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Fat Check

April 13, 2016–election.html?nhp=1



and they all gasped …


kinda reminds me of the pope on stage parading as pundit


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  1. opheliart permalink

    who is misleading you?

  2. opheliart permalink

    okay … let me understand the fuller implications of forcing health professionals to provide service to ‘patients’ they believe are doing harm to themselves …

    professional porn actor … professional prostitute …

    or even a person sexually active in a manner that causes health issues as well as spreading harmful or even life-threatening diseases …

    and these health professionals are charged as … ?

    what was it we were reading? labeled, judged, accused … reputations destroyed … loss of business, job, profession …

    and this is proper ethics/ good and just governance?

    time to get out of the health care industry or risk losing all, maybe even going to jail!

    • opheliart permalink

      watch what comes forth from this.

      I want no part of this. I think I will cease going to my family doctor … I would not want to continue supporting a practitioner who supports, gets paid … to assist in harmful life choices.

      are there any health professionals who are free of the dependency on drugs? let me know …

      • opheliart permalink

        and what of sports figures like boxing and football where you know people are in danger

        aggressive action as a living that causes serious injury, even death … and we are supposed to support this

        the list is long … and ” society ” is forcing every man and woman and child to conform to its standards of anything goes living … just pay up and shut up? or lose your ability to survive ?

        nope, take your lazy ass wares somewhere else. time for action, folks … time to just say NO!

        I AM NOT YOUR FRICKIN’ ROBOT!!! and I am not going to work for YOUR CARE-LESS INTERESTS!

        government … time for you to stop pandering and get REAL

  3. opheliart permalink

    if people want to destroy their lives … and the lives of others … that is between you and them, but do not make ME pay for it.

  4. opheliart permalink

    heard on the news yesterday (saw on video as someone in the correct lane was videoing this) … in MA … a women driving in the wrong lane (heading in the wrong direction) causing a near miss as car coming toward her had to swerve to avoid hitting her head on … was also smoking a cigarette and putting on make up while driving in wrong lane …

    she turns and stops because she realized an officer was coming up behind her … police officer pulls up behind her … she drives for a while then pulls over and officer passes her and keeps going.

    disbelief? I slow at a stop sign, look both ways before preceding,
    but because I did not come to a complete stop, I got pulled over, ticketed and you know the rest on that one 😉 (meanwhile… not a car was coming and no pedestrians either direction and is WHY I did not come to a complete stop)

    • opheliart permalink

      and this:

      whether you think the guy is guilty or not … one cannot help but ask why so much heat on this case but the clergy/staff child abusers in the rcc and other institutions IN THIS AREA were largely ignored, even COVERED UP … by bishops, law enforcements … ……. judges and?

      hmm …

  5. opheliart permalink

    😀 haven’t missed an episode since it started!
    aside from the news … this is about the only regular telly i watch … and downton when it was on.

    • opheliart permalink–election.html?ref=gs

      didn’t see those ‘greedy’ incarnates delivering babies in poor areas … did we bernie? you may trust them but we do not.

      • opheliart permalink

        seriously, how hard is it to stand in your ivory tower … pretending at royalty … while others slave to feed you and clothe you? what doesn’t bernie understand about vatican lifestyle? this industry from the get go? these guys are a BIG part of the problem! and pretending at honesty, impartiality, humility, justice and goodness? the pope has a list of people a mile and a half long making him look ‘saintly’ … even when he farts the people bow and say it never happened.

        but it still stinks …

  6. opheliart permalink

    read this article and tell us what it says

    • opheliart permalink

      “Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards signed an anti-discrimination order on Wednesday protecting the rights of gay and transgender people, aligning his state on the liberal side of a political divide playing out across the U.S. South.

      The Democrat’s executive order also protects state employees against discrimination based on other criteria including race, religion, disability or age. It bans state agencies from discrimination, while offering an exemption for churches and religious organizations.”

      anti-discrimination order protecting ____ while also protecting STATE employees against discrimination based on other criteria including race, religion, disability or age … while offering an exemption for churches and religious organizations.

      so … pasta monster religion is exempt from serving anything but pasta? and islamic religion is exempt from serving anything but islamic law? and christian religion is exempt from serving anything but christian law? (teachings … and that’s a lotta lotta teachings as this ranging from the church of rome all the way to the most recent sect claiming itself christian)

      okay, so gov, what happens when transgender huey claims he is of religion called trans-somethingorother and wants the beeswax candles of a christian business that does not offer ss or transgender marriage ceremonies through their priests/pastors and places of worship … and the candle business is run by the priests, priest’s family and parishioners? would this candle business be forced to provide candles for the trans-somethingorother houses of worship or get sued, even though the business is part of the religious sect as the candles are designed for liturgy?

