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but which RELIGION??

May 12, 2016



but which religion is to prevail in the US? and possibly the world?

only caliphate religious would be imposing his religion,

and these are?




Ben Carson’s comment that he would not support a Shariah-compliant Muslim for president because Islamic law is incompatible with the U.S. Constitution led to the former brain surgeon’s roasting among media talkers and politicians of all stripes.

He has been excoriated as “anti-Muslim,” “bigoted,” even “anti-American” and unfit for office.

“For any candidate to suggest that someone should not be elected president because of what he or she may believe is nothing short of religious bigotry,” said Rep. Andre Carson, D-Ind., one of two Muslim congressmen.

But what do American Muslims believe?

The Council on America-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, which has been most vocal in its calls for Carson’s withdrawal from the GOP presidential race, claims to speak for American Muslims. The organization has a long history of ties to terrorists, as documented by WND’s “Rogues gallery of terror-tied leaders,” but it is still treated by most U.S. media as the Muslim equivalent of the American Civil Liberties Union.


Omar Ahmad, founder and former chairman of CAIR

According to a local newspaper report, Omar Ahmad, a founder of CAIR, told a conference hall packed with California Muslims in July 1998 that Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant.

The reporter paraphrased Ahmad saying, “The Quran … should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on earth.”

When CAIR issued a statement in 2003 denying Ahmad made the remarks and claiming the paper had issued a retraction, WND News Editor Art Moore talked to the reporter and two of her editors and found that they stood by the story. Moore then spoke with CAIR national spokesman Ibrahim Hooper, who repeated the claim that the paper had issued a retraction. When Moore informed Hooper that the reporter and the editors stood by the story, the CAIR communications director ended the call. But he called back a few minutes later saying he wanted to amend CAIR’s statement to say that the Muslim organization was seeking a retraction. Three years later, however, when the issue came up again, CAIR still had not contacted the paper.

On April 4, 1993, Hooper told a reporter for the Minneapolis Star-Tribune: “I wouldn’t want to create the impression that I wouldn’t like the government of the United States to be Islamic sometime in the future.”

Hooper appeared on Michael Medved’s radio show in October 2003 and stated: “If Muslims ever become a majority in the United States, it would be safe to assume that they would want to replace the U.S. Constitution with Islamic law, as most Muslims believe that God’s law is superior to man-made law.”

In May 2015, WND reported that an informal survey of Somali-American Muslims on the streets of Minneapolis showed widespread support for Islamic law as preferable to U.S. law.
9-24-15, Minneapolis Muslims prefer Sharia, want blasphemy laws in United States

Other CAIR leaders also “express their contempt for the United States,” reports Middle East scholar Daniel Pipes.

Ihsan Bagby of CAIR’s Washington office has said that Muslims “can never be full citizens of this country,” referring to the United States, “because there is no way we can be fully committed to the institutions and ideologies of this country,” Pipes reported in his 2006 article, “CAIR Islamists Fooling the Government.”

Pipes also noted that Parvez Ahmed, who followed Ahmad as CAIR chairman, touted the virtues of Islamic democracy in 2004 by portraying the Afghan constitutional process as superior to the U.S. Constitution. Ahmed was quoted in the Orlando Sentinel as saying:

“The new Afghan constitution shows that the constitution of a Muslim nation can be democratic and yet not contradict the essence of Islam. During my meeting with a high-ranking Afghan delegation during their recent visit to the United States, I was told that the Afghan constitutional convention included Hindu delegates despite Hindus accounting for only 1 percent of the population. Contrast this with our own constitutional convention that excluded women and blacks.”

51 percent of U.S. Muslims prefer Shariah

There are now an estimated 3 million Muslims residing in the United States as citizens or with permanent legal status, and more than 250,000 new Muslim residents enter the U.S. per year as refugees, on work visas and student-based visas, according to the Center for Immigration Studies.

