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you are not a wimp!

June 22, 2016



RORY, YOU MADE THE RIGHT DECISION for the right reasons.


the first commenter on the following article called rory a wimp. that is in extremely poor taste … and very immature … careless, insensitive, spiritually poor and flat out ignorant. olympics is not god … why force anyone to make it god?


and who wants to inhale the fumes of rio’s attempt at diffusing the epidemic? this is a danger in itself. why force something that is clearly showing warning signs?–spt.html?ref=gs


and there is this:


it is clear that many national leaders are egotists, desperately trying to amend their wrongdoing by masking their ineptness, corruption, poor leadership and … the poverty and suffering of the people … by showing off. huh, ignoring the warning signs for pride of self-indulgence is and always will be … bad manners, ill breeding and contemptuous toward those truly in need. do not whitewash and grandstand with olympic-sized dreams while your feet are ensnarled in quicksand.


it says … “poor management” … carelessness and selfishness.


what does the olympic masterminding and huge expenses do but silence victims … place nations in more debt and …

send a message of …  ignoring the greater needs of the people.


do athletes really want to be about this—paying into and supporting this culture? at what point do true athletes say …


enough is enough …?




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  1. opheliart permalink

    thank you, travis, for a well-informed article (huff post).

  2. opheliart permalink

    then there is the american dilemma, another form of chaos but with the same underpinnings of poverty, environmental crisis and … corruption.

    you read things like …

    As an american citizen who supports Donald Trump, I’m under no illusion that he is a born again Christian. It is obvious he is not, nor does he claim to be. However, he has stated that he supports RELIGION and religious liberty, but esp Christians. His determination, tenacity, and willingness to put America first is vitally important to me as a voter and person who believes that dramatic change must occur in the US Federal government.

    this commenter could be a southern baptist, a roman catholic or … a mormon … a jew, an italian or … a russian. but none of these ‘names’, titles, labels, insignias say anything about CHRIST. if GOD is impartial … and God shows no favoritism … these labels/titles mean nothing. what you do with what is given you is what matters and … if you lie, cheat, steal, undermine, deny and crucify others … for self-serving purposes, irrationally and obtrusively … what is GOD to you? america is not GOD to one in the Spirit of the Living so … One does not choose the temporal at the expense of the Kingdom of the Living. One does not sacrifice the lives of many to satisfy the ego of one man or one nation under its own version of “what is god”. do these claimers of THE CHRIST understand the Teachings on Truth? what of the illustration of the Good Samaritan?

    such poor parentage. who-what TEACHES these “american christians” on Christ? surely these men are not believers in the Realm of the Spirit.

    allow trump to self-destruct as this is his way. focus on the dishonesty and the whitewashing of the democratic party for this is the greater danger. read thomas frank’s book LISTEN, LIBERAL WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE PARTY OF THE PEOPLE and gain some knowledge and UNDERSTANDING of where democracy is headed and HOW it is being headed. the commenter’s concerns about the FED government is legit but his reasoning is clearly poorly connected.

    why bring a clown to a funeral?

  3. opheliart permalink

    hmm …

    was thinking about atheist prior to reading the above news. there are two types from my vantage point, and this is not the militant I refer to … however, militancy comes into practice where fear gains a foothold. I have said several times now that the vatican never viewed the atheist as a threat. if both were doing business that created for them power and control … influence … institutional satisfaction, tribal milk … a formula … for the masses, registered, obeyed and both awarded the other with something useable in their venue … what’s to fear? atheist does not stand for anything other than a non belief in a supreme being or power. atheist has what that represents truth, honesty and justice? an atheist can murder, lie, cheat and abuse child and the vulnerable as easily and as readily as one claiming religious superiority or a belief in ‘god’.

    the two types of atheist would be the fearless and the fearful. the fearless knows someone may likely come along and prove him wrong, and welcomes this new information (knowledge). a fearful atheist denies there is anything that can prove him wrong. he fears losing control, power … credential and … his cast (support or crutch system, which is often his tribe, institution, group, seat of … formula and …). the latter is also true of the religionists like the vatican, a megaphone and militant group demanding itself be heard and … obeyed above all else, or else.

