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May 5, 2016



A young woman found slain in a partially burned West Texas home after telling a school counselor her stepfather had impregnated her was found with her uterus cut out, according to multiple reports.

the child told a school counselor why she did not want to go home … and

what did they do? what did anyone do?  


and the US system of government does what for the victims?

how is the US system PROTECTING THE CHILDREN? 



WILL YOUR CHOSEN LAW MAKERS CHANGE ANYTHING? ARE THEY DOING ANYTHING BESIDES PAYING INTO AND SUPPORTING THEIR OWN SEATS OF POWER AND INFLUENCE that has done so little for the real victims? the ones living in these hell holes? do they pander to the offender and place your children in even more danger?


this is a crime beyond words … and I cannot enjoy this mother’s day knowing this tremendous evil thrives in our societies and the children are abused daily … hunted, preyed upon … raped repeatedly, beaten … threatened and murdered … 

and what does our society permit? DRUGS_DRUGS_DRUGS _DRUGS and more drugs … men and women who love child pornography, abuse of women and children … who is cracking down on this? doesn’t anyone know when children are being violated in something like this? is everyone so dense that they cannot see the signs?

who is going to address the mental illness that is so prevalent in our society?  who is going to tackle these horrid offenses? does any lawmaker care enough to put aside their party favors and take off their big hats … to save the victims——–our children?


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  1. opheliart permalink

    monday, the 9th is my court day … I received the bad news on my summons, finally.

    for what? I did not come to a complete stop at a stop sign and my license was expired (btw, triple A offers driver’s license renewal to members … nice, quick in and out).

    the state trooper, positioned himself in my town, just down the street from my house … he said I sailed through the stop sign, which is not true (as I shared earlier in SPIR: I slowed and looked but admitted that I did not come to a complete stop) … but I did not want to say anything to him other than to apologize (repeatedly) because I could tell he was behaving in a manner … provoking. at one point I even had to say to him … “I am not trying to be obstinate” … because he would not let up no matter how many times I said, I am sorry, I was wrong.

    what is with these guys? was he hoping I would cry? or maybe he wanted me to act out so that he could make an arrest. I would not trust him to do the just thing in the case of victims, because he does not seem to understand when one is sincere … and when one is a real criminal.

    why are the courts spending time and money on me when the real criminals are loose and murdering children? raping and abusing and like I said … drug dealers just slipped on by while the officer is picking on me. me! more an outspoken watchdog to ASSIST law enforcement and others to STOP the evil … to save lives.

    what a world-what a world … 😦

  2. opheliart permalink

    how many times has the law looked the other way OR

    helped to cover up the abuse?

    the INVESTIGATIONS WILL ENSUE … no one is exempt from these kinds of crimes.

    the question on a lot of people’s minds: where were you?

      • opheliart permalink

        everywhere I look I see comments of people bashing trump and trump voters or other voters and some of these are seriously ugly comments but I do not see these same taking on the child abuse that we listed above. I see so few comments and worse …

        no politicians/lawmakers or clergy/pastors really going after this horrid epidemic that has been going on for centuries. yes, centuries … children at the hands of abusive clergy. when I was working on Brother Cobweb and BC the Trilogy … some of the stories I was researching were just sickening. the way people behaved and what the children, esp girls and young women in some of these stories I was working on … how these were treated. what has changed in fifty years? please show us a PRESIDENT IN THE US that has addressed the clergy child sex abuse …
        we could probably count on one hand the number of upper echelon politicians having mentioned this disease. none really addressing it …. because it would mean investigating their buddies?

        when a celebrity dies … even when he dies because he is addicted to drugs … the news can’t get enough of it and how it is such a great loss and you read comments everywhere from the vatican to your own state politicians but where are they when an innocent gets raped by her stepdad for years then her throat cut and her womb cut out?

        everyday we receive info on prince (the musician entertainer) for weeks but the poor, disabled child is just a story tucked in some remote town few have heard of … having endured the worst.

        then there is trump making fun of a disabled man? a woman’s face? how another candidate eats?

