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Rome rules in Noho?

January 6, 2017

Daily Hampshire Gazette, Friday January 6

DOOR OPEN FOR REFUGEES … Bishop Mitchell T. Rozanski of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield, announces that Northampton is officially a refugee resettlement community as … the RCC CHARITY looks on … 

Door open for refugees but not for “fathers”  …within the roman catholic priesthood?


Saturday, April 02, 2016
NORTHAMPTON — The Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield continues to defend its handling of a sexual assault case in which a deceased priest was accused of sexually assaulting a teenage boy more than four dozen times.

The allegations surfaced in July 2013 when a then-20-year-old Chesterfield man alleged in a lawsuit that the Rev. Paul Archambault sexually abused him as a teenager for four years, beginning in 2006.

Archambault, 42, died in July 2011, when he took his own life after he was confronted with the claims of abuse, according to the diocese.

Meanwhile, a sexual assault advocate from Huntington, who said he met with church officials on behalf of the victim, in an interview Friday alleged that Springfield Bishop Mitchell T. Rozanski impeded the investigation of claims made against Archambault and should resign.

“I’ve called for his resignation,” said Olan Horne, a sexual assault advocate. Horne himself said he was assaulted by a priest as a child.
“More importantly, (this case) demonstrates the immaturity, the mind-set and insensibility of Rozanski to handle any clergy abuse case.”

The diocese maintains a list of priests accused of sex crimes, and adds names when it deems the allegations “credible.”
In Archambault’s case, that took three years.

His name was added on Tuesday after the diocese and the victim agreed to settle the suit for an undisclosed amount. The Gazette generally does not publish the names of victims of sex crimes.

According to Hampshire Superior Court records, Archambault had a history of “boundary issues” with children. Twice, he was summoned before the Diocesan Review Board for inappropriate interactions with youngsters.

Archambault was ordained in 2005, according to the diocese.

The first incident was before then, though the diocese said it is not sure exactly when.

Archambault was made a priest anyway.

The second incident involved Archambault giving a boy a massage at a spiritual retreat in 2007, according to the diocese.

“He had additional steps he had to take,” Mark Dupont, a spokesman for the diocese said Friday. “He faced extra scrutiny before being ordained. It wasn’t just a rubber stamp.”

Dupont would not elaborate when asked about what extra steps were required of Archambault. He did say, however, that the diocese hired a private investigator and also enlisted the help of the Massachusetts State Police, but their findings indicated no other victims came forward and that Archambault was not a threat.

“I don’t think we ever asserted (there) wasn’t a red flag,” Dupont said Thursday. “With hindsight being 20-20, our difficulty then and throughout this process is lack of willingness for people who had concrete information to step forward to share it with us or law enforcement. What you had was a lot of concerns, but not a lot of substance we could’ve acted upon.”

Dupont also contends the victim in the suit never directly reported what happened to church officials.

When asked why it took three years for a sexual assault case to be deemed credible by the diocese, Dupont replied in an email Thursday:

“Generally speaking, if the accused lived or served in the area where the alleged abuse took place at the particular time frame described by the victim, and the alleged victim can provide a detailed enough description of the individual and the events, we will find it to be a credible allegation.”

Advocate’s account
Horne, a sexual assault advocate, said Friday he accompanied the victim’s family to meetings, and met himself with church officials to ask questions including why Archambault was allowed to be ordained and if there was evidence that he had a history of inappropriate contact with children.

But these meetings were strictly “pastoral,” Dupont said in an email, and not intended as intake because the family did not want a victim advocate present.

“We have had better outcomes for these difficult meetings when the process is followed,” he said in the email. “Therefore, by all accounts the meeting did not go well in no small part we believe because it didn’t utilize the existing process.”

Nonetheless, Horne said he was stonewalled and that Rozanski hindered his and the family’s efforts to collect information.

“This isn’t about survivors or victims,” Horne said. “These priests should be held liable and accountable. Rozanski should get familiar with the survivors’ community and understand their pain.”

“This isn’t over,” Horne said. “And it won’t be.”

Michael Majchrowicz can be reached at

hmm … we wonder what’s in it for the Vatican?  

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  1. opheliart permalink

    part of the article:
    But America, not least thanks to its bankruptcy procedures, provides a slightly clearer window on the church’s finances. And America is so important to the church that it merits particular examination.

    Only three countries—Brazil, Mexico and the Philippines—have larger Catholic populations than America, and nowhere has a larger Catholic minority. Almost 100m Americans, a third of the nation, have been baptised into the faith and 74m identify themselves as Catholic. Discrimination against the Catholic minority, and strong leadership from Rome, encouraged American Catholics to create a sort of parallel society in the 19th and 20th centuries, with the result that there are now over 6,800 Catholic schools (5% of the national total); 630 hospitals (11%) plus a similar number of smaller health facilities; and 244 colleges and universities. Many of these institutions are known for excellence: seven of the leading 25 part-time law school programmes in America are Catholic (five are run by Jesuits). A quarter of the 100 top-ranked hospitals are Catholic. All these institutions are subject to the oversight of a bishop or a religious order.

    The Economist estimates that annual spending by the church and entities owned by the church was around $170 billion in 2010 (the church does not release such figures). We think 57% of this goes on health-care networks, followed by 28% on colleges, with parish and diocesan day-to-day operations accounting for just 6% and national charitable activities just 2.7% (see chart). In total, Catholic institutions employ over 1m people, reckons Fred Gluck, a former McKinsey managing partner and co-founder of the National Leadership Roundtable on Church Management, a lay organisation seeking to improve the way the church is run. For purposes of secular comparison, in 2010 General Electric’s revenue was $150 billion and Walmart employed roughly 2m people.

    The church is the largest single charitable organisation in the country. Catholic Charities USA, its main charity, and its subsidiaries employ over 65,000 paid staff and serve over 10m people. These organisations distributed $4.7 billion to the poor in 2010, of which 62% came from local, state and federal government agencies.