    btw, you see both trading sparks on forums but there is no traction. no movement.

    so … what in the fearful vatican and fearful atheist is at work, besides fear? spirit? but what kind of spirit? and for what purpose? the vatican denounces what it fears by calling it evil. but who is to say that a gnostic, for instance, much hated and feared by the roman catholic church, is evil. based on the torturous and murderous and obsessive behavior of the rcc (headship), most would say, gee, if spirit exists, the rcc has been ruled by a spirit of evil. just look at its history, starting with its inception … and gads! all the clergy child sex abuse and … all those horrid mass murders and torture of … those not in agreement with its doctrine and practice.

    gnosis has barely gotten a word in edgewise for what became the offspring of the rcc often had just as much horror. and with islam sidled up with roma. hmm … and the liberal defending islam .. there is a strange and unusual amoeba spawning the land, attacking our youth and causing them to choose irately, unsafely and confusedly.

    can you see it?

    • opheliart permalink

      how dare I challenge the PATRIARCHAL RELIGIOUS? those paying into and supporting these institutions and political seats? fascism is a meme of indirect teaching. know its head. keep looking and you will see it … eventually, unless you are the one doing the forcing.

      • opheliart permalink

        you see, the fearful atheist … much like the vatican … denies there is spirit apart from its own AUTHORITY … and in CHRISTENDOM, God is Spirit … which would easily allow one to understand how the vatican is an atheistic institution regarding SPIRIT. so … what’s with all that exorcising they practice in their ordinations? who is doing what to whom … and for what?

  4. opheliart permalink

    I do not swim in public swimming pools indoor or out … anymore. as for fresh water lakes, streams and rivers? the question will always be: is it really fresh?

    which makes me wonder about bottled water and why I seldom drink water unless it has been boiled (like for tea or coffee) … one never really knows about the shipping and handling of bottled water and if it was sitting in the sun or hot temps … the pipes, treatment and run offs that might also contaminate water, water said to be safe but isn’t

    something tells me the condition of water is going to get a lot worse. I would really like to know what government is going to do about this …

  5. opheliart permalink!

    so … a gay man shot up the gay nightclub.

    not so surprising that the tables turn on all that rhetoric unless … they are in denial.

    • opheliart permalink

      retaliation is a common thread of disease: anger at those having wronged him. we have seen this many times before in US history. and the HIV factor IS a serious concern in the activity of all people of promiscuous sex practices. call it what it is—a danger to mankind—A SERIOUS DANGER TO HUMANITY. why hide the details and the facts on this rising epidemic? but what of the islamic allegiance and the wife beating? a dangerous combo of desire? poor teaching? gay man takes his frustrations out on his wife? hmm … why would anyone be surprised at this misogyny? I have been observing this for quite some time. it is a common thread of indecency that cannot be addressed in this climate because … their is too much name calling.

      only those who truly care are honest and willing to share the truth in these matters.

      • opheliart permalink

        so why did we bring up the islamic prophet?

        because evil is real. and the obama admin is once again caught by a lie.

        we have said that SPIRIT is real. this is not the atheist’s sky fairy. atheist with this rhetoric is a fool. just as honesty and dishonesty is real and good and evil exist so does spirit of and for evil and SPIRIT of the Living God is … it is real. THIS exists. there is a war going on that Man does not see … does not understand. and atheist has no knowledge about. grow atheist and you grow what? denial? ignorance on these matters? like we said, it does not matter how smart a man is … if he is unaware of the living and the dead … Spiritual Awareness, he lives in ignorance and cannot make for change. notice bad things in the world—rising up? epidemics and …? different yet the same? grow ignorance and denial and you grow a false prophet and islam is an evil. pray to that evil … a murderous man, a child rapist … grow this, accept it, bow and pander to it and … build schools of it … preach it and teach it to your youth like roman catholic doctrine invading and terrorizing the common folk and it only takes a few prophets and there you have it: your poor. your spiritually poor and spiritually immature and … your nemesis.

