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Love is God

May 16, 2016

Did Hitchens almost convert to Christianity?


I am going to address this and the first comment in 3 parts. the first in this body … the rest in the comment section.

In Mere Christianity CS LEWIS announced that God is Love then immediately followed it up with …

Love is God.


the first comment on salkin’s piece says:


Ronin • 26 minutes ago
Christians always lie about death bed conversions. Hitchens DID NOT come close to conversion. He was ill not insane.


imagine if I said: JEWS ALWAYS LIE ABOUT THEIR DEATH BED EXPERIENCES. Hitchens DID NOT come close to conversion. He was ill not insane.

would the jews, and much of the world, call me ANTI-SEMITIC? would they say I hate jews? that I am a racist and anti-jew? 

yes, many would say I hate jews if I had said that. based on the principles and belief, views and opinions of today, I would be labeled anti-semitic, most ardently by observant jews.

do we hear many if any say to RONIN and those like him … you are ANTI-CHRISTIAN. you hate christians … you are a racist…?

no, not really.

why? first, freedom of speech in america is allowed and … there is really no such thing as CHRISTIANITY as a race. a person can say he hates christian belief and practice, the new testament, the bible and christian theologians/philosophers (their writings …). of course, any intelligent, impartial person would likely ask: which christian denomination? which group of christians does he hate? are all christians liars? or only when they speak of death bed experiences?

another question:

but how would ronin know what is happening when people die? any people … any person? is ronin at every death bed to judge whether or not a conversion is taking place? and if so, how is this taking place? and how does he or salkin know if a person goes to heaven? whose heaven? all jews go to the jewish heaven or all people go to his jewish heaven, even ISIL murderers, and hitler, along with his most devoted and murderous comrades who spoke out vehemently against the jews—hating them and calling them all liars … do these also go to salkin’s “jewish” heaven? if all go to salkin’s heaven then why be a jew at all? we would all be the same in God’s eyes … unless, a conversion is forced upon us as we pass from the flesh. and if this is what the jews believe happens, even as individuals hate jews as ronin hates christians,  does one still get ‘converted’ to judaism … automatically transported to the jewish idea of heaven? no choice?


“CHRISTIAN” IS A LANGUAGE, not a race. you do not have to be greek or irish or polish or italian … black or white … green or red … purple or magenta  … therefore you do not become jew or greek or … irish … black or …


I AM is a Place where believer in CHRIST hears the Language of {this}.


christianity is a religion, yes, and some of it uses doctrine based on the works of theologians and others, and these vary, but not everyone claiming christianity is the same, just as not every person loves in the same way … feeds, baths, exercises, studies, meditates… EXPERIENCES and shares as ONE in the Christ. certainly we have seen this time and time again—–yes? just as the ESSENES  were not like salkin’s jews … there are christians not at all like ronin’s christian.






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  1. opheliart permalink

    based on salkin’s commentary … we get the distinct impression he is frightened.

  2. opheliart permalink

    in the new, several times the SAMARITAN is mentioned. these are the ‘jew’ that the other jew was not fond of. there was a sort of class system at that time and some jews were not up to snuff … so to speak. this is true of even national identity. some irish not serving the ‘irish’ ideal may not be considered true irish. and there is the example I shared in SPIR not too long ago: a CONVERT catholic considering the priesthood was told he would not be offered the same ‘promotions’ as a cradle catholic.

    christian RELIGIOUS sects do have their hierarchies and the strength of these operate through tough-minded policy. the politics of these determine who gets what. and being born a catholic and following through in the ranks of this with all the academics that usually goes along with it … awards one a seat in the upper echelon. the seat called expert or professional … the creed-minded of institution—its hierarchal orders.

    the following comment has its own creed … allow us to explain:

    patrick • an hour ago
    “ for those who want to be shaken and stirred “
    How convenient Mr Salkin !
    The subtitle of your blog provides you cover, and allows you to make as many absurd statements as you wish.
    “ So I misrepresented. “ you might say upon being challenged in one of your transparent absurdities about Hitchens.
    “ I’m only doing what I said I would – I’m shaking you ! “
    Hitchens didn’t know his mother was Jewish until he was 28 – and his Jew-ness was only by lineage –
    neither by religion nor culture. His upbringing was entirely secular.
    Hitchens was a world-class internationally famed intellectual, scholar, author and writer. The religious tell outright lies about him, seeking to bask in his fame.

