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incredible! listen up …

July 27, 2016

the following is one of my comments from the previous … question.


we said before and we say again:

don’t expect me to respect what does not respect ME. why? did we fail to share on why? it is a dangerous place of recognizance. history has proven this time and time again. and we thought you well-educated … what has “higher learning” been teaching you? if you have not been taught this basic sentencing?

hmm …

me thinks students pay wayyyy too much for denial of certain truths.



ADDED TODAY: today’s news is filled with: it’s her party now.

and she can have it! I will go no where near the democratic or republican dishonesty. must you learn the hard way? to be honest a person born without the ability to see (BLACK OR WHITE, AND ALL COLORS IN BETWEEN—are you listening pandering parties?) … all the glitz and glamour and whitewash of obamawood’s homo sapien (in LATIN it means wise man? ha-ha! figures) threshold … can easily say, hey, this platform is overloaded with hypocrisy from my hearing, and why-oh-why did bernie bail? did he cop out because he is full of fear? fear of trumpism, or fear of republicans? or did he fear THE ESTABLISHMENT he condemns? wow. choosing “a lesser of two evils” as people seem to want to use as an excuse for partnering with ____ is still choosing evil—-no? yes. (like two schools that abuse children but one is visually more obvious than the other so they choose the one they can’t see as much in, and send their kids to that school. yikes, what values are these? american values? president rapes women but obamawood does not care to question these practices).

*was listening to a sanders supporter and the host of a talk show yesterday. and … the sanders supporter, refusing to climb on board the obamawood platform under hillary’s lies, presented a rather powerful answer to the interviewer’s question: if the nominees are given delicate/classified info to prepare for the debates, aren’t you concerned at all that trump in his talking without thinking might expose information to the world that should not be revealed? the sanders supporter, smiling in near disbelief, responded to her question by sharing CREDIBLE EVIDENCE that hillary had already behaved in a way that demonstrates her lack of propriety and care on this very serious matter (or maybe, she thought herself ABOVE the law?) …which renders her unsafe … disqualifying her from the process.
and the interviewer persisted … and the sanders supporter repeated… his highly relevant point, in earnest.

it was obvious who-what is in denial.

yikes! and you are sending your children to THAT white house?



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  1. opheliart permalink

    seems ross baker has read m teresa’s profile. how is it that these people are so uniformed? could it be that they read ONLY what they want to read and believe ONLY what they want to believe? or are they so invested in their own derelict duties that they rendered self as:

    haven’t got a brain? they live in complete and utter truth denial about the facts? they have their own authority telling them WHAT to believe and where not to think? theinstitutionsholdinghandsfeedsthenationexactlythisohmy

    • opheliart permalink

      any nation, religion, party, institution, organization, politician … elder … that disrespects women and girls, that misuses and abuses IN ANY WAY females is not a PART of the LIFE in Humanity, and any man OR woman doing business with these is not in any way IN THIS DAY … for justice and truth. any individual … not willing to admit where and how this injustice, abuse, misuse … and disrespect (are you listening flaunters? seducers? enticers? pornographers and sex obsessors? you do not help the climate, do you …esp for women with little to no voice or choice! you just feed these abusers and misusers what they need to undermine and degrade her, and BRUTALLY RAPE AND MURDER HER, and Humanity, for your own self-centered and vain ways) of female … is allowed, even promulgated … is not a HUMAN BEING, but unprotected species of Man, underdeveloped in psyche and undernourished in the ways of Truth.

      your choice, but let it be understood and revealed … where YOU stand. it is coming, folks, like a big blast and wow, many hollywood sex slaves and all those prancing around in their naked cheap shots … in sexual poses to show how much “better they LOOK than other men and women” and how much better they would be at sex .. esp those POOR, BEATEN, ENSLAVED, MISUSED AND ABUSED women and girls in countries where rape, even brutal rape, is allowed, is not a crime, or at least not something to remove from the ranks of society …

      think about those poor sexually abused women and girls, hollywood pros, while you get paid millions to show off your bodies that lure so many to desire sex with you … how can you live with yourselves knowing you promulgate a culture that views and treats women as cheap, lessors, second class citizens? you claim to care but you feed them to the Beast. and those forcing female to cover her body like she is a rotting mummy? won’t even go there … ick.

      HYPOCRITES? … that’s what I hear you being called.

      ADDED: Sunday, July 31 … 12:53pm … the Washington Post about 9 hrs ago puts out an article on the pope’s statement speaking about a “new humanity”. 😀 actually, I saw this much earlier in the day and thought, gee … are the pope’s henchies following me and stealing ‘my’ words (but add their own flick to make it look … ?). the truth IS we have been watching the pope mobile take a lot of our words and use them to pump up the volume for this pontiff and its institute. hmm … following and taking the rites of others …
      what’s a Mother to do … but CHASTISE these fibbers.



      so what do you make of it? turkey getting away with murder … once again?

      but what does the US do? nothing. it continues business as usual. and who-what do you vote for—keep in the seats of power and influence that reflects the american values? murderers?

      what does rape do to a young teen? male or female… very often destroys his LIFE … her future.

      hmm … I would not want to be YOU in the very near future if you continue in your deceptive party politics. liberals, democrats and repubs … would have the very same practices in the US if they could have their supreme authority. oh, wait … the roman catholic church! they already do …

      • opheliart permalink

        if a man views a woman as his equal, would he rape her? if he does not use her as a sex object or a way to make money off of her sex … if he sees her as his own daughter, or mother or sister … does he exploit her? allow her to be raped in the minds of millions? insist she “look” a certain way in order to make other women feel less than or to entice men and lure men from their marriages to his daughter, or sister, wife or mother for sexual fantasies, possibly even causing sexual affairs that destroy families and cause the children confusion, insecurities and suffering? sell her to industries that take advantage of her and cause the image of female to look distorted? who-what is teaching the youth decade after decade after decade that female is a sales item? an item for sale? and think of all the products these industries indulge in that is BAD for the environment … that they say women need to use to look a certain way … to be accepted, or beautiful … or received? people claim to be concerned about the environment and point fingers at those who are not on their political agenda, claiming they are stupid or WRONG but what have they engaged in repeatedly, daily … that undermines the environment? saying one thing but doing another? it’s okay for, say, the democrat to use products that endanger but not okay for their opponents? who-what lives—TRULY LIVES (or tries to through constant research and searching)—what he BELIEVES?

