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April 16, 2016

Tsipras, for his part, said he was proud of Greece’s response “at a time when some of our partners — even in the name of Christian Europe — were erecting walls and fences to prevent defenseless people from seeking a better life.”


*and the VATICAN doesn’t have a BIG wall to separate its prelates from those not like them? the same ones that worked to the bone to give the hierarchy what it needed to become the law of the land, living in lavish quarters like the kings of religion that they are … and, what has changed since the inception of this institution and its catholic dogma? has the roman pontiff changed anything since he was ushered into office NOT by the members of the institution but by the men with a strategy to … have the houses been swept clean of the filth of predestination? how about the clergy/staff child abusers? what of the deception … the dishonesty … the crimes of these men wearing the robes of indecent and manipulating …






women are to be relegated to the tent while the imams and the popes and cards and bishops and … get the royal palace? the powerful influential seats?

raise your hand if you are unclear on the vatican’s agenda?

does this sound any alarms? “christians and muslims worship the same god” —pope fran of the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH and its followers

and that recent pairing up with the orthodox jews and … that memorial square set up especially for the lutherans and … most notably, praying at the wall of the vatican’s ISLAMIC BROTHERHOOD

and, please do not forget the tidy canonization of the terrorist JUNIPERO SERRA on american soil …


and US government does not understand the meaning of separation of church and state?

as it partners with dictators and businessmen engaging in SHARIA LAW


but, what is the inTENT? for the vatican it is a ONE WORLD RELIGION under its caliphate design. all it needs to do is gather all the PATRIARCHAL RELIGIOUS UNDER ONE HEADSHIP: its own for that catholic teaching. its own universal system of belief.

is it becoming clearer now? we did not see these bothering with less patriarchal religious … merely a pretend of “who am I to judge” to whitewash the inTENT and make it look less judgmental to the masses … to obscure the reality of their efforts. use a political puppet, making him look like a puppy … oh so cute… but the AGENDA is more than obvious.


it is a drive for its ONE WORLD RELIGION—-PATRIARCHAL STYLE, and this requires a …




seeing it yet?


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  1. opheliart permalink

    history repeats in catholic social teaching. mistakes repeated and repeated …

    the church of rome with emperor constantine injected what into the world? anyone not of this enterprise was silenced (usually tortured and murdered … often enslaved for roman catholic romance which sounds eerily like sharia law … ah, because it is)

    the earliest christians were not the roman catholic church, folks! they were nothing like this industry … roma sabotaged the CHRIST TEACHING, adding and taking away from the Word of the Living God through deceptive practices and … did what to the people? forced them into a mindset through dogmatic laws laws law laws … bent on sabotaging the minds of the people for … FOR … the hierarchal orders.

    have you not learned anything after all this time? or maybe it is YOU succumbing to these industries that YOU might gain power and play ruler and judge. shame on you.

    look at what has been done for centuries to the children in the rcc. sexual abuse is rampant and the vatican refuses to clean house. your pope puppy has been dragging his feet on the charges … because the vatican wanted him a political messenger to restore POWER FOR ITSELF! credibility for itself … a say in the business agendas of the world because … the rcc has been losing members … loads and loads and they needed a whitewash in place… something to try to bring its dying self-serving institution back into worldly acclaim and power

    but what is due?


    you reap what you sow? hey, it was your choice. what you believe will be what you receive.

    • opheliart permalink

      I want nothing to do with this insidious design … playing at love and compassion while padding its seats and filling its coffers …

      the pope brings destruction to the people, but you do not have to believe us …

      watch what will come forth. follow the trail of his bidding and you will see that he is spiritually immature and seriously ignorant on the way

  2. opheliart permalink

    In My Catholic Faith, page 251, it states:

    “The Pope can make and unmake laws for the entire Church: his authority is supreme and unquestioned. Every bishop, every priest, every member of the Church is subject to him…we must obey him as Christ commanded all to obey Peter .’


    what do they mean by “the church”? the entire world under roman pontiff? just the RCC? if just the RCC then pope get the hell out of politics! stay away from our children! keep your nasty belief practices and insidious, egotistical malpractice as far from our schools and our youth as possible! WE WANT NONE OF YOUR ARROGANCE AND YOUR RELIGIOUS GODS! keep your filthy molesting priests away from our youth and keep your deceptive, lying … manipulating —JUDGING— bishops away from our communities … in repair, renewal and struggling to try to stay safe and strong for our future. you had your chance … you showed your fruit now get off the stage!

    • opheliart permalink

      WE speak for many … many having been silenced for a long time.

      • opheliart permalink

        I am gnostic, not of religion.

