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“It’s a MOVEMENT not a man!”

August 2, 2016

says JILL STEIN of the green party.


WE say … yay, it’s a start!


Jill Stein: ‘It’s Crazy To Spend $6 Trillion On Fighting Terrorism When We Turn Blind Eye To The Saudis”




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    • opheliart permalink

      her comments are not necessarily ours but it is a start in the warlord ideologies of the US and so many others. why give money to nations that arm terror? but how do you stop cult practices like islam’s hamas? remove islam? remove the branch seems to be a daunting task and one that nations cannot do … as the disease in the branch is already infecting the whole tree. so … do you remove the tree in order to save the field?

    • opheliart permalink

      will share a recent interview (today, tues. aug 6 with NECN) when its up … not up yet 😉

      what do we see happening? both trump and clinton get bumped. stein and a familiar face go at it. there’s your reality check.

      * as of 6:54 am wed …the interview is still not up

      • opheliart permalink

        the government funds to pay for students to attend college and higher ‘learning’ come from where? who is going to stop the student who likes his seat or his BENCH rather than the fields of work? and what if students want theology and philosophy degrees for RELIGIOUS DOCTRINES? who pays for these? and who will be denied seats and serving, esp that “enlightening” titleship? also, wouldn’t it make sense to CREATE the jobs … the WORK FORCE … before giving free education? if there are no jobs what do taxpayers paying for free education really gain? what do COMMUNITIES GAIN? society has shown us that higher learning does not make men wise. it is what you do with the knowledge that matters and if you create for yourself insulated cults that make a few richer and many poorer, as we see decade after decade in nations all around the globe … how does this financing serve a greater HUMAN CONDITION?

        what does mankind groom?

        maybe mankind should FREE the youth from obsessive educational mandate. some have proven that higher learning can come from less heeled institutions and … less self-infatuated classes. today there are many ways to learn that rely on doing rather than grading practices. who teaches that within is a prize worth reaching? instead, the youth are taught to rely on expensive suits for $.

        hmm …

        it’s all been done before and look and see what hurts?

  1. opheliart permalink


    WE find it NEGLIGENT that both parties have IGNORED the ABUSE AND MURDER OF CHILDREN. kinda hard for hillary with a roman catholic to address the clergy/staff/laity child sex abuse that IS an epidemic throughout the world and has been for ages (what you don’t see don’t matter?). but hillary and her OBAMA TEAM won’t hesitate to parade villains in the streets and call them heroes. WHERE DO YOU THINK THESE CRIMES/MURDERS start? the drownings, the sexual abuses, the wife beatings … the houses that are unstable … in parishes, schools… ‘bad’ partnering, because one or more is ill. MENTALLY ILL … full of sickness, of rage, feeding on death and destruction … torture, retaliation, attack, vengeance …

    and where does it all come from? and you want to bring loads more babies into the world where so many will be killed at the hands of injustice? (roman catholicism is a failure and a con game of teachings)

    and pence, does he see his own hypocrisy? did trump call out the derelict dads and unprotected moms and her poor choices?

    THE UNPROTECTED CHILDREN. did either candidate admit these, or do they pedestal the institutions of “marriage” that FAIL them?


    let’s see what jill does. I warned both obama and bernie of the abuses at the hands of religious-political institutions/ideology … but they did not hear, nor did they read what needed to be read. bernie is now where? and obama?

    are you beginning to see his favoritism? hillary’s prowess under “their” tutelage? and where their agendas will lead? none of it will stop the drownings! in 8 years what do you see in america? liberals, will you continue blaming the republicans while sitting on your hill-tops?

    in REVELATION JOHN is instructed to write … chapter 11

    if your trade deals and nuclear power and wars and big religion and power and influence … and money, AND WORSHIP OF MAN IN HIS TITLED SEATS … is more important than the lives of little ones, the more vulnerable, more important than the avalanche of abuse, the mental illness that permeates the nation … while you parade indecent amendments and pander in your politicking … you are not worthy of

