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the inception of the ruse?

June 18, 2017

In the 1960s the Democratic Party changed its strategy for dealing with African Americans. Thanks to earlier Republican initiatives on civil rights, blatant racial oppression was no longer a viable political option. Whereas before that time Southern Democrats had overtly and proudly segregated and terrorized blacks, the national Democratic Party decided instead to be more subtle and get them as dependent on government as possible. As LBJ so elegantly put it (in a famous moment of candor that was recorded for posterity), “I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” At the same time, the Democrats started a persistent campaign of lies and innuendo, falsely equating any opposition to their welfare state with racism.



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  1. opheliart permalink

    reading the comments on david gushee’s article (see older comments) … reminds me
    again, ever so well … why I am not of christianity. people have many reasons for wanting to help the homeless and the mentally ill that wander into their churches, but is it sensible to do so… in this day? I suppose if they KNEW, actually had some knowledge about what evil plans … they might not be so eager to be so open.

    what was it JESUS said about the door>

    • opheliart permalink

      1 corinthians 5.2

      • opheliart permalink


        WHAT? I can just hear the outrage coming from the commenters to gushee’s article. you are no christian! they would accuse. let me remind ALL OF YOUs … if using JESUS as your LIGHT, Jesus never said: be a christian. become a christian. go the way of christianity. create a religion and call it christianity.

        hmm … silence? ‘cept for … the jews? jews (theologians, as this is what is meant by jew in the Writings, but theologian was not a term back then 😉 just as the “gluten” used in the making of bread was not of this same strain we see today … (read the comments). note the coding (for lack of a better word) and discover WHY the verse was written as it is. there is was sound reason and perfect purpose in that for … the coding. there were death eaters about just looking for a reason to attack.

        if a jew/theologian desires that his opinion sell, he will broaden his outpost. we can see the outcome of this … and it is dangerous. in this day you are aligning with a super clever ‘gene’ that can hide itself in any party or partner. use any promotional material, any theologian … and church, worship hall … for its ..


        you see, man in his medals has very little knowledge and understanding on SPIRIT, good or evil. he is in the mental mess he is he because of … failed religions, including government.

        I am of Prophesy of the Writings, not Religion.

  2. opheliart permalink

    to hell with you, you do satan’s work! the mob screams, for they have now become a mob, against … me. you see how it works, folks? it …

    they deem themselves authority on the Writing, the Story … JESUS, the Christ and all things worthy of Truth.

    allow me a story. I found it amusing (gotta know me to know my sense of humor) but others became frightened … of me. my gift. how-where Lord used and uses … me, this Body. and a small group deemed itself (themselves) authority in WHAT I am, even if they had to create false info, and this got me kicked out of … worship houses. those houses that claim to be so … loving and kind and welcoming of persons different. in a different place from them. 😮

    it never occurred to them that Lord God Almighty sends his servants to inspect those vineyards?

    • opheliart permalink

      I’d had a dream (yes, Spirit of theLiving works in dreams and vions and instructs his servants here, too … a Language unseen. Spirit Metaphor.) in that dream a man had locked himself in a storage closet … I went to the door of that closet and tried the knob. it was locked. suddenly the knob rattled and I realized someone was in that closet. I told my prescribed advisor that someone was locked in the closet and he became alarmed and shouted, “someone call the super!”

      at the GR OC cathedral … during the preparation of social hour (I was in the kitchen to drop off food for social hour … something like that, or was it their glendi prep? but I am sure it was a sunday, and if I wanted coffee I had to bring my own because they did not offer decaf)), and I asked the church ladies if there was a microwave to heat up my coffee. in the storage closet to my right. I tried the knob and discovered it was locked. just then the knob rattled and I heard a voice. I said to my advisor standing with me (he followed me around constantly), “there is someone locked in the closet.” he said to the kitchen staff, in an excited voice, that a key was needed to open the door. just then the door opened and a tall, thin man, smiling away, walked out. strange, I thought, what was he doing locking himself in a closet? as I looked for the microwave I noticed large containers with narrow, clear, plastic tubing coming from them. later while thinking on it I realized these were containers of alcohol of some sort.

      the man that walked out of that closet would always sit by himself in an out of the way seat, to the side … smiling

      I chuckled because it was just one of those things—at that time—weird, quirky, in my youth and innocence … incident … that appears amusing, but in reality … is not.

      did I discover a closet alcoholic? you betcha. imagine what I was revealing in that cathedral and …can you imagine who-what wanted me … out of there?

