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friend or foe

June 19, 2016




president obama sees votes for the democratic party, a failed enterprise … the us verses them mentality … and in his dreamland of a fast rising religion, his hope is not for Truth in the Light on Love. Instead, it allows an arrogant demigod to appease within a poser place, a politically correct insignia of destruction and denial … where america is forced to reap …


the seed is barren, my friends. anywhere there is an outstanding PATRIARCHAL DOMINION, replete with forced obedience and insidious demagoguery … foe is forged for MAN … and not for the becoming something greater than himself.


how do you use the words? for what purpose do you gather and teach?


how is your english?


are you being asked to bow to something that enslaves? demeans? destroys … the liberty of youth? are you being asked to tolerate injustice and rogue insignia? the prophet Mohammed? that prophet is a war lord and an ignorant caliphate organizer.


when you are being judged for pointing out a nemesis … what’s become of Liberty?


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  1. opheliart permalink

    democracy will wane. the democratic party will decline and dissolve under the glare of rule: its own.

    • opheliart permalink

      the muslim mission will fail in america … it will cease to take root.

      orthodox christianity will flourish … for a time. the roman catholic camp will fade like beige … on the walls of their own mediocrity .

  2. opheliart permalink

    for shame … shame on you for what you have done to the people

  3. opheliart permalink

    so … will new york bow to the islamist holiday? it’s already on the books … in the state of new york. will new york eventually succumb to all musicians, book authors and … being denied their work because of islam’s holiday?

    new york, what say you? should a group of islamists believe it’s an offense to their religion or … slandering their prophet … to release an album or a book during its month long week of …

    btw, do the islamists get the month off from work?

  4. opheliart permalink

    what has the bulwark to do battle with the demigod called ignorance and denial? what has the pilings to take on the fast tack breeding of irresolute religion of political making? what has the strength to keep a prophet of abuse and diseased resume from taking over?

    not secularism or even humanitarian elites … wedded to political partitioning. not roma as this has its foundation in the same caliphate pedestaling, a dressing of deceptive origins … with its pompous religious ordination and costly attire … god idolatry through canonical terroristic parsing … and far-fetched rituals, enslaving for profit: its own authority, mired in insolent creeds and codes.

    what has the WISDOM to do battle with chaos … the arbiter of derelict wealth?

    EASTERN PHILOSOPHY … through One in the Spirit of the Living.

    the pontiff of rome has chosen islam as his brother and prays to its caliphate master. let HIM weep! he has wedded himself to destruction, bloodshed … and indecency. what has the catholic pope brought on its people while trying to keep the RCC head above water in that decayed, sinking ship? through its grandstanding and deceptive political tactic?

    now is not the time for weeping … now is the time for MOVEMENT!

    bring it on

    orthodox christian spiritualists (not pious religionists) … where is your fruit? will you stand by and watch the people sink? led by a political constructionist wooed by …

    misinformation and poor advising? poor concealing? where is the american government’s SPIRITUAL ADVISOR that knows islam’s meme?

    mission control, my friends! mission control … who in hell cares what they call you? let them spit their ignorant rants … for their mission. we care not … words, just lousy, misinformed … ignorant words.

    bring it on, I say … bring the damned thing on!

  5. opheliart permalink

    what shall we tell you that you will hear? is this what you want for your children? roman catholic islam? I know eastern orthodox not of the school of patriarchal endeavor who KNOW the pontiff is a denier and a deceiver … as its headship is arrogant, lackluster power-mongering poor—SPIRITUALLY POOR! yes, Spiritually Poor.

    what will the LORD think of you in your silence? now is the time to speak, EASTERN ORTHODOX CHRISTIANS…

    what say you? I AM … prepared for this … but WHERE are you?

    • opheliart permalink

      orthodox christian, ask the world, its governance and its religious … have you demanded religious holiday celebration from state, town, school … or the employer? have you demanded that your FAITH and belief be catered to … changing laws to suit you and your Faith?

      do you hit your wives?

      do you pray to the god of islam as the roman pontiff has said?

      speak now or forever be silent! you are being CALLED to ATTENTION! has chrysostomos not led you to this?


      where is your prophet? is it the one calling himself pope francis? is it your patriarchs? is it your metropolitans? mohammed of islam?

      or is it, THE CHRIST … Spirit of the Living God?

