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the CATHOLIC votes …

May 9, 2016


but catholic teaching says they must obey the roman pontiff. so … if not obeying their pope … why have a pope? and why is the ‘UNTIED’ STATES OF AMERICA using the roman pontiff in policy and … why did US government spend taxpayer dollars on his visit and … 

why are bishops still telling AMERICAN government how to govern?

LOS ANGELES, CA (California Network) – The Catholic vote is one of the most important votes in the nation. Catholics make key voting blocs in swing states, such as Ohio, so how Catholics go, so too does the nation. It was Catholics who elected Obama, twice.

Catholic voters can be difficult to predict. Instead of being single issue voters, they are more like the general electorate, voting for the person who supports their interests. About half of all Catholics support contraception and nearly half, abortion. Catholics are also divided on issues such as immigration reform, with some believing the nation must do more to welcome immigrants, while others feel we should follow a strict policy which excludes many.

However, Catholic have one thing in common, they don’t like being told what to do. This may seem ironic for members of a Church that is also one of the planet’s last absolute monarchies. And while Catholics will often listen to the Pope, sometimes begrudgingly, they will absolutely rail against fellow Catholics, including clergy, who tell them who they cannot vote for.

Recently, a pair of Catholic thinkers published a piece criticizing Donald Trump and those who support him in the National Review. The piece drew intense fire from Catholics who did not appreciate being criticized because of their support for Trump.

So why are Catholics rallying behind Trump?

The reason has to do with the general disgust felt by Catholics in general. American Catholics face the same problems as all other Americans. They’re tired of establishment politics that they feel has sold them out. Many have been working for a decade without seeing a significant rise in pay. They see perpetual war which is making them weary. They are tired of Obama and his policies which the Republicans seem unwilling to actually fight. They’re tired of Republican ineptitude.

As for the clergy, they’re tired of ineffective sermonizing that has done nothing to change the country. Problems such as abortion, remain problems. Human trafficking, illegal immigration, drug abuse and other moral issues remain as pervasive as ever.

Indeed, if the Church had the right approach it would be much more effective, spreading virally instead of shrinking.

So Catholics tend to take exception when these same people tell them how to vote.

Catholics are choosing Trump because he seems to be their best choice for genuine, conservative change. Time and again, Catholics have sent so-called conservatives to Congress only to be quickly disappointed. Consider John Boehner (R-OH), who was formerly Speaker of the House. The morning after the last midterm elections, which gave Republicans a very clear mandate to shut down Obama’s policies, especially on the issue of religious freedom and Obamacare, Boehner met with Obama and renewed their friendship.

Catholics want someone who will fight for their interests, not sit down to coffee with their enemies.

Until Republicans get the hint that Catholics want sincere and solid, moral leadership in Washington, they will continue to vote against establishment incumbents and in favor of insurgent candidates.

Right now, that means Trump.


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  1. opheliart permalink

    the protestant?

    like we have said numerous times:


  2. opheliart permalink

    I guess another more pertinent question might be:

    is it because the catholic does not like being told what to do and is bucking their system, finally 😮
    a system born from roma … they are voting FOR trump as commander and chief?

    are we to thank or challenge the CATHOLIC for all the division and disillusionment and lack of funding for important things like:

    the middles class struggle

    the inequality (women as lesser … pay wage, etc)

    mental illness

    … and the list goes on …

    as we shared before all this tart business regarding trumpism … the wild, wild west?


  3. opheliart permalink

    in case anyone is interested … regarding my court summons today? the judge said not guilty. I paid a wee fine and left but … not before witnessing some things that need to be addressed.

    and this is part of why I was there in the first place.

    • opheliart permalink

      sometimes the only way to see, hear … begin to understand … is to experience and witness it first hand

  4. opheliart permalink

    look up the full definition of ideology (greek form+pattern … logos)

    now, from thomas frank’s book and I just read this early this morning well before silk published his article.


    Having people of talent run the vast federal apparatus is clearly a desirable thing. The EPA and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission ought to be under the direction of people who know what they’re doing, as surely as qualified engineers should design our bridges and historians should be the ones who teach history.

    But what are we to make of our modern-day technocracy, a meritocracy of failure in which ineffectual people rise to the top and entire professions (accountants, real-estate agents appraisers, etc.) are roiled by corruption scandals?

    The answer is that the professional ideology brings with it certain predictable, recurring weakness. The first of these pitfalls of professionalism is that the people with the highest status aren’t necessarily creative or original thinkers. Although the professions are thought to represent the pinnacle of human brilliance, what they are actually brilliant at is defending and applying a given philosophy. In DISCIPLINED MINDS, an important description of the work-life of professionals, the physicist Jeff Schmidt tells us that “ideological discipline is the master key to the professionals.” Despite the favorite Sixties slogan, professionals do not question authority; their job is to apply it. This is the very nature of their work and the object of their training, according to Schmidt; who “implement their employers’ attitudes” and carefully internalize the reigning doctrine of their discipline, whatever this happens to be.