    • opheliart permalink

      continuing …

      JESUS said he came not to bring peace but a sword. jorge, the druggist pontiff of the world states that all religions desire peace. he is spiritually immature, a cult leader in denial and has fooled you into thinking he cares about LIFE. he knows not Life. he is a whore for the RCC and its mandates but wears a mask of institutionalized marriages, parading this as if it serves in Truth. his methods have increased the deaths and the instability in the world. have you not noticed the increased violence within the youth? who has dies from HIS contact? his influence? his alliance … along with obama’s favoritism, are dangerous liaisons for peace—-any peace. but, the PEACE spoken of in the Writings is not the peace man believes. PEACE IS UNDERSTANDING and if Man does not understand his own ills and where he sits, what he pays into and supports that hides the dishonesty, buries the gifts and treats female and child as less than himself, he wears a suit of ignorance.

      in his deafness and incomplete vision, man has lost his way.

      the sword removes the barren as you witness in the spiritual metaphor of the barren fig. any farmer knows that a diseased branch is not worthy of fruit and must be cut from the tree and any dead trees are removed from the fields. any athlete should know that any bad habits that cause injury or health issues … and poor and lazy training … will not get him to advance, move forward … and … any soldier at the front of evil warns others what comes … as he dies to his old image to be MADE into the image of “God” … FOR the continuance and growth of HUMAN BEING.

      with all the words like evil and satan and devil and black soul and infidel and the like being used in this US election, we ask: are you demon or are you friend?


      seems to us that YOU chose the gender, roman catholic pontiff. seems you led the people into male dominion. so … what have you (your institute) to say about this spectacle? judaism created a textbook podium and you lapped it up claiming god authority, mouthpiece for god and in this, you spoke for all people but … we have to inform you again, pontiff, YOU ARE NOT JUDGE! you are NOT THE AUTHORITY! and you are NOT A PROPHET ON TRUTH! what your teachings injected into society has made societies ignorant. what is gender in the Christ but a burden? the attack now will be on you and those like YOU.

      • opheliart permalink

        if you were asked to wake the dead, where do you begin? how is this done? believers in christ know not the error of their administration… and politics are of secular venues and still weeding the world with their bombastic decrees.

        wake the dead. hmm … do you know of what we speak?

  2. opheliart permalink

    still waiting for the democratic party to admit they did a big, bad boo-boo unless … they are somehow seeking to advocate for sharia law in the united states of america. are they looking to see how many side with khizer khan’s handiwork? holding up the constitution of the US while writing pro-sharia law is a bit muddling, wouldn’t you say? are the demos attempting to see who ignores the truth on khan or are they pushing a sharia-democracy into office? or is all this just one big lie perpetrated by the DNC to make both obama and hillary look treasonous? do I see a betrayal in the making … because it sure is puzzling, beaver … it sure is puzzling.

  3. opheliart permalink

    here is the interview from yesterday, finally

  4. opheliart permalink

    I received a “like” this morning on a polluted air essay, and I smiled when I read my comments because I said I was leaving SPIR then and that was in April of this year. huh, it sometimes takes a while to move depending on what others are up to, or not 😉 😦

    we warned. we shared. there is nothing more for me to say here.


  5. opheliart permalink

    “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”–president of the US barack obama

    hmm … ONe might ask gushee if JESUS slandered the “rule” prominent in his Day. did Jesus sit in a class preaching nostalgia? according to the christian narrative, he died at the hands of caliphate domain … the islamic-like creed, so … who-what might be the greater danger to american values? jill stein or hillary clinton continuing obama’s reign?

    • opheliart permalink

      WE find it exceedingly in bad taste that so few voters/supporters of the democratic party … are HONEST about obama’s intent, or maybe they are thoroughly clueless (UNAWARE), so drugged by political initiative, they have forgotten that they are not to BE or BECOME institutionalized … and … from our very heightened vantage point, the MAN is placing an entire nation in great danger.

      but hey … you choose it you will lose it, including those grandkids …

      • opheliart permalink

        so … what did WE just say?

  6. opheliart permalink

    so what is the current administration going to do about the DRUG EPIDEMIC that is beginning to show its face? an ugly, destruction, horribly murderous face. obama has essentially ignored the bloodbath and the deaths, pedestaling a false initiative, instead … for his party agendas … while STALLING ON THE GREAT NEED TO GET ON THIS FIERCE DANGER … theyoutharebeing swallowed up by a society dependent on drugs. where is sanity in a coalition to seed drug use for children from birth to …

    they won’t make it to adulthood.

    and who invented FLAKKA and for what purpose? for what purpose was this drug introduced into a society of unknowing people?