  6. opheliart permalink

    would that omitted be … “I pledge allegiance to mohammed” … ? is that why the ‘name’ is omitted from the transcripts? (*do understand that withholding that name does nothing for the families except deny them critical information … while sharing the rest. those in charge of this must think the people without the ability to query their intent. idiots. sorry, they are not idiots. they are heartbroken and … many are very angry. why make people more ANGRY by treating them like … ) unbelievable, the agenda of this administration … just unbelievable.

    wouldn’t want their god to look … (cough-cough) like a war lord, would they? not after the president of the un-united states has pledged himself to …

    keeping muslims in the clear and free of … islamic activity that might tar their RELIGIOUS image via their god.

    and so … the beat goes on

  7. opheliart permalink

    he does not represent the religion of islam? that’s like saying the roman catholic church has NEVER murdered the heretic. or … the gnostic … or held that nasty devil-riddled inquisition or … terrorized every territory its power-mongering tribe believed should be converted. ISLAM was BORN from the man claiming himself AUTHORITY on matters supreme AND …

    his ID was and is a WAR lord …

    what more do you need to understand on this FACT? why continue in denial? why shower yourself in ignorance?

    if muslims cannot admit their prophet was and is a murderous man, having raped wee girls then good grief! why in GOD’s NAME should anyone believe them about anything they say? they should move away from the prophet of ISLAM and call themselves something else. how hard is this to understand? we certainly cannot respect what does not respect LIBERTY AND TRUTH … honesty and virginal stream …

    the prophet of islam is a nuisance for mankind. remove what initiates violence. remove the false and perverse and you will hear more clearly on SPIRITUAL WELLNESS>

    people may say, oh, but you are anti-islam! and? why should I not be against what is dishonest and murderous—a regime bent on power and control of people? why should I not be against what places women as second class persons? why should I not be against the desire of imams to manipulate the people into believing a man who murdered many and raped children is of goodness? it’s alarming that anyone should follow this insanity.

    what say you? am I incorrect on the HISTORY of your prophet, islamist? will you lie to me and tell me it isn’t so? why would any one of clear mind and pure of heart follow a nemesis of utter ignorance and cruelty who stole the Writings and performed errancy on them for his own caliphate desires?

    JESUS was no such thing. why do you reward indecent men and sacrifice so much for this brutality? lies and deception? because so many use women and grow numbers born into this caliphate destination you think it wise?

    ugh … such pestilence.

    • opheliart permalink

      go back to THE PHILOKALIA! and learn what it means to … be an ascetic … of monastic evidence … a bridge to life born of trembling for …

      wellness … for Truth. only when one recedes the mind can one recognize LIFE … beyond the strain of the flesh. sam has never heard the Language of the Spirit. this is real, but it can only be realized through transformation: MOVING out of indulgence for … impartial creativity in the Light on Love. islam is solely of the mind. it pervades being for ideal of institution. it harbors adjunct portal … like trying to sew new patch to old wear. the garment tears and is why you see chaos in society.

      this is not of PEACE. do not be filled with derelict parenting.

  8. opheliart permalink

    like mixing oil and water?

    allow me to share a comment to the following article … it has merit in that it is legit. this should give you an idea of what WORKS on US soil and what will not work.

    Armin906 hours ago
    let me explain this matter to you guys from Tehran. Iranian intelligent service is remarkable, it is one of the bests in the world I’m sure!! Our governments know everything happens in this country!! This great power of them has a good side and a bad side!!!
    The good side is that the only terrorist attack on Iran soil in last 10 years, happened when Israel killed our nuclear scientists, and I am sure that Iranian intelligent services have covered that weakness!!
    But the bad side of this power is about democracy, they know every thing!!! As a 25 years old master student, when I want to drink and go to parties with my friends, I am pretty sure that our governments know that I am drinking( against Islam) I am dancing with girls(against Islam) simply I am happy ( against Islam Lol)!! I can’t tell it is scary or exciting!!
    Anyway maybe you will ask why aren’t you fight with your governments to achieve demcracy???? here are the reasons:
    1- America is Iran’s enemy, believe me I am not affected by Iranian media!! I can give you many examples in history even before Iranian revolution that shows that US doesn’t tolerate an INDUSTRIAL OIL-RICH country exist in ME! So if I change my government, US will use that lack of power to destroy Iran! I can explain more if you want, just look what happened to Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and …!! US touch a country and it is doomed!!
    2- Most of Iranian people are religious people, religious means you don’t understand democracy!!! So maybe new generation understand it but the old ones don’t have problem with this government!! I can assure you all Iranians muslims Jews Christians and… all of us are peaceful good people, NO TERRORIST LIVES HERE!! but I need to admit that we don’t understand democracy! So why should I bother????
    3- I personally believe our constitution have ability to change and be better!!
    So I prefer smooth changes toward democracy
    I hope I give you a good view of Iran!!!

