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WE are the answrS

December 29, 2016


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  1. opheliart permalink

    a person clicks on the video, and says, “this is hard to follow. it’s all over the place, and I can’t understand what the artist is saying.”

    an atheist opens the book some call the bible, and says, “this is hard to follow. it’s all over the place, and I can’t understand what the artist is saying.”

    a gnostic not of religion but of Life, a believer in Spirit of the Love .. because he engages here, says, I understand both, because I learned the Language.

    -from an atheist? @RNS to jeffrey Weiss (first line in quotes written by weiss)
    Ian Cooper • 8 hours ago
    “I think atheism is as fundamentalist as any other hard-position religion. Absolutely no God? Prove it.”

    Erm… no. Why? Because atheism is NOT the idea that there is “absolutely no god”. One would think a professional journalist would be capable of cracking open a dictionary:

    disbelief or lack of belief in the existence of God or gods.”

    There is no “absolute” there. Do you believe in the Tooth Fairy? I doubt it. Is your disbelief absolutist? Of course not! If the Tooth Fairy made herself known tomorrow, you would start to believe in her. You would not continue in disbelief despite the evidence. It’s the same with atheism – if irrefutable proof for a god shows up, atheists would simply stop being atheists.

    atheist … a noun? atheism … a noun? this could be why atheist is of “disbelief or lack of belief in THE EXISTENCE of GOD or gods”

    God is not a noun. God is Prophet. Prophet is a Place. the Place is Prophesy, a verb not a noun.
    Man is a noun. Religion is man made, made by man for man within manmade articles (written word and …).

    hold that thought. let’s return to what weiss said: Absolutely no God? Prove it.

    first, is atheism as fundamentally based as any other hard-position religion? yes. all one need do is go onto atheist sites or where atheists comment on GOD and gods and observe. the fruit is theirs. you will know it from an actual atheist … based on his definition. next, the author of the commentary (@rns) poses a question …then writes, prove it. this is more gnostic than agnostic. he seeks proof. one might say he is true jew (based on NT Writings), and my sense in reading his commentary is that he is a gnostic unfamiliar with gnosis … where Spirit of the Living can be found. note: this is not saying he is not inspired by SPIRIT (good or evil); it is saying he is at a place of uncertainty on “what is God … or gods”, but he does not remain satisfied in the unknown, or worthless in pursuit of G-D. it appears he is going about seeking from the reverse. “atheist? prove it. if you are going to be here, I will use you—your words—not ignore you, but I WILL challenge you on that fruit.” when in gnosis, you use what is shown to you. you do not bury gift, no matter how small, how challenging, how … surreal. even a dream or a vision that is profound but unclear. you are young. growing …
    when you experience God, Spirit of the Living, there is light on Truth and the nonexistence becomes not a question but an answer … ongoing … continuing. religion is a god for itself. gnosis is an ever constant process of redeeming features. a religionist that never changes his belief is bound to his god of religion(s).

    continues ..

    • opheliart permalink

      a person … third person. did you pick up on “a person clicks on the video” in the start of our post?

      why do we vehemently disagree with a person like larycia hawkins formally of wheaton college and the roman pontiff that christians and muslims worship the same god? first, roman catholicism built itself on fighting. it created its dynasty by cruel measure, hierarchy berating and overbearing, hurting others, forcing others to do or be or believe, bow to, follow, practice … something it preached. it set itself up ABOVE others, even its own members … forced into patriarchal dominion. same with islam and much of protestantism, especially where it is like roman catholic doctrine. it, roman catholic church, and it, islam … is itself god, born from popes and prophets writing what each believes is god, godlike… the religion to follow … and it is not secret what fruits each demands in order to become of itself. if political (demanding politic for itself) then it is of a dual belief system. DUALISTIC. this is a two person belief system: religion and state. and this is forced innuendo. the THIRD PERSON is denied. that third person is Spirit, the WE in our heading … the Living, the Love. that third Person is Conscience. that third Person … is Understanding, the Peace spoken in the Writings.

      GOD IS IMPARTIAL> which says that {this} does not bind itself, MARRY into … religion or state to be born, to become of …Truth … to become of …Spirit of the Living, Loving God … to become One in Peace. We don’t need religion or state to be Human or to be civil, but our Worth is found in Light where Truth is paramount, and this PLACE requires movement.

      Light is unseen. jew cannot see this. he demands signs of this but it cannot be looked AT. it must be looked WITHIN. this is a moving Place … an Evolving. think of turning on a light in a dark room. one sees what’s in the room but to look directly at the light would harm one. I asked once several years ago to see that Light. I was given less than a glimpse that is how immensely LIT this is. it was like nothing I have ever seen, and I know I would have been rendered useless had I demanded this … insisted on it, to see … it would have driven me mad. I am not mad.

      which brings us to the atheist and the religionist, both of partial parenting.

      the atheist is caliphate in destination. a noun. larycia hawkins is atheistic in belief, as is all religionists. even the roman pontiff. what?? you say. think about their god. for atheist, it is itself, a noun. a partial place of deliverance. how can it deliver man from man if man is its icon? its idol .. its truth. does it even want man delivered from himself? well, don’t be too harsh with him because … he is in the dark on that Language. and he cannot see what is within unless he is gifted something and when he is gifted something … he uses gift to SPIR movement on something. this can be a good thing. he credits himself and he credits other men not Spirit, but we UNDERSTAND that he is without KNOWLEDGE on how this is … how Spirit operates … how gift is given and how it is received … and how vile things produce … its fruit. he is god, a one? or a two … person place of insistence. hawkins looked to her master, the roman pontiff, to understand what is her god. this, too, is fundamentally caliph-oriented. do you know what caliphate-ordained means? it is a DUALISTIC religion: god and state by way of its … dictator, headship, king, ruler … no matter how indecent, unjust and temperamental. as we shared before, Spirit of the Living cannot be found in the partiality of the kingdom of men. this is universal, absolute … within man, manmade ideal, apart from Truth where its truth is not impartial. when you are married to its ideal, whatever creed or doctrine it may be in its succession … you are incidentally irreverent on the matter of Truth.

      continues …

      • opheliart permalink

        Ian Cooper Jim Johnson • 10 hours ago
        “Where many atheists become agnostic is regarding the idea of an intelligent designer. That can neither be proven nor refuted.”

        It doesn’t need to be refuted. It is a claim made without evidence, and any claim made without evidence is not a serious claim and may be dismissed out of hand. That’s why it’s perfectly reasonable to dismiss claims of Leprechauns, fairies, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. We don’t withhold judgment on any other unsubstantiated claim, so why should we do so for gods.


        can you draw jim and jeffrey a leprechaun, ian? how about a bunny or a tooth fairy? now, ian, draw us Spirit of the Living. can you draw something you have never seen? never heard? have no experience on? didn’t think so, ian. you cannot draw something you do not know. but you can deceive, and be deceived by others claiming they know things that they cannot possibly know from where they sit. you can even claim to be honest while lying through your teeth. you can claim to be mini me jesus while fornicating profusely with … just about anything or anyone … but this does not make you One in the Spirit, or of the Christ … or a bearer of Knowledge on Truth, a Language you refuse for ignorance, for polity, for influence and affluence and power over men and women … in your denial. you can pretend to be good and honest and just, wearing robes of the finest … cloth, with gold chains dangling from your neck … and you can even have a slave that bows to you and kisses your feet … carving you a throne out of the best wood … spend outrageous amounts of the monies of the poor citizens of villages, cities and towns while you parade yourself for all to see that they might praise you and call you holy and holy father and … acting out a piece from an ancient story, pretending that you and your institution speak for Spirit of the Living God, OUR Christ, OUR Love, OUR Truth, impartial … something you have never ever seen, and you can be utterly in the dark about a Language you don’t even know exists, because …you chose religion that judges what it cannot possibly know … or understand, while wearing the garb of arrogance … and ignorance … for greed and for … control.

        who-what behaves in this manner, ian? WE do not, and we are believers in God of Truth, Spirit of the Living. BUT, we are not like those you blame, where you throw stones, and in contextual hypocrisy alienate that which you have never known? could it be that WE are not like you or them? we are not the same as those having murdered for power … land … institution? we don’t place out trust in religion or state as man betrays and denies for his own gain. his own institutions … could it be that you judge falsely something you do not understand? have NEVER experienced? could it be that you, too, are misled on what is God?

        we don’t ask that you believe us. we ask that you not judge what you do not know. we ask that you not throw stones at something you cannot see. this, dear ian, is foolishness. and it is in bad manners that you accuse and judge those of us Christ within … without having any knowledge or understanding of this. if you cannot speak the Language of the Spirit, we ask that you do not be like the religionists who claim supreme authority on something unseen, speaking their own made up language that suits their hierarchy and its desire for control, meddling in the affairs of the state for money and influence … and worldly acclaim.

  2. opheliart permalink

    saturday, dec 30

    an atheist can ask questions. why not? but where is his proof that WE have done wrong?

    commenter at RNS:

    John the Mad • 2 days ago
    Clerical spinmeister Father Spadaro SJ is simply not creditable when he says Pope Francis is always calm and quiet and is never stressed. Francis’s temper is legendary, at times amounting to blind rage (e.g., the cafeteria tantrum when the pope learned of the letter from the 13 cardinals). In the recent interview with former priest and liberation theologian, Leonardo Boff, he confirms the pope is not alway serene.

    The problem with Francis’s exhortation Amoris Laetitia is not that it seems to allow pastors to “bend the rules,” but that it allows those who are divorced and re-married to receive communion, contrary to the words of Jesus in scripture and contrary to the constant teaching of the Church for two millennia. Francis is breaking the rules, not bending them. The pope’s process of discernment is the tool to allow heterodoxy to prevail with the Sacraments of Matrimony and the Eucharist.

    they fight. they argue over childish things… emboldened. they set up stumbling blocks for their slaves, their followers … insisting on their own teachings, not Spirit of the Living God. are they now caught in their own web of deceit? their own teachings? are they now backed into a corner knowing they are archaic and obtrusive in their demands … on others. their pontiff was sent out to the political fields to gather interest … without having done his own work … rightly. he steals the show from others while he parades his diadem. he expects that nations accommodate his pop-star propaganda while the infighting increases … due to lax justice and errant behavior, along with unspeakable crimes … so unspeakable they choose to look away while they continue the lazy man’s fare … in idolatry. he sows confusion. its institution sows confusion.

    did you know that the rcc altered the words in what religious call the bible to suit agenda for power and control? one in the Spirit can look at the words and KNOW WHERE these have been … misdirected. but look at its inception—a papal house of arrogance and indecent acts—loaded to the gills with graven images, their heads of state. they claim to follow JESUS, but where is JESUS in all of this poison?

