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why defend injustice …

July 2, 2016

for the sake of justice. it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. what you believe may be what you receive and if you defend inconsistent truths, a parody on righteousness … where does it leave you?


answer: unprotected


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  1. opheliart permalink

    let’s be honest, okay?

    there is a growing INJUSTICE in the world. it is called islam. much like roman catholicism, it denies certain citizens, PAYING TAXES, the right to certain PROFESSIONS, not to mention … proper edict (to be viewed as equal in the basic sense of all starting from a fair and tolerant place of sense and reason … kinda like INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY?). imams and priests (actually it is the magisterium) in PATRIARCHAL—CALIPHATE—institutionalism … and GOVERNMENTS speak with a forked tongue. on one end they preach justice and a no tolerance rule on discrimination—zero discrimination … on the other, they take pride in showing favoritism to discrimination and unjust religions and religious.

    and what is puzzling is the liberal in all his humanitarian rah-rah can’t seem to find it in his voice box to point out this vagary in his political commentary.

    what is up with this mindset? it’s maddening to watch the hypo cry from obama and his camp regarding islamist (follower of islam, its prophet) while tearing into the fundamentalist regarding their mistrust of islam, islamic followers.

    yes, I would agree there is hypocrisy at both ends but really what we are watching is the blind leading the blind. and don’t expect that islamists will correct this misfortune. remember, they live in the dark regarding that … following.


    we had been waiting for this to surface.

    warned of these persons of interest … but … american government was less concerned with america and its citizens (protection, health and well-being, FEMALE rights and safety of children) and more concerned with islamic trade (trade? what will be traded in this new deal … obama?), and, under the democrat’s initiative: trading christianity for islam (gulen’s schools and) OR, for some, CHRISLAM, under a man calling himself POPE FRANCIS, as he believes christians and muslims worship the same god. and we have shared/warned repeatedly, what you do business with, if unjust, will COME BACK as a sort of backLASH. for instance, if you bow to a patriarch like the current roman pontiff … show favoritism to him-his institution (which much of the world did, including american government), an institution that denied female her right to equality while receiving loads of special government assistance at the expense of the taxpayer … along with praise aimed at the male dominated orderlies in its institution, you get back what?

    look what is happening in the world. look at what is happening in america, look at what america is being accused of. WE WANT TURKEY TO KNOW THAT WE HAVE BEEN AGAINST ALL OF THIS FROM THE START> we don’t want its partnering as we do not do business with unjust leaders and … we do not want gulen’s BELIEFS AND PRACTICES indoctrinating our YOUTH, no matter how “moderate” he claims to be. these are DANGEROUS initiatives and under the current admin, anything is allowed in america—absolutely anything! including the double standard of giving these leaders and their institutions the accolades, credit, praise, money, business, trust … while claiming to be a just and non discriminatory party. excuse me? it is more than obvious that the liberal sect is looking pretty damn dumb on these fronts. powers beware!

    what did obama think gulen was up to in america? he knew and supported this regime… as he has all of these affairs, including the discrimination and UNJUST treatment of women through USE of these patriarchs and their misogynistic institutional methods that deny her equal standing! pope aligns with the muslim brotherhood and obama welcomes him with open arms knowing his position, while preaching that in the future the prophet of islam will not be slandered in america. what was he driving at? what is HIS church? is he forcing a union of roman catholic creed with islamic creed on americans? he knew and he looks the other way (including the abuses on children) for his own religious-poltical zeal. and sadly, his followers, looking more and more ignorant as the days pass … refuse to admit their own biases and unjust, and criminal posts. they cover up the abuses and the injustices with a lot of stale rhetoric, but through these incidents where hundreds die … here, there, everywhere … WE see the denial, the obtuse factions and the betrayal.

    erdogan won’t change unless foreign interest is in jeopardy so …. there is no incentive for him to change from the authoritative islamic place of governance. he is looking miserly. this incident (coup) is causing him to appear to the foreign powers like he is a dictator. but what does a nation like the US do? continue pandering to injustice. how can any of these politicians sleep at night unless … they are already in the dark.

    gulen says he will go back to turkey because he knows that once the US citizens get THE TRUTH about his dealings … he is in deep do-doo. he figures he may have a better chance of salvaging his con job on the american people and … by trying to persuade turkish officials he is really their TURK ally … after all. huh. but they may just decide to execute him. hmm … what a backlash …


    a week or so ago I ‘heard’ while communing that erdogan would become a christian. huh, I said, not so surprising since I have been shown much on this in terms of the world (recall we said that the face of christianity will change as will the landscape of religion and we shared here and there that orthodox christianity will grow larger and that the roman catholics will flee to it, having discovered they were ____, and numerous other instances, and would orthodoxy be prepared for what comes?). and very soon after was reminded of the pairing of the emperor constantine and christianity through an outfit called the roman church that eventually grew into the very LARGE roman universal church and the habit for all (whether choosing those orders or not) became a dictatorship of governance: church and state, similar to what you see in russia and turkey, but freedom of religion to some degree is permitted in these countries, along with numerous other lifestyle choices as things do not happen exactly the same way twice … but history repeats as we have been sharing on these incidents for some time. erdogan will see beginning in this exchange with putin’s primarily orthodox christian russia that there is another way to help keep the people from the mass violence. he seeks to be a paragon. if he desires this FOR his people that they might be safe from the violence and systemic ignorance … he must seek SPIRITUAL council … of a nature not bound to patriarchs of religions’ indwelling. should the JESUITS break from ROMA (as I was shown several yrs ago) … the vatican’s elite religiondom … and flow with PROPHESY: the Evolution of God and Man …there may be hope for Humanity; otherwise, what you will see is a wasteland of barbers shaving the heads of all (Spirit Language on that).

    putin and kiril will lay their hands on erdogan, saying, do not execute those secular minded as the the prophet of islam, the war lord of absentia … advocated … for the world is watching, and it looks bad for your image, to hell with the EU, your coup club can drink from our cup and we will help you and them unite to become one with us. while the B&B Club deny there is terror in the states. B&B? why Bill and Barack of course, with HILLary towing the tag line… and our poor, sweet dissenter wannabes bernie and liz sidle up with the very thing they told YOU not to side with. huh, all because they FEAR .. a republican candidate, any republican candidate (they say its trump—how CON-venient). seems they have already lost the race. if you are that in bed with hypocrisy you do not deserve to lead … even a parish outreach. the democrat will lose its title, its job … its power. these are TRYING TIMES, folks, and there is no way that things will go decently under the current peril, on either side, unless people respond appropriately to the LIES, the deception, the manipulation and the denial. demagoguery wears many hats … while claiming absolution.

    several ions, I mean hours, later …–election.html?ref=gs

    but ask yourself: what could be the straw that breaks that camp’s back? any ideas? “the blame game”, perhaps?

    • opheliart permalink

      we said before and we say again:

      don’t expect me to respect what does not respect ME. why? did we fail to share on why? it is a dangerous place of recognizance. history has proven this time and time again. and we thought you well-educated … what has “higher learning” been teaching you? if you have not been taught this basic sentencing?

      hmm …

      me thinks students pay wayyyy too much for denial of certain truths.

      ADDED: today’s news is filled with: it’s her party now.

      and she can have it! I will go no where near the democratic or republican dishonesty. must you learn the hard way? to be honest a person born without the ability to see (BLACK OR WHITE, AND ALL COLORS IN BETWEEN—are you listening pandering parties?) … all the glitz and glamour and white wash of obamawood’s homo sapien (in LATIN it means wise man? ha-ha! figures) threshold … can easily say, hey, this platform is overloaded with hypocrisy from my hearing, and why oh why did bernie bail? did he cop out because he is full of fear? fear of trumpism, or fear of republicans? or did he fear THE ESTABLISHMENT he condemns? wow. choosing a lesser of two evils as people seem to want to use as an excuse for partnering with ____ is still choosing evil—-no? yes. (like two schools that abuse children but one is visually more obvious than the other so they choose the one they can’t see as much in, and send their kids to that school… anyhow. yikes, what values are these? american values? president rapes women but obamawood does not care to question these practices).

      was listening to a sanders supporter and a talk show host yesterday. the supporter, refusing to climb on board the obamawood platform under hillary’s lies presented a rather powerful answer to the interviewer’s question: if the nominees are given delicate/classified info to prepare for the debates, aren’t you concerned at all that trump in his talking without thinking might expose information to the world that should not be revealed? the supporter, smiling in near disbelief, responded to her question by sharing CREDIBLE EVIDENCE that hillary had already behaved in a way that demonstrates her lack of propriety and care on this very serious matter, or maybe, she thought herself ABOVE the law …which renders her unsafe … disqualifying her from the process.
      and the interviewer persisted … and the sanders supporter repeated his point in earnest, still smiling. it was obvious who was in denial.

      yikes! and you are sending your children to THAT white house?

      yes, most of the american people, and much of the world, are in need of a reality check.

      • opheliart permalink

        some of this is so obvious a child can see it. but MANKIND is insulated (buried) in his laws and truisms that he cannot see his abuses. take the RCC, for example, clearly they hide the abuses and the corruption, and clearly they are misogynistic in areas … allowing women to die in hospitals? instead of saving HER life is criminal and shows a disrespect and even a dislike of female. it’s a CARE-less attitude regarding mom, woman, female for something unknown. SHE is known! she has family! but the RCC is ignorant on this truth … this fact. nations IGNORE the injustice, the discrimination and the misogyny. politicians and preachers wedded to each for THEIR institutional malaise. ice … ice … ice. no SPIRIT OF THE LIVING IN THAT FOLD!

        she is NOT protected in the RCC and neither are children because both church and state have done so little regarding the sexual abuse and those ABUSERS. this is criminal. nations ignoring these FACTS and showing favoritism to popes and bishops … religions with these human rights offenses is … criminal. all should be put on trial for this injustice and the lies spoken by these bureaucrats but …

        who has power? who is in control? who votes in misogyny and unjust rulers? who pays into and supports corrupt thinking? hypocrisy and lies? Mankind liberal or fundamentalist does not desire TRUTH. he desires lies and liars.

        so there you have it: the TRUTH … now, where are you?



        deeply troubled? obi, we said again and again, what you believe may be what you receive. you bow to patriarchal, dishonest, discriminating, racist, misogynistic and militant institutions and their leaders, you get what? you tell the american citizens to pray and say your prayers are for the families having lost loved ones but … what are you praying to? and for what? you have bowed to a patriarch and his institution who is unjust. you do business with these, the muslim brotherhood and islamic leaders who practice unjustly … treat female as lesser and you think peace should come? ha! you are in denial, sir … serious denial. you are a hypocrite. you live by double standards but think your profession is about Truth? not in a heartbeat and so we ask … what do you are your admin bring upon the people? maybe you should check your own troubling values. they do not match up with your laws … and actions.

        next time your drones kill … those innocent lives … think about what you really are, and you expect america to be safe from attacks? what will protect them? your law enforcement? violence breeds violence, sir. what has your religious and academics been teaching you?


        NEW BLACK PANTHERS shouting black power? well, I guess some really do not care to be of impartial mind. they desire their own breed of liberalism: black.
        and how many blacks are really behind this? it would interesting to see what PEW RESEARCH could come up with 😉


        sister said he did not deserve it. but a life filled with criminal acts lead to what, sis? were you there to dissuade him from committing crimes? and what of the life of the 14-year old he impregnated? does not count in his life of continuous law-breaking? we get that the world is filled with injustice but it is often the misfortune of those leading these lives that get them …

        will the BLM and the BLACK POWER understand this? that one meets up with destruction … in time…

        how much longer will you blame whitey? there is plenty of blame to go around, beginning with a number of black politicians having betrayed the people (as well as white politicians and all those colors in between) but we aren’t seeing your protests on these, are we? where is your voice when black kills black or black betrays and deceives black? if whitey can’t be trusted then why not demonstrate the proper way to conduct civil service? why not rise above the badness of these abusers? and murderers?

        can’t hear you for all the yelling … so sad.

      • opheliart permalink

        “Hundreds of women are murdered for “honour” every year in Pakistan.”

        how many women are killed by abusive husbands/boyfriends every year? and the obama admin wants to add the wife beaters to his cabinet?

        hmm …


        and all of this under the obama administration? eight years of a growing what? eight f-ing years of a rising what? LOOK AROUND YOU! what do you see? who is safe, gushee? WHO of any family is safe? including muslims! including mexican immigrants!read thomas frank’s book, LISTEN, LIBERAL, you are ignorant in where you feed! you are pandering and it looks yucky on your face. like stale, old egg. wow, gushee …you are setting yourself and your digs up for a masterful fall :D. trump is trumpism as much as the pope is an institution. you waste your time and the TIME of millions by these “hypo” attacks. you are a privileged egotist seeking welfare and it looks bad, bad, bad on you. you, too, are an institution. ask yourself, gushee if all of these deaths, attacks … often involving our youth … if either party had the balls to be truly impartial? iran’s deal is a farce and you will see it for what it is soon enough. it places many lives in danger. obi would not even allow his OWN party affiliates to question it (we posted on this way, way ago) … THIS IS TELLING … sounds very roman catholic-islamic—FASCIST–practice to me. and YOU are of this regime, gushee: the new fascism, liberalist-fascism of the obama administration. wow, unbelievable and he uses trump as an excuse for his elevated and elitist position? lousy, lazy reach there, gushee 😉 … how hard is that to figure out, folks. he takes the most arrogant of arrogance and says, look how wonderful and righteous we are. LOL. no contest, gushee … no competition. what a petty does it feel to look slovenly? how does it feel to BE a hypocrite? you have paraded and pedestaled MALE-DOMINATED theory and mindset your entire life! you praise a charlatan (your popes of claiming authority) because you haven’t the wisdom to see the truth about these men—this institution—parading as something deceiving the people of the world. obi has not been honest with the american people as you will soon see. w-a-r-n-i-n-g.