    Atheist Sam Harris’ mother is also Jewish. Harris is still alive. If, before he dies, you don’t offer Harris the same religious-Jewish opportunity to find your God, as you did Hitchens after his death – you are a fraud.


    first, a christian has no national ID. theirs is a metaphor, of sorts … a PLACE of deliverance. it may be that greek and russian orthodox christians have illuminating texts like The Philokalia, and these hold more challenging exercises than, say, attending catechism, and classes that require grades like A, B, C … a pass-fail system … to move learner to the next class … but CHRISTIAN is not bound to greek, or russian or …

    in the SIGHT of GOD (Spirit)—for God is impartial and does not require formulaic prose— a rendering of the hearing (heart) is needed, where Christian BECOMES something other than himself. SHE permeates THEE, to use a catchy phrase … for a believer to move into Spirit ID. “failing” at times is part of the exercise, but it’s not really a failing if one is dutiful. I shared several experiences on my rejection and where I was kicked out of class 😉 … and let me tell you it hurt like hell, actually … the pain was excruciating because of where I was … and it could have gone very badly for me had I not been in the process of moving. I gained not lost … from all in this. succeeding is measured in understanding not academic certification OR following the creed master’s agenda. CHRISTIAN is a lessening of him for her (Spiritual Language on the masculine and feminine of the Godhood) … and that metaphor teaches TRUTH on the canopy of Love (God).

    the atheist’s post shows his “class” tendency. the staunch, militant of atheism is as orthodox or as fundamentalist as their opponents and is why we see so much hate-mongering and bias and even hypocrisy. I have read other comments on “the hitch” conversion thing and the atheist is infuriated that a christian or one of judaism would dare talk GOD in the same sentence at hitchen’s last days. it is a great offense to these religionists. they are convinced it is not true (the thoughts on conversion or near conversion).

    how could THEIR hitch betray them?! 🙂 … but the honest to God’s Truth is they do not know what transpired between hitch and the Spirit Realm. the christian author has his lens and salkin has his lens, but hitch was undergoing some serious change. his mind and maybe even his heart could have been in a place, saying: this is it for me, christopher hitchens; I am off to … to what? total emptiness? darkness? nothingness? is there another world/realm? if there is … boy, would I love to see it. because I am a creative journalist. creative journalists explore … need experience to write authentically. copy-paste is copy-paste … investigating a place requires more thorough movement.

    and christopher was a creative journalist. creativity is what moves the most penal.

    man will never know what happened between christopher and “God”. one may say: Lord says, I never knew you! away from me… another may say: hitchens is in heaven (his), for a reason he says this. still another may say, hitchens is in purgatory.

    I am one … listening for christopher … as he was not in a place where he could listen. like ronin said, he was ill. smoking and excessive drinking likely took his life (I believe christopher even stated this). now, we shared a while back (winston’s pc) that although we believe tauton to be genuine in what he writes (I do not sense dishonesty), his is filtered through a lens, one that may be limited in scope and bound by some form of christianity directive. this would be how he sees things. and I have no doubt that christopher shared many things with the author which led the author to believe something about christopher. *if one is not antagonizing another honesty can prevail and … it is true that when you are weak you are strong, but only in the LANGUAGE of the Spirit can this be understood in his fuller place.