    Jesus died that one might live sayeth the Story, but where in all their height have they died that YOU might live? they missed the message. instead placing crowns on their heads demanding that you accommodate their greed. their lusts and their … pride. they boast themselves Holy and right while satiating the appetite of the philistine. hoaxers for their own gain and their own seats of erudite power, unkept and dull … without Gift. where is the Christ in these waters? drowning on the vineyards secret stores? denying the people this same bath? how odious … how fickle and feckless. how wearisome and contaminating … a drink.

    JESUS DIED that Man might move … do you understand what this is saying? REMOVE THE MAN.
    the Triune God is of this Teaching. God became man that man might become God? which god?

    GOD BECAME MAN THAT MAN MIGHT BE REMOVED to ‘each’ heights of new wealth and riches, wisdom … not ignorance and betrayal. but what is wisdom without Spirit of Truth?

    man missed the message … a grave sweeping overreach? these have not earned the Place. these have not been rewarded … for giving back to the One what is due. instead they steal from others, including the poor and destitute. they steal from widows and orphans to gain prominence to look humble and worthy, but does GOD know these men? they are too busy in their doctrinal affairs to KNow One, and there is … only One in the Spirit. the trinity is impartial as it is supreme. its face is NOT the face of Man.

    • opheliart permalink

      is it one or is it three? asks the follower. you say triune God, but you also say One in the Spirit, the One and … there is only one Truth.
      there is only one Truth but many lives. each life has its quest. if a BELIEVER in and within the One, the Christ, our Love … one understands the Body to be three parts. not three religions. not three gods. not three men. not three titles, but three IN Person: father, son and what is God, understood and experienced IN Spirit.

      but how can you, a female, be son, or of the son? the follower asks.

      such a pity that man in his medallions demanded he be king … for son is Spirit Metaphor … for Faith. it’s like saying those trees, that vineyard, is my baby … don’t you dare do anything to harm it. I desire its flesh, the fruit … what Faith will produce. I did not give birth to the vineyard, obviously, for how could it grow in the flesh of my womb … and through what means? the vineyard is metaphor for something growing or something producing: the marriage of Mind and Heart to build a Place housing Faith: Christ lives within. and I say Christ not Jesus because JESUS died that Christ might live 😉 that part made room for One.

      but what is needed to allow for female to produce? and what is needed to pollinate? pollinate— VERB. Faith is not a noun in us. it’s an active … part. it’s not a religion. it’s not doctrine. it’s not a man.

      Joseph, Mary and Child. what does this represent?

      continues …

      • opheliart permalink

        RNS brings out some of its finest …
        Etranger • 4 hours ago
        This is a very interesting development. Franklin Graham is a fundamentalist Christian preacher who makes no bones about who is going to hell (hint: all non-Jesus believing people who don’t hide their indiscretions). But for some reason Trump gets a pass. George Michael and Carrie Fisher didn’t…. Right there that is all you need to know about American Christianity – it favors an avowed predator (financial and sexual) over real people who struggle and share their struggles and help others. I have known for 20 years (my adult life) that Christianity was meaningless and just led the weak. Now we have confirmation. Look at the other preacher who is praying at the inauguration – a rich woman who makes her money off of poor ignorant people.. Fits right in with the oligarchs.

        right there that’s all you need to know about american christianity. -it favors an avowed predator?

        and the RCC doesn’t? hmm … and the slander continues without knowledge. without understanding.

        honestly, this person posting is ignorant on many, many things … but what I have dealt with much of my life, even while young … is the hatred people have for believers in Christ. WE are judged for being believers in Christ. made fun of … labeled, SILENCED. and sadly, I have had to remain silent much of my life because of the attitude coming from the atheistic sects. public schools where I grew up are hugely nasty … I knew to stay quiet in their institutions on matters of the heart. one did not speak of God, Jesus, the Christ or anything having to do with Spirit in these places. it wasn’t worth the heartache, and so I remained silent to preserve integrity and social wellbeing … until I was strong enough, with the experience necessary, to speak out on the ignorance and the malpractice. until I was instructed in the warrior Place of remittance. and even more sad is that as I moved into greater understanding on Spirit … I was accused and abused from the other side! those claiming belief in the trinity, JESUS, GOD … Christ, judged me, told me I do satan’s work and … treated me badly, even professionally (censoring art!) … because I did not believe and practice as they do, because I dared to question their intransigence …because I AM FEMALE, and the idea in these institutions is all too often an attitude of neglect and disrespect … as I dared to share differently. not bowing to the seeds of male dominion. and this is God’s chosen church? *sigh* this coming from those claiming to be of the “church fathers” … roman catholicism, orthodoxy and those sitting in their father’s trove—religious god ___? I will not give all the details on the who and the what, because even in their MALPRACTICE and their bad behavior, I do not wish to cause harm. some have already suffered because of what they did … yes, you do not hurt one protected in the Spirit and walk away … to continue the strain. know this.

        yes, what you do to others, Etranger, will come back to you … where the evidence is, this person or that group … yes, you can point it out, but you lack integrity, Etranger, and because of your arrogance and your ignorance, it will be made known to the world. I do not care about your hatred of one like me, though, Etranger … because I know you to be insufficient in Love. you will be removed. it’s just sad that religious news peddles illegitimate sums and is not a safe place to challenge one another for good.

        I do not like to see anyone dismissed, because I have known almost all people to have something of value to add … even Roman Catholicism, and is why WE warn catholic of what comes … but there comes a Time where ignorance and offensive rhetoric gets to the level of DAMAGING persons, dangerous arts, bad arts … and must be removed for the safety of child.

    • opheliart permalink

      another finer moment @RNS …

      bbeck • 11 hours ago
      “There are as many as 10 million Chinese Catholics in what is an officially atheist country,” a statement that clearly indicates the author doesn’t know anything about communism, it’s not atheism, but is setup as a government controlled religion, basically any religion can be in China-but must meet the government’s rule.

      so let’s see if WE have it right …

      “they were first called CHRISTIAN in antioch” are the same christians who set up the Roman Catholic Inquisition? but the atheist of ian’s definition is NOT the same “lack of belief in the existence of God or gods” we see in chinese government?

      double standard? or is this their god’s RIGHT IS MIGHT ideology … because their belief is that they are right?

      couldn’t we call it catholic (universal belief)? believing what atheist deems right for ALL living in the world, depending on where HE is? ;D

      the reality is … those being called christians in antioch are not at all like the roman catholic church… or the CHRISTIANITY we see today.

      prove it! shouts the atheist

      I don’t have too. it’s pretty darn obvious based on the Writings … if you UNDERSTAND the Language of the Teachings on Christ. but if you do not, understandably, you are … in the dark. can you read aramaic, atheist/religionist? or a language that exists only in Light—Understanding? didn’t think so …

      WE will not blame atheists of america for the “atheism” in chinese government, but we will challenge them where we see danger. their decision not to seek on WHAT IS GOD is their choice. and …
      there is no AFTERLIFE to desire, just LIFE …

      you are One in the Spirit or you are not. you move on in the Life, continuing the Work of the Spirit, or … you are unknown. Angels of the Living God do not know where you end up as they cannot know (use) those not of their Work. HeavenS is made up not of hierarchy but of order. each knows }{is Place and works for the Purpose of Truth.

      continues …

      • opheliart permalink

        SAturday @ 3:22PM in MA

        another post @ RNS… (3 hrs ago and only one comment on merkel’s biggest test: dealing w/islamist terrorism? huh, not one atheist in three hours?)

        Roy Hobs • 3 hours ago
        This is the biggest psychological operation to date. They want us to “hate them over there”; but love them in our own neighborhoods. Ultimate mind screw.


        the atheist can’t comment? won’t comment? is scared to comment? doesn’t want to upset their god(s) of the liberal-left? the UN? their final prophet, muhammad?

        let us ask the atheist how he sees islam in america in 10 yrs under his right is might ideology. how does he plan to keep islamist terrorism from happening OR … a democracy under religious freedoms of sharia law and/or strict religion like what he says he hates and accuses christians of? is islam any less demanding or … less strict and … caliphate-ordained?


        what ignorant atheist does not understand having never bothered to pay attention on the facts is this: had christianity not been a part in his play … not always regal and not always decent or honest or just … but, the ignorant atheist would be nonexistent, or silent … unable to speak freely for the staunch government that would likely have him harassed, imprisoned and murdered. so … given these facts, what should be done with ignorant atheist in this Day? the hypocritical drone? what should be done with it?

  3. opheliart permalink


    a new year in a new fear?

    so … allow us to ask if the LIBERAL left is denouncing spain for use of its border. yes, it has a border. do the liberal lefties refuse spain, criminalize spain … hate spain for its border?

    just askin’

    • opheliart permalink

      gushee’s commentary @ RNS

      hoosier_bob • a day ago
      I still think that you’re largely right, especially concerning LGBTQ-related issues. But the Obergefell effect has definitely resulted in a certain shuffling of how these issues play out in public. Leading up to 2015, the formations on both sides of the gay-toghts divide were tight. After all, militancy always demands tight formations. That left many Americans with no clear role to play in the battle: They rejected the rigid patriarchalism that drives most opposition to LGBTQ rights, but they also rejected the notion that queer social identities are “normal.” Now that the seminal battle has gone against the patriarchalists, it creates space for others to play a role in the mopping-up process. So, I suspect that we’ll arrive somewhere in the middle. It will become far more “normal” to admit to sexual fluidity. This has already occurred among 20-somethings, who often use terms like “heteroflexible” and “straight but not narrow” to describe themselves. This was made possible by the collapse of the patriarchal order. Moving forward, “straight” or “normal” social identities will be less scripted, and will likely incorporate elements that the patriarchal order viewed as gender non-conforming, e.g., men wearing Speedos. Even so, I don’t see this as lending much help to those who truly want to queer social identities. In fact, it may make opposite-sex coupling even more normative, even as the permissible social scripts for opposite-sex coupling become more free-ranging.

      A reasonably liberal friend recently said something along the following lines: “I think it’s good that men will now be free to engage in bromances and to wear figure-flattering clothing, but I just can’t see myself accepting men who act like women or who, heaven forbid, think that they really are women.” So, we’ll likely see fewer and fewer guys going out of their way to avoid “appearing gay,” to the point where straight guys may begin re-appropriating certain social habits that have become more characteristic of gay men. For example, I just got back from the Caribbean, and was surprised by the number of straight guys in Speedos at the pool and beach. Men will no longer feel the need to conform to the patriarchalists’ definition of masculinity. Even so, this will be a redefinition (and broadening) of masculinity, not a rejection of it. Those who adopt social identities that reject masculinity will still face stiff cultural winds.

