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define slander …

June 3, 2016


are we not permitted to call out the hypocrisy or tell the truth about what we know?


is the history of a man changed—ignored— because another man desires to pander to THE FASTEST GROWING RELIGION IN THE WORLD … which translates into votes for the party that is willing to allow all forms of belief and practice, including misuse and abuse … of gender?


either this president does not bother to do his homework on caliphate religion or … he lives in denial. has he learned nothing from patriarchal religious reasoning? has he learned nothing from clerics who insist on all male dominance?


sorry press but your words do not translate into ‘peace’ … for the rules of caliphate reasoning are not in accord with {this}

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  1. opheliart permalink

    if you are unsure on ‘what religion’ is NOT PEACE … you need only look to the imam, or the pope … the all male priesthood for starters or … the prophet. who was the prophet of islam? we brought this up before. what did the prophet of islam do? your fears are not without reason or concern because a prophet like the prophet of islam … where believers desire to emulate a war lord and a child rapist, to name just two … screams out for people to ask questions … to enter a PLACE of SENSE AND REASON.

    Jesus was not a war lord nor did he rape children … or women. he demonstrated HOW to treat the women … in a day where women were treated as a lesser class of people. and that is just one very important part in the TEACHING on TRUTH>

    • opheliart permalink

      you see … people can misinterpret the WRITINGS and even add and take away from these like the church of rome did for its own rule … agenda … to build itself into a political nemesis, and islam is brother to this same mindset: power and control—male dominated religion. look at where the women have been in these two? roman catholicism and islam. look at judaism, even … where it started … how it interpreted the words of the Prophet.

      do you need to know more to understand that this is NOT Peace? at least not the PEACE spoken of in the WORDS OF TRUTH>

      • opheliart permalink

        I will not bow to obama’s intent. I see what he has been doing and I refuse its message. it demands that I go against Conscience—-the Truth of Faith of the Living God.

        and if he wishes to toss me in jail then so be it! but it will not come to this because there is something coming that will set this “confusion” on end. but europe is in for much carnage.

  2. opheliart permalink

    when I voted for obama I was voting with the sense that he needed more time to clean up a big mess. heck, he had two daughters and I was of the FAITH that he would honor his commitment to these … by showing himself without the type of pandering you often see among men … for party affiliation and votes … business deals and political rhetoric

    and it’s not just that he had daughters but children. children … and nothing was done through his work (office) to address the abuses—religiously, even societally—very little. and look where the children are headed? liberalists are under the impression that children don’t need childhood … or imagination or CHOICE. fascism has a way of creeping into society and demanding its SPRING UPRISING or else … through governors and mayors and … other public officials AND PROFESSORS—THAT ELITIST OF ACADEMIA … so-called “experts in their fields” … fields they have either forgotten about or, have never even entered! they care nothing about it, what it’s like! look what is happening in chicago? the crime is sickening and every day I hear of horrendous rapes, even moms and dads doing awful things to their children … and the drug situation is out of control because …

    in the last 8 years we have had what? in the last 4 years we have had a government focused on ITSELF! and foreign entity.

    thomas frank is right on in his claims about the democrat in his book LISTEN, LIBERAL …

    they decorate their “cake” like the roman church did to set itself up as ruler and judge. look how magnificent we are … look how smart and great and knowledgeable. we know better and more than all of you … little people.

    who lives in a delusional state? or is it who lives in denial?

  3. opheliart permalink

    people … look at the rise of violence in schools. schools where people say things like: this has never happened in our community.
    which is saying what? the signs are EVERYWHERE … and america is being conned by a game of cards.

    there is not one candidate currently running for the seat of president that can quell the abuse … the misuse … the rise in crime and drugs … get a handle on the corruption. why is that?

    denial? dishonesty?

    • opheliart permalink

      have any of you ever considered that what you feed your kids is destroying them? your communities? your health and wellbeing?

      your future?

      and this, my friends, has everything to do with … education.

  4. opheliart permalink

    this is not a push for interfaith, which is good. we shared the failure of interfaith agenda several times … how it, primarily, glosses over the evils and abuses of each religious community. it distracts from the very necessary attention and focus needed in each of these communities. ‘

    for instance … how can a roman catholic priest or pope truly know what it feels like for a woman up against an all male religious doctrine—a patriarchal establishment? how can the establishment religious know or understand what it’s like for one of gnosis in an elitist regiment of religious questing, usually all male? for it was MALES predominately that made that establishment. imagine a man going into a home and telling the woman that only he can establish what it should be. a woman in her marriage does not say: I am king! whatever I say goes—I AM THE AUTHORITY AND ONLY I HEAR TRUTH IN THIS HOUSE. hmm … it is TO BE AND BECOME in that move toward SPIRITUAL UNDERSTANDING (Peace) a marriage of impartiality and one of Sense and Reason. but not in the mosques and parishes. the “kings” claim absolute authority. this is incorrect in the Light on Love and … it is not how SPIRIT of the Living operates. only the devil desires his own male dominion to keep the woman second class in that Light. the Writings were most certainly misinterpreted and changed to meet the desires and demands of a certain sect of men claiming themselves God’s mouthpiece. these men MISSED THE MESSAGE OF THE CHRIST or … are of ill or of ignorant intent.

