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the peer of scum

May 3, 2016

I saw a previous title in SPIR and knew immediately where I was to go with this one. a commenter had posted the following to a religious article:

Christians are scum.

at first I thought to call it THE POWER OF SCUM … but while typing, I put in the word peer.

hmm … that seems to be a cozy fit. so … there it is.


but, what does this even mean? what is it saying? the christian hater was expressing his freedom of speech without any worry or concern that someone would look him up and question him on his ethics … his hate … his anti-christian views. he is allowed, you know, to say whatever he wants about christians. he, and millions of other christian haters, are allowed to rip these people to threads .. in their freedom of speech. this is permissible in the US. as a matter of fact, it is quite popular these days. written attack on christians. it does not matter who or what the christian represents … the sentiment is welcome in the US. glorified, even … in some circles.


but how did a nation having risen from a split … from the hierarchy of rome many years earlier, making the arduous journey to a new land, using its christian heritage to establish government … end up so … anti-christ? a CHRIST they never knew … and don’t know? including  many christians …


as THE CHRIST is not of the intent of caesar.


The Christ was never intended for religion or politics.



{this} is intended for Truth—a marriage of Light and Love. a union of wisdom and truth. a courtship of masculine and feminine DIVINE: the Godhood. 


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    • opheliart permalink

      people are high on this technology. and obama and co are pouring millions into this industry … and for what? WAR. if government isn’t recruiting and sending the youth to bleed and die while killing others, they are paying them to learn its deity:

      how to kill

      • opheliart permalink

        I am a believer in Spirit of the Living God and I think every day should be a day of SENSE AND REASON 😀

        but it is unfortunate that atheists believe EVERYTHING they read, ESPECIALLY when they want to prove THEIR point. in time they will know how, like presidential candidates, and their allies, a certain militancy conjured up loads of stuff to undermine to destroy the ‘other’s’ reputation. things like … anti-semitism and … 😦

        maybe none of it is true and it was written for a REASON … eh? imagine that … A REASON—A WRONG REASON … A BAD REASON … A TERRIBLE REASON … A DANGEROUS REASON … something that spells …

        bad intent … like false information? seems some people cannot IMAGINE that this could be the case.


        I heard on the news that the men placing the flag at a well known site in war history are not who they have been written to be. it seems an investigative reporter was not there.

        ya know, folks, we have said this before … HISTORY WRITES WHAT HISTORY WANTS READ and … as we see time and time again, people do not always have the FACTS! and … do not always do their homework or … there was a REASON it was written this way instead of the way it was.

        I cannot wait for the info to come out on luther. it is time that people know the truth.

  1. opheliart permalink

    all organizations/institutions/schools/churches/synagogues/mosques must have something in place to keep these abuses from happening

    do you know what this might be?

  2. opheliart permalink–election.html?ref=gs

    so lying is the path to freedom? or is it just the path to power?

    okay, it is time for trump to self-destruct. and his voters will see themselves in his face.

    remember, what you believe is what YOU receive …

    good luck, y’all.

    • opheliart permalink

      now, bernie … you really do need to take OFF the establishment. get rid of the suit and tie and sing the blues! let hillary and donald SEE the middle class and those truly in need. let them see that their delegates are not really the VOICE OF THE PEOPLE. just as your hero pope fran is not really the voice of the people. distance yourself from these profession elites and get into the homes of those truly under the thumb of poor governance … poor guidance.

  3. opheliart permalink

    check this out:

    some of an exchange between ‘moralist’ atheist spud die and another rns commenter

    Phil Weingart Spuddie • 10 hours ago
    You, Spuddie, are the one who does not understand the concept of morality. Like all Progressives, you mistake your own political opinions for character. You condemn those as “immoral” who simply disagree with your politics, and you stupidly call yourself “moral,” again because of your politics.

    But character has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with one’s personal conduct toward others. To reform one’s character, one needs to engage in a lengthy and difficult process of learning about one’s sins, repentance, confession, and restoration that can take the better part of a lifetime.

    I was being charitable by calling your confusion a mistake. It’s actually a cowardly choice to declare oneself virtuous on the cheap, without engaging in the difficult process. It’s mighty easy to hold opinions that seem virtuous to yourself rather than to learn what virtue really consists of.

    • opheliart permalink

      you mistake your own political opinions for character

      character has nothing to do with politics

      to reform one’s character, one needs to engage in a lengthy and difficult process …


      we’ve shared on spud die already, and phil is hitting on something critical regarding the militant atheist’s religious views in the first 2 comments, and these seem to parallel what thomas frank writes about the liberal PROFESSIONAL (will share later today-it’s 3:44 AM and I am not up for typing at length 🙂 …

      on point 3, as we shared in a previous, people do not reform; they EVOLVE. they evolve or they transform. these are two different processes … religion can reform but people evolve, or they transform.