        We see many democrats/liberals claiming absolution … a form of universal thought … but their actions, purchases, lifestyles do not match up with what they say. they are walking contradictions. they do not see their motes and their own hypocrisy because … they are in DENIAL. they have succumbed to the: we are the one true voice and all others are wrong. so they band together, paying the press to whitewash their agendas and … destroy those who are not of their “trusts”. hmm … is there a third party on the rise? one not willing to sell himself to big bank mentality … like obama and his white-housed educated, overly-heeled, elitist thugs? 😉

      • opheliart permalink

        please note: how is rape and brutal rape different? I was just allowing for the above article to be viewed as the EXTREME horror that it is, and I was allowing for the reader to consider how some cultures allow women to be raped by their husbands, which is likely also brutal for many. so …how shall we cauterize these rapes? brutal cultural rape and brutal domestic terrorizing of women.

        and some politicians-nation’s leaders don’t think there is a reason for women and girls to be afraid in america?

    • opheliart permalink

      notice the year (2010). if rivers had been a white christian saying what he said, we would STILL be hearing about it … and not in a positive way 😀

      I am under no illusions like the liberalists. first of all, rivers came out of islam and inner city gang violence. he has a valid voice where ignorance and violence mutate. why do we say ignorance and violence? we are not anti-muslim, but we are anti-islam, for starters, and not afraid to announce what we view as ignorant, and sometimes violent. even christianity had/has its face in these places, but will change as we have stated numerous times throughout SPIR and on forums. the ignorance and violence finds itself in the birth of a POLITICAL regime using RELIGION as a mask. it stole from the Writings and fashioned itself a dynasty and the people today still bow to the instigator of this cult: their prophet, who we know was a dictator of sorts, a war lord that also sexually abused girls, and enslaved many. JESUS … did no such thing. his bio shows no evidence of these beliefs or practices: IGNORANCE AND VIOLENCE.

      there is your root, folks. if it harbors ignorance and violence, it harbors evil. it does not matter how many years ago this happened. violence is violence, and when paired with ignorance, it drives a lethal blow. the entirety of the Writings of THE CHRIST address ignorance. violence, too, but ignorance being the false prophet. no matter how smart individuals APPEAR … ignorance can be disguised through systems, big establishments and can rule entire nations, even entire planes.

      nonviolent peoples moved to avoid danger, to avoid having to fight what they believed to be senseless wars. these do not agree to violence for any reason, which places them in a better position for truth, and when truth is expressed … in this stream of nonviolent attribute, ignorance is revealed, and removed.

      how do you remove entire political parties … large religions … ?

      if Man ignores the violence on women … even the disrespect and mistreatment of women and girls, or any milder, meeker, younger more vulnerable, he will NEVER solve the mutating of evil, the gang violence, the death blows of ignorance and the denial of mediocrity and hypocrisy in THE largest, most powerful establishments of this day. he will not be able to fight terrorism in the communities around the world. he has lost this war before he has even begun. why?

      if Man cannot view female as his equal, he has no hope of Humanity.


      • opheliart permalink

        FACT: male and female for procreation. you do not create a person without both. there are variations in how this is done but the fact is you need both to create … this form of life: a person. right here, from the start, man and woman are the same.

        now, what is a man’s sperm if he cannot give it a house … a home? what is it worth? a woman has a womb and endures discomfort much of her growing years because of this organ (and its components) of viability. she may use it. she may not, but it is vital in some capacity to her survival … as much as it is his, if thinking in terms of continuance … continuing the family called Person, but it is also important to her health. if something goes awry, her life is in jeopardy. she may die if this organ (and its components) is not treated carefully. if sexually transmitted diseases infect her … this can cost both her and her future family suffering. if her womb is degraded in any way that makes the house not a safe home for what may come after, does man care? does man care about society—of Person? even his own? you know the saying what goes around comes around … in bubbles of … circles of …

    • opheliart permalink

      just astounding how many deaths can be linked to the evil dynasty of a political party. in this case … clintonville is filled with deaths. have you see its rap sheet sheet … and hey, has the US allowed the investigation of bill clinton’s rapes? or is it the case that he, his wife and his party are above the law?

      to vote for any clinton is to vote for a dynasty of dishonesty and death. please consider jill stein. at least you can question here without death or death threats.

      we think all people voting clinton are either ignorant on the facts or in league with ills


      anyone surprised? and please ask them to be more SPECIFIC about the russian hacking. of WHAT political-religious system? islamic, orthodox or KGB? or …

      and as for those tax returns? raise your hand if you think these are accurate

  2. opheliart permalink

    BIG establishment, the type that we heard bernie sanders go on and on about is a system of beliefs and practices. QUESTION: is this democracy or is it a religion? is this what makes up democracy in america? “democracy” puts on a show that preaches to the people how big and powerful it is and the people fall in hook, line and sinker? selling to the people an IMAGE of something that only a few live … ?

    but really … where are the people? if you take the last 25-30 years, are we in agreement on what is Humanity? what is honest, natural in gifts and impartial? what is safe for the children and what is safe for the environment? both parties continue to use weapons of destruction to fight their enemies. both overlook rape of women and children on their watch. both engage in product and activities that are harmful to the environment. both pay into and support injustice for what they claim is justice.

    and is anyone surprised at the lack of TRUTH and the extreme division? and the DENIAL on topics like mental illness and the terrorism this invites, the violence on women and children … and the systemic corruption in both politics and religion?

    who puts on a BIG show to entice supporters? who cannot stand on a platform of honesty about its wares … cares and shares?

    WE do not know about YOU other than where we see you standing. Are you being honest about your standing or are you with blinders and earplugs, because if democracy is where you stand, it is looking like a cheap shot in expensive suits.


