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if this does not raise brows …

June 26, 2016



for those voting hillary camp … of that democratic dream then


we are very concerned for your state of wellbeing.


but it’s not just mrs. bill clinton … it’s ALL the policy makers making whoopee behind the scenes where the american people are suffering under such tutelage of …


dishonesty and BIG BOY establishment.


and please listen up, this is not an endorsement of the donald of trumpism. it’s a warning for our youth: DON’T GO THERE, PLEASE! and I am sorry bernie and elizabeth are succumbing to the brand of liberalism that are in denial of these bad habits.


get out before you lose your conscience … for all eternity.


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    • opheliart permalink

      we happened to notice that rNS did not add a recent “snub” to their bro-pope articles. and there are numerous other articles missing from rNS’s bro-pope repertory. clearly they have an agreement with the BIG establishment called roman curia to “give the pope a chance”

      yes? don’t post anything that questions the pope’s authority? they fool NO ONE, and certainly not the SON of the Living God, which the vatican and its curia are not. why? one very important word: CRUSADES.

      Son of the Living never advocates for institutional malaise and fakes witnessing.

      isn’t that right pontiffs?

      BREAK from these patriarchs and get moving, people. you will know nothing but head—ache sorrow and illness, not to mention enslavement if you continue to bow to these institutional headships. pope does not full ME ;)… it’s old skin trying to look … holy, humble and caring. not.

      I AM the way, the TRUTH and the LIFE … NO ONE COMES to the father except through ME>

      • opheliart permalink

        orthodox, wake up and smell the weeds. you are being watched and should you be in denial, what do you think will happen?

        these patriarchs grandstand for their own celibates. their own influential seats in the economies of the world. they desire POWER and obedience. look at them in their robes and fancy gear trying to appear “important” … GODLY and … worthy. but what are they really?

        whores for their ignorance.

    • opheliart permalink–business.html?ref=gs

      you mean like not pandering for appearances and doing business with unhealthy businessmen? with selfish intent?

      instead getting down to the real problems and concerns of the nation? the abuses, perhaps… might this be a very big concern?

      world power operated by EU dogma is not the most attractive plate.

  1. opheliart permalink

    orthodox of a more civil and truthful assembly, are you really falling for these histrionics? let it be their mug shots … for they will be imprisoned … and those in league with these whore-baiters will be in the dark. YOU ARE BEING WATCHED FOR HONESTY? and? where are you on the CHURCH OF THE LIVING?

  2. opheliart permalink

  3. opheliart permalink

    a commenter posts:

    Studio 74 2466 E Lancaster Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76103 BAD part of town.
    Marshall Grain Feed Store – 2224 E. Lancaster Ave
    The owners of Marshall Grain Co. are closing the original feed and garden store on East Lancaster Avenue at the end of June after 70 years in Fort Worth.
    Joyce and Jim Connelley, who bought the business 11 years ago, cited sinking sales at the location, 2224 E. Lancaster Ave., for the closure.
    The Connelleys said business has suffered over the past five years because of problems in the surrounding neighborhood east of downtown, which they say has been in decline for years, even before they bought the business.
    Operating within a mile of two homeless shelters, with nearby panhandlers, prostitutes and drug addicts on East Lancaster, has taken a toll, they said. Discounting merchandise and reducing overhead were not enough to stem the tide.
    “We do have some very loyal customers,” Joyce Connelley said. “It was not an easy decision to come to. We spent years trying to avoid it. Our store is regularly broken into and shoplifted by the neighborhood’s homeless population. It’s a shame.”

    —-this is true of so many neighborhoods. one by one they fall prey to drugs, crime … trafficking, prostitution … and obama has done what … where?

    maybe the dems should foreclose and let another take office who will be pro active on the decline of AMERICAN VALUES … OR maybe, maybe america should rethink what makes up american values because clearly what many are feeding on and how government is operating the ship is NOT working. pandering doesn’t resolve the problems. isn’t that right, mrs bill clinton at the gay pride parade in new york. how very pround you must be of yourself … and all your …………

    • opheliart permalink

      carrying a lotta weight sinks the ship, baby … and does nothing for the rudder.

