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politically correct … morality?

January 30, 2017



under which AUTHORITY?


“Canada’s citizens and authorities must come together, free themselves of the shackles of political correctness, and deal decisively with the threat of extremism coming from abroad, and arising in our midst. Revised approaches to law and policy might be among the answers to the problem of extremism and terror.

If we grapple sensibly with the extremist challenge, Canada can remain ‘strong and free,’ become a model for the rest of the world, and be a safe haven in which our children and grandchildren, can enjoy the benefits of being “Canadians first”.”—RAHEEL RAZA, muslim and Canadian resident.


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  1. opheliart permalink

    link to raza’s comment


    what’s truly alarming about those all bitched-up about the ban on muslims (and do recall we said to vet everyone, I have no problem with them asking me questions about my beliefs and what I do-where I spend my time-pay into-support and who I hang out with—am affiliated with—–bring it on!) ………….these protesters want something they call freedom of religion, even if it is political; however, they seem to lack knowledge and understanding on how things work. they were not able to get their party person into office, with all that biased press and big bucks establishment … so what makes them think they can control the incoming’s desires for their freedoms? freedom for everyone to do whatever he/she believes … like a soup recipe that has no limit to the ingredients dumped into the pot? but … they don’t like the taste when it gets dished out. this is truly amazing. to the point of amusing, but it’s really not funny. it causes a nation to lose its stream. convoluted. ignorance ongoing. it has become not just a hypocritical place, but a place of fascist ideology. crazy shit—seriously. watching it play out is like an episode of COLONY.

    they scream and holler when they are denied something based on someone else’s freedom of religion, forcing people to go against their religious beliefs, but when they want to play the humanitarian they go out of their way to bring in the very same religious beliefs and practices they oppose! oppression, denying rights to ___.

    what was once thought of as a humanitarian act to bring a woman and her children out of a swell of indecency where male dominates her every move, and abuses her, denying her rights … is now welcomed into the nations with open arms, AT THE EXPENSE OF FREEDOM … that WE thought IS freedom …. from oppression of political religious. but the bitched-up want it back in town. they are making it the latest fashion, the hottest ticket, the greatest show on earth. take the roman catholic coming into the states. who is bitched-up and going on still about how “those ugly protestants” and how anti-catholic they were. um, did ya ever think people did not want that HIERARCHY brought into the land of the free? how much would america have gained in growth had these influences not pervaded the minds of the people? america never had a chance because why? secularist-religionist is showing itself to be the wackiest ever. he can’t make up his mind so it makes itself the moral guide right back to the freaking dark ages, and those nasty old plagues.

    raza has articulated quite well in how it has been, and is … in canada with the extreme islamic … but too many in the world … YES, THE WORLD … are ignoring the facts! unbelievable …

  2. opheliart permalink

    schulz might be good for germany. a drop out from a roman catholic high school, due to alcoholism … he went on to become mayor and …

    he is (sort of) the bernie sanders of germany. let’s just hope he doesn’t abandon the youth out of fear of … oh, whatever. priestly concerns?

    yes, sometimes it takes a chisel to tackle the BLOCK.

    • opheliart permalink

      in case you are wandering, I have moved from american news to the oversees. I may have to move from america for a time. not sure on this yet, where or in what time. the plans for “the working farm” still hold. the ART has to move first, however; it is not understood in america … not appreciated in its fuller Sense.

      I am hearing slovenia … or something within this area. this may change but … america’s drive is not of gnosis … or the Art of the Gnostic, such as myself. people in need of Spiritual Exegesis … need Spirit Art to help ignite the heart to the mind. if you look down through history, it is always the art that comes first. america does not care about its artists, just its politics and a sexy image, technology, warring drones and fast food in the way, their CAUSES (with the exception of a few farmers) … . nationals get lost, confused … flounder, caught without the flour (wheat? oat? spelt? … ) necessary for enrichment.

      • opheliart permalink

        nations not well grounded become portals for … the extreme.

    • opheliart permalink

      to be perfectly honest? I am glad they took it down. a law giver—imposer he might have been but a horror he is…

      it fascinates me though how some claim him a just and GODLY being while using female to amass an army. think about it, please … the girls and young women used to lure in men, impregnating them … controlling them for the purpose of sexual gratification, building numbers while serving the man they call their holy prophet. honestly, it sickens me to even think about it so … I try not to. and I am deeply glad that I do not have to face the executioner of the gnostic. standing high up on the roof top … looming over the sojourner, the critic, the artists of truth.

      but what of the artist depicting what he sees around him? people, islamists … what of the youth depicting those they see oppressing female? what of the children drawing the female of islam in the way that they view them, oppressed? down-graded? what system of governance invites this kind of injustice into the lives of the youth then insists that NO ONE IS TO SLANDER … offend or speak insultingly through painting, clay, wood or … ink … the islamist, its prophet … or his people?

      hands tied? a crowd descends upon the artist to make and destroy his verse, his light, his … kite?
      like a pack of hungry hyenas they attack and rip to shreds the work of the … artist? in a land so-called FREE?

      • opheliart permalink

        tip-toeing in a once open estate … like a burglar looking for the ARK-in-stone 😉

  3. opheliart permalink

    I will not apologize and I will not ask for forgiveness for doing what I do … and I will not bow to your ungracious policies, weighed down by religionists of disingenuous flag-waving.