A poll commissioned in May 2015 by the Center for Security Policy showed that 51 percent of American Muslims preferred that they should have their own Shariah courts outside of the legal system ruled by the U.S. Constitution. And nearly a quarter believed the use of violent jihad was justified in establishing Shariah.

“That would translate into roughly 300,000 Muslims living in the United States who believe that Shariah is ‘The Muslim God Allah’s law that Muslims must follow and impose worldwide by Jihad,’” writes Frank Gaffney Jr., president of the Center for Security Policy.

SPLC says ‘no worries’

Along with CAIR is another organization, the Southern Poverty Law Center, which makes great strides to assure the American people that Islamic law, or Shariah, is not something they should be concerned about.

In its online document titled “Teaching Tolerance: What is the Truth About American Muslims,” the SPLC says Shariah is essentially no different than any other religious code of conduct and compares it to Judaism and Christianity.

SPLC asks: “Do American Muslims want to replace the U.S. Constitution with Sharia?” And then provides the following answer:

“No. American Muslims overwhelmingly support the U.S. Constitution and do not seek to replace it with Sharia or Islamic law. The vast majority of American Muslims understand Sharia as a personal, religious obligation governing the practice of their faith, not as something American governments should enforce.”

The American Catholic magazine delved into the issue in 2010 when it asked, “Is Sharia compatible with the U.S. Constitution?”

“The simple answer is of course, ‘no,’” the magazine stated and then listed 13 reasons why.

Number 4 on the list stated: “Instead of precedents and codes, Sharia relies on medieval jurist’s manuals and collections of non-binding legal opinions, or fatwas, issued by religious scholars (ulama, particularly a mufti); these can be made binding for a particular case at the discretion of a judge.”

What do Muslim scholars say about ‘democracy’?

Yusuf al-Qaradawi, a Sunni Muslim cleric and head of the European Council for Fatwa and Research, is quoted in “The Islamization of the West” by Patrick Sookhdeo, as saying:

“Islam entered Europe twice and left it. … Perhaps the next conquest, Allah willing, will be by means of preaching and ideology. The conquest need not necessarily be by the sword. … Perhaps we will conquer these lands without armies. We want an army of preachers and teachers who will present Islam in all languages and in all dialects.”

Well-known British Islamist Anjem Choudary spoke similarly in a February 2010 interview with Iran’s Press TV when he stated:

“Our objectives are to invite the societies in which we live to think about Islam as an alternative way of life … and ultimately, as well, to establish the Shariah on state level.”

William Wagner, writing for the Family Research Council, addressed the issue now magnified by Carson in his article, “Islam, Shariah Law, and the American Constitution.”

“With the patient planting of new enclaves, the process of establishing the parallel society and political system has begun. Those behind this process seem willing to master an understanding of the occupied country’s government and legal system, systematically dismantling it while building the framework for an Islamic theocracy as its replacement. Such a replacement, when complete, dogmatically declares a different kind of absolute than the self-evident Truths, which undergird the American Constitution.”

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  1. opheliart permalink

    I just saw this on the local news. maybe we already have sharia law in the US

    looks like more than just one officer is at fault. the guy was surrendering, even on his knees and hands down on the ground

    state trooper … hmmm

    serious emotional issues … yes?

  2. opheliart permalink

    regarding the US democratic president (and co) … he has opened the door wide for CAIR and its team … but something refuses to allow the one world religion … whether ISLAM or CRISLAM (by way of the vatican) …

    do you know what this is?