    The American church may account for as much as 60% of the global institution’s wealth. Little surprise, then, that it is the biggest contributor to head office (ahead of Germany, Italy and France). Everything from renovations to St Peter’s Basilica in Rome to the Pontifical Gregorian University, the church’s version of West Point, is largely paid for with American money.

    Where that money comes from is hard to say (the church does not release numbers on this either). Some of it is from the offerings of the faithful. Anecdotal evidence suggests that America’s Catholics give about $10 per week on average. Assuming that one-third attend church regularly, that would put the annual offertory income at around $13 billion. More comes from elite groups of large donors such as the Papal Foundation, based in Pennsylvania, whose 138 members pledge to donate at least $1m annually, and Legatus, a group of more than 2,000 Catholic business leaders that was founded by Tom Monaghan of Domino’s Pizza.

    There is also income from investments. Timothy Dolan, the president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and Cardinal-Archbishop of New York (a “corporation sole”, meaning a legal entity consisting of a single incorporated office, occupied by a single person), is believed to be Manhattan’s largest landowner, if one includes the parishes and organisations that come under his jurisdiction. Another source of revenue is local and federal government, which bankroll the Medicare and Medicaid of patients in Catholic hospitals, the cost of educating pupils in Catholic schools and loans to students attending Catholic universities.

    Wages and sin

    The molestation and rape of children by priests in America has resulted in more than $3.3 billion of settlements over the past 15 years, $1.3 billion of that in California. The total is likely to increase as more states follow California and Delaware in relaxing the statute of limitations on these crimes, most of which were reported long after they happened. For an organisation with revenues of $170 billion that might seem manageable. But settlements are made by individual dioceses and religious orders, whose pockets are less deep than those of the church as a whole.

    The fact that far fewer Catholics are answering the call to become nuns, monks and priests (the minor seminaries, once the first step of the recruitment process, are almost empty) adds to the pressure. It saves some current costs, but reduces in perpetuity the pool of very cheap labour that the church has relied on. Dioceses increasingly need to pay people market rates to get jobs done that were previously assigned to clergy and members of religious orders. This pushes running costs up.

    On the revenue side, donations from the faithful are thought to have declined by as much as 20%. The scandals probably played a part in this: few people want to donate money that will go to clearing up the damage done by predatory priests. But many in the church also feel that competition for charitable dollars has increased.

    Over the past eight years, a combination of these stresses has driven eight dioceses (including San Diego, Tucson and Milwaukee) to declare bankruptcy, as well as the American arm of the Irish Christian Brothers and a regional branch of the Jesuits. More of America’s 196 dioceses could be forced to do the same. Efforts are under way in the legislatures of Arizona, Illinois, New York, Florida, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Ohio and California (again) to extend statutes of limitations, according to Jeff Anderson, a lawyer who represents many victims of abuse. If any of these efforts succeeds, the expectation among lawyers like Mr Anderson is that some of the affected dioceses would seek Chapter 11 protection while they attempt to settle the cases. (Troubled dioceses generally settle suits just before the bishop is due in court.) The diocese of Honolulu could be the next to go bankrupt. In May it was hit by a pair of new lawsuits after the extension of Hawaii’s statute of limitations for victims of abuse.

    Various sources say that Cardinal Dolan and other New York bishops are spending a substantial amount—estimates range from $100,000 a year to well over $1m—on lobbying the state assembly to keep the current statute of limitations in place. His office will not comment on these estimates. This is in addition to the soft lobbying of lawmakers by those with pulpits at their disposal. The USCCB, the highest Catholic body in America, also lobbies the federal government on the issue. In April the California Catholic Conference, an organisation that brings the state’s bishops together, sent a letter to California’s Assembly opposing a bill that would extend the statute and require more rigorous background checks on church workers.

    Some dioceses have, in effect, raided priests’ pension funds to cover settlements and other losses. The church regularly collects money in the name of priests’ retirement. But in the dioceses that have gone bust lawyers and judges confirm that those funds are commingled with other investments, which makes them easily diverted to other uses. Under Cardinal Bernard Law, the archdiocese of Boston contributed nothing to its clergy retirement fund between 1986 and 2002, despite receiving an estimated $70m-90m in Easter and Christmas offerings that many parishioners believed would benefit retired priests.

    Church officials denied the money it had collected was improperly diverted. By 2008 the unfunded liability had reached $114m. Joseph D’Arrigo, a benefits specialist, was brought in to turn things round. In 2010 the retirement fund was turned into an independent trust to ensure it could not be used for other purposes—a first for an American diocese, reckons Mr D’Arrigo.

    An uncertain route to financial salvation
    The retirement funds for Wilmington, Delaware, were largely lost when it settled sex-abuse claims for $77m in February 2011. Those funds had been tossed into a pooled investment account that also contained parish investments and funds for cemeteries and the education of seminarians. The Eastern United States province of the Passionists, a missionary order, has diverted retirement funds to cover operating expenses. In a bid to stave off bankruptcy it has sold off property, including a 14-acre piece of New York waterfront, and made an unorthodox investment in a Broadway show, “Leap of Faith”. It flopped.

    In a public company, this type of thing would attract regulatory scrutiny. In the church, retirement is still largely in the gift of the bishop. Retirement plans for priests are typically set up as diocesan trusts rather than proper pension funds with structured benefits. They do not fall under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, the law that establishes standards for plan trustees and remedies for beneficiaries, including access to federal courts. Priests thus have no recourse to law if they are hard done by. Nor, as a matter of course, can they take their pensions with them if they leave for another diocese.

    Richard Vega, who recently stepped down as president of the National Federation of Priests’ Councils, estimates that 75-80% of clergy pension schemes in America are underfunded. He says that only a small minority of priests will have set aside enough of their net average salary of $25,000 a year to cover themselves. Others will be less fortunate.

