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if you’re mad get mad

May 2, 2016

don’t hold it all inside


just don’t lose control and destroy what was never yours to begin with




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  1. opheliart permalink

    not interested in setting up a caliphate? that’s because they already have it … what planet do you live in?

    when the roman church sent out its crusaders … where did these get their orders? of course not every roman catholic was an extremist, but the design and the theology was there. the headship began where and how and spread throughout the land? and yes, fractured and fractured often attacking its own.

    • opheliart permalink

      the pattern is there for all to see. why don’t you see it? why do you continue to pander to this?

  2. opheliart permalink

    there is a spring.

    the road is coated in red.

    a south wind blows extreme.

    what shall we say to this?

    turn and find your house is in need of repair.

    we will send that wind to its common ground … no need to fear its torment.

  3. opheliart permalink

    it depends who-what sits in the seats of power … and influence. it’s always been that way. give any group a ruling voice with the ability to change law and fascism almost always shows its face … even where nations claim to be benign. give an inch take a mile if the vote is king (or the delegate) or … theology has its way.

    from the article:
    The official list remained unchanged for nearly a decade, until last month’s rare addition of Tajikistan, a Sunni-majority country where a severely restrictive 2009 law allows the government to crack down on all independent religious activity, particularly that of Muslims, Protestants and Jehovah’s Witnesses. Officials there use concerns of extremism to justify monitoring and suppressing acts of worship: in the past year, police there have forced thousands of women to remove their headscarves and detained hundreds of thousands of bearded men.
    a little surprised it says protestants and JV and not just christians. does the nation view protestantism separate from christianity? why not just say christians? does the nation allow something like roman catholicism its freedom of religion but not protestantism? this seems to be targeting certain sects of christianity. why?

    had a student-friend from tajikistan stay with us several times and I did not even know she was muslim until my daughter told me. she showed no signs of religious belief or practice. when I was told she was muslim I took it to be a race thing and not a religious thing … like many catholics in the US. born into a family of once practicing catholics but not practicing/observant. but it’s possible she worships privately (prayer but no mosque). then again, maybe not at all. so … not sure what is going on here. i will have to ask her although she has been in the states mostly and will continue studying in the states and may have little idea of what’s going on in tajikistan regarding religious persecution of certain sects.

  4. opheliart permalink

    allowing another to use her ID for what? and now she complains of religious discrimination? being humiliated and forced to go against her position of concealment? but didn’t she break her own religious rule by allowing another to use her ID? what if her sister used her ID in a non islam way? is her sister to be sued also because it was religious discrimination against her? and stealing is a crime in america (shoplifting, to be specific) … is it not a crime in her culture/religious practice and belief?

    a commenter to the article says:
    Peter10 hours ago
    I noticed a few things about this article. First, she played the gender card, and then the religious card and lastly the race card.
    Never mind the fact, regardless of who you are, the Jail takes your shoes, your belt and personal property and makes you wear the standard “jail house” clothes.
    Lastly, the writer cleverly and dishonestly includes two separate stories that aren’t even remotely related and even the facts of those other cases are even misleading on their own…
    She has a warrant, was arrested just like we all would have been! Nothing else matters here.


    okay, so was she really discriminated against if she is not really who she says she is? she will be thoroughly questioned if suing. now, if she comes up free of extremism … do not be too harsh but arrange for her to receive some mentoring … from an AMERICAN free of demagoguery.;)

    • opheliart permalink

      so … who keeps telling the people to rush to these nations if these nations are unprepared for it?

      pop star fran of the vatican? is he responsible for the sex abuse and the deaths of the immigrant and the refugee in nations unprepared? and how can a nation get prepared under the threat of extremism/violence and ongoing existing needs and concerns?

      the news paints a grand pc on the roman pontiff as “savior” of the people but who has he saved?
      he did not stop any disaster or any violence and abuse in his catholic nations nor has his popularity or his binging in the nations he has visited stopped any of the abuses or the murders. if anything, people are beginning to see the deception and the manipulation. parading pop star pope fran above any islamic leader because the vatican took in a handful of refugees … is saying to the REFUGEES

      GO TO THE VATICAN THEN for your instant success (success as you see it) … go to the houses and offices of VATICAN CITY. if the nations, including your own, are treating you badly as you say … GO TO VATICAN CITY where the pope will give you a ward welcome.

      welcome to the mines of moria, folks … where the dwarves dug for gold and riches. they can sell a few pieces and pay for many rather than governments paying the bishops per refugee out of the taxpayer’s pocket … then some

      * but as we shared some time ago … bring in the orphaned children and any abandoned and abused women, at risk — being raped …they can be mother’s helpers or help in assisting the elderly in safe homes.

  5. opheliart permalink

    and btw, I communed on the earlier post. one is transferred in Place in order to receive within this.

    the wind is the SOUTH (one of the 4 corners in Peter’s Vision in Acts). I had a Vision of a battlefield of the world wars … a dusty deserted field that went from many men in uniform in battle, embedded and sprawled out in dirt (I could determine the era by their hats and uniforms) … black and white it was … (actually, muted in its black and white … more like a faded old photograph, but was not sepia in the Vision) …

    to less and less men until there were none. no men. just a desert … a deserted place. but I did see a slight hill that they climbed up in their uniforms … until they were no more.

  6. opheliart permalink

    I have been shown the president of the US … the candidate. have known for a while but questioned on this so much my head began to hurt 😀

  7. opheliart permalink

    there is a lot more blocking apple aisles than crosses. a lot more trespasses and …

    do you know what we mean? 😉

  8. opheliart permalink

    ah, yep … was seeing the same thing: ditch the serbs and prime property for …

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