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June 29, 2016


good discussion started on this, and I haven’t even read the article 😀 …


Can you be religious without knowing it?


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  1. opheliart permalink

    Ben in Oakland Fast Eddie Theman • 17 hours ago
    Not what I am saying at all. That’s why the words used were appease OR please.

    Though the Catholic God is beyond pleasure–apart from watching people burn for eternity– you must confess your sins to the the god’s representative, and he will absolve you of your sins. Failure to do so, and then making the mistake of dying, will land you a spot on the Eternal Coleman.


    pleasurable reading. it made me laugh! and I CAN laugh because … there is no such thing as CATHOLIC HELL of ETERNAL FIRE. I do not worry that ben or betty will go down marlboro shoot to eternal destruction of smoke and fire. that place exists ONLY in the “reading” through the mind … via theologians and their ilk. religious god reps, if you will.

    this does not mean you should smoke a pack of marlboros every day or … e-cigs (you may blow up or smoke yourself to terminal death) … for WE are as ONE in the SPIRIT offer up ME (self in union with Truth) to be used for what is needed for the health and wellbeing of others. and addictions, emotional edicts and … cousin on self, elitism, arrogance … the litany of ills, those vices and voices that detract from Truth and lead to abuses … become as stumbling blocks that keep one from moving toward Spirit ID, worthy of use for this Work.

    • opheliart permalink

      you see, it’s not about us. not really. and is why SPIRIT is not the same as SPIRITUAL. a person can be free of religionist rites and be a spiritual person … feasting for his own melodrama. new agers are often adept at insulated feeding because they are really self-centered spiritualists: seeking not for PROPHESY: the EVolution of God and Man … but for self-realization and self- concentration and self-episcopal. it’s still religious in form (food thought).


      • opheliart permalink

        truth is … angels have limited Vision. they need one in but not of the flesh to “see” … but their HEARING is extant.

  2. opheliart permalink

    I was discerning last night and this morning on how to share the Truth about SPIRIT, good and evil. Mankind is not at a place yet WHERE he can ‘see’ let alone hear the Words of the Prophet.

    it started with an article I was wondering about. it’s intent, and how it procreates within its own borders. the GOD BUBBLE … is what we call it. lossky, a very serious spiritualist and a genius to many orthodox is a rare and superb example of theologian spiritualist circulating within tepid water on the topic of the GODHOOD. he measured much of his findings through religious indwelling. this is what JESUS and PAUL refer to as the burning … for a form of intercourse. marry if you burn in the flesh. heck, a man with no desires to have sex with any person can be burning in the flesh and marrying self to “something.” man does it all the time.
    but lossky, in his mystical religious place of marriage, did not release all that “knowledge” for UNDERSTANDING that he might engage his Spirit ID and meet Guardian Angel, or Recipient of {this}. he was highly inspired but did he ever really understand the Godhood, its MASCULINE AND FEMININE IN UNION as Truth>

    Prophesy is mobile, which means Man must move out of stronghold that carry so much weight in order to be of that …

    take nothing with you … of the TRUE apostolic carriage.

    why do we not embed in religious verse, using theological argle-bargle? I cannot bring this with ME to a place for unity in the Spirit. Spirit of the Living presses for NEW. mankind is distant.

    • opheliart permalink

      but I am shown that in order to help Mankind move I must join hands with certain religious to get the train on track. I am waiting for those to come forth who will be of this movement.

      • opheliart permalink

        this may surprise many but … the vatican will break from doctrine. yep. they seek new but we are always to be asking on the intent of any movement … and where it might head.

        in case you had not noticed, the vatican desires CREDIBILITY in a challenging world of commerce and economics. they desire to be seen as somehow worthy of business prospect for they have always been of politics and business. these may be spiritual but not understanding much on Truth 😉

        and is why spiritual reform is a bit of a joke. how does one reform spiritual? write more edicts? it has little to do with movement. what the vatican desires is a

        MESSENGER. their populist pope looks like a girl—boy … spiritually immature … and he is. even as a mystic, which he is and … we would like to use him for something else: his greater calling, a much needed appointment … and not this sugar-coated pop star. this makes the vatican/the RCC look hypocritical and deceptive and denying their greater infections, esp those horrendous abuses. with the investigations just beginning, how will they get around this big, fat barge? elfin theirhatsandhabits;)