    • opheliart permalink


      why should anyone of impartiality be asked to even tolerate male dominated fast growing religions in this Day? it seems ludicrous. any nation desiring MOVEMENT should not be entertaining MALE DOMINATED —PATRIARCHAL INITIATIVE—religions … at all! the common law should be what?

      you may enter if … what? initiate change and remove what is unwilling to foster a fair and just society. how hard is this for national government to understand, unless … it panders for protection.

      hmm … now THAT is something in need of investigation.

      • opheliart permalink

        sacrificing women and children for because of your own lazy and or pathetic shortcoming is … truly, truly sad. and it tells the people you have promised to serve that YOU ARE INCAPABLE OF LEADING!

        any institution, organized sect … government or religion … demanding it be an all male authoritative chronicle is not just derelict in its parenting … IT IS OBVIOUSLY IGNORANT and should not be in seats of power and influence! much of the malady of man thrives in this very ignorance and denial. as long as man believes he can dominate female … has classes of individuals, he deems lesser, he allows, even orchestrates, as LESSER in personhood or goodness (honest or holy) of person, intelligence, smartness, obedience based solely on his knowledge and or vulnerable and limited understanding … he will remain poor in truth. and society will SUFFER because of it! and the youth—THE FUTURE—will suffer.

        bring them to ME and I will … execute? EXCITE them … to something MOVING!

  5. opheliart permalink–abc-news-topstories.html

    so … the world gets the full story? do these two sound like idiots that should be severely punished or nice, caring people? I vote caring people. the question I cannot stop asking is why did the calf have to be euthanized? the farmer from africa said he found baby animals often and would give them to the rangers to care for … did they euthanize these babies?

    oh, wait … euthanize babies … medically destroy living …. animals … is bad but the medical destruction of the living in mommy’s womb is … not bad? because it is … not really living? not like the baby animal? just a blob of unborn nothingness? is this hypocrisy from the highest? or just people being acrid? 😦

    • opheliart permalink

      ah, but we know or should know by now that if baby cannot be cared for decently and appropriately in a healthy and well environment and there is no “expert” that will make sure baby is in the best care possible should mother give birth … would it not be better for SPIRIT of the living to be given another … place of … life?

      SPIRIT (God) of the Living does its part … what about man?

      it is obvious one must go to the source of what makes a woman pregnant. yes? caring of careless?

  6. opheliart permalink

    “Still, he could grievously confound supporters with displays of abysmal judgment, such as opposing John F. Kennedy’s 1960 candidacy on the grounds that Kennedy, as a Catholic, might have dual loyalties to the Vatican. It was Peale’s lowest moment. For some it was unforgivable. Where did Peale’s anti-Catholic bigotry come from? Friends and colleagues were mystified. Caliandro, a minister of depth and sensitivity who knew Peale for decades, could only shake his head in wonder.”

    why is this a low moment? I would have questioned this same! of course it is forgivable … the investigations are not yet over, folks … what is coming out will be more than telling.

    • opheliart permalink

      let’s be absolutely clear here … EVERY PERSON ALIGNING WITH BELIEF AND PRACTICES THAT ARE OF ANOTHER POLITICAL SYSTEM SHOULD BE QUESTIONED … one should be allowed to ask and I will ask and I do expect ANSWERS! does that make me anti-catholic?

      grow up or get out of the business is what I say. I watched video on JFK the other night and heard him say (in reference to rights of women) “the women’s place is in the home.”

      now what do you say, mitch? was kennedy biased, bigoted … discriminating … abusive … misusing women?

      IT WILL ALL BECOMING OUT, FOLKS … get yourself in the KNOW

      • opheliart permalink

        so mitch, does JFK’s view as a ROMAN CATHOLIC slander women? deny female jobs, proper pay …

        a chance at survival beyond what her male counterpart is or chooses?


        think, please … THINK! and what was JFK doing with very young women? and what was JFK doing in his own home? did he use an intern as his mistress? what they were “good” for? handy for sex … to service others according to HIS wishes?

        I find it all incredibly disgusting for a president of the US, but boys will be boys—hmm? it’s okay because these are men in powerful seats?

        how easily you are all bed-fellowed.

  7. opheliart permalink

    how they adore their idols … these men of portraits …

    and the president of the US will destroy liberty in the nation if someone does not step forward and remove him from his seat of denial.

    • opheliart permalink

      is there one bold enough for this task?

      we are waiting

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