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the terror of patriarchal policy

April 15, 2016

*note: when we first posted on this, we used an article from Religious News Service (an article on sierra leone bill featuring the bishops response) … we noticed some time later that it was UNAVAILABLE so … we posted two above and we post the article again, below:


Religion and politics clash over Sierra Leone abortion bill






Terror is not debatable

sounds to us … young women and girls are TERRORIZED day in and day out …. because … they are vulnerable at the hands of… and they are raped by __________ (fill in the blank)

and what makes matters worse … they are forced to have daddy’s, uncle’s, brother’s, neighbor’s, old man’s, pastor’s, priest’s, bishop’s … child …

THINK OF THE SHAME AND THE BLAME ASSOCIATED WITH THIS … and the fear of trying to get an abortion in a no abortion state … WHERE…

CATHOLIC HIERARCHY AND PRIESTS, BISHOPS … AND MUSLIM IMAMS SAY NO FOR THEM … bringing that TERROR up several notches… and all of this as a result of …


put that in your classroom teaching … for debate

when you see the horrors of others —THE FACE OF THIS—and can take it on with all those influential seats and all those grants and that special status …

you know of what is worthy of release


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  1. opheliart permalink

    this is not about using abortion as man’s reckless and careless fare … this is about saving lives

    women and girls in hospitals and … these same in the everyday … in a country that is born into, wedded to, and teaches derelict and insidious motif, made exactly for their own derelict housing … all because of men who are as ignorant as those robes they wear.


    • opheliart permalink

      let this be TEST NUMBER ONE … to see who is worthy of eternal LIFE!

  2. opheliart permalink

    and this …

    and these free speeches haven’t got a mouth when it comes to their own legislators, policy makers and corps doing business with sharia law?


    • opheliart permalink

      sometimes I have to say out loud:


  3. opheliart permalink


    nicholas winton and dietrich bonhoeffer

  4. opheliart permalink

    satire … what happens when a jew hits on the vatican?

    • opheliart permalink

      • opheliart permalink

        not funny? it wasn’t meant to be funny. satire isn’t necessarily fun … it is revealing a raw truth—one that few are willing to acknowledge.

        the men inside that vatican are not well … while ABUSING CHILDREN … denying female a life—a real life, one with the same freedoms as a man … but THESE DERELICT DADS WILL NOT LET THEM!

        NATIONS WILL NOT TREAT THEM LIKE EQUALS AND ROMA THROUGH THEIR INSTITUTION IS A THREAT TO CIVILIZATION! what doesn’t bernie sanders and all the rest of you paying into, supporting and USING THESE MISOGYNISTS AND CHILD ABUSERS for your political and religious agendas get about this!

        sanction them! DENY THEM for a change and get the hell rid of them! they are a danger to the health and wellbeing of communities desperately trying to become something other than property for these high-towered men to use as bargaining chips.

        very disappointed in bernie sanders. he does not deserve our vote… or to be in the presidential seat. obama did the same damn thing posturing with the pontiff given the catholic hate doctrine that people misconstrue for socializing society to become less dependent on hierarchal figures. the vatican wants people to abide by ITS laws … its selfish, ignorant, undernourished, often mentally deficient laws, often void of sense and reason … playing at “goodness” and humility when in reality it is grossly unjust and look at the difference between these women in sierra leone and look at the palaces of rome.

        what don’t you get about this? are you people daft? what the heck is bernie thinking?

        THE RCC NEEDS THE POOR TO SURVIVE! get rid of the rcc and the poor may have a change to bloom.

        HOW CAN A NATION PAYING THE RCC SERVE ITS PEOPLE IMPARTIALLY … where is the money for those most in need if you are giving it to the bishops and their agendas?

        remove the hand that deceives … steals from the mouths of babes … and murders … for its own gain.