  3. opheliart permalink

    the orthodox are children, too … pretending to follow pope francis, as he calls himself, but he is NOT and never will be their leader. it’s parliamentary to pretend ecumenism … to rah-rah for the photographers and the press but anyone watching the hypocrisy knows its illegitimate feed. the orthodox better take care because they are clearly misusing their chances to look credible, but hey … I was in the thick of it long enough to know that the GREEK ORTHODOX do not want to look like roman catholicism. I was asked to write a newcomer’s packet for a cathedral and I dug deep enough for or … to give some elevation to the words these religious use … and there was a definite distancing from anything that resembled roman catholic practices and rituals. this did not surprise me.

    although both rely heavily on ritual … if you delve into the early phase of each “church” you become aware of very severe differences. for the orthodox to succumb to the charms of whitewashing is a danger to growth. this is what we speak of when we speak of movement … that head.

    I would not want to be in the shoes of those bishops in about … hmm … 3 or 4 months. so … the orthodox better get their affairs in order.

    • opheliart permalink

      people want to give pope francis credit for just about everything from peeing straight to revelation.

      he is a political puppet pretending to be “god” … and he looks like a parrot caught in a mouse trap. look at what he is devising and you will see the theft, and the orchestration to appear wise. sometimes, we wait for the hebrew to wake … the orthodox to wake … the catholic to wake … the nonbeliever to wake …

      and see the parroting.

      • opheliart permalink

        and I am often frustrated at how naive and “starving” people really are. I say, wow, what has religion and politics done to the people that they are so … willing to praise a man fully able to in his position address an immense disease (to address just one) the SEXUAL ABUSE OF CHILDREN by staff, clergy and superiors … but he does not. he skirts the issue at every chance. he PRETENDS to care. the barge is so damn big the pope can’t budge it so he sits on top waving his popish hands pretending at concern and life sustaining practices.

        you journalists praising this pontiff, and those others, shame on you for your denial!

        and orthodox, you take your life in your hands. don’t believe ME … ignore the warnings and watch what happens. you have not been paying attention to the bigger picture, religionists. when did you start being attacked … recently … by evil politicalreligious? trace the steps of a man sitting atop a pig’s sty painting white and you will begin to understand what you drag around your necks.

        I am supremely surprised no one has picked up on this yet. good grief. you all had and have a CHOICE as believers and why in GOD’s Name do you bow to the tethering golden calf? it’s about to fall and your pretty little necks …

        hmm, it will destroy you … have you not witnessed the signs?

  4. opheliart permalink

    EGYPT08.22.13 4:45 AM ET
    The Muslim Brotherhood’s War on Coptic Christians
    Brutal murders, looting and burning, Facebook rumors. Egypt’s Islamist party is leading a campaign of deadly lies against the country’s Christian minority as the world watches.
    The Muslim Brotherhood is showing the world its true colors.
    The group that “renounced violence” in an effort to gain political power is engaged in a full-scale campaign of terror against Egypt’s Christian minority. Brotherhood leaders have incited their followers to attack Christian homes, shops, schools and churches throughout the country. Samuel Tadros, an Egyptian scholar with the Hudson Institute, told me these attacks are the worst violence against the Coptic Church since the 14th century.
    The news coming out of Egypt is staggering. USA Today reports that “forty churches have been looted and torched, while 23 others have been attacked and heavily damaged” in one week. According to the Coptic Orthodox and Catholic churches in Egypt, 160 Christian-owned buildings have also been attacked.


    follow the trail of grandstanding in the political-religious seat and you will see the blood stains on the carpeting.

      • opheliart permalink

        what do your patriarchs AND politicians bring upon the people?

        in theft, dishonesty and denial … where is your protection?

        if the pontiff and its institutional heads refuse to PROTECT THE SMALLEST AND THE MOST VULNERABLE, such as children in schools and parishes … why would anyone think a man used as a political puppet, for the most part, DENYING ABUSES and the great NEED TO DO WAR ON THESE … would be able to protect YOU and your people?

        huh, people live primarily in an UNKNOWING state.

        and this goes for ALL bowing and praising these charades of denial.