    The clergy and its creditors

    The principle of separation between church and state in America means that religious groups are not required to file tax returns, list their assets or disclose basic facts about their finances. Some dioceses do publish accounts, but these tend to provide an incomplete picture. Though lawyers for dioceses facing bankruptcy have fought to keep most financially sensitive documents sealed, the process has forced the church to let in unaccustomed light.



    regarding catholic relief services

    Betty Clermont • 7 hours ago
    In 2014, (latest available figures) CRS received $344,633,837 in government grants – 47% of their revenue. So CRS can not only deny, but also lobby against in third world countries, providing condoms and women’s healthcare with our tax dollars.

    so in the event of a growing political religious body … like, say, sharian religious (islam) … a minority in america … are you as a licensed politician supposed to play politeness with the entire nation’s financial system, lifeblood and decrees of wealth distribution and commerce? and do again what your “democracy” did with the mismanaged, malpracticing RCC? and the women and children gifted to them?

    think very boldly in how you answer that question.

    and how do YOU address this malpractice, mismanagement of the american tax dollar? how do you get to the source of what is so big, so conning and convoluted and vast … like a mangled web of disrepair? how do you make ROOM for others, believing in God or not, but honest … when the money is tied up in roma, a catholicity of error? or, another growing political religious empire, or … heaven forbid! a roman sharian state? an america operated by empirical heads using YOU, your freedoms … for ITS power, influence and legislative initiative? the pirate stores are in other countries … big, racially divided and very patriarchal … and why in the world would AMERICAN atheists and liberals, progressives, evangelical or otherwise promote another roman catholic type (caliphate) dynasty on its shores? WHY?! to instigate a war? this, to us, is … madness. you think the RCC is misusing america? huh, you will destroy america altogether you allow another of this same mission of global control or … a merge of vatican and muslim BROTHERING (f-ing each other for its own pleasure and egomaniacal insigne) by way of the sharian caliphate. ___pope fran of the RCC has been prepped for this; do not think he has not been promoting this merge. as it stands … the atheist is going bye-bye. the ‘liberal’ will be annexed and … israel? hmm … gotta move, dearies … got to MOVE and move NOW!

    but how do you remove the mess, the abusers … misusers … the dishonest, the unjust, the cracked vessel, shuttering, imploding industry of church in bed with state? for itself. not for movement for the good of HUMANITY? or Environment?

    a. you investigate these agencies, and you get the word out on 0 tolerance of malpractice and abuse, whether clergy-child sex abuse completely and totally mismanaged by the RCC and others, AND oddly, excused by government (much like obama’s bail out of wall street etc) or the finances involved. depending on your field (what you are versed in).

    b. you stop paying into and supporting its frame. it is decayed … starting to crumble. allow it to be removed.

      • opheliart permalink

        a lucrative business–eh? no wonder the catholic conference of bishops is at the top of that list. what a bunch of greedy, disingenuous miscreants, and people wonder why I hate the RCC? and look at how they treat their own members … good grief.

        grow up and smell the sick rats infecting your … and you think your government will do right by you? 90% christian of the catholic initiated … making up US congress? they can’t even INVESTIGATE one of the biggest crime rings of clergy/staff child sex abuse in their own “charitable” institutions! and HOLD THOSE ACCOUNTABLE HAVING LIED, committed crimes … shuffling abusive priests and bishops on up? even in this day … still? they play political games with them using YOUR MONEY … and look the other way on the crimes. do you think they are capable of seeing to the safety and well being of you, your children or … the refugee?

        you are merely pawns in their game of thrones.

        added tuesday, jan 11

        “In response to currents of divisiveness, it is all the more urgent to update the idea of Europe, so as to give birth to a new humanism based on the capacity to integrate, dialogue and generate that made the Old Continent great,” he [pope francis] said.—from another article, detailing the roman pontiff’s agenda.

        make rome great again? make patriarchal religious great again? his ‘reform’, if we can call it that, is really just an islamizing of areas, but under the headship of rome.



        Sinner88 • 8 hours ago
        When ‘christian’ congressmen in our ‘Christian nation’ are allied with the kings of headchoppin suicidal terrorists, helping slaughter innocents, discombobulating entire regions, creating refugees, widows and orphans by the millions for dominance and control of multi-$Trillion gas/oil markets, while feeding everyone bs about “fighting terrorism” …it creates enemies by the tens of millions.

        —that is something much of america chooses to ignore

        truck attack in jerusalem
        “The Palestinian leadership in the West Bank, dominated by Fatah, calls for peaceful resistance, but has not specifically condemned such attacks.”

    • opheliart permalink

      one might say the political puppet pop star pope will be a flop … when more of the truth comes out about what the rcc head is up to. when more realize what’s going on … when it dawns on them they are … have been … misused.

      the deal here looks like this:

      the hardliner roman catholics complain about this current pontiff. they accuse him of modernity, changing the church doctrine … whatever. but he hasn’t really. he pretends to make change, but unless people are so dumbstruck indecent, allowing priests some freedoms in letting divorced couples receive communion, which the priests do anyway, as many don’t know and don’t care, unless they love using this power frame for their own gain … it’s really nothing new. it’s whitewashed and reported to look new and rich, righteous and oh, that kind and humble and compassionate pope … ah, nope … too many ignoramuses out in the world, like pope bernie sanders in his wasted breath … and this works for them because it is a distration from what?
      and many articles like this, trying to clear the air on the stench of … illegalities of the RCC.

      so parading the halls of congress is pope fran of the vast CATHOLIC HIERARCHY OF ROME, in all its _see above in the economist article_while paying into and supporting:

      that same old… god of religious enterprise, misuse and abuse of female, including treating them as LESSER than a man … hiding this discrimination under their RELIGIOUS FREEDOMS, and the hiding of all the misuse of funds in all that corrupt finance FOR …

      the god of roman catholicism and islam.

      excuse moi? the catholics are so used to bowing to popes and its servants they haven’t a clue they are being let go for a big, fat business initiative …

      • opheliart permalink

        and the liberal—progressive, knowing or unknowing what they are up to, is misled …

        AND … it is no secret that posers go onto sites like rns to create a drama … instill hatred and to get the fundie-haters to respond pro-pope, helping in that hell of despair—the betrayal. good grief! pay attention … I studied these … saw the betrayal. they lie for their lords! if you think trump is a pretender in the arena of christianity start paying attention to those out there misleading YOU!