      In that sense, Obergefell will represent a bigger victory for metrosexuals and other heteroflexibles than it will for those who truly want to adopt queer social identities. In an ironic sense, the two groups that fought the gay rights battle–LGBTQ activists and patriarchalists–will both end up losing out. For that reason, I suspect that the coming evangelical split will not be over LGBTQ inclusion, but will instead center around maintaining a patriarchal social order in the church. I think we’ll come to see that non-patriarchal straight people supported gay rights for the limited purpose of defeating patriarchy. Once the patriarchalists are defeated, non-patriarchalists will be free to move on from supporting LGBTQ rights.


      are you seeing similarities … what happened in the 2016 american election, brazil’s mayor … in one of the more liberal cities? huh. and this poster’s lengthy comment to gushee’s looking back and looking ahead.

      there are some things too nuanced to read, to share, but the “evangelical church” that the liberal left was so sure was on its way out is gaining momentum (some might call it the fundamentalist crown).in reading comments everywhere but esp at RNS these last two years … one could have easily been convinced of that “lesser evil” as the winner, but, it did not happen, did it? it’s losing its place here, there … and progressive evangelicalism is like toys for tots (from our vantage point) … it hasn’t the bold ID needed to combat … anything. and when it relies on hypocritical state to make the better choices for the whole of the people … it falls … flat.

      let’s first take a peek at what the rios mayor said of catholics. are roman catholics demons? depends on what they did and didn’t do, right? if they look the other way when children are being sexually abused by their higher ups and continue to pay into and support dangerous institutions and teachings … and lying for their lords … one might say that they are allowing evil to rule them. I do not like roman catholicism. I do not like what it’s been and done to the Christ, to me and so very many people … including those calling themselves catholics, but esp … those not having been given a choice… esp the children and FEMALE in schools and parishes/cathedrals, orders, abbeys, seminaries, convents all over the world. and the hypocrisy in the RCC is so immense, one could easily see it as evil. one like the atheist, and yes, the atheists have called the RCC evil so many times, but do people point this out when an atheist gets the job? when the atheist sells his books? when the atheist’s credentials are … unquestioned. I don’t like evil demanding its way in arenas that are not to be run and operated by religionists, of any stripe … but how does one get away from it? people vote. it is their right in some countries, and they vote in something they think will …

      will what? give them what they want? stem their fears? fight for them? feed their families?

      but why in brazil at this time? why is someone like that mayor voted into office? or trump as president? and other seats of governance in other nations. one would have to look closely at what the people are suffering from in brazil, in america and hey, look at what just happened in turkey, again. how awful … an elite … club. another club sprayed with bullets! and this in a predominantly muslim/islamic country, where fundamentalist ideal is paramount so … muslim fighting muslim? like gulen and erdagon. will christianity cut through the horrors once again to draw back that hand of time? to keep from utter ruin? atheist doesn’t see it. and jew? maybe he, too, is atheist? (pinch-pinch) or too slaggy in his trousers?

      • opheliart permalink


        in germany over new years celebrations the news reported the screening of 650 mostly north african … refugees? immigrants?

        the news also said that the government wasn’t engaging in racial profiling.

        okay, we understand the procedure. due to what happened last year, we understand why this was done and … it appears based on the news article that because of the screening procedure there weren’t any rapes/sexual harassing -physical abuse … to females in the area of the new years public celebrating.

        now, will we hear the american left hollering discrimination—racism … wrongdoing? will we hear people of color hollering about this screening procedure? if we do, we have one question for them:

        what would you do to stop the rape and sexual abuse and still hold the new years festivities?

        you see, it does NO GOOD to pretend that you care if you don’t really … care. if you are unwilling to take the bull by the horns and demonstrate the consequences of bad behavior. you become no better at treatment of female if you abandon her … to the whims of male dominant cultures.


        but let’s take this a step in the right direction and ask the progressive evangelical what he is doing about the abuse and sexual abuse of children, female … in all of society, both church and state?

        if sex becomes a commodity in your culture, you might think to ask its definition …

        something bought and sold or something of considerable value like water and time

        can you buy water if yours is contaminated? depends on the source—yes? can you buy time if yours is lost?

  4. opheliart permalink

    let’s go back to the mayor in brazil (article in post above) … a mega church man, much like the roman catholic church …. yes? growing another dynasty. did the catholic vote anything new? or are they of the mind that burns to be married to religion? and remember, state is as much religion as religion can be state. how much has changed? doesn’t man just repeat that same old? isn’t he just going back the same way be came to that manger? or maybe he never actually made it to see the Christ Child.

    but why? there is a reason for this pendulum swing. did something CAUSE this vote for the “fundamentalist” ? the progressives seemed in la-la land about what is really going on around them which begs one to ask if they are of an elitist ignorance? there political maneuvering a show and tell and not the real deal.

    • opheliart permalink

      what else is in the neighborhood that people might need the parking? homes … shopping places … restaurants? it’s really difficult to understand the issue unless you have more facts. but is it going to be what we said earlier? demanding more and more … as people settle in? and this is true of anything. look at provincetown, ma … ;o

      I don’t watch fox news but in my search I came across this info …

      is this fascism?

      • opheliart permalink

        but he did say christians and muslims worship the same god so … what’s the point of this take back? we asked quite a while ago if pope was promoting a roman islam but … and someone said, chrislam … which we posted a couple of times. but what’s the point of this news brief if pope worships the same god as the islamist?

        we do not worship popes, their saints or islam’s prophet …or its god so …

        seems pope is getting an undressing on this one, while someone else is doing the usual … damage control. what is really needed is a fact checking on all the bold-faced lies written by the RCC since its inception. now allow us to ask you: do you think rome wrote what they wanted people to read? things like … luther warned that jews could concoct a medicinal poison to murder christians? and how about …. gnostics are evil …?

        um, yep. the rcc had written a LOT of things … not true. and think how many people have suffered because of it …

  5. opheliart permalink

    what? you have a problem with the fact that I posted a link to a fox news article … one with an interview … ? it would have been more acceptable to you that I use THE HUFFINGTON POST, and their views?

    I am laughing right now. yes, laughing…

    • opheliart permalink–politics.html

      the DNC … just a building in WASHINGTON? just coming to realize the lack of true care and concern for the people they swore oaths to serve? it looks and feels very much like the DNC used and uses people-groups-minorities-incidents-religion-pop-up political puppets …tragedies and …

      to built itself a name. but look around. could it be that what the dnc thinks is important much of the US population does not? using gay agenda and transgender rights to stage an attack? these types of discords are puny. they are short-lived victories that show weak leadership and … it was handled very badly from start to finish. if we can be so bold as to give you a look ahead on that front.

      and there are many commentary types out there right now doing an awkward turn about. they led the charge only to find themselves in a pot hole … that black kettle pot hole. and still, in their blame game … they kick the dead horse.

      again, we ask … what do the people want?! DNC, it’s a MOVEMENT not a man! you keep looking for your damn hero while we keep showing you that you are missing the boat …

      it has sailed without you. your day is coming to an end. get over it, please. step out of your pretend know-it-all contemptuous attitudes and see what is.

      • opheliart permalink

        when the US lawmaker and pastors, spiritual/religious advisors … care more about serving unjust, abusive POLITICAL religious in big business, in and outside the US! more than children abused—sexually abused—by bishops and priests on up (as just one very LOUD example) … you have a BIG problem, and those in denial on this … should be removed.

        imagine a HIGHER AUTHORITY placing all possible information—evidence—before these wards of state and church … to see where their care and concern really lives … how it conducts itself … a test to see who-what will be worthy of leadership … to see who will see to the meek, the smallest of these … the most vulnerable … having given them plenty of time to address these crimes—the perpetrators, the environments and those hiding in the shadows … creating more havoc and destruction of life …

        victim after victim after victim but … it was not in the best interest of those in seats of power and influence to deal with the first things first …

        these are not worthy of … and they lose those places …

        and they do not even see it. imagine that, folks … imagine that.

  6. opheliart permalink

    “I spoke out once, at one meeting,” the resident said. “I was tangentially involved. I clearly felt like it was a fishing expedition, that they were looking to find anything to support their case.

    “For me, this has a chilling effect,” the resident added. “It was scary. They came to my home in the middle of the night to serve me the papers. I feel like I will never speak up in a public forum again.”
    —from the fox news report


    I will never speak up in a public forum again.

    isn’t this what fascism is about? isn’t this what we have been seeing on many comment boards? isn’t this one reason why we no longer post … there? my experience showed me, and hopefully, you, that secular industry is not safe. some promote it as if it alone is savior to the world … a religion of greatness … overpowering what it does not …like. build it, give it all the power … and it will silence the voice it opposes. until it finds itself bleeding … then it wants out, but it’s too late. it ate the bait.

    you will know them by their fruits

    hey, years ago when I went on the amazon discussion forums where the roman catholics, atheists and a few others congregated … the roman catholics wanted me dead. yup. dead. silenced. off THEIR threads. and they even took steps to harass me. yep. my business site … and they publicly degraded me to try to get rid of me, lying … and I was one of the milder, less outspoken voices there! this was before SPIR and my visit to RNS and … this was in 2011-2012. and is why I can write as I do now …

    they are mostly about business. one staunch rc saying her pontiff is like the CEO of a large business. this allows them their right to … meddle in state affairs 😉 others were caught hook, line and sinker … believing pope as institution (and benedict was their spokesperson then) to be GOD’s mouthpiece. pope as institution is their supreme entity on Earth because …

    they only know what they have been told. these are a race of people. a tribe born of a king in a land called rome.

    why do the state governments bow to it? because it is a race? like islam, it is its own government … its own country … so WHY do supposedly nonreligious governments bow to popes? because these governments are catholic. universalist ideal permeated the hemisphere and the world breathed its fumes. man has born himself into catholic-roman catholic appeal. man knows little else.

    but really, what is secularism? first, it is of a latin root … of a generation or age. “the world”. do you not find it interesting how much the RCC, islam and others desire worldly acclaim? to be of the world? to be in positions of peer and control? to be wealthy by secularist standards? to be … ruled by men …

    the world is catholic, my friends … how might you change it if it bleeds you dry?

