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are you your brother’s sow?

April 24, 2016

the people” 


power, rule  




the power of sum–election.html


unfortunately, you are not really engaging in democracy when voting because the system has already decided for you … including what public servants and the press want you to know. you are a clown wearing no suit …


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  1. opheliart permalink

    if the link shows another … don’t blame us

    posting it again, i think 😉 edited ours, and here it is again below:–election.html

  2. opheliart permalink

    Ananth Sethuraman Samuel Johnston • 2 hours ago
    The very phrase “any history is a selection of the facts” is telling. Do you know how those facts are selected? It is because Western humanities smuggles in Protestant theology in a secular disguise. This matter comes to the fore when Western humanities tries to study a pagan or heathen tradition, to wit Hinduism, Buddhism, Native American traditions etc.


    yes, and who/what seized “CALIFORNIA”? (we will give you a hint: he was recently canonized). and where did protestantism get its initial theology, minus the rites… ? you might be barking up the wrong side of that tree, beard…

  3. opheliart permalink

    targeted because he was a free-thinker with influence …

    who will be next in these states? more and more groups are organizing under their own ideals … the more islam becomes the religion of the nation the more you will have extremists in your universities and elsewhere …

    this is not saying that all of islamists are extreme; this is saying that the more islam grows and becomes a majority the more the world will witness these attacks. the extremists can send fear in communities without planning a massive attack. it only takes one among them to unite a barrage of insolents.

    then there is the US with its own brand of terrorism: the unstable youth.

    how many school shootings/public areas including churches in the past five years? and what is government playing at? they do not even realize they have their own form of terrorist. and do they know what’s causing this? it’s more than just having access to guns. they need to admit this first but hey …

    • opheliart permalink

      ‘you’ may not need religion as the religionist … but you need a force that can stop this melee. does any one of you know what it is … and how to stop it? it will get worse … like an epidemic … a plague …

      what is causing the youth to choose death? do you know what comes for them when they find themselves overcome … with emotion … of something? what steals sense and reason within the undeveloped psyche? what causes a conscience such imbalance …

      you argue about guns … if you took away all the guns drugs would still reign supreme … within a culture hinging on destruction

      what must be removed in order for humanity to breathe? what are the youth feeding on —in … that is creating this death tribe?

  4. opheliart permalink

    soon it will be your sons and daughters, grandchildren … godchildren … going to war for them, and dying … all over again

    was this what obama promised? of course he could not swear oaths with any sense of legitimacy because his world is run by bureaucrats

  5. opheliart permalink

    are you weary of paying for their services … their outings … this bureaucracy?

  6. opheliart permalink

    imagine that
    a constitution that PROTECTS language and culture of a nation

    • opheliart permalink

      at what point did this language and culture become of the nation and the nation its language and culture? early on a culture was usurped … for another culture, and language … it happens all the time … and caliphate religious are prone to usurping others so … yes, a mass immigration threatens the existing culture. and if you do not want to lose what is that culture, it makes absolute sense to stop what might threaten this

      but sometimes a culture needs serious change because it is unjust and dangerous to the health and wellbeing of its people … but not for institution that is unjust and dangerous

      • opheliart permalink

        ah, yes … exactly what I was seeing with sam harris. as a nonbeliever he does not understand how religion operates. how it works its tool. he does not understand the theology of the religious god. he has already used up his best defense … but what of the still religious? he cannot go deeper without understanding the premeditated form. reform religion is merely a less offensive theology and can become so politically correct it has no stealth. it becomes useless against the worst of the metal. there is evil and there is good … using reform to fight abuse is like trying to rid a garment of permanent ink using catsup. you end up with another stain over the ink stain. if you believe theirs is evil and know its tactic … you are not so easily seduced by reform, ecumenism or interfaith … because you see how TRUTH becomes a lesser while the abuses not removed. reform is a lax initiative in the broader agenda of any evil.

  7. opheliart permalink

    american society as it is cannot withstand another large religion. and to try to merge it to create crislam is trying to take two towering males, forcing them to mate … hoping they will produce an heir. hate to break it to those investing in this but it ain’t going to happen … the heir.

    anyone knowledgable in the root of these … knows it will result in destruction of a society trying to survive and grow. so … you must choose … something strong enough to combat the usurper that may not be as he seems. can you know its ID? who is of a prophet not married to the ideal of using military means to take control? how can you move into the SPIRITUAL ESSENCE of “TRUTH” if mating with a male prototype?

