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and now they want to silence HER once and for all!

April 14, 2016

welcome to abortion culture, tim … aborting the very idea of free speech, even for women! … regarding topics some believe is ice cold hard as nails … truth: theirs.

how history rounds that bend and starts this same path all over again. we call it fascism. but, you can call it what you like.


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  1. opheliart permalink

    those of you not of this culture of aborting speech in favor of liberalist’s truth … or religionist’s doctrine … please just say no … and get out of those strait jackets.

  2. opheliart permalink

    “But a day will come when they try to argue for something that proves unpopular and they, too, will be gagged.” Tim Stanley

    like we were saying …

  3. opheliart permalink

    we do not believe the OT/Torah characters really existed. we shared on this before. we do not believe moses and abraham were real people … or that moses as a real person handed people their laws/teachings. we believe jewish scribes and others of this sect took a manuscript written much earlier and fashioned themselves a religion. the original manuscript, a bold and formal outline of what would be, a prophetic paradigm …
    the original was essentially rejected for the religions you see today: judaism, christianity (initially roman catholicism because the earliest christians were not roman catholic and were not calling themselves orthodox) and islam … each religion (patriarchal ‘deities’ of man) taking and fashioning themselves laws for others to obey.

  4. opheliart permalink

    and remember atheists, THAT INCLUDES SAYING “ANYTHING” EVEN SLIGHTLY NEGATIVE ABOUT RCC religious elites >>> and muslims … riiiiight?

    “None of us are going to stand still when (political candidates) attack any of us,” said Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, retired archbishop of Washington, at the press conference. “It is the worst politics that they can do.”

    *you are essentially being silenced. is the cardinal looking out for his own … ?

    and what does that mean for SPIR? are we to be snuffed out because the religionists are now pounding the podium on free speech? you can be sure that cardinal does NOT WANT anyone bringing up the evil in his …

    easy enough for him and his to start hollering HATE SPEECH!

    • opheliart permalink

      interestingly, as a believer in Spirit (for why would I not BE?) … I get bashed constantly by atheists and I am not even of those religions. they have nothing on me … regarding any type of abuse … murder … dangerous teaching and forcing others … as MY KIND has not been received by man and there is no record or evidence of my kind having forced agenda or abused others. and for atheists, or anyone … to insist they know that GOD (SPIRIT) does not exist for me is an untruth. how could these possibly know? they do not know me. they cannot speak for me and be considered in any way intelligent, an expert or knowledgeable … on me … they have no knowledge or understanding in this.

      • opheliart permalink

        now … if someone wants to silence us because we have shared much regarding the hypocrisy and abuses and …
        what will become of society under careless parenting? if no one is allowed to speak or people fear speaking out … what is to become of the VICTIMS

        you see, EVIL has a way of getting its way by using groups in influential seats. what better way to cover your misogyny or your child abuse or crimes involving mishandling of money or … abuse of power … and other crimes … than by using the “hate speech” tactic. or the … hey, you are anti-semitic or … islamophobic or … anti-roman catholic … racist, bigoted … and on and on … and on … and the victim sinks deeper and deeper into the malaise of mankind

  5. opheliart permalink

    sociologie … from mid 19th c— french

    this is not of eastern thought. why? because it is based on catholic thought: what is understood as “the west”
    were the essenes catholic? is judaism catholic? (meaning universal)
    the essenes were of EASTERN MINDSET, not western. why?

    catholic social teaching is what? “my business is your business and your business is my business” based on … or within, under … what? what law? catholicism. roman catholicism to be more precise from its origin.

    this means that all thought is filtered through the social venue of its day which is in repose (put back in the same position). why? it repeats itself. problem A gets repeated (not exactly the same), because it is being filtered through laws born from what? western mindset: a constant parade or repeating … which is more a masking over the old (putting new patches over the old) …

    or as we often say, trying to put new wine into old skins

    EASTERN thought as in the rising not the setting of the sun is always a work in progress. it is not in repose in deposition. it is not trying to add new to the old because the old is expired. God calls man to what? catholic social teaching? A NEW DAY. where in the Writings do we hear Spirit calling man to catholic social teaching? God calls one to Spirit … to “himself”. the sheep hear its master’s voice? yes? Christ lives within?

    consider each being called within ‘himself’ to charter safe passage to ______
    but why do men fall short? what happens to men? they have no guardian (helmsman) … because western man is taught what? not the inner evidence on himself rather the evidence of his brother … where he is either led astray or caught up in putting patches on the old … making laws for those based on catholicism.

