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spiritual politics

June 1, 2016

Trump’s religion and its popular appeal



*I borrowed another of alfie’s gallery images …  the Lord’s Gym? 😮


this is a very poignant piece. not the image … the commentary 😀 this is getting to the root of MAN’s mind metal. his dilemma in the form of  … carriage.

how does he carry himself?

what does he wear?

which uniform: made of metal or made of cloth? 


the minister in silk’s commentary reminds me of several things. first, it reminded me of a minister I listened to in a video (posted it in SPIR but I cannot remember which church or denomination). the minister said something like:

if you want 500,000 dollars; write a check for 500,000 dollars and put it in your pocket and the Lord will answer your prayer … (not his exact words but you get the drift). IOW, whatever you want … you can have it if you believe … you will receive what you desire. 

I was like … ah, really, sir? that is not how Spirit operates … if of the Living God because …

our work and worth is about receiving that we might move closer to our SPIRITUAL ID. it means moving out of man for SPIRIT. Spirit of the Living God. and yes, this is real. but you do not know this until you grow this. or, grow within this (see parable of the mina)

if you truly desire instructing, however, expect that you will be chastised and that 500,000 may come when you can say: the only way I will receive that money is if I can use it for Truth. the only way I will receive that 500,000 is if I can RETURN within Wisdom and give purpose to my work, rendering little me worthy.


but don’t call me good. only my father in the REALM of ONE is good. it was this chastising that made it possible for …

do better than me (gnostic literature)


continued in comment section …


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  1. opheliart permalink

    there is something in gnosis that understands how someone like peale succeeds without really having a handle on SPIRITUAL WELLBEING. it is part of that mystery that we are pretty sure atheists scoff at and many religious ignore. it doesn’t have a name. seriously, it does not have a name … a title, a label … or an institution. it is not a profession, a vocation … an order. it is the work of the feminine divine. it is SHE that allows he his day in the sun … that “man” might be moved out of something into another. why? MOVEMENT IS ESSENTIAL. Spirit of the Living cannot use— inspire … one to help lead others to new place. greener pastors, so to speak … without Her. pastors that are not bogged down in tepid soil … barren soil, soil contaminated or diseased. the pastor is not necessarily ideal … even all THAT good but, it’s the movement SHE inspires for growth, in … something absolutely necessary to keep HUMANITY a place of hope. a place of deliverance … a place of saving.
    one can look back and see all the boo-boos in that pastor … all the flaws, but where were the people that they needed to move? where were the people feeding? were they slaves to a dynasty teaching them submission? subordination? that they will always be lesser or not as “good” as those holy scribes … and pharisees? were they taught that only men could be so special as to wear the robe that father asks brother to bring to his returning son? hmm …

    the roman catholic church had the people returning to deafness … blind submission. go ahead, look it up … who was in the seat of power and influence and what were the other catholics mired in?

    sometimes a judas or a … badgering prophet comes to kick a little ass.

    • opheliart permalink

      our brother tommy merton was one of those moving people. he ignited the new age movement, unintentionally, of course, but … the cath-o-licks had to get out of that ooze of ritualistic metal. it was downing them. but he was not to enter the eastern orthodox culture as he was beginning to experience in it (would have lost step for the people). his life was cut short. I feel certain he would not be offended 😉

      • opheliart permalink

        if thomas were hear today, he would say:

        I wish you WELL … for all the lives unloved in the torment of rigorous denial … those damn orders, you know, making men run around like squirrels at a nut harvest with little to no release. let them have their “wives” … FOR GOD’S SAKE! 😉

  2. opheliart permalink

    note the “accomplishments”


    1922-39 … PIUS XI established VATICAN CITY as a SOVEREIGN state (gee, how big of him)

    1939-58 … PIUS XII invoked pAPAL INFALLIBILITY (oh-wow! how … big of him) in the encyclical … and defined the DOGMA of ASS UMPTION (?)