    • opheliart permalink

      the UN, secularist entity, looking suspect regarding israel … anti-semitic? will next attack christianity. yes, you read this correctly. it will undermine its portion … it knows it can get away with this type of attack as none strategized an ANTI-christian position … yet … there is no racist motive in attacking christianity because … christianity, unlike judaism, unlike roman catholicism, unlike islamist … is not a race.

      so what is its purpose? the UN, what is its intent? to destroy religion for its own Power? hmm … not exactly, but it wants to satisfy the AGREEMENTS it had made with … the money lenders and …

      • opheliart permalink

        those they call bibi has known for some time that war is inevitable. and is why in this secularist world pro-islamic view, he has allowed strict judaism more face … for his wee state can be split and decimated … overpowered by the industry of another, much larger and growing … entity. he knows palestine, ISLAMIC PROSE … desires all or nothing. its mission is caliphate-ordained. seriously dangerous that so many claiming knowledge don’t know this. if given an inch … it will take a mile, and more … and more and more …

        those settlements, from our vantage point, and we did look to see what all the fuss is about … is bibi’s manifesto … his protection when that war impounds him and his state. the dense cities are ripe with … insurgents, waiting for the call from their master.

  7. opheliart permalink

    Tuesday jan 3

    commenter, gushee’s recent @RNS

    Doug Barr • 26 minutes ago
    “Trust nobody, listen to everybody [and] follow Jesus” defies logic. But then reason has never been a characteristic of religion. By all means though, listen to Jesus.



    the definition of character is mental, moral qualities distinctive to an actual individual (place or thing). the distinctive nature of something … the quality of being an individual, typically in an interesting way … and so on.

    latin from greek, greek origin: a stamping tool, distinctive mark, token or feature …

    okay, do we think that gushee’s “trust nobody, listen to everybody, follow JESUS” defies logic? no. here’s why …

    LOGIC, again from greek, is an ART … having to do with reasoning. it is not really a noun but a place of movement … to reason, a process of ceaseless informing. the logical business came into vogue when roman catholicism began to make its mark on man through use of its political religion (as church and state, governing body in facets of society claiming itself AUTHORITY on all matters MORAL, and truly, its mission was to mold man into its own metaphor). if catholic views JESUS as a casualty of incident then JESUS becomes for catholic a proclamation and not a character (symbol of ___, part in the Story manifesting Truth, or true ID within Spiritual Existence). the HUMANITY within the JESUS STORY (and this Teaching) is limited to the proclamation, rome’s proclamation. it’s kind of like Jesus hanging on the cross for all eternity if you think about the infallibility gospel of roman catholicism. he (the author) has no where to go. the logic found in this treatise is nonessential FOR Truth, knowledge and understanding on What is God. and is why it’s not difficult to understand how the men constructing their own prospering gospel according to its creeds … saw themselves as Jesus in the flesh. only men. only males, and only males ordained within male dominated religious institution.

    to not trust these men, for instance ( on the topic of JESUS, God, Truth …)but to listen to what they are saying/doing (which we did and do and is why we challenge as we do in this Day) … does not defy the art of reasoning (logic). it enhances this purpose. the quest is extant.

    “But then reason has never been a characteristic of religion.” if reason for religion is solely a race-related initiative then this might qualify but … history has shown many stamped tool, distinctive marks … born from the reasoning of religionists practicing religion.

    • opheliart permalink


      LIV. (160) Moses therefore does well when he adds, “Thou shalt go upon thy breast and upon thy belly.” For pleasure is not one of things which is tranquil and steady, but is rather a thing which is in constant motion and full of confusion, for as a flame is excited by being moved, so passion when it is put in motion in the soul, being in some respects like a flame, does not suffer it to rest. On which account he does not agree with those who pronounce pleasure a stable feeling, for tranquility is connected with stones and trees, and all kinds of inanimate things, but is quite inconsistent with pleasure; for it is fond of ticking and convulsive agitation, and with regard to some of its indulgences it has not need of tranquility but of an intense and violent unseemliness of commotion.

      if the soul is CONScience, what role does religion play in its person?

      religion is filled with reasons, depending on the need and what is at stake. if pagans threw children to its god baal, a flame of death … and a few saw that this was very wrong … they might agitate the spirits with something to create tearing … a breaking away from this belief and practice. doubt is one such tactic.

      how do you know your god demands the children in its flaming mouth? if it takes innocence, a life unloved, how can it be god? superior to your life and the lives of your brethren?

      evil wants mendacity. you present even the prospect of truth and it flees.

      • opheliart permalink

        baal worshipper might reply, but the child is loved because he is chosen to be sacrificed to god. he is a gift and child should be taught he is being sacrificed for the good of the people, the safety and wellbeing of the people.

        hmm. how do you argue with mendacity when its vision of truth IS evil? when its upside down mentality is so … upside down? but then catholic took up—takes up arms and sacrifices many lives doing battle with … evil: what it deemed untrue to god, pagan … heathen, errant, apostate … disobedient. so … how is catholic any different from the baal worshipper?

        if 50% of the catholic parents are offering their children to the gods of roman catholicism (priests, altar boys, some other religious officiate) what are the chances of a child in some way becoming abused by their gods? *check the numbers on abuses in the US alone, quadruple it just to be safe and research the efforts this institution has gone to, including the expense, to keep itself protected and the victim as victim. what are the chances you and your child might become a victim in the RCC?

        back to the baal worship and …

        how do you as a catholic fight evil if you sacrifice your own son? how does bloody worship of war render you … Spirit of the Living, doing God’s Work? do you think maybe your gods missed and are missing the message on Truth? Spirit of the One?

        you say you are a believer in Spirit but you fight the way of the danes of your pagan ancestry.

        what do the Writings say about principalities? you think you can slay an evil spirit with a drone that drops a bomb on a village full of civilians? you think you can stop evil in its tactic by massive weaponry and militia in he trillions?

        where have these armies solved the industry of terrorism? when has your war-mongering ever stopped the bloodshed? ended evil? you strike it down and it just finds another. what is dead is dead … yes? no longer of use … so why do you sacrifice your children to this god?

        Muslims are asked by Prophet Muhammad to “love your country as [patriotism] is part of Islam.” The Qur’an (4:60) calls on Muslims to be obedient to their governments: “O you who believe, obey God and the Prophet and obey those in authority from among you.” As I discuss in this piece, Muslims have heeded the Prophet’s call for allegiance and shown love for America.—huffington post

        and when america uses weapons of mass destruction to solve its problems and gain power and control (often for its own interests) and dropping bombs on innocent civilians … the muslim prophet is peaceful? sacrificing your children to the god of war, are you?

        what? you think me unpatriotic? if it means I must murder others in wars that america should NEVER have been anywhere near from the start … then yes. YOU CANNOT HAVE MY CHILDREN FOR YOUR BLOODY WARS … so, will you throw me and my family out of the country? will you trash me and my … home? say horrible and untrue things about me? damn me in your patriotic salutes? all because I will not sacrifice the youth to your gods?

  8. opheliart permalink

    take this topic …. what do you believe? do you believe obama and his team that russia hacked to alter the outcome of the US election? or do you believe assange? or maybe you do not believe either one.

    where is the evidence that russian did the hacking that obama’s team says? or should we believe what its intell. tells them? I don’t know why we should, do you?

    but there is evidence that the DNC was interfering in its own election by sabotaging the bernie sanders campaign. this is an inside job. … what else might be a concern for the DNC?

  9. opheliart permalink


    Nearly 91 percent of members of the 115th Congress convening Tuesday (Jan. 3) describe themselves as Christian, compared to 95 percent of Congress members serving from 1961 to 1962, according to congressional data compiled by CQ Roll Call and analyzed by Pew.—RNS

    the atheist-nonbeliever and those blaming religion for everything wrong in the world … say, look at that dysfunctional overwhelmingly religious government. no wonder we can’t seem to get to the root of many of the problems in our nation (while bowing to their gods of progressive right meets might ideology).

    didn’t we say politics is religion? and most big religious are political? ***and didn’t we say that many are atheistic concerning Truth? 😉 …this is not saying they are all evil, although I wouldn’t blink to learn that some are, but are they aware on what is God? god is what they make to suit party agenda, both sides of that aisle. and insisting on balancing out those calling themselves christian with muslims calling themselves islamist is not going to MOVE this government to anywhere … new, improved or … of a civil and just and fair … place. the mindset remains within that same—

    republican or democrat, who is to blame? if you sidestepped the ills of those creating lawless and ill-kept within society (which includes church and state) … looking the other way on the crimes, the source of the sicknesses … or slapping bandaids on the infected wounds … what do you end up with?

    if religion is more about politics and politics is made up of religionists than isn’t this marriage just a type of Same Sex institution?

    ___as of 9:20AM @RNs their article has the roman pontiff addressing congress! addressing congress! and you wonder why you have a dysfunctional government in the US? is this their god, spokesperson of their god? are they using him to try to make themselves appear more right—righteous? what could this MAN possibly say that demonstrates—YES, DEMONSTRATES—proper justice? he represents the source of ignorance throughout christendom! and islam as he worships this same god. this would be laughable if not for the ABUSE and corruption, hypocrisy and lies AND terrorism … and misuse and abuse of female. unjust features and practices of the RCC are paramount. theirs is a man who plays in the fields of policies while sexual abuse and severe corruption and dishonesty hides in his ranks. HE SHOULD BE CLEANING OUT HIS OWN HOUSE OF THE FIFLTH but he is allowed where? doing what?

    and this is your government? that YOU voted in?

    but look at what news like @RNs has promoted …for how long? one could not question their journalists and receive an honest answer or any response from them… (where is the article about barros of chile? as an example … big enough news for it to warrant several articles at rns but sadly … nope, and that is just one of many UN—truths circulating the reels) regarding their religious-spiritual advisor, their host … their leadership within state. THEY HAVE BEEN PROTECTING THEIR LEADER< the man calling himself POPE FRANCIS. article after article—commentary after commentary on how great and wonderful and reformist their god the pope is. skewed journalism? any newcomer to the States, visiting RNs would think the pope is head of church and state and would likely VOTE HIM IN TO BE HEAD!

    but for what? the comments …JOURNALISTS, RESEARCHERS … to give some clarity on the truth of that patriarchal figure … and he is patriarchal, which tells you what RNs dearly desires for government: a man god of strict religious institution, denying Truth of the Living God, Spirit. as Spirit is not of male dominion, headed by an archaic institution run by an ignorant elitist all male head.

    comment at rns:
    Betty Clermont • a day ago
    “The association of Provolo victims [deaf children sexually assaulted by priests] in Italy wrote to Pope Francis on December 31, 2013, asking for assistance for the victims there, saying they still received no form of solidarity or support, even after the Vatican concluded they had been abused in 2012 …. Members of the Provolo association met with the pope last year and asked for an independent commission to investigate” with no response. In the meantime, the accused clerics moved to Argentina and “At least 22 children were sexually abused by two priests at a school for youths with hearing disabilities in Argentina, an investigating prosecutor said” on Dec. 7, 2016.