  4. opheliart permalink

    the comment is to tobin’s opinion pc:

    Eric Thurman • 7 hours ago
    Are you fucking kidding me? Show me one poll, just one, that suggests people support Trump despite his bigotry and not because of it. Then go read Jamelle Bouie if David Gushee can’t persuade you.


    you see, tobin, how it feels to have more than one window in your house or … many rooms with many windows? some have only one room and no window. some have only one room and one window … and some unfortunately have none. and some are never given a choice of opinion. like in the larycia hawkins debacle at wheaton. some BELIEVERS do not worship the god of islam, like the roman pontiff says. some do not experience religious gods as Spirit of the Living. these are men laying down rules not lives … for their institutions; its law and its attribute. how it wants to be viewed in the world. women are property. a contract like a business deal for some. and some will not support and pay into what they experience to be against their conscience … against what they see and hear as supporting and paying into suppression of women, not even in the slightest way … because they know how it grows into a very large cross hanging around the necks of the youth. it seems to some like just a minor incident, but to some, who understand how theology works … as we saw, there are those with the intent to turn it into something of “law” setting itself against those who disagree. or … 30 lashings if you oppose its intent, or if you refuse to call it your god.

    I have no doubt that you can answer that commenter’s request.

    • opheliart permalink

      I have shared several times although not recently … preaching is telling and teaching is showing. Jesus shows us in his stories what is Spirit of the Living God. he shows us where heaven abides. in the story of the the woman caught in adultery and he writes in the sand … you know the one … I communed in that years ago desiring to know what Jesus wrote.

      JESUS wrote: you are she.

      now bear with me …

      GNOSTIC LIT states … female must become as male … to enter the kingdom of heaven. in the “showing” of that NT story, Jesus is telling those men that they are as she—no different. this is impartial fare, and IS fair, just and OF the Spirit of the Living God.

      “you are she” is saying “husband and wife become as one” or masculine and feminine unite for understanding in the Spirit. there is a marriage—a union of wisdom and truth in this Teaching. you are she is the honoring of {this} Father and this {Mother} … it is a carriage of LIFE born from understanding. in greek orthodox teaching believers are married to Jesus. this is close in understanding but, I AM is married to the One, and the One is this union of Wisdom and Truth and in this …

      male is she as she is male: made in the image of GOD. this is not about those caesar weddings and caesar marriages with all that paperwork and law. this is about Truth. and in the case of the woman caught in adultery … any sensible and caring man would not have singled out just the woman, if looking at this as a real incident (which I am certain it was … again and again in that day) … they would have brought both before the council, knowing that there was a man involved for how else could she have been caught in adultery. yes? this was unjust, unfair and unloving practices of that day. JESUS turned that table over. and that is just one of the laws he put on end to empty that imbalance and overbearing male dominion.

      Jesus was showing how the two should be as one … in EVERY situation and this … this is how UNDERSTANDING as WISDOM + TRUTH become Peace. and Jesus did not bring that peace but a sword because he was to prophesy: what was -what is and what will be (the Word and why he was viewed as the Word made flesh as it is necessary for Spirit to use human being to share … otherwise … how could they teach?) … which requires REMOVAL of the old, the decaying, the dangerous, the unjust … or what would happen to civilization? man’s greed, arrogance, elitism. hierarchy, and possibly even his failed democracy under certain deals, destroys LIFE or the hope of Life and the ability for LIFE to Be or Become.


      • opheliart permalink

        we do not want male dominion …

        in any form. it is overbearing. imbalanced. institutionalized thinking. catholicism has to do with religious virtue. LOVE has to do with SPIRITUAL AWARENESS>

  5. opheliart permalink

    now ask yourself who if any would be able to handle a sudden epidemic that paralyzed the people of a nation. which candidate would be MATURE enough to handle an epidemic honestly … not withholding critical information … but up front honest while knowing how best to protect the people? the children, the future … and still get healthy food and clean water to them for a long period of time.

    who has been without an understands how to thrive? and who was born into an elitist position and has been given the opportunities, relying on money and status and professions to get itself in seats of power and influence … to get to his/her seat of governance—a ruling of and on the people?

    and who is willing to sacrifice all of it to do what is best for the nation of people and especially the youth?