    • opheliart permalink

      there is absolutely nothing an islamist can say in defense of these passages that incite and teach violent acts and abuse of female.

      • opheliart permalink

        and to think the governments of nation calling itself just and civilized while inviting, practically shoving it down the throats of civilians, religious teachings of this nature is … horribly, horribly corrupt, and unquestionably delusional, unfit for leadership.

  4. opheliart permalink

    excerpt from raza’s commentary:
    2. distortion of historical facts, the Prophet’s sayings, and his character, thus giving legitimacy to militancy.
    One of the legacies of President Zia was to fan the flames of sectarian differences. I am a Sunni – the majority in Pakistan – married to a Shia, so our lives were on the edge. In 1979, for the sake of our sanity and well-being, we decided to leave Pakistan.

    distortion of historical facts? didn’t the prophet of islam build his military and murder in great numbers? we thought man understood this as fact. now, to learn that moderate “reform?” muslims think that their prophet did not build himself an army to legitimize his teachings?

    it is clear to us that muhammad stole teachings, altered them to suit his agenda … and claimed himself divine, the mouthpiece of supreme being. where else have we seen this type of behavior?

    you will know them by their fruits. now, as much as I like raheel’s efforts and what she is trying to do, I disagree with her beliefs of her chosen religion, as it looks to us as if she has the ability to choose, unlike many of her brethren, those stuck in oppressive conditions (like what her and her family left). but thank God she understands that to act on the prophet of islam’s words … such as the verses we share in the above link on wife beating (as just a small part of the inconsistency of its followers believing islam as peaceful) … is wrong-headed. indecent and she speaks out against it … but the question still remains: but your prophet’s words are clearly inked! why do you still believe him divinely inspired by God of Truth and Love?

    I cannot—WILL NEVER—live under conditions that demand I stay silent on these injustices, UNHEALTHY TEACHINGS, pretending these are care-filled, loving and peaceful … walking by the abused wearing a blindfold, under a label “AMERICA, HOME OF THE FREE” … OR, while being harassed, maybe even attacked, for speaking out against the abuse (same goes for the sexual abuse of children and female abuse and death in the RCC).

    and so, like raheel, it seems I may have to leave my home…. until AMERICA, realizing what it is inviting into its communities, doors open wide, feeding the youth, and …willing to attack those who dare to question the consequences … the sense and the reason behind these acts…

    it is clear enough in their disregard for the victims of the clergy/staff sex abuse in the RCC what surpasses in errancy and ignorance.

    • opheliart permalink

      no matter how much you show american citizens through cinema, truth-telling, even facts …evidence of disease and destruction … books and novels, paintings and … they live in denial and bring upon themselves the worst kind of ills.

      they do it to themselves. Gd of the Living cannot partner in deception.

      so … what else is there to say? seems you and I are are on different rungs of that ladder. and so I must move … leave … for I cannot put into jeopardy the WORTH of my work.

      • opheliart permalink

        “grapple sensibly …”

        that day at recess, 6th grade … there was a chill in the air but the girls still weren’t allowed to wear pants to school … and the tights at that time were itchy on my skin so I wore knee socks, and I could run … yes, I was a fast runner … keep-away was the game, whoever had the ball would run and I ran with the ball, but he could not catch me. that boy could not run fast enough so he grabbed my hair to stop me from running. my hair was very long and he grabbed it to stop me from running. I stopped, and I yelled at him for yanking my hair, because it hurt! it was not proper game playing. he did not like me telling him this, telling him it was wrong, so he called me an ugly name, and socked me in the jaw with his fist. the world, it seemed to stop . all eyes were on me. “what is she gonna do?” I know an extremist when I see one. I knew he would do worse. his fists were ready and his face was in my face … waiting, waiting for the “right” to attack. waiting for me to yell at him … or punch back.

        I never said a word. I turned, and I walked away. I know deadly when I see it. I know mentally off when I see it … and I experienced it right there on that playground in 6th grade.

        sixth grade! they know even younger how to inflict pain … to do damage. where do you think they get the idea? where do you think a child that young believes he can get what he wants by using violence?

        I will leave you to your violence, religionists. some game.

    • opheliart permalink

      sometimes I get the SEnse that everything violent that happened to the women and children throughout the ages … under the doctrine of these religionist’s teachings… will come right back at them. ya think?

      tis a sign?

      • opheliart permalink

        and those inconsistent in their … words … will beget a blowback.

  5. opheliart permalink

    SLOVAKIA’s population is approximately 5.4 million. As for religion, 62.2% of Slovaks are Catholic, 9% Protestant, 3.8% Greek Catholic, 1% Orthodox, and 13.4% atheist, according to the Slovak Statistical Office. (10.6% did not answer the question about their religious belief.)

    only 1% Orthodox but 3.8% is GREEK catholic? hmm. and with 13.4% atheist AND 10.6% something of the “none” culture it would appear … makes for over 23% of secularist belief? that is some news. as we shared, the atheist has never been a threat to the vatican … or that rise in ‘nones’ would have knocked out the clergy/child sexual abuse ages ago. they just don’t do enough, or maybe NONE-thing at all?

    time for some hard ball? wonder how well a gnostic (one of gnosis) is received in a predominately catholic nation? how about SPIRREALISM?

    any thoughts you would like to share … I would be pleased to hear these.

