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May 31, 2016



are only interested in the face books … and not the truth … about itself. 



Aragon the Atheist • 8 hours ago——–
Every Pope is a primitive symbol of human fear and self loathing.
This world DESPERATELY needs:

Contraception – The Pope is against it.
Women’s equal rights – The Pope is against it.
Freedom of speech – The Pope is against it.
Justice – The Pope is against it.
Transparent government – The Pope is against it.
Freedom to question Religious claims (Jihad, Papal infallibility) – The Pope is against it.
Rooting out pedophile priests – The Pope is against it.

To give lip service to “compassion” while disparaging these things and many others – is a disgrace to all of us. Religion should be gently discouraged for the primitive nuisance it is.


Pope Francis chats with social media stars — and the Hollywood version


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  1. opheliart permalink

    that commenter, aragon the atheist … seems familiar to me. hmm … let’s see if ‘we’ can name him.

  2. opheliart permalink

    we should add that it is not just the pope who is against questioning:

    Freedom to question Religious claims (Jihad, Papal infallibility) – The Pope is against it.

    who is the author of:

    “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam”

    you see, aragon the atheist, your presidents/politicians and DEAL-MAKERS are often just as r-e-l-i-g-i-o-u-s …

    what say you to the author of that statement? or do you only accuse … and slander the pope? why don’t you tell it like it is? and why on EARTH haven’t you and your buddies addressed OBAMA AND CO in their pope and islam endorsements these last few years? why haven’t you questioned barack obama? what has he changed in the US regarding these caliphate religious? looks like he is preparing the way of … jihad?

    • opheliart permalink

      ha-ha … please read the comments to the posted RNS article … it proves our point VERY CLEARLY! the atheist of that sector is just as “infallible” in their ignorance as those they say are delusional. LOL! some are willing to tolerate the meek … so long as they are weak and don’t speak. wow … just wow. the one commenter tries to share (freud, etc) but the atheists posting don’t want to be shown anything! they assume they have ALL the answers … and needn’t read anything. so they ACCUSE the poster of just trying to sell his book.

      do you see now why they will die off? ignorance does not live long in shallow water … the sun bleaches them out … yep 😉

      I read things I do not agree with often … to better understand Man. but Man loves himself so damn much … he pushes away HUMANITY at every turn, thinking himself king and caliph.

      hmm … such desperate insolence.

      hey, buggers, your days are numbered because … you know that “thing” you don’t believe in? it’s going to kick your ass 😀 😀 😀

  3. opheliart permalink

    um, a boat is not small … necessarily … at least not these boats so … how is it that these boats are able to be launched? who-what is responsible for the coasts where these boats set off?why do we keep seeing these same articles but no activity or NEWS on the law stopping those smuggling, taking money … overcrowding the boats, setting out in bad weather … not enough life preservers and … pregnant women on board … small children?

    how can one truly believe those engaging in “talks” and POLICY if there seems not to be any laws in place to stop the boats from setting out, esp if not operated decently …

    * added:

    lots of questions with little to no answers … from these same agenda seekers (geez, do you think these smugglers are atheists? they just might be).

    • opheliart permalink

      media and law makers — treaty sympathizers —must think people are really really dumb. not.

      • opheliart permalink

        there is no doubt in my mind … on the push … so who-what is really responsible for this derelict trade? the deaths are not on those asking questions before biting off more than can be chewed … the deaths are on the piggy cults and those leaders without … care and …


        remember, theirs is an industry … A business. it would behoove YOU to find out those names.