    God calls one out of institution and into restitution. if you understand what came before … you understand where man fell short. IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE WORD AND THE WORD WAS WITH GOD AND THE WORD …. WAS GOD. if you learn from what came before you are inspired how? to not repeat it 😉 in this you grow, become skilled … not plagiarize or deny … you do not live in denial on “what you are” or what is … and move upward (the ASCENT: heart to mind—in the LIGHT of the rising of the sun): a NEW DAY …
    honor thy father and thy mother that your days may be long is saying “honor” the wisdom of what is learned from having sailed improperly … hit a rock … not been prepared for stormy weather … FATHER AND MOTHER IS TRUTH (king and queen in the “we”————GOD is Spirit …)

    I AM … of the East.

    • opheliart permalink

      why “we”? CHILD BORN FROM TRUTH (mother wisdom and father truth).

      • opheliart permalink

        8 —-And all the waters shall be … come together … with the waters of the heaven (above the sky), that which is above the heavens is masculine, and the water which is beneath the earth is feminine.—-ENOCH

        *this is the continuance of TRUTH

        so ….. ask yourself how a being (enoch), the first … dedicated, not properly recognized by the larger dynasties of religion could speak in this verse? know of what has come to pass … so many years before its time

        from joseph lumpkin’s THE LOST BOOK OF ENOCH

        Most scholars date the Book of Enoch to sometime during the second century B C. We do not know what earlier oral tradition, if any, the book contains. Enoch was considered inspired and authentic by certain jewish sects of the first century B. C. and remained popular for at least five hundred years. The earliest Ethiopian text was apparently derived from the Greek manuscript of the Book of Enoch, which itself was a copy of an earlier text. The original was apparently written in the Semitic language, now thought to be ARAMAIC.
        …..the first century christians accepted the Book of Enoch as inspired, if not authentic. They relied on it to understand the origin and purpose of many things, from angels to wind, sun, and stars. In fact, many key concepts used by Jesus Christ himself seem directly connected to terms and ideas in the Book of Enoch.

  6. opheliart permalink

    “The very title ‘Safe Abortion Bill’ is a contradiction in terms,” Edward Tamba Charles, the Catholic archbishop in Freetown, said. “Whether it is done by a quack or by a professional, there is nothing like safe abortion because somebody’s life is lost.”

    and who continues to pay into and support muslim and catholic caliphate interests?

    • opheliart permalink

      if a mother dies due to the law that refuses to save her life … how is this any different from …

      “somebody’s life is lost” …?

      and how can a ‘celibate’ male possibly understand WHAT IS LIFE within an unwanted or unsafe pregnancy? these people must be mentally and spiritually ignorant.

      we understand that abortion should not become lazy man’s fare but please come into some RECOGNITION of what is LIFE! a child has no life while in the house of disease … he will die after much suffering and why do the catholics and muslims there continue to insist on speaking for female? and where are the dads to these unborns? they do not exist in the house of the LIVING. therefore, unwanted unsupported child is left to die at the hands of ignorant policy.

      catholics, you should be ashamed of your doctrine and should leave its helmsman because it is blind and drunk on its own fatal abuse.

      • opheliart permalink

        why do united states lawmakers, politicians, advisors, counselors and … teachers … do business with these ignorant men?

        what say you of catholic social teaching? getting your doctrinal this and that while your brethren suffer under pontiffs pilate? you should be ashamed to be so self-centered. go there and retrieve your brethren, your money and reclaim your properties … else your court of law works in vain.

  7. opheliart permalink

    sounds to us … young women and girls are TERRORIZED day in and day out …. because … they are vulnerable at the HANDS OF, and they are raped by ___ (fill in the blank)

    and what makes matters worse … they are forced to have daddy’s, uncle’s, brother’s, neighbor’s, old man’s, pastor’s, priest’s, bishop’s … child …

    THINK OF THE SHAME AND THE BLAME ASSOCIATED WITH THIS … and the fear of trying to get an abortion in a no abortion state … WHERE…

    CATHOLIC HIERARCHY AND PRIESTS, BISHOPS … AND MUSLIM IMAMS SAY NO FOR THEM … bringing that TERROR up several notches, salkin’, and all of this as a result of …

    PATRIARCHAL DOMINANCE IN RELIGION AND POLITICS… male dominance born from what?

    put that in your classroom teaching … for debate

    when you see the horrors of others —THE FACE OF THIS—and can take it on with all those influential seats and all those grants and special status and …

    you know of what is worthy of release

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