    • opheliart permalink

      do these celebs practice what they preach or do they just put on a deceptive show? how many indulge in product and activity that is bad for the environment?

      let’s explore a wee bit, shall we?

      • opheliart permalink

        for starters. and it would be interesting to see how each of hillary’s image-boosters (much like those CHAIRS kids use to sit at the table 😉 >wink-wink< … indulge … while sitting on their thrones, and that INCLUDES hillary.

        and, of course, their opponents. then again, many of these never CLAIMED to be environmentalists.

        and how about the making of movies? what is this cost to Planet Earth? and those movies that seem to advocate abuse, violence … war. making "heroes" appear like gods and … feeding the youth on this … and sex and …

        you know the score.

        eh, celebrities? what say you? from our vantage point … with ALL THAT $ and INFLUENCE, seems you could be …

        dishonest about your standing? hmmm?

        EVERY PRODUCT YOU USE HAS SOME IMPACT ON THE ENVIRONMENT and feeds the youth in some way—negative or positive. what are you indulging in? where and how?

  3. opheliart permalink

    this is not just for women to read
    this is what should be taught beginning in elementary school. no rational reason why it can’t be taught and please forego the dogma … like muslimizing schools. okay, so-called environment savers? teaching religion where politics is disconcerting is preaching.

  4. opheliart permalink

    some celebs and celebs types are going to get blasted for creating a STIGMA. if you think outside your political box, you will see who—–what these are.

    take a look at jill stein in these photos. seems she practices much of what she stands for, but I have not dug too deep in researching in this as this is not my area of fuller work. we merely give glimpses.

    if a revolution is what you want … a revolution you may get. the question is: in what plane of understanding?

    it is time to educate in ethical silence. do you know what this is? come see ME about this and I will share in places not so comically evasive 😉

    • opheliart permalink

      yes, I know I am ahead of my Time … as most in {this} work often are. but do understand, this is not solely for my own self-searching that I share.

      WE do this for ALL.

      • opheliart permalink

        and JESUS was not a jew. why hasn’t anyone figured this out yet? ISRAELITE … and 2000+ years ago, there was a difference in what is Written, but man created his religions and condemned those who did not suit up the way the priests/rabbis demanded. come on, folks, surely you have seen it by now! scribes took the Writings and altered them to suit their political-religious endeavors. this is clear and is why so many jews are constantly in reform status. if it doesn’t suit their current agendas, they alter what does not fit their suits. 😀
        but if the jews want to take credit for how women were treated back in their “chosen” status, damn you go right ahead … because what “you” wrote sits where you sit in your efforts to undermine THE CHRIST. in what ways DO YOU undermine female and use her to make much money for yourself and your cults? and take money from the tax payer that could be better used on those truly in need. shame on you.
        hey, don’t call me anti-semitic. not sure you even know anymore what that means. and many of you of judaism and claiming jewishness so loudly (and persistently) is like wearing a great big hat of florid colors. it is wearisome, and if you are wondering why people are directing their anger at you (not me, I haven’t got the time) … maybe they are tired of your whining. or your taking money from them for your own religious-political agendas, while many are in much greater need. WE HAVE READ THE SCORE CARD on this and posted these stats … where are you seated. where are you standing in line?

        for those of you willing to HEAR the Truth about the Writings …look at what is in the BOOK of Enoch. did judaism come from these Writings? Enoch was not a jew. religious wrote what they wanted people to read.

        and anyone calling me racist or anti-Semitic or anything other than just warning, and sharing facts, is going to look pretty foolish not too long from now. I am warming in this work … to help YOU see … what comes will be as hot as hell.


        now think … why is government showing favoritism to religion? there are so many, why pick two or three and pander to these? for votes, of course and … to cater to his own elect. religion, because of its handicap, should not be interfering in the lives of anyone. if you choose to help another please do as the good samaritan of the NT story. why must you advertise yourself? why expect government to give you what others need more than you? if you have an important witness to share you can share it, but eat at home. pray in private. gather with those of likemindedness and not in front of so many as if you are of government’s special council and deserving of its finance. if you are a believer in SPIRIT, act like one! for you may be bringing harm on others without realizing it. sending a message that those not like you are somehow not as your perspective and your affiliations … as you grow large and cumbersome on the little people, exploiting these in ways you cannot see because you become used to be big, elitist, powerful … academic pleasers and paraders that governments look to for votes and for party politics. government is in error in handing out special passes for religions and religionists, esp where some religions refuse female a take, a stake, a voice and a choice … you dig? the US government should be ASHAMED of its pandering to religions that deny female her RIGHTS! how much longer will you pander to imams and rabbis and popes and bishops and … Lordy-LORD, the list is long, and the ignorance and the violence and the partiality is wearisome.

        why is government still offending those not like it?

        hmmm … PAUL’s words are truly misunderstood. women are to remain silent? do you know what woman stands for in the Writings? and maybe men changed PAUL’s words for their own self-serving agendas. the backlash on this is near. where are you sitting/standing? in ignorance on Truth? for YOU will be looking desperately incapable soon … quite soon.

        A REVOLUTION is in the making, folks, and not of the places of men.

        and remember …there are other groups that were terrorized and are being victimized, beginning with day one: the female. and it’s not all about the holocaust of jewishness. history is filled with acts of terror and inbreeding. so many have died …

        but where is the gnostic today? shall we build a gnostic museum or a ___ museum or a ___ museum for the native people of california gradually eradicated by roman catholics? come on, people, wake up and stop ODing on whatever drug institution of power and money is feeding you. organized cults determine your THINKING.