      • opheliart permalink


        “In every viable seed, nature has packed an embryo and a small food supply, a sort of box lunch, to nourish it during its seed life.

        seed life

        The nucleus of every cell in that seed contains in its DNA the complete instructions for making a plant like itself. If we could translate this genetic information into instructions spelled out in English, the written blueprint for spinach might require several hundred encyclopedic volumes, each about 800 pages long.”

        as I planted poppy seeds early this spring I was astounded at how small. I had forgotten that poppy seeds ARE small. in my mind I had an image of those amazing flowers … long-stemmed … bright red-orange petals with black interiors. I worried that the seeds would get lost in the mud during the rains. I had planted them directly into the earth, a space carved out for this very purpose … and not just one packet of seeds but two. two packets of seeds sprinkled into a narrow plant trench (bed) I had prepared for these are other flowers. weeks and weeks later I see the plants, those having survived the weather … established and gaining strength. when I will actually see the flower itself? I do not know. when I started shasta daisies from seed it was the following summer that I saw blooms.

        in 1 CORINTHIANS 5, PAUL shows something uniquely inherent in the SPIRIT.
        1″It is actually reported that there is sexual immorality among you, and such sexual immorality as is not even named among the Gentiles—that a man has his father’s wife!”

        not even named among the Gentiles. hmm … first, PAUL is speaking within the Spirit. second, PAUL is speaking to those OF this entity. third, PAUL is addressing a crime not even coined a phrase, a term … among the “offspring of those who spread seed by way of manmade accolade.” jew aside, the gentile is and was a place of destination within manmade superlative . this, btw, the three, is of a TRINITARIAN ASCENT, Spirit of the Living being of a viable force. (descent would be the misled of those accolades. not uncommon and not necessarily a bad thing … what goes up comes down and those down … go …? choices, however.).

        the sexual immorality among those of this entity? having sex with their momma? incest? not as man, the GENTILE … would understand, and the jew? as a theologian … it would depend on his knowledge and understanding of Spirit Language, and how he writes-shares within this, good or evil and …

        EVIL is what PAUL was speaking of in this passage. so many Gentiles claim authority on the Writings but haven’t learned the Language, and at that time did not-would not … have a name for it. hmm .. the sexual immorality is speaking of an impure process or idea entering the Feminine Divine, or USE OF {this}, and misusing {this}, abusing and … self-pleasuring … engraving itself on her for itself, not Truth. it’s a SPIRITUAL WARFARE that man still does not have the study on. he doesn’t … even after all these years because … he has been misled in that house.
        cont …

  3. opheliart permalink

    how does one give birth to a child? there is a process … natural or manmade?

    what? you ask. it’s not a complicated question, we reply. a man, a woman … intercourse, viable man, viable woman … TIMEing, of course … pregnancy … birth. each place has its purpose in this process. an important purpose, including the intercourse place. there is an exchange and sharing equally within that act … for a purpose. it’s important. as important in the LIFE of the child as is all the other parts of that process. can’t skip it, right? can’t skip any part in the birth making of child and still have child … right? and it starts with a man and a woman. this is built into the seed … of each … for bringing forth fruit. take out woman, take out man and what do you have?

    some do not value all parts of that process. they try to remove her, or him … they do not want to listen to what each part is saying. maybe one part is saying, you are not healthy for this … yet. him or her .. maybe even them. they force the issue.

    we are different from those who do not value each part, what each parts says, speaks on the matter at hand, and its purpose … we value the process and cannot skip, take short cuts … esp where child is concerned.

    Spirit operates much the same in this process. viability in producing fruit comes with the “intercourse” (deep and decided, heart to mind) … a viable match, perfect TIMING and … natural in the state of what Spirit can and will offer. Spirit of the Living cannot offer Spirit Gift to something not viable in {this} Name. and it’s not a question of like, dislike, discrimination … it’s about the laws of nature FOR BALANCE. people cannot see it. it’s not something people see, because it’s not about looks, image in man’s view. it’s something understood within Spirit Life, the Order of God, what is Lord. MALE and FEMALE, one Divine, the other viable while in the flesh. uniting to produce fruit within the context of God, Spirit … Being (verb).

    how else can I say this? Spirit of the Living God cannot produce within {this Truth} without the pairing of male and female, one of Divine Stature … for child. fruit. which IS … trinitarian in Nature.

    now, about the sexual immorality PAUL warns … do you know of what we speak?