    JOHN PAUL XXIII only 4 yrs 218 days when …

    PAUL VI enters the scene with HIS encyclical condemning contraception

    1978- 2005 … JOHN PAUL II CANONIZED THE MOST SAINTS … but wiki failed to mention his love of MACIEL MACIAL and that legion on men calling themselves … of Christ

    • opheliart permalink

      seems they never moved out of their arrogance and desire for POWER AND CONTROL.

      this, my friends is NOT of the Christ. SPIRIT of the LIVING never, never, NEVER uses men like these for MOVEMENT.

      so … where does that place jorge from argentina?

      • opheliart permalink

        if given a choice of only two, and WE ask this of silk, too, what would you choose? peale’s view or the vatican’s view? keeping in mind that choice is paramount, and not FORCED OBEDIENCE.

        are you seeing “it” yet?

        where would you be if the roma had its way?

        no one in the SPIRIT has said that the protestants of the world (the heretics according to the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH) have it all together … know Truth …

        but IMAGINE IF THERE HAD BEEN NO LUTHER? imagine if one had not been inspired/used to move people out of that blind submission to the popes? the hierarchy? their LAW? hmm?

        imagine if you had a choice of only two … sharia law or israel’s current place … what would you choose?

        atheists do not see the writing on their walls. every step they take today and if refusing to believe in that feminine divine, GOD or the SPIRIT… they should be thanking those HERETICS that came before, imperfect and ungood as they were … for their ability to protest.
        for they would have been FORCED to obey a caliphate operation.

  3. opheliart permalink

    there is really no excuse for that kind of ignorance … in THIS Day but … poor parenting is poor teaching.

    • opheliart permalink

      and they were called CHRISTIAN in antioch.
      is antioch rome? the roman catholic church? is roman catholic even christian? there is a YUGE difference between what was happening in antioch and what the vatican through its pope set up for itself. you dig? one might say the pope is a poe troll …

      • opheliart permalink

        any person not seeing this is in denial

  4. opheliart permalink

    the vatican knows it looks archaic and corrupt. it knows it is an oppressor of people’s rights. it knows its “infallibility” is in serious question. it knows its ‘law’ is obtuse and systemically eroding. it knows it can no longer ‘appear’ viable in a changing world, and get away with its mundane and ignorant ways. it knows its canon is derelict and indifferent. hence the populist pope, the poe troll … out in grandstanding mode to make others appear worse. they wear the mask of whitewash while parading, once again, their erroneous … vision. “if we make this and that look bad … we look less evil … less guilty … ” they think they are clever in their escapades but they are seen for what they are: liars and frauds. ignorant of TRUTH and what is of THE CHRIST>

    Movement is only benevolent when man HEARS its tenor.

    the pope hears his advisors and little else and his advisors are slaves to dogma, and he betrays the people with his histrionics that do nothing more than confuse.

    so what did vatican ethic do? hitch a ride with islam … buddy up with judaism and lutheranism and … the muslim brotherhood, but how do these come together in this Day? they don’t. which makes the vatican ethic derelict and diseased. it is an ailing system of errancy and devilish portal. it has not viable vision while it sits on its hoard of gold. a bastard king on a hill of sand.

    and who has the audacity to bow to this crumbling throne filled with rotting corpses?

    not ME. for ME is the Way to I AM> in the Return.

    • opheliart permalink

      in THIS Day … those still pandering to the pope will be seen as arrogant and selfish … agenda-seeking centrists with no viable fruit.

      • opheliart permalink

        I AM … the Lord your God … which brought you OUT OF THE HOUSE OF BONDAGE!

        what don’t you understand about {this} ?

        and there is no way … if you obey the doctrine of:

        “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam”

        this is not AMERICA’s Voice. it is the voice of a bureaucrat.