        @RNS … the HEIR article—see salkin’s commentary
        Jim Johnson HpO • 2 days ago
        Because Christians, like white males are our nation’s whipping boys. The Left has said or done very little about the persecution and killing of Christians in Africa, the Middle East, South Asia and China. Their fair-haired childten right now are Muslims.

        __ because to see christians die is in some way validation FOR what they believe. yes, there I said it. the less of them the more of … their own? but how does one control islamist in HIS demand for rights? both religious AND political? has the secularist not considered what will very likely be … with the new kid in town? should he operate like the RCC, taking its cues from the caliphate-ordained?

        secularism is a strange animal. like other -isms, religions and … it has its own face. it fights, it bites and it breathes fire. the american secularist, lefties? leftists? liberals? liberalists? the sometime humanitarian? the ecumenicist? the fascist? the communist? the …atheist? desires to get back at the christian for … being christian? for not agreeing with secularist? for challenging secularism? for questioning the anything goes ideology of worldly acclaim? while it pads the way and USES islamist and others … to gain traction for its own?

        but people without a solid foundation go whoosh … blown and scattered all over, until there is nothing left of who they are. look at the barbarian tribes fighting for land, women, slaves and … money … these are gone, but not all because … evil still resides in those they can use to continue in destruction, the horror, the lies, the fighting and THE WARRING … the politics and the religions. infighting and slavery and … deception and … greed … violence. they are not concerned about what’s next … but what they want in this age. not what the future may hold or what it might look like for the youth should they proceed in their secularist intent, but what they desire in this day, their day. there is little thought to tomorrow’s burdens. they exaggerate to get what they want. they overreach …

        secularism is like a shape shifter in that it could be one thing in one age but another thing in another age. and it loves reform. reform not change or transformation is its handy-dandy word. the very white bandaid they plaster over the wounds to hide the system’s infections. instead of cleaning out a house they would rather put on a new coat of paint. instead of getting rid of what isn’t working they would rather give it a new name and pay into it even more. instead of
        seeing the faces of their enemies they only see the face of the secularist and will band together, much like religionist and bully. their right meets might? if islam serves their purpose for the moment then islam it is, even if the islamist stands over them with a book far more treacherous in its land domination than anything THEY have ever seen. it’s called selling its child for a pint.

        added: jan 12, 2017

        fascism looks like this (emerging):

        any growing group within a nation, city or … worldly press … downplays their own hypocrisy while pushing hard to paint their “enemy” as the absolute worst (kerry apologizes for his treatment of gays, which tells you that most if not all of those lawmakers, politicians … have at sometime behaved unjustly, and or allowing or promoting bad acts … just look at the RCC’s clergy/staff child sex abuse … and where is the attacks on kerry, the bishops, or comedians pro-fascism where their fruit was/is ignorant and … utterly without taste?). within secularist agent, coupled with religious intent, you have a marriage of individualism. the state uses the growing group [say, the LGBTQ…, islamist] to make its opponents look unsuitable, using a disingenuous creed, which could change like a turncoat [see bernie sanders] IF … if they see another opportunity or … where they are in error and will be blamed for something quite serious. take the growing and very demanding LGBTQ attacking religious bodies, for instance, and it is a growing religion. they demand their beliefs and practices not just in the matter of SSM but anything and everything they want. they want it all. they desire … FOR their religion in the PUBLIC sector. and the emerging fascism will allow it because they lack sense. they have their reasons, for sure, but they lack sense. first, why is government involved in the businesses of people? the marriages within church? if paying taxes (???), and not openly mocking or warning of another group/religion without evidence. something needs to step in to stem lies, to keep from senseless harm, but should government be flexing its muscles in areas where it stands to gain points, votes … without knowledge and understanding in these areas? what experience does it have to interfere? valid question, yes?

        let’s look at the transgender issue where he demands his choice of open locker room for undressing. how many teens both male and female are vicious? lacking CONSCIENCE? and how often do we see the male taking advantage of female, using cell phones or … to capture female in the state of undress. how about rape of students in all types of university settings, esp those elite school settings? much coming out, finally, on all of this ugliness and all of the admin looking the other way and the cover ups. what about the athlete abusing rights? giving them more is not teaching them how to behave. it is not responsible parenting in this day because, both male and female have not learned WHAT IS HUMAN>what is proper conduct and mentally/emotionally/socially … they are immature having been reared in what? look at the industries making money off of ignorance as the best seller. war included.

        fascist SECULARIST agenda sets the stage for disaster, harm … bad acts, suffering. the people are not ready for this openness-free liberated society … because they are ignorant,led by ignorant entrainment, ignorant arts, ignorant teachers, ignorant and self-centered religious and lawmaker. move out of these ignorant arenas and you have a chance at being more open in the undress of male-female … but the teen and in his raging hormones, fed by what? society does not stand a chance in its present state. example: how does it help the status of the female to have government promote religious industry that denies her equality?
        so … you see the madness? the insanity?the lack of sense? obama CARE is what if he sets the stage for big PATRIARCHAL religious head allowing itself … MORE power and influence? how is this helping female … not hurting her?

        for liberal to use islam to attack christianity is really what? for liberal to use the roman pontiff to attack freedoms within something gnostic is …

    • opheliart permalink

      As “debtors in possession”—entities that have filed for bankruptcy yet retain their assets—bust dioceses have an obligation to enlarge their assets to satisfy their creditors. On the contrary, “we have seen a consistent tactic of Catholic bishops to shrink the size of their assets, which is not only wrong morally but in violation of state and federal law,” says Ken Brown of Pachulski Stang, a California law firm that has represented creditors in eight of the ten Catholic bankruptcy cases.