    • opheliart permalink

      let the people have their gripes, but do not deny them truth about the candidates—their history and where they have abandoned people. or looked the other way while abuses were apparent. who is steady on his/her feet … not relying on something that could go poof should things crash … if money can’t feet the people … what will foot their ability to stay alive and grow? healthy and purposeful.

      • opheliart permalink

        are the youth relying on theft and lies to thrive? parents? special status and elite schools? if an epidemic rendered all of these illegitimate … what holds up during a storm?

  6. opheliart permalink

    during the holocaust, the power at the time did not care who of the jewish people were well-schooled or rich … the peer took what it wanted and exterminated the rest. it did not matter who was wealthy, religious or … it aborted at will. anything and everything deemed a threat to that power’s ideal—it’s theology, belief and practice.

    why were the people as a nation—so many—willing to go along with this ideal? was it something seducing them into a one room schoolhouse, void of light?

    people tread precariously at that edge. “jump! let your “god” save you!”

    what is this god you believe is supreme?

  7. opheliart permalink

    hitler was serious about his ideal. trump is not. unlike sanders, he does not have a ‘theology’ or an ism other than trump-ism. he acts mostly based on childish intellect. he is not serious about growth within himself or the growth and movement of a nation. whether you agree or disagree with his policy, should he be serious about it, so many of his comments are like watching a poorly taught child in the cafeteria making fun of others for really silly things. “look at her face!” “look how he eats—disgusting!”

    so? surface feeding. like a sitcom for reaction. but, the seriousness in all this is not trump but the voters. WHY are they voting for a bratty child? these people ARE serious and you cannot ignore their complaints and what is fueling their choice. what are they experiencing that makes them choose a man caught up in his own ideal?

    this is where you need to go and you need to go NOW! report your findings honestly. fairly. don’t make up people to support your political agenda …


    it is only fair—-yes? if we were to split this down the middle and say there are 50% here and 50% there, you are still having to live with 50% of something you might oppose. it would behoove you to understand why they chose to dismiss the norm/the usual and go with their version of ____.

  8. opheliart permalink

    one thing the US government has not acknowledged as a serious problem is the HUGE number of mentally ill in its country. each day I read/hear of a dozen cases like this or worse. do you realize how many people could die if someone decided to contaminate a major food or water source? and the things that people are doing on a daily basis shows there is an epidemic already underway.

    and look at the constant toxic chemicals and DRUGS and unhealthy food used regularly … everywhere … and people are surprised at the actions of those “mentally ill” ? industry, professionals … so-called experts in almost every field are contaminating the communities while saying … nah, nothing to worry about … and government goes along with what the experts making loads of money say. why have mouse poison at all? when I was five years old, my puppy died because a neighbor next door to us used rat poison in their back yard … the same yard where the kids of the neighborhood ran through, often played … because they made their back yard junkie … kept putting junk back there and rats started to find a place to scavenge … and Pat, while a young thing, got into that damn poison and died. I will never forget it. Pat was in the grass of our semi-contained yard, dying. He went quick. IT WAS AWFUL AND I WATCHED MY MOTHER ON THE BED CRYING AND CRYING and I felt sick. our houses were very close so it wasn’t as if Pat was roaming the neighborhood … but it only takes a few minutes … when no one is watching.

  9. opheliart permalink

    what is it with roman catholics and the devil? and to have a man who was what in the white house?
    he disagrees with cruz on topics and that’s the best he can do? calling someone what many believe is the worst possible name? good grief … what do they feed them in these houses?

    huh, I recall the catholics telling me, “you are doing satan’s work.” because I CHALLENGED them :D. imagine what they call God? lol …

    this is ROMAN CATHOLIC BELIEF AND PRACTICE and do not ever let anyone tell you different. boehner did WHAT about the clergy/staff child sex abuse in all the years he held a public servant seat? he is more of that evil than he will ever know or admit because he is part of that company and paid into and supported it and … maybe HE will be investigated!

    unbelievable these men of roma. … and I am no fan of cruz’s religious standing.

    now, maybe one day they will understand WHAT IS LUCIFER 😉

    long way to tipperaryyyyyyyyyyyyy

  10. opheliart permalink

    and I just heard on the news that MA GOVERNOR CHARLIE BAKER said he would not be voting for trump or clinton. he says he has friends and coworkers who will vote for trump or clinton but he said he would not vote for either.

    good for him. that is making an honest statement and … sending a message to the people about voting conscience.

  11. opheliart permalink

    i think flint was a sort of test for obama on the matter of urgency: how much did it matter to him— that he be there for the people … for a city scared and struggling. obama’s priorities were not there but overseas, and this sends an iffy message on the democratic party. liberals can crank all they want, but if their chosen are not showing themselves to be caring chiefs …

    and hillary going there was of course a part of the campaign strategy. it’s good that she did, but I do not see it as sending any strong message of urgency in these situations.