  5. opheliart permalink

    as I started to read the criticism … I thought of exorcism (and do you accept this method?) as the vatican uses this quite frequently but what in hell is it? man thinks he can master evil through his mouth piece through document formula … as if he has influence over evil? oh, well … if that is the case then why isn’t he using his formulated mouth piece to influence evil in the world? maybe he is not in agreement with what is evil and what isn’t. maybe he does not know what is of evil and what isn’t.

    then I noticed the many health professionals who did not accept peale’s work. but they accept drugs … and drugs … and more drugs to treat man’s maladies …

    and this is not injurious to man?

    ha! give it a test! man wants what man wants for his own pedigree. it’s “expert” hypnosis. they are hypnotized by their credentials … that professionalistic mantra … yes?

    but I have no use for hypnosis, either way.

    maybe silk can explain how the following differs from the vatican’s (pope’s) mouthpiece:

    Hard to substantiate[edit]
    One major criticism of The Power of Positive Thinking is that the book is full of anecdotes that are hard to substantiate. Almost all of the experts and many of the testimonials that Peale quotes as supporting his philosophy are unnamed, unknown and unsourced. Examples include a “famous psychologist”,[14]:52 a two-page letter from a “practicing physician”,[14]:150 another “famous psychologist”,[14]:169 a “prominent citizen of New York City”,[14]:88 and dozens, if not hundreds, more unverifiable quotations. Similar scientific studies of questionable validity are also cited. As psychiatrist R. C. Murphy exclaimed, “All this advertising is vindicated as it were, by a strict cleaving to the side of part truth,” and referred to the work and the quoted material as “implausible and woodenly pious.”[15]

    Concealed hypnosis[edit]
    A second major accusation of Peale is that he attempted to conceal that his techniques for giving the reader absolute self-confidence and deliverance from suffering are a well known form of hypnosis, and that he attempts to persuade his readers to follow his beliefs through a combination of false evidence and self-hypnosis (autosuggestion), disguised by the use of terms which may sound more benign from the reader’s point of view (“techniques”, “formulas,” “methods,” “prayers,” and “prescriptions.”). One author called Peale’s book “The Bible of American autohypnotism.”.[3]:264

    While his techniques are not debated by psychologists, Peale said his theological practice and strategy was directed more at self-analysis, forgiveness, character development, and growth[16] much like the Jesuits of the Catholic Church.[17]

    Psychiatrist R. C. Murphy writes “Self knowledge, in Mr. Peale’s understanding is unequivocally bad: self hypnosis is good.” Murphy adds that repeated hypnosis defeats an individual’s self-motivation, self-knowledge, unique sense of self, sense of reality, and ability to think critically. Murphy describes Peale’s understanding of the mind as inaccurate, “without depth,” and his description of the workings of the mind and the unconscious as deceptively simplistic and false: “It is the very shallowness of his concept of ‘person’ that makes his rules appear easy … If the unconscious of man … can be conceptualized as a container for a small number of psychic fragments, then ideas like ‘mind-drainage’ follow. So does the reliance on self-hypnosis, which is the cornerstone of Mr. Peale’s philosophy.'”[15]

    Psychologist Albert Ellis, the founder of cognitive therapy and influential psychologist of the 20th century, compared the Peale techniques with those of the hypnotist Emile Coue, and Ellis says that the repeated use of these hypnotic techniques could lead to significant mental health problems. Ellis has documented in several books the many individuals he has treated who suffered mental breakdowns from following Peale’s teachings. Ellis’ writings repeatedly warn the public not to follow the Peale message. Ellis contends the Peale approach is dangerous, distorted, unrealistic. He compares the black or white view of life that Peale teaches to a psychological disorder (borderline personality disorder), perhaps implying that dangerous mental habits which he sees in the disorder may be brought on by following the teaching. “In the long run [Peale’s teachings] lead to failure and disillusionment, and not only boomerang back against people, but often prejudice them against effective therapy.”[18]

    Exaggerated fears[edit]
    A third major criticism is that Peale’s philosophy is based on exaggerating the fears of his readers and followers, and that this exaggerated fear inevitably leads to aggression and the destruction of those considered “negative.” Peale’s views are critically reviewed in a 1955 article by psychiatrist R. C. Murphy, published in The Nation, titled “Think Right: Reverend Peale’s Panacea.”

