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pontiff, who are you to judge?

April 19, 2016

Pope Francis is asking migrants to forgive what he says is societies’ “closure and indifference” toward them.


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  1. opheliart permalink

    get this MAN off the political stage. he is causing much double talk

    • opheliart permalink

      seriously, closure and indifference … OUTRIGHT REJECTION … in his all male clubs … and he has the gall to judge others?

      this is the kind of ridiculousness that we have been going on about … that and the dangers of a repeating strategy. the vatican wants in the absolute worst way to keep women lesser and NOT ALLOW THEM THOSE SEATS … even though THE WRITINGS TEACH WHAT ABOUT THE PRIESTHOOD? but of course the RCC is a RELIGIOUS INSTITUTION DEALING IN RELIGIOUS GOODS

      but, ONE comes to blow down the bastard housing to reveal the dearth of knowledge and understanding

      and the vatican is sweating bullets and will need to dump pontiff really soon

      • opheliart permalink

        why? because they are looking very much like I-D-I-O-T-S

  2. opheliart permalink

    the rejection of female into the priesthood on up … and.. those deaths … the many deaths for ages and …

    think of all those women FORCED to give birth … even 9 and 10 year olds …

    WHAT HAS THIS MALE INDUSTRY DONE TO WOMEN AROUND THE WORLD? my-my … when this bull hits the fan … baby, those cakewalks are gonna be scattering like coach roaches when the light gets turned UP

    • opheliart permalink

      yes, they are coming for YOU … and YOU will be charged!

  3. opheliart permalink

    this is no different from that con wafer and bloody sip and icons oozing oil

    • opheliart permalink

      just tricks of the trade

      except … the pentecostals don’t tell you during service that you must be a member through
      all that catechism and chrismation stuff in order to partake … in other words, you are not out a lot of time and money


      • opheliart permalink

        it’s all emotion based. but remember, a wall is a wall.

  4. opheliart permalink

    allies? seriously? the laws of this nation’s leadership should be THE warning for all nations trying to move into HUMANITY. america has NEVER learned … never, and so it continues in ignorance.

    why is anyone willing to pay into and support these nations who are horribly unjust? these nations want credibility and want money … the business and americans give it to them and turn a blind eye. talk about walking to work looking the other way while people are murdered for the slightest infractions or worse, offenses that are not offenses in the REALITY OF TRUTH.

    shame on these americans … shame on US government. you are not my friend. I DO NOT TRUST YOU AND THOSE LIKE YOU … just as I do not trust your business partners in these horribly unjust nations and I DO NOT WANT TO PAY FOR YOUR IGNORANCE OR YOUR CARE_LESS and self-serving agendas!

    THIS should be the call of the HUMANE!

    • opheliart permalink

      TELL YOUR GOVERNMENTS TO STOP THIS PANDERING AND UGLY DEALINGS. it stinks and puts you in the worst places … and there is no protection for you

  5. opheliart permalink

    and what of the closure and indifference toward VICTIMS, RCC?

    can you imagine this mentality that has lasted for so long in the world? yes, we can imagine what it has been like for centuries. the rcc as GOD… priests can do no wrong … and the bishops on up? do anything that bad? no one would hear of it unless he actually sat down to hear the horrors … to invest time to LISTEN, but it takes a rebellious sort, well, more a nonconformist to SEE it … to understand that any man is capable of terrible things no matter what institution he belongs to and … it is often the case that such an institution like the RCC in its celibate orders … with such secrecy and its POWER OVER THE PEOPLE that so many were able to get away with these crimes … and still do.

    WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE AFRAID OF? WHY DO YOU NOT ADRESS THIS AS IT NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED? DOES IT MESS UP YOUR AGENDAS … to question these religious elites, law enforcement, government … public servants of all stripes .. even TEACHERS AND STAFF … and parishioners .. nuns, sisters … neighbors and friends … who had to know some things being involved with of this organization that has virtually hundreds of thousands of cases all over the world. how could people not know with so many cases? is it that society is wicked? a certain sect of society is wicked? evil lives in the minds of those infected with indifference? crimes of this sort on children is not a sin? what say you? your day as a credible voice is coming to an end, your institution will become as a faint whisper, hoarse and remote …

    how do you want to be remembered?


    do you deserve LIFE?

