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BURUNDI, the world poorest

April 21, 2016

RELIGION … 60-65% roman catholic

15% protestant


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    • opheliart permalink

      read a question online:


      found the following response and started to laugh:

      I don’t know… I’ve been to the Vatican, and they don’t look like they are hurting for money! lol

  1. opheliart permalink

    a commenter @ RNS addressing the abortion/planned parenthood article brings up the point that if parents are aging and in need of care and you don’t want to spend the money to support them do you kill (abort) them?

    MourningOphelia … responds:
    Well, if your parents are living within your uterus then I say you should have a choice about that


    the sad truth is that many children do abort their parents … and even sadder is that some need to do it because it is suffocating them. of course we speak of distancing oneself from “parenting” that is dangerous to the health and wellbeing of child …

    and this my dear friends is something the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH and those like it cannot seem to get to in the REALITY of what is … for women and children, and males … and, this speaks on many levels, not just abortion issues.

    let’s first address the parents … aging and maybe not so aging, but dying … anyway.

    have you ever dealt with parents or heard of others having to deal with parents who just won’t take care of themselves? they go against healthy advice and continue in bad habits. thinking all their ailments can be dealt with through drugs and surgery … or, they just don’t think about the consequence of their actions/lifestyle … for themselves and their loved ones, or even the community at large? it becomes the problem of others. to love neighbor as yourself is, in large part, to do all you can to keep yourself healthy and this includes the SPIRITUAL (for the believer) so that you become as LITTLE a burden as possible to others and hopefully maybe not a burden at all. rather a HELP to others … and this, my dear ones, is where MOURNING OPHELIA is news. the name ophelia means HELP (my OPHELIA book trilogy is based on this 🙂

    how are you a HELP to others?

    what ends up happening is children are stuck with the bill … the work … and sadly, if some are on a bastion of drugs, have a drink with their chums, get in the car and drive … what can happen? of course this is true of anyone drinking and driving or smoking weed and driving or taking drugs and driving or giving drugs to others knowing the people will be driving and WOW! look how society at large addresses the CAUSES of death. they don’t.

    who are the murderers in society?

    the list is long on this but let’s get back to addressing PARENTS.

    continued …

    • opheliart permalink

      a child gets raped by her dad or her stepdad … or child gets raped by boyfriend of her mom … friend of mom, friend of older brother, boyfriend or friend of mom’s sister … neighbor because mom allows male neighbor to be around child … alone, or with his chums (I have heard some awful, awful stories and a child’s life is taken from her in every possible way in some of these incidents and society —LAW—HEALTH CARE “PROFESSIONALs” and ESP GOVERNMENT is kinda ho-hum about it all)

      who is parenting child? who loves child enough to keep child safe from these incidents? who loves self enough to care for self by caring for child in the safest, healthiest possible way? what government/laws … community leaders as guardians or guides … care enough to HELP keep child from losing LIFE? when there is overpopulated villages, cities and towns and lousy care_less governance the children are most at risk. the girls are the least protected with so many poorly parented males … where there is a HISTORY AND A THEOLOGY OR A MINDSET THAT TEACHES FEMALE AS LESSER … the one to blame when things go against the teaching … the young female/child takes the brunt of the suffering and the abuse … and never do we see any of these councilors getting to the root of these problems!

      RELIGION has never addressed the issues of male ignorance and SPIRITUAL MALNUTRITION AND IMMATURITY … and this is often because religion is a poor parent.

      continued …

      • opheliart permalink

        religion sets up arbitrary law (dependent on one’s whim or pleasure/self-interest) and defines YOU by this law. as a believer in the Christ you are NOT to be defined by man’s arbitrary law. JESUS spoke on this extensively. DISCERNMENT is critical in every decision before and after.
        but if you are in a dangerous place because others are poor parents you are in danger. a child is subject to the whims of the parent(s). if the parent is without proper guardian or guide there is a real chance that the child will suffer the worst of the parent’s decisions … but these sometimes do not show up until child is grown and making the same or even worse decisions … as society becomes embedded in this almost like ritual … a habitual train of reckless … misled acts.

        have you ever been in a position where you must decide who will be guardian for your children should both pass? for some it’s an easy decision. for others it’s tough because they begin to see all the warts … this one drinks too much, this one is too religious … this one— don’t care for sister and brother in law as a parent or these eat junk … these have guns in their home … that one is a fast driver … don’t like his/her friends, always at the house … or their neighborhood is unsafe or … the list goes on and you wish you had someone just right for your needs and the needs of your child. someone who understands beyond himself … someone care-filled and willing to make sacrifices. someone willing to change if needed. too many are not willing to change anything …

        and the child is without proper guidance and often without protection.