    • opheliart permalink

      just awful!

      estaban santiago … james morales … both military? both roman catholics?

      who will be next? any ideas?

    • opheliart permalink

      HpO • 17 hours ago
      About that, coming from you just now, Mark Silk: Although “evangelicalism is … the normative form of non-Catholic Christianity in America … scholars are hard pressed to say what the norms are”? Wait, I thought you’ve already told us what that norm is: “It’s immigration, stupid … Trump’s signature issue … That’s the ancient piece of GOP DNA that Trump has used to incarnate his Jurassic Park candidacy (and) why so many white evangelicals have been drawn to Trump” (Mark Silk, Religion News Service, March 29, 2016). So you write this present article, admitting what – that the-just-an-expression “stupid” actually is referring to someone else, for you really don’t know what you’ve been talking about after all, whether back then or even now? How’s this, then, for the Evangelical norm of all norms that clinched it for Trump – even though it’s been in-your-face all this time of writing and re-writing? It’s the decisive narrative that says, 81% of the Evangelical population in the States all “regarded him as the lesser of two evils” (ABC News Australia, Nov. 16, 2016), and so “the majority voted for Trump because they did not like Clinton” (The Gospel Coalition, November 15, 2016). There you have it. That’s the only angle you should take on from here on when next time trying to pin down, then report on the Evangelical norm of voting this past election cycle. Start by asking yourself the question pro-Clinton reporters and professors alike have all dismissed: not what was so bad-bad-really-bad about Donald J. Trump, but what was much worse-worse-really-worse about Hillary R. Clinton? And you’ll see that the answer to that question clearly is all tied to Benghazi, her husband, pay-for-play channels, Wikileaks, email server, disease, DNC, Haiti. Try that, for starters.

      • opheliart permalink

        Spuddie HpO • 13 hours ago
        Comparing Hilary to Trump is like comparing someone who swears at Chess camp to a guy hunting humans in the woods for sport.
        • Reply•Share ›
        HpO Spuddie • 5 hours ago
        I don’t know if you normally comment faster than you think, Spuddie, because going by your politics-savvy allegory, the original truth-claim statement

        – “the majority voted for Trump because they did not like Clinton” (The Gospel Coalition, November 15, 2016)

        now translates by you into this truly bizarre statement

        – “the majority of Evangelicals voted for ‘a guy hunting humans in the woods for sport’, because they did not like ‘someone who swears at Chess camp'” (Spuddie, January 9, 2017).

        Huh? – I mean, can I quote you there, buddy, for my term paper?


        WE believe the more heated question to be: why has the jew, esp of judaism … payed into and supported roma by way of vatican ethic? who-what stands to gain from allowing rome to rule in america … under those sheets, of course, he wouldn’t want the people to know of these affairs … what really goes on … and how and where he might betray THE UNITED STATES.

        several questions have come forth in the christianity bashing by jews, trying to disguise it by using the brand evangelical, which shows he completely dismisses those claiming progressive evangelical (so there you are gushee, you have been dismissed) … one is what we warned earlier: biting the hand that frees? spitting on those bleeding and dying to keep the jew rich and … free to choose? ye are children, no? bullying for commandment—both ends? each thinking his ISM IS the right –THE LAW (mosaic?)—to judge? is the right meets might for … his power entity? his fascist memoirs …

        reformist pays tribute to baal much like the “fundamentalist”. if both use the youth as pawns for those bloody, murderous, mind-mashing wars … sending them out to kill and be killed … paying nations to build militia to kill … how is this ideology right? for that matter, how is it even civil?

        seems democracy by way of man, using man, abusing men and women, and CHILD, refusing them truth, instead living for denial …paying into those MOST abusive and MOST hypocritical, MOST DECEPTIVE< fundamentalists of their own game of thrones … is highly overrated.

        what say YOU?

        any person or institution allowing, or worse, aligning with, supporting, paying into … any person or institution, party, agenda, policy, creed, doctrine, dogma, teaching … that undermines female by DENYING HER THE SAME VOCATIONS—POSITIONS—TITLES—-as a male, in its institution and .. in its nation … desires to be KNOWN as a misogynist. HATES FEMALE, believing female to be LESSER and inferior to male … or …lives in ignorance. this is not a CIVILIZED SOCIETY to defend and support and pay into this type of denial, these institutions … and defending the heads of these and those contributing to this unjust and uncivil stream, never addressing or calling out the grossness, the devastation to her, and its malpractice. and where an EXTREMELY large and demanding establishment has much sway in government, national interests … is allowed this denial? it is criminal. wrong-headed and … supremely ignorant.

        this is not a PLACE of HUMANITY, folks, it is a place of darkness. a person can argue the theology within beliefs, the ideas and what makes up the ideal but … if the ideal is a narcissistic agenda that excludes female her rightful hire …

        it is a place of burning, as those engaging in the defense and support of heads ignorant and misogynistic, arrogant and abusive … deceitful and untrustworthy … will know betrayal. what you believe, agree to … will come back to haunt you, to silence you, to discredit you and to disarm you. you will be without. you will be viewed as … evil, and it does not matter what you say you believe … or where you hang your hat or how many books you have written or how many degrees you believe you have earned … the DAY will come for you … within your life, the ones you say you love, your chosen Q … you will know burning.

        when the youth wake to these errors … the old, nostalgic arrogance and ignorance … they will drag you from your high towers and undress you before the world … and all will know WHAT you are…

        and it won’t matter a donkey dung if you are gay, straight, in-between or right, left, pope, pastor, president or pawn … you will be known by your fruit. and do watch for those going into back-peddle mode and … diversion tactic.

        IN SPIRIT OF THE LIVING THESE ARE VIEWED AS A BETRAYER OF WOMEN AND CHILDREN … and do you know what happens to these?


        Spuddie Rabbi Daniel Epstein • 2 hours ago
        Well said.

