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keep religious sentiment out of public schools?

April 26, 2016

we realize the article is bangladesh …

but even in the public schools of the US there are teachers/professors making statements that mislead students. some even teach “history” through their own religious theology. imagine how a GNOSTIC might feel having some of the largest religions teaching that gnostics are heretics without understanding what is gnosis …



now, the reaction of the students is another matter … and a very serious one at that. who-what teaches that violence is the way? and to tiptoe around this concern is teaching them to solve problems how?



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  1. opheliart permalink

    this is interesting … elite secularists then there is the working class. how does this pair up with the US? do you see any elite secularism? could this be what bernie sanders is going on about? but where does he stand on the secular while pandering to religious elites? it’s like we said before … you cannot have socialism with large religious institutions. if you look at the payout the people are crushed beneath the wheels of ruling administration, taxing … but where does a lot of the money go?

    socialism can work but not where government is financially supporting the religions … and, you cannot have two conflicting sources of law. isn’t that what we already see? and who can trust religion to be just? and fair to all citizens? including FEMALES …
    then again, who can trust elite secularists … are they seeing to those in need?

    lots of questions …

  2. opheliart permalink

    and this is of interest … one would think

  3. opheliart permalink

    from our vantage point, what people show disagreement about is this:

    “This is an immature caricature of Judaism and of God. Judaism is not about enslavement to God. It is about a historic conversation between God and the Jewish people, in which the human being maintains every shred of dignity and freedom.”

    as one of gnosis, we do not believe Spirit of the Living God had any conversation solely with jews or solely with followers of judaism. JESUS came in large part to help establish THE IMPARTIALITY of Spirit of the Living God. this could be why so many ignore the OT and do not believe in followers of Judaism as God’s chosen. the NAME “Israel” means something in the Spirit and it is not Judaism. from our vantage point … judaism is a legalistic institution founded by scribes desiring mandates.

    • opheliart permalink

      and another question looms: is the NYT run by jews?

  4. opheliart permalink

    what we see:

    the demography (graph of people) of americas and …….. will change. certain large religious institutions will gradually fade. the idea of “LORD” being universal will be looked upon as autocratic … rather than what many are trying to subscribe to. hierarchal elites will be viewed as weaponry, and lose favor quickly … like a blast of cold wind. without the nobility, the people will be searching, having realized they are as one … in need …to renewing. this will come in large part to events bearing down on them like a hard driving rain. certain sects will cling to the patriarchal post despite the high rising waters …

    governments will change doormats.

    the atheist will become as a believer. the lion lays down with the lamb 😉

    many of judaism will leave his brother, sister, cousin and aunt … to understand the Word “ISRAEL” … as to be jew is synonymous with jake … merely a name, not a place … and PLACE will become the NEW vision for LIFE. once mankind understands PLACE … and not just a SPIRITUAL wellbeing, but a PLANET … of wellbeing … one impartial … and cares for the least of these, such as the field mouse (that the birds of prey need) … and man begins to understand that PANTHEON is a current … that needs fresh water … to cleanse and heal … and voices erupt for this Place

    HUMANITY will show its face … a bit at a time … much like the evolution of the seas, the wild …

    but man must agree to change his ways. sacrificing this for that. saying no to one for another. land and seas cry out … who hears? children weep? who hears? who knows of the desperation and what is at stake? who will give up his carriage to walk the basic mile … to see the wear and the tear?

    turn your attention to the deeper, greater needs … the first will be … as the last shall see.

    • opheliart permalink

      as is … man will not survive another “generation”. who is willing to sacrifice his “industry” for the safety and wellbeing of this PLANET?

      • opheliart permalink

        your children will appreciate “GOD” and what was created (and not created by “God”) a lot more by getting in the know to this Maker through THE FRUITS.

        or would you rather they be stuck to a lamppost …

        instead of the Lamp.

  5. opheliart permalink

    what was hidden in the “used to be” ?

    • opheliart permalink

      had a conversation with a lady this morning … a little older … former roman catholic … and I was surprised at how distant she had become from her early years … years she said were about hell and ___
      she was struggling to find the words, never having expressed these, even after close to forty years. I answered it for her. guilt. YES! she responded.

      she was so removed from where she had once lived (the imposed teaching), she had not even seen the movie SPOTLIGHT even though she was a resident (she had not even heard of the movie—-and no, she was not living in a commune, away from society … and was certainly vocal about women’s rights and is very much for abortion). I repeated something one victim in the movie had said and her eyes grew wide. it was like she was hearing ‘a name’ she had not heard for a very long time. it was a revelation almost. YES!

      later, I wondered, what has she been doing all this time? not feeling guilty? 😉

      seriously, many of the things I shared with her she readily related to. but, she needs to find her own words about how things were for her. marrying outside of the institution was her escape from the institution… and it provided for her a life she seemed very pleased with, including her first grandchild on its way.

      • opheliart permalink

        pastors really need to be addressing the pirates.

  6. opheliart permalink

    sounds as if the intent of the government under obama is to FORCE these refugees on the cities and towns regardless of the financial strains.

    and why deny records?

    and why are some records confidential?

    the governors of these cities and towns have a right to know who the people are that will be coming in that will need to use services and taxpayer dollars and what these might need, not just for the health and safety of the refugees but also … he has to explain this to the taxpayers … why money isn’t going to the other much needed areas where people are still waiting for services and where drugs and crime and crumbling infrastructure is already an issue in some

    what is the obama admin playing at? what do they have to hide? or are they just being difficult to make the republicans look bad …

    is this their strategy? if so, it is going to backfire on them. one should never use people inappropriately and dishonestly to serve political agenda … or any agenda …

    it is terribly unfair to the citizens and the newcomers

    • opheliart permalink

      um, dems not a good tactic … you’re not in kansas anymore … there are some who can see you without a crystal ball …

      this could erupt into a twister and cost you the election

      • opheliart permalink

        I thought we posted the story of the couple having been murdered but I guess not … but I do remember thinking while reading it: this is an in-house murder. I sensed it has something to do with islam or some relations thing, but … the investigation, if there is one (a thorough one), should reveal more.
        why we post this here is because it really is essential that GOVERNORS be given thorough records and documentation … and those involved in the services that refugees might need be given critical info. one cannot play with people’s lives because they want to try to demonize one side or … to oversimplify and pretend there aren’t concerns

        anyone coming from war torn areas or areas where abuse is apparent will need services … one cannot assume people coming in will be able to acclimate or transition easily


        and the GOVERNORS need to know, as well as the citizens, why the youth are engaging in such violent and extreme choices

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