  5. opheliart permalink

    addressing yoh’s comment

    perkins is a christian. this is his ID … that is how he wants to be identified. his christian formula is his belief and practice—NO DIFFERENT FROM ANY OTHER RELIGIONIST *thought we should remind the reader and COMMENTERs on this FACT, and many of these are partial to there own because that is what they know and understand … to a degree. this is no different from a jew sharing on the attack on jews in israel, or any where. you will read similar rhetoric … similar angst and similar upset … with a president (along with many other lawmakers, public servants and businesses) who have done and do business—make deals—give large sums of american money– with/to RELIGIOUS and RELIGIONS, INCLUDING THOSE RELIGIOUS POLITICALS USING SHARIA LAW and … US citizens seem reluctant to mention this … he has not kept a separation of church and state, YOH. so … given the similarity, why are you only addressing the “bigot” perkins? is it because you are anti-christian? a christian hater? sounds like a jewish woman I have seen post a lot … can’t seem to get past the meat and potatoes menu …

    anyhow, as we have shared several times in SPIR … it is really up to the members of these religions and religious sects to get their people out of war zones and dangerous places. some of these organizations/religions are YHUGE … with many subsets …. and a lotta money going to keep them, well … burgeoning and … helping themselves in every way they can, often at the expense of others … some of these suffering. you only have to look in the state of NEW YORK to find EVIDENCE on this but … you won’t read YOH’s raging comments on these.


    it is called hypocrisy … on the loose … in all these sectors and beliefs and I AM NOT AFRAID TO CALL IT WHAT IT IS so … jews, get your people out if you think they are in danger … you most certainly have the $$$$$$$ and YOH, you can help them with your pocketbook …

    and christians, why are you waiting for others to safeguard your brethren? can you expect those who don’t have those same views and lifestyle to risk their lives for yours? it is not as if you are small in numbers. heck, in your view, I AM A HERETIC … doing satan’s work by roman catholic standards 😉 … so, what do you want of me? your head is pretty darn big, and your coffers exploding so … instead of expecting the struggling average american to pay for your interests … do it yourselves! we said the same for the vatican … in its wealthy estate. why do you wait for others to step down ahead of you … into that sheep’s pool …

    take up your … and …

  6. opheliart permalink

    in case you missed part of the reason we paired the two articles in our publication THE TERROR OF PATRIARCHAL POLICY …

    “Generally I’m not a supporter of ‘safe spaces,’” Weiss said. “I’m a student in the Northwest, and I feel like a lot of people have expanded safe spaces to include a lot of different things.” But while having a debate on the merits of the BDS movement or the Israeli occupation is acceptable, she said, the specific prompt chosen for the national championships was not, because of the way it singled out Israelis for targeting.

    “I think if they pick controversial topics like defending a human rights violation, it should be in general, not against a certain group,” she said. “It’s okay to have a discussion on when it’s okay to kill civilians in general, but it’s extremely ostracizing when it’s a specific group that might be there.”

    women and girls are singled out and singled out and singled out in ways that you can never imagine and how do you think it feels for a young girl or a young women to be called names because she was raped by her own dad or stepdad or priest or pastor and had an abortion … or to be a constant TOPIC by men for men and at the hands of men day after day after … decade after decade and all because of PATRIARCHAl TERROR … set loose in the world and coddled and coiffed and partnered with by the very people these young females are told to trust … give their lives to.

    this is insanity and it MUST STOP! PRESIDENTS, politicians, lawmakers, RELIGIONISTS you are soooooooo in trouble!

    • opheliart permalink

      I hear an ikon of Jesus is supposedly leaking oil somewhere in the old cathedral south of where I live … drawing crowds … (oh, I know it well … been there myself)

      uh-huh … riiiiight. like that is the real deal? GOD DOES NOT LEAK OIL, FOLKS …

      business must be slow …

      • opheliart permalink

        and because they apply these methods to deceive … their houses will turn to dust.

    • opheliart permalink

      papa needs to stay out of politics … he is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy over his big head on this and should not be preaching to others …

      tell him to keep his catholic social preaching to his own members … he does not own the world—-or does he?

      not a prediction… the wall will come tumbling down

      • opheliart permalink

        and yes, we know the intent of that “provocative” (nice how they steal from others?) … trip.

        we are not RELIGIONDUMB … yes, it is obvious

        but the people sit and watch and say, oh, look how holy and humble he is … (as he plans for destruction of freedom to set into place his caliphate design: that roman watchdog interest)


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