  5. opheliart permalink

    the following comments (after my post) are to an article at RNS … see if you can guess whose it is 😉

    when we spoke of the media (and those paying it to create an image of something untrue) … misinforming the people, we used the roman pontiff as an example of an image that must be removed from “institution” or institutionalized mindset, much like the president must be removed from democracy, or whatever form of government holds sway, or holding media at bay 😉 … IOW, refusing pertinent questions. trump does not answer a question without creating a storm. obama does not allow questions =trump on occasion, too … so these two are more alike than they would admit and may be why melania used first lady speech words (:D). both have a narcissistic way about them but only one of them wears a mask. trump has deals, oh yes, and crazy ass rhetoric, but what you see is what he is … obi stares into the mirror seeing tribes being herded into an unrealistic denomination … his mask of whitewashing. it’s about HIS tribes joining hands in prayer -seats of council -of the highest DEGREES , if you get my rift, and less about addressing THE PEOPLE OF THE COUNTRY HE SWORE OATHS TO SERVE and the rooted and rising problems of the most serious. he does not wish to knuckle down and address the real issues right under his growing nose; he is attempting to create his own dynasty under a “forced TRIBE” initiative …. much like junipero serra did in CA, to give an illustration … but he uses UNETHICAL and even fascist tactics to make all of his LOOK like they are of the same breeding. obama does not state the facts. he washes over them with a glaze of us verses them ignorance, because he ‘thinks’ he is better than much of the world. he thinks he is a class act. he no more addresses the REAL PROBLEMS of the people in struggling and abusive and violent situations than does hillary. both glaze over or outright ignore their own paths of denial. the question people should be asking is WHAT HAS HILLARY AND HER CAMP PAID ILLEGALLY TO BE WHERE SHE IS? and how much of the taxpayer dollars has gone to these acts?

    Betty Clermont • 2 days ago
    While the pope and his Polish hosts may differ on immigration, the pope’s stance on abortion is totally lacking mercy for women. Abortion is legal in Poland for rape, incest or when there is a serious threat to the mother or baby’s life but for the pope, abortion is “what the Mafia does” even to save a woman’s life.
    1 • Reply•Share ›
    floydlee Betty Clermont • 19 hours ago
    That’s what Francis says at a personal level, his own private beliefs.
    Otherwise, however, he’s making NO attempt to fight Roe v Wade, NO attempt to encourage public resistance to abortion-on-demand (which means that he doesn’t want USA bishops to fight to change the public policy, either).

    It’s even worse regarding legalized gay marriage; Francis won’t even criticize it at all, nor make ANY mafia references (not sure where he got the “mafia” term from anyway).

    Really tough situation right now for Catholics. Things just not working so well w/ the new Pope.
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    Betty Clermont floydlee • 19 hours ago
    The pope definitely has in other countries. When he was in the US, he met with the Little Sisters of the Poor, the plaintiffs in the Supreme Court case against coverage for contraception in Obamacare. After meeting with Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who refused to issue same-sex licences, the pope on 2 occasions spoke about the “human right” of government employees to act on their conscience. As to same-sex marriage, in 2014 the pope called it an “anthropological regression.” In 2015 he compared transgender persons to nuclear weapons because both “do not recognize the order of creation.”
    The “really tough situation” is how dishonest the US media is in reporting about this pontiff.

    • opheliart permalink

      another very big question on this is … when will the atheists, agnostics and “nones” as they are often called see the words and what they really mean …coming from these camps. what will it mean for them, their children and … those not like obama and his tribal initiative.


      in a building illegally. storming another building during mass. and the refugees were released because …?

      they didn’t know any better? that you do not endanger lives, or force yourself—agendas on others? because the law under the lawless regime would frown on arresting and holding refugees that break the law? sounds like what would happen in america under obama and his court 😉


      have you checked out his self-imposed exile yet? that “compound” and what it engages in? the question is:

      who-what is behind this regime? and why …

      • opheliart permalink

        if obama gets his way on islam’s prophet, islam or chrislam will be allowed to upend the nation. it’s common SENSE seen in the patterns of politics throughout the world … heck, throughout history! take the RCC … a commenter on religious news correctly pointed out as did WE … amerca’s founding leaders did not want the papacy in america and is why the words were written as they were. this is where they had moved: to disown or disavow the religions of caliphate institution (doctrine/teaching/practices that undermine). they had a long way to go still but what happened? the papacy came to town anyway. it’s not about abandoning FAITH, and belief in a supreme Being … it’s about who-what is that supreme Person. they didn’t want popes and kings … nor did they want a one religion rule, and we caution you on how this is being promulgated by the pontiff AND obama and his camp: chrislam. like we asked in the earlier comments on why just two or three very large religions? emperor constantine acted much like obama is acting (similar robes).

        but what if NEW comes out on the Writings that makes these 2-3 very obese religions of caliphate ordination or fascist initiative sooooo ignorant and costing the taxpayer life and love and lots of $, unnecessarily and senselessly, while continuing to undermine and not address the greater concerns of the nation and the world? or, what if New CANNOT COME OUT bECAUSE THESE ARE STUMBLING BLOCKS? they are in the way of EVOLVING … ?

        if you question islam, you are labeled much like if you questioned roman catholic teaching and practice you were categorized heretic and denied voice while the big head of institution ruled, lied, deceived, tortured, murdered … to keep itself in power. the peasants being pawns on the game of thrones as you see today is no different from the seats that created these power struggles, but … why-oh-why is democracy still an arrogant and ignorant institution? maybe it does not work. under Man and his UNIVERSAL MINDSET, it does not work because … he is of an organizing of select beliefs and practices for his own elitism. his own way. his own beliefs and he does not care to see where and how these begin to create chaos and systemic violence and disease.

      • opheliart permalink

        and please note, when the roman pontiff does something or goes to another country it’s on every TV news station (and most radio) as if he is a POLITICAL FIGURE WORTH HEARING, but you do not hear any other RELIGIOUS figure’s day to day itinerary … as if all people NEED TO KNOW what he is doing? why? do you think america’s founding leaders were setting up a papal office in the country? it became everyone’s business for two reasons:

        1. mankind’s ID became catholic because roma set in motion its universalism of belief and practice

        2. and roman catholicism attempted and ATTEMPTS to do in america what it did in europe and elsewhere.

