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The Monster Calls

January 9, 2017

splendid movie!

the actor, LEWIS JOHN MOIR MACDOUGALL, does an amazing job as Conner.

there is something about his performance that is intensely real. beyond real, actually; more of a truth. so … I looked to see his experience and discovered he had lost his mum shortly before its filming.



l thiel




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  1. opheliart permalink

    imagine that … a crashed theory in a field of expertise … a theory. imagine the theory of man not what the secularist thinks … imagine it.

    imagine the current OPINIONS based on half-truths or no truth at all … being shut down for evidence. yes, imagine that … actual evidence. a wonder.

    OH, TN, IN, MD … oh, houston …

    • opheliart permalink

      @rns, willimon

      Sabelotodo2 • 3 minutes ago
      We’re just closing out 8 years with an African American president, elected twice by all races in America, Curiously, African Americans have fared worse under Obama than under any other president, with higher unemployment and lower incomes than any other racial group. Race relations between blacks and whites are at one of the lowest points in the past 40 years. Black-on-black murders in Chicago are at an all time high, and Black Lives Mater are cheerleaders for anyone who wants to kill a cop. And this Methodist bishop wants to blame it on the majority population, as if nothing has changed since King led the march to Selma?

      Such convoluted thinking just got Trump elected president! Such convoluted thinking is sinking the United Methodist Church, because most of their ministers are preaching faith in politics rather than the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I can see why: their ministerial students are being taught by seminary professors like Willmon, who are in the Dark Ages in terms of race relations. It’s truly time for black people in this country to stop committing this sin of patience!. Ever since the black movement began they’ve sat back and blamed all their ghetto pathologies on whites. THEY themselves need to rise to their feet, find their voices and advocate for changes in black behavior: fewer black girls having babies out of wedlock, fewer black young men dropping out of school and killing each other!

      Whites can’t do it for them. They never could.

      and another from the same:

      Shawnie5 • 2 hours ago
      “King risked obedience to God rather than governing authorities and encouraged others to do the same.”

      Always interesting to watch how the narrative changes from one presidential cycle to the next. Within a couple of months the “render unto Caesar and keep your sin talk out of the public square” has morphed into “obey God not men.”

      It was completely expected since it’s happened with every swing of the political power pendulum — just as expected as the left’s howls for abolishing the constitutionally-prescribed electoral college system which they LOVED back in the 90’s when it gave B. Clinton the presidency despite his never winning a majority of the popular vote . And it’s why I never take too seriously any bombast from the left about “separation of church and state.” The left is just as happy as the right to inject religion into public discourse if the usual political process has failed their agenda.

  2. opheliart permalink

    maybe a spider forced to eat snake in captivity was let loose because its captor no longer wanted it, or wanted to be bothered with it …leading to offspring doing the same … eating snake.

  3. opheliart permalink

    😀 … this is funny. ancient HUMANS? nah, just a race of men that dies out …

    we are alien to him.

  4. opheliart permalink

    not opposed to mexico receiving american companies IF this helps deal with the immigration issue. IF authorities do it with the expectation that crime is to be addressed. to give corrupt, unjust government money and business without the expectation (in a form of ‘rule of law’) to change the current climate is madness, a false initiative, doing little for the citizens/families trying to get by, survive, raise children in oppressive and uncivil, indecent and unjust nations
    (recklessly and selfishly ruled by a rogue government?). america like any nation cannot bring in large numbers without totally upsetting an array of already inconsistent and delicate services for its existing. lawmakers, party affiliates and liberalist ignorance, along with religionist … pushing these sanctuary cities don’t give a damn about the existing needs … they don’t see it. they will generate wealth through convoluted and irregular method to achieve success …

    the democratic party was born from what? a REACTIONARY pulpit?

    • opheliart permalink

      I was told there are no coincidences in orthodoxy, so …

    • opheliart permalink

      just more of the same coming from the extremists:

      @ rns

      Kangaroo52 Truthteller • a day ago
      The Right is opposed to new National Monuments. They are also opposed to civil rights.

      Truthteller Kangaroo52 • 15 hours ago
      Nope. I’m conservative and strongly for civil rights. I’m a Caucasian who serves as assistant pastor of a predominantly black church.

      Kangaroo52 Truthteller • 15 hours ago
      Then you’re not a conservative.