        DAVID GUSHEE WORSHIPS THE GOD OF CHRISLAM, folks. let it be know to all the world. DAVID GUSHEE, besides playing politically correct no-sense, he is a DENIER OF THE CHRIST. his love of institution, his party affiliation, supersedes his love of TRUTH.

        let him fall that he might see the mote in his eye, that has caused him ambiguous vision and lack of hearing.

        let it be understood that all must die … and move away from these affairs. this is the way of the cross. marrying self to political parties or religious institutions (these orders) is what PAUL was speaking of in the Writings on that marriage. it is SPIRITUAL METAPHOR! but the Marriage in and of the Spirit of the Living God was not shared as it should have been in these Writings and “I AM” … brought forth to share in this. One of Christ does not need government, any government.

        a revelation? first time hearing this NEWS? yes, this is news! ONE OF CHRIST DOES NOT NEED GOVERNMENT, because we do not abuse … misuse, deny, lie or pay into and support injustice. we are not forcing mandates on others. WE often suffer at the hands of man’s mandates, often because so many cannot control urges. laws are set up and we must abide by these … up to a point. we repeat: up to a point. we render unto caesar so as not to conflict and cause confusion, but we are of the DAY to not agree to the misuse of so many … and not of the denial and the covering of abuse. man has made his bed. man shall be destroyed (at his own hands … do understand) because of his choices. he will reap what he has sown. what will arise IN THE EAST will be not institution but … ARTISTRY. there is a difference. one is stagnant in its doctrine; the other is a moving part.

        scientist is not government but does science align improperly with mandate? using it to field its OWN credential, denying voice? what of education? a FORCED ODing on the mandated curriculums? costing the families a death-dealing shit load of money? money that could be better spent? I vote bernie on these affairs but hey, EDUCATION MUST CHANGE IN ITS COURSELOADS and NOT BECOME MUSLIMIZED OR VICTIMIZING! (gulen, take your con job elsewhere! you are a liar and you know it! this is what your religious dogma teaches you—to lie? and rome? roman catholicism has set the stage for these incongruent affairs that steal the hopes and dreams of the peasants, as this is what we become under large, fascist and irreverent rule, forcing the least to adhere to patriarchal ideology … a fascist institution) are we not born enough, grown enough yet to see these failures?


        victimization arises from inconsistent truths and denial, hypocrisy and stagnant courses. One of the Christ does not need government. can medical/health professions be less about masking the illnesses and come into the reality of what is?

        Note: someone may say, hey, that’s not true about gushee! he doesn’t worship the god of chrislam. you have slandered his name. slandered? so he does worship the god of islam?

        😀 well, if you put all the pieces together (commentary and …) what do you have? where does gushee stand in his worship? what does he give his allegiance to and what does he defend and support, but more importantly, what did the DEMOCRATIC PARTY under obama and hillary do to bernie sanders? did they spread rumors? say things that were not exactly true? any surprise coming from this camp—the dishonesty? does it come with the robe of politician?

        and let’s add another for you the reader to consider. what do you think FEMALE feels like under the rule of the roman catholic church and islam? esp on the matter of SPIRIT? not up to snuff to be priests, bishops … or imams due to gender? hmm … how do you think it is for females being held against their will? enslaved to laws that may have absolutely NOTHING to do with GOD … of IMPARTIALITY? and how about gnostics? where have most religions placed ONE OF GNOSIS? in the past, a gnostic was imprisoned, tortured and murdered … often lied about, slandered and even today, the roman catholics and its offspring the protestant treat one of gnosis as if she is doing evil. really? what evil have I?


        look at this … LOOK AT THIS! bishops are gods? what has the RCC taught the people? and people wonder why the child sexual abuse goes largely ignored throughout the world? I will never visit poland … as I might be crucified 😉'it-brings.html?nhp=1

        you see, pope … you continue to enslave and instill ignorance on the people. the truth about their god JP2 is about to be revealed … and it’s not in any way connected to Spirit of the Living God, sorry to have to say …

    • opheliart permalink

      a comment to one of the many articles (this one about the terrorist’s uncle knowing his nephew was being radicalized … but said nothing to law enforcement?)

      Eyes Wide Open6 hours ago
      Even the young Muslims don’t understand the ride they are in for.
      Muslim theology explained
      Islam is not a religion nor is it a cult. It is a complete system.
      Islam has religious, legal, political, economic and military components. The religious component is a beard for all the other components.
      Islamization occurs when there are sufficient Muslims in a country to agitate for their so-called “religious rights.”
      When politically correct and culturally diverse societies agree to “the reasonable” Muslim demands for their “religious rights,” they also get the other components under the table.Here’s how it works (percentages source CIA: The World Fact Book (2007)).
      As long as the Muslim population remains around 1% of any given country they will be regarded as a peace-loving minority and not as a threat to anyone. In fact, they may be featured in articles and films, stereotyped for their colorful uniqueness:
      United States — Muslim 1.0%
      Australia — Muslim 1.5%
      Canada — Muslim 1.9%
      China — Muslim 1%-2%
      Italy — Muslim 1.5%
      Norway — Muslim 1.8%
      At 2% and 3% they begin to proselytize from other ethnic minorities and disaffected groups with major recruiting from the jails and among street gangs:
      Denmark — Muslim 2%
      Germany — Muslim 3.7%
      United Kingdom — Muslim 2. 7%
      Spain — Muslim 4%
      Thailand — Muslim 4.6%
      From 5% on they exercise an inordinate influence in proportion to their percentage of the population.
      They will push for the introduction of halaal (clean by Islamic standards) food, thereby securing food preparation jobs for Muslims. They will increase pressure on supermarket chains to feature it on their shelves — along with threats for failure to comply. (United States).
      France — Muslim 8%
      Philippines — Muslim 5%
      Sweden — Muslim 5%
      Switzerland — Muslim 4.3%
      The Netherlands — Muslim 5.5%
      Trinidad & Tobago — Muslim 5.8%
      At this point, they will work to get the ruling government to allow them to rule themselves under Sharia, the Islamic Law. The ultimate goal of Islam is not to convert the world but to establish Sharia law over the entire world.
      When Muslims reach 10% of the population, they will increase lawlessness as a means of complaint about their conditions (Paris — car-burnings). Any non-Muslim action that offends Islam will result in uprisings and threats (Amsterdam — Mohammed cartoons).
      Guyana — Muslim 10%
      India — Muslim 13.4%
      Israel — Muslim 16%
      Kenya — Muslim 10%
      Russia — Muslim 10-15%
      After reaching 20% expect hair-trigger rioting, jihad militia formations, sporadic killings and church and synagogue burning:
      Ethiopia — Muslim 32.8%
      At 40% you will find widespread massacres, chronic terror attacks and ongoing militia warfare:
      Bosnia — Muslim 40%
      Chad — Muslim 53.1%
      Lebanon — Muslim 59.7%
      From 60% you may expect unfettered persecution of non-believers and other religions, sporadic ethnic cleansing (genocide), use of Sharia Law as a weapon and Jizya, the tax placed on infidels:
      Albania — Muslim 70%
      Malaysia — Muslim 60.4%
      Qatar — Muslim 77.5%
      Sudan — Muslim 70%
      After 80% expect State run ethnic cleansing and genocide:
      Bangladesh — Muslim 83%
      Egypt — Muslim 90%
      Gaza — Muslim 98.7%
      Indonesia — Muslim 86.1%
      Iran — Muslim 98%
      Iraq — Muslim 97%
      Jordan — Muslim 92%
      Morocco — Muslim 98.7%
      Pakistan — Muslim 97%
      Palestine — Muslim 99%
      Syria — Muslim 90%
      Tajikistan — Muslim 90%
      Turkey — Muslim 99.8%
      United Arab Emirates — Muslim 96%
      100% will usher in the peace of “Dar-es-Salaam” — the Isla mic House of Peace — there’s supposed to be peace because everybody is a Muslim:
      Afghanistan — Muslim 100%
      Saudi Arabia — Muslim 100%
      Somalia — Muslim 100%
      Yemen — Muslim 99.9%
      Of course, that’s not the case. To satisfy their blood lust, Muslims then start killing each other for a variety of reasons.
      “Before I was nine I had learned the basic canon of Arab life. It was me against my brother; me and my brother against our father; my family against my cousins and the clan; the clan against the tribe; and the tribe against the world. And all of us against the infidel. — Leon Uris, “The Haj”
      It is good to remember that in many, many countries, such as France, the Muslim populations are centered around ghettos based on their ethnicity. Muslims do not integrate into the community at large. Therefore, they exercise more power than their national average would indicate.
      Adapted from Dr. Peter Hammond’s book: Slavery, Terrorism and Islam: The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat.. oks_videos/sti.htm

    • opheliart permalink

      investigate his compound for gun ranges, weapons and the like … for starters, to see if his philosophy is really as non violent as he claims.

      from our vantage point, he is a dishonest recruiter of islamic ideology, slyly seething up his TURKS into the states for power and control, and american politicians/professors are either fueling his piggy cult initiatives, or completely unaware. and, as america is on the brink, this cleric will be the pistol to give the push … while obama secretly sends money and party affiliation to something he had never ever admitted to the citizens of the US …

      can you see it now?

      under the guise of education? huh, how gullible are you? but hey, your children your choice. poor, poor children… at the hands of deception …

    • opheliart permalink

      I am laughing right now. It’s 7:01 pm wed, eve July 20. I read a comment a bit ago by a catholic advertising her catholic social teaching. it is so funny to see them go on forums and talk righteous … why?because it’s a clown suit. much like the roman pontiff in his attire, parading himself before the world … hiding the truth about his institution which could not be more in contrast to the pretty paint-by-number picture that those catholic posers paint. it’s not REAL! never was and never will be! the EVIDENCE , including a LENGTHY HISTORY OF MURDER AND ABUSE, denial, discrimination, misogyny and … and the continued misogyny and abuse, and murder … and forced obedience through guilt and fear and lies … manipulation is … so pronounced … where in hell do these catholic posers find any form of CONVERSATION THAT ISN’T ABOUT THEM! THEIR AUTHORITY! THEIR GODs! their paganism? when did the rcc EVER converse or allow others to question their insulated and immature beliefs and practices? when in all of their holier than thou history has the RCC been in any way not about the f-ing RCC! parading themselves with their whoring patriarchs throughout the streets expecting all to bow to this insignia is garish, hypocritical in light of the obsessive and derelict self-indulgence, and not in any way showing a willingness toward TRUE TEACHING, actual TEACHING THAT ONE MIGHT SEE IN THE GREEK PHILOSOPHERS BEFORE THE ROMAN UNIVERSAL CHURCH DEMANDED UNIVERSAL BELIEF UNDER ITS POLITICAL ATTIRE. or … a willingness for Truth. it is about them and has ALWAYS been about them in all their BIGNESS, and all that fat flying robed orderlies demanding obedience, and denying the crimes, hiding these, lying, stealing parishioners money … hoarding, forced celibacy … misuse and abuse of female, and that’s not all. it’s a game show—yes? tell me when it’s over, please … it’s wearisome. trumpism and roman catholicism are TWO PEAS IN A POD 😀 😀 😀 and if they are throwing poo at each other it is because both think themselves without errr, infallible. Ha-Ha-Ha! his is what is so funny to watch, and also so sad. can you hear them in their denial? “no need for the RCC to repent because we are of catholic social teaching”.

      RCC: biggest damn religion in the world with its brother of caliphate ordination running a close second … and look at the world today. has that catholic social teaching in all its large numbers, big cathedrals and endless orders of men here and women there … with big pope sitting on top … protected? protecting its members … HOW ABOUT PROTECTING NEIGHBOR? how about one of gnosis like ME? shall we share again how the catholic social teaching REALLY OPERATES?

      what a crock of BULL!

      • opheliart permalink

        I said on a few occasions that I would NEVER vote for a Roman Catholic. did I share why? I think I did … in many ways.

        … here is a no-brainer for you:

        if a president or vice president or any politician involved in the process of law-making and law-breaking is BOUND to something other while, saying, or even playing, in his swearing of oaths for/toward THE GOVERNANCE AND IMPROVEMENT, SAFETY AND PROTECTION OF A NATION, ITS PEOPLE (having agreed to another institution highly political and highly involved in the state of the affairs of citizens not just in america but throughout the world)… there is a conflict of interest. if a candidate is bound to a pope, for instance, having from birth sworn allegiance through rituals and a steady diet of these practices and teachings, he cannot be impartial regarding matters of the people he says he is hoping to serve. HE IS BOUND TO OBEY THE POPE, any pope, and if he does not, it may be the case that he puts many lives in jeopardy, denies abuses, ignores, turns a blind eye to discrimination, and protects what he has already sworn allegiance to … ABOVE the people of a nation he SAYS he wishes to serve. he is already married, so to speak, already consummated in the institution of rome and its gods. and let us remind you that the pope is the god of the institution kaine has married himself to. IOW, he has already sworn allegiance to another chief … and continues to serve, pay into and support him and his institution … regardless of crimes committed, regardless of severe injustice and misuse of funds.

        UNDERSTAND, PLEASE, we are talking INSTITUTIONS/ORGANIZATIONS on this, people, not GOD, FAITH or something unseen, but something acutely seen … like the VERY LARGE AND VERY PRONOUNCED roman catholic church and its chief, the roman pontiff … whoever he is or ends of being throughout kaine’s life. good, bad, or EVIL.

        one does not assume a smiling guy is the right guy for the job. I am certainly not fooled by nicey-nice. why? as a member of the roman catholic church, also known as THE LAITY, kaine has NO VOTE on roman catholic teaching. he has little to no say on change in the VERY OBESE POLITICAL_RELIGIOUS INSTITUTION OF A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT NATION … unless the obama administration has sold america to the roman catholic church and its gods (chiefs) … hmm? or, islam, its chief?

        you see, kaine is bound to the laws of another chief of INSTITUTION, not Spirit of the Living but another NATION! another man of another institution, political — ANOTHER STATE—how can he change unjust laws or even move to investigate child pornography or sexual abuse of children or rapes on seminarians and nuns … ? he is bound to protect his pope—his institution, and is likely why you have NOT HEARD HIM SPEAK ABOUT THESE MATTERS and …

        is why women are not priests in the Roman Catholic parishes in VA. he has no say in any way that produces CHANGE for the safety, health and wellbeing and JUST INSTITUTION of the american people.

        the only way to change the teaching is to stop supporting and paying into it. LEAVE IT. leave it and it will be removed. you can say you don’t agree with this or that about the RCC, and find the deaths of women in a catholic hospital a crime, and forcing 9 and 10 year olds to give birth awful and sickeningly insensitive, possibly even criminal, and, there is the denial of women the very influential and powerful positions in the institution which holds sway in nations all over the world, which directly affects female and child, families —LIVES EVERYWHERE—but if you cannot change anything … what are you really? worthless in the battle for HUMANITY? what are you really …

        pope expressed pain and horror? yes, we have expressed pain and horror at what abusers, terrorists and crusaders have done in the name of their gods, which include priests, bishops on up. think back to the day your institution claimed itself god authority, pope. think back to the day your institution said that all must kiss the pope’s insignia and that the pope was never in error, that the roman catholic church was infallible. think back to the inquisition, pope, and even today where your institution refused and continues to refuse to investigate as it should the corruption and abuse … if you continue to deny and hide these … your ‘faithful’ will likely suffer more under your ‘authority’. what don’t you understand about not being protected, pope? when you stepped out on that stage to pose as politician and prophet for the world … and praying to the muslim brotherhood’s prophet, ALIGNING WITH THIS which you should know at the vey least is against THE CHRIST … while so many suffered under islam’s knife, and the roman catholic crusades … did you think THE CHRIST would be with you? what have you done to your people, pope? what did your magisterium set into motion? a great evil that seduces and drives the ship aground? where have you led your faithful? what are they praying to? a murderous institution through adverse edict? why are you aghast, pope? remember what your institution did to others? much the same as you see—the horrors—-yes? and your members and more placed YOU above Truth? … and you changed nothing of significance when you stepped into office as god of roman catholicism so …

        did you think by allying yourself with the muslim brotherhood you and your members would be protected? what have you brought upon the people, looking to you for answers instead of TRUTH? do you not know how SPIRIT both good and evil operate? where are your gods of protection, pope? your institution is in denial and must be removed… but it is you and your brothers that bring down the gauntlet, because … you receive what you believe—yes? how much longer will it take your followers to REALIZE what they worship? you murder women in your hospitals, showing no mercy, and never deal with the ingrates that fill your houses, abusing, stealing, lying … playing gods, while denying so much …

        you have changed nothing worth keeping your institution afloat, pope. and so it shall be removed… now by your own brothers, like a catholic once said: they bring it on themselves. so … if you desire your priests to know protection … to know the Spirit of the Living, you must step out of your bias … and set them free.