  4. opheliart permalink

    I read the following early this morning and sit here with many questions. first question, what really happened and where in all of this is proper security … for either side, or … should protesters be advised that they protest at their own risk? should the american tax payer continually pay for the gripes and groans and yipes and stripes of others—again and again and again? gay pride protests and parading, for instance … how much longer in gay america ( ;0 ) are we to pay public servants to assist in this activism, and for what? if they have a gripe with argentina … go to argentina where one EXPERIENCES the reality of discrimination … oh, wait … that would be a bit more difficult and expensive, wouldn’t it …

    and this TRADITIONAL WORKERS group—what is it? would it have been so hard to provide some info about this?


    some comments (one right after the other … not cherry picked)

    J C9 minutes ago
    Freedom of speech does not only extend to liberals and democrats.
    I am NOT a supporter of ANY supremacist group, and this includes any that think this world is a no-borders, gay or straight, spiritual or non-spiritual, political or non-political, white anti-white, black or anti-white.
    America better start getting on the same page if we are to survive as a nation. It sure appears that our so called leaders continue to bait then switch what they are saying only to pit us against one another. We the People, each of us, needs to do our own reaching out without government intervention to bridge our problems.
    caitlyn6 minutes ago
    Oh Brother. Everyone knows what the #$%$ is. So I ask, why show up to a rally when you know what those people do and are capable of? Hoping to make the news? Cause a riot? I don’t agree with anything BLM represents and you wouldn’t find me within a hundred feet of one of their rallies. Now if the #$%$ was trying to block a funeral like say, the Westboro Baptist Church, I get it. I would show up to any of their BS events because all they try to do is protest funerals. It’s disrespectful to the families trying to mourn. But hate groups exist, so just let their racist @sses stand around and talk at each other. If you think protesting a group that has been around for as long as they have is going to disband them, you’re sadly mistaken. I find BLM no better than the #$%$. They have gotten just as violent and extreme. Again, I find no reason to give them the time of day. This is the ‘look at me’ generation and I’m honestly trying to understand how everyone has so much free time to protest everything that offends them.
    Mike D
    Mike D2 hours ago
    A fair amount of information on the people that scheduled and permitted the event.. zero information, except ‘counter protestors’ as the ones crashing the event with clubs.
    This is the Associated Press with access all the way to the White House and cannot identify the ‘counter’s”?
    This happened on Ca State grounds and there is no identity to the ‘counters’?
    ” Law enforcement was aware of the counter-protest effort and police deployed more than 100 officers to the Capitol” … and yet no arrests?
    What happened to enforcement of the law within California’s borders? Are we to believe any altercation in a political event is no longer governed by law? California should be ashamed of itself. possibly an impossible task, but just the same…
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    The Brat Prince
    The Brat Prince3 hours ago
    free speech is free speech even if you don’t like what one has to say. why is it a. this group had to get a permit for their gathering but protesters can just show up with no authorization? b. why were the police not better prepared? c. why is one one group more ok to display intolerance and violence than another? they used to say sticks and stones..
    Show Replies (8)Reply610
    Mandy2 hours ago
    Except the “extremists” in this confrontation WERE the protesters, Yahoo. Whether you agree with their POV or not, LIKE it or not (and no, I don’t), the group holding the event went through the proper legal channels. They applied for and received a permit. They had the legal and Constitutional right to hold their event and rally goers had the right to attend it but, as usual, it’s “tolerant” hypocrites denying others their rights to freedom of speech and assembly. Freedom of speech, sure, but only if you agree with them.
    Show Replies (1)Reply493
    Future View
    Future View3 hours ago
    Obnoxious white guys holding a legal pre-approved rally get beat up by a large violent minority crowd wearing masks to hide their identity. The violent minorities say they have a right to beat up people that speak against them.
    Both sides display the worst of America. Six stabbings with no arrests. The police have just given up. We are at at the tipping point.
    Show Replies (4)Reply631
    Peter B
    Peter B58 minutes ago
    So let me get this right, if you are white you cannot protest legally, but if you represent BLM, or the Black Panthers( and packing!), that’s OK??!
    Rediculous to think that the president has done his job, and has left a mess for the next president……our country has forever regressed into a third world nation…….please remember that when you vote for the next president.
    We now have illegal immigrants(we should figure that mess out), terrorist groups within our boarders, double our debt in 8 years, loss of many many jobs, lower level education( way behind the rest of the world), have strengthened our enemies with weapons and money, and do you feel SAFEER than you did 8 years ago? We have LOST America forever!
    Show Replies (4)Reply363
    Algorithm9992 hours ago
    My kids are white because I intentionally mated with a white person like me. Will I too get stabbed someday because of this?
    Show Replies (2)Reply210
    Algorithm9993 hours ago
    Say what they will, but stabbing them for it is an old world apeism.
    Show Replies (2)Reply200
    B42 minutes ago
    PROPAGANDA: NOT NEWS AND CERTAINLY NOT JOURNALISM. Since when is the “Southern Poverty Law Center” allowed to define what another group stands for? The “counter protesters carrying stick” that “rushed into the area” should all be charged as the criminals that they are. Without their illegal actions, the original protest would most likely have ended non eventfully and with little notice except what the biased media gave them.