    • opheliart permalink

      remember I said that I would not vote for a roman catholic president? that still holds. and I will not vote for an islamist for president, or a mormon … or anyone that has belief and practice on that arctic wall. cold and … careless on the matter of Truth.
      but some catholics and some mormons are not patriarchal! shouts the fascist, or another. but they pay into and support the big, fat establishment that holds many reigns and the only way to reduce its weight is to stop giving your children to it. and this goes for any system/policy unjust and trying to bear fruit in ignorance.

      now … are any of you beginning to understand something on the Language of the Spirit? what is being spoken in … the Writings?

      • opheliart permalink

        again at RNS-

        regarding the martin luther play mobile figure

        Fast Eddie Theman • 2 hours ago
        “wrote last June that the popular toy was ‘anti-Jewish, if not even anti-Semitic.'”

        My first would be this is about Martin Luther being pretty anti-Semitic himself but…

        “The problem, he said, was the inscription on the open pages of the Bible that the Playmobil Luther holds. On the left is written in German: ‘Books of the Old Testament. END’

        Why was the word ‘END’ written so prominently, Brumlik asked. ‘Theologically, there can be no other reason than that the ‘Old Testament’ and its validity should be seen as ended and superseded,'”

        Oh, so the reason for the complaint is just stupid then.

        “‘Is the Old Testament, the Scripture of the people of Israel common to Jews and Christians, outdated and overtaken,’”

        By this logic, all of Christianity is anti-Semitic.

        All of Islam is anti-Christian.

        All of the Baha’i Faith is anti-Muslim.

        Moses was anti-Abraham.

        This is stupid logic.


        I was thinking the same thing but differently. this commenter has the greatest of points 😀

        so … no one can say and do anything BEYOND JUDAISM/THE JEWS for fear of being labeled anti-jew? anti-Semitic? everything written that shows a different life experience regarding belief on God is considered …

        in error on the truth … according to jewish theology?

        my-my, aren’t we full of beans 😉

        and is why I detach myself from this abrahamic religious stuff. I don’t believe it. if you must be bound to its gods and silenced on … JUSTICE, in particular … um, there is your BIG problem.

        just ask the jew one very simple question: how was female treated in HIS religiondum?

        and … do you think it might have been in the best interests of all people that THE CHRIST appeared on the scene to lead them out of ignorance and bad parenting?

        also, please, please, please, PLEASE … understand if what luther wrote is indeed anti-Semitic and … do that extensive research required to find out if the words written are indeed the words he (luther) wrote. you know how FALSE NEWS has a way of … leading people astray, and before you know it … you find yourself … betrayed.

        and the vatic ants were out with articles that their pope did not say what is being written that he said? ha-ha! maybe he gets back way he and his institution did to others. ain’t that somethin’

  10. opheliart permalink

    and what have WE been saying again and again and again and again … and again? we are OFFENDED by these religionists … claiming they are THE authority on God, the Christ … SPIRIT. they are not! and we are especially offended by their views and treatment of female in all of their beliefs and practices and these …

    SHOULD HAVE NO PLACE IN GOVERNMENT! if religion cannot see their arrogance and ignorance in these matters then government should be decent and just enough and HONEST enough to not allow religions like these to advise! do you see the offense or are you completely of the mindset catholic?

    • opheliart permalink

      and beware of those using, abusing and taking US dollars to serve their own political religious tribes. their own vaticans.

      • opheliart permalink

        now …. go all the way back to one of silk’s commentary pcs (RNs) where there was a heated discussion about the cake baking … and I posted: what happens when someone starts complaining that I am anti-their view of how God should look … because I don’t paint two males “embracing-engaging” or two females embracing in my SPIRREALISM pcs and I have accepted public commissions for a mural here and here … what then? am I to be destroyed? my art destroyed? my reputation slandered … lies spread about me, my work …
        because someone is demanding their belief–practices in the public arena?

        if a church or cathedral or abbey-monestary or house … it would have to be one that allows female her right to the Godhood, and if these institutions are not taking from taxpayers not in agreement with its beliefs… or, I should say, in complete and heated disagreement then … can there be safe places for one like me—the Art?

  11. opheliart permalink

    so, RNs, and those using the teachings of man calling himself pope francis … believing HIM, and that you should be less spiritual and more religious or less spiritual and more political? and god forbid you think like francis @assisi in your view and treatment of nature? hmm … sounds as if the pope is of the split tongue.

    WHY DOES HE FEAR THE GNOSTIC, my friends, and allow us to repeat, MY friends? why does he warn of gnosis and the gnostic? still, after all of this time since the RISE OF THE PAPACY … (and please do your homework on that papacy) … why does this pontiff warn about one like ME?

    does he fear my Gift? can I see the lethargy and the lies in that infallibility called roman catholicism? could it be that he is married to his state while I am married in the Spirit? how can one possibly gnosis what is God while sitting on a throne of sand, denying the Gifts of the Spirit?

    • opheliart permalink

      and what do you think the muslim’s prophet muhammad would do to ME if he ruled over me on Earth? anyone trying to tell you that the prophet of islam is peaceful is not telling you the truth. how many young girls do you think he used for his … militia building practices?

      here is another split-tongued politician, selling you to his god.

      • opheliart permalink

        lying for their lords …

        if this is true, you cannot have islamists in office operating for the GOOD of Humanity and the movement of mankind. if muslim is bound to its god muhammad (sharia law) … you cannot have islamists in office unless you plan on turning all of your nation to islam. let the sharia lawmakers take over buckingham palace then. Lord, let it be done! then the people living in ignorance will see what it is to be oppressed and ousted by overbearing … religious politics.

        you people playing with fire in your straw houses are fools. the first to go will be the atheists, trying to draw water from a mud puddle.

    • opheliart permalink

      the swastika at the he brew college, sin-sin@t … personal? I get that it is, salkin. might it be that you know exactly which pitch it came from?

      • opheliart permalink

        re: archeological find in the cave

        the key … (four horizontal lines … with a Head at the top?)

        the key(s) is, of course, spoken in the Writings of the New.

        the menorah … EXODUS … the menorah, four posts with bases for the veil. a bridal chamber.

        seven holders then eight … the ninth, the Light. nine is the number of archangels true to the One. the One is Light that lifts the eight to …

        the keys to that Chamber is ‘held’ by One. the key to … Spiritual Drink? food for thought?

  12. opheliart permalink

    hint: it can only be opened from the inside …

  13. opheliart permalink

    shown to watch the movie SPOTLIGHT, again … am in the middle just now but paused it to watch national news …

    there is something BIG … very BIG to come forth. and for catholic to do any whining right now about how protestants treated them as “lesser” or that luther is the great, evil, anti-semitic flawed historical figure … will likely be viewed as one of the biggest and most dishonest statements of all time.

    as you will see … and any person paying into that roman catholic morality bull is in for a big, knock out punch … beginning NOW.

    • opheliart permalink

      I have seen their acting before and its a big, robust, indecent and calculated lie … much like their manipulation and OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE… the vicious and cruel treatment of the VICTIMS … in boston and other catholic run and catholic operated places in the US and around the world.

      the roman catholic church is going down … that much you can COUNT on … the question is this:

      who-what wants to be “the baron” to take them down?

      • opheliart permalink


        to continue with the evidence of YOUR catholic congress

        you see now, again … why I chose not to vote—support bernie? his sitting with the imam and later his visit with the roman pontiff told us everything WE needed to know about his beliefs and practices, and yes, he does believe in god … the roman papacy in league with islam and … his aligning with hillary AFTER all HE SAID AND DID TO OPPOSE HER AND HER POSITION ON BIG ESTABLISHMENT

        I don’t hear anyone calling him out on what he said and what he did

        you will know them by their fruits

        ___could it be the bernie like most of our government has turned a blind eye to the sexual abuse of children in the RCC? what has he ignored on this topic? and hey, we wrote to him … but typical of the catholic way, thinking themselves above others … he did not respond. oh, wait … he did respond by asking for money …

  14. opheliart permalink

    are you paying attention, orthodox christians … because you’re next.

  15. opheliart permalink

    on something we posted earlier: parking for a NJ mosque

    Jim Johnson • 5 hours ago
    This is not an isolated incident. There have been several cases I know of where a municipality has claimed some bogus reason for denying permission for a building permit. I think it’s fear and hatred of Muslims and a belief that the Mosque is going to be a hotbed of terrorism. Freedom of religion applies to unpopular religions. Funny how some folks cry about a war on their religious freedom yet have no problem denying it to others.

    ___um, jim, your lack of research in this statement is GLARING, and RNs is at it again in their one-sided journalistic endeavor (another REASON atheist will be removed). they should have posted: repent and submit to the pope, because it’s saying the same thing … about their beliefs … and what they practice.

    did you look closely at what their “expert” issued? he issued a WARNING to keep YOU, an american citizen of certain freedoms from addressing a concern, AND THIS PERTAINS TO ALL RELIGIONS! *but remember, it is a RELIGIOUS news site. no religious drama, no job? 🙂 because of this arrogance … the township will win this case, and the “poor” congregation will need to go elsewhere to practice what they intended to preach in their desire for … mission.

    some things can be seen without using money to receive.

    when a news service pretends at sincerity and truthfulness, it shows, and same with government agencies and writers of a certain party initiative … when they give you only a small part of the story, and a disingenuous point, at that, not clear in its voice … one that is not even the actual truth on the matter, as the resident’s voice is not being given its page … lack of important information … things can change due to all kinds of incidents, esp in this climate. one example could be a member of that islamic society commits a terroristic act, or another terror impacts the US, causing US citizens and duh-government to appease the fears of the people OR … to try to stem the tide of terrorism or misuse of money or … fascist reckless vehicle using news that is false to get its way, carelessly …

    what we shared still stands. are you getting it yet?

    • opheliart permalink

      maybe RNs is trying to get donations from the islamists, because they fail to get these from … the atheists and … the christians and …


      they are the RCC’s pawns? soon to become islam’s pawns? or is that roman islam pawns?

      • opheliart permalink

        they never bother to step out and try to see what THEY look like to an outsider, someone not involved in their beliefs … they do not understand what it is to be impartial, because they are slave to the empire(s) that pays it (service) … to PROMOTE or SELL YOU … something of its domain.

    • opheliart permalink

      who is paying taxes to live and work in that township? do the congregants of the judge’s court ruling live in that township or do they use it primarily for their religious services? how does it impact the area where the mosque requires more … spaces? are you as a citizen/business owner of these townships where religious demand their rights … not allowed voice. will the US confess that it is negligent on where and how tax payers are being misused? would it make more sense that these religious, including congress, admit they are more in the business of selling something … than they are concerned about the wellbeing of … its citizens.