    With saccharine terrorism, Mr. Peale refuses to allow his followers to hear, speak or see any evil. For him real human suffering does not exist; there is no such thing as murderous rage, suicidal despair, cruelty, lust, greed, mass poverty, or illiteracy. All these things he would dismiss as trivial mental processes which will evaporate if thoughts are simply turned into more cheerful channels. This attitude is so unpleasant it bears some search for its real meaning. It is clearly not a genuine denial of evil but rather a horror of it. A person turns his eyes away from human bestiality and the suffering it evokes only if he cannot stand to look at it. By doing so he affirms the evil to be absolute, he looks away only when he feels that nothing can be done about it … The belief in pure evil, an area of experience beyond the possibility of help or redemption, is automatically a summons to action: ‘evil’ means ‘that which must be attacked … ‘ Between races for instance, this belief leads to prejudice. In child-rearing it drives parents into trying to obliterate rather than trying to nurture one or another area of the child’s emerging personality … In international relationships it leads to war. As soon as a religious authority endorses our capacity for hatred, either by refusing to recognize unpleasantness in the style of Mr Peale or in the more classical style of setting up a nice comfortable Satan to hate, it lulls our struggles for growth to a standstill … Thus Mr Peale’s book is not only inadequate for our needs but even undertakes to drown out the fragile inner voice which is the spur to inner growth.

    • opheliart permalink

      lack of transparency? unsubstantiated claims? (beginning with their INFALLIBLE DOCTRINE … wink-wink-wink)

      you see, sometimes one is used for the purpose of … KNOWING THEM BY THEIR FRUITS … sort of like, okay, since you accept this canon without question and use it to stupefy the people … let’s see how you react to this other …

      what happened? drugs drugs and more drugs? 😉 and now we are in a f-ing drug epidemic from the senior citizen down to the child? oh, what? your child doesn’t like his hormone changes? but he is growing … it’s a natural process

      DRUG HIM! they demand … PUT HIM TO THE KNIFE! this is GOD!!!!! it’s all religious in nature, for worldly acclaim and submission … a fascism of the mind. huh.

      • opheliart permalink

        and they called JESUS a winebibber? lol … look at the people in peril! look at them! they don’t know which way is up because all they ever do it look down …

        at everyone not like them.

  6. opheliart permalink

    I once asked LORD in all seriousness, “why did you allow the Roman Catholic Church such power and influence … for sooooo loooong?”

    two things appear in that answer. first is PROPHESY. can’t live with it can’t live without it? 😉
    (a PROPHET is not accepted in his hometown?)

    and in the book of that REVELATION there is a verse I have shared numerous times in SPIR. do you know it?

    • opheliart permalink

      But leave out the court which is outside the temple, and do not measure it, for it has been given to the Gentiles. And they will tread the holy city underfoot for forty-two months.

      as we shared some time ago … when we first started SPIR/SPIRREALISM … that book called REVELATION should have been first not last.

  7. opheliart permalink

    Trump’s religion and its popular appeal

    yep, samuel, the den liberalists went off the ledge … while their marxist fellows navigated the ship.

    what—were they bored with all that creed with no where to go? 😉

    they won’t let go of the new game in town: islam via muslim … or would that be the other way around? because they see volume votes by playing the race-baiter and accuser (bring them all in {for votes, of course] and … let them breed in large numbers—more for their party—yes? an assured seat?). and bro-pope? he was a ledger for the camp and is why the new atheisthumanitariansecularist a-marching for their voices to be heard are not getting heard because what is there to hear? it’s already been done. the camp has its platform: call everyone not like them a bigot and a racist … everyone who does not think exactly like them and who dares to question their logic, reason and sense. forget about the hardworking people shelling out thousands for this and that, having bled for the nation … been used in ways unacceptable … while probably half of the time the “experts” are cheating … no matter where you look, believer or atheist, no matter what they claim, somebody is getting deceived somewhere while struggling to survive under this cop-out regime. but voting bernie (ethically) means hillary does not have it so easy … to be elected, because … there are some things that must come forth.