    • opheliart permalink

      USA article recently announced: TURKEY BLAMES US FOR COUP ATTEMPT

      the following is an atheist commenting to another commenter’s post on obama’s “protection” of islam (an article at RNS).

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      Sean • 2 days ago
      Why is Obama talking about “smart national security”? Haven’t we just had multiple terror attacks on his watch? Isn’t he the one who called ISIS the JV team?

      Obama’s strange affinity for Islam is creating great risks for the United States.

      “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”
      Barack Obama, 2012 speech to the UN
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      Spuddie Sean • 2 days ago
      If you are attacking people on the basis of their religion, you are doing ISIS’s work. You are helping their recruiting efforts. If you have to torch freedoms in exchange for safety, you have nothing worth saving.

      the atheist has logged in hundreds of posts “attacking” christians and christianity. do you think his point is well made? so what type of work is he helping? ISIS? the IS ID? is he one of obama’s followers stating:

      “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

      funny, he sounds just like the roman catholics who said to me (because I questioned the rule of celibacy regarding understanding what it’s like for married couples and their families):

      you are doing satan’s work.

      yes, this is your catholic social teaching at work coming from the roman catholic sector. now, you tell us what the atheist breeds?


      do you think obama and his admin have any idea what they are dealing with? where-how or WHEN? no, they are truly in the dark, even with their gun control mandates (yes? always more than 9 ways to kill?) …but they do know some things and have not been up front with the american people. and … WE would REALLY enjoy knowing what spuddie, the atheist (also Larry and Yoh … shame on you for the multiple names, larry of NEW YORK … to make people think there are more atheists thinking like you? tsp-tsk) thinks of obama’s announcement:

      “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

      • opheliart permalink

        the end of atheism is near. this is the thought process coming from atheism, no different from roma and its dictating ideology … (I can attack what I want because I am the authority, but you cannot question this, or others of this mindset … you are lesser and have no rights in my authority … you have nothing worthy or worth saving if you question MY AUTHORITY).

        do you see the atheist’s folly? his poor positioning? his sandhill will not endure with what’s coming. if he cannot see his own hypocrisy. much like obama and his camp, he will die off … as is necessary. LIFE cannot continue in these affairs, people! HUMANITY will not survive in its evolving with mindsets RULING the people that are filled with denial on their own inconsistent thought. double standards … the vagaries of these ideals. it’s just unfortunate that the fascism of obama and his camp have fooled so many, but it’s about to change.

    • opheliart permalink

      at least two yrs ago I told a priest of the orthodox catholic rite: it would be good if you stayed a priest (his retirement was coming up very soon which I did not know until some time later) … and moved into the GREEK orthodox church … you will be needed there.

      has he followed? hmm …


      are you protected?

      when will ‘you’ see that hiding in your institutions does little to nothing for the WELLSPRING of Truth.

      MOVEMENT of and for Spirit of the Living does battle with EVIL—disease of death and destruction, of this sort and … the biases, businesses, poor teaching and abuses … and when this becomes an APPEARANCE (as you read in the WRITINGS where the ‘disciples’ saw ELIJAH with … and fell ….all Spiritually Symbolic) …those of mediocrity and denial begin the fast.

  2. opheliart permalink

    don’t TELL me you are chaste or holy or right SHOW ME through your death of the ignorance that you are really and truly CHRIST-BEARING!

    • opheliart permalink

      sometimes I feel I have the power through the Writings to wipe off most of the industries on Mankind both church and state … but that is not why I am in this. I am shown my ‘littleness’ daily. one does not force feed a child, and as child in each NEW Place of remittance … I am learning and growing, too. the “error”, to remind you of that fall, and to shine a small LIGHT in this field of everlasting darkness as it stands in this Day, was due to one believing IT was beyond reproach. RECEIVING something no MAN has received … yet … but thought itself above all, all-knowing, all present in course on what was, is and will be … and moved into DENIAL. we speak of the SPIRIT, folks, before Man was born from it. Man is a product of it and is why he falls short of the glory of Truth.

      but to dwell on mistakes, which is part of that learning because no one knows all there is to know, esp coming into new settings is stagnancy and poor parenting … but Mankind should try to avoid the grave erring … that which most should know by now is evil. or moves Mankind into darkness … ignorance.

      so why pay into and support these injustices. what a feckless and indecent place of resolution. it harbors denial and illicit parenting.

    • opheliart permalink

      a comment to an article on US rep brown

      Bofors12 hours ago
      These stats are not for the NFL or NBA, it is for the 535 members of the US congress:
      36 have been accused of spousal abuse.
      7 have been arrested for fraud.
      19 have been accused of writing bad checks.
      117 have directly or indirectly bankrupted at least 2 businesses.
      3 have done time for assault.
      71, I repeat 71 cannot get a credit card due to bad credit.
      14 have been arrested on drug-related charges.
      8 have been arrested! for shoplifting.
      21 currently are defendants in lawsuits.
      84 have been arrested for drunk driving In the last year

      another commenter responds that since he has not done any of the above he guesses he is not qualified to run for congress.

      and people wonder why there is such division and mistrust? as a democrat or a republican or even something other, do you really think the SYSTEM is working? man’s system … of government, here, there … anywhere?

      could it be that people lie to get into office? could it be that the power and influence often corrupt people and cause them to be dishonest? could it be that people going into these seats are really not qualified to begin with …

      so … hillary insists she has been telling the truth about those emails. do you believe her? do you think her trustworthy? do you think she is the most qualified … after all? going into a seat of power and influence with dishonesty hanging around your neck can cost a lot of lives. but history has shown the world this over and over. and we know the opposing candidate has also been dishonest so …why, as an american citizen, do you believe you have no other choices? you can create change, ya know. where did we see change in how people were being treated? before politics and religion married and became a huge power-mongering judge and seducer … a system of evil partnering to demand and abuse … the people… a dictatorship of denial and destruction of life? things were not good before the Prophet they call JESUS spoke in the work of men … what happened after he left for a place of continuance in Spirit of the Living? man married man in his self-centered endeavors and … what you see today is the product of INJUSTICE AND DENIAL> it does not work. the system … is not working … will not work and you cost lives … INNOCENT LIVES, over and over and over again but …

      you are accustomed to this lifestyle, aren’t you? you do not know any better, do you? from the child born into poverty … a poverty of love … to an elder placed in hospice or a hospital-type situation … drugged to death, against her wishes. against even the wish of the family. because a system operates apart from … virginal stream, what is natural to the wellspring of Truth.

      she can’t even die with dignity … lured into a lie and family denied. she is denied proper care. her life cut short by a system dependent on drugs (for what purpose, we ask? INVESTIGATIONS MUST BEGIN IN THESE AFFAIRS) …

      is this murder? yes, in our understanding this staff (system of misuse/abuse) IS murder.

      • opheliart permalink

        * also, it occurred to me the other day … could hospices or other patient care facilities be looking to gain those donations? I am no conspiracy person as this did not enter my mind until hearing of it by another … but how easy would it be to over medicate an elderly person daily, without the family being aware this is happening, and after the parent-grandparent passes, much like the family described in the above, and family-friends-acquaintances send donations to the hospice …. what a convenient money-making …

    • opheliart permalink

      I could insert the following in any one of my comments and it would be relevant to the larger topic on the handling of justice:–politics.html?nhp=1

      it does not matter if you are a senator or a bishop … an imam or president of a nation … a “peacekeeper”, a navy officer, nanny or a nincompoop … the title does not say you are trustworthy. one should never ASSUME you are honest and you are just … how does any one know what deals and steals, ABUSES, you are hiding? this is not to say this senator is guilty on any of these … we have been making this point repeatedly because evidence SHOWS REPEATEDLY that man is capable of all sorts of malady … no matter his title. remember, popes, emperors, kings and queens have been vicious, brutal … mentally ill …

      a black man got pulled over 7 times in one year. why?do we get to understand exactly why? was he tipsy from drinking at a republican gig? a party celebration? driving through a neighborhood looking for hookers, drugs? in his senatorial seat, was he racing to his destination? honestly, I do not believe him in what he says. not to say he is a bad man … but I believe he is trying to stretch his story. hmm … the facts, please. in this case facts are important. where are the police officers who pulled him over. let’s hear their stories and then maybe we will have a clearer picture of what was going on.

      using your position to make speeches … WARNING …

      but let’s get to something we have shared REPEATEDLY but mankind cannot seem to get it through his mind meld the realism of it. it is like dealing with the scarecrow in the story the wizard of oz … if they only had a brain … and we are speaking of the governments primarily. how hard is it to get? how difficult … in denial on the facts? good grief, it’s almost delirious it is so in the face of these … but they are not getting’ it!

      FEMALE … a victim. CHILD … a victim … far more than any color or religion or race unless you wish to classify each as a race. we watch as home security … national governments give so much to industry and dogma that places both female and child in danger. this is unconscionable. who-what has from its inception placed female in the PLACE OF VICTIM? undeserving? vulnerable? is government so brainless and HEARTLESS that it cannot see the statistics on both child and female as VICTIMS far outweighs any stats on religious groups, color, or cop on black man.

      what do you call it when entire societies since the beginning of MAN have used and abused, ceaselessly attacking child and female? since the beginning of MAN! in so-called civil societies! the crimes will continue unless man addresses first things first. its the mindset, folks. if GOVERNMENT LAW CONTINUES TO ALLOW THESE TRANSGRESSIONS AND CONTINUES IN IGNORANCE ON THE FACTS OF THESE INDECENCIES AND THESE EVIL ATTACKS … nothing will be resolved in all other matters.

      when I see the constant attention paid to titles … while vulnerable women and children suffer and have suffered since man started giving himself titled positions I want to leave forever … and say, you are wasting you, your time, and everyone else’s … you are in denial

      and … people paying taxes must support this ignorance? really? institutionsreceiving tax exempt status, honorary titles of being charitable? while making the position of female lesser than that of a man? placing her in jeopardy … and governments turn a blind eye to it along with the child abuses.

      where are the special funeral services for women murdered … children sexually abused and murdered? our nation is in decay … a mind of denial on TRUTH!!!!!

      bishops/popes go free after covering crimes that have destroyed the lives of many and our government praises them? sets them on pedestals as if these are great teachers? sick! man is unwell … government both parties is sick or just flat out without a brain … remove them all. they are wasting your time in their suits and ties and robes of denial.

      senator, check the statistics … investigate and you will be in shock at the reality of abuse and murder of female and child. compared to the cop killings or even the black male murders by cops? good grief do I even have to spell this out? you will never solve the problem of racism until you see to the problems of … ignorance, denial and where and how CHURCH AND STATE WEEDED THE WORLD! a lot of invasive seeds choking proper and healthy growth. a lot of barbaric vines strangling the fruits. you ignore the infection while slapping white bandages on the wounds.
      I am weary and disgusted at the brainless motivation on the part of so many of these in seats of power and influence.


      • opheliart permalink

        was doing a wee bit of research on the serial shooter in phoenix (MARYVALE area-primarily) and read an experienced voice on phoenix, and the west side. consider the following:
        as a ‘new’ normal is being established (article regarding truck terrorism in nice, france, and please do note that the issue of gun control is relevant but as we have shared several times, there are more than 9 ways to kill … that do not include guns) … and if you understand anything on gang violence and where they choose to strike, you may be able to piece together another reason for these serial shootings. mental illness is always a factor in these types of killings but understand that fear plays an integral part. in this case, consider that fear is being unleashed on the citizens of these phoenix communities. why would KILLERS desire to instill fear in communities and what would be the result of this type of sniper threat? any time a “group” desires territory it has to find a way to get rid of what’s there or … find a way to get the citizens to bow to it out of fear or position. think of the mafia tactics … people/businesses pay for protection but it costs them much, and the people who feel they need to stay are essentially under the rule of the militant group taking charge … or joining the grip, but still under the rule of these head honchos. could it be that a group is trying to take control of an area … for its own. mission, investments and …?

        you see, there are patterns (history repeats) and EVIL follows patterns and this is one way to understand how and where EVIL repeats but with a different title, name … if you remember or know anything about the italian mafia gangs and how they operated, often with the blessing of the pope, bishop … priests. indulgences were created and ‘new’ laws set up by the political heads of the day to allow for these criminals … protection, provided, the religious Heads got what they wanted. and many fearing both church and state went along on the ride. often in denial and often drugged and deceived into believing it was for “god” … and of course the theology on that goes back to the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH and even before, in the cults of inhuman idol worship. who set the stage for mafia and its recruitment? who set the stage for indulgences? who set EVIL on a new (different) course in the dynasties of Mankind?