      • opheliart permalink

        reason I ask … besides these laws looking like THUD … is that I know a priest with a beeswax business and no, he does not do marriages other than those following certain criteria of belief. if a pastor believes there is knowledge and understanding that a couple must come into before he can marry them … and they refuse this, does he have the right not to marry them? and for doctors …

        BASED ON BASIC MEDICAL CRITERIA … STUDIES AND … does a doctor have the right to say, “hey, I cannot continue to give drugs X, Y and Z to this patient or that patient, because it is not helping to stop ___, which is causing problems ___ and ___ and … patient will need a stronger drug in one or two years for ___. but if he would stop doing ___ to himself, his health would improve and this is what I BELIEVE is the best service I can provide for him … to advise patient to seek ___ for ___ … and all medical studies agree that this is the better solution.

        one example: stop eating high cholesterol foods and go out and exercise … rather than pigging out on everything you want and sitting on the couch watching TV, and drinking beer after beer

        the scenarios are endless if you are a conscientious and HONEST person serving others

        and this goes for any field that calls one’s CONSCIENCE into AWARENESS.

  7. opheliart permalink

    now … let’s add a touch of reality to the scenario …

    doctor refuses to provide any more pain killers to patient X for an injury he said he got three years ago while slipping on ice. doctor tells X that he must see a physical therapist … that prescribing stronger drugs will only create an addiction and could become a worse problem for him … knowing X is already addicted. but that’s not all … X happens to be transgender … X is addicted to the painkillers and wants even stronger drugs and cannot get them through another doctor because a system is in place for fast checking on doctors prescribing drugs (stricter laws on these situations regarding doctor-patient and these addictive prescriptions) … so X decides to holler DISCRIMINATION. what then? doctor loses her practice?

    and what of me? there is nothing in man’s laws that protect one like me. must I start a religion that specifies exactly what I am that allows me protection from others not like me?

    hmm … something to seriously consider …

  8. opheliart permalink

    here is another scenario …

    was watching an interview on raising the working wage for fast food workers. question one: is fast food good for your health? well, it depends on what you understand as good and what you understand as healthy. right? the person being interviewed was overweight based on what we read of the health professional’s studies. and, this person is young. so … age … food, health … wages. person was getting paid something like 10.25 an hour working 25-30 hrs a wk and was sharing that because she has a child (still in diapers), she needs more for them to live on. no mention of the child’s dad. question: should we ask where is child’s dad? by law, isn’t HE part of this scenario? shouldn’t he be providing some form of child support? but what if young person isn’t married … was never married? should dad be of SOME PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR HIS SEX ACTS RESULTING IN CHILDREN? (we could go on and on … and on, on this … *shackle his wee penis? recall our post 😉 … then again, what if she had been raped or … OR, maybe she does not even know who is the dad and does not care to know … her upbringing was such that men are superior and women should never question her place –his place, but … the fact remains … the child and ALL THOSE CHILDREN … need to be fed healthy food and …. cared for in a safe setting, one that teaches to be responsible for _________.

    who should be paying for these lifestyles? at what point do the “experts” step up to the plate and acknowledge the evidence? and do what is best for mother and child … ? and dads …

    and society as a whole …?

    • opheliart permalink

      and if the islamic religionists are as strict as they claim … in their beliefs and practice … how long before they holler, foul! not wanting to pay for the habits of others? unless, of course, they are getting reimbursements … grants … funding and … tax exempt …

      so … it is to become a big fat religion to be able to protect one from the beliefs and practices of others?

      • opheliart permalink

        maybe the LGBT … X, Y and Z should start their own religion and call it whatever they want—but TRUE to what they say they are … not spiteful names to attack other’s beliefs, beliefs they disagree with. heck, we have already posted where and how government essentially PAYS with the tax dollars of others for certain sects to exist, and they certainly take their share for their OWN desires … so … let it be so … and that way no one has to go against their own beliefs … conscience.

        let the best man win?

        or let men do as they please while we do as we need to do, for it seems SPIRREALISM will become something more through the actions of others while NEW ORDER OF THE FAITH will be for the few who desire emerging within Spirit, not bound to religious doctrines, and not severed by political warring.

  9. opheliart permalink

    you heard it here first (although we posted on this some time ago)

    APRIL 14, 2016


    founder: L Thiel (also posting under opheliart)

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