  6. opheliart permalink

    I am not in any way surprised that muslims are horrified by this attack, and speak out against the violence of IS, but are these muslims that are more about a higher Authority and less about their war lord prophet? same for catholics who speak out against the sexual abuse of children by their clergy, and maybe even leave their church because they make the choice to not pay into and support an institution steeped in abuse and corruption, and … demeaning partisanship.

    if a muslim moves to america under a government that does not pander to islam and does not use taxpayer dollars for islam and its preaching, but allows for this believer to associate freely with those of likemindedness without permitting/allowing the type of undermining of female, and others that islam advocates … what do you think the muslim would become? does he remain a muslim? or is he free to evolve into something less dogmatic? less bound to a system born out of the islamic prophet who advocated violence to gain power and control. who used women and girls improperly and who engaged in forced slavery. same for the roman catholic who views its roman pontiffs as god authority, or its archaic doctrine as supreme authority.

    what does government propose? what does government foster? what does government encourage and preach? how and where is government playing into the hands and harms of religious indoctrination?

    does government create an atmosphere of protection for religionist, even from himself, and those more vulnerable, like female and child … protection from others that might desire their politics and religion, or causes … to undermine, to enslave, to be used for adverse intellect, or even, heaven forbid, terrorize, others? yes, it begins here … a governance on EARTH that is better suited to address the greater needs of the people. also, marriage should never be a government’s business, unless the marriage is in some way a threat to another, like spouse abusing the partner, children, or the greater community through dangerous liaisons. the paper that legalizes marriage is nothing but a contract that government plays god with. it knows this or should know this and … no parish or priest should be forced to marry what they sense is a bad marriage, no matter what it claims …
    and … couple desiring marriage can always find another priest/rabbi/pastor/imam … if they feel they want this industry to do the service. but it is or should be the right of a person to refuse something they fear is harmful (but roman catholics and others of this mindset should get out of the business of health care if you cannot see that allowing mother to die or forcing someone to give birth is an abomination! mother and child are vulnerable and should not be enslaved in your hell-bound teachings, because SPIRIT OF THE UNBORN MOVES ON TO NEW LIFE with choice in this, we hope, as NO ONE HAS EVER SEEN GOD, so stop bastardizing and murdering females, undermining female when you do not know where SPIRIT goes! if LIFE IS TO RESPECTED WHY DO YOUR MURDER WHAT STILL BREATHES? your logic is twisted … get over yourselves). now … if a pastor found a couple or one part of it recklessly engaging in sex and spreading disease, do you think the marriage would be a good match? a good arrangement? because when children come into that marriage whether adopted or born through purchase of female or through a man and a women … it does not solve the more deeply rooted concerns of it being a ‘bad’ partnering and where this may lead. this is on the conscience of the one doing the ceremony, and this pastor should not have to endure in these waters. and a person desiring to partner with another and raise a family should not have to “get married” in the legal sense, in order to receive what others receive who are married. it’s not the business of the government how a person comes together for sharing unless, like we said, there is some industry of danger or harm to another. and the only marriages that involve government should be when unruliness, recklessness and harm is being promulgated, which requires investigating. facts, and these are out there but too many hide these, or distract with other agenda-seeking rhetoric and policy.

    but how does government know if there are bad marriages causing harm, or endangering the lives of the greater community? ESP WHILE IT HAS ITSELF SIDING ONE SIDE OR THE OTHER? maybe man sides with man and woman with woman or roman catholic with roman catholic or islamist with islamist or … do you see our point? unfair advantages often reign where government has its nose in the underclothes of the people, and where it desires to use these for its own power-mongering without sincere and adept care for the people—ALL people. government has systematically shown its favoritism for male, while ignoring the plight of female and … to see obama on the stage legalizing continued ignorance (the future of america will not slander the prophet of islam) is dangerous liaisons. so … what you see here is government creating an unsafe environment not just for the non muslim but the muslim as well, the one desiring to break from the war lord of absentia.

    you see, CHRIST IS WITHIN … is not an absent Light. it does not marry itself after one dies to some mess of virgins in a paradise created in the minds of religionists and dictators desiring to enslave for power and control, often through fear within them and … fear-mongering. and btw, where is female if the islamists die and gain their virgin-riddled paradise. is his wife ditched for something better, younger? he used her for his own self-serving but expects virgins later? lol, wow. pretty degrading and truly i-g-n-o-rant.


    ADDED: we are going to toss the intellect of non believer in Spirit a rib (bone) and see what he does with it. if you were a great deceiver, the satan of the world, what would you do to get people to a windowless room? what would you do to get people overly emotional and unaware … in the dark … enslaved to a religious god … mired in ritualistic arrogance and an alienator of those not thinking like you? if you knew that people were on to a regime that praised and pedestaled a war lord, murderer, rapist and slave owner … starting to ask questions about its religion—its origin—its teachings—its prophet? and more and more finding freedom outside the commands and demands of dogma… if you were that great deceiver and knew that many were beginning to leave a large institution that used to be a doctor of malpractice and … a god of unjust system and abuse of children and female, corrupt, dulling, ignorant and selfish … once a perceived master and great arbiter of religious study but fell to criminal alliances … what would you do to get the people back in to the seats of this system? what would you do to get people “hooked” on the dyes of this feed? what would you do to regain power? portrait? sympathy and more money? influence? advertising? who would you murder to entice people into that windowless room? and how would you merge the drought stricken of one system with the raging dust storm of another?

    • opheliart permalink

      but how does a government keep from allowing systemic abuse like we see in the roman catholic church … like the clergy/staff child sexual abuse? and how does a government know who-what its members are if marriages are private? if government is not to use, misuse religion and marriage … and those within these … for its political enterprise …

      how does government protect the people in a manner that advocates for justice but through factual material and not he-said-she said, false god religious expatiation?

      TRUTH but where dies it find this?

      • opheliart permalink

        not a prediction … america will be without a “chief” soon, its form of governance will not require a president. why? does not work … it very simply, and majestically, does-not-work.