    • opheliart permalink

      and do YOU blame the american CITIZEN for being angry at the “law” of the nation? or should we ask, do you blame the american CITIZEN for QUESTIONING the BEHAVIOR of the current admin?

      fascism is the only coherent word we can use in this current state of affairs and the democratic state is reaping this fame. call it what it is.

      how is the democratic-LIBERAL-institutions of america parenting the youth … on the manner in this Day? what has the clinton and obama administration, and even the bush admin taught america about itself … about its brother? 8 years and is america any better at addressing racism and prejudice or has the liberalists honed their hoarding to a new and sleek practice?

      hmm … do you know of what we speak or are YOU in the dark?

  5. opheliart permalink

    the obama admin—many of these followers—are race baiters. the democratic LIBERALIST Party is the one doing the race-baiting. it even has its roots in anti-Semitic-propalestine initiative, while disguising itself as “helping the destitute, the undermined and the poor”

    oh? show me the big heads and the big money … and where this leads and I will show you your mirror, liberalists! what drugs and traffic-king are you into?

  6. opheliart permalink

    so the dems throw their wee tantrum —they sit down because their GUN CONTROL initiatives won’t move. well, gee, dems, why? could it be that you are not willing to get to the ROOT of the problems? you sit down … huh, haven’t you been sitting on your butts for far too long? TAKE UP YOUR MATT AND …

    really now. didn’t we say those on MILITANT METAL will just use knives … or bombs … if they can’t get guns? or sticks and hey, what about them stones! stoning people …

    but the democrats have no issues with doing business with those who stone people. WOMEN …CHILDREN … WIVES …

    the hypocrisy oozes from those moral standards like the cracked vessels…

  7. opheliart permalink

    this matt paints himself gOD. thinking all really should—if they only could—agree to align with his THEOLOGY … his IDEALS. lol … the fascist (CATHOLICK) mentality. does he once address his own inner hypocrisy? does he once recognize that not all are in bondage to HIS theocracy? ha-ha! he thinks his doctrine is without disease. wow, just wow! he admits there were/are obstacles not ALLOWING HIS DOCTRINE to fulfill his dreams of his liberal utopia.

    okay, let’s open the door to glimpse just one of his ideals:

    voting for corrupt, dishonest …. liberals … liars, deceivers, child abusers and wife-beaters. oh, these don’t exist? how about … sexual liberation matt style? let every person do it any way he likes anywhere with anyone … and DRUGS will solve all those rising consequences of all that anything goes sex. what? I am not being fair? the author never mentioned these? gee, I wonder why … 😉 oh and how about the destruction of another’s reputation liberal style? full of LIBERAL FREEDOMS (but ONLY liberal freedom of speech, others are not allowed this same). a person disagrees with the liberal and he is damned for life …

    sounds very PATRIARCHAL to me AND … very ideological in a world of secularist values, whether these values are HEALTHY for the people or not. matt chooses what is “good and right and just”, and when others disagree because THEY ARE DIFFERENT FROM HIM … they are …

    somehow racist and … labeled something entirely derogatory?

    do the liberals in their gOD HIGH-TECH, WELL-HEELED UTOPIAN MIND MELD understand that they, too, are fucking up the universe in all their ideas and trading and business deals and money-making ventures?

    damn, dude, stay home and grow a farm, FOR GOD’s SAKE and PLEASE, FOREGO THE PESTICIDES

    and hey, are any of your liberal laciest responsible for the numerous deaths opioid style? a drug for every ache and pain that even fifteen year olds getting their wisdom teeth out are given pain killers and … many end up on a road to EXTREME peril

    you want to talk extremists, hypocrite, look at your OWN professionals and their careless ways!

    “Liberals also forgot that successful liberal societies require more than the formal institutions of democracy. They also depend on a broad and deep commitment to the underlying values of a liberal society, most notably tolerance.”

    matt, why should I be asked or expected to tolerate any form of adverse patriarchy? islam, roman catholicism and many other religious/political hierarchies, including liberalism? what? you think the liberal not patriarchal? look, and listen … do you hear yourself speak?