  3. opheliart permalink

    gushee, do you really get enjoyment out of those comments to your article? you continue the same old same old blaze … time to move, kiddo

    surely you have more X-iting things to write about—-no? then come on over to my Place … it does not feed in bit by bit hit and run … to degrade the value of sharing. the LGBT community has a thing or two coming … the atheists will disappear and … where will you be? honking your horn in a line of traffic while your …


    • opheliart permalink

      while all the quarreling is going on and the pastors think it so big of them to meet and discuss all that overweight, pc stuff, things slip in to reside and take their …

      • opheliart permalink

        big bomb gonna go off, anyway …

        what’s the use

        oh, not that nuclear business … another

  4. opheliart permalink

    regarding this comment:

    “For any candidate to suggest that someone should not be elected president because of what he or she may believe is nothing short of religious bigotry,” said Rep. Andre Carson, D-Ind., one of two Muslim congressmen.

    what if the candidate believes women should NEVER be a priest because she is not a man? does this discriminate against all women? YOU ARE ALREADY DISCRIMINATING IN THE US! AND PAYING THESE INSTITUTIONS TO BE DISCRIMINATING—aiding, assisting, even GLORIFYING them to believe and act this way!

    and what of those believing in shariah law? doing the same regarding the position of imam? and political candidates use these influential religious to what? gain votes?

    and lastly, carelessness and hypocrisy is like a frickin’ lightening bolt that is going to shock the hell out of you! who in their RIGHT MIND votes for a candidate that believes shariah law is the ANSWER to governance? are you democrats nuts or just willfully ignorant?

    oh, you think me bigoted? racist? anti-islam? because we don’t want a candidate who believes sharia law is proper governance? WE DON’T CARE! MY BELIEF AND FAITH TEACHES THAT SHARIA LAW IS IGNORANT AND CRUEL!

    so …. you are allowed your beliefs without being accused and labeled and I am not? tell us, please, so eager to hear … how are you going to get around that … democrat? or are you just an EXTREMIST who thinks people don’t think about the REALITY of what is? can’t see the TREES for the forest, democrat? and what of the atheist constantly bashing christians … sharia law is okey-dokie with you but not christian belief and practice? if this is what you believe and promote then you are a DANGER to society in america. and you are dishonest and cannot be trusted to speak … for your hypocrisy is outstanding. your injustice apparent.

    LIBERALISTS, you will lose because you are pandering and when you pander you are care-less and willfully ignorant and when you are behaving in this fashion you cannot be trusted and when you cannot be trusted in a NATION CALLED AMERICA THAT DOES NOT USE SHARIA LAW POLITICS AND GOVERNANCE (although, sometimes we do wonder) YOU DO NOT ALLOW CANDIDATES WHO ARE OF SHARIA LAW BELIEF AND PRACTICE OR DESIRE SHARIA BELIEF AND PRACTICE.

    get it yet?

    another example and one we shared already: candidate believes VATICAN to be the law of the land. do we vote for a candidate who is roman catholic (of this practice and belief?) I sure don't. should he even be allowed to run for office where there is a law that allows same sex marriage, fr example? what other laws are of the vatican that candidates believe as authority … that goes DIRECTLY AGAINST THE LAW OF THE NATION?

    do you see our point? go back to the dark ages or set up NEW qualifications! and shariah law believers should automatically be disqualified in a GOVERNMENT NOT SHARIA LAW … how difficult is that to comprehend?

    how hard is that to understand, LIBERAL LEFT? you play the troll … and think no one sees your lies? really now …

    • opheliart permalink

      the liberal will be viewed as the troll and the atheist will disappear.

  5. opheliart permalink

    do these people think that no one is watching? that one not of RELIGION, one impartial … isn’t calling out the discrepancies? the hypocrisy? that push for PATRIARCHAL DOMINANCE? the truth in the case of the liberal’s interests on his desire for sharia law is that he is more a dictator than the conservative christian. SEE IT FOR WHAT IT IS, FOLKS! look at what he promotes and pedestals for your country! he supports sharia law muslims/islamists and is pro-palestine, which is of what governance? does he not consider which LAW will govern should israel come under the rule of palestinian governance? does he not consider which law will make its way into the united states of america? a nation greatly in need of movement …

    he hurts you not helps you, folks … in his pandering for party votes he opens your doors for abuse … improper edict and a fascism that he calls morality.

    not. do not be fooled by the politics of these. you will lose all … and your youth will suffer … and anyone reading SPIR and OWA know that I do not support religion in excess and male dominance so this should tell you something about the liberal’s agenda.

    sneaky? trying to APPEAR righteous?

    hmm ..