  5. opheliart permalink

    SPIRIT OF THE LIVING cannot help you if you are paying into and supporting lies, seduction … disease—KNOWINGLY … and there is enough info out for people now to know … with books, movies, social media … and some news … there is NO EXCUSE for YOU to continue supporting these crimes and these criminals.

    • opheliart permalink

      and it’s not just sex abuse of children we speak about … it is what we have been saying for years! do business with businessmen and leaders supporting sharia law, for instance, the muslim brotherhood, the PATRIARCHAL DYNASTIES OF THE WORLD … unjust beliefs and practices that place heavy burdens on the people and use, abuse the weaker … the vulnerable … and force militancy while denying the harm and denying the injustice, the beatings and rapes and … the list is long and …

      US leaders, what have you brought on the people of america? what unjust religions and religious and institutions do you praise and give billions and billions to KNOWING these nations and these leaders and these businesses and religious institutions are deniers and abusers and breeding INJUSTICE …

      • opheliart permalink

        we warned … you do not take care of your youth you will lose your youth … so

        what do you see? religious, orthodox … continue to remain silent on these abuses and these injustices and continue to turn and look the other way and continue to bow to the golden calf … and you will lose … as SPIRIT OF THE LIVING IS NOT FOUND IN CRACKED VESSELS.

        greek ocs, you have a RESPONSIBILITY here. if the rest of religiondom is sucking on catholic sugar “pops” … that artificial drink … all the while KNOWING the sexual abuse of children in their halls is not being addressed in the RIGHT manner … and this is just one clear directive coming from THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY … and you remain silent, you destroy your own chance at what?

        you make the choice to marry self to those beds of religion and title so … as a BODY of believers you are being held together (like a string of fish) being called to act and if you cannot act while strapped to the side of a patriarch’s leg then you better do something about it because LORD IS LOOKING YOUR WAY IN THIS DAY and if LORD DOES NOT KNOW YOU …

        what say you?

  6. opheliart permalink

    GOD does bring good from the wreckage … so if your brother mystic is being misled, causing injury and harm … would it not be of your “liking” to say something—act? in doing so, to stop the harm, and to bring you out of that well, are you not receiving the Prophet’s share?

  7. opheliart permalink

    the author asks: what’s the point.

    well, in the case of priests, pastors, psychologists and psychiatrists … doctors, lawyers and popes … patriarchs, bishops sand those with influence in the halls of …

    justice? trust? tax exempt status? free rides in the president’s hot wheels? seriously, where will THE INSTITUTION BE in 3-4 months? we are of course referring to those involved in these child abuses. yes, you read it right: CHILD ABUSES!

    priests on up drug the child and use him/her for his self-serving. and their institution does what? and for how long?

    this is just one very serious epidemic and the governments are filled with cARE-LESS… fornicating … unwell and solicitous ingrates.

    • opheliart permalink

      so … in order to continue protecting THEIR INTERESTS they will turn on and turn in their handymen: their RELIGIOUS. while the high-towered religious will blame the priests, or try to … saying, they should have known. they are the ones cultivating this dangerous environment … they are the guilty party.

      hey, just gets the kids into safer pastures. the rest of you receive what you have supported and paid into.

  8. opheliart permalink

    do presidents and their administrations have you mired in deals and deaths … against your conscience? as a believer in the CHRIST, are you to even be investing time and money on deals with unjust rulers? rulers who treat citizens unequally and with disdain … so why should it care about being honest and just with you? or …
    one might ask, what type of justice does iran desire for america? it would be of sense and reason to look to its leadership—-its head. its “god”. what teaches it its form of justice. its prophet? which prophet … and was he a war lord, capable of the worst crimes …

    including abuses on girls?

    people can be brought up into a stronghold against their will. as children they do not know any better. their families, having been born and raised into this same culture, continue its strain … bow to the prophet of …
    but an american citizen given a choice? what makes an american citizen bow to a murderer and a rapist? and ask that no one slander him?

    where is obama and his troops leading the american nation? and why?

    • opheliart permalink

      is obama acting out of fear or … a desire for credibility?

