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he left to study at the vatican

May 15, 2016



what a surprise (not). if they can get them out fast enough and into the vatican, or within the vatican’s strange and lethal power … they can keep them from “talking”


look what happened to bernard law (had he said more … the church would have been shut down completely! and is why he was shuffled off to a comfortable seat in rome)


and look at what happened to josef wesolowski! he was scheduled to talk. but what happened to him?

how peculiar. how very peculiar (not)



the relevant question on the truth of this institution is:


when will the governments recognize a safety issue and criminal conduct at the hands of this hierarchy and its adherents ? … and when will lawmakers and law enforcement DO THE RIGHT THING and remove what is dangerous? if the institution acts only to protect itself, and cares little for the abused … and the vulnerable coming into this institution …

the GOVERNMENT should be acting in a manner to PROTECT.


what say you GOVERNORS? isn’t it time you act … and do what is just?  the right thing for the safety of the children?  president and co … will do nothing unless it serves his party initiative, and if the roman catholic church and other institutions like this  are part of that initiate, you won’t see president and his team doing what is just, no matter what ‘he’ swore to get himself into the seat of extreme power.





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  1. opheliart permalink

    want to address a comment

    I should be doing this in an ESSAy entitled:



    and the comment:

    David Lloyd-Jones • 8 hours ago
    “You don’t, for example, see black students’ groups having programs that
    question, say, affirmative action, or LGBT groups having programs on
    reparative therapy.”

    False parallels, Jeffrey, and you ought to know it.

    The Hillel activists are not criticizing “Israel.” They are criticizing specific policies of specific governments of Israel. Adoption of policies of the sort they advocate would make Israel more secure. The Warrior State is always and everywhere doomed, because it only has to lose once. If that State is Israel, it doesn’t have to “lose,” either. It can wither by losing contact with its roots.

    The parallel you would want would be with black students’ seminars on non-violence as a philosophy and as a tactic. For LGBT groups I can’t think of any suitable parallel simply because your bringing them into the discussion is so wildly alien and irrelevant that no parallel is possible.

    Try to pull yourself together and function, OK?

    Best wishes,


    • opheliart permalink

      • opheliart permalink

        would david lloyd-jones still say that the parallel is false?

        the trans gender activist made the decision to cancel thru PRESSURE of what? from what?
        if david thinks there is no tie in he is dually deceived.

  2. opheliart permalink

    the stream.

    what makes a stream? a flowing, growing stream?


    What is the difference between Stream and River?

    • Streams are fast flowing water bodies that originate in mountains because of rain water or melting glaciers.

    • When two streams meet, the smaller one is called a tributary.

    • The place, where many streams meet to form a large water body called river, is referred to as confluence.

    • Streams are shallower than rivers.

    • Streams are more turbulent and aggressive than rivers.

    • Streams erode stones, sculpt the surface of the earth and carry the sediment into rivers that carry all the sediment into oceans and lakes.

    • Streams flow within narrow banks while rivers flow within wider banks.

    • Both streams and rivers have a current. It is because of this current that objects are dragged away with water if they fall in the water.

    • There are different types of streams such as Headwater streams, Year-round Streams, Seasonal Streams, and Rain-dependent Streams.

    • According to the Stream Order classification, a waterway that is between sixth order and twelfth order is considered a river.

    • Since river is larger than a stream, it carries more debris.

    As you can see, the main components that decide whether a waterway is a river or stream is the size. Also, a classic stream is shallower than a river. Though they vary in size, they are both equally important to our survival in this planet.