    while reading JOY by Abigail Santamaria, early in I came to the part where she writes about Joy Davidson, as a child she loved the zoo (this is not copy-pasting I am just explaining what I recall reading) … and she writes in detail what joy “saw” upon entering the zoo in the area where she lived. the author writes of which animals joy saw first and … how she felt and …

    this is creative license but it stopped me cold. my first question was: how does the author know which animals were in cages (*ugh) during that time that joy was visiting at that age? ah, maybe she researched and found out the layout of the zoo in NY during that period and was able to find out exactly which animals she would have seen first. BUT … how could she possibly know what joy AS A CHILD was thinking-feeling? this is what caused me to put the book down and I have not read anymore since 😦 I do not think it wise to write on another’s thoughts and feelings unless you have some divine assistance. I am practical that way. 🙂

    but if one is hearing from the SPIRIT REALM, is it of goodness and honesty or is it that evil thing? well, the truth is, even if HEARING in the Spirit of the Living, the Language is very different … because THE CHRIST is not a white man with a theological degree. it is a heart-minded voice of something quite alien to man, and is why I sometimes refer to myself as ‘alien’ or … these are alien verse. the ancient mystics heard things and wrote down what they heard but remember, theirs was often a limited lens of KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING. it takes a prophet on Truth or one through {this} to be able to render the motion FOR the truth … about anything.
    who is lying — who isn’t … what really happened … what was the old and new really saying?

    regarding christopher: he was not a misogynist (feminist may disagree. his view of women and the military being one example, but he was a bit old school and did not want female engaging in warfare … not because he thought them lesser of heart). this I sensed first. with that out of the way, he was brought into diligent questioning of religion and its practices and we can all be thankful for this …

    what I was able to (very recently) hear on christopher is that he asked for forgiveness. I am not saying he said this to that author having written the book regarding his time with him; I am saying, he spoke to something he did not know or understand … in his weakened state. christopher was of a passion, and unfortunately abused himself (alcohol, smoking …) to help himself cope. he was creative and complex and he was of an extreme talent and sometimes extreme talents need RENDERING … to help balance the WHOLE of oneself (see parable of the MINA/talents). his was a gift that did not get properly chastised (in Love). why do I hear he asked for forgiveness? not for challenging the religious or the religions or for calling out hypocrisies and for questioning the obvious … or for experiencing in his passion. he asked for forgiveness for those areas where he may have hurt another without intending to. in other words, sometimes there are innocents that get silenced or stomped on while in the throes of a passion. sometimes anger or willfulness of one places another in a sort of box, labeled … rubbish, or … delusional or … mentally ill… when in fact, these are far from a state of delusion.

    if you asked the Angels of the Living: where is christopher now? and if you could hear in this Realm, they would likely tell you: WE do not know.
    is this saying that christopher is lost? not necessarily. in hell? whose hell? which hell? many experience hell while in the flesh … at the hands of man, and self. now, will “christopher” come into the Realm of the Living? this is what I would like to learn 😉

    • opheliart permalink

      I do not believe my desire in this and place of WORK/WORTH is in any way offensive to non aggressive atheism, do you?

      • opheliart permalink

        the third part:

        salkin’s words …

        “Oh, Hitch (I say this to you in heaven, whether or not you believe that it really exists): Christianity did not invent the idea of a loving God.

        It was Judaism.”

        I suppose if one is looking at God or attempting to understand God through a lens of words, works, libation and whatever else jews of judaism do … through the lens of religion and jewish traditions … it might be possible that judaism invented something of loving god, but to imply or even say that judaism invited God into LIFE where love is mindful is a place very insulated, and very partial. it lacks knowledge as well as understanding in what came long before judaism. long, LONG before jew gave itself some land or some special status in the world, loving GOD was. It was, and loving {this} was EXPRESSED… in other ways, and, because this is of another LANGUAGE, of more SENSES than man acknowledges … LIFE existed before jew or judaism. even BEFORE man. do not allow self to remain shallow in this quest … for it is a big one. loving GOD was and is a verb of contours. active in designing/creating itself … for TRUTH>

        as one in gnosis (and we know how jews as well as christians and … view this) I disagree with salkin in that judaism invited loving God. but, of course, my nonreligious veil communes in ways salkin does not.


        you see, if judaism through man was all that was needed to love GOD, to shower, show, express, redeem, manifest within and pour out TRUTH. JESUS, as prophet ON Truth would not have been needed. was the jew being impartial and just in society? within its own tribe? how were women being treated? was the jew speaking out against the tyranny … or was he serving his own for his own place while others suffered? please understand the parables of the new. the good samaritan … the samaritan woman at the well … and so many other teachings.