      Edward Borges-Silva Kangaroo52 • 12 hours ago
      Your definition of conservative is inchoate and malformed.


      FASCISM … TELLING YOU WHAT IS TO BE. their dominion is … “I say ___ and what I say is right”

      I know many conservatives who are very much for civility. and these conservatives are nothing like what kangaroo52 and those like it try to paint. nothing. bad art? ignorant art? or just art forcing an agenda? still bad, though. the slander will backfire on kangaroo52. I look forward to the change of air. the stench of their weeds attempting to choke out all life was becoming so thick it gets hard to breathe. once these are out of the way people can then move and move and hopefully breathe some fresher air.

      what kangaroo52 desires is a festering wound … not understanding … not knowledge.

  5. opheliart permalink

    have only seen ARRIVAL and STRANGER THINGS (and the matrix and read alice in wonderland)

    … a lie (fantasy/fiction) to get to a truth? instead, IMAGINATION to get to an UNDERSTANDING

    • opheliart permalink

      JANUARY 13. 2017

      and a story about an Angel using one to write a series of books? 😉

      I converse with the Angels—Spirit of the Living—do you? so if one goes back to someone like the prophet mani sharing on the good and the evil realms or the figure of JESUS illustrating TEACHINGS within the world and Teachings within Truth, which would you believe … and follow? a large conglomerate of power-mongering, war-mongering, money driven … political religious entities … or one used to move man from himself …to something greater, the Divine?

      when a “prophet” takes the step to abuse his gift for control … he loses gift and ends up where? the Story illustrates this provocation.

      • opheliart permalink

        the PurposeBeing … we want you to come to {this} without political or religious force. you are given choice … there is a PROCESS OF BECOMING, otherwise, it becomes overreach, lacking in UNDERSTANDING and/or lack of Faith … where you rely on religious mandate and policy. use these like weapon or creed as law … overbearing, institutionalized … endeavor rather than the TRUE metaphysical stream.

  6. opheliart permalink

    contrast this:


    which do you trust? can you trust either one? and remember where the RCC, a POLITICAL-RELIGIOUS ENTITY, stands on a number of issues, MALE AND FEMALE, and again, we will publish this from the economist:

    and would it be a wise move to trust bishops/cardinals and a pope of rome with this happening throughout the world:

    • opheliart permalink

      catholic social justice demands what from where? a place of arrogance or a place of ignorance? while… ‘is used and uses’ WAR tactic, FORCE, and death strategy to solve the problem of …


      allow us to provide and example (upcoming):

      before we provide the example, allow us to ask: has the RCC used power play in the paint of social reform to navigate its way in countries where it could not be king? where law suggests (merely suggests, but does not execute?) that religion cannot rule state … religious hierarchy should not be allowed to dominate … strict religious in the face of the dogmatic should never be the force of law … through any means that provides its hierarchy even more power, esp where it is losing power? (an attempt at regaining power). and allow us to at least bring up a valid point: the more power romanism, FOR roman hierarchy, claiming a whitewash of catholic justice reform, not FOR the wealth and health and safety of the cities of a nation, which should include its voice and not that of a distant council, the more abuse and misuse (people, funding, property, advising … the youth misdirected and abused, victimized) the less the NEW in any context is permitted space to grow? the less GRACE is heard and … the less the truth is provided as gift?

      • opheliart permalink

        we are watching closely who-what aligns with this roman pontiff and where-how. for what purpose. what is its intent. those in it for the money will cease. those in it for political party agenda as we see in the two0faced, split tongue of the bishops … who do not care for the victims in their houses and schools, who abuse their positions, misuse funds … and lie, looking the other way on the crimes … will be dragged from their thrones, along with those aligned in these endeavors (party favors) … so we watch to see who steps in the dung of devastation and where he treks its debris. -and please note, gibson is a romanist patriot, claiming catholicism as master, not a citizen of the press … within THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. this is not JOURNALISM, its propaganda for roman pontiff imitation, which includes a merge with islam and … others of similar interests. and please know what FEMALE stands to lose if romanism gains power once again, where transparency in its orders, its hierarchy … is obstructed, in diversion mode, as BISHOPS WITH ROMAN POPE demand their age-OLD policy, using its push for justice reform (having failed) …while nation, under the threat of all form of terrorist enterprise … and religious patriotism.