        IF LAW ENFORCEMENT AND SINCERE GOVERNMENT WOULD DO THEIR HOMEWORK ON THE HISTORY OF MAN’S MALADY AND WHERE_HOW HE INSTITUTED WAYS TO TERRORIZE< FOR POWER AND CONTROL, which included torture and beheadings and burning people (that included children) and rapes, undermining of certain classes of people, and damn… didn't hitler get a lot of his theology from roman catholic rule and strategy? they called it a form of gnosticism because the religious hated gnostics but the ghost of the past is seated right at the doorstep of things like the INQUISITIONS, those awful crusades and all those abuses that went hand-in hand with hiding militant THEOLOGY of the gods of rome, often paganist in theory, via catholic mind belief and practices, meaning: universal truth by way of roman catholic morals and rituals. the ways these dynasties deceived the people to get them to give up their money, their homes and even their very souls is … quite a study in itself and … a very clear way to understand what is upon YOU and what will come … under these climatic conditions. call it what you want but its the same old evil following … the patterns instituted long ago by man …

        * please take special note of the shooters’ aim. if these phoenix (MARYvale and) shooters cease these fear tactics of supposedly “random” killings … has EVIL been found out due to our revelation of their INTENT? orthodox, get with it. you should be on this like a plague … when posting TRUTH through virginal stream (I Am the Way, the Truth, the Life no one comes to the …) does this legion of evil FEAR its own destruction … now moving to new places to seek out other vulnerable, other overly ripe conditions for attack, destruction … fear-mongering and … murder? please take special note how evil spirits can be thwarted. man cannot see this. he is unaware … but let’s see if ‘something’ big and idol-filled is blocking the way to … Revelation. if giving warning are others better prepared? but if something is in the way, claiming absolute authority (gee, I can think of a few patriarchal fat heads, loaded with arrogance and self-serving principles), mankind cannot KNOW what is at stake.

  3. opheliart permalink

    do not permit what claims authority over human life through denial of human life to place you on this side of history. the man the islamists pray to and desire to emulate was and is a murderer and a rapist of small children. his mission was intended for POWER AND CONTROL. any order that used and uses forced obedience and obsessive tactic (ritual and creed) to build itself into a dynasty/army/institution of unjust men … is to be SERIOUSLY questioned, INVESTIGATED in theory and practice, including those halls of religion and … sadly, but importantly, not offered a place in a nation on the brink of folding.

    why do you commit injustice at the hand of a title assuming justice? muslims like all recipients of any nation must make a choice on who-what they follow. no one is asking them to agree with and follow everything government and law enforcement imposes on them, however, they are being questioned on their sincerity and their beliefs and must step down … if they are of the mission of ISLAM! if paying into and supporting the muslim brotherhood, go elsewhere! if praising and pedestaling a murderer and a caliphate order, go elsewhere. go to where your edict will be welcomed and fulfilled but not in nations not of your seed. but those of you demanding world control, we will tell you straight up … NO, ain’t going to happen, despite the mediocrity and the deception that pervades both church and state. why? you have not considered SPIRIT then and how {this} will be. you ignore your own destinies … because you think self absolute in understanding? if of that caliphate organization, you are of ignorance and denial.

    and nations, its governance, MUST decide WHERE they want to be … with the understanding that HUMAN LIFE is important and not their f’ing votes and party politics! get over yourselves and your ignorance! NOW! we are weary of YOUR prejudice and your denial!

    and all the hypocrisy and lies …

    islam will NOT be taught as a religion of peace in AMERICAN SCHOOLS!!!!

    now is the TIME for change in the dynasties of insincerity, hypocrisy, injustice and dishonesty.

    • opheliart permalink

      now, where are you and what do you say? do you want your children struggling through the demands and commands of ISLAm in schools or marrying into a caliphate dynasty that views women as second class citizens? and they habitually deny this is true … oh yes, but the growing population where more and more fanatical ID is permitted shows its face. how do you know if the husband will decide it is his right to beat his wife? your daughter? or join a militant hierarchy? he aligns with a bad imam and changes into a bully? he comes under some difficult finances and takes it out on his wife and children? this is ALREADY a problem in the world why in hell would any person, organization, institution, just law … give this a free pass? what are you, insane?! you do not know of what you are dealing with!

      you ‘play’ with fire you are burned by its insidious design.

      • opheliart permalink

        obama and his tribe invite abuse into the nation of america. he is an arbiter of injustice.

        anyone not willing to see this for what it is either lives in denial or is secretly in league with criminal intent. so there. injustice is a crime. marry self to it and you burn. so there. understand hell now? you are not protected.

        america has a long way to go before it understands where it sits and how precarious it stands. obama and co do not understand caliphate religious and why in any way, shape or form he plays in this pack is wayyyyyyyy over his head dangerous.


        it’s one thing to be impartial, quite another to render self indifferent to the rise in mental illness, often hinged to dogmatic state, who is and always will be a POLITICAL message, mission, whether a lone wolf angry at the governing state or a sinister religious acting in accord with his [prophet]. and TIME is oh so apparent in these incidents. but who-what is of the vision to understand it, see it coming or … recognize where and how it is being fostered (terrorism, illness, mission …)?

        like we have said many times … why promote and pedestal dangerous political religious ideology and why weaken your nation in the process. we asked if you would rather have sharia law or what the nation of israel currently uses. if you give unjust edict a path to citizenship, property included, you get what? if you pay billions of dollars to unjust leadership, build your industries/companies inside nations using horribly unjust practices of politcalreligious endeavor … you provide for these dictators and terroristic factions a great means to have their way … and they are not treating their people in a just manner, a fair and decent manner … you are guilty of paying into and supporting sharia law! you are guilty of treason (if representing government/nation) to your own country (if american) and you are of criminal intent, hinged on your god … money? riches? power of title?

        and this, although I cannot see the video

        the family members refused information? I am sure the tone in this investigation is harsh, but the people need to understand what is happening. family members MUST be honest and up front. do the family members have something to hide? without having received a word of news info, I sense they do have something to hide. now, will the liberalist demand their religious rites in this? will the liberalist insist that law enforcement is being too forceful? well, you tell me … if it’s your child, your wife, your dad or mom … your friends (on either end, victim or ) …and timing is important because those involved in terrorist acts, even having some knowledge of it … are often in escape mode. so … number two guy involved in the nice incident is already in new york city? oh … didn’t tread there yet? hmm …

        they must smell a big old nasty coming their way. I hear male in a ford sedan … wearing a burka-type headdress … singing the praises f allah (via its prophet of islam) … but for what purpose? a bomb? the NEW “normal” … ? but there is definitely lots of destruction. it is what it is … as history repeats in different garb.


        obi, I don’t know about any tests but we know that YOU do not know what you are dealing with. you have spent your days under the shelter of your elitist academic circle and think all religion is a choice of … curriculum (gee, what should I take for classes this semester?) … you have not a clue what is really at work … within your own demigod platform. you are not seeing to the unraveling of that nasty old wrapper and what infection lives within. sure, any religion can become something other than what it once was … through its offices of reform … but that’s not what the MISSION is for islam within these caliphate ordinations, obi. this is what you do not understand because you have ignored HISTORY—THE EVIDENCE—and where and how these repeat! evil takes advantage in these climates! have you been ill-advised? who is your advisor in these matters? look at the patterns and you will know where america is going … unless people stop your sucking up to the islamist. you have no clue what you are dealing with. you have no clue what follows. you thought the holocaust bad?

        again, history repeats … unless someone can put the brakes on that political drug you got going. even christopher hitchens saw the writing on that wall. shame he left … we need a strict voice on your insincere attempts at justice.

      • opheliart permalink

        and the democrats think that america isn’t headed for a SERIAL breakdown?

        wow, can you get anymore in denial?

        and …

        the new normal?

        the liberalists claim to fame?

        honestly … as I read the atheist’s comments and the anti-christian rhetoric regarding sex … sex before marriage, sex, sex, sex without any foundation for responsibility other than self-serving … a desire for, using, often abusing … the STDs and other incidents and epidemics that erupt from careless feeding … it seems they operate on auto-pilot without regard for consequence. they post carelessly and call it sanity because they hate christians and christianity and REFUSE to know the facts in the multitude of cases … and their answer is and always will be UP the abortions, the drugs and the two people of the same sex having sex and no one gets pregnant or has a baby 😀 (shaking head) while pretending at sincere care for FEMALE as VICTIM or even cHILD as victim … up the drugs and abortions to solve all the care-less and irresponsible acts … as if this is the solution, and these often attribute all the bad things in the world as the christian’s fault, who is responsible for all the ills of society. I would like to once see a truly honest atheist posting on religious forums about the destruction of life, AND ENVIRONMENT. just once … think that will happen?

        the TRUTH IS … One in the Spirit moves to be free of all dishonesty, hypocrisy, theft, partiality… and disease (which includes anyone or anything, even ideology pushing agenda and acting in a fascist and irresponsible way).


        the shooters are still at large? they may be on their way to NYC … where they are well-protected (oops, did we just let something slip?) i mean … any hiding and covering up the sexual abuse of children harbors evil. any allowing these evil acts to continue harbors evil. what don’t law enforcement ad politicians, including presidents, get about this? so … why wouldn’t they also hide terrorists? what do they care about life? destroying the lives and livelihoods of children is evil so … hiding terrorists, aiding and assisting these would be … like giving a murderous mob boss and his henchmen indulgences and …communion. knowing they are evil.

        another new normal?
        can’t seem to get the information out to the people in an honest and forthright manner? last night’s national news said they think it was neo-nazi and led the world to believe it was a group (at least 3) … now they are sending the message that it is german-iranian acting alone. where is this info coming from and why? germany’s merkel and co has hidden criminal activity before … is this another attempt at misdirecting the people to save face? we vote a very big YES.

        we have plenty of very serious issues without adding more, but the liberal agenda is to confuse the american citizen and the world into believing theirs is a nonviolent, protected … world, despite MISUSING the poor and the needy for political entity. they have little to no concern for the average citizen under a violent world they ignore for THEIR OWN progress… insulated in their seats of creed and credential, the well-educated (ho-hum) and well-heeled … that only come out and hug the abused and misused … those lacking in the fair havens (cough-cough) and rich demographic of the professors and pastors of liberal democratic state of excess and solicitous prose … come, see … the circus chats of demagoguery!

        and, of course, the republicans are still trying to look righteous under an umbrella blown helper skelter by the winds of Time. we see you, too … pride-filled and forcing your own mental instabilities …

        now, do either of these allow for the RAPED victims of the criminals they praise and pedestal to speak at their party conventions? do you see as large a protest filling the halls of academia, churches, parishes, synagogues, temples, mosques … the white house … where are the real victims of criminal activity? silenced? ignored? forgotten about? we see a lot of parading of men with sheets filled with criminal acts, LIKE SEX WITH CHILDREN, RAPE (gee, how many young women, girls did michael brown rape in his bullying way? shh … not allowed to speak of that dead that way? not allowed to ask important questions—questions that really matter in these violent cases?) … but when you silence rape victims, you choose criminals and those of criminal intent as your sounding board. yes? no? are we incorrect ask questions about bill clinton’s behavior? and hillary’s behavior in these sex acts … aggressive sex acts. how about all those the liberal uses to try to look agreeable and non racist? folks, when will you learn that if obama hasn’t done anything for you in eight years while padding the pockets of big banks and their alum … what makes you think hillary and bill, and her vp will? are you immune to asking these important questions or afraid to speak for fear of abuse? who makes you afraid? who put into place the fascism of today that keeps you undermined? who is pigging all the money for their own selfish agendas. who allows this under this administration, even caters to it? who-what has kept you from knowing the truth about your condition? your poverty? the abuse …

        who-what uses you for their own seats of power? but never really provides for you what you need to move up and out of the poverty and the violence. you die for them that they might look right or righteous? who lives in squalor while billions are sent overseas to protect rich men’s interests … all the while paying into and supporting INJUSTICE, especially the abuse and MISUSE of CHILD AND FEMALE>

        SHE rarely receives the attention the common criminal receives, even while he rapes her and leaves her for dead.

        okay, so here’s the dope on munich:

        WENT THROUGH PSYCHIATRIC TREATMENT …hmmm, and TERRORISM was the result? allow us to ask you a simple question. if a gay man went through treatment for homosexuality because he was depressed … which resulted in him murdering people at a mall, would you be concerned about the treatment he received? of course there has been loads of commentary on those “hateful” discriminating bigots having used some form of treatment on gays, but do we ever see any commentary coming from these same about psychiatric treatment given to those who end up raping, abusing … attacking, torturing … murdering as a result of psychiatric treatment? damn! what treatment did this young man receive that he would end up doing what he did? was he pumped up with drugs? seriously, someone—anyone in a position of influence on these matters—needs to follow up on this, don’t you think?

        one thing I found truly interesting was the sandy hook incident where a handful of children fleeing the school ended up on the doorstep of a psychologist. do you remember the psychologist’s reaction? what he said?

        we have shared numerous times on the mental illness concerns. we have shared repeatedly on losing the youth. do YOU think you can figure out what might be causing these incidents? based on what we have shared … over the years … do you think you can figure out where-how the youth have been sabotaged, deceived … fed? where they feed, how health professionals, school admin, religious and parents … treat – the treatments …

        you can start with an industry of violence … selling it. spoon feeding it to them when they are still in elementary school. governments don’t care about this type of selling of guns, mass shootings and torture on the screen—do they? their HEROS do it all the time—yes? they have no qualms about feeding the youth this warfare. it’s their answer to solving a problem or dealing with something or someone they do not like. it’s big business.

        do you realize how long it takes to rid your system of this menace after a steady diet of it? a lifetime, if you are fortunate, if not … you either act on it in the manner you see or … you find a way to profit from it. and obama and his sidekick hillary think america is not in serious trouble? it’s finally catching up with …. violence breeds violence, even with presidents parading a tone of ‘peace’.

        ADDED: (of course)

        what have we been saying about the youth? you will lose them?


        added: was watching this unfold yesterday and asked (in communing) what happened? heard that he would be found dead. I had a sense this would be the case even before communing in this. drowning is not what I am hearing, however, and did not sense this yesterday. I am seeing … a man involved. and what was strange was the news yesterday kept saying a “near 8-year old is missing from CARSON BEACH” … and they described his clothing and even showed a picture of the boy. later they said, an eight year old … and I kept wondering, if they are talking with the boy’s parents, wouldn’t they know his exact age? something sounded off. mistakes like this happen … yes, but … why wander so far to another part of the water. unless, he was lured there.