  3. opheliart permalink


    Arbustin • 2 hours ago
    You’re missing an important geopolitical element. Why did it take so long for Jewish communal organizations to state that what Turkey did to the Armenians was a genocide? Because traditionally, Turkey and Israel were pretty good allies. As a secular Muslim non-Arab nation, literally sitting between Israel’s enemies and Europe, it was a good friend to have. However, in recent years politicians with Islamist roots came to power and the Turkey-Israel relationship deteriorated quickly. Without this relationship to foster, Jewish organizations feel freer to tell the truth.

    • opheliart permalink

      israel is currently in a precarious spot … now with so many throughout the world, on college campuses and in religious youth centers and humanitarian centers … taking a pro-palestinian stance. jews are nervous, even scared, understandably. are they thinking: will this be another attempt at genocide? some iranian leaders have certainly made known their sentiments. will israel get attacked?

      I am aware in the fact that there are forces seeking to undermine and degrade the status of the jewish people, directly relating to israel. we have shared in SPIR and … that the obama admin has not been careful in their dealings. as a matter of fact, they have been outright careless with the safety of the american citizen and its property … and obama will have to face the music on this.

      what I see is a clearing for the american people that they might see where extremism is hollowing out its enclave … for their mission. this will become more obvious and the american of the desire to protect their communities will put their foot down on the liberal’s

      direction of duty.

      • opheliart permalink

        let’s look at this as an example of the samaritan position in the days of old. based on this article are we seeing a repeat of what happened with the samaritans? were the samaritans not refugees or asylum seekers?

        * keep in mind that the new teaches within the PROPHET … PROPHESY


        “The Samaritans believe that Mount Gerizim was the original Holy Place of Israel from the time that Joshua conquered Israel. The major issue between Rabbinical Jews (Jews who follow post-exile rabbinical interpretations of Judaism, who are the vast majority of Jews today) and Samaritans has always been the location of the chosen place to worship God; Jerusalem according to the Jewish faith or Mount Gerizim according to the Samaritan faith.[5]”


        in america, what is happening? are we treating the jew (of judaism) differently from the christian? not what happened before but now? when it comes to the religious, is one or two getting special status while others are being denied, or receiving less than what the chosen one or two receive? having originated from a christian body, did christianity remain the binding policy? for some politicians and lawmakers, yes … these would like america to be a christian body. but, we know in america that A RELIGION is not to take control and be the controlling PARTY—any religion—not judaism, not islam, not liberism … not atheism … putting non religious and others into a lesser status … right? democrat as religionists or republicans as religionists should not be favoring themselves ESPECIALLY if swearing oaths to protect and save a diverse body of people. those in seats of power and influence should not be undermining, degrading, denying those who do not think, believe, practice like them.

        but, of course, this is not the case, is it? ignorance is not a virtue? whose virtue? the virtue of which party politics? which religion? using the children to get them to brand knives and attack what they do not agree with (having been seduced while in infancy) is not the sign of an impartial and caring leader. it is the sign of an egotist. in this day, if man really wants to move into HUMANITY, he will need to chastise the PROFESSIONALS and those ‘experts’ brought in by political heads … to gain party power.

        what will you do about this rising egotism? and it’s not just on one side … yesterday, I listened to another party politician say how trump, once he is in the seat of the president, will rally the best and brightest of the academic quarter and …

        it reminded me exactly of what obama did when he started. I heard people saying: obama is so smart. he chooses the smartest people for his cabinet (will share from frank’s book: LISTEN, LIBERAL … was reading more last night in this very thing)

        summers was one of those people.