    • opheliart permalink

      without getting into the nitty gritty of israel’s position, ask yourself if you would want sharia law or a form of democracy (american-ish) in your nation. then ask how one or the other might be formed, developed, spread, to become THE controlling faction … or, law of the universe … which would include all things, including individual freedoms: preferences, rights, opinions and choices to do or become of … something. then ask how we as a nation (america) moved from a lawless or unjust, partial and extreme society to what it is now … with the hope of continued movement. when the roman catholics and others of strict dogma came to town did the national figures say: okay set up roman catholic law … allow it to replace the american freedom within the constitution? not at first, however … in some ways, and later, it did. what are these ways? where in america do we see roman catholic dogma? and how does this differ from AMERICAN VALUE, CULTURE, EQUAL OPPORTUNITY, FREEDOM OF SPEECH … and criminal law (who is charged for crimes and for which crimes and how is this process used or abused for citizens in america)?

      as “america” expanded (becoming the united states) … a system was put into place. men trying to move out of RELIGIOUS attribute rallied and wrote down laws/freedoms and … but still thru an unjust lens, or should we say, A LIMITED LENS.

      it was christian in morality but not necessarily of ethical stream. because the morals of that time were so-so———right? still much ignorance prevailed (not KNOWING things). women were still girdled and still are 😉 as one example … *not actually of the same freedoms as men despite so many claiming self of utmost moral theology and ideology. without fuller UNDERSTANDING and few are willing to go up against the “established” rule/practice … etiquette of the day … because some things are still “in the way”.

      now look at israel’s position. what would you have them do? become less autocratic?

      • opheliart permalink

        do pro-palestine activists and anti-israel activists have the right to tell gays who they should wed?

  3. opheliart permalink

    hopefully david and co will begin to see that very big parallel 😉

  4. opheliart permalink

    and on another plane … one could view a similar situation in the US

    • opheliart permalink


      honestly, what I see are jews leaving israel, france … germany … for america, and in a flurry … in fear. because IRAN is not obama’s dough-boy, no matter how his admin wants to spin it. you wonder what all the $ is being used for? building a hardier militia. obama and his merry men live in a fairytale world. wishful thinking on his part or just poor expertise?

      mugwamps … for sure.

      and america will take them in because america must.

  5. opheliart permalink

    when did priests, bishops, archbishops gain such influential positions in america? a PROTESTANT NATION? when did these men, and they are just ordinary men like any man … gain “magical” power in america? at what point did the founding men say: hey, let’s allow religious celibates control in our politics and … let’s allow them to be holy men to our citizens? let’s allow them their special laws and special treatment. let’s give them special status and special rule over our residents? how did this come about? THRU what stream did these titled religionists gain entry into the homes and bedrooms and the state laws in america? how about the woman’s body” treatment and … opportunity … in their magical kingdom?

    hey, if you as a reader think me on to something, baby … you ain’t seen nothing yet. I could wipe those boys clean off the face of our ailing EARTH with one sneeze in a certain direction but …


    • opheliart permalink

      but that doesn’t mean that you as lawyers and lawmakers and judges and … can’t 😀

      • opheliart permalink

        the only way they have power is because YOU allow them to have power. the only way they can influence and … seduce, manipulate and deceive … is because YOU allow them this. and when there is that much abuse (RCC) and … coming from one institution or … misuse of women, funds and discriminating circumstances … it is because YOU allow this. who taught YOU to be so …

        since when did america become about the rights of a few?

        allow us to share again from LIBERAL, LISTEN:

  6. opheliart permalink

    LIBERAL, LISTEN by frank
    we left off in a previous post with … This is what defines the category: professionals do not have to listen …

    They are the only occupational group, as the sociologist Eliot Friedson put it many years ago, with ” the recognized right to declare … ‘outside’ evaluation illegitimate and intolerable.”

    Exhibit A of these interlocking pathologies is economics, a discipline that often acts like an ideological cartel set up to silence the heterodox. James K. Galbraith has written a classic description of how it works:

    Leading active members of today’s economic’s profession … have joined together into a kind of politburo for correct economic thinking. As a general rule—as one might expect from a gentleman’s club—this has placed them on the wrong side of every important policy issue, and not just recently but for decades. They predict disaster where none occurs. They deny the possibility of events that then happen … No one loses face, in this club, for having been wrong. No one is disinvited from presenting papers at later annual meetings. And still less is anyone from the outside invited in.