  7. opheliart permalink

    wouldn’t you just love to be part of a revolutionary MOVEMENT that cares about the youth and how they are reared and cares about the environment: our planet EARTH and its inhabitants— all inhabitants … we mean ——–TRULY CARES? not whitewashing a cause, not saying one thing and doing another … not staging events that undermine … not bogged in … policy and rhetoric but willing to make sure health professionals and academic teachers and advisors and governors and … are doing WHAT IS BEST FOR THE PEOPLE and not padding their pockets, or creating epidemics not opioid abuse and overuse of antibiotics and overly-medicating, or putting foreign interests and business, OR RELIGION, MARRIAGE, above the greater needs of the people?

    religion has its part to play but is it a mind burner instead of a mind turner? and government, is it big BEAST eating up the lives of our both through poor, selfish, ignorant parading of their pitchforks one side against the other? it’s unbelievable to watch from our vantage point and not because we don’t care … we see how it does not have to be that way. it’s silly, degrading, ugly, ignorant , filled with denial and just flat out … bullying, fascist mentality thinking itself king.

    • opheliart permalink

      and people line up in droves for spoonful after spoonful of its mush.

      • opheliart permalink

        get someone into office for this coming term that will agitate the growing fascism and put it in in its place then be done with tis hocus pocus democracy. then start THINKING and READING and RESEARCHING AND CARING ABOUT THOSE IN FRONT OF YOU. if you care about those in front of you you have made a choice of where you want to BE … which tells you where you are in relation to Spirit of the Living. (there is a verse in the NEW that teaches this gnostic revelation)

        and for GOD’s SAKES get those children OUT of aleppo and other of the war-riddled hell! bring them to AMERICA and start acting like PARENTS WHO CARE! and please take care who-what gets their hands on them!

        Russia, we see your import on this … go for it and yes, some in america today will do their part in providing seek homes and LOVE. through this russia and america will begin to mend ways … with the understanding that it is NOT about religion or foreign interest.

        which line are YOU in? a church of gimme? or, I will care for the child as one of my own …

  8. opheliart permalink

    yes, but WHO PAID these emailers? who is on DNC payroll and who-what pays for false info? and who suffers from false or harmful info and who needs to know if a party is acting illegally or unfairly? THINK, PEOPLE THINK! if it happens on the campaign trail while following its leader, its teachings … how much more dangerous will it be in the higher office? and haven’t we already seen the evidence of this danger through this party and its entitlements? what more do you need to know—see? does one have to cut your throat before you understand what is happening? if any administration lets evil intent and dangerous liaisons into the feed … what follows?

    and why in the world would info on female voters in turkey be part of this great leak? gulen, would you happen to know anything about it?

    I spy with my wary eye a big, fat institution going bye-bye … there is far more than meets the citizen’s eye.

  9. opheliart permalink

    we appreciate that chuck is trying to get an answer as to WHO————–WHAT … did the hacking but please be aware of his statement/question on “aren’t you concerned that a foreign government is involved in the affairs of another government” … HASN’T THE US DONE THIS REPEATEDLY THROUGHOUT ITS HISTORY and HASN’T RELIGION (INSTITUTION) DONE THIS, AS WELL? IT’S OKAY FOR ONE ENTITY BUT NOT ANOTHER? A PERFECT EXAMPLE IS THE ROMAN PONTIFF INVOLVING ITSELF IN FOREIGN AFFAIRS … such as that palestine peace treaty (cough-cough), the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD and … throughout the World.

    our question to all of you: most assume its russia doing the hacking (because hillary and who she pays to promote stories?), but little things like why take the american muslim clockmaker kid that both zuckerberg and obama were quick to defend… and suddenly move him to qatar? these little things are signs that point to bigger things … like the educating, often under the growing noses of chiefs and channels … the use of and abuse of … that obama and his campers are unwilling to admit within their own dynasties.

    america has egg on its face, todd, in these affairs and … the real deal is gulen’s use of charter schools to promote his math and sciences. no sketchbooks and paint brushes in that ideology—yes? ehtse men create robots that sit and meddle in the minds of the youth FOR their camp initiatives. don’t believe us? look deeper and you may find the answer to chuck todd’s REPEATING QUESTION.

    the answer, my friends, is all throughout these essays and comments should anyone care to put TWO AND TWO together.

    how ’bout them apples?

    • opheliart permalink

      we don’t publish these things throughout SPIR and … to look “good”! (why call ME good? only my Father in Heaven is Good).

      the question, dear ones, is who-what is paying for inconsistent TRUTHS? dishonesty and deception?

      WE appreciate that assange has risked his life to show the dereliction of duty and the deception in government because some entities within governments are holding their citizens hostage. no? yes? holding the media? one can always find people willing to accept bribes——yes? those with the most power, influence and MONEY to lose are those most willing to pay for deception and engage in dishonest practices.

      what was it JESUS said about the rich? he was speaking on these very affairs.

    • opheliart permalink

      read this comment from an rns article having to with card pell and his pontiff, authority of the roman catholic church (and please read a little history in these affairs, like others popes and what they did)

      Chick-a-dee Jim Johnson • 5 hours ago
      We are Catholic because the Chuch is the body of Christ. That some members are corrupt is immaterial. They will have their day of individual judgement before God and we have nothing to do with that.
      Correct, religion is not special. But you are wrong in attempting to put the Catholic Church into the same category as any other organization or even lumped in with other “religions”.
      The Catholic Church was founded by Jesus Christ, the Son of God and the second person of the Holy Trinity. That makes the Church Holy and sacred. It says nothing about the holiness of its members because WE ARE ALL SINNERS. You, Mr Johnson, are also included in that “we” who are sinners, so am I, and so is everyone roaming this earth. God knew that this would be an imperfect Church because it is made up of imperfect people.
      Jesus chose Peter as his rock on which the Church rested.Peter went to Rome and as its bishop was our first Pope. That is the same Peter who denied Jesus three times before the cock crowed on the morning of Jesus’ crusifixtion. What sin is bigger than THAT? Yet, Peter was also crusified – nailed to a cross upside down – for his belief and now sits in heaven… not because of what he did on earth, but because of his belief and his faith, most importantly because of the Grace of God.

