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April 27, 2017

coming to a center near you!


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  1. opheliart permalink

    my-my …like we said sooo many times in SPIR … the liberal-leftist-new national-new liturgical … religion of fascism … with all the violence that typically goes with an ideology of this sort. who-what taught these people that this is the way? who-what set this in motion?

    while communing I have asked on occasion: what will they do to me, a gnostic? when Spirrealism sets out … will they attack? who–where and with what?I know what the roman catholics and a few others did when I posted briefly on a public forum where they congregated. they went after me … viciously … and at that time I was no where near posting as I have here in SPIR and on the ophelia site, but their hatred and their arrogance and viciousness is what allowed me to respond as we have. and the censoring of my art at an abbey by the priest and the chairperson of the exhibit was illegal. but I was patient as I was shown to be. I insulted no one. the fear and the improper behavior is on them, and they will pay for it. they had the info, approved the work and the artist statement well ahead of time… I changed nothing … they did, then lied about it. and this is the church of Christ? no, it’s a fascist enterprise, greedy, obtuse, arrogant and highly abusive. so … I wanted to know what I would be up against. a few hurdles at the start, but I was not to allow these to impound me. I have stayed the course as I am used …

    but what viciousness awaits us?

    I hear … none. why? I asked. what has changed?

    the endeavor.

  2. opheliart permalink

    took this from silk’s commentary at RNS. Note: necessary to do an evil, a lesser evil … to avoid a greater evil? nope … nada, never. because … EVIL is EVIL … can’t change the definition on that—SPIRITUALLY, but RELIGIOUSLY? hmm, that IS of interest and very telling. what a tangled—MANGLED web you weave. the OC’s? what do they believe? hmm … not what I studied of their ancient wisdom texts. never is EVIL accepted … under NO circumstances, but one must understand the difference between evil and error. not the same, peeps … not the same. arrogance isn’t necessarily evil but … if you PAIR it (marry this to ___/plow ox and ass yoked together) for something engaging evil, allowing it to attack another, like female, our child, esp … or to create a violent and or harmful climate … willfully arrogant, knowing the outcome could be-would be a danger to others … this IS Evil. did silk get it wrong? hmm, I will send his commentary to the Eastern Orthodox to see what they have to say … and I think I will start with bishop kallistos ware.

    divorcing within traditional marriage isn’t dealing in evil. unless one or both spouses is evil, acting in evil but the divorce itself is not a act of evil. a failed marriage is not entertaining Evil. it is a failed marriage, possibly a marriage that needed to end for the health and wellbeing of person, children …

    I could write the entire “bible” through the lens of Marriage and … man would begin to realize he got caught in marriage to the Dogma bride … all this time 😦

    and guess what? I would not charge to do it! how ’bout them apples? 😉

    • opheliart permalink

      “The question is often asked what the Orthodox position is on marriage. The answer to this question should be sought in the Orthodox teaching on the “mystery or the sacrament” of marriage. We also know that the Roman Catholic Church considers marriage as a sacrament. There is however a very important difference which should be clarified here. In the first place, the Roman Catholic Church holds that the bride and bridegroom execute the marriage themselves, in their vows to each other. In the Orthodox Church it is the priest or the bishop who consecrates the marriage, who calls upon God in the name of the community, and asks that the Holy Spirit be sent down (epiclesis) on the man and woman and in this way make them “into one flesh”. In addition marriage is for the Orthodox Church rather a spiritual path, a seeking after God, the mystery of oneness and love, the preparatory portrayal of the Kingdom of God, than a necessity for reproduction.”

      again we see what we shared earlier … orthodox working—SERVING each other—in COMMUNITY. roman catholic was and is tossed out into the world to try to render under caesar … and to try to live ‘economically’ … without support of the SPIRITUAL-RELIGIOUS COMMUNITY. the marriage fails and the church-priest denies her COMMUNION——community. how do they serve her in times of peril and in time of trial? AND AT THE EXPENSE OF …? their marriage fails her and YOU pay for her to survive while trying to pay for your own? government is forcing their responsibilities on your community—your family—your house and your home? we speak of RELIGIOUS TEACHING THAT FAILS.
      she is cast out. shunned? and for what? having an abusive husband? a spouse that spends most of his time at the bar? at work … desiring more creedal/credence… and more money, even though there is money enough? or his views on God are archaic, disrespectful . he does not honor Truth … the list on why marriages fail is long. RELIGIOUS COMMUNITY should be first in line to assist.