    • opheliart permalink

      america is iran’s enemy? can’t tell you how many times I have read this coming from iranian people. so … why does the obama admin FORGE a union? why do business with dishonest religious? why are these high ranking officials dishonest? just look at their politics … need we say more? how unjust is iran … how unjust is their prophet? what do they follow that makes their system caliphate and undermining of persons? who follows a war lord as god? supreme authority? TRUTH? just and peaceful ascent? america is certainly not free of stain … however, at what point do you put away the things of a child for MOVEMENT?

  9. opheliart permalink

    and the vatican is the authority on the life of JESUS?

    LOL! what a joke! believing anything the vatican says is taking your life in your hands! look at the RCC’s history if you do not believe us … you will know them by their fruit comes to mind.


    the MARRIAGE was never speaking of an earthly wife and … MARY MAGDALENE WAS METAPHOR FOR … (stay tuned)

    WHEN—WHERE … will religious come into understanding of the LANGUAGE OF THE SPIRIT?

    maybe when they move—yes? only a Prophet on TRuth understands this in gnosis.

    THE GOSPEL OF THOMAS IS NOT A FRAUD! it is of something the likes of dogmatic creed dwellers and stone tabled political religious will NEVER understand. the vatican will fry under these sentences … and will look like they suck on baby bottles. the coptic spiritualists (not the dogmatics) do have an inner voice in {this} … but seed in ritualistic endeavor. move out of it FOR TRuth on the gnostic gospels and …

    that papyrus will begin to come into focus. I know the TRUTH about the papyrus, but it is not for me to share. I know he origin of mankind but remain silent as Paul suggests for …

    for what, folks? not my grandstanding … not my drama … not my big-headeness and gloating and kingpin histrionics … not my self-serving endeavor! NO! I remain silent FOR … SENSE and Reason in the Return … Man must see this for himself. this cannot be forced and it is not for me to spoon feed the Truth on the Writings. I am is not a derelict, imposing seed …

    it is

    One in union (marriage) … with

    *are you beginning to taste {this}? do you now hear just a wee bit in what JESUS and his disciples were emulating in that Light?

    hmm … let us watch and see what tribe comes forth in accord on this …

    let us see which group is willing to KNOW the Spirit of the Living God …

    • opheliart permalink

      LET US GIVE CHOICE TO THOSE WHO SAY THEY BELIEVE IN THE SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD … not islamist or roman catholic or … those of doctrine stained with the blood the saints and the martyrs but …

      the Return of the PROPHET on TRuth: PROPHESY: the EVolution of God and Man

      it is clear to many (and growing) that those embedded in vatican style ethics are spiritual poor. they chose political wedding attire for power and control and seduced the people with drugged up doctrine. they look like overblown pigs feasting in halls of …

      AND “JESUS” TURNED OVER THE TABLES IN THE TEMPLE COURTS? what comes will be like a loud clap ..

      where is your thunder, believers in the Christ? Sons of Thunder do not look to the religionist for Truth … but One seeking as I AM … One in

      the Spirit. Know its source or die in the bed of robbers. Thomas asks of those he knows are of this … read the GNOSTIC LITERATURE with an open heart and you will begin to hear its beat.

      your choice but the vatican relies on exorcism and bedwetting practices. they are ignorant on the VOICE OF TRUTH in the Realm of the Spirit and when the people realize that evil … they will flee to the Orthodox Churches

      Orthodox, are you prepared?

      • opheliart permalink

        the vatican needs the poor to survive. what will happen when the people begin to move … we mean, REALLY MOVE …? what will the bishops, popes, cardinals, imams look like to the people? egotists? politicians? dictators? fascists? whore-mongerers? abusers? seducers?

        HA! you ignorant devils! your time is coming and the people will drag you from your thrones and feast on your spoils. hmm … not my doing. it is your own. have you not noticed the wounds on the beast? this is historical pride. the renegade politics of power-mongering arrogance and delusional seating. LEARN WHAT THE ANGEL SPEAKS TO JOHN IN THE BOOK CALLED REVELATION, for God’s Sake!

        where is your hearing? wedded to a religion? a dusty chalice marred by abusive clergy? dishonest charlatans parading themselves in the public squares … looking … wearisome in their fraying fabric.

        what adulatory …

  10. opheliart permalink

    chrismation, orthodox, is a tradition. it holds no power in the Spirit as the Spirit does not work these traditions partially and demonstrably. the only power chrismation or communion … baptism … any ritual has … is the power the clerics hold over the people, often as stumbling blocks. they wield these as a weapon … and the pontiff in his marriage vows and what he demands of the people is a hypocrisy at the highest level. he is a denier of TRUTH on the Realm of the Spirit. God is not in your porridge bowls, claiming absolute authority …

    what insolence! do you not hear the two-fisted tongue of these religious elites? “your marriage is not valid!” oh? which marriage are you referring? the bedridden or the bath? what does he know of LIFE among the LIVING? he is a pharisee! a pharisee whitewashed to appear pragmatic.