      • opheliart permalink

        and why on Earth would a supposedly nondiscriminatory and FAIR and JUST congress bend over backwards for political religious industries that deny FEMALE the same rights as a male?

        this is telling … oh so telling, but those PAID to lie for their lords? don’t expect the truth from these.

  16. opheliart permalink

    this may shock you … then again, it may not

    I sense that intelligence officials have evidence of russian hacking but do not have evidence of it having to do with the election regarding trump’s win. they are looking to link the two but they cannot and is why they have not put forth THE EVIDENCE. who operates under these conditions and expects to be taken seriously? they are using something we already know, but are trying to turn it into a demonstration of power, because so many have lost faith in their correctness, their honesty, their ability to do an honest and clean job. they hold up a scare tactic to demand much more tax dollars going toward their spying on … you, and your neighbors.

    all those stories about people’s personal accounts being hacked and how you must change your password ASAP. could it be that this is intelligence officials gaining access to things they probably shouldn’t? they can’t do their jobs well because they live in dimness. they don’t know who-what is bad and who-what isn’t! and they don’t want the american citizen or their enemies to know they are …

    big show for ya’ll … a big, blown up … diversion. recall us writing on this tactic?

    ok, ’nuff said … SHOWN THE EVIDENCE!

    • opheliart permalink

      and gushee may be wise to train in awareness as he may be needed in this watchdog …

      and that … witch hunt about to start

      • opheliart permalink

        My Christianity was once grounded in theology that I passionately espoused. As I grew older, I no longer aligned with the church’s creed, but I retained my faith, because losing it meant reopening the alleged hole in my heart. The image of the unfulfilled unbeliever is so pervasive in Christian communities that it overpowered my longing to leave my religion.

        david gushee, which church creed is she referring to? has she been living in a one size fits all religion? I do not understand how in this day atheist-nonbelievers still BELIEVE G-d to be religion. or that G-D can only be found in theology or church creed or something related to religious ideal. can you please explain to WEST how G-D is not of the west but of the EAST 😉

  17. opheliart permalink

    AMMAN, Jordan (AP) — Jordan’s government spokesman has warned of “catastrophic” repercussions if President-elect Donald Trump makes good on a campaign promise to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to contested Jerusalem.

    Mohammed Momani told The Associated Press on Thursday that such a move could affect relations between the U.S. and regional allies, including pro-Western Jordan.

    Momani says an embassy move would be a “red line” for Jordan and “inflame the Islamic and Arab streets.”

    Jordan serves as custodian of a major Islamic shrine in east Jerusalem, which Israel captured in 1967 and annexed to its capital. The Palestinians seek a capital in east Jerusalem.

    The future of the city would be central to any renewed Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

    Most countries, including the United States, maintain embassies in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv.


    wait a minute …

    what? moving the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem is … blasphemy? worthy of catastrophe for or from … regional allies, including PRO-WESTERN jordon?

    the palestinians can’t have a capital in east jerusalem with the US embassy in jerusalem? why? what’s wrong with the ‘our’ embassy? :O

    and the liberal-lefties of america engaging pro-palestine and anti-israel … are they really anti-american regarding this inflamed islamic and arab streets?

    does any of this make sense to you, david gushee? you are a liberal, aren’t you? what is this really saying?

    • opheliart permalink

      maybe what hobs says is right:

      Roy Hobs •
      This is the biggest psychological operation to date. They want us to “hate them over there”; but love them in our own neighborhoods. Ultimate mind screw.
      —“them” referring to their system of belief and practice

      liberal left has sorely missed the message of love thy enemy. they teach them nothing by bowing to their god of caliphate industry. do you see the hypocrisy oozing from their land mines? and US democrat.ic government is smitten with islam, believing that these measures won’t impound the US and drive it to sharia law?

      wow, just WOW … I can hardly believe we have lawmakers saying they serve the states of america that are falling for this stuff. as we sad, the democratic party will be removed. it has to, because this type of politics is just nuts, plain and simple. it will DESTROY america. no bones about it and is why we have been sharing and sharing to warn … on a lot of this … unsuitable leadership. democrat moves in a dangerous direction and will destroy any hope of america movement, real and true movement … for Humanity.

      but to be left with republican imperialism? oh no! ;O … make way for the INDEPENDENT PARTY!
      hey, they caught mawdy walsh playing footsies with … dishonest measure … regarding the boston 2024 summer olympics. and what else has roman catholic mawdy been involved in?

      • opheliart permalink

        “It takes a village to raise a child it also takes a village to abuse one.”

  18. opheliart permalink

    have any of you seen THE LAST KINGDOM (net flicks)?

    … fast forward through the battle scenes because they may sicken you, but please get a sense of how history repeats when … unchecked, left in the hands of the lawless. much of the behavior you see in ISIL practices and other torture methods used by tribes seeking power and control, and the DESIRE TO SPREAD FEAR, esp in areas where there is little proper teaching or safe parenting … you see with many groups in the youth of america … and it is growing. like these young people torturing this young man, a man different and likely mentally challenged. but one cannot help but ask …

    isn’t it really those teens torturing the man that are the most mentally challenged? they are like the pagans of the north attacking and plundering. lawless and pleasuring themselves by torturing the weak. without Conscience. there is your big hole, atheist-nonbeliever, religionist … there is your hole … a big, hole where no Conscience can be found.

    reckless sex and drugs and looting isn’t enough anymore … they have to torture and behead. evil, like ISIL, knows their influence is permeating the youth. it does not have to even be sitting there handing the kids a parchment with words because chances are they cannot read what is written (the language) so they DEMONSTRATE through the visual how it’s done … movies do the same. social media is a latest weapon to add to the store of … ignorance and devastation.

    *watching two staties outside my window, pulled over a man and others in a car, starts yelling at the driver. I went out to see better.

    • opheliart permalink

      definitely a hispanic family … the officer called for back up and looks like a “good samaritan” pulled over to help the hispanic family. not completely sure why the state trooper was pulling over the family but we did hear that when he tried to signal for the driver to pull over, he didn’t …

      the car is being impounded and I see two women now out of the car each with a baby in a car seat and it’s freezing outside. going out to see if they need help.

  19. opheliart permalink

    formerprof Fast Eddie Theman • 19 minutes ago
    Really, Fast Eddie, you need to review the long and despicable history of the persecution and slaughter of Jews based to some extent on Luther’s anti-Jewish diatribes. Historically, these are not just word games.

    PROVE IT, formerprof. and while you re at it, are you absolutely sure that luther’s words were not sabotaged OR … that his enemies … falsified ? me sees something coming that just might … say differently.

    over and over and over … down through history we see evidence of theft and lies. and man still hasn’t figured out what is true and what is false? *sigh*

    now that sow and … statue? very strange. yes, offensive. remove it!

    • opheliart permalink

      as for the figure covering up part of the old pointing to the new?

      let’s see … how many offensive images in ALL types of texts and … are used in religious-POLITICAL settings—–their piggy male institution claiming itself THE AUTHORITY on 😦
      depends on how one chooses to view it, right? you can be a slush piddle or … something made of sterner stuff. you could be a whiner … the sheep hollering wolf, wolf … when it just might be that you are asked to …

      grow up.

      never in all my born days have I see so much …well, there are bigger things coming that you need to prepare yourselves for. bigger, more harsh and more … difficult than a play mobile character.

    • opheliart permalink


      Fast Eddie Theman formerprof • 27 minutes ago
      Wow, okay, I guess I actually need to SPELL IT OUT FOR YOU.

      I was, in fact, ~referring~ to Luther’s anti-Jewish diatribes with my comment “out of the plethora of reasons they could have chosen.”

      The reason they chose to go with WASN’T that issue that both you or I acknowledge as a potentially valid issue to bring up.

      Instead they went for the stupid reason: The end of a chapter in a book has “the End” written on it. They ~could’ve~ gone the route of Luther’s statements. They ~instead~ decided something innocuous and inoffensive was the hill they wanted to die on.


      hmm … yes, and I communed on this last night, asking if the jews believe that luther actually wrote anti-Semitic diatribe, and I heard no. so then I needed to understand was anti-Semitic the same then as it is now? did it even exist? if it did and was so blatantly out there why did the jews find the lutheran as partner in all facets of life … to this day? hitler wasn’t lutheran was he? he was raised roman catholic. did he use luther’s letters to support something within his regime? if so, which part? formerprof just makes a lazy assed statement without giving evidence directly linked to what is said luther said so …
      anyhow, I need to understand more succinctly why the jew would come down on luther now and make a big stink. if the jew does not believe luther actually wrote those ‘anti-Semitic’ words because say … it does not match with the bulk of his work then … why haven’t they said something? and if luther did not write it, who did?

  20. opheliart permalink


    the hospital takes its ‘orders’ (our word but honest) from the catholic conference of bishops.

    let’s review this a moment.

    when people left the roman church to seek a place not ruled by rome some migrated to america. some leaving the rule of england set up homesteads in america. what followed? what came to america to set up its own ruling body?

    atheists and … catholics … liberalists accuse christians (primarily what THEY, like roman catholics, call protestants, a much used label, but still a somewhat derogatory a label) of treating the roman catholics badly when they came to cities and towns in america. some “protestants” did not want roman catholicism setting up shop in their neighborhoods. and they did set up shop. (by my time —I am soon to be 58—the neighborhood and school was already predominately roman catholic). they knew of their parents and grandparents reasons for LEAVING europe and it was clear in some areas that to have heavy breeding of roman catholics would–could overwhelm their neighborhoods, their cities and towns … and governing bodies. it was just a matter of time. a growing RELIGIOUS doing exactly what it did in europe and elsewhere.

    atheist and liberalist is allowed to be anxious or to complain and to accuse political religious but not “protestant”? protestant was looking for a home much like the jew. but the catholics wanting to get out of the treachery of europe’s ruling classes brought the semantics of that rule with them, and started all over again on new and different soil.

    should anyone be surprised that congress is predominately “christian”? sure, these are scattered in belief and practices but government remains within the catholic BODY. the BIG ESTABLISHMENT CAUSE doing business with lawmakers left and right became of … ITS institution, catholic.

    now … do you see the hypocrisy? the double standard? and do you understand where roman catholics don’t get it? “hey, we are trying to get away from YOU—your race, nicely … by picking up and leaving your PATRIARCHAL dominion, your ruling class.” but the roman curia had a plan and was determined to see it through. its mission—UNIVERSALLY INSTALLED ACCORDING TO ITS LAW—was to take over the world. large catholics families and politics and demand for religious right meets might was/is their cause. .

    built it and they will come? allow it and they will abuse it?