  2. opheliart permalink

    was seeing a drug issue in this incident
    i kept thinking of michael jackson and his appearance … maybe there is a connection

    • opheliart permalink

      I recall telling alfie about something I was hearing regarding prince … this was a good two and one half yrs or so ago … and I waited to see what would come forth (may have written some of this in my notes now that I think about it).

      we spoke of bowie too (actually I had written in some bowie song lyrics in Brother Cobweb … is it 3-31/2 yrs ago? something like that)

      • opheliart permalink

        now that I recall some of our conversation … phillip seymore hoffman’s suicide, and I was hearing there would be more celebrity types …

  3. opheliart permalink

    back when I’d taken those notes … I looked up prince to see his history and read of the angel speaking to him when he was a child. this is a true story, my friends. that ANGEL is Arkimnel and I know her well. I know of another mystic artist having heard her when he was young. SHE is Spirit of the ARTS, but not all … do understand that SHE cannot align with one degrading self … not of pure place …

    if greed or misuse of gift because of improper parenting within self … which often happens to mystics with much talent and desire to reach perfection but do not have proper guardian or guide for his type gift (as industry denies, lies, mishandles and misuses artist/GIFT for its own gain) … Angel cannot sustain within these … and will depart. same with one abusing self. drinkers, smokers, drug addicts … knowingly engaging in vice that is dangerous, but using because of desire to look “a certain way for entertainment or for energizing self to accomplish goals” … ANGEL of LIVING GOD cannot remain … it moves on …

    which brings me to a very important point regarding abortion, a point we shared once or twice already …

    • opheliart permalink

      there is spirit in everything containing living form. a drop of water can contain some form of spirit, however, not all spirit is the same. there are regions and realms … in both evil and good, each with a job, good or evil depending on the type of spirit and what this works for (toward). when a child or children grow/s in the womb … SPIRIT is within … but SPIRIT will depart if child is attacked. if something attacks child from the outside coming in or is within while child is being formed because of what entered to form it, Spirit cannot remain for obvious reasons. it must survive, therefore it must find “pure” or virginal life. IT MUST GROW AND MATURE ALSO. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. no waste, my friends … flesh is flesh but SPIRIT IS SPIRIT. there is a war going on, people, that man does not see … and yes, it is after the youth. I know of this … been shown this repeatedly. and this includes a child raped by man … and child cannot endure the complexity of mother while still so young and child gets aborted, or … a raped woman cannot endure knowing her enemy’s seed (although not necessarily bad unless man has an illness/disease that can be spread and this is a study science/health/religion/spiritual ethics have barely scratched the surface on) grows within … child is aborted …

      now, please understand that this is FLESH with living SPIRIT. flesh dies … theSPIRIT moves to another viable life form to continue its journey … but does not necessarily stay within after birth … because once a child is in the hands of parent or guardian child becomes the responsibility of parent or guardian … and this is where choices for the safety and health and well being CONTINUE to be immensely important. WHAT ARE THESE EXPOSED TO? WHAT DO THESE FEED ON?

      if parent or conditions where parent lives is unhealthy … unsafe … including the womb … as mother is a drug addict and an alcoholic … and no one is seeing that unborn child will have a safe place to grow and begin the process of living … it may be better for this life to be aborted that it will have the chance at growing and CHOOSING because the aim is to allow for all persons to have choice
      or if in some way unable to be free enough to choose, be cared for in the best possible loving manner without the horror of constant suffering, fear and abuse. it’s complicated in the process but the ethic within this is not so difficult to understand. the important part in all of this is to be caring to yourself and others …
      and sometimes this requires quite a bit of chastising when others endanger the living.

  4. opheliart permalink

    😀 😀 😀

    such utter arrogance! the pope a model for others to follow? where? catholic hell?

    no thanks … you can keep your tyranny and your lies!

    • opheliart permalink

      and this isn’t just a male thing

      some religionists want the women to die for them that they may keep their fare … but refuse them their share: GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT which includes the PROPHETIC stream, voice of Truth and WISDOM OFFSPRING

      if only those boys knew the truth about THE SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD … they would be shaking in their dress robes.

      • opheliart permalink

        and they are afraid of THE FEMININE DIVINE because they feed in the articles of male dominion … but can man stop a hurricane? winds of Time? a thunderstorm? an earthquake? didn’t think so …

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