        Jesus said you will always have your poor.

        you are jeopardizing your youth, folks, in your ignorance, your mediocrity and your dishonesty, but esp your denial on these matters. your party affiliations and your PC economics and governance.

        call it what it is, please! the prophet of islam is more than just a charlatan. ‘it’ is a demon dressed as an angel of Light. I would not follow this nemesis for all the tea in china. you have no idea what you preach! you have no idea what waits …

        to seduce and destroy.


        the roman pontiff is wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong WRONG! as one in CHRIST, WE DO NOT PRAY TO OR WORSHIP THE GOD OF ISLAM! that would be throwing away our LIFE. and there is no way this is The WAY of I Am … the Truth and the Life …

  6. opheliart permalink

    america will see many more deaths. the question is: what has church and state allowed into the country? or … what is church and state forging against HUMANITY? what is obama and co forcing on the people?

    • opheliart permalink

      I look at the rising anti-semitism and I say, ah, not god but why would anyone be surprised? look at what reaps in the land? but I also see how this is drawing attention to a very slow realization of misuse of female. does the ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE have stats on the harassment, abuse an attack of women … and children? from year to year?

      when will our secularist government get with it and recognize two grow in danger? ALWAYS! there has never been a year where women and children have not been attacked—often violently.

      man cannot see past his block—his big f-ing HEAD … all born from catholic teaching. not all catholics but that UNIVERSAL business. which is really saying that man’s way (through academia or institution. dogma, doctrine, creed … whatever you want to call it) is the way to …

      enlightenment? progress? movement?

      define progress … define movement. it is still bedwetting and fornicating with his own mindset—those thinking just like him. there is no such thing as diversity in the Realm of the Spirit because diverse means distant. you are not in unity. ecumenism and inter faith is a fairy tale religion that denies crimes. it glosses over the greater problems and mediocrity says ” we are in! WE ARE RIGHT AND THE ONLY PLACE OF …” and lookie … open your eyes, folks! what do you see happening in the world? look at the US … talk about hypocrisy! christians are looking worse than pathetic … and they call themselves born-again believers?

      shaking my head in sorrow … but will not allow emotion to rule Me. you receive what you believe. you want trump and hillary you will deny TRUTH. good-bye LIFE.

  7. opheliart permalink

    was shown something yesterday afternoon that is just stunning. truly stunning and was once again reminded (instructed-taught) where I thought I was so knowledgable on matters involving the Spirit, I am like child … but not child, not really … just moving to a NEW Place. but, you see, the more SPIRITUAL WEALTH you gain … the more you UNDERSTAND how little you are and … how long is the road, and should never be in a race. we do not race. we walk … that we might KNOW THE FRUITS>

    Mankind races … and misses the message on TRuth. he makes for himself many gods and finds himself in a heap of sand. *sigh*

    still discerning …

  8. opheliart permalink

    and on the topic of gay activism …

    a christian apologetic wanted to know if I was a LBGT activist. I responded with, no, that’s too funny. why? how many times did I say that I am not OF religion? LBGTQ is a R-E-L-I-G-I-O-N … don’t you see the CRUSADES going on… the priding in the streets of THEIR BELIEFS AND PRACTICES? I would never do that. I am not of that …

    I do not crusade agenda or beliefs and practices. the idea of a gay pride parade to one like me is, well, somewhat ignorant. and I do not apologize for this. but a heterosexual pride parade would be of this same format and of this same mindset so … I am not entertaining partiality. IT IS OF CATHOLIC TEACHING … look at the history, folks. this is NOT of the Christ. Christ does not overpower and undermine, force or demand … ‘his’ way or any way. Jesus spoke on the POWER of TRuth.