  4. opheliart permalink

    add these deaths to the atheists hacked to death in bangladesh …

    and atheists say they fear christianity more than islam? really? because each cannot agree on man’s origin? neither know the truth so get over it, please. what you need to be addressing is the MISSION of islam … those complaining of CHRIST have not read islam’s work, and know little on ITS origin, so to fear christianity in this Day is to be a troll and little more. when the light rises from the EAST and shines itself on these … they will turn to stone 😉 (saw it in a movie … think you know which one)

    the islamist will increase its attack on the atheist because … the atheist will begin to question the policies of this administration, its obtuseness concerning islam, and why it is not meeting the needs of those with mental illness—this rising epidemic showing itself through destruction of life. it is convenient to blame christianity for the man here or the woman there that happens to be against abortion or happens to be attending a church, sporadically … but suffering from mental illness.

    really, with the exception of those few extreme in their beliefs, there are less actually OF christianity committing mass murders and far more OF POLITICS. please learn the difference between the two… to help separate the two.


    can anyone deny this mass murder was POLITICAL MANeuver? it’s continuous in these cults.


    • opheliart permalink

      bad match—bad marriage.

      • opheliart permalink

        um, like we have been saying for years now and lawmakers can’t hear … why are you using TAXPAYERS DOLLARS to treat female as lesser, as second class citizens, by allowing bishop, priest, rabbi, imam, CHAPLAIN and … vocational positions only for men in highly patriarchal institutions? how is it the president of the US doesn’t even get this? or his wife? or VP? or hillary or bernie or … trump? LGBT want their rights, but government hasn’t even figured out that female is being DENIED over and over and over in institutions that receive from the pockets of the taxpayer. should these be paid with roman catholic’s and islamist’s purses and not from those NOT of their creed? why should WE pay for their titles, their institutional biases, the misogyny and … discrimination?

        cannot believe government has not done any THINKING about it in all of this time. really. they still can’t pay a women a fair wage in many places and SHe is the one going through the pain of childbirth and all that goes with this! without HER womb, where would these “thoughtless” ‘bigots’ be? even the gay man marrying his male partner wanting children with his sperm needs the woman’s womb … and has gay man made it is his impartial task to see that government is treating hER with respect and dignity?

    • opheliart permalink


      comment to an atheist:

      Disappointed Ben in Oakland • 9 minutes ago
      Garbled? Point to the language and not the hyperbole. So if an athiest, what is yor role existentially? Are you just here to waste the world’s resources or do you, potentially have a greater purpose. If it is the former I, if I were you, just end it all right now as your next failure in life would be meaningless.


      and we should remind gushee that the roman catholic church is what on the scale of 1 to 10 regarding discrimination and a misuse of funds? has gushee not been READING the Writing? seems not. he is of ‘the agreeable man’ syndrome.

      first, what did LORD say about that PRAYING in public? and there is a REASON Lord said this—made a point of TEACHING on this. do you know why? and what are those of catholic mindset really big on? they are big ON the their roman catholic dynasty which did what to the masses? houses what? is loyal to what? believes what? (hint-hint, it begins with a B … and can be found strikingly in the OT).if you are not clear on the FACTS … check their doctrine, catechisms and those mandatory practices/rituals. LEARN THE SPIRIT LANGUAGE< PLEASE!
      and there is the CHRISTLY UNDERSTANDING (as in Christ lives within or … not):

      Χριστὸς ἀνέστη! Ἀληθῶς ἀνέστη!
      which teaches the believer IN Christ that there is no purgatory because … if CHRIST LIVES within, one searches {here} for Truth in that Light on Love, not caliphate orderlies whose system of belief is bound by manmade doctrine WHERE he has pledged self to patriarchs posing as GOD Authority (yikes! not a place any ONE of Christ would desire to be for any reason because that place is ruled by what?). and there is the questionable practice of … should a believer ‘think’ his prayer worthy of the WORTH of others, esp those called for the Work of the Spirit of the Living God (not the dead and one should take care whose prayers he aligns with because those idolizing the dead: war-mongerers, the murderous and the terrorist … the deceiver, and sends a dangerous message … how?) SPIRIT, both good and evil is real and should not be treated so carelessly. One does not speak for others unless he is spoken to FOR {this}. a vocation is a vocation but never does this place one worthy of HEARING. pray all you want privately but never assume you know the hearts of others. PRAYERS in the fashion of the roman gods is …to be viewed with skepticism and questioned in their carriage. for what purpose is he praying. insincere intent can set in motion a black cloud so thick it destroys life. and obviously the verse saying, where two or more are gathering (2 or 3) there I will be also …is referring to Spirit kind, for how often has Man gathered in prayer before his brutal attack on others? only VIRGINAL stream can Man moving hear in the Realm of the Spirit and … only with One (or more) in and of Spirit.

      GOD SHOWS NO FAVORITISM. did gushee just go against SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD BY a. praying in the public square. b. showing favoritism to catholicism.

      hmm? along with what else? aligning himself with injustice? unjust institutions? hypocrisy? is gushee just another roman catholic of patriarchal design? when or where has gushee spoken out–REBELLED … regarding the sexual abuse of CHILDREN in these orders? this institution called CATHOLICISM? and … where has gushee pointed out the grave ERROR of demeaning and degrading (not to mention murder) of female in the institution called the roman catholic church, which, in case you are truly unaware, is NOT GOD, NOT impartial, not in the Spirit of the Living because why? catholics bow to what as their Authority?

      this is not fun for us. it's not pleasing to Me. now … if LORD came to gushee and said, okay, david … this is judgement day for YOU. how clean are you for the Gifts of the Spirit? remember, many are called; few are chosen. can we choose you for the Work of the Spirit? oh, what's this? you are in league with a deceptive, demeaning institution that harbors much abuse and … denies and covers up its crimes. you use the prayers of men paying into, supporting and continuing in this stream … a stream filled with rot? we cannot work there, david. we are MOVING … have been for some time. why do you wait for the sheep's pool? did the Prophet sent not call you to take up your cross and follow Truth?


      allow us to paint a picture for you

      long, long ago, a large group did things like stoning women. they judged her and they stoned her to death. they had rituals that were abusive, degrading and systemically partial. they denied female her right as an equal in their halls of justice and in their houses of worship. chosen NOT of these cults, institutions, laws and dynasties … the few, rebelled. a few gave up much to speak out against these unjust and hypocritical ways. not building a religion, mind you, they were attacked, of course, because there were more of the elite ignorant and arrogantly unjust, both church-state, than they were of the righteous, or should we say: the honest and impartial few, who worked with what is gifted them to try to MOVE people out of that cruelty, lack of compassion, poverty of love and truly indecent and often “criminal” intent and actions. now, did the atheist and the liberal … and the believer call the few chosen, anti-semitic? racists? anti-jew?

      why is it that Man cannot see his own hypocrisy? was luther, having broken from the rcc due to dishonesty and injustice, an unjust man for calling out the ignorance and the dishonesty? poor preaching and indecent patronage?

      live in denial and TRUTH avoids you? like a plague? 😮



      😀 I have no use for Fbk in my Word.

      • opheliart permalink

        atheists, can you see your name being called? the religionists are drowning in quicksand … with catholic kool-aid dumped in with it to make it taste better (in the attire of a pope). the RCC is rotting from the weight of its old, decayed and lecherous ways, the abuses, the deception … the lies … the murders. all because they chose an INSTITUTION OPERATED BY PATRIARCHS for their SUPREME AUTHORITY. think you can BELIEVE Spirit exists enough to help them move before all that dead bull comes crashing down on their heads? gushee is busy praying at the warden’s wall. his heart is bound to his master the roman rite at present.


        a male is born … when he is of the age to walk down the street … he is a man … go back 2,000 years, he is a man. if he says, hmm, I desire men for sex, but my world condemns this act … I must be very careful and very private. I cannot let anyone know I am a homosexual. I work work in the fields, the offices of the law … whatever work I can find, and pay for a place to live and put food on my table. no one will know I desire man for sex. he lives his whole life privately to keep from being … put to death? a female is born … from the moment she enters the world her life is in danger, in those cultures where female was and is … lesser. she is labeled, married, and put to the task of breeding and feeding those around her, if she is lucky. if not, she walks a lethal line.

        can anyone in this day understand the strife of this? and having to bear children in these affairs, under the hell of man? sure … there were some who prostituted themselves to get a different set of robes but are these safe robes? honest robes?it seems to us that men of patriarchal societies have a lot of apologizing to do! centuries of apologizing. but who-what continues in this DAY to undermine female? who-what still treats her like a second class citizen? who-what looks at her like “flesh” to attack … sexually, violently … manipulating and walking out on her leaving her with several kids and governments are so fuckinglame in their law and odor. they stink so badly how can any of you be around it? live with it … bow to it? trust it? they pay institutions/nations billions to keep the class system alive and fortified. in this DAY, to do business with deniers of these practices of viewing female as lesser and refusing her seats at that table, paying her less, expecting her to breed and build the men their military … is insanity. man is unwell. any man that continues to dwell in these affairs is CRIMINAL. i would not trust any of them for the world. and the world is quite ignorant, still paying into and supporting this ignorant Beast. you can have it. pastors, priests … where are your values? in the pig slop?

  5. opheliart permalink

    let’s look at this REALISTICALLY

    forget the fairy tale “law” that can allow the most horrendous crimes (like child abuse, sex trafficking) to occur because government is not supposed to INVESTIGATE religious and religious institutions PROTECTED by government’s laws, OR … because it will appear discriminatory … targeting a certain/specific religion or group (black, jew, muslim …). if an institution, religious or otherwise is being given money by an unjust group/government … should a nation trying to move toward proper and just edict. …practices… and honest governance—VALUES … permit the building and opening of these centers?

    what if the american government found all islamic institutions were primarily funded and supported by sharia law nations … would you as an american citizen be concerned? first, would you be concerned that the fastest growing religion in the world was on a mission to take over the world? would you be concerned that funding from seriously unjust nations and groups practicing injustice was supporting an unjust religion in places not of sharia law and with no intention of turning itself over to islam or sharia law?

    at what point do governments say, hey, these religious rights are too broad and cause others to be exposed to unjust practices and beliefs and can be a very serious threat to our nation—its VALUES?



    note the comments in this article

    mr atheist-agnostic cannot see his own poor defense. is he protected how? god OF the liberal left establishment? we think not… and so … he shall lose———————————-that honesty and just intent might survive and be heard

    folks, it serves what to be in the dark on the reality of what is? to continue to be rigid (stiff-necked) for the point of making your opponent appear “bad” worse than YOU …indecent, racist and the like …at the expense of your own viability is … demonstrable irreconcilable … in the way to HUMAN ID.

    take hillary’s actions as secretary of state …

    can you trust her now? is this not evidence of dishonesty and recklessness? and obama steps in to support this very ideal … because his own image (legacy) is at stake. huh … and you are willing to sacrifice billions of lives to keep the egg hidden on your face?


    atheists-agnostics are a mixed bunch, for sure, but many are looking quite … “beastial”, or would that be of ‘sexting’ with beasts? 😉

    In a 2001 review of Midas Dekkers’ Dearest Pet: On Bestiality, Singer argues that sexual activities between humans and animals that result in harm to the animal should remain illegal, but that “sex with animals does not always involve cruelty” and that “mutually satisfying activities” of a sexual nature may sometimes occur between humans and animals, and that writer Otto Soyka would condone such activities.[40] This position is countered by fellow philosopher Tom Regan, who writes that the same argument could be used to justify having sex with children. Regan writes that Singer’s position is a consequence of his adapting a utilitarian, or consequentialist, approach to animal rights, rather than a strictly rights-based one, and argues that the rights-based position distances itself from non-consensual sex.[41] —WIKIPEDIA

    gee, I wonder what sex he is advocating … hmm? this is a man who knows NO boundaries and if you know my Place you know where I stand regarding animals (most environmentally CONSCIOUS). the atheist of this mentality is an overgrown …

    may take some time before we reveal this place of indecency.

    • opheliart permalink

      it’s interesting how people find it in their hearts to sue a family, causing it to shut down its business because it would not bake a cake for a same sex couple (even though there were other bakers to choose from) … but no INVESTIGATING of institutions who are at the root of the doctrine that supports denying those seeking equality. government is not interested in getting to the root of the turmoil … they are more interested in appearances. they roll out the red carpet for dynasties that oppose homosexual belief and practice while antagonizing for votes and making a spectacle of those who follow the edict of those same dynasties … like islam and roman catholicism and other patriarchal—caliphate followers.

      wife beating. what government rolls out the red carpet for this crime?not baking a cake for a couple is not a crime as far as I can tell but beating someone is. sexually abusing children for centuries under the nose of patriots and lying and covering it up is a crime. refusing to photograph a gay wedding is not as far as I can tell. government has in its power to provide for the gay couple a photographer for their wedding rather than the spectacle it has permitted for … appearances. only to find another growing religion with high demands … somewhat factiously.

      and then what happens … a gay man shoots up a gay club. such irony.oh, but wait … we almost forgot to add: the terrorist wanted revenge for having sex with a latino man who did not tell him of his health condition. and the liberal news was reluctant to post the truth about any of it from the wife beating muslim to the sexually transmitted disease. and the secularists ignoring the truth and THE SIGNS … focus on anti-gay rhetoric. meanwhile it seems the terrorist’s dad was not telling truth about the gay comment he said his son made … but that is what gay america wanted to hear. not the truth … the lies. maybe his dad was in DENIAL about his son. maybe his dad had no ida of his son’s activity in the gay communities … maybe his dad did not want the world to know that an islamic son was a practicing homosexual.

      wel-well can you trust government in any of its sources to PROTECT YoU AND YOUR FAMILY

      I do not.

      • opheliart permalink

        what will hit america and its ways will be alarming. there are many more attacks coming to your communities. let’s see what your leaders/experts have to say. more than likely they are not telling you the truth … and mislead you, causing you … YOUR CHILD … harm.

    • opheliart permalink

      Singer is an atheist who very easily dismisses Judeo-Christian ethics as being out of date and irrelevant: ‘We have no need to postulate gods who hand down commandments to us because we understand ethics as a natural phenomenon.’[3] He asks, ‘What do I think of as a good life in the fullest sense of that term? This is an ultimate question.’[4] The choice is ours because, in Singer’s view, ethical principles are not laws written up in heaven. Nor are they absolute truths about the universe, known by intuition. The principles of ethics come from our own nature as social, reasoning beings. So he writes, ‘We are free to choose what we are to be, because we have no essential nature, that is, no given purpose outside ourselves. Unlike say, an apple tree that has come into existence as a result of someone else’s plan, we simply exist, and the rest is up to us’.