    it’s not really about socialism today … though, not the socialism bernie imagines … because he won’t get elected. you see, there is no competition without a competitor and hillary needs competition in the midst of hollywood ham … the great defender of all things clinton. so … it is that I tend to try something new (but I did not actually vote back on MA day 😉 because bernie’s group did not respond to my questions/concerns
    but it is important that hillary have competition and her biggest competition was/is bernie and … those emails (and other things to come out). trump will self-destruct under the weight of his refusal to admit his nefarious dealings. it was just a matter of time before his behavior would catch up with him.

    recall we said there would be a third party? not french as some think … that’s not what I was hearing. it would be something changing.

    • opheliart permalink

      “While the United States is the largest donor of humanitarian assistance to Syrian refugees, we must also dramatically increase the number of Syrian refugees that we accept for resettlement.”

      as the largest donor even while many of americans are struggling and crime is up with shootings every week, deaths, rapes, a major drug epidemic … corruption and the american college grads cannot find a job while older citizens suffer having lost their jobs … you want what? the US government under the current admin is just using the refugee as a bargaining chip. at the expense of the american citizen and america. america is not what you refugees think … it involves hardship and deception and disease and corruption and … incompetent leaders, abusive elders and that is under what we call a democratic system! already it is reported that a very high percentage of islam followers want sharia law in america … and already the president of the US has stated that the future of america will not slander the prophet of islam … which will put you right back where you started …

      if things go the way you say: americans MUST welcome syrian refugees. must? sounds like you need a course in history: your own.

      • opheliart permalink

        if it comes to it islamist, are you willing to go to war against your own people? your own members? or do you expect that the american will fight that you may go to mosque and continue GROWING your religion?


  8. opheliart permalink

    good grief … this is like a kindergarten class … you must play with josie and you must sit nicely with raj and you must keep your hands to yourself. it’s not nice being mean to those who wear a cross instead of a …

    but it’s not so simple … is it? there is a mission invoked here … and the establishments will get EXACTLY what they support and pay into while taking in the ……….

  9. opheliart permalink

    David Lloyd-Jones Dave Miller • 15 hours ago
    Dave, Aren’t they all local forms of neo-Calvinism? But then how do they make the jump to self-celebrating sunniness? I’m asking. I’d love to have your thoughts or correction.

    And changing the subject rather a good deal, am I sinful to smile at the thought that the Crystal Cathedral was bought up cheap in bankruptcy by the Catholics? 🙂

    —from silk’s commentary

    the same church den that can’t afford to keep their local churches open and the same (archdiocese) claiming bankruptcy … due to excessive CLERGY/STAFF CHILD SEX ABUSE, david? what’s to smile about on that? unless you like so many others are in league with the fascist dictators who take and never give … eh?

    your posts are long on truth in that you haven’t got awareness in what ALLOWS YOU TO SPEAK … like … if it had not been for those same PROTESTANTS you would not be here, speaking … at all.

    put that in your crystal glass, sunshine!

    • opheliart permalink

      ignorant bigots, the lot of them? … lumping everyone into one hedonistic camp. sorta like what roma did to the christians? sorta what the liberalists are doing to the non liberalists and the believers of VARIOUS beliefs and practices? sorta like what militant atheists do to all believers? sorta what the roman catholic church did to all those who protested the RCC church doctrine, teachings and practices?

      do your homework, please! and for GOD’s sake … THINK!

      • opheliart permalink

        so many take for granted their freedom. how shallow and stiff these people are. what you see happening in places with SHARIA LAW with all that unfair abuse, murder, demand for POLITICAL AND RELIGIOUS OBEDIENCE … is what the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH built and injected into the world under its self-proclaimed title: THE AUTHORITY. yes, it was messy getting out of that dictatorship and yes, many fought incorrectly but what had the roman church taught them? what were they up against?

        you people are ill-conceived in your understanding. good gracious me … what a derelict view of events.


        you receive what you believe …

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