    • opheliart permalink

      what happened in the patriarchal institutions? like the roman catholic church? we don’t need female for Truth? to make Truth? to share Truth … we will segregate-separate her from our orders, our laws? how in hell does one get up from the trench, the hole … the pit … without her? or him. and does one fall into the trench, the hole, the pit while living a life (on the edge?) of imbalance?

      FRAncis had Clare … who does pope george have?

      but just having a woman isn’t enough FOR Truth. remember, one must BE … in and of Spirit.

      • opheliart permalink

        the test, based on the Writings, but true in Nature … “you will know them by their fruits” is in the understanding of that verse. you hear it+you Know this Name. your name. what you become … in the Life. this is sharing with you that not everyone out there, no matter how religious they look… is … in and of Truth, Spirit of the Living God … of those Writings. they could be endowed with dozens of books claiming God, truth about God, spirit … but lacking in viability … of and for Truth, what is Spirit of the Living God.

  4. opheliart permalink

    it would almost be better—in this Day—to leave religion, go into polities … and change the order of the law. for its demographic, its policies, its presence, its … democracy … is failing the people.

    • opheliart permalink

      but I read where you said that you are half male and half female, you say. no, you have taken just a portion of that three part verse and created false information … which is what happened-happens with the Writings, and why there is such confusion about What is God, What is Truth. each verse has three parts for the Purpose unto Truth …

      and what I say is this: there is no question on my being female. I know this, have always known this. there has been no confusion about it. I am female. however … what I was trying to share in a world of disbelief is …

      I am of both male and female in the heart of my mind. balanced. for … UNDERSTANDING theWritings. for that royal priesthood in the HEARING of …

      which involves Spiritual Father, PAUL … the Communion of the Spirit and … What is Truth.

      I give up my “life” for {this}. in gnostic lit there are verses stating that female becomes male or of the male for the kingdom, and this is precisely what is … for me.

      • opheliart permalink

        obviously … as you can see in the religions … man has distorted the image of God … as Written.

  5. opheliart permalink


    bro is reacting to your diagnosis. he knew … knows something. dogs are keen that way. he is trying to protect you from something that has to do with marni … do you know what this might be?

    YOU need to hear this … not someone else telling you.

    I have had experiences involving animals that I cannot even begin to explain …



    • opheliart permalink

      btw, I just received a letter from town hall telling me my dog is not licensed in town. did I forget? no, it’s another of those points in my life where WE are … refusing to be OVERLY controlled, and treated as … as if WE need to be licensed (esp now with my dog deaf, struggling to know where she is, trying to find her way … while suffering from old dog syndrome … it just did not seem fair, or right … to tag her with a number, you know what I mean? … she barely leaves my sight anyway, and I barely leave her sight, ya know how that is?).

      AND, the BIG and …my dog is a member of our family. did I need to license my kids with a number? no, so … what? you going to impound my dog, too?


      • opheliart permalink

        I will share another story … an animal story. I am waiting for two rugs I designed to dry …

        so I have time here. a bunny, a wee thing lived in my yard last summer. it slept in an old pipe under the garage where the chicken farmers used to drain the … after killing and defeathering and such. I had kept a piece of wooden lattice over the pipe which opens out into a lower point in the back, fenced in part. every time I looked that piece of lattice was on the grass. hmm … something living in there? one day I saw bunny (just a baby) hop into the pipe. OHHH! that’s why … in that case, I will let bunny hide out there and put the lattice in the barn. and interestingly, she was not afraid of me. she wouldn’t flee when I was in the yard … just casually hop under my oak leaf hydrangea … to let me know that was another of her special hideouts (incase I had plans to prune it). after a while I did not see her in the fenced in part. I saw her in the driveway and out near my … sunflowers trying to … grow. had she grown too large for the pipe? likely. and hey!… several of the tops had been nipped off my sunflowers. then I did not see bunny …

        I figured the fox family living in the collapsed barn across the street (my neighbor’s back yard 😦 … had gotten her, or the three cats that run loose, hunting under my bird feeders *grrr … had to have a word with them … also across the street, but living at a different neighbor’s house).

        fast forward to last weekend … I am standing by our above ground pool talking to a family member who is in the pool, and who do I see? bunny, lean and lanky-legged standing upright in the drive, like she was listening to us. I said, I wonder if that is bunny from the yard last summer. I hear a yes within me. wow, she made it through the winter and survived all those coyotes and the fox and those sneaky cats? just then she comes over to me and stands within a few inches of me … like she and I are buddies. neighbors is more like it. I say something to her. she hesitates then slowly moves on …

        a wild rabbit … like the robin … they know I put food out, plant food for them … allow them protection from the meat eaters …