      “we have no essential nature … no given purpose, outside ourselves”

      where to begin … where to begin … {sigh}

      first, had {GOD} not showered us with something of necessity, singer would be singing in a key as flat as his hiking 🙂

      “something” greater than MAN conversed LIFe into existence. singer acts as if this does not exist and … in his MIND, it does not exist. it’s simply not there which vets him where? in his universal science of … individual necessity. he boasts care for man but if one should actually DO the science of the MIND … one would surprisingly, amazingly, UNDENIABLY, realize Spirit exists … and not necessarily outside man. something converts thought into action and … this is where man is rendered solvent or salacious.

      singer behaves as if what came before is nondescript. what fortunes lie beneath the waves of mankind? ahh … if One allowed the singer-songs to escalate media —all media— Mankind would disseminate … to the destruction of viable Truth. we look at his philosophy and say, oh, is that all there is? no wonder people commitsuicide. how instantly gratifying … and not into a “good” way, but why the parading of concern for poverty?it is mundane in light of his philosophy, without PURPOSE. hasn’t anyone seen it yet? one does not pose for the poverty-stricken and claim absolutism in theory. this leaves out voice! are you seeing it yet? it’s called contradictory verse. much like saying animal life should be saved at all cost but the HOPE of human life … ? contradictory terms and why in hell has no one of religious quarrel chastised this songstress about his engineered philosophy?

      we will give singer something purposeful to think about

      watch what follows

  6. opheliart permalink

    and just say no to fireworks, please … you kill innocent lives for selfish and pompous reasons … what might come your way?

    and watch out for those fireworks washing up on shore? the ones that did not explode? hmm …

    seems not even the orthodox christians UNDERSTAND the signs.

    there is a way, folks, let’s see who is willing to break from being strapped to the side of a man’s leg like on a stringer of fish.

    the dog in the tale of TOBIT went with the Angel and Tobias to do what? the islamist does not trust dogs. many do not even like them. they think the dog evil. seems they missed the message on TRUTH. seems they strayed from the Way of the Gifts of the Spirit to follow a mass murderer and a rapist and I AM in no way shy to state this FACT. JESUS, a Prophet ON Truth did not fear stating this. now, do the muslims of islam torture and kill them like their brother the terrorist… ?

      • opheliart permalink–business.html?ref=gs

        if the propaganda and available resources are there, and treated as a something entire governments and entire societies, esp that of SHARIA LAW, accept, even by so-called civilized governments … those doing business with these dynasties as if there is absolutely NOTHING dishonest, unkept and unjust about these acts (the injustice of these political religious)… why wouldn’t mentally ill and outstandingly angry people be attracted to it? it’s like handing them the ingredients to create bombs! you will know them by their fruits is more than obvious in these elections. and do not think me demeaning to these allegiances, or even muslims, one cannot partner with anything unkept as islamic theology, born from caliphate font. any person not willing to address the origin of this religious ideology and its mission is in denial and likely hoarding for self-interest. sorry, does not match up in any way with loving neighbor, esp when neighbor in the form of a female is denied her RITE AND HER RIGHTS! islam and its membership can take their ignorant industry elsewhere … we have no use for these dark images. images that inspire horrid acts. obama had no trouble pointing out the crusades, which he stated were in the name of Jesus Christ, but can’t seem to find it in his senses to see that islam is as the roman catholic church was (as HISTORY REPEATS< goshdarnit!)
        but any One actually OF CHRIST knows those having done these horrid acts is in no way related to Christ!, that this "title" was stolen by many, like the RCC …
        … and is why the current pontiff has no problems whatsoever aligning himself with the muslim brotherhood in all its pageantry … and ignorance regarding female AND …

        they are there own borders.

        do I hate islam? yes, I hate islam. do I hate roman catholicism? pretty much … yep, I do, because I am weary of its lies! I HATE HYPOCRISY … and both religions are hypocrites.

        ha, and mention gnostic to either one of the FOLLOWERS of these caliphate ordinations and listen to what they have to say 😮

        START QUESTIONING THESE RELIGIOUS – POLITICAL INTELLIGENTLY> stop with the JUDGING and name-calling and party positioning and behave like you’ve got a brain! let’s get down to the READ DEAL … stop with the circus acts, the clownish forays and start researching, investigating and admitting the error …. QUESTION even those of your own camp … for truth. discover what is hidden beneath the robes and pin stripes and parading parts. get your ASS into the proper gear on this terrain in a vessel that is NOT DESTROYING THE ENVIRONMENT AND ITS LIFE and start meeting up with your own camp rhetoric. why is one allowed destruction of life but not another? why is one institution allowed denial, crimes, discrimination of certain persons … protected and paid by governments … but not another and WHERE=HOW are these creating injustice and fascist mentality? get to the root of these, even if dragging out the theologian’s quarrels to make your point. who in their right mind still embraces augustine of hippo in all his patriarchal bimbo obsessions (more like observations and not actual TRUTH … as he was a meanderer, held by a religion DEMANDING insular feeding)?

        cease the treachery of bribes and place yourself correctly.

  7. opheliart permalink

    this may be a hard bit of sharing to follow but a child can see it … as he looks to some form of authority to tell him about what is right and what is wrong or what is a proper or decent way to behave and what is not. if he has only bullies and liars he may follow in this vine. if he has double standards and hypocrisy, he is confused on truth: what is good and what is not good. what is just and what is unjust.

    believers in “god” often err in how they understand AUTHORITY. they often look to their morality leaders who may or may not be just. they look to pastors and priests and rabbis … presidents and other political authority or even law enforcement, but if one or all of these operate on a double standard …system … with hypocrisy their fruit … how can child grow UP? in and into rightness of place by which GOD can KNOW him? religious gods can be anything from a patriarchal saint to a murderous prophet … or a misunderstood voice of sense and reason.

    people are often confused, even angry at GOD. why did GOD allow the massacre of so many of my people? why did GOD allow this to happen to ___. God is not your puppet, people. at least not SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD> this does not move as you move, in beds of injustice and dishonesty. religious often believe GOD is punishing them because so many of his people died at the hands of a dictator or a terroristic menace. the question IS and WILL ALWAYS BE: where are you? were you supporting and paying into injustice of women, for instance. did you deny women the right to the same as men? did you abuse her? did you abuse her children?

    did you abuse HER Children? ARE YOU ABUSING HER CHILDREN? are you ignoring the abuses for your own desires of power and influential self-aggrandizing?

    are you denying and hiding these abuses and injustices? SPIRIT of the Living God cannot PROTECT what it does not know. truly, Spirit desires union … calls and calls and calls but … what is keeping people from hearing {this}? Spirit can unite only in VIRGINAL stream where impartiality is fruitful. if acting for self-serving agenda or self-centered, immobile and arrogant, elitist reasons … “hey, everybody look at me!” while there is much suffering—REAL SUFFERING—right under the noses of these … as they stride on by unseeing and unhearing … seeing only to its own power agendas … its own clannish, insulated, insulting and often offensive desires … well, dear ones, Spirit cannot help you in that state. you are not reaching and are too distant from SPIRIT, Spirit desiring to KNOW and protect you.

  8. opheliart permalink

    well educated and coming from rich families? huh, could it be that sending youth to college really makes little difference if your prophet is a war lord?

    INVESTIGATING who-what paying into these death cults? sound like a plan … or are some of the leaders behind many of these attacks?

    • opheliart permalink

      why should anyone believe CAIR? I do not find CAIR honest or trustworthy. so … why the conflict of stories? was CAIR present at the incident? did CAIR see it actually take place or is CAIR misusing its FREEDOM OF RELIGION?

      what if this [IN FRONT OF THAT MOSQUE–hint-hint] was intended to make it APPEAR racially motivated? what if the martyr syndrome got in the way of honesty? what if CAIR believes itself permitted to lie FOR its prophet?

      many questions on this … and I smell a big load of you know what …

      but hey, why believe me…

      • opheliart permalink

        maybe CAIR is trying to instigate a WAR … oh, contraire!

        and to wash over that mateen mess. I do not trust CAIR in any way, shape or form and CAIR can take its patriarchal a-s-s somewhere else for its ramadamage!

        but hey, what do “i” know? what do “i” see? what do “i” hear? little Me is only sharing what I am shown … is real … true and worthy of considering——–yes?

        history has already shown the world its whores, I mean horns … look at it and see how and where it is REPEATING but with a different name-title—-

        but boys will be boys—eh? they like pulling the legs off of frogs and …

    • opheliart permalink

      we want you the people to be aware of a certain rising epidemic within your communities. if you read the two articles in the above comment you will be reminded of how members claiming truth or claiming to be the chosen or claiming to be the real followers of this or that doctrine/prophet/political party … are at odds with others within the same. remember the troll? masked men and women out to rob? or out to create anarchy? is law enforcement that dull or is government agenda misleading the people?

      consider it may be muslims attacking muslims … no differently from a roman catholic schism where followers of one or the other set loose to make war. history is loaded … with this evidence. do not allow yourself to be deceived and … what do state officials and governments in general ALLOW that these antagonistic enterprises take route/root and often infect entire communities with bad seed? and consider if the governing body is in denial, malicious, of hypocrisy and showing itself to be dishonest. it parents poorly, displaying itself as a indecent roll model which leads the youth where? and to what demise?

      america should not have poor neighborhoods loaded with crime. why aren’t the public officials focusing on these growing gangs and the rising mental illness in america? where do they spend most of their time? and for what?

  9. opheliart permalink

    gay pride in france and … gay lobby in the RCC … any connections? it would appear strange, wouldn’t it? one padding the way for the other? elder ratzinger is being used to send a message to the … hmm, devoted? now, look at it this way, even if you do not agree with the elder’s dogma, do you trust a gay lobby in the RCC? would these be the misogynists? hmm … maybe. would these be the ones hiding and covering up the sexual abuse of children? we did post something from FRONTLINE a couple of times. did you see it? let’s look at honesty in all of this. neither have been honest, but a gay lobby in an institution that says the homosexual is … not up to the title … and gay? men who desire men sexually? is this an accepted mindset for a celibate? has the RCC done anything other than invite them—LURE THEM—into those orders? dishonesty all around. seminaries lusting with man flesh … huh … what a scene. rapes even … loads of rapes of youngsters. what a horrendous scene and the nation’s governments continue to praise and promote this deception, dishonesty and DANGER.

    why is SPIRIT of the Living not found in these orders? and esp not a gay lobby and a patriarchal initiative? partiality is one very sound reason. denial and dishonesty … all making this ‘church’ not virginal. man can say this or that is celibate but this doctrine means nothing to SPIRIT if these orders are not recognized by One: God. deceiving the parishioners is … deceiving the parishioners and … stealing their money for your grapes of wrath is piracy. SPIRIT of the Living is not of religious or political piracy and you can easily understand, we hope, that God is not a pirate.

    stealing the Writings to build self a RELIGION to give title, influence and power to religious political men is … piracy. so … who-what stole the Writings, altering them … for Creed? for … self-serving sanctity? to deceive the world into thinking [celibate and … ] are “the chosen” … hmm?

    saw an article about the gay priding in france. here is another religion for you the people. hey everybody look at my body and my beliefs and practices. how proud we are of our sex practices, OUR choices for ourselves! we want all to know what we are and what we do! what we walk for and toward. and the man in the photo is wearing the skimpiest bikini underwear, showing as much of his penis as possible without getting arrested. bright yellow to show his fancy. strutting along in all his finery like … like the gay lobby? the patriarchs in the emperor’s new groove? lol … to use part of a comedian’s line (from long ago): they look like they are smuggling a bunch of grapes…

    into the country.

    😀 … but sex abuse of youngsters is nothing to laugh about. deceiving the youth is piracy. so … where are you?

    * most of the comments on this article are clueless

    aside from the sarcasm, but still

    in time they will realize that not all of one group are exactly the same but hey, if the gays want to be all THE SAME—lumped altogether like the atheists often do of believers in God/Spirit, and take credit for the operations of that “gay lobby” in the vatican which, btw, is not a handful of people—oh, no …lol, no-no-no …shows how little those commenters know about what has been going on in the RCC for a very long time …

    but it does show how little they care about the sexual abuses, which is alarmingly male on male. so …what do you call this desire?

    • opheliart permalink

      am I anti-gay?

      am I anti-musim?

      depends on what you mean by gay … and muslim …

      where do these stand and what do they deny … while the youth are misused and abused?

      we are cautioning you (all) in your edicts.

      does CDC not understand the dangers of insecticides? or is this their bandaid slap to solve epidemics like drugs drugs and more drugs for all manner of disease 😦

      good start, gov. now keep cleaning up those overly ripe areas and … tell the roman pontiff and those condoning the misuse and abuse of women to clean his own diseased ground.

      • opheliart permalink

        ask yourself, as a gay man .. as a straight man … what are you really about? what do you support? what do you watch? movies with lots of horror? nudity? exploitation of women? or men? or child? what turns you on? what raises you up? consider the making of each movie and what these are selling … same with novels, books, essays and … plays, paintings, sculptures … what is the ‘creator’s’ intent? what is he/she led by? for what? money … fame … war … denial, delusion … illusion?

        what is each saying? do you like seeing man as the master and women degraded and put in “her” place? (as misogyny permits). do you like watching a lot of “artificial” sex … reading about the writer’s fantasies or … desire to sell you a version of community fictions? heck, the women in most of those images are altered to look a certain way … to entice both male and female into …. something not really honest. a lot of tempting and … it comes off looking trite or … uninviting. at least from our vantage point. breast for feeding babies turned into sex objects making the female an object not a person of … worth.

        hey, your choice but … what do you spread to the youth, not able to recognize the fake from the real? any person in a relationship where children are involved should know by now that there are some things unkept … off and … ignorant. so … what are you proposing for the young? what do you SELL to the youth, your future? what do you breed … seed …



        “The 18-year-old told authorities she had been trying on swimwear at the Target when she noticed the iPhone, according to court documents obtained by East Idaho News. Smith later told police she had previously made other videos of women undressing for the “same reason men go online to look at pornography,” the documents said. She then showed the detective a video she said was filmed in a Target fitting room.”

    • opheliart permalink

      you know I don’t care that same sex marriages are performed. a government cannot deny these the same rights as the heterosexual couples. people marry in all sorts of ways and for all types of reasons … some are even married to their jobs, money … creeds and titles. this is what they care about and give their time and attention to … only where there is strong evidence that something or some practice is dangerous to communities or harmful to people should laws be set forth to avoid the harm. remember, it is not for anyone to impose bad habits or dangerous practices on others and is why many restaurants no longer allow smoking and why there are smoke-free zones cropping up more and more … children are esp at risk … as they often have no opportunity to choose if their parents hang around smoke-filled places (and it’s shameful that homes with smokers are allowed where children reside) …

      but should you be concerned about your priest not being the way your church has laid out its rules … and you are unsure of his activities … and you are concerned about giving money to institutions that allow practices that you disagree with and believe you cannot align yourself with as it goes against your conscience then … ask that your government honor your marriage as a citizen of america but have your wedding and initiate your marriage vows in a place like russia. use one of their beautiful cathedrals/parishes … 😉

      I am sure kiril and co won’t turn down the $

  10. opheliart permalink

    and the rise in metal illness is ignored by most of the governing body while it serves itself in policy?who is RESPONSIBLE for all the mental illness? the ravaging minds? the sudden and abrupt attack on people anywhere-everywhere? what seeding is permitted in the schools and communities of the world?