    • opheliart permalink

      the liberal says: I am allowed to destroy the environment, the youth … the world because … my job is more important than yours. boy would I love to see the tracks in the sand on these misers. those footprints would be more than telling.

  8. opheliart permalink

    allow me to share on the word “fuck”, for just a moment. first, it’s not a word I use in my everyday, but it is a word I use to make a point. when speaking about someone having sex with another, I do not use it. it sounds crass and outdated (and frankly, I have never been a fan of that word because when I was growing up it was often used against women. statements like, hey, man, did you fuck her? did you get a piece? … coming from guys … is always, always putrid, in mho.
    but if using it to describe ABUSE to the environment then yes, it works. it fits the BILL.

    • opheliart permalink

      oh, wait … am I making up my own rules? am I destroying the reputations of others by thinking it crass to use it against women? am I setting up a religion to serve my own agenda?


  9. opheliart permalink–finance.html?ref=gs

    if YOU want to destroy yourself with choices that are showing dangerous outcomes … that is YOUR doing but PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE think about what it might be doing to those around you …
    should family, loved ones and neighbor and the the ENVIRONMENT/WILDLIFE be HARMED by YOUR choices.

    example: smoking pot … you get high and do things you wouldn’t normally do like …

    vets are seeing a rise in visits from pets suffering from their owners choice of drugs. and children? do we even need to go there?

    • opheliart permalink

      atheists talk about sky fairies and the delusional believer but what are HIS choices? he blames religion for the terrorism but what is hidden in his feeding/drinking/drug habits

      is terrorism?

  10. opheliart permalink

    as we were saying .. doing business with dishonest businessmen, men that cannot be trusted … men using the poor … abusive leadership and what do you find the EU a part of?

    and people complain about those not trusting this establishment? these creeds and codes—these deals?

    I still hear them at it, accusing those wanting to distance themselves from the EU … but why accuse the people for not trusting this establishment and all those forcing mandates? if something stinks, man, why force their noses in it. forcing people to adhere to your laws … your creeds and codes, and forcing people into a gutter is not wise leadership. you cannot call people names for not trusting your own vagrant ideals.

    • opheliart permalink

      and is why the vatican through its roman catholic church will be removed inch by inch, beginning with the pope and the influence and POWER the bishops have in places where people DO NOT TRUST heavy weights that take more than they give AND … have shown themselves not trustworthy.

      • opheliart permalink

        seriously, who trusts bishops and higher ups that have LIED (and denied) clergy/staff child sex abuse? who in their RIGHT mind trusts men and women who have covered up these HORRENDOUS CRIMES … to protect institution and title?

        I am still struggling to understand how anyone—ANYONE!—can continue following this sect KNOWING WHAT WE NOW KNOW! we are talking CENTURIES of abuse …

        like people feeding on cancer-causing aspartame, they are self-destructive with the only difference being they risk the lives of women and children …

        and deny the WORDS OF THE LIVING GOD: depart from ME you of lawlessness! I never knew you!

        how can Spirit of the Living God be of this obscenity? this illness? they live a lie fed to them by …

        false prophets?

        and “the church” (not) can make all the apologies it wants but this means nothing unless the CRIMES (all those crimes including the TERRORIZING AND MURDER AND TORTURE OF COUNTLESS PEOPLE) are … recognized by what? the GOVERNMENTS …

        why … why must the governments recognize these crimes as lawlessness and diseased? why must governments acknowledge these participants as having committed acts of murder and indecency? for wellness, folks. governments MUST do all in its “power” to keep these from happening again, which requires governments to do what? well, first, do not do business with dishonest murderers, denierss and abusers and … thieves, which means the government must not be of this same behavior. and … INVESTIGATE-INVESTIGATE-INVESTIGATE … to get to the truth of ALL of these crimes.

        the roman catholic church and those like it will be seen for what it is … and should they refuse to acknowledge their diseased mentality and deceptive practices they will be denied any property. it’s coming, folks. you think the pope is sincere in his grandstanding. he is a fraud. a faker for public approval and those paying into and supporting this will be lumped in with this grave offense because every article denying FAMILIES with children HONEST INFO about the DANGERS of these PATRIARCHAL INSTITUTIONS, and those abusive to women and children WILL BE seen as aiding these criminals.

        rNS, for example, refusing very important info for people will be viewed as having aided and supported these crimes. think us wrong? huh … watch it happen. so where are you? getting paid for misinformation and denial of critical info is really bad ethics and poor parenting. we can only warn.

