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apples and oranges?

April 3, 2016


Ted Cruz hosts ‘God’s Not Dead 2’ showing at Wisconsin campaign stop




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  1. opheliart permalink

    * not sure the muslim woman arguing with hitchens was aware of the iranian laws

    • opheliart permalink

      if atheists, liberalists … democratic advocates cannot logistically admit the REALITY of what is … not what “allah” or “god” or any other religiously recognized higher being (and the religiously also refers to politicians currently IN office having sworn oaths to the book of the united states of america while favoring religions) intended then who – what is not facing the truth? who/what is in denial?

      • opheliart permalink

        the reformed muslim (or one advocating for reform islam) is saying that the constitution of man is the law, not the quran and not islamic clerics … saying specifically that muslims should obey the laws of the country above the law of his prophet or allah or … his holy book … is he even a muslim? how is islam his source of truth?

        the woman in debate with christopher … is she being truthful? can she go into iran and do as she pleases under sharia law? as a woman? or even as a man? if so … then why do we have poets and writers, and women having committed to what most americans view as mild infractions, being lashed, imprisoned even executed (in this case a punishment invoking death/murder) for their freedom of voice?

        and we ask, what democrat, liberal or … atheist … defending islam over christianity because they hate the views of this are being honest? facing the reality of what is?

  2. opheliart permalink

    you see, we are looking to see where two different yarns are yoked together to form one fabric and how this garment holds up … in all kinds of use … in all kinds of weather

    • opheliart permalink

      do any of the road scholars see it? if they do are they willing to admit the error?

      • opheliart permalink

        i am 58 yrs old. when I was growing up, a predominately roman catholic area (large catholic families) … i was never TAUGHT to look at my catholic friends as beneath me. i was told that the roman catholic idols: their saints and popes and priests, bishops and so on, even the doctrine, the rituals, practices … the teaching on these being of GOD authority … was not God, not Authority< not the Holy Spirit. and I have never ever viewed these as GOD, Spirit, Supreme Being. over time, not bound to this doctrine, these practices and beliefs, FREE to EXPERIENCE (and sometimes this meant getting out of areas, relationships and … in order to be allowed to experience without punishment, ridicule and discrimination, esp while young and growing), I moved to new areas of understanding. it wasn't about religion with me, despite almost everyone and everything around me stating "God as Religion", believing in God meant believing in Religion, the DOGMA, if you will. in my youth, roman catholics viewed me as a protestant, not heaven bound. not of the chosen belief and faith that would be going to heaven … not baptized in their teachings and not receiving their communion … i was not a true christian.

        a true christian? i was orthodox presbyterian growing up (according to church attendance and where my mother played organ and piano) but we were not really OF this denomination. i was told this later, long after even my mother left … she said she felt coerced by a family member, older, male family member), and … it was a place for her to work. still, despite the twice sunday sermons and the instruction class and … i did not believe what any of them believed. i knew i was different.

        what has changed in roman catholic doctrine? it is more a chrislam now ( a blend of roman catholicism and islam), according to the roman pontiff and a number of people of religion of various denominations and professorial positions?

        so what is religion? some form of law—-right? some form of law introduced and used, sometimes forced on people, by men—right? it’s manmade law.

        what I believe and experience as Faith in God (Spirit) is not New Age … because it came long before any of the religions of man.

        In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God.

        do any of you truly understand what John was saying in that verse? do you really know what this means? it means GOD is arbiter of TRUTH, because God is the WORD. so, in the beginning was Truth and the WORD IS TRUTH … and if God is Spirit (read the full verse) then Spirit is the arbiter of what?

        all things?

  3. opheliart permalink

    if you listen to more of the hitchens’ video, he says (in part):

    all religions are wrong in the same way (faith)

    however … in the 1930s roman catholicism was the worst, its fascism and anti-semitism and society never recovered from it and never will

    the most toxic form religion takes is the islamic form. what—God speaks to some WAR LORD in arabia (God speaks only arabic?) … islam like all religions believe theirs is the revealed truth through divide revelation … but islam says, ours is the last and final one. there can’t be any other. this is God’s last word.
    –end of summation (in part)


    to cont….

    • opheliart permalink

      if the roman pontiff (the institution of roman catholicism) desires power … how do you think it will go about achieving this? all you need to do is go back in history (google roman catholicism) to find out what it did to establish its authority. does the name emperor constantine ring a bell? how about things like the infallible doctrine? i mean, the list of laws are extreme and excessive …

      a big, fat … powerhouse of … manmade law.

      so … if the two fastest growing religions in the world are ISLAM (as numero uno) and the more strict or extreme of Judaism … where might the roman catholic church want to be? of course, in partnership with the muslim brotherhood and … orthodox judaism.

      what have you seen since pope fran hit the political trail?

      • opheliart permalink

        the institution has succeeded in fooling the media and its masses (to some degree) but what did it underestimate? what did the vatican forget about? or ignore or … deny, or lie about or refuse … or believe they have silenced and sentenced to hell? but could not be more wrong about?

        the gnostic … born for the Purpose of Truth, not … a religion.

        the world will see a destruction it has not seen. Truth has the last word, folks, not sharia law or a roman pontiff or any other patriarchal god.

        So the last shall be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few chosen.

  4. opheliart permalink

    so … who-what has ignored TRUTH for its own gain? who turns a blind eye to the injustices of sharia law, calls it his BROTHER and … prays within its wall? who denies equality? refuses this within its manmade religious-political laws?

    • opheliart permalink

      and which government has pandered to these injustices, pretending at proper jurisdiction … all the while giving money and support for the legions of injustice, inequality and morose patronage … to keep themselves in seats of power, often risking the lives of their own people?

      the deception and the hypocrisy is glaring … why do you lick its feet?

  5. opheliart permalink

    Dan Fogelberg – The River
    I was born by a river
    Rolling past a town
    Given no direction
    Just told to keep my head down
    As I took my position
    A man fired a gun
    I was so steeped in tradition
    That I could not run
    I was raised by a river
    Weaned upon the sky
    And in the mirror of the waters
    I saw myself learn to cry
    As my tears hit the surface
    I saw what had been done
    I gave feet to my freedom
    And I did run
    Someday later
    I saw the writing in the dust
    It told me how I should travel
    It told me who I was
    I ran far from the river
    Far as I could see
    And as the sun hit my shoulders
    I felt it burning me
    How I longed for the waters
    As the fire raged
    How I longed for the river
    As I aged
    I will die by a river
    As it rolls away
    Bury me in the nighttime
    Do not waste the day
    High above the waters
    That roll on to the sea
    All the angels in heaven
    Will laugh at me
    They will laugh at me
    My life was naught but a river
    Rolling through my brain
    Made of so many teardrops
    Made of so much pain

  6. opheliart permalink

    republican messes aside … fascism is alive and unwell in the democratic party, just dressed differently … and pretending at care … fairness and just governance

    as you will see soon enough.

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