    In addition, the professions are structured to shield insiders from accountability. This is what defines the category: professionals do not have to listen …


    this is outstanding and essentially why we share. and we have listed over and over where the liberal profs just seem to be an insulated group wrapped in their own ideology. we have said … of the hierarchy notables, which includes “the PROFESSION” known often as the confederacy of dunces … if we want to be sarcastic about it … is what we have shown time and time again, in detail,

    they cannot see the trees for the forest and …

    they are of the mindset that they are “god of the universe” in that their way is the right way because… it seems ethical. it seems ethical. but it lacks in what?

    truth. the true nature of the facts. and what are these facts? well, one could start by saying, look in the mirror, dude, who is standing behind you?

    • opheliart permalink

      many years ago when I was in the art show circuit … I arrived at an art opening a bit later than most of the other artists and the patrons (those paying to see the show 😉 … and I ran into an artist I know … I asked her “how is the show?” she responded, “well, a lot of talent … ” she gave me a look as if to say, “but not all that CREATIVE”

      and we have said many times that society needs the wild-eyed artists to MOVE the people. think of all those isms … that helped move society from ding dong the witch is dead to fantasia?

      * sorry for the typos … things jump into place thinking they belong there 😀 I was able to correct a few

  5. opheliart permalink

    allow me to give the reader an example of the PROFESSIONAL in his authoritative position. I posted here in SPIR twice on the incident regarding the police office pulling me over and his view of my conduct verses what he accused me of. had it been just the stop sign and not the drivers license I would not have been privy to something essential to my work. it had to go deeper to get to a significant error in the justice system, a system that permeates within the catholic hierarchal realm of view. only through itself are we able to ‘survive’ BUT, not all can live within it in a manner honest and ethical, pure and true, because its movement is within its own circular reasoning—a repeating pattern that demands you accept it or be brought to destruction (sometimes bit by bit, slowly tearing at you bringing you lower and lower until you are at its mercy and solely dependent on it for everything unless … you are a “heretic” and refuse the label and refuse to be mishandled, misused and abused ), and why mankind is stuck in a sort of medieval melodrama and unable to move forward.

    as I said, the judge very quickly announced to me, and another with a similar situation, “not guilty” but would need to … then pay a fee. when we left the courtroom, we were asked to sign a waver that says we would not be seeking council. heck, the fee was not huge and to hear “not guilty” was like heaven … why would either of us seek council? until we received the paperwork AFTER signing (first time seeing this). included in that paperwork was the officer’s written statement of my conduct. it was FALSE … not what actually happened. HE PUT WORDS IN MY MOUTH AND … did not allow for my fuller response.

    and his rendition is now on MY record while he looks honorable.

    piss on that. and interestingly, the woman with me, going through a similar case said the EXACT SAME THING! this is not what happened, she said. I never said that. the officer makes me sound like I was not cooperating …

    hmm, yes … oh, yes.

    and dear readers, in the BC TRILOGY … as I experience more and more and see first hand how that catholic mindset operates … how the SYSTEM operates … baby, you can expect to see CREATIVE WRITING to GET TO THE TRUTH. because these experiences will be revealed.

    so, if you are a professional of some authority you better get on the right side of the LAW … because your world is going to be turned upside down. coming right back at you, dear ones …

    • opheliart permalink

      now, for the big question:

      are police officers trained not to listen or is this just the way the system works?

      and one could ask the same of the hierarchies of all vocationalists/professionals. I cannot tell you the number of times priests/pastors on up were not listening … but I have recorded many incidents for my work.

      • opheliart permalink

        and to be perfectly honest, and as much as I hate to say this … many intellectuals undermine themselves (often their gifts) by feeding heavily in these “professional is god” mindset—look at his schooling credential and where he works, TITLE, uniform, status .. works for … knows so-in-so … it’s like the professional is untouchable. and they make great assumptions about the ones challenging their gods 😀 and these assumptions are found to be untrue.

  6. opheliart permalink

    Germany, which is playing a supporting role in the fight against Islamic State, has not suffered a major attack by Islamist militants on the scale of those that have hit neighboring France and Belgium.

    But ministers have repeatedly warned an attack is possible and German security services are on alert.

    Over 800 home-grown radicals have left Germany to join jihadist groups in Syria and Iraq and about 260 have returned.


    so … they grow them in germany then they go out to the rest of the world to destroy what is not islam? according to their god … or a threat to their ideology?

    what is germany fostering? could this be WHY germany has not suffered a large scale attack? why bite the hand that feeds?


    regarding AMERICA … don’t make this the middle east with prayer calls 5X a day in communities and where businesses and government are expected to change its ways to accommodate the islamic laws and taxpayer dollars supporting and paying into a the fastest growing RELIGION because like roman catholicism, it has its breeding methods … as FREEDOM OF RELIGION becomes more prominent in obama’s POLITICALLY CORRECT AMERICA, where he uses CALIPHATE RELIGIOUS to suit his PARTY agendas … while sitting in his seat of professional literalism.

    if someone wants to call me anti-islam … WE DON’T CARE… It’s like saying we don’t like a certain food grown a certain way. it does not make us anti-muslim. we challenge the religious god … like roman catholicism (and remember, they were of this SAME behavior in their inquisition and crusades to take over the world using the weaponry at that time: ARMIES of recruits, theology and POLICY … where government and religion marry for extreme ideology—-a mindset “catholic”).

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