  3. opheliart permalink

    who is responsible for this mass exit from offending lawmakers? how is it that a pope kisses the hand of sharia law … the same hands that oppresses its people, forcing them to flee … then parades himself as savior emeritus? he speaks with a forked tongue … look how he oppresses his own! and why speak of freedoms for people when your desire is to enslave them to patriarchal deity! caliphate ordination?

    why are you people still bowing to this insignia?

    • opheliart permalink

      you are fools … feckless and inconsiderate … because you force it on others not like you by using america and taxpayer dollars on your gods

  4. opheliart permalink

    comment to above article—jared:
    How about get rid of the pope so there is no need for refuges and the Syrians can live in Syria. The pope, congress and other foreign interests are deliberately creating this world wide terror to pretend we need a strong government. All we need to do is ban the pope from the United States. They are war mongols because thats how they make money. Why doesn’t the pope go to north korea and lay flowers or china and lay flowers by all the slaves who died making manufacturing goods. A nation has a border for a reason to keep out trash like the pope.

    15 likes and only 3 no like

    • opheliart permalink

      read the comments … most think the pope is a waste of people’s time and money

      and this building resentment creates what for others? pushing an agenda like taking in hundreds of thousands of any while NOT TAKING CARE OF YOUR OWN YOUTH AND MENTALLY ILL< NEEDY>> verging on insanity, and you think the pope is wise? humble?

      vatican ethics pushes for chaos which puts them in better positions to gain power. people become desperate … sometimes barbaric and the hierarchy sits on its thrones like … “oh, we are so holy and just and the people need us to tell them what to do” look at them feed—piggy cults in operation, houses in the finest dress sitting in the finest seats. catholic social agent, my friends … whores for the institution called ignorance

      these types are the main reason people flee!

  5. opheliart permalink

    refugees—immigrants … go to the VATICAN CITY—a CITY with a headship preaching to take in refugees—immigrants—GO where the headship calls you—GO TO THIS CITY … where there is plenty of room and a lotta lotta dough! knock on their doors and ask for service. ask to be housed and fed. VATICAN CITY IS RICH IN HOUSING WITH MUCH FOOD … lots of rooms … go to the pope’s residences … go to the SOURCE of preaching to understand its feed

    and its true intent

    • opheliart permalink

      let us see how they parent those in need. look at all nations calling themselves catholic nations (or any nation under caliphate religious-political heads) …

      what do you see … where are the people? they come to america for what? then what do the catholic orders do? how can you NOT see the operation and how it fails? make the US a catholic nation or even a nation of any patriarchal religion and what do you end up with? you can play at caregiving (the humble pope preaching for nations to take in HIS destitute) and where does he go home to sleep …

      while others suffer under his tutelage, the tutelage of ignorance.

  6. opheliart permalink

    let us remind american citizens of something

    why did people leave europe? were they trying to get away from kings … hierarchy … the laws, the oppression and the obsessions of these?

    do we have to answer this for you? so WHY are we having to listen or worse, OBEY, these same kings and hierarchies —about anything?!


    they invaded the nation and built themselves a system right under your very noses, peeps, and did what to your children? why did you leave ireland? england? italy? so why do you bring this same obsession to american soil, expecting those having left this LOOOONG ago for certain freedoms to have to endure it all over again, and again … and again … why? we do not want your vatican ethics and

    we do not want our PRESIDENTS BOWING TO AND ALIGNING WITH YOUR WHORES OF INSTITUTION! get out if you do not understand this basic fact!

    SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE and bernie sanders f-ing blew it!

    • opheliart permalink

      read the washington post article (will post again) about catholics believing in catholic doctrine and how many actually abide by catholic teaching … go ahead, educate yourselves … or, go out and research and see for yourself what catholics really believe and decide if any of this hierarchy is even needed.


      • opheliart permalink

        and your mainstream journalists lap up the catholic drink like its evenstar … no, it’s denial.

        the same old same old … and some cannot see it for all the media

  7. opheliart permalink

    shoving their agendas in your face! making you pay for their greed.

  8. opheliart permalink

    well, does islamic ideology (their mission) threaten the national elements of non islamic countries?

    if a race of people refuses to look at its own ideology as indifferent to the rule and lifestyle of nations, do you compare it with hitler? since when are nations OBLIGATED to take in any volume of one growing group? of course it threatens the existence of the existing … even if you only look at the volume … its habits of having large families a nation has a right to be concerned, and that’s even without addressing any other concerns.

  9. opheliart permalink

    the dogs were probably okay but if you allow it for one and not others well then … what does this say about showing favoritism? I wish the US would be more strict … or at least have some laws in place that protect …

    our children, wildlife … environment.

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