        😀 anyone who works outside where wildlife exists, and has a heart for their wellbeing … can be a friend to them. they come to know you. what you are …

  6. opheliart permalink

    jonathan merritt says:

    “To all the LGBT Christians who read Peterson’s words and felt a sense of hope but today feel like deflated tires: I am sorry if today feels like yet another church-induced bruise. Regardless, you are sons and daughters of Almighty God and the object of God’s love. In fact, God is obsessed with you. There is nothing you can do today to make God love you less or more. Trust that these statements are true of you and that their truthfulness is not dependent upon the statements or beliefs of any leader.”

    God, Spirit of the Living OBSESSED with LGBT Christians? I am trying to control my “what?” … not because of any dislike of gays but because GOD is not obsessed with any group.

    the Writings are clear in this: GOD IS IMPARTIAL …God shows no favoritism …

    obsession? dear jonathan, me thinks you have been indulging in some serious dementia of your own. what in GOD’s NAME are you talking about? nothing you could do to make God love you less? I can think of a number of things Spirit would be unable to witness in Truth, and you believe the LGBTand growing can do no wrong?

    no wonder christianity is loaded with contradictions, hypocrisy and … derelict teaching.

    • opheliart permalink

      please, again … let it be known, I am NOT of religion, not even christianity. I am gnostic … I do not align with any of these groups, including … LGBTQand growing. why? the obsession with Self.

      • opheliart permalink

        while RNS and others of this same face continue to play god …

        comment to another fake news article @ rns:
        Betty Clermont • 3 hours ago
        Like his American confreres who used “moral issues” to oppose progressive government, Cardinal Bergoglio “clashed with the Kirchner administration sharply over issues of abortion, contraception and sex education.”
        Pres. Fernandez’ relationship with Bergoglio was “strained due to her support for same-sex marriage and the leftism of her administration.” A week before the vote on legislation approving same-sex marriage, Bergoglio wrote a pastoral letter “harshly criticizing the initiative.” The legislation was a “’move’ by the father of lies [Satan] meant to confuse and deceive the children of God,” he wrote.
        In 2012, when the Fernandez administration “pushed for mandatory sex education in schools, free distribution of contraceptives in public hospitals, and the right for transsexuals to change their official identities on demand,” Bergoglio accused the president of “demagoguery, totalitarianism, corruption and efforts to secure unlimited power.”…


        I have another story to share …
        who pays for lies? who gets paid for telling lies? half-truths? as people condemn some christian apologist for giving a confusing presentation (more like set up by RNS. suing time? lions and tigers and bears, oh my!) … some are STILL trying to paint a picture of humility and genuine lace … of the populist-POLITICAL-pontiff calling HIMSELF francis (the francis WITH clare? … lions and tigers and bears, oh my! … a mystic without a Guide… oh my?)

        but anyhow, bloodlines run dry. I have seen it happen. is this a good thing? I would say it is good if the line is lacking what is necessary for … health, wellbeing, safety and the MOVE toward Human acumen. if it is its own nemesis, its own enemy, its own avenger, its own disease, is arrogant, ignorant and in denial of itself, what it is, what it does in the society it demands be of itself … it’s just a matter of time before it … runs out of breath.

        I saw this happen in a family line. sad … so very sad, and it wasn’t a case where people were not offering help, giving of time and money, and opportunities for decent enough educating. it started with a dad committing suicide because the company he worked for phased him out. a raw deal? was it all the company’s fault? from what I understand the man was well to do and his work a huge part of the success of that company. like politics, business is cutthroat and often highly ungrateful …
        yes, business, money-making, populist, successful companies-services can become the throat cutters, and fall prey to its own line of business.

        but the man’s family … hmm … awful. I cannot give the details because it would take volumes, and I do not want to share so much on some people I once knew … until they moved away from me. but one thing led to another and mother lost all her children (6, but the four were taken from her and her husband as these were still very young). they didn’t seem to be able to make good on what was being offered, and sadly, they had ended up in a shelter. mom and dad broke up (there were several dads to the 6, which made things even more … stretched and non viable) with mom going on to commit suicide (had drug addiction issues as a teen). the oldest child … seemed to disappear into a mess of untrustworthy relationships with careless parents and she … overdosed one night … not so long ago. that family, or families? once robust … nearly gone. it happens.

        take care who-what you sign with.