      now, do you think the RCC was instituted by CHRIST? if Christ is within, and YOU are NOT a ROMAN CATHOLIC, OR PRAYING TO THE ISLAMIC GOD WHICH THE ROMAN PONTIFF INSISTS IS THE SAME GOD AS HIS ROMAN GOD, and certainly not willing to pay into and support dishonest, money grubbing, discriminating, misogynistic and abusive members (AND ITS TEACHINGS) … who the laity insist were CHOSEN by GOD (wow, some god they have … given the crimes in that institution, their god must be a psychopath!) … how can the RCC be the BODY OF CHRIST? may be why JESUS never mentioned the RCC in the Writings (too bad the rcs never bother to READ the Writings, instead believing whatever BULL their tribal member religionists tell them, and may be why the clergy/STAFF-LAITY CHILD SEX ABUSE continues.

      • opheliart permalink

        I mean, think … where in the Writings does JESUS mention the Roman Catholic Church as the Body of Christ? where does Jesus ever say to follow a Roman Pontiff to your grave? where do the GOSPELS ever say anything about purgatory? or who-what is a saint? or MOST of what the RCC doctrine advocates in its orders and its accolades. actually, if ONE bothers to READ the Writings WE are WARNED of false prophets like IGNORANCE … in the title of the roman catholic church … and others like it.

        IN WHOSE NAME DO WE FIND TRUTH? certainly not rome or a pope calling himself francis, or any other big-headed institution of abuse and murder and corruption. the roman catholics must have a rather DULL view of Jesus and what he taught, or maybe they love priming EVIL and deception … maybe they like children to suffer and women viewed as LESS THAN MEN and … maybe they like being ignorant. hmm? it really is sad to se these members still going at it in this Day. wow …

        what is coming soon is an attack on the RCC and its members. but, hey … like we have been saying for years now: we warned them this was coming. I have already witnessed the WRITINGS COMING FORTH that will ignite generations of believers, even atheists coming into belief of SPIRIT … that will SHOW THE RCC AND OTHER RELIGIONS AS EVIL, a false truth, corrupt, deceptive, ignorant … dangerous and … governing bodies in the nations will REMOVE these religious and their institutions because you know how people get when they get angry. how they act, and how they destroy, sometimes kill … so, it would be better to address these derelict institutions now and save lives. it is better to investigate and remove them …

  10. opheliart permalink

    huh, well … what’s to ask? true or not true? is khan a sharia law enthusiast or isn’t he? when I communed on this man I merely wanted to know if he was being sincere in whatever it is he was saying, and I did not read any articles about him except this (I was shown to not engage as I am gradually moving away fro these affairs and some I am NOT to spend time near) which I read through lightly, and when the news was heavy with this confrontation, I would either switch the channel, turn it off or leave the room until it passed … as I have been doing with almost all clinton-trump news and commentary on TV at this juncture (have simply heard what I need to hear and there is no need to over do it). what I heard in my communing was that khan is being dishonest. that’s it; I asked in this no more. now I see he is being confronted with his form of art. his handiwork, if you will … his manifesto … which brings us to question YOU:

    is this YOUR manifesto, too?

    • opheliart permalink

      HISTORY REPEATS> there is evil and there is good. the question is what do you perpetrate, use, and align with? and what do you allow to mislead you and what do you expose the youth to?
      it’s like we shared earlier, there are two institutions abusing children. in one, it is more obvious so do you choose “the lesser of two evils” because you cannot see its abuse, even though you have been given the facts that it is abusing children? are you unstable —mentally incapable— of making a sound choice for the youth? FOR GENERATIONS TO COME? you play with fire long enough and you burn the entire place down. is this what you choose?

      as a gnostic, and remember there is an enormous institution that continues to say I AM evil, I am expected through my BEING to be of a discerning Nature. I don’t take sides for party affiliation or big-headedness … power and control. the FORCE, if you will, does not come through anything I choose in self-sided intent, because it is not ‘about’ self. it is about the HUMAN CONDITION and where and how this serves and is served. knowing this, where do we stand? WE, you ask? I do not work alone for my COMMUNION is in the Spirit of the LIVING God, not religious gods or religious sequestering, as I am not OF religion, its doctrine, dogma, elitism, arrogance, political agenda or installation of policy. I do not bow to MAN and I am not indoctrinated by or wedded to Man’s heroes. the Force comes through choices not of Man but OF (with) the Spirit of the Living. if Man chooses dishonesty he will lose his youth. did khan lose something?

      this is true of any teaching advocating for violence. it is a form of injustice in case you have not learned this truth. if you use weapons to kill you may be killed by weapons, even betrayal at the hands of those you trusted. violence breeds violence. if you cannot use THE FORCE, if you will, of the Spirit of the Living for nonviolent attribute … a WAY to solve problems, then you do not know Love. do you love your enemies by killing their children? by killing neighbor? you may disagree vehemently with their politics-beliefs-practices … the injustice this breeds … and IT DOES BREED in case you are unaware … but do you kill those believing in the most extreme of something like sharia law …

      or do you use THE POWER of what is understood as HOLY? TRUTHFUL. and far more coexisting than man can understand as LIFE AND DEATH COEXIST>
      but One must understand this death.

      dying TO the old is not the same as dying FOR the old.

      • opheliart permalink

        as I have shared several times … my WORK is not to prove there is a GOD; my Work, besides warning on what comes is to share the extraction of civility and the healing concept. this requires chastising, but it is not found in violent attribute. but, you see, people look to men of religion and politics to stop the violence while both use violence and a form of fascism to stage their economy. it is a failed coup. we are just telling you this at the start …to save from suffering. look at the conflicts. where do you see unanswered questions or questions not allowed? look at where people like khan, if in question, spends his time? where do you find him in his writing and reading and …

        what does he advocate? where and how is he attempting to influence your communities, your children? and which of your public servants are paving the way for HIM to achieve his goal? HIS MISSION of sharia law or ____.

        the real QUESTION/TOPIC that should be on the minds and hearts of every citizen interested and or concerned about the health and wellbeing of SOCIETIES is who-what is allowing the mission of islam or even chrislam (a latest development through political leaders such as jorge, the pontiff of roman catholic breeding) … an unquestioned/unanswered pass into the communities not of the injustices of these political religious cults?

