loyalty of militant-minded people. your neighbors, even your friends, and many purely out of fear of being accused … went along with the regime, fear of being ruined, children taken or abused … separation and death.

    never, never, NEVER underestimate the power of the political, political-religious prophet. is this trump? is trump capable of building an army that will do what hitler was able to do within a nation? not under christianity. I can tell you with all of my HEART that this will never happen under christianity proper. a distorted view of national patriotism under a religious heading, using military? yes, this happens.
    but will trump create a protected state, under trumpism? not hearing it. trump is a businessman without the intellect for ideology, theology or philosophy. a con artist using people to gain votes? a pretender? a showman? also insecure? yes, not unlike many lawmakers, but he has not the festering intent to organize a massive takeover like hitler. so … where might something take shape for a takeover, literally, a takeover of american values, values still trying to move and to grow in justice, truth and civility?

    look out across the oceans of time … what do you see? I don’t fear it, because I fight it and know where it breathes its own industry. you might call me derogatory names while lacking in knowledge and understanding … but the fruit is telling.

    • opheliart permalink

      the question is up in the air at present: not do you know right from wrong, but …

      can you tell the difference between evil and good?

  11. opheliart permalink


    charlie liteky passed. and what are you left with … madonna?

    btw, we thought the headwear was to be pink—no?


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