    • opheliart permalink

      I hear my former SPIR partner’s name written all over this article … but, where is he? painting dark, creepy images for halloween haunts? wonder where he gets that from?

      • opheliart permalink

        we had a thing going for BC (the Trilogy, my take) … that addresses these issues most industriously …deep and … forensically …
        no stone unturned was the entry.

        but, where is he? another bernie sanders bailing on the youth?

        I have grown strong under the wake of reprisal.

  6. opheliart permalink

    under which AUTHORITY?

    a commenter asks what the problem is—is it because he is aligned with trump?

    +note: peter and I are not related, at least not that I know of 😉

    going back to what we share under raza’s commentary on the extremist islamic taking up shop in canada, where we bring up the fact of the protester being called anti-catholic by certain leftist organizers …back in the day when ROMAN CATHOLICISM was coming into town… and beginning to set up shop in america. think the catholic conference of bishops and please try to understand how much stronger this all male organization headed by rome/the vatican will become if the all-male constituency of similar state within islam marries itself to the bishops—bishops causes, namely, the ownership/ruler of female.

    people who accuse existing migrants of racism or of being anti— because they protest a group, or QUESTION THE PRACTICES of a group, esp a hardliner group like roman catholicism or islam, is derelict feed. it is up there with something I heard recently: stupidity. meaning, without understanding. not the thing a bully says to hurt another or to make another person feel lesser. making a thing lesser is different from making a person lesser. for instance, if WE wanted to build a Spiritual Marriage among people, some things have to go … become less than what we need/use to-for building. if something costing people a lot while carelessly feeding … it has to go in order to restore and to build a place higher, a place more fulfilling and … more safe and healthy … for all in the context of justice and fairness and genuine love.

    a thing does not love the way a martyr can love. a religion cannot love the way a prophet that is true can love, but if prophet deceives through using religion and politics to gain power, to establish a throne for himself … by using others in ways that hurt and demean, including that thing called war, war-mongering to maintain and establish control … or by treating female as a contract not as an equal, a contract that keeps her lesser, she has no hope of the Marriage we speak, and neither does he and his followers. and society as a whole, but not really whole 😦 suffers. +I could share passages of Writings here but I will hold off until asked. he is not a martyr (witness within God of the Living) but a what?

    and it is on the head of those ‘heads’ keeping people oppressed or in a place of stupidity where people become oppressed, denied important information, hurt … treated unjustly, where female and child become at risk.

    wrong information or false information does legal damage as well as … moral and ethical damage.

    history has shown us what can happen when politics get “owned” and operated by unethical groups/religion. the problem continues as history repeats in that mankind enters the “they know not what they do”. and man like a pack of wild dogs … begins a state of lawlessness, according to the Spirit of the Living. where is the foundation of Truth in repeated suffering?

    is peter thiel wrong in this article? show us where he did wrong? has he set up a body to rule over the people? is his politics-religion influencing new zealand? not that we can see at this time. will it in the future? it could if peter builds himself a party, a religion and using his billions … takes over the governing. will this be a wrong move? not necessarily, esp if he is pouring HIS money into a nation to assist devastation. now if he thens builds a monument to himself, makes himself and his heads the ruler while oppressing others then … new zealanders have reason to be concerned.

    citizenship .. what is required? must a person live in a country for x number of yrs to become a citizen? if I bought an estate in scotland, wanting to keep an old castle restored and open for visitors, trying to keep some of the history of that nation … and the land preserved … paying taxes and doing all that I might do had I moved in and lived in the castle, would scotland allow me citizenship? likely not, but it does not mean I have done wrong.

    what if I supported a politician for high office while not living there? wrong?

    peter supported trump but peter lives in CA. that is legal in the US. his residency elsewhere is between him and those countries/counties. it is a poor reach coming from the left desperate to take command of the ship if trying to disparage person specific to this info. interesting that it comes out after the trump admin decides no change on obama’s LGBTQ laws for the workplace and such 😉 suddenly peer is fair game … for attack. sometimes it is amusing to watch. the left can be read like a bad romance novel 😀

    • opheliart permalink

      now … look at CAIR or the muslim brotherhood, their body, where they feed and what they support. is this what people claiming to be just want buying up america or any other nation? do you want two ruling bodies in your nation, often in conflict with each other? or, heaven forbid, an islamic state (sharia law) or a roman catholic state ruling the people as the authority in all matters?

      can you sit idle while this is being established in your community? can you stay silent watching female and child abused and misused?

      we cannot but … if the majority in a nation moves and decides to make this their ID … we must depart for we do not use force for change but neither can we work in such a state.

      • opheliart permalink

        remember THE GANGS OF NEW YORK (book and movie taken from the book)?

        irish and italian gangs, both roman catholic, battling it out, running all sorts of dangerous and corrupt operations. brutal murders.

        ask your leftist brothers what exactly they are trying to create in their nations by using refugees-imigrants in large numbers? forcing immigration, illegal status and a growing political religious body contrary to the existing body still trying to move out of a patronizing and patriarchal -all male– institution? what do they bring on the people? all to satisfy a lust for wealth? power?

        ask also, who-what stands to gain the most from these forced initiatives? who-what relies on the poor to survive?