      • opheliart permalink

        obama has gone out of his way to favor the muslim. the clockmaker kid who then moved to qatar (after his parents threatened a law suit) … is just one small example, but think, folks …
        how many other CHILDREN are abused in schools-churches and daily … women assaulted and harassed and have we heard much from obama or his administration on cases—individual cases involving these?

        take bill clinton’s awful acts with women. the ones his wife made sure got silenced.

        and you trust these people? pay into and support these people? you have a president who really looks ready to turn over the entire nation to a prophet of lies. and you trust him? who will be your nemesis then? atheists, who will you bash and criticize if you are not allowed to slander the prophet of islam? your “good” politician is selling YOU to caliphate destination and you sit there accusing the christian?

        lol! how desperately ironic. of course there are numbskull christians. look at the RCC in all its force and servitude. talk about fiction … big, tall tales, but force is force and has been for centuries as you should KNOW by now. as you continue to praise and support obama’s dream of muslim ID … and it is becoming increasingly clear that he has not a clue on the Christ (like many raised in adjunct religious sects) … and so he looks to a god rising up in the world: islam. huh, and you as a nonbeliever in these assaults and insults agree to its sentencing? for you, your wife, your sister, your daughter and neighbor? wow, just wow. no vision. no clarity … no sense and reason as you support this power-mongering and fascist industry. if islam wipes you off the face of the Earth, you did it to yourselves … but … in a rising economy of people who are like PEASANTS in and for the RCC (often begrudgingly, angrily) … HISTORY REPEATS. man returns to the day of his forefather … he is a pawn in the game of THRONES. you are just the little people used, misled, abused … denied … enslaved to an industry of church and state wedded for convenience sake, and power. do you now see it?

        there is a passage in REVELATION … 13.11 … it speaks of another beast rising up. would this not be GOVERNMENT in all its “religious” finery?

        PROPHESY, my friends … if you understand the Language of the Spirit tells you what is …

        I do not fear this, or that other. Truth is the more powerful. where are you?

  9. opheliart permalink

    so zuckerberg is becoming another vatican? keeping all “his” beauty and destiny encased within his property? hmm … how very interesting.

    on the matter of buffering. I have been dealing with this for years. an architect in town stopped by my house on sunday as I was using my reel mower to tell me how beautiful the place was looking (a lot of hard work—a lot of moving plants and shrubs around) … and I told him I do it for several reasons: a small sanctuary for birds and bees and some wildlife, good exercise for me and helps keep me in tune with those things growing and feeding OUTSIDE and … I have created a buffer from the road traffic. the traffic noise is really awful at times so I have created buffer beds at certain spots to help in this. most of the shrubs I keep pruned to no higher than six feet.

    maybe zuckergerg could go out and start putting in beds of flowering shrubs and plants and keep them at a reasonable height. that way air could still flow through naturally and wildlife can still move freely and …

  10. opheliart permalink

    ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — The Latest on attack on Istanbul airport (all times local):

    1:55 p.m.

    A senior Turkish official says the three suicide attackers who carried out the deadly attack on Istanbul’s main airport were nationals of Russia, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.

  11. opheliart permalink

    was listening to this author/prof being interviewed on a local radio station while heading to the market. when I returned home I looked him up and found the above interview.

    there are many thoughts on what he shares. can you determine these by researching in detail the scene described in the interview. I did not have time to listen to the entire interview. but do ask what was also BORN of these congregating places. prostitution? misuse of women? unwanted children? sex trafficking? drugs? spread of sexually transmitted disease?

    does not matter what color you are or desire to be or who-what you prefer to engage in sex … there are consequences for every act you make. the question is and will always be: what is the consequences of your acts? every step you take toward something-anything—-what footprint where and how do you leave … for those after?

    this is exactly what we are trying to define in the abuse of the environment and how we treat the UNIVERSE with ALL OF ITS INHABITANTS. are we a nation/planet of people bent solely on saving/serving self at any cost? are we born of poor parenting?

    this is not to point the finger at these interracial communities to make judgement or to point a finger at white american europeans and make judgement. if there are concerns … and in this day we have enough info to know better—yes? … do we deny these concerns to pander for politics? votes? lying to the people? denying people critical information? these concerns are spread all over the place—across divides … as not only one person or group is responsible for the death of innocence and goodness.

    think about where you stand … or sit. and how HONEST you are about THE FACTS.