    LGBTG takes its history and teaching from CATHOLIC mindset. it is not of EASTERN PHILOSOPHY. it is not of the East in the Realm of the Spirit. it follows “gay” catholicism. a universally accepted teaching of forcing mandate. a christian apologist made the point that when this started out (desire for same sex marriage) the headship on this said it only wanted to privately practice their beliefs: SAME SEX MARRIAGE and receive the same rights from government as the heterosexual marriage. well, look what’s happening. as this sentiment grows, what do you see? a PREACHING and a what? JUDGING and condemning of those not in accord with these same beliefs and practices so …

    how is this any different from the RCC or ISLAM or any like-minded fascist institution? destroy, crusade … destroy, crusade …

    good grief. no, I am not of this and … for PRESIDENTS AND VPs to go to other countries and TELL them to allow SSM is really bad manners. piggy cults … yep. overindulgence and sloppiness.

    • opheliart permalink

      chaos and we are not at all surprised a gay islamist would go into a gay nightclub and start murdering some of his own members. seriously. LOOK AT THE HISTORY and you will find similar incidents throughout. look, learn … and stop deciding for others what they should agree to!

      atheists blame religion and gay members blame religion without realizing they are practicing their own crusades OF RELIGIOUS indwelling.

  9. opheliart permalink

    so catholics, are you willing to admit your roman pontiff is a denier and dishonest? because clearly he is not living up to his foggy words!

    does the vatican truly believe people are not aware of their HYPOCRISY? how man gays in the RCC? priests on up? c’mon you stubborn hypos … tell the truth about your politics!

    now let’s see who ignores this “snub” and who recognizes it for what it is …

    allow us to share a post that is going to come brazenly true for the catholic world of de …

    • opheliart permalink

      Traveler2 hours ago
      So typical of the catholics.
      They see gays as bad but have no issues with the systematic rape and abuse of children for untold centuries. There is nothing more evil, more immoral, more criminal, more disgusting than to be called catholic.

      • opheliart permalink

        so … what will the vatican do about this?

        tell these women they aren’t married … can’t marry … unless they bow to the roman demigod the pope and his tablets of stone? that they are murderers? it’s interesting how something like this comes along and it proves how very wrong the RCC is about abortions. not completely wrong but wrong in their domineering teachings. would those vatican officials and obese prelates demand a mom and child (and family … and government services) suffer and endure in these extreme situations? what are the findings on the children born with severe disability such as this? pain … no hope of survival? no hope of a life beyond what you see in those infant photos? haven’t heard many answers but an underdeveloped head with minimal brain activity is telling. so … does the roman catholic god believe pain and suffering is the call of the people? that these children should be forced to a life of little to no life … and no choices? OR … does SPIRIT of the unborn move on with the HOPE of NEW LIFE? hmm?

        the RCC is incorrect in what they believe and practice in what they call Christ. Patriarchal Dominance bears its fruit that way. why don’t they just admit they are wrong about SPIRIT of the Living God? they make this out to be a tormenter, a torturer and an abuser.

        not so.

  10. opheliart permalink

    huh, was discerning on something … shown to research it … wasn’t finding anything so I typed in something a bit more bold and … this is what came out loud and clear, which was something I was shown a long time ago but never saw the stats on it: the spread of AIDS (even to the youth) by sexually active gay priests.

    but why not use protection? silly moi … the roman catholic priests, bishops on up are against protection. ahhhh … now it makes sense. so what we are looking at is a haven for gays to avoid responsibility … and not only has there been a spread of false teachings coming from this institution but also … the spread of disease.

    but why hasn’t the RELIGIOUS AND THE GOVERNMENT through the CENTER FOR DISEASE CONTROL and those “caring” HEALTH PROFESSIONS WARNED people about this?

    why have they DENIED people very very VERY critical information?

    hmm … seems some big heads are going to be in a sh**load of trouble … are they ever. I wonder if there will be enough lawyers to cover this mess …

    say goodbye to the roman curia AND … those at the center for disease control and likely the liberalist posers pushing agenda. you are not well … would not want to be in your shoes when people put two and two together on this scandal-epidemic.

    such a shame to lose children … to lose so many because of carelessness and whore-mongering and that nasty old protection of institution and title.

    say good bye to your frickin’ titles

  11. opheliart permalink

    we are all created equal, OBAMA? tell that to your favorite PATRIARCHAL RELIGIOUS! it seems you do not understand the meaning of that DISCRIMINATION you keep harping about. come on, obi … you bowed to the pope … and what of those imams, sir? do they understand equality? women’s rights are not being understood by YOU, YOUR WIFE or your followers.

    time to grow, obi … time to step out and look around and see what you pay into and support.

    hypocrisy, deception and DISHONESTY does not look good on you.

    who are you fooling?