  7. opheliart permalink

    we have read comments saying that trump feeds ISIS, this insurgency … by his tactic. not really. we find that thinking in error. first, that so-called ban on the muslim was a test. we don’t agree with the wording and that tactic, but it looked very much like certain hidden members of the trump admin wanted to see the REACTION— specifically, the reactionists. this is telling them who-what is on their side. (COLONY? GANGS OF NEW YORK?) where can they go to for assistance, trust … members. that is why it was followed up with trump’s usual: that’s not what we meant by ___.
    they need to stop with this game.

    say what you mean and mean what you say and stop playing with words … as president, he should be more truthful. but you see up in the first comment we stated clearly, understanding that it was not so much a ban, but a vetting, and this we find acceptable and necessary.

    you see, the militant islamic like ISIL and others are using this mass exodus–the refugee push—to infiltrate other nations. this is part of their strategy to gain ground. how anyone does not see this is … scary. this is how MISSION operation works in the political religions. breeding in large numbers and treating members badly. cruelly. creating an atmosphere of fear … that causes people to flee. when they flee, groups like ISIL know they can use the left-wing operations to barter contacts. right-wing has its own problems, but we are speaking specifically of the left here. cities and towns are ripe in democratic and socialist states for … breeding grounds that suit ISIL and groups similar, of similar intent in regard to the nature of the prophet of institution. in this case, islam. they can achieve power through several means, but two stand out … radicalizing restless youth leading to recruitment and terrorism, acts of violence, even if not directly related to ISLAM propaganda material … the sentiment is already infecting the viewers through news, media, consciousness. And notoriety. credibility as a reason/religion of success. also …feeding the youths in schools of thought, more as an addict: a forced curriculum. and is why we say NEVER to teach RELIGION in public schools. teachers are not TRAINED in this and to use members of religious intent will give a biased and misinformed view, and nonmembers who hate a religion or are fed by media misconstruing the facts, or intentionally misleading readers … for party agenda and …is also not wise. history relating to facts like the crusades and inquisition even need to be taught much more eloquently. it lacks precision and ethical balance.

    but how to deal with groups like ISIL and boko hiram and others? you let them know you mean business. trump’s admin is doing the necessary thing in operating from a firm stance. this is a start.
    fire with fire? mmmm-maybe. citizens paying taxes and voting in gov. reps do this in the hope that these reps will work to keep them safe, their elderly parents and children safe … INFORMED, in a healthy environment … not subject to the whims of idiocracy. if government has little knowledge on the people living its its borders, and acting as if no borders exist … wow, just wow, they set you and yours up for all kinds of malice. this is a form of lawlessness and it lives in the ideas of leftist ideology under various agencies and institutions. a nation must be in a position of strong leadership with fair and proper governance before it can take on policies of another or large groups with political agendas, seeping into the threshold of society’s youth by way of reactionaries and … pulpit preaching.

    but how to deal with the refugee? leave them to suffer? that is the big question and reason for better more in-depth INVESTIGATING, including sanctuary agencies that stand to gain power and money and … illegal status. which is serving a foreign dynasty while lying to the government of his birth. you see, a religionist, born in new zealand, for instance, can be serving a foreign master, one that creates chaos and hardship, and catastrophe for his birth nation. treason ? what do you think happens all the time? everywhere in the world and is why I cannot vote for roman catholics, islamists and others like it for president. these swear oaths to a foreign entity and to us it would be unwise to risk treason …

    first understand who is truly a refugee, fleeing. and is why the syrian orphans are to be brought in first. and any unmarried young women at risk of rape, enslavement and radical recruitment, or used for extremist recruiting … 😦

    • opheliart permalink

      and no, we are not contradicting our words in saying trump admin’s firm stance by using warheads is acceptable. it is not. we stand by our violence breeds violence and this you will find is true. the stance on firm vetting is what we are talking about here. the investigating of all agencies, religions, institutions, organizations, charities … to find out what exactly these are up to, fueling and whether or not they are seeding radicalism, extremism and or false … information.

      a note … we believe the national guard is necessary to assist in extreme incidents, but to post military throughout nations fighting wars unfit to fight breeds death and destruction of humankind. and humankind never stands a chance at restoration … transformation.

      and no, I did not and will not vote for trump, ever, but ‘his’ policies (under heads of experience) may surprise in the long run, even if HE is short-lived in office of the presidency. in some ways, like bibi, he is trying to hold back an insurgency that desires to take over american interests as well as all of … the world. this is the nature of the caliph … its mission. like catholics, we believe most muslims to be somewhat clueless about their prophet’s initial intent.

      wait, what? isn’t catholic’s prophet Jesus? you tell us. who-what do they look to for matters of the Spirit? religion calling itself ROMAN catholicism.

      • opheliart permalink

        which begs one to ask: does it [rome] not believe JESUS actually existed?

        our answer to that question? there is much they aren’t telling you, the pew sitter.

        which brings us right into the misinformation and misuse of people serving a political agenda: building seats of power and influence using manmade titles, like pontiff and …

        if they [rome] actually believed JESUS exists, they would never have built an army to massacre millions in the name of their religion, roman catholicism.

