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and the female is …?

April 6, 2016


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  1. opheliart permalink

    (7.12) What then did he do on this sabbath day? he commanded all the people to assemble together in the same place, and sitting down with one another, to listen to the laws with order and reverence, in order that no one should be ignorant of anything that is contained in them …

    and then some priest who is present, or some one of the elders read the laws to them …

    (11.1) … And they dwell in many cities of Judea, and in many villages, and in great and populous communities. (11.2) And this sect of them is not an hereditary of family connexion; for family ties are not spoken of with reference to acts voluntarily performed; but it is adopted because of their admiration for virtue and love of gentleness and humanity. (11.3) At all events, there are no children among the Essenes, no, nor any youths or persons only just entering upon manhood; since the disposition of all such persons are unstable and liable to change …

    (11.14) … for no one of the Essenes ever marries a wife, because woman is a selfish creature and one addicted to jealousy in an immoderate degree, and terribly calculated to agitate and overturn the natural inclinations of a man, and to mislead him by her continual tricks. (11.15) for as she is always studying deceitful speeches and all other kinds of hypocrisy, like an actress on the stage, when she is alluring the eyes and ears of her husband, she precedes to cajole his predominate mind after the servants have been deceived …

    AND PHILO GOES ON sounding more like he is talking about the high-towered hierarchy than women forced to breed to fulfill the community sects 😀

    I have read similar commentary from these ancients and am just astounded at he ignorance, lack of appreciation, respect, decency awarded HUMAN BEING, should such a one exist …

    and after seeing the growing numbers of two religions hell bent on strict patriarchal authority, one is compelled to ask:

    history repeating?

    only if you as a society allow it.

    as for philo’s observation of the essenes, he is not connected in the realm of the Spirit of the Living God and would not know or understand this IMPARTIAL GOD. seems he missed this Teaching 😦 and slipped on his bigoted arsenal of observation.

    but please question the ties within the crislamic adherence to denying female even a handshake … freedom to be a judge in the governance of nation’s law …

    are the men and boys so given to emotion that they cannot control their feast? are these religious/politics so condoning of discrimination and disrespectful belief and practice that they should be rewarded their customs to the offense of women and girls?

    what say you? will the US of America permit such disrespect and hurtful customs in our society that teaches the youth that female is in some way ineligible … for equal treatment … because she is female?

    much like the case of the muslim dad smacking his young daughter at the mall because she tipped her head in to the fountain where her brothers were getting wet.

    odious, cruel, ghastly and … america, where in hell is your voice? do you want burning coals on your heads? … then continue in your plagiarism

    let them have their own schools? do not give them government allowances? how is this different from vendors refusing cakes and services for ssm? has anyone checked on the muslim bakers and photographers and ultra orthodox jews in areas of discrimination, or are these off limits? the difference for the vendors is that there are choices or should be choices. not wanting to be aligned with a practice he finds offensive to his beliefs, but, like we said, if an area is without the same services allowed others, atheist and believer … there are choices and no one should be without ——-yes? even if state law intervenes to assist in getting these services for those ss couples … but these beliefs that women cannot be touched, sat next to …

    but where would they be without female to give birth to these children? hmm … the context thickens.

    • opheliart permalink

      several years ago there was a dislike of something i wrote on a forum, even by the moderator, a former mormon turned nonbeliever? (was never quite sure)
      … because my comment to a regular poster, a staunch roman catholic, strict to the letter t on the doctrine of her faith … that not all feed as she (seems she was offended but I still do not understand why so many defended her) … and that one goes to eateries and shops and listens to music of ssm couples even while opposed to ssm. it did not make sense to me that one would eat the food prepared by a ssm couple, not even bothering to ask, as this was not part of the ads or the service … it was just food … people travel, stop, eat without needing to know more … same with selling and buying with people not of the same beliefs. like, how many times has a nun bought from women/couples having aborted life? or giving large amounts of business to women/couples using birth control pills? do they ask? no, they want what they want when they want it but …

      meanwhile, as a business owner/curator and artist of an online shop, I am careful in what I choose for painting (the wearable art) … I cannot possibly know all behind the scenes in the making of certain products … fair trade and the like, and I tend to lean toward vegan products, and certainly nontoxic where I see this as a problem, which is certainly not in my painting use … but I do not ask about lifestyle and preaching habits, and I am not given to asking buyers of the items in shop what their beliefs and practices are, or even why they buy the art or how they will use it … a gift to a married couple? (are you religionists listening? because as much as I believe there should be freedoms of expression, and do not want activists putting innocents in a chokehold based on their own desires, I think what you are doing is not quite seeing the greater picture regarding personal habits and this gets wrapped up in something we call hypocrisy) … I just know that in SPIRREALISM, I am not to do business with those UNWILLING to grow. to move … to show an attempt at impartiality.