    • opheliart permalink

      still WAITING for info from the democrats on khan’s pro-sharia stance. are they going to point out this rather important pie in the face or are they merely BIG on performances… and to put obama on the stand to scold trump for his gig? and shut down any one asking questions. hmm … the stench of infected water. good luck in your jail cell, obama … you did it to yourself. so sad …

  11. opheliart permalink

    why do you run from the truth? why do you run from the facts? if a man tells you a man you trust who you give your children to is unjust, preaching abusive practices … you dislike the man’s affiliations and party rhetoric so you deny his claim? that is lazy man’s work (I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down! 😉 … so do you seek to dispel his claim by using bad-truths? or no truth all; instead, you use lies? or do you seek to find what he says as true or false? are you in DENIAL or are you moving into AWARENESS?

    in the case of khan, is he OF sharia law or isn’t he? in this Day, no one can afford to dismiss what is a growing political threat to the freedom to choose. where the questions lead … is the choosing for the health and wellbeing of communities, its youth or … for unjust attribute—practices, preaching?

    IN THIS, you will know them by their fruits.

      • opheliart permalink

        all of this brings one to a very interesting question … that BODY OF CHRIST. What is it? or, what is {this}? first, one must understand the MEANING of Christ or What is Christ? Jesus said, why do you call me good; only my FATHER IN HEAVEN is good. this is not a denial of MOTHER. it is a verb “on” contact. CHRIST is not a claim. Christ is a page turner … a continued verse, a preeminent place of seating. ANOINT, anointed. this is not a man, but a manifestation of and FOR something ongoing. A truth in continuum.

        in the shoe bat article I read something having to do with sharia law being “fixed”. it is a fixed theory or ideology—an unchanging, “infallible” plan. it claims authority over all its members and potentially all of Earth’s inhabitants should it be given its way. if sharia states dogs are evil; dogs are killed? as an example. if female is second class, she is classed separate from man. in Spirit of the Living, female it equal to … male, but comes into the strength of its verse—A continuous (requires engaging so I share little at this). roman catholic doctrine is a FIXED law. a fixed doctrine. infallible according its hierarchy and its laity. is this the Body of Christ? does ROMAN CATHOLIC even have CHRIST as its continuum? if roman catholic is not permitted to evolve within its fixed curriculum, rules, practices … rituals … it is not Christ, cannot be Christ … has not Christ in/OF theBody OF the Spirit of the Living God, therefore, it steals —takes something that is not his—and uses/misuses it for self-serving institutional agenda. this is the root of deliverance, knowing Christ. knowing WHERE the Heart is moving or should be moving … for that contact.

        roman catholicism used and uses force, beginning with its LAWS in and of torture and murder and even now with continued observance of its system of FIXED beliefs. how is this CHRISTLY or CHRIST-LIKE? it never had Christ at its start, in its INCEPTION, because MANMADE FORCE was its stumbling blocks. how can it say murder is evil while having murdered to establish itself? and murders female in hospitals all over the world, and denies and hides its abuse of children with can and does lead to murder. it lives in ignorance about itself. it is unaware in knowledge and understanding. so too with MANKIND.

        roman catholicism and islam are brothers … of caliphate design. they share the same bed. they lack FEMININE DIVINE (WISDOM), therefore, they are not KNOWN in the God of the Father. you see, Jesus never said no to women … in Truth witnessing, which is OF the Christ—in this {Body} because it wasn’t ABOUT him! it was about THE CHRIST (that contact of and for WISDOM in Truth), therefore, Roman Catholicism is in error on many of its teachings where it claims authority regarding the Spirit.

      • opheliart permalink

        why not give pam smith the SAME respect?
        because its a fashion industry, pence … where one side ignores the plight of another for their own glory and praise … all in the name of their god: democracy


        the liberal agenda under hillary and obama is trying to build itself a dynasty with the familiar fascist tendencies as the very things they SAY they abhor, or do they? again, like roman catholicism damning and accusing, to the point of torturing and murdering, those who questioned them or refused their preaching. obama and his LEAGUE of religionists REFUSE to be questioned on anything they FEAR might challenge their agendas. it is so obvious and those not seeing it must be drugged or … of this fascist agenda.

        we look at atheists today and say … hypocrites or afraid? evil or unaware? we look at the democrats voting in this industry and say, wow, can you get any more bigoted and partial? can you be any more hypocritical and …


  12. opheliart permalink

    remember, ignatius @ layola departed THE MILITARY … he left its place of violent attribute. ignatius was, of course, under a rule that did not permit him just choice but he did engage as he was called. he becomes in the One, not with pope as his authority, or roman catholicism, but JESUS as he understood its (PROPHET ON TRUTH) teachings (at that time in that day which is not as near as what can be achieved in this Day as WE enter the East). unfortunately in order for roma to keep its control, it wrote of ignatius, editing his writing, that he was observant in the ways of the magisterium of roma and was obedient to the pope. this is not true. like others … their writings altered to suit caliphate agenda … a dishonesty that cannot be of Spirit of the Living God as this is impure, false and not able to be received. ignatius was initiating a MOVE out of militancy … searching in something not fixed. jesuit was trying to move but where does it sit in this Day? is it moving or is it dying FOR the old, fixed, unjust attribute of Man in his institution. hmm? where is THE JESUIT TODAY?

    we see that jesuit will break from the old FOR the new and some will follow. through this departure, many will see the error of the law of ignorance and flee from roman catholicism and its ilk, which does include some of protestant idiom. some will follow jesuit but … where will jesuit seek PROPHESY? only the Prophet on Truth or one OF this stream, chosen For {this} Purpose is known for the Teaching. what might this Be?

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