    • opheliart permalink

      for ten years some laity of the RCC tried to have the german bishops owning and selling pornography and other (an amazon type business)investigated, or at least addressed … TEN YEARS and what did the popes and his creed do? nothing. deception, my friends … and you trust bishops of these institutions? they would sell you for a shroud worth nothing …

      in the Realm of the Spirit. the bishops eventually did sell and made a lot of money, while the pornography sales continued. heck, what do they care? any form of pornography, from our vant age point is a pit. a plague … a lie.

      it degrades the mind of men and … sells him and those supporting him in these endeavors to ignorance and denial.

      men focused on the life of the flesh can be your pastors, rabbis and priests as they stroll around in their enticing garb. what are YOU wearing today?

      • opheliart permalink

        we have no use … for these industries of dishonesty and pit-mongering. we are looking for reality … PEOPLE WILLING TO BREAK FROM THE CREED AND THE GREED AND … come into something greater than Man and his immobile lecturing.

        there is a very wise and indestructible BIRTH up in heartmind should any one care to hear it.

  11. opheliart permalink

    Dhaka (AFP) – A Bangladeshi politician spoke Tuesday of his horror to learn his son was among the suspects who murdered foreigners at a Dhaka cafe, and said many young men from wealthy, educated families were going missing.

    Imtiaz Khan Babul said his 22-year-old son Rohan Imtiaz, who was killed when commandos stormed the cafe on Saturday, had been a top-scoring student whose behaviour gave no hint he was radicalised before he disappeared last December.

    “I was stunned and speechless to learn that my son had done such a heinous thing,” a tearful Babul told AFP.

    “I don’t know what changed him. There was nothing that would suggest that he was getting radicalised. He hardly read any religious books.”

    Babul, an official with the ruling Awami League party, said had not seen his son since travelling to India in December with his maths teacher wife, leaving the couple’s three children in Dhaka.

  12. opheliart permalink

    and we come to our fireworks finale

    the EARTHLINGS think flatly?

    added: did we not say at least two years ago: the wild, wild west?

    • opheliart permalink

      from the article:
      The shooting broke out just hours after President Obama — reacting to the shootings deaths of black men in Minnesota and Louisiana this week — posted an emphatic message on Facebook calling upon all Americans to confront persistent racial disparities between law enforcement and the communities they serve.

      “To admit we’ve got a serious problem in no way contradicts our respect and appreciation for the vast majority of police officers who put their lives on the line to protect us every single day,” he wrote. “It is to say that, as a nation, we can and must do better to institute the best practices that reduce the appearance or reality of racial bias in law enforcement.”

      —look at the faith people have in their leaders. do YOU think religious-political leaders have the ability to quell the violence? are there any prophets of the voice of sense and reason that can reduce this militancy? it is going to increase, folks … until something is done about the dishonesty in these partnerships. until THE TRUTH about the denial, the lies is revealed and …

      • opheliart permalink‘i-wanted-to-quit-when-i-saw.html?nhp=1

        I have no faith in these pastors. why? what have they done in their pastoring all of these years? who-what do they sidle up with? and why so much crime? (not saying the recent incidents being addressed were crimes of black men—addressing the larger problem ) … they pop out to look like they are a force to address discrimination and racism? hmm … look deeper into their vaults and you will see the complacency and the courting. eight years of their chosen (media-blacks-liberals …) and look at america? the increase in shootings, bombings, stabbings is … large. liberating the masses in the wrong direction, liberals? is liberal a title that intensifies outbursts for the right to “do as he pleases” without justice? so … why defend injustice for the sake of justice? anyone carrying a gun for the purpose of liberating his brother must ask who-what is actually behind the mentality that pulls the trigger? democrats think the republicans are the only gun-toting racists but the preachers of denial sell the product … in their sermons …
        how did you think the extreme of islam got its name?

        can we ask these pastors and priests what the officers are trained to do when criminals resist arrest, grab the gun or point a gun at the officer? even in the michael brown incident … what was really going on? will pastors and priests deny the criminal histories and the aggressive acts of these ‘young’ aggressors which puts citizens at risk?

        yes, expand the scope of the INVESTIGATIONS not just in the police force, these recent incidents, but also in the church communities and … the criminals, their lives, parents …
        here america, including BLM, may begin to see its face.

        america needs a wake up call. what might that be?


        oh, so there IS an anti-white agenda? possibly not just an anti-gay or an anti-religion or an anti-semitic or… an anti-authority, perhaps? anti-law enforcement? anti-LAW … as in “the laws do not apply to [insert group/party name] … where have we seen that before? liberalists, have you a clue? fundamentally religious, a clue?

        there is a big something about to burst … duck, if you can.

  13. opheliart permalink

    *moved to the ophelia wearable art site, beginning with today’s post (July 6) …

    the agreeable man

    • opheliart permalink

      a number of years ago I shared with an orthodox priest: why would every nation want to look like america?

      now I ask, why would every nation want to look like islam?

      if someone is traveling to greece for holiday or the experience of greece, don’t they go for the land, culture and livelihood of the people of greece? I certainly would not go to see mosques everywhere and listen to 5X a day prayer calls that do not respect ME, and teaches that I am a lesser person and not equal to the male in position, and that a war lord is the reason. oh, wait … the orthodox christians do think no woman can be a priest, bishop
      … how shallow. how partial and how dormant.

      still, the fasting growing religion in the world (which involves a lot of baby making) is islam and the fact that millions of islamists have moved to europe and are given their freedom of religion does change the climate in europe. anyone not willing to admit this is a con artist politician. it will NEVER be as it was for europeans and in time it will never be a place people visit for the european culture … as it once was. even the muslims moving there don’t get it. if they think they are moving to improve their lifestyle under these conditions they are sorely mistaken. you don’t take in millions in the manner that germany has, with growing camp ghettos, sex trafficking and abuse of female in these camps, youth gangs growing (not all islamic but it does impact the existing youth and youth gangs) and divisive politics on the islamic front and not lose neighborhoods and culture. and dishonest sharia law advisors know this and encourage and wait … for the decline of these civilizations in order to continue their mission. and there are many of church and state who use the refugee to promote agenda, both sides.

      • opheliart permalink

        change is imminent. this I know, and is necessary …healthy at times … at times … but do come into some understanding of WHERE in hell you are headed … and where your politicians are leading the communities. the dark ages? they are … using YOU, you are the pawns to get something for their party initiates, and for themselves! oftentimes, IGNORANT to their steps in doing so. and the religionists want more religion! if they are losing church members they play the part to try to look “agreeable” and solvent, when they are really just politicians … using.

  14. opheliart permalink

    I could insert the following in any one of my comments and it would be relevant to the larger topic on the handling of justice:–politics.html?nhp=1

    it does not matter if you are a senator or a bishop … an imam or president of a nation … a “peacekeeper”, a navy officer, nanny or a nincompoop … the title does not say you are trustworthy. one should never ASSUME you are honest and you are just … how does any one know what deals and steals, ABUSES, you are hiding? this is not to say this senator is guilty on any of these … we have been making this point repeatedly because evidence SHOWS REPEATEDLY that man is capable of all sorts of malady … no matter his title. remember, popes, emperors, kings and queens have been vicious, brutal … mentally ill …

    a black man got pulled over 7 times in one year. why?do we get to understand exactly why? was he tipsy from drinking at a republican gig? a party celebration? driving through a neighborhood looking for hookers, drugs? in his senatorial seat, was he racing to his destination? honestly, I do not believe him in what he says. not to say he is a bad man … but I believe he is trying to stretch his story. hmm … the facts, please. in this case facts are important. where are the police officers who pulled him over. let’s hear their stories and then maybe we will have a clearer picture of what was going on.

    using your position to make speeches … WARNING …

    but let’s get to something we have shared REPEATEDLY but mankind cannot seem to get it through his mind meld … the realism of it. it is like dealing with the scarecrow in the story the wizard of oz … if they only had a brain … and we are speaking of the governments primarily. how hard is it to get? how difficult … in denial on the facts? good grief, it’s almost delirious it is so in the face … but they are not getting’ it!

    FEMALE … a victim. CHILD … a victim … far more than any color or religion or race unless you wish to classify each as a race. we watch as home security … national governments give so much to industry and dogma that places both female and child in danger. this is unconscionable. who-what has from its inception placed female in the PLACE OF VICTIM? undeserving? vulnerable? is government so brainless and HEARTLESS that it cannot see the statistics on both child and female as VICTIMS far outweighs any stats on religious groups, color, or cop on black man.

    what do you call it when entire societies since the beginning of MAN have used and abused… ceaselessly attacking child and female (neither can walk alone in most places and hardly ever at night … even parishes, church buildings, schools, doctor offices, locker rooms, playgrounds, place of income/work … the sexual harassment looms and evil tries to take advantage … because both are smaller and usually weaker and used to be less prone to violence *used to be, but what has MAN forced on them?) . since the beginning of MAN! in so-called civil societies! the crimes will continue unless man addresses first things first. its the mindset, folks. if GOVERNMENT LAW CONTINUES TO ALLOW THESE TRANSGRESSIONS AND CONTINUES IN IGNORANCE ON THE FACTS OF THESE INDECENCIES AND THESE EVIL ATTACKS … nothing will be resolved in all other matters. nothing. it’s like a long term cancer … a revolving door that just keeps revolving and who-what gets out?

    when I see the constant attention paid to titles … while vulnerable women and children suffer and have suffered since man started giving himself titled positions I want to leave forever … and say, you are wasting YOU, your time, and everyone else and their time … you are in denial on the facts of

    VICTIMIZATION (if I could underline this a dozen times I would)

    and … people paying taxes are REQUIRED to support this ignorance/denial, heartless activity? really? institutions receiving tax exempt status, honorary titles of being charitable … and what have they done to both child and female, the most vulnerable and what are they currently doing (besides pedestaling another political religion that undermines both, placing both as lesser in the eyes of … HUMAN DECENCY?) while making the position of female lesser than that of a man? placing her in jeopardy … and governments turn a blind eye to it along with the child abuses. primarily because their PARTY AGENDAS ARE MORE IMPORTANT TO THEM. maybe its time for a NEW STATE?

    where are the special funeral services for women murdered … children sexually abused and murdered? our nation is in decay … a mind of denial on … the facts.

    bishops/popes go free after covering crimes, even assisting in the continuation of these, and USING THEIR OBESE TITLES TO MANIPULATE, DECEIVE AND THREATEN, YES THREATEN the least of … ? that have destroyed the lives of many and our government praises them? sets them on pedestals as if these are great teachers? sick! man is unwell … government both parties is sick, heartless and … very possibly, just flat out without a brain …

    remove them all. they are wasting your time in their suits and ties and robes of denial.

    I have written to president, governor, senator … I am ignored or … they ask for money and party support. they do not want to had the truth about all that slippery bull’s shiite they wallow in. so … what they reap now what they are sowing.

    *senator, check the statistics … investigate and you will be in shock at the reality of abuse and murder of female and child. compared to the cop killings or even the black male murders by cops? or cop on black … good grief, do I even have to spell this out? you will never solve the problem of racism until to see the problems of … ignorance, denial and where and how CHURCH AND STATE WEEDED THE WORLD! a lot of invasive seeds choking proper and healthy growth. a lot of barbaric vines strangling the fruits. you ignore the infection while slapping white bandages on the wounds.
    I am weary and disgusted at the brainless motivation on the part of so many of these in seats of power and influence.


    when MAN sees to respecting the FEMALE and moving into an IMPARTIAL state then these horrible acts will falter and begin to disappear. but if government and pastors and priests allow imams and bishops, popes, rabbis and other patriarchal initiatives to be the guiding FORCE on Earth … you can forget peace … it won’t happen.

    pray? what are you praying to? your religious and political gods? if you are not protected, do not blame Spirit of the Living God. it could be that this does not KNOW YOU … for all the entrapment and dishonesty and … support of unjust measures

  15. opheliart permalink

    a SOLDIER of evil … war-mongering, terrorizing others … does it need a license to be part of the mission of a product of evil? the prophet of islam is and was a war lord and a rapist of child … what more do the societies welcoming indecent and unjust missions into their communities need to know? are they daft? evil will look for who-what is in DENIAL and who-what is of a purpose for islamic mission to USE … even disguising itself as a “religion of peace” while many of its members seek to destroy life not of its ideology. the muslim that says my prophet was not a war lord; he is of allah, my god… sees only what he wants to see. he is in denial on the fruits of his religion. he does not understand what he harbors … what he feeds and spreads throughout the world. as think progress essay pointed out, the fact is that everywhere there is a high concentration of muslims practicing … the people are treated unjustly, there is much bloodshed and often a misuse and abuse of women and children. deny this fact, admin, and you bring DEATH to your own people!

    too many live in ignorance on this REALITY. atheist does not believe in SPIRIT so he dismisses the reality of evil in these missions and the fact that man of caliphate religious often promote a disease wherever they walk. look at the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, for …CHRIST’s SAKE! if luther had not been used to act in schism, rebelling against the EVIL of rome, america would not have become a freedom state. do not diss CHRIST … READ AND UNDERSTAND HISTORY of your own people! you would be rome or archaic judaism. how does that sound to you? you do not know of what you do … you speak with forked tongues and look like deniers and liars. go back to the beginning if you do not understand man and his works. go back to the beginning if you do not understand good and evil and how each manifests…

    others of islam are of the mission and pretend to be peace loving. take a closer look at organizations like CAIR, and others. investigate ALL institutions of ALL organized political religious and you will begin to see the patterns … it’s all been done before and your lawmakers race you straight into darkness because they do not wish to stop and see where exactly they force their citizens.

    on the brink of madness … oh, yes, and the great deceiver says: jump in with them, join their clubs, bow to their prophets … how can it hurt? let your gods save you.

    oh? which god? where? from our vantage point, no one is being save from the MENTAL illness. islam is a mental force tat traps and enslaves and forces itself on those around through the diseases of the flesh. it is real and it will undermine you… just as it undermines FEMALE.

    why can’t you see it for what it is? because you love war? make lots of money in war? get into seats of power FOR war? the liberalists feed bad seed to the american citizens … look at the sickness and the ODing on drugs … their prized possession. much like the roman catholic church. “if we can drug them enough we can take total control” sit in our whitewashed seats while the peasants die for us.

    you are a sickness … and those of the archaic? huh, you wallow in miserliness … and ignorance. your darkness has increased the fast.