  7. opheliart permalink

    one bad apple spreads a lot of death and destruction. why aren’t the news services talking about this and engineering a legislative path to finding out where and how these industries are … making out? the malpractice … the crimes?

    and who is the BIGGEST user and abuser of drugs?

    when you don’t hear much from the democratic biased press … one can’t help but wonder on their ethics and where …

    they deceive and take advantage of the people, enslaving them.

    • opheliart permalink

      it’ll all be coming out …

      and what you are paying into and supporting.

      • opheliart permalink

        evil loves it when it draws all the attention in certain nondescript areas, areas of confusion … areas of endless contention … it wants as much attention as possible … it uses.abuses whatever it can … to distract from the larger issues, the more destructive and deadly …

        look at the democrat’s obsession with the russian thing. ha … if this new chief of FBI gets in me hears that maybe the truth on all of this will be coming out. I stopped waiting for that … mueller in his pandering motif. good grief, what a grave disappointment. as for candy jr? what democrat, professor … hasn’t met with foreign entities/individuals to gain info to try to take down his opponent?

        and they take YOU for an idiot.

  8. opheliart permalink

    did you read about the mentally ill young man confessing to the murder of four young men? on his family’s large farm estate. bucks co.

    every day in the news I read of a woman missing or a woman’s body found in some dump, or by some river, hillside, woods, backyard … and a child dead in some disgusting house. every day I read the news and every day there are deaths reported … when these are finally discovered. ho-hum, right? who gives a damn,right … democrat-liberal-leftist … jew? unless it’s one of your own … then the world is in an uproar to find its murderer. whodunit? scores of women and children decade after decade and … what has the last three administrations in america done about this wave of indecency?


    and the drugs, the selling of drugs …whether LICENSED doctor or legitimate druggie, what has been done …

    that has caused this escalation of opioid abuse? putting so much time and attention on other things? WHAT OTHER THINGS? who craves, demands attention? and why so much money going to … elections when so little is done in the areas that matter the most?

    but interesting that this is not a gang-related act … in bucks co, but a mentally ill individual. and it’s young men this time, not in a bar brawl or some other type incident where bruisers go … but a business deal gone awry?

    • opheliart permalink

      what has been shown to me of this neglect is …

      what we shared a bit ago on the differing interpretations of the Writings. and how the two just can’t sit together and eat together on certain topics … yes? they are like two ends of a thousand mile race … but where I am shown discernment … neither make it to that finish line. imagine that. after all of this Time …

      one of the big problems is lethargy and idolness. or was that supposed to be idleness? any how … where you need to start paying attention is where so many are accustomed to the filth, the indecency … to the point of making it a business. others ignore it’s out there until it hits them square in the face. the gut … ouch! a sting like no other, perhaps? because they discover THEY are the cause? and unfortunately too much—too many—
      do not see the problem with those problems we have shared. in their view, it’s not worth their time. in that scenario …

      these, along with those … may lose everything … if they don’t wake.

      • opheliart permalink

        so …

        if a family member allowed in due to the lifting of this ban commits a crime or starts a rise in religious-political threats against female/child … demeaning her … denying her her rights, her dignity ( grandparents having say in what sons-daughters do-how they marry?) … does it come back to these judges?are they responsible for lifting the ban on these individuals? or any … not able to “assimilate” as democracy dictates?

        who is the judge in these matters?

        and what if members come that are eager to start a war? do these judges get fines?

  9. opheliart permalink

    ah, maybe these judges are getting PAID to … ignore these concerns, the desire to move out of patriarchal ignorance … demeaning of female … religious autonomy … by allowing in certain persons.

    hmm …something to investigate? or are YOU … part of that problem?

    • opheliart permalink

      you watch, she’ll get pregnant and have more kids to try to make up for what she lost. remember the woman who was present when that man drowned her kids? she got married and had more kids. and they were caught with cocaine or something like that. it’s a travesty all the way around and the states are sooooo in dump-ville.

      the kids, folks … THINK ABOUT THE CHILDREN!