  6. opheliart permalink

    the rcc will fade because of its uselessness in a society waking to the inconsistencies and the indecencies. the muslim of shariah law will leave the states because he will find he cannot get his way …

    thanks to … NOT the obama and clinton admin … the liberal panderers of church and state BUT those willing to USE SENSE AND REASON even while disagreeing on the nature of WHAT IS GOD!

    you see, there are some things in place to keep your lying and ignorant asses in check.

  7. opheliart permalink

    WALK with “me” …

    to see and hear the truth about these

    • opheliart permalink

      and gushee, what are YOU promoting? where do you stand? it seems you are on the brink of paying into and supporting a nation allowing candidates who desire sharia law (give an inch take a mile and another and another and another?)

      JUMP! JUMP! the hypocrite says … your god will save you. the question my dear …

      what is your GOD? truth or lies …

  8. opheliart permalink

    christians (not roman catholics or orthodox) but CHRISTIANS … do you honestly believe that women cannot be priests in houses OF and FOR the LIVING God?

    But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light:

    2 In My Father’s house are many mansions;[a] if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.[b]

    • opheliart permalink

      For by the grace given me I say to every one of you: Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but think of yourself with sober judgment, according to the measure of faith God has given you.

  9. opheliart permalink

    thankfully the uncle did not have a gun.

    how and why did this occur? why was carlie and her sister living with uncle and wife at one time? what was going on with the girls’ parents? are the girls’ parents fit parents? was uncle upset about something he witnessed or knew to be true about the parents? don’t misunderstand, what uncle did was wrong … beginning with his lie to school officials but … has CHILD SERVICES been lax? maybe school officials lax? how often do we hear of students telling a counselor of something and counselor dismisses it? (see what happened recently with the poor disabled teen at the hands of her mom and her stepdad—HORRENDOUS!) there is much going on and blame? this kidnapping may be the first step toward revealing what’s really going on. some act in desperation and behave improperly … could it be because they do not trust law enforcement, government, state officials, community officials … child services … ?

    then again, maybe the uncle just wanted cute little carlie for himself …

  10. opheliart permalink–election.html?ref=gs

    ahem … are we getting to see more SPECIAL treatment and man-aging of “affairs” through the washington elite system?

    and who-what is BLED DRY by this system? heck, the vatican would not be what it is if not for systems like washington and … that theology through rome.

  11. opheliart permalink


    it walks into the restroom.

    Man: what in hell are you? you don’t belong here!

    it: I don’t? but where should I go?

    Man: I don’t know but not here.

    it departs and walks in another room

    Woman: what in hell are you? you don’t belong here!

    it: I don’t? but where should I go?

    Woman: I don’t know but not here.

    it departs and walks out the door and into another building

    Desk Clerk: can I help you?

    it: I need to find out where to go. can you help me?

    Desk Clerk: I will try. first, what are you?

    it: everyone keeps asking me what I am. I am just me.

    Desk Clerk: go down the hall, turn right and you will find dr. levinson’s office. ask him for help.

    it departs, goes down the hall, turns left and walks into dr. levinson’s office.

    it: I need to go. can you help me?

    Dr. Levinson: go? what are you?

    it: me.

    Dr Levinson: hmm … okay, me … where is it you want to go?

    it: a man’s room

    Dr. Levinson: oh, go out, turn right and it’s the third door down the hall on your left.

    it departs, turns right, finds the third door on the left and enters.

    Man: hey! what in hell are you? you don’t belong here!

    it: I don’t? but where should I go?

    Man: I don’t know but not here.

    it departs and walks into the next room on the left.