    • opheliart permalink

      “Foreign-financed imams in Germany should not be preaching against our basic values,” he said. “This is what happens in some mosques and Germany has often been too naive about this.”

      well, that does present a big concern and to not address this is to turn a blind eye to what could potentially cause harm to communities, possibly an entire nation. but this is what we have been saying about the theology … “what is their purpose? what is the mission of creating numerous religious communities and expanding throughout the world?” there are people very much opposed to religions overpowering communities and demanding certain rights, certain freedoms (loudspeaker prayer calls and …) that directly interfere with the rights of others or even the safety protocols that are expected of other organizations, institutions and schools. people wonder how is it that this religion and that religion get away with certain crimes … bishops and the clergy child sex abuse, for example … whereas others are investigated immediately, but also required to inform law enforcement of crimes. to not inform law enforcement is going against the VALUES of a nation—isn’t it? going against the SAFETY of a nation—its communities? how anyone could ever think their RELIGIOUS institutional leadership and paid employees are not under the same laws and values regarding the safety of communities—its children … where actual crimes like child abuse and rape occur … is outrageous. and it is flat out wrong for government to not insist these religions follow the same laws that others are required to follow. it is quite bizarre. and for government to ignore THE fastest growing religion in the world with a very strict dogma that has shown itself to have many radical factions, not to mention the theology regarding apostasy (a forced religion with no way out except death at the hands of one of your own) is … having engaged in some political deal with foreign RELIGIOUS AND POLITICAL leaders in a way that goes against the nations laws and the safety of its citizens. or, it is outright ignorance.

  12. opheliart permalink

    step out of religion-party politics for a moment. what do you see? anything? 😀

    people react, without knowledge and understanding. they look at the numbers and along with their chosen seats, make up their minds about something … without understanding the VERSE … they say they agree to uphold. it does not really matter if today you choose him and tomorrow you choose her or the reverse … while holding to your morality religion-party style, because there are things in the works that you do not see, and cannot see from where you sit. some will not be dismissed despite how you or you or you … feel about them …

    in order for the people to be given choice and not be rushed into destruction … something is in place. it is not always what is best or most pure, but it is something to keep the fleet from going right off the edge and plunging to its death. the world cannot see how this is.

    • opheliart permalink

      hindsight is a sorely misunderstood place of reaching.

      watch what comes

  13. opheliart permalink

    I am not a political person but I am gnostic. IN GNOSIS, I have the ability to see things I would not be able to see if wedded to religion and or politics. patterns are apparent, and this is one pattern that is so commonplace I am surprised at the shortsightedness of those in both camps. then again, it is these places that keep one from the ability to reach beyond the myopic center.

    a surface glance tells what? trump said he did not know what cruz really felt about him (now that he has won INDIANA and cruz suspended his run (and btw, is a SUSPENSION a DROP OUT?). trump deals in business shenanigans and thinks the world operates like a slot machine. one day you win, the next you lose … while using the taxpayer as his trump change. cruz is a religionist with original intent and is not dishonest in what he believes and understands, limited and insulated as it is 😦
    he, like many devout roman catholics or devout muslims and… hold to their defenses in ways someone like trump has experienced, but does not really understand (and this goes back to what we were asking about the islamic mission in the world: what is its purpose?) … but trump also acknowledged that cruz was tough … his toughest opponent. *business respect shown by trump. trump says and does whatever he wants to get what he wants even if it involves lying (and using the taxpayer in questionable ways) … but in his mind he has won. to us that is not a win—- because it was foul play (and we do see how gushee and others recognize this and have responded to it. they do not want to align with this type of “christian” behavior, understandably). and because trump behaved in the manner he did, his opponent does not respect him, and losing is actually a gain for cruz … it strengthens the party right camp far more than you of myopic center can ever realize. it’s not going away. it is not dropping the ball. it is going to learn how to use it differently.