  4. opheliart permalink

    this sometimes appears amusing —at first glance—but it’s not, not really … maybe not at all.

    let’s take the first comment:

    Ian Cooper • an hour ago
    When religious people are killing atheists, there will always be a “religious bogeyman”. And every year we hear of someone who was killed for their atheism by religious people in the name of some god or other. The Christian delusion might not be as murderous as the Islamic delusion, but it is still murderous. Let’s not forget that the last murder of a person for expressing disbelief in the Christian god happened just six months ago, on Christmas Eve 2015.

    he who shall not be named (muhammand/islam?) these posters seem afraid to say his name 😀 but are always quick to state exactly who of the CHRISTIAN sects killed and did this and that and they never quite get to the root of all those murders, INCLUDING THEIR OWN ATHEIST MURDERERS and there are many! like drug dealers and rapists and doctors without a conscience and … scientists who like to experiment … which costs lives … INNOCENT lives … making and building weapons … shall we do a f-ing count, atheist? you are so unreasonable you lack intelligence on your own history! your own acts!

    the evidence is all over the place on this and the atheist is like the hare and the tortoise and the hare, because he misses the epic denial: his own.

    religious gods? there are many … and they come in all shapes and sizes, titles, names, labels and vocations … politics, included. if the atheist cannot see this he is a fool, and he is a fool!

    think about it, people … true believers in the CHRIST never use force or militia or harm and are IMPARTIAL AS SPIRIT OF THE LIVING IS IMPARTIAL … few are chosen to speak out on the hypocrisy and the poor parenting, the abuse and the misuse … because they have what? think, now … think about this without judging. or REACTING without knowing the fuller story.

    if the atheist is still angry with “the christian” he needs to be more specific! like where and how and who it is that he is angry with, and we can show him exactly where his own are doing something similar. this is what it is coming to folks, and what we have been warning about. and why the atheist will disappear.

    his menace will be shown for what it is. now, if he says: look at the inquisition, the crusades, the …

    yep, and those of gnosis were very much attacked and denied and … in all of that POLITICKING using “god” for power and control, like money and bad meds and certain acts that confuse and mislead and … no differently from what obama says in his defense of islam. HIS USE OF ISLAM’S PROPHET …

    so … the atheist’s voice is one of denial. he is partial in his motive and his intent is equally lacking in truth. he has built his house on sand.

    * note how the MILITANT DENIERS … those darn infallible fat heads pat each other on the back and … notice how since they could not debate in any REALISTIC AND REASONABLE MANNER IN THEIR DENIAL … they blew up the book issue with the commenter to distract and cloud the FACT that they would not debate the ‘super natural’ … with the author. huh, like watching children play my house is bigger than your house …

    despite it being empty. but why, you ask … it’s because he spent all his energy on making itself look BIG and BETTER that there was nothing for the inner room: the blue room. the night LIGHT … the field of roses. they would probably imprison the mystics because they don’t sound like them … in all their fascist glory … and what is really interesting in all of this … they do not even know that it was the christian having saved their ass 😀 …

    soon … the dawn will emerge and they will realize what they have been missing.

    *also note: where else do we see grandstanding and histrionics and much focus? that distracts from vital concerns? are these stumbling blocks? people can’t see around all of the grandstanding, histrionics and parading … of a certain pope … certain party or politician … even a mass exodus … to cover over the real problems … to disguise certain behavior?

    evil does not want you to know its source … and will use certain acts to redirect your focus, your time, energy, money and GIFTS …

    • opheliart permalink

      the atheist really needs to understand his own ignorance.

      his reason is lacking in SENSE 😉

      • opheliart permalink

        don’t you find it odd that atheists don’t ask every criminal, having committed crimes that harm others and cost lives to find out WHAT THEY BELIEVE?

        if someone SELLS then says, I did it for money (where many have suffered and some even died) … you have an atheist. but he blames some religious god, usually … and the real REASON a person committed a crime —harmed others—denied, lied, crucified … is not transparent … manipulates and deceives …

        is for power, control, revenge … hatred … not FOR SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD BECAUSE SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD DOES NOT USE DISHONESTY AND DENIAL for the Work of Truth.

        put that in your weed peace pipes and smoke it, eggheads.

        humpty dumpty sat on a wall … HEY, EVERYBODY LOOK AT ME! he says … oops, crack …

        and all the kings’ horses and all the kings’ men could not put humpty together .. again.