        Therein lies the vast gulf between how Christians see the old testament and Jews see the Torah. Christians use the text to justify behaving in a spiteful and harmful fashion. Seeing inviolable, unbending draconian punishment and interpretation. Mostly as a way to circumvent the more humane directives of their own scripture. Of course inherent to this is the hypocrisy of demanding adherence to mosaic law in others and weaseling out of applying it to themselves.

        Jews typically debate, discuss and analyze the text. Looking as to how it can justify treating others with humanity. Eschewing self serving proof texting and selective editing for long winded commentary and exploration. It makes for a more honest take on the text.

        one Q for spud die:

        all jews are saints and all christians are satan? how CHRISTIANS view the old T? {shaking my head here … seems spud has never read anything but what HE WANTS TO BELIEVE FOR HIS OWN _SELF-INDULGING and to spread lies … he is a christian hater and will use EVERY opportunity to slap him in the face, and he will not call out the jew where the jew is … has done terrible wrong. this is partiality, showing favoritism, bias, bigotry and … a stunning ignorance. what of the ultra orthodox in how they view other? and female? or where jews have been misled and hurt others?

        don’t you feel terribly sorry when ATHEISTS speak from the rump of a sow? ;O

        spuddie has little knowledge if any knowledge on THE CHRIST and what christianity has done for him in the arena of certain freedoms and … if the jew cannot see to the parenting there, can he call himself rabbi? G-D is watching … yes? does the jew believe what spud die says? we have not seen the jew show honesty where honesty is due in these overt lies. so maybe it will be the case that the christian will stop helping the jew. G-D knows it’s long overdue.

        we warned, but it is now … too late, for some things.

        * added:
        HpO @rns … part of comment addressing prof hoffmier’s pc:
        What I’m getting at is that there actually are 5 New Testament versions of the Old Testament “nekhar”: “allotrion” (strangers), “xenoi” (foreigners), “parepidimoi” (sojourners), “epidimountes” (temporary residents) and “paroikoi” (aliens). And as was the case with the Old Testament “nekhar”, “None of (society’s) benefits was available” to these 5 classes of non-citizens in New Testament times either. Unlike the Old Testament “nekhar”, however, there are now much & way better “benefits” to which these “allotrion … xenoi … parepidimoi … epidimountes … paroikoi” are entitled.


        _——-_these 5 are the five in the Teaching where the samaritan women draws water from the well and gives JESUS a drink. the exchange on the “husbands”, the 5th not a husband is the ALIEN

        and … are you able to see how the woman’s role in that day pairs with this?

        and please note that catholic social teaching has PAROIKOI as sojourner. if you can understand the error on this in context regarding the Teaching (the Writing) … you understand where/how “catholic” believes itself authority on G-D.


        a precursor for what’s to come?

        spuddie (and his buddies) will be wetting his pants when he finds out who-what is responsible for these. hmm … maybe he and those like him did not get the news? did not bother to read or pay attention to what was being shown? he has an inbred hatred of some thing he does not understand because hate is in the way, and … he lives in denial, and so … he shall taste the bitterness of his unjust accusations.

  2. opheliart permalink

    salkin’s prophets may have sex with several women while on work duty … while married with young children … but my Lord does not use those who take advantage of a given position to attract others …for sex … to satisfy his lusts, and interestingly, I did not know these occurred the night before his death. hmm….

    and we post this to show you how people speaking of their prophets are willing to overlook important facts, provided by a reputable source … someone who worked closely with king and knew the ins and outs. and sadly, the NYT author does not understand how important it is for those discerning … this evidence … on Prophet ordained by God … and one working in the seminaries of political religions. which brings us full circle on what we shared in the previous comments … who do you believe? what do you believe? did king foresee this death?

    only a Prophet within Spirit of the Living can be assured of his next move.

    • opheliart permalink

      on religions and …

      and we post this to again remind you that when priests or … those claiming to be prophets or … spiritual advisors … use their titles, their powerful positions and their influence … religious … political and … using THE LORD’s Name illicitly … for profit, for lust … self-centered gain in … arrogance and in ignorance … and for the purpose of individualism (partiality) … one is not used nor is he protected in Spirit of the Living.

      • opheliart permalink

        in the Story … didn’t JESUS know that he would die, how and where … by whom?

        something to seriously consider while trying to understand Prophesy and … who-what you go to for … Truth on what is.

  3. opheliart permalink–abc-news-topstories.html

    one thing being considered on this terror is that it might be a terrorist attack.

    it is. will answer the question up front. it is! does a terrorist have to have the name muhammad to be called terrorist? this is an act of terrorism, even if found to have no connections to islamic terroristic activity—direct links to these—evidence of influence in ISIL territory or teaching.

    now let’s look at what terrorizes. war. we will answer the question up front. what terrorizes? WAR. warring, war-mongering … the youth sacrificed to murder and to be murdered. the youth sacrificed to BAAL. where did these teachings come into play within the world? it began long before islam, yes? it was happening long before judaism and roman catholicism, yes? it was never a part of the work of the christian until state married religion and went about claiming itself … god, the authority, THE LAW FOR ALL on a mission to control the World, while using TERROR AND TERRORISTIC ACTIVITY—WAR … to gain this power and control. this is fact. your history books have one thing correct on that score.

    the Christ is NEVER this. Never. those of christianity today using war of these terroristic actions to solve their problems is not Spirit of the Living. it is not God of Spirit. it is man made religion. church and state married to make itself king, ruler … the charge. where is Spirit of the Living in this marriage? where is your protection? what stumbling blocks have you allowed into your life that keep you from KNOWING God and … keep you from terror? what is your intent in life? what do you prize, pay into and support … that renders your place a place of danger, confusion … catastrophe?

    what of those having prayed before travel only to have lost a life? lost a loved one? where is god?

    one thing the BELIEVER in God of the Living should come into understand for, on … is that you are not sent out to be murdered or to murder. this is fact—Knowledge for Understanding. this is not your mission. your mission is the mission of HEALING. they know not what they do? but you should be striving to Gnosis. one must begin to understand that violence in not the way to Knowing or in Being … Known. God’s way is not the way of the World. cannot be … the way of these wars.