    many catholics aren’t sticklers for their doctrine but they pay into and support it anyway. they continue the drone. it continued. it set up its governing body and grew and became powerful even where children suffered … and suffer. law enforcement and congress wouldn’t touch the bishop—the cardinal— because …

    just watch the movie SPOTLIGHT and you begin to understand where and how this operates.

    hospitals, offices of every need, schools … even THEIR OWN law to tell citizens in this city or that town, no, you cannot marry. no, you cannot have this or have that. WE ARE THE LAW IN THIS PART OF TOWN., AND THAT PART OF TOWN … and over there, and there, and there and …

    what happened to the american dream?

    it does not matter what I think about SSM (we shared in this already though) or what I think about this person’s surgery … it is his to choose. if the government and medical professionals say it is safe and you say these are your experts on law and health then … he may have that surgery, unless congress decides to do a survey to hear from ALL the people that make up a nation and this … this would-should be the thing to do as WE ARE THE PEOPLE clearly states and … lawmakers are religious to a fault … and too often feeding their own party agendas with little concern for the overall health and wellbeing of society.

    look out there, folks, the neighborhoods that were once thought of as safe neighborhoods are no longer safe. far from it. no matter how tough and firm and aggressive your law enforcement behave … you are not protected. look at the personal account hacking if you live in a gated community and believe yourselves to be safe … or how about the drug epidemic or … doctors over prescribing … and all the misinformation about most things being fed to you, including what comes from your own government. even you own personally chosen party, filled with corruption, like the roman catholic church, and filled with abusers, like the roman catholic church …

    and some want to use islam to try to solve what they know is a failing system, while allowing everything in the public sphere? it’s like jekyl and hyde … with no one overseeing the doctor for consistency and … truth.

    everywhere …

    • opheliart permalink

      the JEW spoken in the NT is referring to systems. establishment. big mindset overbearing, ruling party … even classes of people—— the religious and political class governing. was it unjust? unfair? cruel? ignorant in many ways? the JESUS figure in the Writings is gnostic. of gnosis, as is PAUL and the disciples in growth. if jew (of judaism? a class of people) wants to claim himself the oppressor in the NT, damn, you go right ahead! claim away. whine away … accuse and throw your stones! atheist, you, too! murder HER that you accused in the day of the words of JESUS to the woman “caught in adultery” …

      what was written in the sand, jew? atheist? protestant? roman catholic? do you know?

      I do. I know what is WRitten.

      • opheliart permalink

        but what of what I shared on weiss in the beginning of these posts? you may be wondering. you said, one might say he is true jew of the NT.

        allow us to share on big establishment and its supporters, trying to make itself look kind and just and holy.

        front page news of the hampshire gazette shows big man rozanski of the springfield diocese, announcing that northampton is officially a refugee resettlement community as kathryn whats her name of, director of catholic charities looks on …

        what does rozanski have to do with northampton? he is of the springfield diocese. and yet his big head is telling us what’s to happen in noho. will he then tell all communities what will happen in their neighborhoods … down the road? through use of what? hospitals? in this case, the not so honest catholic charity.

        have you ever visited springfield, people? do the catholics and their big, fat whopping wad charities ever pay for those coming in that are catholic? beaten, robbed, raped, abused … poorly parented, sexually abused as children (did you see the charity benefits in SPOTLIGHT while the communities allowed the youngsters to be __)… or do they just keep whitewashing for agenda and credibility and $ ? and politicians, of course, want to look good, and PC and not …phobic? ;)not anti-something that might cause them some static? … do these POLITICIANS LIKE ROZANSKI AND … ever actually see them through the best and worst of times? are these photo-op oppressors ever really held responsible for what they do? are these big heads ever of a healing nature? or are they for pushing agenda to make themselves rich and robust in appearance. look at the guy! take a clear-eyed look at that man and his hierarchy and do your homework, and please share with the world what these men are really … attempting to do … for themselves. does rozanski want another springfield catholic? you bet your ass he does! and so does his industry if madness.

        as one supporting big establishments such as these to get paid or to gain title and … no different from what the politicians do using religion to get voted in … pretending at something … are you the jew spoken in the NT … going along with the powers that be, but never solving the ills of its industry. slapping bandaids on infected wounds?

        religions? church as state. is it really worthy of the written Truth?

  21. opheliart permalink

    the RCC needs the poor to survive. and it demands through use of its agencies … which politicians are way to eager to use and go along with … having set itself up as the law of the land … who-what gets rejected and who-what gets let in … for their church goals. for power and acclaim and MONEY-MONEY-MONEY!

    so who-what supports and pays into the roman catholic church? and those like it?

    • opheliart permalink

      Saturday, April 02, 2016
      NORTHAMPTON — The Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield continues to defend its handling of a sexual assault case in which a deceased priest was accused of sexually assaulting a teenage boy more than four dozen times.

      The allegations surfaced in July 2013 when a then-20-year-old Chesterfield man alleged in a lawsuit that the Rev. Paul Archambault sexually abused him as a teenager for four years, beginning in 2006.

      Archambault, 42, died in July 2011, when he took his own life after he was confronted with the claims of abuse, according to the diocese.

      Meanwhile, a sexual assault advocate from Huntington, who said he met with church officials on behalf of the victim, in an interview Friday alleged that Springfield Bishop Mitchell T. Rozanski impeded the investigation of claims made against Archambault and should resign.

      “I’ve called for his resignation,” said Olan Horne, a sexual assault advocate. Horne himself said he was assaulted by a priest as a child.

      “More importantly, (this case) demonstrates the immaturity, the mind-set and insensibility of Rozanski to handle any clergy abuse case.”

      The diocese maintains a list of priests accused of sex crimes, and adds names when it deems the allegations “credible.”

      In Archambault’s case, that took three years.

      His name was added on Tuesday after the diocese and the victim agreed to settle the suit for an undisclosed amount. The Gazette generally does not publish the names of victims of sex crimes.

      According to Hampshire Superior Court records, Archambault had a history of “boundary issues” with children. Twice, he was summoned before the Diocesan Review Board for inappropriate interactions with youngsters.

      Archambault was ordained in 2005, according to the diocese.

      The first incident was before then, though the diocese said it is not sure exactly when.

      Archambault was made a priest anyway.

      The second incident involved Archambault giving a boy a massage at a spiritual retreat in 2007, according to the diocese.

      “He had additional steps he had to take,” Mark Dupont, a spokesman for the diocese said Friday. “He faced extra scrutiny before being ordained. It wasn’t just a rubber stamp.”

      Dupont would not elaborate when asked about what extra steps were required of Archambault. He did say, however, that the diocese hired a private investigator and also enlisted the help of the Massachusetts State Police, but their findings indicated no other victims came forward and that Archambault was not a threat.

      “I don’t think we ever asserted (there) wasn’t a red flag,” Dupont said Thursday. “With hindsight being 20-20, our difficulty then and throughout this process is lack of willingness for people who had concrete information to step forward to share it with us or law enforcement. What you had was a lot of concerns, but not a lot of substance we could’ve acted upon.”

      Dupont also contends the victim in the suit never directly reported what happened to church officials.

      When asked why it took three years for a sexual assault case to be deemed credible by the diocese, Dupont replied in an email Thursday:

      “Generally speaking, if the accused lived or served in the area where the alleged abuse took place at the particular time frame described by the victim, and the alleged victim can provide a detailed enough description of the individual and the events, we will find it to be a credible allegation.”

      Advocate’s account
      Horne, a sexual assault advocate, said Friday he accompanied the victim’s family to meetings, and met himself with church officials to ask questions including why Archambault was allowed to be ordained and if there was evidence that he had a history of inappropriate contact with children.

      But these meetings were strictly “pastoral,” Dupont said in an email, and not intended as intake because the family did not want a victim advocate present.

      “We have had better outcomes for these difficult meetings when the process is followed,” he said in the email. “Therefore, by all accounts the meeting did not go well in no small part we believe because it didn’t utilize the existing process.”

      Nonetheless, Horne said he was stonewalled and that Rozanski hindered his and the family’s efforts to collect information.

      “This isn’t about survivors or victims,” Horne said. “These priests should be held liable and accountable. Rozanski should get familiar with the survivors’ community and understand their pain.”

      “This isn’t over,” Horne said. “And it won’t be.”

      Michael Majchrowicz can be reached at

  22. opheliart permalink

    saturday, the 8th of january, 2017

    at one side I read that santiago’s brother is blaming the FBI for what happened … the other:

    they still have not shown the american citizen the evidence of the hacking. THEY SAY and THEY SAY and THEY SAY … russia/putin did this and did that … and do I believe they are capable of interfering in the election? absolutely, but did they … as they are being accused? or is the white house in tell. snowballing you? first, even democrats were saying the media was biased … for clinton (and afterward many dems wrote in the areas where they felt they failed) so … how can this be explained? the bad press on trump was enormous! with a bit here and there about clinton usually buried by the bad press about trump! can anyone deny this to be true? be honest … now. even RNS was in full swing mode, and they should be impartial but hey, how can one be impartial when your employers are …

    who-what is paying them?

    who-what was spending big bucks in that election, and for what? the dems had the majority of hollywood and many religious behind them, along with many republicans! big bucks republicans so you show us WHERE the russians interfered to alter the election … common, go ahead, show us.

    and didn’t we say that assange would need to reveal his source to save his life?

    the methods of the fascist industry much like the RCC FORCES people through fear and bad example … namely HYPOCRISY, and sadly, threats … as the white house is just as guilty of interfering in the politics of other nations, including the use of hacking/spying …

    but who has the most to lose by losing the current … SYSTEM (how things are run) … by having a very different headship? the obama admin wasn’t addressing the serious crisis issues, he was giving these a free pass … never once bringing these to light in a manner absolutely necessary for the safety of the people. and for the right of the american tax dollar, including the people of color tax dollar and … for the good of those in places like africa. hmm? each and every one of you must get out of the muck and take a good hard look at what YOU have been doing in support of suffering, dishonesty … and abuse, which includes malpractice and dishonest use of funds … hiding behind those collars and robes.

    and please, you sabotage a candidate’s campaign (sanders) … it comes right back at you? you get back in some manner what you did to another? do unto others as you would have hem do unto to you? really, people, this dishonesty and tactic truly does play mind games with the american psyche.

    last night someone argued with me, saying, they (INTELL officials) won’t show the evidence because they don’t want the russians to know how they found out it was the russians. oh? don’t you think that if the russians did the deed they are accused of they would already know how they were found out?

    the big heads of establishment depend on you remaining in darkness. they purposely keep you in the dark, except where they write only what they want you to believe. isn’t that right, RNS?