  8. opheliart permalink

    but if catholics want to ignore the above and say, as they so often do … the bible-the bible-the bible says we are the one, true church! well, that can too easily be disputed as no where in the bible, yours or mine (the Writings) does it say the roman catholic church is the church of God, Jesus, Jesus Christ or … the Christ. but okay, I get that people give names to things. so let’s for a wee moment say that the RCC is just another name for “I will build my church” , there is another, most pressing piece of scripture that bears witness that roman catholicism cannot be the church spoken in the writings. do you know what this is?

    MATTHEW 6.10


    can you see where the RCC is most definitely inconsistent with TRUTH on this passage?

    • opheliart permalink

      and here is a necessary understanding that clearly demonstrates the muslim (islam) and the christian (if referring to the Christ) do not worship the same God. you ready?

      Isaiah 15.12

      wait! WHERE is isaiah 15.12 in the book? It ends with … 9: for the water of Dimon shall be full of blood, for I will bring Arabs upon Dimon. I shall take away the seed of Moab, Ariel and the remnant of Adama (3 seats).

      16 … I shall send them like reptiles upon the land, for is not Mt Zion a deserted rock? O Daughter of Moab, you shall be like a young bird taken away from a bird that has flown …

      for pity’s sake, appoint a zionist for that vacant seat on the supreme court and get merrick ready for the presidential seat next term.

      • opheliart permalink

        confused? why do you ignore the words of your prophets? you pick and choose your favorites to suit your agendas and ignore the rest? how can you know G-D, become of Spirit ID within the Living if you turn away from Truth? ignore Prophesy? it is just like those looking the other way while children are misused and abused, sexually, professionally, medically, religiously, SPIRITUALLY and emotionally. raped, molested and …

        GOD IS IMPARTIAL. and these words of isaiah are testing you. what do you understand of them? how can you understand if you have turned away from Truth. or have you decided these words no longer apply? at what point has Prophesy reached its moment of Truth?

        revelation: it always does. yes, one might say GOD is a verb, but do understand that GOD IS PROPHET, and Prophesy is the evolution of God and Man, but not according to polemist of indoctrination OR … politically correct subjugation.

        a prophet is never accepted in his town of birth… which tells you what? what does this teach you about heaven and earth?

        what have I heard on the isaiah passage? I will share with you what I have heard:

        the arabs sent to destroy …ISIL or islam? both, these are the same as they follow the same HADITH. arabs were barbaric in that day and yes, they are destroying (I interject here with a question: are you barbaric if you follow the teachings of one like the prophet of islam who slaughtered many and sexually, emotionally, socially, spiritually … misused and abused female, often very young. *insight: this is one significant place where islam missed the message on Truth. next question: do you consider yourself arab?). the three seats are judaism (moab), rulism (ariel), those that rule—the judicial courts, and elitism (adama-adam), understood as arrogance and insolence … objectifying Truth and showing a persistent disregard for [adam’s] …failings and his dishonest “progress”.

        what say you? ready to run me out of town?

  9. opheliart permalink

    begin to put away the things of a child. zionism will be the next “version” of christianity.

    • opheliart permalink

      in this, you will be able to combat the likes of ISIL. otherwise, you can say goodbye to your homes, your house, your …children, as they will be swept up in the flood of inconsistent truths.

      • opheliart permalink

        ” I love Allah. I’ve seen photos of Allah.” —terrorist in canada

        I know most people do not understand matters when they read something like this, but a gnostic, such as myself, sees this as a sign of things.

        you see, it does not matter what people claim to believe or who they say they worship, the youth are in trouble. WE have been on this for years! the mud bath in the world cannot possible guide the youth … there is little foundation in it. multiculturalism … what do you gain by a nation brimming over with strict, demanding, money controlling … political and religious dynasties … wailing in that same bath?

        confused children?

        simply, the so-called civil societies allowing these conditions have abandoned the youth for their own pleurisy.

        I read the jewish councils responding to trump’s pick for justice: how is this good for the american JEWS?

        let’s ask every ethnic and every religious group: how is this good for american ___. or, how is this good for islamists—should islamist choose not national status but race, religion, prophet? then you are forced to ask unless an idiot, how is this good for citizen of state?

        if the jews want autonomy then move to israel, and hope the iranians don’t annihilate them. we are already sinking tons of money into that state so … and this is coming from the very politicians they oppose :D. unless these jews making that statement are anti-israel. it is really hard to say these days … honestly, I don’t think they know themselves. I really don’t think they know themselves.

        are you beginning to hear what this sounds like, and how it cannot possibly work? there is no answer in multicultural-belief-pratice demands! there will always be groups feeling spat on or ignored or treated … unfairly, and good grief, look how many groups within judaism alone!!!! or christianity. or islam, now THE FASTEST GROWING RELIGION IN THE WORLD, also political.

        you are american or you are not. period. for the purpose of law. you allow abuse of women and children or you do not. period. these for the purpose of civility and justice.period. there should be no exceptions for religion, and no religion should behave the elitist.

        and institutions, religious and …… desperately need to be investigated. ALL OF THEM!!!

        am I an american? yes, for the sake of being counted as a vote and or a member of a community … within america, but this should not be enough for the authorities. the authorities should know what you believe and how you intend to practice your beliefs, and WHERE AND HOW it places others in jeopardy, at risk … harms way. who and what you are affiliated with and … the monies involved.

        religious freedom bullshit has cost many lives …. many, many lives! and what in the world isn’t religious nowadays?