    Woman: hey! what in hell are you? you don’t belong here!

    it: I don’t? but where should I go?

    Woman: I don’t know but not here.

    it departs and returns to Dr. Levinson

    it: I can’t go.

    Dr. Levinson: hmm … okay, on the couch and let’s see what’s keeping you from going. you could be confused about where to go.

    it: okay, but may I please use your restroom first?

    Dr. Levinson: sure, just over there.

    it departs. it returns to dr. levinson.

    it: thanks! I REALLY had to go.

    Dr. Levinson: but I thought you said you couldn’t go?

    it: I tried but they wouldn’t let me?

    Dr. Levinson: who?

    it: those men and women in the restrooms

    Dr. Levinson: it could be that they’ve never seen you before. I have never seen you before. I suggest we do some tests to determine what you are. then we will be able to tell those men and women what you are. now, how where you born?

    it: what do you mean?

    Dr. Levinson: I mean … were you born a male or a female? and why did you ask to go to the man’s room? you don’t appear to be a man. so … what happened?

    it: I don’t know. maybe it was twenty years of people telling me to act like a man.

    • opheliart permalink

      OBAMA’s LAW will end up looking like burnt toast.

      why is the obama admin pushing the trans gender law? VOTES. the demo part is playing on the EMOTIONS of … many … for … votes. obama and co are not interested in EQUALITY … if they were interested in equality … WOMEN WOULD BE GETTING THE SAME WAGE AS MEN FOR THE SAME JOB! WOMEN WOULD NOT BE DENIED THE PRIESTHOOD IN ANY CHURCH IN AMERICA, THOSE SAME CHURCHES RECEIVING WHAT FROM GOVERNMENT … AT THE TAX PAYER’s WHAT? and that is just two samples of many …

      OBAMA HAS NOT SHOWN INTEREST IN EQUALITY REGARDING WOMEN … the demo party figures hillary has the women’s vote covered …

      dishonesty and deception do not win, folks

      watch what comes next and hey, y’all bring it on yourselves by paying into and supporting poor leaders

      • opheliart permalink


        h. s. history teacher edward mixx is going through a midlife crisis and his relationship with his spouse is at a turning point. he begins to experience moments of feeling female, he says. one day after teaching his 10th grade history class, he decides he really identifies as a woman … after lunch, and two cups of coffee, he heads into the girls restroom to take a pee. the restroom is full of 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th graders and three of the girls are trying on each others shirts and two are braless. tommy piccolo sees mr mix goes in and figures this would be a good time to make his move. he has his phone camera ready … been planning this for weeks with the boys football team.

        hey obama … and that’s just the restrooms … wait to you see the locker rooms, ink head! you are in for a knock down drag out fight. clearly YOU never go pee in restrooms with ……………………………………………….

        they sit in their high towers and say, gee, what else can we do to get more votes because our party is hurting and looking like derelict and care-less dads.

        we are not stupid, you fools … we see what you are up to … but so sad that people with all those “smarts” are misled … OR, they, too, are care-less.

        oh, and the demo-liberalist party is trying to distract… keep the voters from asking questions about hillary’s record and behavior and … OBAMA’S SELLING OF AMERICA TO …

        this is a vatican tactic. lots of distraction … steering away from topics of abuse

        the nut does not fall from from its tree

  12. opheliart permalink

    I can just hear it: what? you called obama an ink head … you racist___.

    in my world there is more than one color of ink… you got a problem with that?

    • opheliart permalink

      situation cont:

      parents upset about edward mixx, the students’ MALE history teacher had walked in on their daughters in a state of undress (their restroom) … and they lose. why? because of obama’s law. and tommy piccolo and his GANG get off … a slap on the wrist, because … you know, boys will be boys.

  13. opheliart permalink

    I am not of religion. I am … gnostic. I see and hear differently … not like religionists (of every stripe). I do not live by man’s creeds. these are not my authority. I see much hypocrisy and much deception. if I thought CAIR was an innocent group, I would not be posting this. if I believed its former founder to be telling the truth when he says he never said the following:

    ” …Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant.