    Professional economics screw up again and again, and no one cares. The only real accountability they face is from their endlessly forgiving peers in economics departments cross the country …


    let’s stop here and put the bishop, archbishop, heck, why not the roman frickin’ catholic pope in place of the profession economist and it differs in only one area from what frank shares and what we post, and that is … the governments do not care. the governments continue as if nothing has happened … as if nothing is happening … to the children. no victims no concern. because the not so gentle-man’s club is insulated from within.

    a bubble of self – attributing reason. there exists no abuse within their frame of thought because titles that carry weight … influence and power overwhelm outside voice. silences the small, the weak and the … heretic … the victim. the one who says: NO! this is bad! this is wrong! this is unjust! this puts many in danger!

    but the professional religionist is the VOICE of … what? his multitude of credential and influential seat that has allowed him and his peers to build an army to outnumber any other voice, EVEN … even the VOICE OF SENSE AND REASON … and government is seduced, deceived and manipulated by … It.

  7. opheliart permalink

    what do you want your nation to look like in 5 years?
    think it can’t happen? think again

    • opheliart permalink

      if someone had said to me five years ago that another roman church style religion would be forming and growing in the US, one that had the potential to bring women back to the dark ages, I might have laughed. then I looked deeper into the pot … and kettle.

      all it takes is one big, fat caliphate adding with another big, fat caliphate … and a bunch of sucker-uppers and scaredy cats … and, of course, conscience-less politicians …

      but the one world religion won’t happen. why?

      because we won’t let it 😉

      • opheliart permalink

        are you listening extremists, militants, CAIR, crislamists? vatic-ants?

  8. opheliart permalink


    DVL55 minutes ago
    The citizens of the EU, and specifically Germany, are victims of these asylum laws. Third world people have caught on, and are arriving in the west in droves. Meanwhile the west sends BILLIONS in aid to many of the same countries in an effort to improve conditions there. Some of these countries have been recieving aid for decades. We try to help and support these people, meanwhile our own countries are neck deep in debt. If all of these people abandone their countries, who will be there to fight for freedom, rebuild it, and make it better or are we to do that too? Who will be there to build business, manufacturing and a stable economy or is that also our job? Its a burdon on the citizens of the west, and none of us have a say on who does, and does not receive aid.
    Its time to change asylum and refugee laws. It time to change aid policies as well. Its also high time to start returning people to their country of origin when they come to the west illegally, or break other laws after being here. We cant print enough money to save the world. We shouldn’t even try.


    so what is all the money going toward? where is it being used? who-what is getting hands on it? most of america does not have the money for even its own … so why do the politicians and the lobby left think we can help asylum seekers and refugees? maybe america should stop sending money there and save it for when they come here. say, okay … this is the pot of cash … there are things that must occur BEFORE you can have it for ____ and ___ and not to bring in your relatives because we do not want a repeat here of why you left there.

    *reminds me of millions and millions donated to that catholic charity in calcutta … and the head nun had no idea how the money was being used for aiding the patients and poor, because they weren’t using it for this … it went into a bank and she did not even know how much was there. was this the vatican bank?

    • opheliart permalink

      people don’t seem to want to admit that it takes people of certain beliefs and practices getting into or being handed seats of power and influence (through special treatment and status/rights) that changes for better or for worse.

      this is reality, folks and why on earth the deniers refuse to show this reality is a really big question and one that everyone should be asking.

      • opheliart permalink

        continued on THE PANACEA OF EDUCATION -thomas frank in LIsten, Liberal

        Granted, economics is an extreme case, but its thoroughgoing application of the right to disregard criticism has made it a kind of fascinating anti-profession, a brotherhood of folly rather than of expertise.