        AND THIS IS WHO YOU WANT FOR YOUR COMMANDER IN CHIEF THAT WILL DO WHAT IS NECESSARY TO PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN AND OUR FUTURE? what if your child is ‘disabled’? or your grandchild? what if your daughter does not look like trump’s third wife but more like carly? what if your son or grandson gets captured by a foe (like mc cain)?


        NOW IS PAYBACK TIME, FOLKS … we know you are angry at obama and co but who will take the necessary steps to protect your child/grandchild from the opioid epidemic and the predator and the mentally ill with a gun, a lead pipe or a knife, an abusive priest, bishop or … police officer … doctor … teacher, coach … and if your grandchild gets raped by her dad or stepdad … where were you?

        honestly, my misdemeanor looks more like help for others and where time and money SHOULD be spent than it does a “crime” worthy of a summons to court. hmmm … so criminal of me to allow my drivers license to expire. maybe the institution just wants money to pay off ………………………………

        if they knew the full story they would be wetting in their drawers

  3. opheliart permalink

    The teenage accuser testified in 1995 that she had never had sex before accusing Franklin of raping her. But she later told authorities that her stepfather had sexually assaulted her for years, including during Franklin’s trial, and that she had been too scared to admit that with her stepfather ever present.

    how hard do you think it is to tell people your own stepdad sexually abuses you?




    now, how does it feel to be so violated? so hurt? so anguished? treated so badly by men? by your mom? by your own priest or pastor …

    then the shunning you, denying you, silencing you … threatening you … not protected … not even by an officer of the law sworn in to protect the vulnerable, the innocent …

    WHAT SAY YOU PASTORS, POLITICIANS, PRIESTS AND … when parents FAIL their children … you want the very best, don't you? you want the pat on the back for your work and oh, look how caring and wonderful we are because we say take in the refugees —the immigrants! but YOU HAVE NOT BEEN THERE FOR THE LITTLEST AND THE WEAKEST and THE MOST VULNERABLE. your history of caring for women is horrendous and … just look at what is happening to the youth? you will lose them if you don't start addressing the MORE IMPORTANT … what is right in front of your face!

    do you get it yet?

    you want a president that is to your liking—great, grand, trustworthy … honorable, honest, intelligent according to your views but … who is wise among them? who is honest? who is addressing what is right there under his nose but he cannot see it for all the bull! all the accolades and the pompousness and the entitlement and the wealth and …

    why did you think YOU DESERVED A PRESIDENT that is wonderful when you have been lazy, careless … lousy pastors and preachers and you set yourselves up on your thrones and gee wiz … you can't even see the children from your place of entitlement.


    • opheliart permalink

      until you feel their pain … know what it is to be abused … refused, denied, hurt, rejected … lied to … shunned, falsely accused and misused … censored, betrayed … until you have some sense of what this is …

      you lack in UNDERSTANDING.

      this is a new day, my friends, and priests, pastors … you are being called to take up that cross.

      where in hell are you?

  4. opheliart permalink

    a comment on gushee’s commentary:

    Well_Read Josh Weinstein • an hour ago
    no, there is no god. the monotheistic god was an invention of the egyptians then the Israelites adapted it. It wasn’t supposed to be a real thing, we were to live AS IF someone were watching, not actually watching. Jews needed a text to be one of the legal roman religions, so they wrote the torah and were accepted.

    it’s all a LOT less sexy then what our parents beat into us as children.


    I always have to do a double take when I read these types of comments. “no, there is no god”
    um, YES, there is a GOD … there may not be SPIRIT for you as you have no RELATIONSHIP in {this} … but I AM in a Place where I DO have a relationship and since you are not ME and do not KNOW ME … there is no way you speak for me. there is no way you know what I AM or WHERE I AM. if you are unaware of Spirit, that is your business not mine … as my life is not yours and your life is not mine. when the atheist speaks in absolutes he is no different from those of religion claiming universal belief: his. it is like someone saying to me, “you are dead” when they say, “there is no god.” it makes no sense to one experiencing Spirit. I kid you not when I say there is Spirit, both good and evil. maybe one day he will experience this and recognize his own lack of awareness in life alien to his own understanding.

    • opheliart permalink

      for him there may be nothing but for me there is something, something he evidently has no knowledge or understanding in.

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