    I had a dream last night about obama. he was doing a sort of show, dancing on a platform built just for him … in his private chamber … a type of cardiogram was following his inner movement, but it showed not the heart … just other chest parts. it was a full length body image, however, in a glass block, butitwasofthechestthatwestudied.

    I was merely the Observer in this dream … and a man dressed in a woman’s wig and women’s clothes walked in. he was saying something to obama but obama ignored him and continued in his soft show dance, eyes closed. the man dressed as a woman looked terrible, frightening … dark was he and dark was the room, except for the light on obama’s stage and the moving “image” in the box. the man dressed as a woman looked like it was in a stage of decay.

    I left and took MY DAUGHTER (symbolic) to the train. we were going on a trip, leaving the place of obama and his agenda. “my daughter” was young, a mere 4 years old … people were waiting for the train and a man said I would miss the train if I stood where I stood. I told HIM I took HER there for safety. the train barreled in like it would not stop. it was wise to stand away from the tracks.

    • opheliart permalink

      dreams are FACT. how could they not be? dreams are truthful … based on how and where one feeds

      and how MAN and other interprets dreams (and REACTS) … is what makes all the difference in the world.

      as a pastor, would you say that Spirit of the Living tries to REACH you in dreams? because you are not ‘aligned’ properly while of man’s wake state? but if you feed in dishonesty, aligning in unjust venue, partnering hypocritically and dangerously … unjustly and recklessly … CARE-LESSly … would it be you are misled in your dreams?

  7. opheliart permalink
    can’t stay on here … must keep moving …
    but wanted to share

    turkey, we have been a bit harsh with your (actions) because you do not see what we see, and what other groups/individuals are beginning to see … change course, please … on your dreams of becoming sacrificially islamic. it’s a losing prospect. you create things you have little sense and reason on. you know not what you are doing? we see you flailing … filled with fear over that coup, think you are losing control but, it is not control you should be seeking. movement of a different sort has a way of creating respectable living conditions, where people are willing to be more honest with you. even your people will become less pride-ful and fearful, and more rich in gifts … should you make a significant choice to grow out of the dogmatic. if you should decide this for turkey, your people, as they seemed tied to something extreme and unforgiving … you will receive assistance, and healing … otherwise, you are not protected.

    • opheliart permalink

      just like this little darling was not protected

      I hate to break it to charles camosy, professor at fordam U, but these offenders and abusers and MURDERERs are NOT Human. they are not Human. he can call them demons if he wants and have his catholic moral theology do exorcisms on them or he can can have his pope visit them in prison and give them treats, tell them they are saved if they would only become catholic … no matter what they did and what they do … like attacking children, sexually abusing children, exploiting children … and denying and hiding all of it through a whitewash of histrionics and pope pedaling … he will tell them his catholic purgatory will fix it through special annulments and special services like indulgences … and they are going to catholic heaven after all … because they are c-a-t-h-o-l-i-c (but I won”t be there—-in that catholic heaven—THANK GOD— imagine the stench of all those dead bodies his members murdered) …. slap ’em on the wrist lazy boy heaven … by way of catholic moral theology … just keep having those babies no matter how whacked in the head the parents or … how abused, drugged, traumatized they are and in no way fit to parent

      what is the difference between charles camosy’s priests, bishops, cardinals having abused children and this couple? two are going to jail (unless obama while playing golf on martha’s vineyard decides to make up a law that allows them to go free, to have more babies, do more drugs until they kill someone).

      you know what? time is up. patience is gone … they were warned.

  8. opheliart permalink–election.html?ref=gs

    is this the type of revolution you want? flag burners? hitters? nothing new under the sun …

    what academies teach these tactics for change? I do not see the point. symbolism is only salient if broadening the reach (consider the Eucharist, if it is as the dogmatics and ritualists claim, wouldn’t the religious be less bad? all those chalices and wafers for decades?and what of the dirty hands allowed to handle and give these items? like those abusers and thieves … have the religionists told you yet how this works? fact: it doesn’t.)

    what must one reach for if desiring change? one must first start with broadening the mind … in terms of a greater more realistic scope of the problems that destroy and undermine that evolving … much needed for movement in order for REAL change to take place … but how does this work? ascending much misunderstood HEART to mind? yes.

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