  5. opheliart permalink


    rene girard was catholic … of the catholic element of thinking, pursuing and treating. if he was against use of force, why was he catholic? why did he continue to allow the catholic methodology in his life, life’s work and use on others? clearly catholicism is a forced religious entity, replete with rituals and dogma … so why did he not step out of catholicism and say: catholicism is a religious god … partial … responsible for much bloodshed and abuse in the world. it harbors a science that typifies truth under … its OWN infallible leverage and influence. it’s goal/mission was/is to take … power and control … and use it for its own gain … and when it begins to lose these, it TAKES from others (islam’s immediate notoriety and acceptance in communities, often and ALSO through FORCE: muslim brotherhood, sharia law or liberal unrest in the more democratic society, caring NOT for anything but its own desire for power, control and immediate influence: a form of fascist mental state, of which both RCC and islam receive) and uses it to carry ITSELF to this same (same as islam) goals.

  6. opheliart permalink

    LOL! I heard this on the news over the weekend and am finally getting around to googling it. there really isn’t much out there on it … so funny. do I know who this mystery man is?


  7. opheliart permalink

    raised catholic converted to islam … and the change is? he just stepped from one pot to another, and continues to praise a pedophile … poppet 😦

    • opheliart permalink

      who in their right mind worships a war lord child rapist’s material? do you think what he wrote is intended for good? muhammad was a murderer and his bio is …? why would you follow a man like that? why would you trust a man having taken the writings and added … what he wanted for his tribal ignorance and world mission? look what he did with the women and girls? are you people daft?

      people say JESUS told his disciples to murder. this is incorrect. but okay … there are atheists who desire to believe this—they want desperately to disparage something they cannot know … a LANGUAGE misinterpreted by other men … caliphate doers? a hierarchy of abuse? … they want it to be true …those verses that use the word kill or execute without demanding that the archives be revealed … the evidence brought forth … they say they desire FACT and EVIDENCE yet deny the chance for it. they refuse the investigation …

      now, should one recognize that the LANGUAGE was different and not easily interpreted and understood by Mankind (those with ears to hear?) … one could easily say that JESUS murdered no one and no where did he actually command death of human beings. no where … and his disciples killed not one human being. what others did with the WORD is what they did with the Word. they used it for ill intent. this we know from history … men setting themselves up in political partnerships … gaining power and influence murdered many. even today. warring is a manmade article and THE way that men choose for solving concerns … getting what he wants.

      so … which PROPHET is without murderous intent? which is the more suitable for recognizing and following TRUTH? if atheist is easily deceived by trusting men who end up betraying him … who end up to be dishonest … who end up engaging him/the youth in warring … a WAR … bloodshed or … leads him to trust dishonest and murderous men and dishonest, plagiarizing and murderous business politics and religious …

      what is he? a fool? poor? ignorant? deceived? dishonest …. murderous?

      • opheliart permalink

        imagine JESUS speaking to the obama admin and congress … politicians. lawmakers, institutions of all ports and … religionists … scribes and pharisees … people of the law …

        they accuse him of SLANDERING a prophet these men and women desire for policy … business, riches. they slander him, accuse him of things … then toss him in jail. or they denounce him publicly and with their power and influence they create a politically correct view (theirs) that makes people think he is bigoted, racist … homophobic, anti-muslim/islam, anti-semitic, misogynistic and anti-gay … anti-catholic … anti this and anti that …. and people murder him because they fear him … despise him.

        we say, oh, why did you do that? only evil fears being caught at hypocrisy and lies … yes? murders, abuses … evil fears it will be removed from ____ as a barren tree, one not bearing fruit. why did you make one of gnosis look evil? what are you hiding that you should all gang-accuse and gang-murder him?

        do you fear losing all that money? all that power and control? did you fear losing your influential seat that holds much power over the people? what is your god? your military might? war?

  8. opheliart permalink


    that disgusting brotherhood sure is EVIL!

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