    • opheliart permalink

      part of the article:
      But America, not least thanks to its bankruptcy procedures, provides a slightly clearer window on the church’s finances. And America is so important to the church that it merits particular examination.

      Only three countries—Brazil, Mexico and the Philippines—have larger Catholic populations than America, and nowhere has a larger Catholic minority. Almost 100m Americans, a third of the nation, have been baptised into the faith and 74m identify themselves as Catholic. Discrimination against the Catholic minority, and strong leadership from Rome, encouraged American Catholics to create a sort of parallel society in the 19th and 20th centuries, with the result that there are now over 6,800 Catholic schools (5% of the national total); 630 hospitals (11%) plus a similar number of smaller health facilities; and 244 colleges and universities. Many of these institutions are known for excellence: seven of the leading 25 part-time law school programmes in America are Catholic (five are run by Jesuits). A quarter of the 100 top-ranked hospitals are Catholic. All these institutions are subject to the oversight of a bishop or a religious order.

      The Economist estimates that annual spending by the church and entities owned by the church was around $170 billion in 2010 (the church does not release such figures). We think 57% of this goes on health-care networks, followed by 28% on colleges, with parish and diocesan day-to-day operations accounting for just 6% and national charitable activities just 2.7% (see chart). In total, Catholic institutions employ over 1m people, reckons Fred Gluck, a former McKinsey managing partner and co-founder of the National Leadership Roundtable on Church Management, a lay organisation seeking to improve the way the church is run. For purposes of secular comparison, in 2010 General Electric’s revenue was $150 billion and Walmart employed roughly 2m people.

      The church is the largest single charitable organisation in the country. Catholic Charities USA, its main charity, and its subsidiaries employ over 65,000 paid staff and serve over 10m people. These organisations distributed $4.7 billion to the poor in 2010, of which 62% came from local, state and federal government agencies.

      The American church may account for as much as 60% of the global institution’s wealth. Little surprise, then, that it is the biggest contributor to head office (ahead of Germany, Italy and France). Everything from renovations to St Peter’s Basilica in Rome to the Pontifical Gregorian University, the church’s version of West Point, is largely paid for with American money.

      Where that money comes from is hard to say (the church does not release numbers on this either). Some of it is from the offerings of the faithful. Anecdotal evidence suggests that America’s Catholics give about $10 per week on average. Assuming that one-third attend church regularly, that would put the annual offertory income at around $13 billion. More comes from elite groups of large donors such as the Papal Foundation, based in Pennsylvania, whose 138 members pledge to donate at least $1m annually, and Legatus, a group of more than 2,000 Catholic business leaders that was founded by Tom Monaghan of Domino’s Pizza.

      There is also income from investments. Timothy Dolan, the president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and Cardinal-Archbishop of New York (a “corporation sole”, meaning a legal entity consisting of a single incorporated office, occupied by a single person), is believed to be Manhattan’s largest landowner, if one includes the parishes and organisations that come under his jurisdiction. Another source of revenue is local and federal government, which bankroll the Medicare and Medicaid of patients in Catholic hospitals, the cost of educating pupils in Catholic schools and loans to students attending Catholic universities.

      Wages and sin

      The molestation and rape of children by priests in America has resulted in more than $3.3 billion of settlements over the past 15 years, $1.3 billion of that in California. The total is likely to increase as more states follow California and Delaware in relaxing the statute of limitations on these crimes, most of which were reported long after they happened. For an organisation with revenues of $170 billion that might seem manageable. But settlements are made by individual dioceses and religious orders, whose pockets are less deep than those of the church as a whole.

      The fact that far fewer Catholics are answering the call to become nuns, monks and priests (the minor seminaries, once the first step of the recruitment process, are almost empty) adds to the pressure. It saves some current costs, but reduces in perpetuity the pool of very cheap labour that the church has relied on. Dioceses increasingly need to pay people market rates to get jobs done that were previously assigned to clergy and members of religious orders. This pushes running costs up.

      On the revenue side, donations from the faithful are thought to have declined by as much as 20%. The scandals probably played a part in this: few people want to donate money that will go to clearing up the damage done by predatory priests. But many in the church also feel that competition for charitable dollars has increased.

      Over the past eight years, a combination of these stresses has driven eight dioceses (including San Diego, Tucson and Milwaukee) to declare bankruptcy, as well as the American arm of the Irish Christian Brothers and a regional branch of the Jesuits. More of America’s 196 dioceses could be forced to do the same. Efforts are under way in the legislatures of Arizona, Illinois, New York, Florida, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Ohio and California (again) to extend statutes of limitations, according to Jeff Anderson, a lawyer who represents many victims of abuse. If any of these efforts succeeds, the expectation among lawyers like Mr Anderson is that some of the affected dioceses would seek Chapter 11 protection while they attempt to settle the cases. (Troubled dioceses generally settle suits just before the bishop is due in court.) The diocese of Honolulu could be the next to go bankrupt. In May it was hit by a pair of new lawsuits after the extension of Hawaii’s statute of limitations for victims of abuse.

      Various sources say that Cardinal Dolan and other New York bishops are spending a substantial amount—estimates range from $100,000 a year to well over $1m—on lobbying the state assembly to keep the current statute of limitations in place. His office will not comment on these estimates. This is in addition to the soft lobbying of lawmakers by those with pulpits at their disposal. The USCCB, the highest Catholic body in America, also lobbies the federal government on the issue. In April the California Catholic Conference, an organisation that brings the state’s bishops together, sent a letter to California’s Assembly opposing a bill that would extend the statute and require more rigorous background checks on church workers.

      Some dioceses have, in effect, raided priests’ pension funds to cover settlements and other losses. The church regularly collects money in the name of priests’ retirement. But in the dioceses that have gone bust lawyers and judges confirm that those funds are commingled with other investments, which makes them easily diverted to other uses. Under Cardinal Bernard Law, the archdiocese of Boston contributed nothing to its clergy retirement fund between 1986 and 2002, despite receiving an estimated $70m-90m in Easter and Christmas offerings that many parishioners believed would benefit retired priests.

      Church officials denied the money it had collected was improperly diverted. By 2008 the unfunded liability had reached $114m. Joseph D’Arrigo, a benefits specialist, was brought in to turn things round. In 2010 the retirement fund was turned into an independent trust to ensure it could not be used for other purposes—a first for an American diocese, reckons Mr D’Arrigo.

      An uncertain route to financial salvation
      The retirement funds for Wilmington, Delaware, were largely lost when it settled sex-abuse claims for $77m in February 2011. Those funds had been tossed into a pooled investment account that also contained parish investments and funds for cemeteries and the education of seminarians. The Eastern United States province of the Passionists, a missionary order, has diverted retirement funds to cover operating expenses. In a bid to stave off bankruptcy it has sold off property, including a 14-acre piece of New York waterfront, and made an unorthodox investment in a Broadway show, “Leap of Faith”. It flopped.

      In a public company, this type of thing would attract regulatory scrutiny. In the church, retirement is still largely in the gift of the bishop. Retirement plans for priests are typically set up as diocesan trusts rather than proper pension funds with structured benefits. They do not fall under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, the law that establishes standards for plan trustees and remedies for beneficiaries, including access to federal courts. Priests thus have no recourse to law if they are hard done by. Nor, as a matter of course, can they take their pensions with them if they leave for another diocese.

      Richard Vega, who recently stepped down as president of the National Federation of Priests’ Councils, estimates that 75-80% of clergy pension schemes in America are underfunded. He says that only a small minority of priests will have set aside enough of their net average salary of $25,000 a year to cover themselves. Others will be less fortunate.

      The clergy and its creditors

      The principle of separation between church and state in America means that religious groups are not required to file tax returns, list their assets or disclose basic facts about their finances. Some dioceses do publish accounts, but these tend to provide an incomplete picture. Though lawyers for dioceses facing bankruptcy have fought to keep most financially sensitive documents sealed, the process has forced the church to let in unaccustomed light.



      regarding catholic relief services

      Betty Clermont • 7 hours ago
      In 2014, (latest available figures) CRS received $344,633,837 in government grants – 47% of their revenue. So CRS can not only deny, but also lobby against in third world countries, providing condoms and women’s healthcare with our tax dollars.

      • opheliart permalink

        rns and others want you to believe their pontiff is … humble, honest, just and … fair. either they live in ignorance or their intent is merely the almighty dollar … heck, if someone like hitler paid them to be THE VOICE ON RELIGION IN POLITICS … would they comply? if false information in the public sphere is allowed to infect the world … what do you think makes up the worldly affair? if a biased or one-sided view is being fed to you, sold to you … what do you believe? if all you ever learn to read is run spot run … how can you grow to be a forerunner on Truth or the truth … about anything?

        the RCC plays mind games with you … their intent is to confuse … sow confusion. distract from asking and answering the more important of questions. if the RCC is dependent on the system of american policy to keep itself in business, making money and … who has the most to lose should this system change? why do you think the RCC’s finances are so vague and unreported? it’s like a friggin’ ponzi scene ! get with it, folks! smell the coffers …

        follow the money trail … how can the vatican afford to redo their art collection, for example? I think they honestly believe that YOU, the american taxpayer is to be held accountable to IT, as they believe themselves the all holy mouthpiece of god, arbiter of truth and … ruler of all people. and they did what they set out to do … take control in every way they saw an opportunity even creating those laws through very forceful and paid for and even dishonest means, and hid their tracks and their purpose …

        you have been defiled, my dears …

  23. opheliart permalink

    did america ever have a chance with the roman curia bearing down on them?

    • opheliart permalink

      the vatican knows that most people would say about the DEATH OF JOSEF WESOLOWSKI, in the hands of vatican operated medical staff … good riddance, the pervert is dead!

      but we want to know WHY he died … as we seek to understand how all die. not a hair is lost not a sparrow falls without knowledge.

      I sought to know and I was shown wesolowski. he was going to tell some truths the vatican did not want you to hear. so … it is the way of the oppressor to silence what it does not want the people to know.

      why do you think the pontiff warned about the gnostic?

      private eyes … are watching you … THEY see your very …

      • opheliart permalink

        could it be there are really high ups in the vatican chain … that have a child porn business?

        hey, they gotta feed their fortune for their lords … at every loss. one can see and hear many things when in the impartial, thriving for healing on Earth.

        I don’t make $$$ sharing here. as a matter of fact I have set aside all $-making work to be able to see and to hear for you—to be HERE FOR YOU … to warn for your safer passage … but this has to change. I need to start making money. I must return to what I started years ago. it has not been easy being brought to carry this weight and not engage in the things I love.

        it must end here … now, this saturday, january 8 … I will be 58 years old tomorrow. it is the right place to stop and return in these other gifts.

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