        To date, a limited amount of progress on this issue has been made in Canada.
        For example, the International Relief Fund for the Afflicted and Needy-Canada was listed as a terrorist entity in April after it was accused of channelling money to Hamas.
        The Ontario-based Islamic Society of North America Development Foundation had its charitable status revoked after the Canada Revenue Agency accused it of distributing funds to a group linked to another group listed as a terrorist organisation by the EU and the government of India.
        However, more than 20 charities in Canada remain that are believed to be fronts for extremism.
        The UK recently launched a study into the Muslim Brotherhood to better understand the nature of the group.

  10. opheliart permalink

    so … you are advocating a communist state? asks someone. no, we are advocating common sense. a clean up does not mean pushing everyone into a mud bath.

    • opheliart permalink

      government must get a handle on what is really going on in their communities and how and where many groups, often UNDERGROUND, hiding behind hats and titles and
      … slowing taking over, creating chaos, malfunction and crime and terror.

      • opheliart permalink

        “I will get rid of, totally destroy the Johnson Amendment and allow of representatives of faith to speak freely and without fear,” he said on Thursday (Feb. 2) to a gathering of 3,500 faith leaders, politicians and other dignitaries. “I will do that, remember.”—pres. trump

        as we were saying … and what in the world isn’t religious nowadays?

        the religious heads are doing it anyway … have been doing it for as long as religion was in vogue and … where did these get stopped? let them preach! look at farakhan! obama never stopped him from making washington his pulpit! or wherever he marched with his million men.


        what of the roman pontiff preaching to congress? to roman catholics/catholics throughout the world? the press gives it to you straight from the pulpit. and his manner is to preach to the world as he is of universal belief and practice, believing himself (institution) G-D’s mouthpiece. and where oh where have those little dogs gone that were permitted to out him on his hypocrisy and his lie?

        silenced by the same biased press? the religionists claiming secular interests? claiming to be just and fair and for equality —MALE TO FEMALE?

        nah, they are just bullshitters. caught up in the papal bull 😀

        over-rated and overpaid? elitist snobs? hypocrites?

        but wait, there has to be a point where the government says, hey, this teaching is not good. look at the dangers it poses for our youth … and look at the evidence of ….

        it’s out there … unless your desire is to live in denial and throw the baby out with that dirty water. what of the public schools? do these become pulpits, too? many of them are, in a sneaky sort of way …. while denying the youth the chance to speak their minds, ask questions and be heard, without being condemned, labeled and … bullied.

        some peeps need to toughen up it seems. stop whining and parents need to behave as parents and stop relying on feckless preachers and politicians looking to build a resume.

  11. opheliart permalink

    check this out:

    the left has forgotten how to argue?

    LOL! actually, milo has a poor way of expressing himself but then he, too, is of the generation X files 😉

    strange, I was thinking of milo last night quite a bit. not judging … looking into his spiritual profile, to see what I could see … I do this with people. there is some justice in what he says, but I have read very little on what he says … I sense a baiter. he baits to see what he can ignite. this is his coinage.
    his tryst with the ghostbuster’s actor seemed odd, but I did read some of what she wrote and found her somewhat disrespectful of the white, but hey, I don’t care much about the black verses white things. at one time there was reason to rally but now … I just shake my head.

    on my walk back home just a bit ago I was thinking about the school system. wouldn’t it be nice if students weren’t just limited to school choice but course choice, as well. no child should be forced to endure some teachers … and their politics, religious, secularist or just plain … fruity.

    recall the market square where people (usually men) gathered to talk philosophy? is man capable of such things in this Day? or is he all about party-party-party?

    note that there is an article out from bloomberg on milo the monster, but please understand, conservative is hardly a word synonymous with where milo stands 😀 conservative used to mean something else until the politicians took it over. and seriously amusing is that it is the secularist strain that has created the milos of the world. catholic is he? whatever …


    topic of art? it’s milo’s DANGEROUS that they really want. it’s where they put their time, their money … get paid to write ABOUT.

  12. opheliart permalink–spt.html?ref=gs

    the above from what … 2 yrs ago?

    the UN seemed frozen to respond to iran’s recent act … the missile, which brings us back to questioning the intent of the UN. what are they initiating by this paralyzed state? it does not look good for israel, or america for that matter. a war is coming for both. we believe the UN will be seized … much revealed in their deals, and … feeding. I sense tremendous aligning with islam for their part and it feels like a coo. yes, it feels like a slick … overtaking of …

    what this reminds us of is emperor constantine in his decision to align with rome’s version of christianity. history does repeat, but not the same way twice.

    • opheliart permalink–business.html


      look at the human rights record in IRAN. what do you see? how about the treatment of prisoners, FEMALE? now … iran is upset that their wrestling team can’t compete at the prestigious competitions in the US? ouch, guess it is hitting them where it matters most to them? you see, people, VICTIMS having been screaming—protesting—long before the trump admin’s ban on iran and places like iran, and we did not hear the politically correct voicing then. why? ignorance? looking the iran way? it didn’t suit their agendas? they like pandering to the abusers—victimizers and terrorists and giving them what they want?

      one Q on these protests:
      do you ever listen to yourselves?