      but what of the religious community that is bad? abusive? priest and bishop lying and dining like a king while … laity pay for his lusts? his gluttonous appetite? and what of the female equal to the male … where is her GOD GIVEN RIGHT? she speaks and is cast out. I know of this in both orthodoxy and catholicism. I know what it is to be falsely accused, ridiculed, harassed … censored, cast out and shunned. been there experienced that.

      dogmatic religions fail the people because MAN falls way short of the glory of God … so that MARRIAGE spoken in the Writings? it is the Marriage of Heart to Mind … and Christ lives in the Heart, or …Christ does not live within … you or … your community.

      • opheliart permalink

        Man took the Writings and fashioned himself a Religion. Prophesy warns of this very thing and TEACHES how to commune in times of error.

  3. opheliart permalink

    pope of rome … he tries to preach in politics and religion because he believes himself king (yoking ox and ass together? tsk-tsk). roman catholicism being universal believes itself of this station. it believes itself ruler, teacher, father of … the world. but what does Christ Teaching say is the world? pope should have knuckled down and dealt with his abuse crises. he is an aberration on damage control. and since he and his clientele refuse to do what is necessary … he and his clientele will be removed. enough nonsense … the Universe is in peril. time to put the political religious in their place. get these out of the way that you might see the biggest concerns. what is eating you out of house and home.

    • opheliart permalink

      the world has chosen its pope, including the atheist … he chose the roman pope, calling himself francis, and so the world will now feel the sting of inadequacy … the regulation of the components of the yarn. what liberalist and his militia fail to see and further fail to understand is … separation of church and state. obama failed to meet the requirement necessary for community to know where and how evil is having its way and now …what was reaped is being sown. they complain of candy and his elect but they chose pope and his elect so … imam and his muslim brotherhood so … what did they expect would be ? dishonesty and hypocrisy and violence produce what?

      obama showed favoritism. current admin? what did you expect would be? your idealist state … your fascist endeavor? you reap what YOU have sown. the world is of illegitimate parts … and you complain you are not getting yours? your needs met? what did you pay into and support prior to your version of calamity?

      don’t humor me any longer. you are just as guilty of all that you blame the other for. history repeats in the world of men.

      the Writings were and are speaking of an ‘alien’ Life. the Marriage here is nothing you have ever seen.

      • opheliart permalink

        the injustices abound because you gave it what it needed to thrive. look at your own endorsements and tell the world where you went wrong. enough meddling and peddling of your bull.

  4. opheliart permalink

    ah, another grey morning … I need to see the sun in the morning. not every day just today because we have had several grey mornings in a row. time for sun. in the morning. let there be sun.

    going to touch on a few things here, addressing the evil component in silk’s commentary in relation to the wisdom texts … of The Philokalia, and what these are saying.

    first, and again, GOD IS NOT DOCTRINE … not dogma … not a hierarchy filled with men claiming to know the Mind of God. that said, the rosary … who invented rosary prayer? what is its purpose? no where in the Writings, if you STAND BY (going out in twos) the WORD OF GOD … do we see or hear rosary prayer or that rosary prayers are essential to growing in Spirit of the Living or to KNOW God is Spirit. piousness is not a Revelation. not a revelatory Place in Truth (David of the OT, not a pious man, and do understand that as a CHILD, a SHEPHERD, he targeted the MIND of the warriors of death, abuse, evil with what? a stone from the stream of Water.this is highly significant in understanding God—in understanding Truth, in Understanding the Spiritual Storytelling of the Writings. does atheist understand the value of a the parable? of metaphor? if he has no relationship with Spirit in this Word, he does not understand Spiritual Metaphor and what these TEACH).