      but how can one know who is and who isn’t? what they advertise and how they show their adversities. I will not support those treating female as a lesser. will i do business with those discriminating against gays? hmm … this is a more complex situation. some like westboro baptist … an obvious absolutely not … some things are clearly evident, and I do not want to do business with the RCC because of the clergy/staff sex abuse and how this has been dealt with … justas I do not want to support and pay into violence to solve violence.

      so … what’s a person like ME to do? is there a community willing to work toward this faith and belief? it seems I must now take even more care in who I give my business to. why should I allow festering racism, these biases of female?

      • opheliart permalink

        and if you wonder on the complexity of the gays … well, there are men, and I have read their comments, who are so staunchly gay and dislike women. these remind me of some of the misogynist of the hierarchy and might write something like what philo wrote about women … if of its day. recall we cautioned gays in that desire for male fantasia (using women to provide for them male children which would mean all female life is … exterminated)

  2. opheliart permalink

    in paying into and supporting activists … you do not know all that you are really supporting. could there be contamination in that starter for the making of bread? and what breeds within this contempt of intent?

    • opheliart permalink

      and it is alarmingly the case that so few priests, pastors, rabbis … so-called spiritual advisors … comment in these areas of denial and poor parentage. which makes one wonder if they, too, support and pay into the denial of female as equal sage.

      we cannot hear them where the need is greatest … too busy trying to bring their flock back to a host of mediocrity? too busy plying in demagoguery? too busy making sure they aren’t attacked by the merciless secularist? LOL …

      you are being watched … and there are some sent in to check those vineyard and what do they find?

  3. opheliart permalink

    we would ask salkin and yoH how all forms of judaism is received in the US and what laws protect these sects as well as what is in place that awards these large sums?

    if you allow one showing himself a certain way within society, is it just that you deny another of a similar creed?

    • opheliart permalink

      truth is, I AM NOT BUYING YOUR RHETORIC. you start looking like bullies or … showing extreme partiality. isn’t that right, rabbi?

      • opheliart permalink

        You know what else they possess? Staggering quantities of public assistance. Take the overwhelmingly Hasidic Kiryas Joel, the poorest place in America. As the Times reported last year, “half of [its] residents receive food stamps, and one third receive Medicaid benefits and rely on federal vouchers to help pay their housing costs.” And boy, do they have children: The median household in Kiryas Joel has six people, and the median age is twelve. Many of its men learn Torah full-time instead of working, and the community’s low high-school graduation rate would be even lower if its religious schools had real academic standards. These kids are hardly being “socialized to the world of work.” And it’s not just Kiryas Joel: back in 1996, at the heart of “welfare reform,” a full third of Williamsburg’s Hasidim received public assistance.
        Welfare is, and has been for some time, a crucial ingredient in these communities. While Hasidim take care of their own, they also get taxpayers to take care of them. Like Israeli Haredim, Kiryas Joel’s Hasidim vote together to secure, for instance, a “luxurious 60-bed postnatal maternal care center… built with $10 million in state and federal grants.” Off the record, New York City officials admit that Williamsburg’s Hasidim “work the system,” and experts who don’t have to be reelected come out and just admit there’s widespread fraud. As Shmarya Rosenberg has argued, the Haredi birthrate, to be sustainable, requires large and consistent infusions of cash from outside. In Williamsburg, welfare really is a lifestyle.
        What’s amazing is that these are, detail for detail, the exact welfare ghosts of Commentary’s past. Public subsidies incentivize industrial birthing. Welfare discourages remunerative work. A parallel, insular society evolves, dependent on the outside world and contemptuous of its values. It’s wrong for Commentary to valorize an Orthodox demographic boom that depends heavily on the welfare state, given that for decades they have attacked those very institutions for promoting those very trends among the poor. But then again, Haredi children are the key to “Jewish continuity”… so yea, Commentary will be coming to the bris.
        —from the article

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