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a dedicated priest?

April 4, 2016

“In a statement, the Catholic Church said Mulkearns was a dedicated priest.”


one can surely ask:




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  1. opheliart permalink

    we have shared on the situation of israel and palestine. it is a very real and heated topic, with many protesters armed to the hilt with accusations. first of all, most students at colleges/universities are without a clear understanding of the facts, and remember, not all are “jewish” … which compels one to ask why any professor would lead a charge in any of these arenas. the job of the professor — what he is paid to do — is to teach his subject to all students and students, through approval of the university admin, are permitted to have their clubs relating to areas of interest … but,

    what if that interest is one of attacking his fellow classmates through the handiwork of the professors, misinformation put out by journalists and … a lack of study on topics? do any of these protesters truly understand zionism—its history? are any of our nation’s (government’s) actions unfair, unjust, offensive …having caused violence to others both in house and outside the borders of our country? of course! do american citizens often do things that offend people of other nations? other religious and cultural beliefs? YES! how do you think hindus feel about people using cows as they do? is anybody in america up in arms about it?

    now we ask, what is his subject if he is leading a charge that entices hatred and possible attacks … danger for all students? what is his purpose? the intent of his club works, rallies, protests and … ?

    there is always a source to something good or not good. there is always a place where people feed that encourages acting out of something. so we ask, what is this place for these ant-zionist, anti-israel protests?

    what we have been doing here in SPIR is calling out the parenting … the system behind abuse and misinterpretations … misunderstanding and where and how people get misused and mishandled. one might say those professors have taken the nubile minds of those students and injected false integrity into their learning. this is much like what we have shared about the teaching of the roman catholic church which is still very much in office today and … we do not see this same “charge” against them. not that we want it but … at some point people need to see the reality of what is. ask yourself where the RCC stands on the topics today inciting much hate. we do not hear anyone taking the roman pontiff to task … or even all those churches, synagogues and mosques that fall squarely within unreasonable doctrine, where women and gays and … are discriminated against, or … treated as lesser citizens in what is supposed to be a democratic society … but is very much ruled by …

    patriarchal places of self-interest.

    roman catholic bishops have been leading their charge for how long now? government just looks the other way … and continues paying them for some form of service not in accord with american society. if you do the research in this you would be appalled at how much of YOUR money is going to things that you would never agree to. I do not want my money going to nations practicing sharia law. I do not want my time and money going to beliefs and practices I find partial, unjust … evil, and I certainly do not want to pay into and support violence because I do not believe using violence to solve violence for the health and wellbeing of anyone is a good and positive action.

    a very honest and simple question you may want to introduce to this heated topic is which governance would “you” want to live under … palestine or israel? which would you want more of? if iran and others were given the money and support needed to carry out their threats … which would you want people any people ruled by? sharia law or …

  2. opheliart permalink

    zoroastrian faith had rejected monasticism

    monastic life could still be a present day rewind if understood for its purpose — to bring one into awareness, and the much needed role of voicing the hypocrisy … the calling one out of slavery. to be within the ‘monastery’ of the mind is to learn to manage emotions and to gain understanding in all things. this is not a place of solitary confinement .. as a truth monastic lives for the purpose of acquiescing on church (truth) … not just for himself (in growth) but for those in need of healing, and this speaks on a grand scale in the pantheon of the world

    if you understand anything on Zoroastrians’ history … you will see where man moved into greed, desire for control of lands and people … saw himself as ruler and judge … and this is what is prophesied in the Writings.

    • opheliart permalink

      as the good samaritan teaching applies: one does not walk by the injustice, the derelict portent, the false ideal … the dearth … in a changing world.

      one might say that zoroastrian theology needed more certitude.

      • opheliart permalink

        and people assume the magi in the child Jesus story refers to zoroastrian kings, but this is not the teaching. the TEACHING of the 3 having visited the Child is a Teaching on places of the heart.

        and yes it ties in with that trinitarian verse.

  3. opheliart permalink

    It’s not clear how the state will absorb those costs.

    “It’s a huge state with lots and lots of tax base and lots and lots of tax revenue,” Wenger noted. On the other hand “that’s big as a number and it’s big as a percentage of the state budget.”

    Brown, a Democrat, never specifically addressed criticism of the bill on Monday but argued the decision to set the nation-leading wage was about “economic justice.”

    “Economically, minimum wages may not make sense,” the governor said. “But morally and socially and politically they make every sense, because it binds the community together and makes sure that parents can take care of their kids in a much more satisfactory way.”

    • opheliart permalink

      earlier in the video, brown states that this is nothing new … it’s a religious idea.

      our question to atheists who hate religion. want to do away with all religion. is brown wrong? has religion caused a welfare state? do you create a healthier, more safe, more just community with adequate jobs … enough jobs … by using an old religious idea: raising the wages of the workers?

      those paying taxes end up with what? higher taxes? more taxes go to more religious? 😉

      are the atheists the walking dead? asleep on their watch?

      • opheliart permalink

        some are having babies like its their job … lots of babies … like they are trying to build an army. environmentalists are like … less … less … less is more. if environmentalists could go into the homes of these ‘marginalized’ … what might they find?

        it would be worth a look

  4. opheliart permalink

    imagine if more people became not nuns and dependent friars and monks and priests and popes … depending on others to pay their way while they broadcast their wares … wares? huh, born from what earned living? their dogmatic version? those using government assistance to keep themselves seated in academia, theologia and scholarly praise? somebody is paying for those fat seats———right? usually on the backs of those “marginalized” … the poor, the struggling … those told to breed … and breed, and breed … to keep the servants serving … who-what?

    sorry, boys, I have no respect for your behind. nope. you are of what we call the piggy cult generation. you take from the people, and what do you keep back in return? did you miss the parable of the mina?

    work your own fields to feed yourself and those in need. this is loving your neighbor as yourself. and government, please for GOD’s Sake … stop giving money to lazy barons and baronesses!

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