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May 29, 2016

… I found the image of the muscle bound Jesus in the SPIR gallery. Alfie used it when he was doing a piece on pentecostals (I think it was on the pentecostal) … and it seemed appropriate for this post, even if a little tongue in cheek 😉



been waiting for the proper time to share on this in a more serious manner:

mexico … must become unified with the states of america. it must. politics is not my area but in order to help the people, esp the youth and women in such a growing danger … (read of what is happening in tourist places in mexico, once thought of as safe. … and if islamic extremists get their foot in the door there and the cartels back them for crime and control) … AMERICA will lose and lose big.

we cannot distance ourselves from mexico! even puerto rico (struggling economically … as is america in important areas) … because the extremists will swoop in and … we will see two wonderfully enigmatic people disappear.

get LAWS into place and get the CHILDREN into better HOUSING! that they might grow in safety and a less extreme environment. THIS IS A WARNING! democrats are careless and republicans are acting stodgy.




we need a firm hand in office … for the next four years … to stem the recklessness of the liberalist agendas and to help safeguard the people. as it stands there will be war invoking … iran, palestine … nations will take sides …


—– the drugs and sex trafficking will increase as will CRIME of all extreme nature! we are in a very precarious position, folks, and each one of us must do our part to help in these HEAVY concerns. or our FUTURE will be lost to epic betrayal and destruction of HUMAN fostering.


NOW! now, please … now. stop with the pissy arguing over potties and marriage and get REAL for the SAFETY OF THE HUMAN RACE!


AMERICA< YOU ARE BEING CALLED … to something more than



thank you!


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  1. opheliart permalink

    as many have shared, america cannot police the world and has not been the most ‘democratic’ in its middle east dealings and must distance itself from the islamic sectors there. it is sucking the LIFE out of the american people and …

    those in office have not been careful in their deals … leading the american people closer and closer toward another WAR.

    we cannot take in tens of thousands of refugees from syria and …

    as we shared numerous times, we can bring in the orphaned syrian children, now … can’t we? or is the liberal system playing russian roulette with our lives? pushing for a do “their way” or die agenda?

    they want a deluge … we do not. why? because we are NEVER to bite off (of …) more than we can chew and … we must see to our own who are very much in need and … OUR NEIGHBOR is what? at present … what is our neighbor? the entire world? the whole of the middle east? should we sacrifice everything for the liberal agenda to keep its “black and white” ass in office?

    we are not so black and white—are we? we must be colorful in our choosing … we must be CREATIVE in our Worth and our Work … and not so …

    intensely neurotic about policy. isn’t that right, obi?

  2. opheliart permalink

    “Rivalries and disputes among Islamic associations have complicated efforts to manage religious instruction for Muslims in some areas and strained relations with some universities that train teachers for existing Islam classes.”

    RELIGION LIKE POLITICS CANNOT AGREE ON WHAT IS WHAT … so why confuse the youth? will this approach bring the extremists into the state schools to send their own calling card? you made your bed so now you must lie in it. good luck with that.

    if obama gets his way and brings in the number of refugees that he is asking for … will america be in the same position as germany? will curriculums then be focusing on islam with more arguments about what is and what is not true islam? who wants their kids immersed in this stuff? add an extra hour to the day for islamic studies? cut out the ARTS even more to give time for islamic religion?

    AS PARENTS can’t you spend time with your kids to help them see the neurosis? why is it that the schools are now the gods of the youth?

    time for parents to take matters into their own hands to keep their children safe … listening and learning. it seems that governments and religious are desperately trying to suffocate the youth with their bad decisions.

  3. opheliart permalink

    I wouldn’t visit india for all the karma in the world! this is as horrendous as brazil’s atrocity.


    HUMAN is a marriage of Conscience with …

    • opheliart permalink

      each nation should seriously begin dealing with their own crimes in a manner that treats these acts as a grave illness, one that will place the abuser/murder in chains … because he cannot be trusted to be free. he has no CONSCIENCE … to develop. he is beyond the place of healing. this does not mean you cannot forgive; it means that he cannot live with the reality of his crimes. his sickness is beyond repair. should he wake to his crime, he would not be able to live with himself and would do worse … put him to limited mobility that he should not harm anyone. evil cannot operate without visible force. it is visible force that evil uses (the hanging/scars … trauma …)

      for example … the child abused while young … no one knows? people are ignorant to the abuse? but the child shows his pain and suffering … and carries it with him all of that life as he struggles to survive. evil thrives on degradation and destruction. it looks for innocence to misuse and abuse.

      women and young women should be escorted by guardian in these places of disrepair.

      what is this pack of demon orcs that attacks child in india, brazil … will it spread like a super bug to a community near you? what will you do to stop this?


      YOU HAVE A VOICE—BE HEARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. opheliart permalink

    ATHLETES, where is your backbone? many of you are guilty of rape and abuse on women/young women … maybe THE OLYMPICS should say something more? yes?

    are you capable of more than national glory-self-glory and ads and endorsements that make you lots of money?

    what say YOU? as a team? as a NATION? LORD knows the lawmakers and law enforcement are SLOW in addressing this epidemic. what year is it? 2016? and MAN is still … so far from HUMAN.

    maybe entertainment continues to make fucking “chicks” look like factory farms. hmm? you know the shows … the sitcoms … the movies … what do they call it “boinking chicks”? and women laugh … too? I find it disrespectful …

    what about you? what CULTURE do you live in?

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