      • opheliart permalink

        TO CONCLUDE … that missile iran fired?

        the biggest, fattest … inconstant coming from the big talking heads out there, including those pro-pope profs and religious writers … environmental wanna bees … loudmouths, accusers, bullies and bitched-up protesters …

        not one of them mentioned the environmental hazard=damage from that missile. that alone would have been strict cause for condemnation and serious chastising.

        but alas, the world’s game masters are full of bull.

        now I see it, now … I don’t. poof.

    • opheliart permalink

      “We will never use our weapons against anyone, except in self-defense. Let us see if any of those who complain can make the same statement,” he tweeted. [iran]

      self-defense … is that what you call abusing and torturing women, children and your ‘prisoners’, often for the slightest infractions against yur MUHAMMAD STATE?

      I simply cannot understand why those protesting trump’s ban aren’t asking the REAL questions. could it be because they look the other way on the crimes and abuse? make money off of these? enjoy the torture … to write about, or get PAID to write about [sensationalism] or … they just don’t know their right from their wrong …

      they are missing a golden opportunity here to really suspend iran, and those other abusive countries with horrid human rights offenses, and send a message —amoresignificant message— on what is is to be HUMAN.

      • opheliart permalink

        but trump has says he will use torture! you shout. yes, shout it out. torture … the practice of the barbaric. no one believing in THE CHRIST would ever use torture to … to … why again does a politician/soldier use torture? not good. I repeat … not good.

        does the zionist use torture on its prisoners? no. why? because IT is in a state of perpetual movement in the quest for HUMANITY>

        so … a very BIG SOW …as in you reap what you sow … one can take trump out of that presidential seat without even interrupting the ban and vetting … on the basis of what? while sending the message to iran and other barbaric militants that torture, hanging … abuse of women and children and …as as part of their beliefs and practices— their LAW— is not okay. not good! and to have a president using BARBARIC PRACTICES goes against the FAITH and the VALUES and the JUSTICE AND PEACE of the nation of ________.

        america does not please G-D while using trump’s vision of peace, using torture. the zionist does not need trump to survive. she only needs to move!

        are you starting to get the idea?

        iran will claim self-defense while being the first to attack (so much for their sense and reason), but only, only … if you get the trumpeter out of that judicial seat.

        at this point, unfortunately, some things cannot be changed. things have been heating up and I have sensed iran and others looking for a reason to start a war. they thrive on war if they cannot get all that they want … and they want ALL. that is the creed of the caliph.

  13. opheliart permalink

    oh, and trump … we have had enough of you, too. time for you to get off the stage.

    • opheliart permalink

      he also liked katy perry and richard dawkins

      read his FBK archive.

      don’t you just love the political hand jive?

      and explains why initially when I communed on this (briefly) I heard he was islamist affiliated … which I found odd given what came out later (the trump and le pen news like flies to crap, they couldn’t get enough)

      • opheliart permalink

        and why would he tell the islamist that he loved allah?

        which brings me to something …could it be this is all staged from his end? if I wanted to fool someone into thinking something … I would create a series of pages to make it look like something other … to steer people a certain way. psychopaths do this very thing. although it’s chilling to think one so young could be so … skilled at deception. but the youth have been exposed to this very thing … at such a young age. hmm …

        this is getting even more complex and again, the journalists just parrot without an in-depth investigation that desires more information into the individual and what he practiced. wouldn’t this look like a foot in the eye of the biased of all stripes?

        trolls (the poe troll?) … we see them all the time on forums and … good grief, they’ve made an industry of their ability to destroy what they want out. likes dawkins and likes trump? now that is reason to …

        wonder and … ask loads of questions.

  14. opheliart permalink

    where’s peter falk when you need him?

    getting tired of all of this. if people want to roll around in their mud baths turned blood baths … who are we to stop them …

      • opheliart permalink

        people have a really hard time letting go of their inspired teachers. they make all kinds of excuses for why things aren’t what they seem. but it is what it is … it’s written, they read it, and what have they to say about that religion of wife abuse? of abuse and rape and murder of women and girls? torturing and enslaving …
        it came from the behavior of their prophet, a barbaric and indecent man. inspired? inspired by what? a god of indifference? a god of illness and disease? a god of evil?

        the prophet of islam was not well. he was a delusional psychopath, caught up in his own self-glory. imagine how this is. it’s not hard to see. history is filled with men thinking they are the voice of truth and look what they did … look at their behavior.

        this is not humanity, it is self-induced arrogance born from ignorance and a poverty of LOVE … they refuse to look it in the eye to see how dark it really is. there is no excuse for those times being what they were …
        Spirit of the Living, GOD … the Christ of the Heavens … is, was and will forever be … Truth.