    —-and please take note: canonizing a terrorist enterprise as the roman pontiff did, asking that you emulate JUNIPERO SERRA, who, along with his ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH AND ITS MILITIA (both acting on orders from its headmaster), terrorized the natives of the region understood as california … IS terroristic acidity. it is paying into and supporting this mindset and its intent … MISSION of power and control and any cost … for its political religious reign. and you are not questioning the purpose behind the roman pontiff’s actions such as this? you think him humble and good? and your nation’s advisors on these matters looked the other way where those few remaining of this tribe protested. church in bed with state and the left as much as the right praises this behavior. they deny its terroristic endeavor and they ignore it is in bad faith to permit this succession. and did you know that tribe was considered a peaceful tribe, a gathering tribe? where in it history was it ever attacking rome or … show me evidence that supports the force serra used to gain control over that tribe, nearly decimating it? this, my friends, is what happens when you allow this type of political religion to move into your neighborhoods using tactic to … force agenda. liberal is ignorant on these facts and catholic? he believes his church can do no wrong … based on his looking the other way on the EVIDENCE, AND that bowing to headmaster, paying into and supporting the errant and aggressive creed.

    FORCED CONVERSION … when is this ever a GODly or HOLY approach? and could it be the political arm of rome using its puppet to send a message that this approach is acceptable and … when their merge of RC and islamic brotherhood gains the traction it needs to begin again this same tactic, you are the native forced? you are blind to the devilry of this camp, folks … your pontiff betrays you, your land and your loved ones.
    the vatican has a history of protecting terrorists/think abusers? those terrorizing children? and hiding-covering up those horrid and deadly acts? why would G-D use this catholic priest to smuggle weapons if Spirit of the Living is not of and for violence to solve problems? the theme of its mission never changes … much like its infallible church dogma.

    going back to MLK’s story … it is not for me to judge. this is not my role here on Earth. is it yours? king’s sexual activities are none of my business, and I do not point fingers at his extramarital affairs. I am here to instruct, to warn and to share the way of healing. movement for Life. what I do point OUT in king;s choice is … that it is not the way of Truth. what king chose is what king chose. he is not my god, not my saint, not my deliverer, not my peace, not my Pace … not my way. and this is not because man has labeled me white. I am not in the business of black and white. my work is far more nuanced than man can ever see … or read. I am not an activist for black or white or green … I am not here to encourage dangerous prospect. the danger already exists … in your neighborhoods and in your homes, and churches and in your legislative bodies.

    God does not drive men, women and children into places of catastrophe. know this. not to dangerous places or … into dangerous affairs. this would lead many astray. the starter should never be contaminated and if it is? what then? do you pretend that it never happened? do you look the other way when disease is within your courts? your cathedrals … your cast? your class?

    just because you build machines or drugs … that can take the place of man doing the actual hand to hand combat of violence and murder … does not mean pushing the button is not making that choice … to murder. obama and co. deceived you. he went against his words, the words he spoke to get himself voted in. and not only that, he went against american democracy … through reckless negotiations. he negotiates with terrorists … claiming it is the way to peace. but is he solely in error? of course not. when has american democracy ever been without choice for violence to solve its problems? and choosing sharia law by way of islam or a roman catholic islamic creed is not going to solve these infections, either. anyone within Truth would know this … anyone claiming Knowledge should be aware in these …

    and you are surprised at what is happening on american soil? why?

    • opheliart permalink

      what did moses do in egypt? what is exodus if not a mentor examining the place of deliverance … out of exile … out of contamination … to what? this is not OLD, it’s enduring … it’s everlasting. but those alms were not alms of violence. moses led the people out. luther’s failing was in remaining in catholic mindset. a glass half empty or half full?

      if your brother and your sister and mother and dad choose war—violence as the way—do you follow them into battle? people accuse the TEACHINGS of the NEW saying, look at what your god teaches you! he says to abandon your family! look, see where JESUS says: these are not my mother, my brothers … leave you mother your brother …

      do not listen to their slander for they know not what they preach. the Teachings on Truth (the CHURCH spoken in Matthew: on this I will build my church) is saying move out. their ways are not your ways. your HEAVENLY (Spirit) brothers are not of the World’s way. this is not bad; this is for good! how many atheists and nonbelievers and those determined to discredit The Christ would remain in the company of terrorists? if brother terrorizes, is inconsistent in Love, is bigoted, racist or arrogant, UNJUST, or overly demanding for his own practices and beliefs … do you pay into and support these teachings—his way? the way of ignorance? arrogance? gluttonous feeding? do you dine within the company of error? only if you do not know any better or … you are in the Purpose of “the Work of my Father” to understand the need … and the greed. but you are not deceived or swayed into adultery there, but for … reason unto God. The Prophet knows his way and what should be. He hears the Voice of the One.

      look at assange’s situation. he engaged in sex with one who betrayed him. he had to flee to save his life, to escape unjust and unfair persecution. people are out to discredit him and silence him. american democracy included because it does not want the people to know of its error, its bad seeding … its injustice and its catastrophe. why do you allow this persecution within your ranks? why do you allow yourselves to be deceived?

      the patterns … history repeats. but is assange hero or hound? not hero more hound. he did what he was trained to do, good or not good will depend on the fruit.

      anytime you intercourse without knowledge and understanding … the consequences … or where you and those you accompany … look the other way on criminal or dishonest and indecent and illicit activities, dangerous activities … inappropriate and even lethargic and lazy, gluttonous … abusive … unjust procedure … you are without protection and you may be betrayed. likely it is the case that you will be betrayed. obama the same … poor advisement and misled in theory … he aligned and made intercourse with unjust political religious …

      how can this ever end up good? and this goes for all people. and very seriously, if you are in a position of power to protect innocents … what do you bring upon the people?

    • opheliart permalink

      and natalie portman says that ashton was paid 3x more for ” no strings attached”

      so who set the stage for this industry? jew? catholic? protecting their favorites from …

  4. opheliart permalink

    had john chrysostom lived another 50 yrs the liturgy would have likely been changed.