    the pious … it is following dogma’s disciplines and doctrine’s disciples. the rosary, not an invention of the catholic church (see komboloi beads and things of the ancient rulers, paganist beliefs) … is it evil? no, the rosary is not evil in and of itself. but what is its purpose? how is it being used and for what? God does not ask that he be SHOWN by way of rosaries. GOD, Spirit of the Living is NOT interested in repetitious prayer (the NT is filled with Teachings on this). NEW … the news is … always new. what have you for ME in this Day? not interested in your god of religious indwelling, says God, I want to HEAR you … and when I hear you in ‘form’, I hear you in House. not interested in pretending … want to KNOW your Soul. will it align with Spirit to go out in Two, marriage within the Light on Love or …is it sitting in a dark room in a dark mode … selling obstacles to KNOWING Me?

    ahhhhhh … yes! the sun is coming out as I write this…
    I must go out while the sun is on the rise …

    will come back to this another point in the day. but I will leave you with a question:

    who is responsible for igniting the bloodshed and the destruction we see in ISIL/ISIL and the mode of unjust character in these islamic run nations that your god, pope, calling himself francis, AND OTHERS, have aligned with? yes, that muslim brotherhood … where they kiss and shake hands and bow to each other, pretending at good, pretending at peace, pretending to care while … playing at humility, justice, honesty and TRUTH? evil abounds in these houses … but where are you in line?

    • opheliart permalink

      read how the beginning of this news article is worded. if the DEMOCRAT, made up of its liberal constituents CANNOT see the truth in spicer’s point and is NOT willing to admit where it was and is in error … say goodbye to your influence, credibility … and seats of peer power. WE are on the move and we will see that your dishonesty is revealed …
      this goes for the RCC and every other group, political and …

      trump’s warrior or the democrat’s warrior … or would that be roman catholicism’s warriors?

      • opheliart permalink

        a comment to silk’s commentary on the RC — orthodox marriage:

        “It’s not an “ideal”. It is a command that is not negotiable — “So then if, while her husband lives, she marries another man, she will be called an adulteress; but if her husband dies, she is free from that law, so that she is no adulteress, though she has married another man.”

        There is but ONE exception. Joseph and Mary are that living testimony.”


        this gets in the way of BREATH.breathing …for the Living Word. you can tell this was INTERPRETED by a man. seriously, read how it was written! 😀
        I have asked in this and am shown that man reworded this pc. it was not intentional to mock female attribute, but it does sound … sketchy on that point. hinting at male dominate revival, and any MAN who believes it as it is written and treats female as this is incorrectly worded, leading incorrectly based on this? look out … time for knock down … enough is enough. the RCC is a boorish mute when it comes to understanding the Way … on this pc.

        allow me just an example to shake your mind loose of the dogmatic precepts inherent in that poor understanding of the Teachings of Christ.

        a man beats his wife. the children fear him. both wife and child is in danger. woman divorces man but she cannot support the children without an income adequate to raising them and paying child care (pity government hasn’t gotten around to equal pay as many men don’t pay child support). she meets a nice man at her church, and btw, priest and parish don’t help out much in the support of woman or child … she is on her own but … she does meet a nice man and he cares about the kids and marries the woman. they both feel blessed and the children are in a safer and more provided for environment. how is she an adulteress? should she accept his money and his care for the children as if he is her husband but not enjoy the comforts of having him in her home and having him in her bed? if he is trustworthy and an honorable and supportive person … where in GOD’s Name is she an adulteress. the commenter is full of either misogynistic tendencies OR he is misled like sooooo many catholics.

        but okay, let’s show you WHERE that pc of ‘scripture’ was incorrectly written by man.