    • opheliart permalink

      maybe it is that you will lose your own children

  6. opheliart permalink

    Was reading ENOCH from the beginning. He states that what he writes was not for [his] generation, but for a remote one.

    this DAY is that generation. how did he know these things?

    Enoch a righteous [man], whose eyes were opened by God, saw the vision of the Holy One in heaven ( in a dream), which the angels showed me, and I heard everything from them, and I saw and understood … {the vision is truth}

    concerning the elect I said, as I began my story concerning them: The Holy Great One will come out from his dwelling.

  7. opheliart permalink

    nY, nY … no surprise there last night, but something did come forth from this… something I was shown would be a sort of ‘winner’. I have not watched a single speech by ted cruz … only a clip here and there in the news, but I was shown he has had a ‘plan’ all along and the type of man that he is … he is just getting started. I listened to his speech this morning:

    that is a sermon to the people. like it or not … this will be his “mantra” from this point out, and from our vantage point … it will score (for lack of a better word) … with events that will be coming. I won’t say anymore on this end.

    now … with all the hate trump rhetoric flying about for months … so many trump bashing pieces from pastors, priests, preachers, professors, politicians, journalists and others … new york overwhelmingly voted for trump (as was expected) … and hillary … so what are new york values in light of this? this is a question not a judgement … the judgement comes from those above we just mentioned 😉

    big apple new york … wants billionaire politicians: the establishment because why? do they function best under these? if so, why?

    moving on …

    I was undecided on voting. not who to vote for but what am I voting in? no one looked like he was aware and although I believe bernie cares about his work, and certainly cruz cares about what he believes, although I cannot vote in someone I know to be so old school mindset of catholic religious indifference … he is genuine in his love of his work, and he like hillary and bernie … has worked hard to get to a place. it was not necessarily handed to them. I do not agree with some of the methods, however, and you know from what we have shared and shared that bernie’s trip to the vatican was a huge no-no in my world,

    but, hillary’s skirting of issues reminds us of vatican ethic … there is an old BIG-HEADED establishment that fuels within her methods that I cannot condone because I know CHANGE is needed. the conduct of policy and politician in this day clearly shows us that change is very much needed. this system of governance is not working. it does remind me very much of the archdiocese throughout with “the little people” working their tails off so these institutions can live big and high on the hog, making and placing their orders … and IT MUST GO. it does little to nothing for the average american citizen trying to raise a family and pay the many bills and thrive in an industry EATING THEM ALIVE.
    so … despite bernie’s boo-boo on his catholic social teaching elbow rubbing with his hero pontiff … we believe socialism is the next trial. we said this many essays ago in commentary. I will vote for bernie not because I agree with his morals but because I am voting for change … and we will leave it at that, because a vote is an opportunity for voice … not one a FEMALE should take lightly. imagine if we moved into the PATRIARCHAL DAYS OF YESTERYEARS WHERE WOMEN WERE DEEMED LESSER AND REGARDED AS BABY_BREEDERS AND OBJECTS OF SEX and not much more … imagine if we moved into a nation where MARRIAGE IS A CONTRACT… where women are forced to satisfy their husbands at all costs, including their dignity and their health and welling? that is a chilling thought—isn’t it?

    imagine a world where women cannot serve as PRIEST? if only those ignorants who deny this bishopric place for women could see what WE see? they would fall to their knees weeping! we can use them to mop the floors of the studio–eh? 😉

    so bernie, change is my vote … but you will not win the presidential seat. it will go to the one growing … how? hmm … big head? immaterially? personality? numbers? we shall see—right? 😉

    we will need to get through the next few years under rough conditions. yep. our advice? again, prepare garland for the seat. he needs preparation to usher in socialistic view and to better understand what role religion should be playing in the nation and not what is currently being manifested.


    • opheliart permalink

      I was shown a year or two ago that some I know involved in health care would be making a trip to denmark, norway and such … to study … to better understand their process.

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