    The reporter paraphrased Ahmad saying, “The Quran … should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on earth.”

    I would not be posting here. I would not have been shown it at all. It would never have been brought to me. I do not trust CAIR and I do believe there are factions within ISLAM, in particular, but also the VATICAN, trying to take power and control and their patterns are easy to see … I am often surprised those with unending credential do not see it. so … it must be serving THEIR agenda … for party power, which makes them a type of fascist …

    and obama has certainly shown this mindset. he has earned nothing in the TEACHING of truth. his instruction comes in the form of an elitist professor or politician … in 8 years he could not manage to get WOMEN a fair and just wage in a society still ruled by patriarchal dynasty and … in 8 years he has not been active in INVESTIGATING the abuses from his elite advisors, the same ones he pays out of the taxpayer’s pockets. this is telling … and speaks volumes on his mindset and where he reads and what he believes.

    if roughly 50% of your audience—the citizenship of the country you swore oaths to serve—are women … don’t you think it would make sense to see that this group receives the same opportunities as a man without selling out or becoming a bull in a china shop? and to think this group must also bear the weight of childbirth and often the care of children in all this … and obama and his team, which includes hillary clinton …

    is just now making small attempts to recognize the injustice (but not the injustice at the hands of the PATRIARCHAL RELIGIOUS … as these still RECEIVE FROM GOVERNMENT) … only because their desire is to gain the vote … to keep that SAME OLD SAME OLD THEOLOGY INTACT.

    and now obama uses the transgender to promote his staff. what a lie … just like his affiliate, OMAR AHMAD.

    what are you willing to operate?

  14. opheliart permalink

    if life was so terrible in the previous place under their islamic government … and this is safer and appears to be in transition, why not stay and help greece transition. if these ‘refugees’ desire more why not make it happen instead of running to countries already crowded, unsafe and not always permitting them due to various concerns. and what jobs would they expect to find? free education because they are a refugee? one has a father who is a school teacher who stayed behind so … apparently many either left because of the filth of something or … mistreatment of something (despite being the majority) …

    many questions regarding those leaving syria and others places. seems greece is now mostly willing to assist at least some should some be willing to assist greece. heck, if I had the influence there and the $$$ I wouldn’t hesitate to renew that area … look to find its gifts and precious life and salvage communities …

    what exactly do these refugees want? crowded cities? the men say they want to work so why doesn’t someone step in and see what needs doing?

    • opheliart permalink

      is their religion saving them? offering them what they say they need to survive?

      I think many nations would have a different view if these refugees were not islamic. muslim is somewhat of a generic term, but it is islam itself that bothers nonreligious and non islamic culture. people do fear its influence and its spread, esp since muslim families start young having children and have children like the RCs used to, which can overwhelm a school community in a matter of five yrs … if enough muslims move in and bring in their relatives.

      GOVERNMENTS aren’t doing what they should do to educate these refugees on national values and laws, either. giving in to every wimple …based on who/what they say… is not proper governance, but america IS confused about its own place in the world. the democratic principle under leftist entity is myopic and plays party politics, trying to be (shallowly) everything to everyone (that makes them look ‘good’) without seeing to those within their own borders (EX: how many would say they live and walk streets that resemble a war zone, a danger to them and their families … and what has 8yrs of obama done about the most criminal cities in the US, the rape and abuse, the substance abuse?) … without any real concern for the health and wellbeing of its citizens. LOOK AT THE COMMUNITIES STRUGGLING! they seem not to want to get to the root of any problem … merely a lot of grandstanding to cover over their own ineptness. what can they possibly offer these when they have not solved many of the ongoing concerns and the RISING concerns like the opioid epidemic and the drug culture and … the knife, bomb and gun violence EVERYWHERE … and the acts of MENTAL ILLNESS which no one seems to be able to figure out. who barges into a home and tries to knife to death two elderly women? crashes into a mall and starts tossing a young woman around like she is a rag doll … charges into a restaurant and starts knifing people? and this is not just one incident. the knife thing, like we said almost two yrs ago when the topic of gun control was hot, would make its debut when guns are restricted. you see, there is always something. and the drunk driving … my gosh … what a mess