        “He cited the pope’s tough talk against income inequality, the rule of finance and an “economy of exclusion,” and he highlighted the need for a moral and regulatory framework to restrain “the unseen forces and invisible hand of the economy.”

        ? you should be addressing the hypocrisy, folks, the lies … where is the evidence of income equality and RULE OF FINANCE … coming from this pontiff, head of vatican? LOL … and how has his/its tough talk allowed FEMALE HER RIGHTS in the job market—paid the same as male—given the SAME opportunities, including priest, bishop, cardinal … pope?

        he/institution ignores female in its protest. always has … always will. pretty, whitewashed talk coming from egomaniacs?


    • opheliart permalink

      Kangaroo52 • 19 hours ago
      You know what, that whole left-right dichotomy is like saying a map is better than a picture. This article made my respect for Le Pen go up about a million percent. Yes, I know she’s a racist, but, remember, I was one of those who always said Trump was eminently preferable to Cruz, Jindahl, Santorum, Huckabee, and the rest of the christofascists including Jeb Bush (especially because of Jeb’s willingness to intervene in the Teri Schiavo imbroglio to gain political points with the Religious Reich). Trump’s foul language, sexual proclivities, and chutzpah indicates he is not about to let the Wowsers get a foothold. Yes, he has DeVos and Carson in his cabinet, but as minor figureheads who are seldom heard from after confirmation. He won’t let either of them do any more damage than usual.

      That French race is like a contest here between Trump, Santorum, Clinton, Sanders, and Biden all in one race – like ours would be like if we had a universal primary and a myriad of parties like they do.


      if … IF the SYSTEM, including the media, would allow for more voice. stein was only heard because sanders abandoned his flock. even then, she was denied debate time. and rns used her for satire … and only satire. gee, how off-putting for a religious news service. oh, but she was not pushing religion so … no news worthy of print? anti-war positions don’t rate for political-religious newsies? no feckless drama coming from stein? whereas bernie used his pope fran and his big imam for … vision, both of overbearing patriarchal initiative, belief and practice. gee, what didn’t/DOESN’T rns and sanders get about that vision?

      high priest of AMERICAN CIVIL RELIGION?

      recall we said, what you believe may be what you receive ..?
      your religious president promoting religion? okay, silk, you should be thrilled! you wanted religion you got religion …

      what? wrong religion, silk? not the religion you wanted? hmmm … it was a bit confusing since state was not to be undermining itself—AND OTHER—ESP ITS CITIZENS, by showing partiality in its use of religion, SPECIFIC to its cause, to win votes and to govern, but the pope was used, you used the roman pontiff, and numerous other of ‘abrahamic divinity’ … so you got what you asked for, no? it’s patriarchal … like the roman pontiff, like islam, like … judaism.

      I cannot for the LIFE OF ME understand why anyone advocating patriarchal religionist, such as the roman pontiff … would be upset with a male dominant religious house of abrahamic prose. they worship the same god so …

      aside: do you think they are confused?

      • opheliart permalink

        and I turned on the news just a bit ago to find cardinal dolan of new york being interviewed … and he was speaking on how the holy spirit will work in donald trump and move him to …

        how he knows this or … what trump will do? you will have to ask him. seems he rates for donnie’s prayer … and I think he even made a pun, something about spirit trumping trump … you will have to google it, as I only heard a wee bit and was not all that interested in what the dole had to say

        _did you miss the part where pope plays the part of the space seeker while engaging the extreme, and the …

        had a couple visit this week while coming to the end of their journey having done a lot of travel for about a year or so and the topic of SPOTLIGHT came up. they aren’t movie goers but they were in a place—I think they said bosnia—in this little old town and saw a movie theater ready to show Spotlight. they knew it had won best picture so … they went in and they said the place was filled with people, but it was so quiet. they said it was quiet like the reaction Nan had (grandmother) when she read THE GLOBE article revealing the clergy child abuse and what bernard law—top down—had done to try to cover it up.