      • opheliart permalink

        “She doesn’t want to make a statement – ever,” her attorney, Janice Bassil said Wednesday, according to the Boston Herald. “She really doesn’t have family. She doesn’t have friends. People are very hostile towards her. She has nothing. She is scared about her future. And regardless of what people think about her involvement or not, she grieves the loss of that child every day.”

        some men are attracted to this. it’s the perfect damned storm. she as messed up as anyone can be and he just doing his predatory thing …

        while governments look the other way, until it’s too late … more death and destruction.

  10. opheliart permalink

    “It isn’t easy writing a book about combining beauty and biodiversity in garden design without constantly referencing Nature (with a capital “N”), but we’ve done our best. Why? Because the traditional idea of Nature is rooted in separatism—in the dichotomy of Man and Nature—and this book is about connection.

    British philosopher Raymond Williams suggested the word NATURE is a “singular term for the multiplicity of things and living processes,” and I can live by that definition. However, popular culture defines Nature as an “other”, a near-sentient force operating beyond the bounds of human community. I was raised with the notion and can empathize with the nostalgia often accompanying it, but I can’t accept the idea of a separate Nature any more than I believe digital data resides in “The Cloud” (the data resides in the machinery that is typically plugged into a wall socket).

    —-Our actions have far-reaching consequences, and if we’re thoughtful, most of them can be good ones. Making a garden and living in it is a great way to practice the art of ethical, functional design. A well-made garden should be …”—Dick Darke, THE LIVING LANDSCAPE

    • opheliart permalink

      game of thrones? your world not mine. game of thrones? a secularly designed garden prepared just for your feeding?

      you can have it … but it is just one of many bad ideas for …


      • opheliart permalink

        while in my home I was forced to endure a long and extensive and extremely LOUD assault from ‘neighbor’ (s?) USING firecrackers. nice night, windows open … nice night, windows got slammed shut. how sad … and illegal. FIREWORKS ARE ILLEGAL IN MA. and there is absolutely no way town officials were not aware these were going on … absolutely no way. but the folks using … are rich, big whigs, have a large potato business … in town? a produce business that also USES pesticides?

        huh, how discouraging …

        sending such a message to our Youth. some things never change?

        who is going to get them to change?

        the question we are sorting: should we stay or should we go? I can imagine the town would not like to see a house owner who has done good for the neighborhood by seriously enhancing this old house .. pack up and leave. we’d hoped they would be open to newish neighbors leading … for the good of the environment, and humanity.

        then again … maybe they don’t give a damn …

  11. opheliart permalink

    and btw, I did send the town officials a wee note, and it went something like this:

    [article from local news stating the setting off of firecrackers in MA is illegal]

    um, no one heard the very loud and very extensive and very dangerous(?) firecrackers in town last night? celebrating the newly paved road, perhaps?

    *the ‘neighbors(s)’ consist of a family of 3 separate houses-properties… on the newly paved rd, which honestly did not look like it needed paving as I walk it frequently (there are I think 3 other houses on that rd).

    • opheliart permalink

      ah, maybe they had a LICENSED person … do their firecrackers? did they PAY someone or is that someone one of their cohorts? maybe a member of their family? but how is it that they are allowed to do these major (and these were major) firecrackers (from two different houses as it turned out 😮 … in cahoots? teaming up?) at their homes with other houses close by? aren’t you supposed to be in a designated space for this type of activity?

      anyhow … I do not like firecrackers. BAD/DANGEROUS for the environment (wildlife … and could easily set fires on a dry day?)

  12. opheliart permalink

    the above is an example of what many are calling the gay agenda. it’s a religion like any religion, forcing beliefs on the community at large, determined to get its way … at any and all cost? … playing “interested” then swinging a sudden right hook into the faces of … well, their opponent. they laugh with glee, and pretend: those poor, poor gays got nicked again, and are getting another blow aimed at them. didn’t you gays ask for this? ah, yep.

    WE don’t believe they LQBTQandgrowing give a you know what … they LOVE-LOVE-LOVE the attention! it’s all about getting what they want how they want it their way, and making as much mess and stink as possible, and merritt is a dishonorable for playing into the hand of it. rns may likely be sued over this …

    any group that parades itself the way the priders do … huh, are hardly boohooing about peterson’s thoughts on anything. they got the POLITICAL-libs eating out of their hands, and where any person does not AGREE with how they starch their cuffs they will smash. how does it feel to be a bully, bully?

    WE are really weary of their whining … really weary.

    and no, I don’t know peterson, don’t align with peterson and we are not in any support group for his beliefs … but …

    geez! what a bunch of sis-pots! the LGBTQand growing have their own plates, their own spoons, and all the fixings … can’t they feed without demanding ALL bow to their religion—think as they do?