        The peril of orthodoxy is the second great pitfall of professionalism, and it’s not limited to economics. Every academic discipline with which I have some experience is similar: international relations, political science, cultural studies, even American history. None of them are as outrageous as economics, it is true, but each of them is dominated by some convention or ideology. Those who succeed in a professional discipline are those who best absorb and apply its master narrative.

        Our modern technocracy can never see the glaring flaw in such a system. For them, merit is always synonymous with orthodoxy: the best and brightest are, in their minds, always those who went to Harvard, who got the big foundation grant, whose books are featured on NPR. When the merit-minded President Obama wanted economic expertise, to choose one sad example, he sought out the best economics discipline had to offer: …

        Look back to the days when government-by-expert actually worked and you will notice an astonishing thing. Unlike the Obama administration’s roster of well-agrduated mugwumps :), the talented people surrounding Franklin Roosevelt stood very definitely outside the era’s main academic currents …

  9. opheliart permalink


    and smart people give themselves the right to be irrational about mediocrity?

    I cannot speak for or against the two-three men sam harris wants to question (resurrection, etc) and his word salad metaphors but in the beginning was “something” neither truly know or understand. we would think the scientist would be kicking up his heels with glee to find out what this is but … psychedelic drugs and euphemisms seem to better acquaint them with their chosen fields 😉 eeee-ha!

    • opheliart permalink

      imagine there was LIFE form before mankind (as sam harris understands man) that went through a catastrophic change … and this LIFE was (is) superior to (in power … a power man does not know or understand, even in its simplest form … yet) … anything he has experienced … what would be man’s interest in this? would he be interested to know this? of course his first demand would be “show yourself” as the “jew” demands signs. right? hasn’t this already been prophesied in the new?

      let’s begin here 😉

      • opheliart permalink

        the one thing the atheist new or old must at least try to trust is the fact that there is a LANGUAGE he does not know or understand. that language came before any language uttered through—from man. this IS (because it’s still in existence) a language known as the Language of the Spirit and has rhythms and temperature and sight and sound, smell and many more SENSES than mankind is aware of. its first tangible Presence was wind. from this came other tangible life forms, because SPIRIT good and evil needs a life form to be (and be of use—of good or evil). God (Spirit) is not a big man sitting high up in the sky on a throne waiting to strike down atheist new … with old atheist skulls littering the base of his gold-crusted seat 🙂

        Spirit Language has movement—always—because life form is moving in some way, right? and is why SPIRIT is not contained in creeds and codes—doctrine—tablets of ink verses tablets of the heart (a LIVING, BREATHING ORGAN OF TIMELESSNESS —metaphorically speaking but REAL in Essence). Spirit needs life to move. a drop of water can have spirit and like we shared several times, there are different types (places) of SPIRIT. Spirit of the Living God can use an animal THROUGH Human aware in Spirit to speak. to share on something … of {this}, and only will others believe this exists if they believe what a person says (if you know a person to be reasonable, sensible … honest … not wedded to something that might cause dishonesty for something other than truthfulness). this is a very elementary way of teaching: you will know them by their fruits.

        fruit is an aromatic … a tangible … a bitter or a sweet … edible or inedible … healthy or not so healthy but, it might depend on its ripeness and its excess or what was added to it that made it dangerous (pesticides)… this is another elementary to come into understanding of the gifts of the Spirit … (see the parables of Jesus)

        *gosh, I paused just now, thinking … I should write a book on {this} … but who would appreciate it? who would be interested to learn? the gnostic was condemned long ago and who today appreciates the LANGUAGE of the Prophet on the Writings? who of mysticism isn’t caught up in his own religious sequestering …

        need to think on this a while …

  10. opheliart permalink

    admitting guilt?

    couldn’t have that happen with those egos … now could we?

    george must be thinking his ass is covered on this one.

  11. opheliart permalink

    King James Bible
    And he said unto them, Take nothing for your journey, neither staves, nor scrip, neither bread, neither money; neither have two coats apiece.

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