        HISTORY REPEATS maybe not exactly the same but … it repeats so … where in history have we seen this before? religious news will most certainly go down in history as aiding and assisting some inappropriate practices.

        you see, all it takes is a bunch of nationals looking for a scapegoat. you will look like filth because they will make it so …

        what you believe (support and pay into and RECEIVE MONEY FOR) will be what you will receive.

  11. opheliart permalink

    when the truth comes out about the roman pontiff … what happens to those employees at religious news that FAILED to SERVE the families with HONEST AND UPDATED info … what happens to journalists that lied or DENIED info to a child here or a woman there … having been misinformed. ALL IT TAKES IS ONE INCIDENT and these religious services will be the criminal. because guess what, RNS …

    the RCC is really adept at shifting the blame … and I have already been shown that they will find it in their depraved heart to target you!

    • opheliart permalink

      ah, well … we have been warning about that pro-pope bull for months and months … that catholic sweetener for months … shame for shame but hey, time to pay up

  12. opheliart permalink

    PROPHESY … people absolutely do not understand {this}. they do not understand how this works. what it is and WHY it is important. in TRUTH, it tries to help the people but sadly, people are buried ‘in the sand’, unable to hear, misdirected, misinformed … being led into danger, about to be betrayed … whatever. help them, we say … they must be informed that they might make safe choices … for we do not want anyone harmed by evil or ignorance willful or otherwise for partiality—-any living thing-person … place. I am one receiving this GIFT and I have been shown what comes … and let me share with you that {this} is exhausting work—truly … it is exhausting for I must try to navigate the EARTHLY and the SPIRITUAL REALM in languages very different. but I do it as I AM… used in this. gay, straight, right, left catholic, jew … it matters not … I am born into this FOR the Light on Love and it is within ME to share prophetically. to deny {this} is to deny Truth and this is not good. it is now Time for {this} to be and at present what we share is glimpses as people are not ready for a fuller truth. it could hurt them to be shown too much at once, but … like we have said, repeatedly, warning, warning, warning because … we see what comes as much of this has been done before in the tablets of Mankind.

    • opheliart permalink

      and gay men, please inform your brothers DO NOT ENTER THE RCC SEMINARIES … so many have lost their lives and their sense and reason in that hell. please do not go there … the pope is not being honest. they need priests and they are lying to lure in gays. it’s like an advertisement through their populist pope in their unscrupulous methodology. “no females allowed and we guarantee you all the male sex you want!” those men of this seducing are sick. they know not love. they have a cell all ready for the gay young man … the priests have shared with me about these practices and I have seen the inner workings of this deception. but it is not difficult to see their plastic.

      they need PRIESTS! shame on ALL OF YOU FOR LURING IN INNOCENT MEN to your caliphate orders of deception and denial!

      • opheliart permalink

        those vatican orders think itself so clever but we see their seduction. they are a tomb. gays, do not enter there. the rcc is about to be revealed for what it is and you do not want to be blamed for their crimes. and they are planning on BLAMING YOU, PRIESTS … yes, this I was shown some time ago. they are looking to place the blame for these abuses—these crimes—on the priests that they might keep their powerful seats.

        turn the tables on them! do not be conned by their lies. please.

        if you are not seeing it yet … why would the RCC suddenly play the apology game toward gays or more to the point: play the gay card? USING their political puppet, pope fran, they know the climate on gays right now is overly ripe and … they gotta do something to protect themselves from the vast abuse of gays, denying gays, abusing gays … and female and … murderous treatment of gays (and not just gays) … they are looking quite terroristic and abusive, aren’t they? and evil in the form of seductions, deception and dishonesty knows its days are numbered in those orders because of the way people are beginning to realize these as crimes, crimes needing proper investigation and assistance in detecting and routing out … so, what does pope fran and his henchmen need? gaypriests. they gotta be able to point to something other than their own nobility. warning, stay out of their dorms. let these arrogant titles fry in those hot seats they carved out for themselves for power and control.

  13. opheliart permalink

    the vatican/rcc stages a con job. look at all the topics they have jumped on to try to distance themselves from their corruption/criminal behavior. it’s like watching them play dodge ball but they misunderstood one vital part:


  14. opheliart permalink

    huh, well there it is .. read the comments on this article this morning (Tues) and said, it’s beginning to come out like pus from an infected wound.

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