  12. opheliart permalink

    so …. the US GOVERNMENT, LAW ENFORCEMENT AND CERTAIN MEDIA REFUSE TO TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT MATEEN? they don’t want the world to know he was a gay man?

    hmm … this could be war, my friends … this could be the straw that broke the camel’s back. they should not be so dishonest in this for self-serving agenda and all that homophobic accusation rah-rah spewed by so many may now be forced to ‘grow’ because what comes next will …

    be a humdinger

  13. opheliart permalink

    and so it begins …

    any change of this significance will involve moments of chaos, confusion, stumbling, many misfires and stoking of fires … but when an establishment, even while intended for good, becomes too powerful, too gluttonous, showing too much favoritism, strengthening its own while the “little people” (gee, where have we seen this before? the vatican headship? 😉 … suffer under its reign … and some very important voices cannot be heard … where change is most needed …

    it must be removed. it had its day … right RCC? are you witnessing the first of your demise? we know how much you flourished under this caliphate institution. how lovely it was for you … but this is a first significant step where you begin to lose you … weight.

    • opheliart permalink

      Former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey also offers biblical evidence, but in his case, for a vote to leave. From the book of Exodus, he parallels the Israelite liberation from Egypt to the U.K. parting from the EU, a situation that would allow Britain to control its own laws and borders. He writes, “what if the ‘relationships’ at stake in the EU were bringing about division rather than unity?”—RNS article-look it up

      sound questioning … as for the UK religionist claiming the EU was the work of the Holy Spirit? ah … somebody needs to get a lesson on what is SPIRIT. why would the Holy Spirit engage in politics for secular power?

      good question—yes? one that needs much discerning. do you think this religionist understands that Spirit of the Living is not found in ads? that it is not using political gain for Truth?

      maybe this is where the magisterium missed the message in the Writings 😉

      • opheliart permalink

        hierarchy out people in? until the next party elites?

        whatever happened to the party of the people? hope you are watching demos … you are next. there are just some things you cannot control … no matter how many creedentials you have and no matter how many titles you wear. no matter how much academic seat you found or how many papers you write or how “expert” you rely on.

        the wind is beginning to howl. how sturdy is your sandpile?

  14. opheliart permalink

    and take care …

    evil likes to take advantage in this climate

    haven’t you noticed?

    • opheliart permalink

      anger and fear …

      and sometimes people are sore losers and will respond in ways to make this change fail. watch for this … you will know them by their fruits.

  15. opheliart permalink


    funny that the satirist should write on this topic. just two days ago I was thinking of a movel (not one I will write) … where the world is gradually overrun by Patriarchy. heterosexual and gay men team up to use women solely for babies (each to their own desire, meaning, the actual method—some doing it the old fashioned way while others use artificial means) …

    and male babies are raised to be patriarchal and use women solely for procreation while female babies are raised in communes, learning to become vessels for … procreation.

    but then! something strange happens … despite the rule of men, war continues and man realizes he cannot blame female for its fall. imagine that! then, an israelite enters the scene and causes a stir among the patriarchs. a few “men” realize they are being called to leave Manhood and begin anew. and they realize they were never men to begin with; they are ANGELKIND in the flesh … SPIRIT having entered a vessel of flesh and blood … and they are called to give their lives to help the people grow … and move out of patriarchy, ignorance, partiality and denial … and into HUMAN Being …

    and the beat goes on … la-de-da-de-dee … la-de-da-de-duhhhhh

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