        … parallels? repeats? what are both parties USING, likely ABUSING .. for self-serving agenda?

        okay, let’s again look at israel and that ethnic christian denomination. the lawmakers fear it will grow. these are newcomers in israel, mind you … having left areas of war and/or economic oppression. what do they want? based on the article, it appears as if they want(ed) equal status. they want to be treated like those of judaism. should they be treated the same? most would say yes, unless being treated the same meant that the outside religion was demanding its religious rights that put israel in danger or undermined the jewish people in some way. we do not have all the details … we do not have the facts … we do not know all that these christians want. it sounds like they just want what america is giving its religious, and is why I believe that religious should not receive special status … because of the growing religions and the the great needs elsewhere in the country. and why give religion something that non religious don’t get? why pour billions into areas not directly engaging in health and wellbeing for ALL cities … helping all citizens? and I believe those receiving from government for charitable reasons should be as transparent as transparent is … the citizens should be able to choose to donate based on info … detailing where and how people are being served. and this is not the case at present—is it? americans don’t know the facts about where their money is going.

        example: I do not want to be paying into and supporting violence, aggressive tactic and force … the CALIPHATE: RCC or Islam
        and the christian and jewish organizations? depends on what these are paying into and supporting.

        *my work is for all people. I have no favorites.

        from the article:
        The worshippers are some of the tens of thousands of members of the Eritrean migrant community in Israel. Their churches are an integral part of their community, providing a temporary spiritual escape from often hostile Israeli government policies.

        Israel’s hard-line government has in recent years sought to limit the migrants’ numbers. It has built a fence along the border with Egypt, a once-common migration route, and sent many migrants to a remote desert detention facility — and in some cases back to third-party countries in Africa.

        —————- had christopher hitches and his team been in office what would be the situation? would he be giving one and not another? would he have said, good grief, enough with the religious demands … your members must support and keep the churches alive, because we don’t have the money to go around to all of you. and to be fair, there are many who do not want to support your morality and your understanding of ethics. these do not want to pay for something they don’t agree with. if your churches fail it’s because people don’t want it anymore … how will you keep it alive? rely on government? expect government through all taxpayers to sit in your pews to listen to your imams and priests and ministers and bishops and rabbis? and you cannot lie for funds and you cannot steal … and should not be using the youth for adult sex .. 😉 (the Writings are clear in this … shame so few understand what {this} is Teaching).

        christopher, would he have seen the growing households of orthodox jews and muslims? getting special …

        would he be realizing what thomas frank is saying in his recent book about how the democratic party of professionals have set themselves up as hierarchy while forgetting the hardworking middle class? distancing themselves from the realities of life in the cities and towns throughout the country? pandering for votes? placing many in places of …

        injustice and unfair game.

  4. opheliart permalink

    And he said unto them, Take nothing for your journey, neither staves, nor scrip, neither bread, neither money; neither have two coats apiece.

  5. opheliart permalink

    based on several research groups (pew) … america is becoming less religious. actually, they are choosing alternative “religious” venue, but I understand what they mean. instead of going to the parish they are finding other ways to experience, share … learn. or maybe they enjoy the extra one or two hrs of sleep … time with extended family or friends … or silence. time for self.

    should government be giving these groups special rates, status, grants … money … use taxpayer dollars to give these “non pew” believers and non believers? should the taxpayer pay for the hot tub in someone’s backyard because a group congregates there to discuss … charity or policy or … God? how about the trip to the park? to spend time riding bikes, hiking … picnicking outdoors? something they don’t have time for during the week and the family decides: hey, let’s donate to keep the wildlife and environment healthy and safe. this has really done our family so much good. it’s healthier and we are away from things that cause us confusion. good exercise and a greater appreciation of these places because without a balance of land, sea, sky, wildlife … and mankind working with and within these in a way that supports this Earth/Universe … we would not be able to continue …
    and the three children of these families say, you know … I will have one or two children and adopt orphaned children if we desire more children … to help keep a balance of man and universe. I see how much man uses and abuses … the waste, the plastic culture and look at all the yuck put into the growing of foods, and the manufacturing of foods … I will also help LOCAL clean-pesticide free farming … eat less and use less. I want a cleaner more healthy Earth … and I will not even fly to this place or that place. I will enjoy what we have here and give it my utmost. maybe a trip one day but I will not noise up the skies with my traveling. nor will I noise up the waters. I will canoe and kayak … and stay away from motorized transportation as much as possible. only where necessary will I use this.