  8. opheliart permalink

    nonbelievers who rely on religion, religious gods, religious to understand Truth (What is God) end up atheist, understandably 😉

    they do not understand that they, like us, do not believe and practice … as religionists … and do not need what religionists say they need to be or become. but, the nonbeliever is relying on his centrist for information, whereas we rely on What is God, knowing the centrist in his secular domain may be proven incorrect in his theory, and this is where he mirrors religious. TIME will tell. you will know them by their fruits …

    closing the door to the inevitability of Truth is a shut door. a shut door may allow for slight hearing but it can only bear witness to what it knows and that knowledge is limited, can expire, and will be … wanting. each generation demands something more within society and soon, an implosion is upon them. how can you rise from this dust? every manmade article will be proven … useless under predetermined guardianship.

    • opheliart permalink

      many may say, but I am for my country! my country comes first …. my constitution is the law.

      based on who-what is governing—–yes? you are still under the thumb of some form of governance and this can easily be swapped for something you deem unsafe if lawmakers merely pander for votes Or … enough of one sect overwhelms … you and your kind. country may be your god … constitution may be god to you but, if changed what then? if changed to the detriment of your kind, what then? and you cannot deny that groups do not agree on what the constitution is saying because it is filtered through each mind or a set mindset based on law and principle. so … constitution is not really amiable. you will always have your poor, especially with mindset indulging in the limited vain.

      judaism will eventually fade. the reformists always secularizing (accessorizing) based on trends and political correctness and how much longer do you think the citizens of any nation will be willing to pay for scribes reading torah all day (the strict) or … settlements being created in cities and towns, usurping neighborhoods FOR THEIR OWN. hmm? this will go down like a lead weight—thud! … once more people wake and demand to know how their money is being spent … and that includes islam or any other religion … and islamists will begin to move out of america once america refuses settlements like the ultra sects of judaism in lakewood, nj …

      these religious should not be demanding their own settlements under their own laws. a government should stand to PROTECT not just its heritage but its youth … while agreeing to evolve.

      • opheliart permalink

        and the author of the jerusalem post article is correct in saying that the CHILDREN SEE THE HYPOCRISY OF THEIR PARENTS … and this is true in what they see of their lawmakers, governors … mayors and … school administration and even professors. some youth leave their parents for education already aware on environmental issues and challenge their colleges and universities on fossil fuels and so on … risking arrests, others engage in hate rhetoric on … certain groups based on what government and press etch out as their version of justice and truth.

        think about it … child leaves parents already having seen the hypocrisy and religion holds what for them? their familial beliefs, practices … culture, traditions mean what? based on what? and do parents hold true to what they say? or do they indulge in disrespectful entertainment … buy into reckless and aggressive sports and … substance abuse product and how do they treat others? what mindset are these bound by, filtered by what? religious god? misogynist, unfair and unjust god? who are their idols and icons and are these even relevant today? why do you force feed the youth these same? they have their own minds … yes?

        how many youth today are really excited over “the constitution”? those interested in politics? don’t we already have enough of these?

  9. opheliart permalink

    the constitution looks like an archaic artisan’s port to us … something of long ago. we know how to be … and do not bother with this … but look how many are still enduring under this and what makes this even the slightest bit necessary. loads and loads. it is not our Truth, but we understand how it came to be and where these men were feeding at the time of its writing.

  10. opheliart permalink

    man thinks the evil is ISIL or the mentally ill going on a rampage and shooting at random or a sexually abusive parent, spouse, priest, imam or rabbi … because this is what he reads about … but that’s not even the half of it. what creates ISIL? what creates the mentally unstable that terrorizes … what creates a sexually abusive parent, spouse, priest, imam or rabbi? there is EVIL that man does not see … and it is everywhere working its meal. the drug dealer is an assassin but law enforcement does not see this. how many people, often the young, die from one sale? how many become addicted to the point of no return? who-what created that drug? where did it originate and who sold it to the street dealer? where does a mind feed that it should rape young women? an industry selling sex? a theory of female as something to abuse? the face of evil is often most popular and quite sizable … look to the root and you will begin to see the trail …

    of money and desire and, the “gods” of greed and lust and ignorance and boredom and fear and … evil is massive … in the world of men and it is mankind that is used by it for evil to emancipate … for it own stain.

    there needs to be something in place to combat this massive evil, but if posing and posturing for your own gain … for your own religious … your own “settlement” … your own comforts and convenience often at the expense of others … how can the Living God use you? there is a war going on …

    where are you?

  11. opheliart permalink

    and here is another example:

    these militants often need $ to pursue their goals … and you may not think this is in your quaint neighborhood until it happens. who has the money for ransom but people with families … and money. please caution your family members, even in travel (travel abroad students) BECAUSE THIS DISEASE IS SPREADING

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