        NEW Testament, mind you … II Corinthians 5.6



        and it goes on to talk about pleasing the Lord.

        no one in his right mind believes that abused wife and abused child … left to suffer without some form of marriage that will help support her and her children (that is nOT an arrogant and illicit lifestyle) pleases God, Spirit of the Living. but a place of fruitful continuance …where health and wellbeing is very important to life saving and life affirming attribute.

        where did man in his religion go so terribly wrong?

        tablets of stone …verses… tablets of the HEART

  5. opheliart permalink

    but catholic says, there is the annulment! we ask, and? what about it? apologize for being beaten by an abusive husband that tradition insisted she marry? raped by husband without a concern for child? unable (church, where is your priest and pastors and elders and deacons on this piece of disturbing news?) due to a deficient and unstable mental state … to know right from wrong? then pay big bucks in a degrading ceremony that pits you against the wiles of that dogmatic establishment? what is the purpose of an annulment? a big lie to soften the fact that error and evil is … happening within these marriages? a way for church to continue its control over members? and to make money? look useful? come on …get with REALITY! if person wants a priest get a lawyer priest that isn’t a female hating bastard and get it over with! find a satisfactory divorce lawyer (hopefully through good advising if such a thing exists in that religious arena bent toward stone hard tablets) and get it over with … with the WITNESSES to prove that the husband not only failed in his delivery of that traditional marriage (yes, TRADITIONAL) but he is unwell. see to him through church or state and see that it DOES NOT HAPPEN TO ANOTHER! but if man cannot see that this husband was abusive, unwell … from the start …

    and get this … his is the real humdinger, the bitch of all bitches …

    purgatory. what’s the point of the dogma, the doctrine, the catechisms, the priests, bishops, popes if … purgatory will set you straight and push you on through to glorious catholic heaven ;D

    and if repenting is required beforehand why not go straight to the Source? why bother with a bunch of hypocritical gay men … pretending to be … mini Christs?

    please, don’t get us started … 😉

    and pope has not addressed the real and most profound concerns of his abusive institution. he is a pretender …

    • opheliart permalink

      what NEEDS to happen is STATE … a different State, one separate from RELIGION gods … not pandering to and favoring some …for votes, for this and that … but officials impartial but not necessarily atheist … as this harbors its own nullifying … to go after these teachings and start the sorting process. ban what is costing taxpayer megabucks while creating more of the same … broken steeds.

      america, and the world need a new judicial system! one not afraid to INVESTIGATE and get rid of the nonsense but more importantly … the dangers.

      • opheliart permalink

        and read where the catholic christians (by way of a jesuit priest) are getting along just fine in egypt? so help me understand why the catholics are not being attacked but the coptic christians are being murdered and blown to bits? could it be because the catholics by way of their priest and pope are bowing to the gods of islam, its dictatorship and UNJUST belief and practice but the coptics are unwilling to sell themselves to injustice that way? the islamic way?

        help us understand what the roman catholics by way of the roman pontiff are getting that the coptics are not?

        protection? and that rotten egg of a pope has the indecency to say:

        “History does not forgive those who preach justice, but then practice injustice.”

        can he honestly say he is not selling his soul to injustice by bowing to the injustices of islam (his muslim brotherhood), giving them what they what, paying into and supporting the abuses … the discrimination and the terror, esp in a country that attacks and MURDERS INNOCENT COPTIC women and children? the oldest christian … the original christian.

        hmm … when are YOU going to call out the obvious lies coming from these charades ?

        you love the deception? you are part of this grave evil? … and what ARE THEY PLANNING IN AMERICA?

  6. opheliart permalink

    comment to one of the many roman pope articles at rns. is he god that he should receive so much press 😉

    “1.5 billion Muslims pray to God five times a day for favor and guidance, and you cannot get into heaven unless you accept Islam. Personally I like the Jewish teachings that say that “all righteous men will enter the kingdom of heaven”, which means you do not have to think like me in order to get in. Why are they both wrong? Please don’t quote fabricated ancient texts. Speak from your own mind.”

    the real question is does a person have to be jewish to be righteous? or is that … if all it takes is being righteous why bother with judaism or a conversion to jew?

    honestly, I don’t think there is a single human out in the world that has actually considered … where judaism took its information. judaism was not mentioned in the time of PAUL. so … where did judaism get its ‘righteous’ info?

    let’s just say there is some evidence coming that will send shock waves throughout the world.

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