  12. opheliart permalink

    plucked the following out of commentary at RNS

    “America’s political system is broken.”

    read/heard this many times from both obese political camps leading up to this great state of anger and confusion (of the people). it was one side’s mantra for a while.

    I asked then and still wonder why this has not been addressed: if democrats say america’s political system is broken, and dems have had “democrat” obama seated as president, and bow to this party agenda … what has it been, eight years now? and some? … why continue to feed this same growling beast?

    😀 … either camp.

    this is puzzling to say the least and … there are a lot of smart people in the business of writing political and religious commentary. why do they try to squeeze water from a wound? if the wound is infected you are likely to get something rather nasty.

    an organic type was being interviewed on the topic of wanting green grass during a summer drought. she said, GRASS IS A COOL WEATHER CROP, to try to water it green during a hot, dry summer is an abomination. 😉 …so I add to her expertise:

    the green will return when the weather is right.

  13. opheliart permalink


    like we have been saying for quite some time … “friend or foe”

    was obama misled, desiring credibility … misused by his party affiliates? who is his prophet now?

    this is NOT healthy, america! and the number of people supporting obi’s iran deal has been… alarming, to say the least. iran cannot be trusted under this leadership! we said it over and over and over, questioning the HONESTY and intent of unjust elders and its leadership.

    give them billions for … what?

    to refurbish their armies. when will america learn? did obi think he could ‘tame’ the religion of political demand? through his favoritism and evasion of truth … fact … sense? he shut down all conversation on the deal with iran and … iran leaders of extreme and unjust mentality know the people are now beginning to feel the distancing. well?

    make a man your god and he will turn his face to the wall and pray for your demise?

    really now …

  14. opheliart permalink

    eating peanuts but not peanut butter

    I wanted to make this a title for the next SPIR post but I have been having trouble with this old computer. I could not get into the wordpress but here I am posting a comment? (?). as a matter of fact … in order for me to move with the movement, some things are gonna have to change. the art must move, the writing must move and I must move. it is what it is.

    now about those nuts …

    I can eat peanuts (any nuts) just fine but I can’t eat peanut butter. as a child I ate peanut butter and had no problems but about ten or so years ago things changed. Gracie and I shared a small packet of organic sunflower seed butter a bit ago and I am awaiting the results. so far, I don’t have stomach cramps or a headache … but I feel all yucky in my throat. nut butter is not for me. and I finally googled the peanut thing and read a very brief article by FOOD AND WINE about peanuts being good for you but not peanut butter (scientific results through case studies on people). so … I am in good company it seems … in my choosing. now what I would like to do is spice up those nuts. I like Indian and Asian and other spices but I do not want to pay the high price for these health snacks. ahhh … why not do it myself? I usually do … why spend 7-8 dollars at a juice bar (if you do not plan to sit and converse, hang out and … ) … when you can make your own? and in the summer I can get kale for 1.50 a bunch and am discovering I prefer it not just in the veggie-fruit drinks but also in salad, with red onion in a lemon extra virgin olive oil dressing.

    religion. assimilation of muslims … is where this is headed (don’t get lost). come on, let’s be honest about all of this xenophobic argle-bargle, shall we? let’s not make up tall tales to make one side look really bad and the other a hero. let’s be real. please.

    obama, TIME for you and your HYPO-critters to take a hike … preferably a very long one UP a tall mountain. what you want for the muslim is for them to become just like you: tame, trained and well-educated (as thomas frank would say) and well-heeled on that catwalk of FLAT GRID MENTALITY (as we would say). so you make big stinks all over the place to make you and yours look like heroes but … you are seriously misaligned and misinformed, sir.

    your baiting missed the mark. you will fall.

    as anyone living in america for any length of time knows (say forty or fifty years)… islam and muslim are not necessary of the same ilk … just as catholic and roman catholicism are not necessarily of the same ‘presence’.

    stay with us …


    we have organic peanut butter in jars in our house … just dry roasted peanuts and salt … but I cannot eat it–so?)