    imagine what this would do for the world?

    should government be giving perks to those willing to be and do healthy and what is best for all people? I know some insurance companies offer incentives … for healthier patients/customers. why doesn’t government get out of RELIGION and move for these incentives in a way that HELPS the MIDDLE CLASS? which will help the communities …I don’t mean paying for hot tubs in the yards … you know of what we speak. america needs to start focusing on AMERICA! get obama and company out of that seat and vote someone in who cares about health and wellbeing in a more democratic and socially civilized way … trained monkeys are not gifts—not your wide-eyed, wild-eyed artists of creative CONSCIENCE. picking from the top elitist schools to mastermind economy and the lives of average citizens and undermining these through professional bigotry and bias through becoming king pin policy holders is not america … or is it?

    • opheliart permalink

      and someone says, but I work outside all day and want a place of refuge-inside, but I don’t go to sit in pews and listen to religion and politics in the pulpit. these places are full of hypocrisy (can’t tell you how many times I have heard that said)
      hmm … yes, of course … a different kind of place, perhaps …

      the art museum? no, they say … I have to travel too far and it costs too much in parking and to get in. and I am not interested in paying to see what I have already seen several times. I want something new … something different.

      MOVEMENTS move people, but which Movements … how are these being moved? where do they move? back to square one to start the process of religion and politics all over again?

      • opheliart permalink

        want to share on something very important before concluding this essay-post commentary.
        fe following from salkin’s pc:

        Just as Elie Wiesel, writing in Night, recalled a child hanging from a gallows in a concentration camp, his small body too light to die immediately.

        “Where is God?” cries a prisoner.

        “Hanging on the gallows.”


        this meets head on with CHRIST ON THE CROSS, even if you do not believe that Jesus actually died on a cross. everything in the NEW of the Teachings acquiesces SPIRITUALLY within the above exchange.

        the child hanging almost effortlessly … but who in their right mind does this to a child? fear tactic? did he steal a bit of bread? call a guard a name? tell the truth about the indecency and the horror? anyone not experiencing something in reading that exchange is either childless or with an underdeveloped conscience … and both are not meant in the derogatory. we speak of fact. we could say the same of our governments, who seem so distant … so removed from the suffering of so many .. all within their power. when you think about it like this, it is nearly mind-boggling and something inside should be saying, hey, this has to change. we must do all we can to keep children from suffering these horrors, and their parents. it is difficult to imagine anyone so … callous and so cruel, but agenda … policy … ideology … trumps sense and reason. a sort of: don’t look if you don’t like it. but it sends a message to those who dare to .. or those who we fear, or … those we want to get rid of.

        this will happen to you, they shout. this is our warning, they sneer. we will silence you slowly … through our opinion, our study … our global initiative.

        never once have I heard obama or hillary or even trump … speak in serious terms about child abuse. never once have I received … sensed … that these get it: that child hanging from the gallows.
        and sanders? if he will expand his reasoning and his responses, the public will be able to better understand his place of deliverance.

  6. opheliart permalink


    Betty Clermont • 5 hours ago
    Barbarin is now the subject of a criminal investigation on charges of failing to report and endangering the lives of others about sexual abuse of minors as required by French law. One of Barbarin’s priests, Fr. Bernard Preynat, was indicted on Jan. 27 for “sexual abuse of minors under 15 years by a person in authority.” In an interview published Feb. 10, Barbarin admitted “having learned the facts in 2007-2008” about Preynat, but promoted him anyway in 2007, keeping him in ministry and in contact with children until he removed him in August 2015. Barbarin has allowed at least one other priest to continue in ministry, Fr. Jérôme Billioud, who has admitted to sexually abusing a minor.
    Typical RNS reporting to omit the above information.


    this isn’t the first time this pope and others promoted those being accused of abuse or covering up abuse. barros in chile immediately comes to mind and …

    theirs is the CANONIZATION of junipero serra. and where were there people hurt by this?

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