      • opheliart permalink

        and look at silk’s followers … the christian haters. he knows just how to fuel them… igniting their incongruent piousness … their egos … their arrogance and … their hatred. does it make HIM feel good? does it give him a high? yessssss, we see his ego oozing its own desert …

        the hatred of a person they oppose … it’s a malnutrition, a void of … UNDERSTANDING. it lacks credence. instead of hating what evil, should there be evil, USING man … for its own indecency, confusion and catastrophe … they hate person. instead of hating a system, a bias, an institution or an entitlement … they hate person … people … because they don’t know any better. they know not what they do … they know not what they are.

        we wonder what would it take for them to kill … what they oppose. if they had the freedom to do it would they do it? would they attack … like a pack of wild coyotes … taking down a doe.

        oh, we can smell their hatred like the smoke from burning oil. its thick and its … cutthroat. those democrats started the kkk … hmm, will history repeat for these militant democrats? what are they capable of if they are this reactionary? their reactionary pulpits are in full gear.

        do you know them by their fruit? would you want this to rule you and your children? they don’t know what they don’t know … as they live in ignorance and unbelief … about what they are.

  7. opheliart permalink

    12:20 p.m.

    The daughter of a woman killed during a massacre at a Charleston church says she doesn’t want the racist killer to face the death penalty.

    Sharon Risher said Wednesday that 22-year-old Dylann Roof should sit in his cell and think about how he made the nine black people he killed at Emanuel AME church into martyrs.

    Risher was the 21st family member to speak and the first to explicitly say he shouldn’t face the death penalty. She is the daughter of Ethel Lance.

    There has been plenty of anger during the sentencing hearing. One family member told Roof he should know how they feel because his mother had a heart attack in the courtroom.

    Wednesday’s hearing is to formally sentence Roof to death after a jury decided on the punishment the day before.


    10:15 a.m.

    A woman who survived Dylann Roof’s attack on a black church says she still holds on to the torn, bloodstained Bible she had that night.

    Felicia Sanders said at Roof’s formal sentencing hearing Wednesday that she forgave Roof because that was the easiest thing to do. But she said Roof has done nothing to help himself.

    Sanders says she can’t even close her eyes to pray after the attack on Emanuel AME church members during their final Bible study prayer.

    Roof did not look at any of the family members, even one who demanded he look in his direction.

    Roof will have a chance to speak later in the hearing.


    from forgiveness to judgement.

    from a child (daughter) to the male stream of judicial practice.

    how does one forgive while desiring roof to be murdered? is it she/they forgive him, but believe he has no purpose unto God and should therefore be murdered because he murdered? an eye for an eye? because he murdered out of hatred? anger? ignorance? lack of Conscience? belief in extreme ideal and or purpose for … a belief extreme making him unsuitable for society? he was methodical about his approach? not mentally ill? not showing remorse for his awful, devastating acts?

    he has not changed his mind about his belief. his intent.

    why? he is on trial for the horrendous act of murdering people because he believes them to have ____ (doing wrong?). because they are black? or because they are black doing ____ (wrong?) a church, an historic church. a notable politician, also murdered. are you seeing a connect in these stats? now … why would—HOW COULD—dylann roof change his mind if he is of a certain belief and practice? possibly of a certain race? exposed to some things he found repulsive? we still have not heard anything about what he witnessed other than his following the extreme of white supremacist online and likely through other writings. we only see a portrait of a teen looking like the worst of the worst, unless you first see what?

    a victim.

    allow to ask you how many people murder through dealing drugs? how many overdoses coming from those drugs and from tainted drugs? how many killed in prescription malpractice? how many not just killed through gang violence, but tortured … even raped. how many children have suffered living with parents who are drug addicts, careless and ignorant … negligent, offensive and abusive? awful parents. how many have died at the hands of these parents, their friends, boyfriends … business associates? and their enemies. how many die because they are at the wrong place at the wrong time when LAW and AUTHORITY drop bombs that kill? how many have suffered at the hands of injustice? priests, bishops, cardinals, popes, law enforcement, military … dictators and … ?

    but we have one case of a teenager misdirected in a climate of … murderous, vindictive, abusive … societal ignorance and misdemeanor … where extremists are allowed to practice their art? to taint the minds of the youth? it’s like watching russian roulette. at some point the gun fires and kills. at some point you have an victim turned murderer.

    from our vantage point, dylann roof is too young and was too exposed to extreme ideologies while so young … he was vulnerable with NONE to show him a different way or … no one aware enough, or caring enough … to get him OUT of where he was beginning to lose his ability to reason right from wrong. he slipped through and into the cracks of mans devastating regime—its failed system. he’s a victim like so many victims in a society looking the other way … in a nation looking after its own greed and political pious. so … how could dylann roof change his mind while in prison under these judges?
    where would he be receiving something that could help him realize what he did and that what he did is very wrong?