    laughing here … it is so insanely obvious. they look like puppets in a satirical show run by the game-changer.

    bring back the puppet shows and maybe the people will see it for what it is … 😀

    • opheliart permalink

      do not ask Me to respect their hypocrisy, their denial, their deceptive practices and their ignorance … not to mention their arrogance, their trade and their whitewashing bull …

      they are child abusers and they cover up this crime! good GOD, what more do you people need to know!!! and they set the stage, stealing CHRISTIAN verse, mutilating it to SERVE ITSELF and … demand that you bow to them? disgusting and degrading. NEVER! NEVER! NEVER!

      they will die in their wretched robes!

      • opheliart permalink

        as those same masses they abused and misused to seat themselves in high-towered, elitist, indecent political perches … drag them through the streets and denounce them and this errant industry.

        it’s coming so … orthodox, where are you in this chaos? of this same mental instability? or … moving … get RIGHT with the LORD or get out! you will be lumped in with those indecent and unfit … seen as unworthy.

  11. opheliart permalink

    do the orthodox christians desire to be viewed as child abusers … when the investigations increase? this is a warning, my friends … we have warned and warned but the pontiff and his henchies continue to refuse to be honest … to be forthright on these matters and others and so …

    they will be detained and destroyed through their own chemical warfare.

  12. opheliart permalink

    the only way to quell this criminal activity is for real governance to set up a task force that goes door to door seeking answers about who – what lives in houses-apts and in each town, city, village, condo, gated community, row home, estate… mansion … palace, rectory and archdiocese … ages and relationships. no stone unturned … all religious … since so many police can’t be trusted (abuse of women and children, racism and mental instability … BRIBES AND RELIGIOUS PROTECTING THEIR INSTITUTIONS OVER THE LAWS OF JUST AND DECENT FORTITUDE ) … and find out if children are being abused, women held against their will and a calamity of other indecencies, like unhealthy housing conditions and sleeping arrangements.

    come to my house first … I will show you what I am … my rooms, my home … what I grow and eat and where I sleep. if this must be, I will share our place to your government task force to kick start the investigations. this is not for the world to see … just those chosen to investigate. is my home worthy of bringing in a child refugee? well?

    • opheliart permalink

      and do understand … this is not just about getting a handle on these crimes but also to get a sense on how many are in need … how many are in poor conditions … unstable or undernourished … including those who do not know healthy ways to keep a home.

      now … imagine what this would do for the environment. proper governance could actually be PROACTIVE in EDUCATING PEOPLE! wow, imagine that … instead of just brining in more poor and destitute like the libelists demand, while calling those questioning the ethics of this … bad labels. then the people will see who the deniers are …

  13. opheliart permalink

    did we say trump would self destruct? yes.

    max lucado says of trump:

    “I’m a pastor. I don’t endorse candidates or place bumper stickers on my car. But I am protective of the Christian faith. If a public personality calls on Christ one day and calls someone a “bimbo” the next, is something not awry? And to do so, not once, but repeatedly? Unrepentantly? Unapologetically? Can we not expect a tone that would set a good example for our children? We stand against bullying in schools. Shouldn’t we do the same in presidential politics?”

    so … those voting for trump are bullies and misogynists? view women as lessors? hmm … sounds much like PATRIARCHAL RELIGION to us … but of course trump is of TRUMPISM, his own version of truth, justice and the almighty … dollar.

    like we said at the start: do not take trump seriously … and he does not even take himself seriously! look at his constant backpedaling, without any real genuine apologies. no repentance no … responsibility for his behavior so … he will self-destruct.

    now … what of the other religionists? have they learned anything from these histrionics? what of the fork-tongued pope of the RCC … the roman rolls royce of roman christiandumb … has he admitted his wrongdoing, his dishonesty and his …

    waiting …

  14. opheliart permalink

    sick people—yes? unthinking … insensitive … barbaric people? (btw, I do not eat meat, poultry, pork and eat only some seafood).

    so stop doing FOOD business with china. if you want to make a statement about their beliefs and practices … don’t do business involving food.

    cannot imagine anyone killing a dog and I do hate the thought of any living thing being killed but my dog gets chicken and someone somewhere killed chickens for her to eat this. but dogs are man’s best friend—-yes? not in china?

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