      • opheliart permalink

        we said and will say again …

        everyone is in a war zone of some kind. women and children are not safe anywhere there is so much freedom and people are silenced for fear of offending some group and having their reputations destroyed … and law enforcement and government act powerless to INVESTIGATE problem areas … and give in to whining religious or minority criminal acts. parents get your kids off the streets if you don’t want them dead! what? too poor to control them? don’t have kids if you cannot parent them in a manner that will keep them from hurting others. and … what can we say but challenge your lawmakers for help should you find yourself in hard times. go to those churches that get paid to help the poor and destitute and victimized. but YOU DO NEED TO COME INTO UNDERSTANDING OF WHAT CONSTITUTES AN OFFENSE. like selling deadly drugs is a crime … did you hear what we said: DEADLY DRUGS … are your children playing russian roulette with other people children and the lives of others? and what of stealing and raping and bullying innocents? do not expect people to give you money to continue in this vein. it’s poor parenting and any government that panders to this type of behavior is not fit to govern. simple enough. and, those religious committing crimes then making large sums of money from lawsuits because they say their RELIGIOUS RIGHTS were tampered with … um, get a life, please … you only hurt your reputation and the reputation of your members BECAUSE … people won’t be paying for this kind of stuff much longer. there isn’t the $ for it … as much as the government and lawyers think money is just oozing out of the hard working middle class. that class is about to shut down those abusing the system.

        we said take in the syrian orphans first. what is so hard in this first step? find suitable homes-parents– where RELIGION is not law. when the kids are grown they can seek out what religion if any they want to explore.

        enough already

  15. opheliart permalink

    “Whatever else Trump is, he’s obviously not an ideological extremist.”

    hmm … we addressed this somewhat when we posted one of mark silk’s commentaries. trump does have an ideology he embraces. is it extreme? yes! that is partly why he is succeeding in this race. if I wanted to woo a waking and angry … a frustrated and anxious audience, I would not play ms clare of clare and francis @ assisi 😀 shave my head and hide behind a habit. lol

    trump’s ideology is THE STAGE and it is in extreme performance that he rules. like it or not. personally< i do not care for that kind of performance but … people are in the mood. they have been groomed for this by entertainment, movies galore and superbad heroes … (I don't like all that crash and burn stuff—too much violence—does not allow for brain development and heart initiative)

    • opheliart permalink

      now imagine him on the stage of the presidential seat dealing with the middle east barons?

      he will either use them to get what he wants (like obama and co … IOW, do business with dishonest and unjust men) OR … create more friction

      • opheliart permalink

        as for the liberals being extremists … already addressed this and yes, they have gone extremely out of touch with the REALITY of what is. they live in a freaking fairytale.


        here is another comment (in part) that we found of interest:

        “I am adamantly against illegal immigrants,” then-Sen. Clinton said on the John Grambling radio show in Feb. 2003.
        “Certainly we’ve got to do more at our borders,” she said, adding that, “people have to stop employing illegal immigrants.” – HRC 2003
        LAS VEGAS—Hillary Clinton, bidding to maintain Democratic dominance among Hispanic voters, said Tuesday she would work to expand President Barack Obama’s executive actions protecting people in the U.S. illegally from deportation, and push for legislation including a path to citizenship. – WSJ, May 2015

  16. opheliart permalink

    respect for the school and the church?

    except for what they covered up

    and how the victims suffer
    and have suffered for centuries and you call that GOD’s House?

    you can have it … but the world will be tearing it and you …down … watch what comes

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