    COME ON! there are far more important things on the table at present …

    it’s called MENTAL ILLNESS … know anything about it, LGBTQand GROWING? or the DRUGS used, overused and abused? oh, wait … too busy … smashing your religious beliefs in the faces of old men..
    got it.

    • opheliart permalink

      maybe Wes take the food gifted for Truth and create something that will silence these egomaniacs. decent folk aren’t parading their sexual interests for the world to see. making loud noises about who they desire to marry and or fuck.

      such a desperate and … pathetic … life your gods are.

      • opheliart permalink

        what do you mean RNS may get sued? you ask.

        rns was advertising for donations by using an image with a person holding a sign welcoming ALL RELIGIONS or all religious beliefs, but has clearly made a negative spectacle out of peterson, and if you look at some of their other articles … they are hardly accepting of religious beliefs of a certain ilk. and yet, they contradict this stance by showing favoritism to rome. it makes no SENSE … is clearly biased and clearly FALSE advertising!

  13. opheliart permalink

    it is one thing AS A RELIGIOUS SERVICE to address the POLITICAL aspect of religion or where religions infringe on politics/political policy… quite another to attack persons of religious beliefs, or set them up making them look BAD… “while advertising that you are welcoming of all religious beliefs”. peterson’s practices were and are religious, a practice of something within his church denomination … not a political policy attacking government laws.

    but the LGBTQ, RNS and many others are fascist false informers … desperately trying to make it look like something other than what it is. it’s like they can’t get enough of their promotional egoism so they gotta pick on old men having written books that are hardly cutthroat.

    they must be sooooo desperate. what next? smashing the faces of children?

    • opheliart permalink

      ah, now you see the other side of the coin. in the JESUS Story, what was he up against? is the jew now willing to admit this is part of that story? Prophesy, my dears … Prophesy. and the Roman Catholic Church-its headship … what did-do they do? constantine and the papal office signed an agreement to make its territory roman catholic, and if you did not comply? policing the minds and hearts of the people? how … Spiritually Immature. ban those books that teach religious-political hypocrisy. and that Spiritually Abuse the people.

      what these oath seekers believe in the old is NOT the same as what We share. the “jew” will be viewed as a con job … religiously. politically? depends on how and where the jew … moves.

      THERE IS NO ABRAHAMIC RELIGION IN GOD, SPIRIT OF THE LIVING … one is of Spirit of the Living or one is not. God is IMPARTIAL … so, it does not matter what but where … you are headed.

      the jews will lose israel in this … policing, this political partnering. as will the christians …

      • opheliart permalink

        obama and his team need to wake to the FACT that education (even law degrees?) have little bearing on right and wrong and … how one believes. ISLAM is a political nemesis. there is no question in our Mind that Islam is a danger in societies. but do ask, what do you mean by danger? laws. practices. how and where do these so-called peaceful ideologies treat and view female, for starters. from there … you have something to trust or … not trust. partner with or not partner with. islamic supporters REFUSE to address the misogynistic heredity within islam, roman catholicism and other religions. they will defend the gay man in the RCC but not the fact that a woman is denied this same role … same vocation within a very large and demanding organization.

        muslim brotherhood, pope, man calling himself francis, the RCC, has said these are his brothers. so … what is he/the institution going to do about this brotherhood? to keep people safe? WE would ban all misogynistic religious-political religions. full stop. make law that states no religion is permitted to practice on american soil if it denies female the vocation of priest, bishop, imam, rabbi … and. no ifs, ands or buts. simple procedure, cut off what is dead. cut from the tree what is a danger, hanging precariously over the fields where children play, work … try to grow. cut with the sword what is … unwilling to hear the disparity of its house.

        in God’s Name? Islam has a psychopath for its prophet, a sickness … how so? look at what their prophet was-is and what he did. same with rome’s popes and bishops, priests … nuns … following the magisterium. maskell said that what he was doing he was doing for the church. whose church?

        NOT OUR CHURCH! he did it for roman catholicism which is not of the Christ in its ordinations. plain and simple. period. (did you get that last?)