    think of how many that have murdered for ideology, in this day … beginning way back through many religions, kings, courts … objectives. is dylann a product of rome? a product of atheism? a product of a white supremacist teachings? a product of the failed american vision, and its teaching? where few get much and many get little to nothing?

    you see, it is not my place to judge the judges, but to call out the obvious … the error and the hypocrisy, malpractice and the elements doing harm. but, you see, certain freedoms in america allow extremists their way … dangerous as it is … the law of the land allows this. and if you say he can’t then where does it end if government becomes something fascist or sharian or roman catholic or communist or …

    what this democracy advocates is giving the youth a weapon, saying, it’s only a toy. and they walk away from the responsibility of seeing that that toy does not get used as a weapon.

    • opheliart permalink

      when the islamist extremist in boston was on trial for his terrorist actions … romanists (RCs?) called for no death penalty. have we heard the same from these for dylann roof?

  8. opheliart permalink


    so … how do you explain this:

    the le pen article

    Ben in Oakland • 15 hours ago
    The woman who demonizes muslims. The movement who had a conservative catholic commit suicide inside of Notre dame. The movement fueled in part by Manif pour Tous, which believes only heterosexual catholics are worthwhile.

    “a woman who demonizes muslims” … this comment coming from a gay, jew, atheist. do you think ben has been listening to lies or that he does not do his homework or … that his desire is to slander something he opposes? it’s odd, really … hypocritical, to say the least … he should be jumping for joy that a WOMAN, yes, a woman … advocating very serious separation of church in state, but … he demonizes himself … I mean, he demonizes through fascist intent, but again … why?
    could it be he makes these comments because … she is not denouncing christianity? but why would she? francemovedinto a secularist nation. isn’t she just making sure that it remains that way or that it moves even closer to this ideal? a separation, given the demands of the islamist, islam, THE FASTEST GROWING RELIGION IN THE WORLD AND … along with the infighting and the terrorism? only a fool ignores that it exists through high numbers of refugees incoming, demanding even more in the way of religious rights, in public schools and elsewhere, with the possible lack of proper vetting. we are not saying le pen is the answer, we are calling out the inconsistency of this gay, jew, atheist’s statement(s). then again, maybe this gay, jew, atheist blames her for her father’s behavior (different from hereditary in what? where?). hmm … now that’s very abrahamic in origin: treat female unfairly. maybe ben is really of the original sin theology after all 😉

    or maybe, now that his gay community has formed its own religion and is permitted power in america. power capable of deterring the livelihoods of others … he wants religion big and brash to … activate his agenda? everywhere. his beliefs and practices done his way … and le pen is now an obstacle to get what he desires?

  9. opheliart permalink–politics.html?ref=gs

    brining this back around to the …


    take the movie ARRIVAL … what happened when china stopped sharing information? and other nations followed? it wasn’t the choice of the people because the people want answers. they want information and they need it explained in a way THEY can understand, but …

    who-what is capable of doing this? what cares—UNDERSTANDS PEACE—where it matters most … for the safety and wellbeing of ALL people? sure, some reject it, deny many things … desire self-centered party-affiliated approach and destiny, and are willing to LIE TO THE PEOPLE for its agenda, instilling untruths, false news … others are lazy, privileged and negligent, a big part of the problem … some things are in the way of moving toward unity FOR understanding.
    so? it won’t work. merkel or anyone in this mindset … it will not work. it’s all been done before. man just repeats with a different hat, bat … fat.

    • opheliart permalink

      the liberal—-progressive—party? better get a grip … big storms a-comin’ … but who-what can it hold onto that it can trust? if left agenda grabs at anything and everything for its use to drive … without study, without consistent knowledge and at least some understanding in how and where and WHAT does not work. is without solid foundation on what will carry it through the biggest and worst climate changes … is he the helmsman for the greater whole?

      read the article on le pen. does it sound somewhat familiar? the gangs—the violence? rising demands from LGBTG+and whatever else they decide to add to it to give ITSELF more force, more power more unaware legislature (look familiar to you? where have you seen growing religion using state to gain power and control?) … they do not know what’s ahead. how a twist or a turn will render them. their cause. or you and your loved ones …

  10. opheliart permalink

    seems you have a monster on your hands

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