    • opheliart permalink

      this extremist has a different set of rules … no, wait … the same set of rules; he just propagates differently from standard islamic doctrine. instead of the martyr complex where to KILL and BE KILLED by “the enemy” in the name of his prophet (religion) to be rewarded in all kinds of seriously selfish and melodramatic ways, he advocates (threatening) the ” we can kill your guy but you cannot kill ours!” sadly, the guy killed in this terrorist act was just a little one, innocent as a dove, along with other innocents … and big macho leader over there is arguing that his way is supreme? wow, what a rotten coward for starters. he is just strutting his stuff … and people are lured in by this?

      anyhow, to get back to the nuts of this sharing …

      the common folk … the “little” people … your average citizen … in america … is not all that interested in caliphate destination. whether they identify as muslim, catholic, catholic-muslim (like obi and pope) or numerous other … caliphate heaven is not their ideal. so to promote any RELIGION/PROPHET-pope through antagonizing methods is dangerous for ALL people and … to misunderstand the war cry of mission mentality is … dangerous for ALL people. you don’t play with fire-eating dragons, even for self-serving credibility … and/or votes. you do not use the “little” people to prop up your agenda on that staggering podium. it’s already so heavy pcs are falling and injuring … the “little” people trying to get some air.


      • opheliart permalink

        I believe this was written over a year ago (check the date)

        what has changed? sadly, religious news and liberal left continue to pretend the islamist is not to be questioned. it’s anti-ISLAM to question the islamist about his religion and esp his prophet. seriously? daily I see articles with muslims trying to convince people that they are decent, not terrorists … and COMPLAINING about people harassing them, and suing some business for not allowing them their headdress or beard (even after having committed a crime-an OFFENSE against society … and sit in prison … and find islam a convenient excuse or money-maker).

        trolls will be trolls. these hide behind names/agendas. many are not even real in terms of what they write. their desire is to make ‘some group’ look bad, so they paint a early ugly picture as they make up stuff. can you take these seriously? do you count them as real harassment to get attention FOR YOUR RELIGIOUS—YOUR MISSION, sympathy, much $ from homeland security … ?

        look at the abuses in the world. what religious currently house the highest record of human rights offenses? and we are to respect islam? not question the FASTEST RISING RELIGION in the world?

        huh, I want to laugh … truly, it’s somewhat absurd for muslims to be strutting along, claiming they live in fear … (in america?) … complaining about nasty tweets and receiving unkind comments about attire (how many of you women have endured a lifetime of offensive comments from men for just being FEMALE … in america alone… raise your hand. gee, I can’t count that high). and as a female I am to respect islam, islam’s prophet and the FASTEST rising religious hell bent on selling their PATRIARCHAL SYSTEM OF BELIEF AND PRACTICE in a nation that is FINALLY beginning to gain some understanding on the offense and discrimination and IGNORANCE and INEQUALITY and INJUSTICE of this mindset?

        you have to be either willfully ignoring reality or you haven’t a clue on what this means.

        now … about those nuts. could it be that somewhere between the making of the butter and the boxing and putting it on the shelf for a long time … something occurs that changes the fruit to make it much less digestible? possibly even toxic to some?

  15. opheliart permalink

    added: results on the nut dilemma

    I ground fresh with nothing added … ate it very soon after and found … I can eat ground nut, but not packed, stored … shelved nut butter.

    now that’s saying something about religious squalling 😉

  16. opheliart permalink

    we are not to judge the women … but we can question their attire (as well as the men but remember, it is and has always been a MAN’s WORLD) …

    • opheliart permalink

      you see, WE are not hand-cuffed to a man’s suit case. we are not handcuffed to men … we are not in need of posing naked or exposing sexuality for the purpose of enticing men, or women, into these affairs. modeling clothes that people might see what new styles look like on bodies is one thing … threatening women and men with body poses that we find offensive to gender is quite another. great implants and the like teach the youth that breast is an object of desire for something other than its useful purpose of nurturing baby. growing child. we have no use for abusive images that demean the gifts of the labor.

      as female, we are not to allow ourselves to become TROPHIES for any dynasty …not duck, truck, or buck.

      so there …

      what do you choose?

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