    The Great Entrance
    As the assembly begins chanting the Cherubic Hymn, the celebrants go to the prothesis or table of preparation. The priest presents the diskos to the deacon and takes the chalice himself. The deacon leads the priest through the north door of the icon screen. The clergy bring the gifts in procession to the holy doors, the central doors of the icon screen, while the deacon calls the faithful to attention, asking that the Lord will remember all people in his kingdom. As the holy gifts are carried solemnly through the holy doors, the assembled faithful conclude the Cherubic Hymn. (Note: if a deacon is not present, the priest makes this entrance with the diskos and chalice alone.)

    After the priest blesses the faithful, the deacon exclaims, “The doors! The doors!” This famous exclamation once marked the point in the service at which the doors to the temple were locked, with only faithful Christians remaining. Over the centuries, visitors have been allowed to stay, though the solemnity of what follows is still recalled with this phrase.

    Then, the Church professes its common faith by reciting the Creed. The liturgical name for this creed is the Symbol of Faith, indicating its importance to early Christians in determining the Orthodoxy of persons claiming to be of the Church. —-orthodox wiki


    THE DOORS! THE DOORS! this famous exclamation once marked the point in service at which the doors to the temple were locked, with only the faithful Christians remaining. Over the centuries …


    why do some things change and other things do not? what was once a temple became a cathedral or a parish or a church …

    chrysostom was a prophet, but what might be understood as a priestly prophet. he was for divine deliverance of those faithful to … the area where he was sent to preach. his words are not necessarily the words of Truth, but one must understand the place where he was … in the half full entrance. he wasn’t there yet. his is a bishop place overseeing the cornerstone of belief in Christ.

    the doors! the doors! is prophetic. is of PROPHESY. is there one who can translate this Tongue? if you are without Prophet of the Living, one in Truth, one understanding the tongue of the north, the south … the west … for the EASTERn sky … it is worth what to you? and what are you worthy of? on?

    do you know what is said of speaking in tongues in relation to the gift of the Prophet?

  5. opheliart permalink

    @ RNS

    Maggie • 5 hours ago
    No doctrine or moral code! Hot dog! I can do whatever the hell I please and still say I am a Francis ‘catholic’! Golly, once the Church was the upholder of the Truths of Christ but now it is like all the other protestant communities that just make it up as you go along in the name of accompaniment or being pastoral or some such thing. Guess there is no longer any objective truth if you believe these prelates.

    no reason to worry, maggie, your pontiff has changed nothing … your god is safe within its infallible doctrine … catholic heaven forbid you look even the slightest like a protestant or a person of judaism or islam… but wait! your master says you worship the god of islam so … how does that work? if you both pray to islam’s god and rome’s god … these must be the same, yes? ordered from the same prophet? same religion with different hats? seems the pope must make a significant change by admitting THE CHRIST is what in his roman catholic-islamic god? the enemy? 😮 ]

    francis catholic? a troll? nope, maggie truly believes she is of the AUTHORITY on Christ, but remember, folks, and I tell you this with all my Heart … she is just a roman catholic, of her manmade religion, set up by men for men, claiming itself infallible. THIS IS NOT CHRIST OF THE LIVING GOD. THIS IS NOT SPIRIT OF TRUTH>

    it’s pathetic. and it is time for the catholic to eat its own meal. what it did to others.

    so … how many catholics in the world? and how many of them do you think view the “protestant” in exactly this manner? but pretend … they are … what? including their pontiff? and the atheist has the nerve to accuse the NON roman catholic, trying to get the hell away from roman catholic attitude and bull y-ing AUTHORITY … when he migrated to america? accusing them of their distaste of roman dictate? come on, atheist! you gotta be smarter than that! people set up their homesteads in america … far away from the contempt and the abuse the arrogance and the demand for power and control of romanism? and guess what, folks? when those catholics flee to the orthodox churches once the truth comes out about their head—their INSTITUTION’s habits? and deception and … the malpractice? remember what we said?

    it will not go well.

    why? why do you think it will not go well? attitude, arrogance … still believing they are the authority, the infallible? 😀 😀 😀 the orthodox christian is in for a fight … oh, boy …

    you have no idea how much the RCC has risen to power on the backs of the people because … of the fact that the papacy brainwashed billions and billions and billions, and where they could not? they bullied and bastardized and brutalized to get its way … others of FAITH were demoralized and demonized, EVEN IN THIS DAY (see pope’s warning about the gnostic– LOL yes, your humble and infallible … political puppet, the pope) … and even in the united states, a new and growing household … they messed them up, to get their way. I watched it happen my whole life and in this day, taking over neighborhood after neighborhood and then … the crimes. the clergy child sex abuse and the … things coming out of ireland and spain (300,000 babies sold … STOLEN FROM YOUNG MOTHERS? this is your demon catholic church mentality, folks … a business for profit, abusing their own members, forced into this acrid prostitution within roma: church and state)

    … those claiming christianity who behave like the “holy see”? where do you think they learn it from? these are the offspring of a wretched and derelict institution that nearly destroyed the irish and others, if not for … some things … some things in place. and some catholics just saying NO! NO MORE! but they need to say and do more… much more and they need to get out because … we warn and we warn … things are coming where the catholic will be mercilessly accused. and we know it is the system, that masterminding church institution that is responsible. the demons that live and work the buttons … that control their destinies. ugly … wretched … evil lies.

    the people think, no, look at our loving pope … things will change! no, dear ones, you will be viewed as sinister and responsible for things … bad things. we warn because, that house is crashing down. where do you want your children standing when it falls? and it is going to fall. rome fell. the ram will be …
    (do you think RNS will post anything on this? they give you what their god the pope had for his din-din, where they want him to look like the authority in all matters in the world, which does have an impact on you, even where you want nothing to do with it … but things like this that show the negligence and the malpractice under the roman papacy? )

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