    now, allow us to share something that could result from this. not saying it will, but it is a ripe climate for something. one of cruz’s sticking points was freedom of religion. you have all heard it. without judgement, I took this to mean religious would be awarded stronger more effective law for their beliefs and practices. most and esp the liberals and more militant atheists assumed this meant CHRISTIAN religious freedom, but what if cruz wanted to open up policy for more and was only restrictive and cautionary regarding reckless investigating or no investigating in a climate of fear … regarding the extremism. and who would argue that we should have a sound investigative policy in place for everyone coming in to the US? and even for those institutions in the US that are getting bigger. shouldn’t these be carefully monitored? managed in a way that keeps them from abusing others? isn’t this what bernie was going on about regarding the establishment and wall street and how the BIG has gotten way with so much that hurts the taxpayer? look at the rcc and how children have suffered because its BIGNESS and those influential seats? costing lives? … because government and law enforcement refused to hold them to the same standards/laws —NATION’S VALUES— as your average taxpayer (my-my such exemptions 😦 )

    but what if cruz moves to open the door for RELIGIOUS FREEDOM in a way that strengthens their stand in society, winning approval … and votes? if cruz can accomplish the investigative team that shows women and children and families are more protected … how do you think this would turn things differently? he would gain the approval of muslims and christians. he would gain the approval of many more than he has … without leaving his political and religious position all that much. because … if the investigations revealed danger, harm … corruption and abuses … those opposing this investigative reporting (think the movie SPOTLIGHT-boston globe) would look untrustworthy and not investing in the safety, health and wellbeing of society.

    • opheliart permalink

      let’s be honest here, shall we? based on theology and law of ISLAM, muslims have more to fear from their own religion members in this day than they do christians. like christianity, including roman catholicism, and other religions, there is fracturing … with more and more sects developing, and muslims cannot deny there are sects that are extreme in their beliefs and practices and do want to go after them for apostasy or insult and offense or for even leaving the rudiments of their prophet. how many christians in the US are physically attacking muslims? or even threatening to blow up muslims or mosques or attacking with knives? you may read hate comments here and there, but I see just as much hate commentary about christianity as I do islam. and there is the anti-jew/israel commentary happening, too. muslims in the US not planning attacks and desiring to integrate into the work force and communities without demanding MORE than their christian and atheist peers, esp where is keeps a nation bowing to it or costs a nation a lot of extra money and attention … would want protection … one would think. yes?

      who will do this? who will investigate in a manner that safeguards the muslim as well as the existing resident taxpayer … religious or not? who will protect the families from those that seem so high towered and protected … by a system that seems to use its nation’s members for its own gain?

      trumps words regarding cruz:

      “Just so you understand, Ted Cruz, I don’t know if he likes me or he doesn’t like me, but he is one hell of a competitor,” Trump said while declaring victory in the Indiana primary from Trump Tower. “He is a tough, smart guy.”

      • opheliart permalink

        now, gays may say, hey, what about us in that scenario?
        we view these as religions, too. politics is religion. if you are campaigning a position on something, parading a position, it is of religious attribute and should be treated as religion. and is why we are not for special status for religion … because so much is religious.

  14. opheliart permalink

    to add: you will only gain a foothold if you begin to move in the direction of the abuses … the dishonest and corrupt connections and the cover ups of abuse. of anything but esp in the area of child abuse and attack and misuse on women and girls. this is screaming in your face but if you are looking at your tablets of ink you will not hear this cry.

    I AM SHOWING YOU DAY IN AND DAY OUT WHAT YOU NEED TO DO TO MOVE TOWARD EVOLVING … moving man to a place of realization and belief FOR Humanity, the East.

    you cannot see this yet because you are where? and if seated and not taking those necessary steps, you will not evolve … society will not evolve … MAN WILL NOT EVOLVE.

    you will know them by their fruits is really of what we speak. if you refuse to have your institutions investigated for abuses, corruption, theft, misuse of funds and staff … children … MANY WILL BEGIN TO ASK:


    you do not get THIS until you do that. things will worsen and you will find yourselves with inappropriate elders at every turn … until you follow what?

    • opheliart permalink

      someone said to me yesterday … and this was actually encouraging because I was beginning to think this person had succumbed to mediocrity … after watching the national news, he said, evil is everywhere. and this, from a non believer.

      so… the nonbeliever is now feeling the pinch. even where non belief has gained substantial ground … where the liberal left has had 8 years … and secular deity reigns in profit in much of the world. what does this say to you?

      • opheliart permalink

        remember, liberals and atheist … you cannot blame christians for the drug epidemic. or do you? there may be “christians” abusing as there are all sorts of religious … but can you point your big index at christianity and say: you are responsible for the making of all those harmful drugs … the selling of the drugs … profiting off of these … the doctors overprescribing and even making money … the street dealers and those buying using overdosing …

        there may be a “christian” organization involved and this needs to be investigated, but the point we are making is what planks are in your own eyes? or the eyes of your party politicians? religious or not. believing in Spirit or not.

        y’all have a major orc problem taking over your lands. what are you going to do about this? before it takes over life itself?

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