  14. opheliart permalink

    just as people forget how history repeats … they forget how the pontiff calling himself francis began his career in the papal office. the closet totalitarian progressives (often claiming itself the liberal, the left … the more civil?) are the ones initially responsible for what’s happening in israel (see michele’s article@rns-above post) … because, as we shared wayyy earlier, they forced bibi into a corner, resulting in the ultra religious taking the reigns. and what followed, and what is coming. again, the liberal will be viewed as responsible for the death and destruction.

    they believe the lies that the rcc has dished out. they believed they could control islam. children with knives …

    • opheliart permalink

      any individual thinking pope george, the man caviling himself francis, is not, did not intend … TO BE OF A POLITICAL OUTCOME in advancement of ROMAN CATHOLIC IDEALISM (by way of islam-the brotherhood of this) is not naive … he is prematurely illegal.

      • opheliart permalink

        you don’t have to believe … what we share, you only need to … die? at the hands of the islamic insurgence?


        I am way out … ahead …of your destiny.

  15. opheliart permalink


    islamic leaders are lawless? care little or not at all about the safety of people? this reminds us of the liberal in the US. no laws regarding religions? political ink heads?

    • opheliart permalink

      again, the LIBERAL, the Left … WILL BE BLAMED for the death and destruction. they are a careless lot. a ridiculous circus of illicit greed.

      • opheliart permalink

        you lost, mark silk … you put your allegiance in a mirage …

        your messiah, the man calling himself francis, is .. a liar and a fraud. oh, jew-boy … how sad a situation when you recognize the deception for what it is, but that is what happens when you live inside a box calling itself …

        irrevocably right.

  16. opheliart permalink

    the EVIDENCE of rome’s alliances … INCLUDING THEIR PONTIFF, pope george, the man calling himself francis … is real. it’s out there for all to see, read, witness …and people like mark silk live in DENIAL on these facts? it’s almost … unbelievable. almost but for … facts. trying to create a diversion on what is clearly fact while being deceived is what we call elementary delusion. or would that be a false dichotomy? a ruse to rise, perhaps? on an imaginary plane?

    you lost, silk. your messiah is a ruse. don’t believe us?

    • opheliart permalink

      even if you are confused on the matter of israel and palestine … and don’t understand that photo of pope george HAND IN HAND WITH assad, and JP2 with arafat … at least 12 times! .. terrorist, murderous dictators … or cannot understand that the canonization of serra, a terrorist, is wrong … or the canonizing of JP2 demonstrates the disease … and lawlessness, carelessness of an institution … there are 2 words that reveal much, shedding light on the sickness … the danger of such a hierarchy (one party two party ? it matters not as there are actually dozens of parties within that complex institution). the two words?


      • opheliart permalink

        yes, mark silk, YOU LOST. there is absolutely NOTHING you can share now … that demonstrates any viable truth on the topic of Spiritual Politics. nothing.

  17. opheliart permalink

    sacraments … huh, the eastern orthodox do not treat manmade marriage as a sacrament? gee, I wonder why? 😉

    now, if the RCC and its pontiff would only admit their error.

    • opheliart permalink

      1 JOHN 1.9 clearly states … a map of FORGIVENESS.

      so why did the RCC get JAMES 5.16 so wrong? they made themselves GOD and demanded that the people, people forced into slavery (if you do not believe us look at any reasonable-reliable history book on the inception of the papal office) … at the hands of DICTATORS, much like you see today in islamic-run nations … forcing women and girls, forcing creed, forcing their prophet on the people, by way of imams and derelict institutions … obey what was WRITTEN BY THEIR ALL MALE ASSOCIATES, their leaders, their gods … much like you see silk rallying for roman catholic george, the man acting as pontiff, calling himself francis. behind that veil lies the truth about his election. and what that disease of an institution intended, did, unfortunately, sadly … but discovered was-is a grave mistake. george must now step down, a dishonorable, a liar … or they kill him and pretend it was a heart attack or something like that (like we fall for their lies, seriously?) … but they cannot do another wesolowski … with such a record, and that hospital scandal looming.

      did you not hear malachy’s prophesy?

      there is no longer mystical trade in-within the RCC … it died with JP2’s inception, and was buried during his canonization. so why do you hop around like rabbits with bits in your mouths … around a campfire labeled …Truth?

      let the dead bury the dead, silk … time you grow up.

      • opheliart permalink

        MANY will leave, will begin to follow us…first with the Art then with the Writing. as is the Way.

        see? no force … no power-mongering, no sexual, religious, political abuses … no death threats. no bombings and guns blaring. at least not from our Place. no lies to seduce, no special treatment or showing of favoritism.

        ”pure and simple” EQUAL REPRESENTATION within What is God, MALE AND FEMALE …

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