  15. opheliart permalink


    I agree with what violet writes. the facts are …
    spud seems to be in la-la land … WHAT SHOULD BE IS NOT NECESSARILY WHAT IS. and like we said, what isn’t RELIGION nowadays? atheists get-get religion to become politicians, voted into this or that. look at spud’s brother atheist, zuckerberg. eying the seat of the politician. suddenly he’s a believer? no, just a religion user. like so very many religionists of big, fat status establishment … using governments and state status to build their monarchies.

    like we said … let them speak. in this you will know them by their … supporting. and who-what is more political and less pastoral and …
    I said before and I say again that religion should not be tax-exempt, but I also said that politics is religious, of religion and a user of religion. see it for what it is and START CHANGING THOSE LAWS TO FIT THIS DAY to curb the abuse! to address the malfunction, the malpractice, the improper political spires. watching people go at it today, both sides of the aisle is like watching a back seat driver tell the driver to floor it, but he driver does not have a set of keys. 😀 (of course nowadays the cars are push button and that is going to say a lot about a lot of things. DON’T PUSH THE BUTTON! iran says, but I want my mapo!”)

    and the final question through it all is what we asked on several occasions:

    who of the elected officials and who of candidates running for office have sworn oaths to a FOREIGN entity. think rome. the RCC … or muslim brotherhood, muhammad of islam and …

    wait, there is One … the name is JESUS. real or a figure for Teaching on the Spiritual FOUNDATION of THE CHURCH spoken in Matthew? the Story shows: he never married a woman. never impregnated any female young or old … was not having sex with children … never abused or tortured or murdered … never amassed an army to build an empire that forced religion as policy. never even stated a religion to rule. that’s saying something … special.

    • opheliart permalink

      Strongs119 David Hume • 8 hours ago
      Multifaith diversity is condemned in Exodus 23:33 “They shall not dwell in thy land, lest they make thee sin against me: for if thou serve their gods, it will surely be a snare unto thee.

      exodus …hmmn … exodus.

      • opheliart permalink

        “the jew” has made his home in the world…. if that is his god, the raging wakes of industry and hypocrisies of lords … then he is under the gods of the world, what comes upon him is what comes upon him. and if he cannot control the nemesis that determines he should be destroyed? what then? he loses everything? has he forgotten what one brother did to the other brother for a meal? cain and abel hath no bearing on the elite, the arrogant and the hostile. those who makes their beds in the ‘mire’ of misfortune have no interest in the kingdom of the Living.

  16. opheliart permalink

    why be surprised that the ‘arab’ has stretched out his hand over the land claiming it his own, for his industry and practice? at the expense of Truth and Justice. and you feed the beast? the beast on inconstant Truths? the babylon of arrogance and pride? the forbidden tree? why do you bow to the hierarchies of insanity? you risk much …

    • opheliart permalink

      your choice but the zionists should stop acting like a victim or should stop waiting for the world to change … the world to change and

      form its political-religion, as this is what most people are accustomed to. and it seems this is how people in states are choosing to live and operate, and …

      make your voices heard. choose a religion and or political news site, pay it to allow you freedom of press … without attack, and one way to do this is for a religious news service (which is always political, despite calling itself a religion news service) to break its service into parts, each part deals with specifics having to with that part and commenters are bleeped out if not adhering to the rulings of that part. if a person is interested in news pertaining to gay religion then let it go to the gay part. and gay religious organizations can pay for gay religious news rather than lumping every person or group into one lump sum. and those interested in evangelical christianity can go to theirs, and PAY for theirs, and comments should deal directly with this … and where there is a continuum in the old and new testament where new can be heard, freedom without attack from atheist and or fascist religionists claiming to be the one hue … and add a site for gnosticism, and other groups, because a person of belief should not be boxed into the canons of the hierarchal elites. it’s silly. insane, if desiring true freedom of expression in the SPIRITUAL and or religious …

      IOW, each “religion” or group that is religious in nature or has some religious component to it … can PAY the service to feature its news articles and commentary. this will weed out a lot of the incendiary. people posting irrelevant comments can be nicely directed to other places, outside the service or even other parts of the service that might be more relevant to comment.

      honestly, to read the constant attacks on the white … or the christian, the white christian or the white evangelical coming from people who haven’t a clue about types of belief and worship is ignorance, or even the islamist/muslim (not the prophet as this is free game given it is an INSTITUTION, a LAW, like yur pope said at the beginning of his reign/rule: the pope is an institution. and WE hope the prophets of all religion, politics, groups …will be permitted scrutiny, because any given party started from somewhere—yes?) … or israel, under topics that have nothing to do with israel is truly annoying and why a lot of people leave the worship halls. they canon relate.


      • opheliart permalink

        people like the online feed … why deny them voice. build it and they will come. but don’t play biased sitcom writers …

        give the people a chance to vote, truly. don’t tell them what to think. teach them how to grow.

  17. opheliart permalink

    you see, HERE I CAN WRITE WHAT IS SHOWN TO ME ABOUT WHATEVER IS SHOWN TO ME, including the comments about certain prophets … but I don’t go into the halls of others and demand they listen. if they want to hear me they will come to me. online is the medium of the new religious, whatever these might be, and people want to engage relatively safely and not feel thoroughly beheaded. many attack in ways that leave them the nearly headless nick 😦 not nice. not good. … for exchange and even some teaching. pulpit preaching is a hint of the past. big head patriarchs are the thing of the past. what do they know about what you are? I know there is not one of those male religionists that truly knows what I am. give it a rest …

    • opheliart permalink

      this idea just might solve the tax exempt issues 😉 and put people’s money where their mouth is.

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