    • opheliart permalink

      * and please understand that people like junipero serra, the RCC’s most recent SAINT (rolling eyes here 😦 … terrorizing and victimizing the native peoples is not just practice. how the ‘prophet’ of the catholics, calling himself FRANCIS, can be viewed as a decent and just leader in the charades he parades … pretending at peace … is praised incessantly is cause for extreme question. but LOOK, READ AND LEARN about the history of the people. luther certainly did not have all the answers as NO MAN does … but it was a step out of THAT deception called hell! only to what? welcome the false prophets back in to create yet another man, that undermines LIFE, and increases denial, enslavement of women and children.

      think about this if you can’t reason through these words here in SPIR:

      the RCC’s saint John paul the second knew about the crimes on children in his institution. what did he do? and this is one of their/your gods that you trust, bow to, revere? the current pontiff says one thing and does another. he is a deceiver which means he is led by what? he has to come out and admit his dishonesty or continue bringing chaos and confusion to the people.

      the prophet of islam was what? a murderer and a child rapist. and you welcome this commandment into your communities wITHOUT QUESTION? into the lives of the youth without PROTECTION?

      honestly, you are either insane or seriously drugged … with something …. what might that be?

      atheist cares for what? how? where? is he in any way going to assist in keeping the mission of islam, much like the mission of the roman catholic church, from gaining ground? what does HE care about? does he even know or UNDERSTAND good and evil and how this operates? does he come into the sphere unprepared?

      well, let’s see what comes … most of the religious are embedded in their dogma or playing at peace to try to recruit pew sitters …underachievers and dubious dealers that will bow to their systems of practice and belief. and they want YOU, the tax payer, to pay for all their dining … at the pig bar. they want it all in their mega-mines but …

      please, if you go their way, watch out for those buried.

      • opheliart permalink

        some may say, but you are harsh in your words. we are harsh for a reason. you religionists/politicians bite off more than you can chew when the fact is you are like what PAUL says … milk fed and not ready for solid food. who-what forces solid food on you that you cannot even take care of your pets … your houses … your plants? the fields run barren … dry, fire-filled … flooded with excrement and …

        you are wasters and idolators. you take, take take but do WHAT with all of it? demand MORE AND MORE AND MORE but have not seen the mote in your own. look at the poor in society! look at those in great need! LOOK AT THE RISING MENTAL ILLNESS AS POPULATION SOURS IN CERTAIN POLITICAL RELIGIOUS COMMUNITIES! look at the crimes … why? why build houses on sand? why eat salaciously? you have not even taken care of your own!

        you sell defunct products to the people and complain and whine and bare your teeth because you do not get more of what you never saw to in the first place. will you continue to drug them all to get by? to relieve your conscience … to ignore your responsibility as parents, godparents, fathers, mothers, guardians and so-called leaders of your communities? in the news a child found two children (ages 2 and 4) walking down the middle of the road, half the time falling down, with a sippy cup half filled with beer, asking for their mom. is this your community unaware? where are the churches, parishes, synagogues, temples, mosques, humanitarian outreach centers, feeders of the poor and … child services … in these cases?

        mom impregnated at age fifteen by a sex offender? and she is ignored by church and state and ten years later she has been impregnated by five different men … five kids and counting and three are in jail (dads, too) … gangs

        who is responsible for this malady? where are the guards and guardians in the communities looking out for the most vulnerable? selling them bad seed? pigging out in the academies and politician’s and church’s stables?

        hmm … harsh is nothing compared to the reality of what is coming on you … because you receive back what you support and pay into that you should know by now is in error, not working … supporting unjust creed and credential?

        well? where are you seated? what are you wearing in this climate? overdressed?

    • opheliart permalink

      obama said recently that extra scrutiny for muslims is an affront to everything america stands for.

      we would certainly never choose one large and growing group and ask them to explain themselves as a collective body for we know there are many views. like roman catholicism, christianity and other religions … there are varied views, beliefs and practices and … it does appear undignified to both questioner and …

      but law enforcement … or should we just state, american state, its value system, is based on questioning. if a person has done a terrible wrong, a grave evil, or any wrong as an offense to another, society … is it not the law of the nation to take his friends and family members, co-workers, party affiliates and question them? how else would america acquire information to get to a point of protecting citizens by addressing these often hugely serious illnesses/offenses if no one questioned members? in the case of the quickly radicalized “muslim” in france, to not question family and friends particularly of his religious/political community would be poor investigating. actually, it would not be an investigation, would it? we always say, if you have nothing to hide … why be offended by questions. isn’t that right, mr president?

      come, question ME, please … I will share with you what I know on specific topics … I welcome you to ask questions. but alas, man of questionable endeavor fears Me 😉 … ? maybe he fears WHAT I know ;D … about him. anyone honest enough to come to me has nothing to fear. I am not used to destroy a person … this is not the way of the Spirit. I understand far more than Man gives FEMALE in the Spirit care and consideration …
      because he fears HER. yes, I am used to chastise but … any One who understands that a farmer, an athlete … the warrior (not militancy and bloodshed) need strengthening and must go through a process of transformation in order to Become of the chosen … putting away the things of a child, like religious quarrel and negation … stumbling blocks that cause much confusion and chaos … fear …
      poor parenting and that clinging to the vine of obesity and evasiveness. do not allow yourselves to be in denial and to grow in a warped interior. you bent as a reed must bend when the wind blows but … you are not broken if enduring for the wealth of Truth (true ID). made in the image of GOd is not what makes man a man … it is what makes Man a Marriage: the Godhood, both masculine and feminine DIVINE.

      the issue we have with obama and his adherents is the refusal to see his intent. he is dismissive of a basic “law” of american state/value system. he refuses questions, and that iran deal was clear evidence. what is he hiding? what did he not want the american citizens to know?

      which brings all to a place of very serious questioning:

      how is it that YOU (Obama and his followers) support and pay into injustice at the hands of human rights offenders, murderers and torturers, those of severe discrimination and biases … prejudice and intolerance … abuse of women and children and nonmuslim place? you do business with the very diseases that you say offend you and america? you give money to the leaders that continue in these grave ills. what is the obscenity of hypocrisy and lies that you advocate? if you THINK you can protect a nation from terrorism, mental illness and horrific human rights offenses while shaking hands with those married in these … you are a truly ignorant person … in UNDERSTANDING GOD.

      you haven’t a clue on what is at work, mr president.

      and turkey? hmm … what atheist supports its leader? the coup members desire SECULARISM—yes? isn’t that what media is reporting? (despite gulen’s islamic status and what he is really advocating—beware). but democrats are already speaking out against turkey’s president. where are you in this? holding hands with merkel? what has she brought upon germany? but … militancy IS a wrong approach from our vantage point as violence breeds violence (are you aware of this fact, obama? has history not taught you anything in these endeavors?)

      we still do not know who-what did the killing in that incident. what if turkey’s non secular fired the first shot and did most of the killing? the liberalists of obama and co will be looking like storm troopers … death eaters … FASCISTS in an america we hoped would be searching for values that do not involve VIOLENCE.

      • opheliart permalink

        the fast radicalization of the terrorist in france had evil accumulating within his psyche. islam is a mind meddler. some sleep within its teachings while others, esp with an increasing discontent but not of a soul-searching reservoir or reserve … fall into a mind climaxing (btw, much much to learn in these states of being and man’s soul gets sabotaged when not protected, cared for … carefully questioned. one should always be questioning. to deny this is to deny truth). man has so little knowledge and even less understanding of how SPIRIT, both good and evil … operate. but … maybe, maybe now the ATHEIST will begin to see what WE have been sharing all along …

      • opheliart permalink

        July 19, 2016

        over a year ago we read a comment saying that in texas or arizona with an upcoming american celebration a truck was seen with the IS flag racing down a street. what do you make of it, america? freedom of religion? speech? politics? we witnessed a former military man in his political beliefs practice his on american officers in baton rouge the other day. he believed himself in a war … and not rendering to caesar was part of his beliefs—as in following the laws of the state. was he not in agreement with state law because it is revealing itself to be unjust? hypocritical? dishonest? deceptive? we in no way approve of that murderer’s actions … but the time is coming where more and more will refuse the laws of man. state law … government law. what do you have in place to keep from total mayhem—everybody out for himself? many citizens do not want to give up their guns because they are experiencing a lack of integrity and a loss of formality. a sort of anything goes system without regard for the consequences that FOLLOW (see above posts, many of them address this very concern), and they sense this … as they watch the current admin deny the following political religion as being a danger to life, as well as …many other inconsistent ‘truths’ in all that pandering, favoritism … misuse of funds and …

        I am fortunate in that my family got off those european trains, promenades, shopping districts just before these attacks. italy, france and …

        I have already been shown that I will be needed in France for healing … as HEALING is where I am now moving as part of my work. we warned and chastised …for LIFE, for Movement … for Renewal … for THE RETURN, all in the Heart of Prophesy …

        there is much more ahead in these horrific attacks. what has church and state brought upon their people?

  16. opheliart permalink

    trumpism is a disease. the party is all about trump and his hasty and hazardous methods. even the melania incident was choreographed in a chaotic-minded way to feed the people FOR trumpism. if you do even the slightest discerning on its calculation you see it was born from trump’s brand of chaos. why do you take him and his initiatives seriously? he can say one thing one day and arrogantly change his mind the next. he is the one that would be in that helicopter waiting in case the coup fails … him and his family while you and your family die in the flood of gunfire and rioting. trump cares about his ego … nothing more, nothing less, or treated lesser.

    cruz … receives boos from trump congregants? he didn’t align with a pledge to become trump’s servant? must be doing something right. 😀 watch what follows …


    • opheliart permalink

      and harassing cruz’s wife? wow … and this is what americans believe is decent and caring about neighbor? this is truly a sign to disavow a threat to female. this is truly a sign for law enforcement. the trump congregants should be receiving a citation for such conduct … placed on their records and jailed if they had in any way threatened her … and her children. what a SICK bunch of people. so sad.

      • opheliart permalink



        any trump congregant that attacks the wife of a candidate, putting her children at risk must be removed.

        REMOVE HIM. you have the power to do this. you now see his intent. now, see to his removal, or it will be your wife and your children … he and his cohorts will target and harass. what an EVIL growing in the minds of americans … ugh …

        I will leave these states if trump or hillary (have seen her dishonesty and treatment of victimized and abused female and child) … move into the seat of the president of US

        where is america’s future? have you ever seen such destruction of life in american cities and towns? schools, hospitals … churches … restaurants … the knifings and shootings, bombs … BURNINGS … looting, trashing, crashing and smashing cars … with students OF____ going into schools, libraries and … and killing as many people as possible. where is america headed and why?

        you children are not safe. who will see to their safety and protection?

  17. opheliart permalink

    in case you the reader … wondering … I did move to the opheliawearableart site … posting differently. but we just want to say a few things on the climate of today. before this current roman pontiff was sworn into office, we waited … afterward, we waited until he stated “the pope is an institution”. this gave us the go-ahead to witness in the manner you see. what we had hoped was for jorge to address the diseases in his institution. the former elected official, benedict, started to address the sexual abuse of children, but did not do nearly enough investigating and cleaning of house … we had hoped this current pope would take this on as a priority and STAY OUT OF POLITICS. he did the opposite of what we had hoped. his institution will be REMOVED. this much has been shown to me. the catholics had their chance. they chose idolatry and deception over Truth and a great need to MOVE in these times. they chose to stay seated in ignorance, denying the whitewashing of an institution unkept and filled with disease. and to have their spiritual-religious advisor, their god mentor, preach to them that Christ-followers and muhammad followers worship the same god is a lie. a very dangerous lie. you can choose your god … ‘christian’ can choose anything and still claim he is following Christ, but it does not mean he is a follower of Christ. a man says anything to cover his ills and to keep the abuses hidden. he will say anything and do anything, including welcoming in evil for power and control

    and the attacks commence and people—women and children—suffer and die … what has he brought upon the people?

    the roman catholic church will be removed as will … those organizations and institutions feeding children to the Beast. who might these be?

    • opheliart permalink

      take extreme caution in what you/nation/body align with, even for protection. it may betray you in far greater ways than you can ever imagine.

      • opheliart permalink

        I started a WEARABLE ART business a number of years ago … beginning with hand painted canvas shoes … branching out into other products like handbags and totes, brooches (handmade flowers from fabrics and …). I have been off and on exploring in this which often involves researching the products I paint. Sometimes my desire to get something “affordable” to experiment with overshadows the reality of the making of the product: where and how is is being made. and who-what is suffering from the making of it. I have been reading, sharing and researching long enough now to start making some bigger decisions about what I do business with. I thought it important to give everyone I can a little business from the guy in a shoe making factory in china who really needs the job to artists making their own shoes without using animal hides and such (as this is primarily my goal). it can become an expensive ordeal with sometimes disappointing results. unfortunately too many americans are not on board with animal-free products and love the less expensive. and remember, many cannot afford handmade, fair-trade, well-made, animal free … and other products of this niche, and… . places like amazon offer many styles and a lot of variety in terms of VEGAN … but are they really and truly vegan? are these products listed under vegan safe for people and the environment, including animals? trying to find information about materials used in most of the products is nearly impossibly unless you are in the field, part of the manufacturing. I am not. I would love to be able to make my own shoes and handbags/market bags but there is only so much I can do. I am a painter and a writer … not a jack of all trades in the arts and crafts.

        I will try to do better. I hope you will help me.

        I will be starting up another mini gallery on ETSY (my current is under opheliart where I have cleaned house and have listed some SPIRREALISM paintings and a few other items, such as the Ophelia Trilogy, Book One) …
        the Gallery will be called HUMMINGBIRD.SIPS as this is a theme I have engaged in through the art designs and the experiences I have with these small … incredibly durable… friends. the bee balm in full bloom in my gardens has gotten their attention this year, even before the nasturtium and morning glory (although I planted red again this year and added a humminbird swing 🙂 … hoping for more feeding. we have seen two so far. I understand they can be territorial so maybe two it will be 😉

  18. opheliart permalink

    fireworks in america …everywhere

    then colored balloons for party conventions …

    such excess … are any of the american lawmakers at all concerned about their uses for their party favorites?

    it is just mind boggling how some groups parade their environmental concerns, waving these over the heads of those they desire to make look stupid or indecent … and do nothing about their own excessive practices … in ALL areas

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